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Full text of "Fifth report of the United States Geographic Board, 1890 to 1920"

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1890  to  1920 











1890  to  1920 







Bancroft  Library 
ST  61 



Executive  orders 5-6 

Officers  and  members 7 

By-laws 9-10 

Origin  and  history  of  the  Board 11-22 

Origin  of  and  changes  in  geographic  names 11 

Policy  of  the  Board 14 

Principles 17 

Principles  for  special  application  in  foreign  countries 19 

How  decisions  are  made 20 

What  the  Board  has  accomplished 22 

Conclusion 22 

Report  of  subcommittee  on  system  for  transliterating  Russian  alphabetic 

characters 23-31 

Decisions : 

General  list 33 

Hawaiian   names 362 

Philippine  names 391 


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As  it  is  desirable  that  uniform  usage  in  regard  to  geographic 
nomenclature  and  orthography  obtain  throughout  the  Executive 
Departments  of  the  Government,  and  particularly  upon  the  maps 
and  charts  issued  by  the  various  departments  and  bureaus,  I  hereby 
constitute  a  Board  on  Geographic  Names  and  designate  the  follow- 
ing persons,  who  have  heretofore  cooperated  for  a  similar  purpose 
under  the  authority  of  the  several  departments,  bureaus,  and  insti- 
tutions with  which  they  are  connected,  as  members  of  said  Board : 

Prof.  Thomas  C.  Mendenhall,  United  States  Coast  and  Geodetic 
Survey,  chairman. 

Andrew  H.  Allen,  Department  of  State. 

Capt.  Henry  L.  Howison,  Light-House  Board,  Treasury  Depart- 

Capt.  Thomas  Turtle,  Engineer  Corps,  War  Department. 

Lieut.  Richardson  Clover,  Hydrographic  Office,  Navy  Depart- 

Pierson  H.  Bristow,  Post  Office  Department. 

Otis  T.  Mason,  Smithsonian  Institution. 

Herbert  G.  Ogden,  United  States  Coast  and  Geodetic  Survey. 

Henry  Gannett,  United  States  Geological  Survey. 

Marcus  Baker,  United  States  Geological  Survey. 

To  this  Board  shall  be  referred  all  unsettled  questions  concerning 
geographic  names  which  arise  in  the  departments,  and  the  decisions 
of  the  Board  are  to  be  accepted  by  these  departments  as  the  stand- 
ard authority  in  such  matters. 

Department  officers  are  instructed  to  afford  such  assistance  as 
may  be  proper  to  carry  on  the  work  of  this  Board. 

The  members  of  this  Board  shall  serve  without  additional  compen- 
sation, and  its  organization  shall  entail  no  expense  on  the  Govern- 

Benj.  Harrison. 

Executive  Mansion, 

September  4, 1890. 

It  is  hereby  ordered  that  there  be  added  to  the  duties  of  the  United 
States  Board  on  Geographic  Names,  created  by  Executive  order, 



dated  September  4,  1890,  the  duty  of  determining  changing,  and 
fixing  place  names  within  the  United  States  and  insnlar  possessions, 
and  it  is  hereby  directed  that  all  names  hereafter  suggested  for  any 
place  by  any  officer  or  employee  of  the  Government  shall  be  referred 
to  said  Board  for  its  consideration  and  approval  before  publication. 

In  these  matters,  as  in  all  cases  of  disputed  nomenclature,  the 
decisions  of  the  Board  are  to  be  accepted  by  the  departments  of 
Government  as  the  standard  authority. 

Theodore  Roosevelt. 

The  White  House, 

January  23,  1906, 

The  official  title  of  the  United  States  Board  on  Geographic  Names 
is  changed  to  United  States  Geographic  Board. 

In  addition  to  its  present  duties,  advisory  powers  are  hereby 
granted  to  this  Board  concerning  the  preparation  of  maps  compiled, 
or  to  be  compiled,  in  the  various  bureaus  and  offices  of  the  Govern- 
ment, with  a  special  view  to  the  avoidance  of  unnecessary  duplica- 
tions of  work ;  and  for  the  unification  and  improvement  of  the  scales 
of  maps,  of  the  symbols  and  conventions  used  upon  them,  and  of 
the  methods  of  representing  relief.  Hereafter,  all  such  projects  as 
are  of  importance  shall  be  submitted  to  this  Board  for  advice  before 
being  undertaken. 

Theodore  Roosevelt. 

The  White  House, 

August  10,  1906. 

So  much  of  the  Executive  order  of  August  10,  1906,  as  grants 
additional  advisory  powers  to  the  United  States  Geographic  Board 
is  hereby  rescinded  and  these  additional  powers  are  transferred  to 
the  Board  of  Surveys  and  Maps. — Executive  Order  of  Deceinber 
30,  1919, 


Chairman. — C.  Hart  Merkiam. 

Secretary. — "GHABtEs-^-StoA^E. 

Executive  Committee. — Frank  Bond,   JxVmes  McCormick,   C.  Hart  Merriam, 

William  C.  Barnes,  Forest  Service,  Department  of  Agriculture. 
Frank  Bond,  General  Land  Office,  Department  of  the  Interior. 
Rear  Admiral HErtoyu  H.  Chandler,  Hydrographer,  Department  of  the  Navy. 
etooDwiN  D.  ELLDWonTH,  Division  of  Salaries  and  Allowances,  Post  Office  De- 
partment.        £^-  Qo^-t^-^.c^^'j^^t^>^. 

•Savid-IiI.  Hildbb^h,  Topographer,  Post  Office  Department. 

J.  N.  B.  Hewitt,  Bureau  of  American  Ethnology,  Smithsonian  Institution. 

James  McCormick,  Geological  Survey,  Department  of  the  Interior. 

James  W.  McGuire,  Coast  and  Geodetic  Survey,  Department  of  Commerce. 

t.  Bureau  of  Accounts,  Department  of  State. 
C.  Hart  Merriam,  Bureau  of  Biological  Survey,  Department  of  Agriculture. 
John  S.  Mills,  Office  of  the  Secretary,  Department  of  the  Treasury. 

c.  Government  Printing  Office. 
^George  R.  Putnam,  Bureau  of  Lighthouses,  Department  of  Commerce. 
Charles  S.  Sloane,  Bureau  of  the  Census,  Department  of  Commerce. 


Adopted  November  4,  1890. 
Article  I. — Name. 

This  organization  shall  be  called  "The  United  States  Board  on 
Geographic  Names."  ^ 

Article  II. — Officers. 

The  officers  shall  consist  of  a  chairman,  a  secretary  (who  shall  be 
elected  by  ballot),  and  an  executive  committee  of  three,^  to  be  ap- 
pointed by  the  Chair  with  the  concurrence  of  the  Board,  all  of 
whom  shall  serve  for  one  year  or  until  their  successors  shall  be 

Article  III. — Duties  of  officers. 

Section  1.  The  chairman  shall  preside  at  the  meetings  and  shall 
certify  to  the  decisions  of  the  Board.  He  shall  appoint  all  com- 
mittees not  specially  named  by  the  Board.  He  shall  have  power  to 
designate  a  member  of  the  Board  to  act  for  him  during  his  tempo- 
rary absence. 

Sec.  2.  The  secretary  shall  record  the  proceedings  of  the  Board 
and  shall  keep  a  record  that  will  show  the  decisions  rendered  or 
other  action  of  the  Board  upon  cases  submitted  to  it,  with  reference 
to  the  papers  filed  in  each  case.  He  shall  maintain  files  of  the  origi- 
nal papers,  or  copies  of  them,  that  may  be  presented  in  each  case, 
conveniently  arranged  for  reference.  He  shall  conduct  the  general 
correspondence  and  shall  receive  communications  presented  for  the 
consideration  of  the  Board,  transmitting  them  to  the  executive  com- 
mittee as  their  character  may  require  or  as  may  be  hereaftei^  pro- 

Sec.  3.  The  executive  committee  shall  receive  through  the  secre- 
tary all  communications  requiring  decision  by  the  Board;  shall  in- 
vestigate the  questions  presented,  securing  information  from  all 
available  sources,  and  shall  report  upon  them  to  the  Board,  submit- 
ting recommendations  regarding  them. 

1  Changed  to  United  States  Geographic  Board  by  Executive  order  August  10,  1906. 
» Changed  to  five  June  3,  1914. 



Article  IV. — Meetings. 

The  Board  shall  hold  regular  meetings  on  the  first  Wednesday  in 
each  month,  excepting  the  months  of  July,  August,  and  September. 
Special  meetings  may  be  called  by  the  chairman  or  by  the  executive 
committee.  A  majority  of  the  Board  shall  constitute  a  quorum. 
The  affirmative  vote  of  a  majority  of  all  the  members  of  the  Board 
shall  be  required  in  the  final  decision  in  any  case.  All  motions 
presented  for  the  consideration  of  the  Board  shall  be  submitted  in 

Article  V. — Amendments. 

These  by-laws  may  be  amended  at  any  regular  or  special  meeting 
by  a  majority  vote  of  all  the  members  of  the  Board,  provided  that 
the  proposed  amendment  has  been  presented  at  least  four  weeks 
previous  to  the  time  the  vote  is  taken. 


The  hour  of  meeting  shall  be  10.30  a.  m. 





The  United  States  Board  on  Geographic  Names  was  created  by  an 
Executive  order  issued  by  President  Harrison  September  4,  1890. 
Prior  to  that  date  there  was  an  unofficial  organization,  composed  of 
10  persons,  all  employed  in  the  public  service,  all  engaged  in  geo- 
graphic work,  and  all  keenly  sensitive  to  the  confusion  and  contradic- 
tions in  geographic  names  as  used  in  Government  publications. 

Originally  the  Board  was  composed  of  10  members.  Its  present 
membership  is  14.  The  membership,  past  and  present,  together  with 
departments,  bureaus,  offices,  and  institutions  represented,  is  set  forth 
in  the  following  table : 

Department  and  bureau. 


Term  of  service. 


Nov.  20,  1899,  to  Sept.  26,  1905. 
Dec.  4, 1905,  to  date. 

Merriam,  C.  Hart 

Forest  Service        

Plummer,  Fred  G 

June  4,  1908,  to  Aug.  15,  1913. 
Oct.  2,  1918,  to  Oct.  1,  1919. 

Sherman,  E.  A 

Greeley  W.  B 

Jan.  12,  1914,  to  June  2,  1920. 

Barnes,  William  C 

June  2,  1920,  to  date. 

Commerce  and  Labor,  Department  of: 
Census  Bureau  of  the  

Sloane,  C.  S 

Mar.  3, 1904,  to  date. 

Coast  and  Geodetic  Survev  ^ 

Mendenhall  T.  C      

Sept.  4,  1890,  to  June,  1894. 
Sept.  4,  1890,  to  Feb.  25,  1906. 
Apr.  4,  1906,  to  Jan.  3,  1919. 
Jan.  28, 1919,  to  date. 

Ogden,  H.  G 

Braid  Andrew                 .  . 

McGuire  James  W 

Howison,  H.  L 

May  1,  1890,  to  Oct.  4,  1892. 

Johnson  A.  B 

Dec.  22,  1892,  to  Jan.  24,  1912. 

Putnam  George 

Jan.  24  1912  to  date. 

Government  Printing  Office 

Brian  H.  T 

Nov.  18,  1899,  to  Jan.  3,  1906. 

Robinson,  CM 

Jan.  3,  1906,  to  Nov  13,  1907. 

Kidd  Frank  A 

Nov.  21, 1907,  to  Nov.  7, 1911. 

Ziegler,  Harry  W 

Nov.  7,  1911,  to  Sept.  11,  1913. 

Payne  James  E    

Sept.  11,  1913,  to  date. 

Interior,  Department  of  the: 
General  Land  Office 

King  H               

June  21,  1893,  to  Jan.  7,  1903. 

May  1, 1903,  to  date. 

Baker,  M 

Sept.  4,  1890,  to  Dec.  12,  1903. 

Sept.  4,  1890,  to  Nov.  15,  1914. 
Feb.  1, 1915,  to  Mar.  5, 1920. 

Marshall  R  B    

Mar.  5, 1920,  to  date. 

Nftw    T^AnarfrnPTif.  nf  fr.hA 

Clover  R          

Sept.  4,  1890  to  June  20,  1893. 

Sigsbee  CD 

June  20,  1893,  to  Apr.  6,  1897. 


May  15,  1897,  to  Jan.  30,  1900. 

I  Formerly  in  the  Treasury  Department. 




Department  and  bureau. 


Term  of  service. 

Navy,  Department  of  the  (continued) 

Todd,  C.  C 

Feb.  5,  1900,  to  Nov.  2,  1901. 

Southerland,  W.  H.  H 

Hodges,  H.  M 

Nov.  9,  1901,  to  Mar.  8,  1904. 
Mar.  8,  1904,  to  June  2,  1906. 

Rogers  C.  C 

Nov.  7  1906,  to  May  30,  1908. 

Littlehales,  Geo.  W 

Nov.  7,  1906,  to  Sept.  3,  1908. 

Stewart,  Chas.  W 

Sept.  3,  1908,  to  July  1,  1920. 

Winterhalter,  A.  G 

May  30,  1909,  to  Feb.  8,  1910. 

KjiaDD  J.  J 

Feb.  8,  1910,  to  June  7,  1912. 

Cooper,  George  F 

Aug.  8,  1912,  to  May  6,  1914. 

Washington,  Thos 

May  6,  1914,  to  June  3,  1916. 

Snowden,  Thomas 

June  3,  1916,  to  Nov.  10,  1917- 

Schroeder,  Seaton 

Nov.  10,  1917,  to  Apr.  8,  1919. 

Simpson,  Edward 

Apr.  8,  1919,  to  June  14,  1920. 

Chandler,  Lloyd  H 

June  14, 1920,  to  date. 

Post  Office  Department 

Bristow  P.  H     

Sept.  4,  1890,  to  Feb.  7,  1893. 

Fenton,  G.  G 

Feb.  9,  1893,  to  May  24,  1895. 

Haake  A.  von 

Apr.  15,  1897,  to  Dec.  6,  1911. 
Oct.  28,  1912,  to  date. 

Hildreth,  David  M 

Ellsworth,  Goodwin  D 

Mason,  O.  T 

June  2,  1913,  to  date. 

Sept.  4,  1890,  to  Nov.  5,  1908. 

Nov.  5, 1908,  to  Mar.  19,  1918. 

Bureau  of  American  Ethnology 

Hodge,F.  W 

Hewitt,!.  N.B 

Allen,  A.  H 

Mar.  19, 1918,  to  date. 
Sept.  4,  1890,  to  Nov.  23,  1905. 
Dec.  13,  1905,  to  Apr.  18,  1907. 
May  24,  1907,  to  date. 
Dec.  4  1905  to  date. 

Denby  C 

McNeir,  William 

Treasury  Department  of 

Mills  J.  S 

Turtle,  T 

Sept.  4,  1890,  to  Sept.  19,  1894. 
Dec.  12,  1894,  to  Apr.  2,  1895. 
Apr.  2,  1895,  to  Mar.  21,  1899. 
Mar.  21,  1899,  to  Mar.  14,  1903. 
Mar.  14,  1903,  to  Aug.  3,  1903. 
Aug.  3,  1903,  to  Mar.  11,  1904. 
Mar.  11, 1904,  to  Nov.  29, 1905. 
Nov.  29,  1905,  to  Sept.  19,  1910. 
Nov.  8,  1906,  to  Apr.  12,  1907. 
May  1,  1907,  to  Oct.  17,  1912. 
Sept.  19,  1910,  to  Dec.  8,  1910. 
Dec.  8   1910  to  Oct.  17   1912. 

Knight,  J.  G.D 

Goethals,  G.  W 


Patrick  M.  M 

Judson,  W.  V 

Kutz  C.  W 

Beach,  W.  D 

Potts,  R.  D 

Jones,  Thaddeus  W 

Root,  Edwin 

Boughton  D.  H 

Oct.  17,  1912,  to  Oct.  26,  1914. 

Macomb  M.  M 

Oct.  26,  1914,  to  Apr.  24,  1916. 
Apr.  24,  1916,  to  June  7,  1918. 
June  7,  1918,  to  Oct.  1,  1919. 

Van  Deman,  Ralph  H 

Churchill,  Marlborough 


With  the  exception  of  the  names  of  political  subdivisions,  geo- 
graphic names  in  this  country  have  not,  as  a  rule,  been  bestowed  by 
any  formal  authority.  The  names  of  natural  features — rivers,  lakes, 
mountains,  capes,  etc. — and  of  unchartered  bodies  of  population 
have  received  their  names  originally  from  explorers,  surveyors,  and 
early  settlers,  and  these  names  have  been  perpetuated  by  common 
consent.     The  names  of  states,  counties,  and  municipalities  of  all 


<;lasses,  on  the  other  hand,  have  been  applied  either  by  legislative 
enactment  or  charter,  and  therefore  possess  some  degree  of  formal 

Differences  of  usage  exist  to  a  large  extent  not  only  in  the  names 
of  natural  features  and  unincorporated  places  but  even  in  those  of 
organized  bodies  of  population  whose  names  have  been  bestowed  by 
formal  authority.  These  differences  have  originated  in  numerous 

In  the  unsettled  parts  of  the  country  different  exploring  expedi- 
tions, ignoring  the  work  of  their  predecessors,  have  given  new 
names  to  features  already  named.  As  elsewhere  noted  this  difficulty 
has  often  occurred  in  Alaska,  which  has  been  visited  in  recent  years 
by  numerous  expeditions. 

The  transliteration  of  Indian  names  has  everywhere  been  a  fruit- 
ful source  of  differences  in  spelling,  inasmuch  as  no  two  persons 
understand  alike  or  render  into  the  same  English  characters  the 
obscure  sounds  of  Indian  names. 

It  often  happens  in  the  case  of  the  larger  geographic  features, 
such  as  extended  mountain  ranges,  rivers,  etc.,  that  different  names 
have  been  applied  locally  in  various  parts  and  these  names  have 
become  well  settled  in  usage. 

It  frequently  happens  that  railroads  adopt  names  for  their  sta- 
tions different  from  those  of  the  towns  or  villages  in  which  they  are 
situated  and  thus  divide  usage.  To  a  much  greater  extent,  how- 
ever, than  the  railroads  has  the  Post  Office  Department  confused  the 
nomenclature  of  the  smaller  towns  and  villages  by  attaching  names 
to  the  post  offices  not  in  accordance  with  those  in  local  usage.  In- 
deed, an  examination  shows  that  there  are  in  this  country  thou- 
sands of  cases  where  the  name  of  the  post  office  does  not  conform  to 
the  local  name  of  the  place  in  which  it  is  situated.  These  differences 
are  very  confusing  to  those  using  the  postal  service,  and  it  seems 
desirable  to  reduce  their  number  so  far  as  practicable,  at  the  same 
time  recognizing  the  necessity  of  having  no  post  office  name  dupli- 
cated in  a  state. 

By  far  the  greater  number  of  differences  in  usage,  however,  have 
their  origin  in  carelessness  or  ignorance  on  the  part  of  those  making 
use  of  the  names.  Such  errors  appearing  in  print  are  frequently 
perpetuated,  especially  in  popular  works,  and  often  supplant  the 
original  name  in  usage. 

Originating  in  these  diversities  of  spelling  there  is  distinctly 
traceable  a  development  of  geographic  nomenclature  which  is,  on 
the  whole,  proceeding  in  a  beneficial  direction.  Its  tendency  is 
toward  the  discarding  of  objectionable  names  and  the  adoption  of 
pleasing  ones  and  toward  the  simplification  and  abbreviation  of 


names,  particularly  as  shown  in  the  dropping  of  silent  letters.  The 
Board,  recognizing  this  course  of  development,  deems  it  to  be 
within  its  power  to  guide  it  and  even  to  forestall  it,  so  far  as  its 
future  course  may  be  foreseen. 

The  extent  to  which  geographic  names  have  been  modified  with- 
out being  radically  changed  is  scarcely  appreciated.  A  large  pro- 
portion, probably  a  majority,  of  the  names  of  natural  features 
have  undergone  alterations  in  spelling  to  a  greater  or  less  extent 
since  they  were  first  applied,  while  of  the  names  of  political  divi- 
sions, although  established  by  formal  act,  a  considerable  proportion 
have  also  changed,  and  such  variations  have,  in  thousands  of  cases, 
become  firmly  established.  Therefore,  the  position  assumed  by 
some  persons,  that  we  should  revert  to  the  original  forms  of  names, 
would,  if  carried  out,  result  in  changing  the  names  of  a  large  pro- 
portion of  our  natural  and  artificial  features. 


The  Board  is  agreed  that  in  general  the  name  which  is  in  com- 
mon local  use  at  present  should  be  adopted.  This  is  a  broad,  general 
principle,  and  summarizes  the  policy  of  the  Board,  with  the  excep- 
tion of  certain  classes  of  names.  It  covers  cases  of  changes  or  cor- 
ruptions of  names,  except  where  they  are  considered  to  be  unworthy 
of  perpetuation. 

The  Board  clearly  recognizes  that  the  importance  and  value  of 
its  decisions  depend  upon  their  general  adoption.  To  change  cor- 
rupted forms  back  to  pure  forms,  after  the  corrupted  form  has  been 
established,  is  to  make  a  decision  which  will  not  be  followed.  Such 
decisions  are  not  merely  useless ;  they  are  positively  harmful.  They 
tend  not  to  settle  but  to  unsettle  usage.  To  restore  such  names  as 
Port  Townsend  to  Port  Townshend,  Pysht  to  Pysche,  Ozan  to  Aux 
anes.  Low  Freight  to  L'eau  f rais,  Sitka  to  Shitka,  Possum  to  Opossum, 
is  not  always  possible,  however  desirable.  The  aim,  therefore, 
of  the  Board  is  to  discover  and  support  by  its  decisions  the  forms  in 
US6  in  all  cases,  except  those  where  specific  and  positive  objections 
thereto  are  found  to  exist.  That  it  should  always  succeed  in  this 
aim  is  obviously  impossible.  Changes  are  constantly  occurring.  The 
Board  can  not  if  it  would,  and  would  not  if  it  could,  oppose  change. 

The  difficulties  encountered  in  carrying  out  this  principle  are 
found  mainly  in  determining  what  is  the  established  usage,  or  the 
prevailing  local  practice  where  it  is  divided  between  different  forms. 
Where  it  is  so  divided,  opportunity  is  afforded  for  the  selection  of 
the  more  appropriate  and  euphonious  of  the  names  in  use. 


The  Board  considers  it  desirable  to  depart  from  local  usage  in 
certain  cases  in  order  to  effect  reforms  in  nomenclature.  Among 
these  departures  approved  by  the  Board  are  the  following : 

(a)  The  avoidance,  so  far  as  seems  practicable,  of  the  possessive 
form  of  names. 

(h)  The  dropping  of  the  final  "  h"  in  the  termination  of  "  burgh." 

(c)  The  abbreviation  of  "  borough  "  to  "  boro." 

(d)  The  spelling  of  the  word  "  center  "  as  here  given. 

(e)  The  discontinuance  of  the  use  of  the  hyphens  in  connecting 
parts  of  names. 

(/)  The  omission,  wherever  practicable,  of  the  letters  "  C.  H." 
(courthouse)  after  the  names  of  county  seats. 

(g)  The  simplification  of  names  consisting  of  more  than  one  word 
by  their  combination  into  one  word. 

(h)  The  avoidance  of  the  use  of  diacritic  characters. 

(^)  The  dropping  of  the  words  "city"  and  "town"  as  parts  of 

All  of  these  changes  are  warranted  by  the  direction  of  develop- 
ment. The  possessive  form  of  name  is  rapidly  disappearing,  except 
in  rare  cases  where  good  reason  exists  for  its  retention.  In  most  cases 
this  is  effected  by  dropping  the  apostrophe  and  the  final  "s."  In 
certain  cases,  however,  usage  or  euphony  appears  to  require  the  re- 
tention of  the  final  "  s,"  when  the  apostrophe  only  is  dropped. 

Concerning  the  termination  "burg"  or  "burgh,"  as  Harrisburg, 
an  extensive  correspondence  has  developed  the  fact  that  in  more 
than  three-fourths  of  the  places  having  this  termination  the  final 
"h"  is  not  in  local  use.  The  case  of  the  termination  "boro"  or 
"  borough  "  is  very  similar ;  the  present  tendency  is  strongly  toward 
the  substitution  of  the  abbreviated  form,  and  the  Board,  therefore, 
deems  it  advisable  to  induce  uniformity  in  this  matter  in  the  manner 

In  the  case  of  the  word  "  center  "  as  part  of  a  name,  as  Mansfield 
Center,  Center  Rutland,  usage  appears  to  be  about  equally  divided 
between  "center"  and  "centre,"  and  the  Board  has  adopted  the 
first  of  the  above  forms  of  the  word. 

Hyphens  in  connecting  parts  of  names  appear  to  be  useless,  while 
they  add  to  the  complexity  of  the  spelling. 

The  practice  of  adding  the  letters  "  C.  H.,"  meaning  courthouse, 
to  the  name  of  a  county  seat  is  pre/alent,  especially  in  the  Southern 
States.  Frequently  the  place  has  two  names,  one  being  its  charter 
name,  the  other  the  name  of  the  county  with  "  C.  H."  appended ;  thus 
the  county  seat  of  Raleigh  County,  W.  Va.,  is  known  as  Beckley  and 
as  Raleigh  C.  H. 


The  tendency  toward  simplification  is  in  no  way  shown  more 
decidedly  than  in  the  combination  of  the  several  words  forming  a 
name.  Thus  "La  Fayette"  has  become  well-nigh  universally 
"  Lafayette,"  and  "  El  Dorado  "  has  become  "  Eldorado."  The  Board 
approves  this  tendency  and  will  further  it  so  far  as  possible  with- 
out forestalling  usage  too  greatly. 

The  use  of  diacritic  characters  in  geographic  names  in  the  United 
States,  such  as  the  German  umlaut  and  the  Spanish  tilde,  is  rapidly 
disappearing.  It  would  be  impossible,  even  were  it  desirable,  to 
oppose  this  change. 

The  practice  of  adding  the  word  "  city  "  or  "  town,"  as  Boise  City, 
as  a  part  of  the  name  is  a  useless  complication,  growing  in  most 
cases  out  of  an  optimistic  spirit  on  the  part  of  the  promotors  of  the 
place.    It  is  often  misleading  and  almost  invariably  unnecessary. 

There  are  in  Alaska  a  good  many  names  of  Russian  origin  end- 
ing in  oBb,  which  terminating  syllable  has  been  variously  rendered 
6>/,  oif^  ow^  and  ov.  The  Board  uniformly  uses  of.  Examples: 
Baranof,  Chichagof ,  Popof,  and  Shelikof. 

Outside  of  the  United  States,  where  the  Department  of  State  and 
United  States  Hydrographic  Office  are  chiefly  interested,  the  work 
of  the  Board  is  directed  to  the  harmonization  of  American  usage  in 
geographic  nomenclature  with  the  usage  of  the  great  map-making 
nations — England,  Germany,  and  France.  The  Department  of 
State,  by  reason  of  its  diplomatic  and  consular  functions,  is  inti- 
mately concerned  with  the  present  style,  change  of  names,  transfers 
of  territorial  jurisdiction,  cession  and  acquisition  of  territory  by 
various  governments  abroad,  and  the  proper  forms  of  the  titular 
political  nomenclature  of  foreign  states  and  nations.  The  interest 
of  the  Hydrographic  Office  is  involved  by  reason  of  its  publication 
of  charts  and  sailing  directions  of  all  foreign  waters,  to  the  effective 
use  of  which  uniformity  of  geographic  nomenclature  is  obviously 
indispensable.  The  forms  of  foreign  names  recommended  for  adop- 
tion are  determined  on  consultation  of  established  usage,  the  best 
authorities  upon  ethnological  and  political  history  and  derivation, 
and  current  geographic  and  political  information  from  authentic 

Many  names  in  foreign  civilized  countries  present  a  peculiar  diffi- 
culty and  appear  to  require  that  a  further  exception  be  made  to  the 
general  principle  of  following  local  usage.  This  lies  in  the  fact  that 
many  foreign  names  have  been  anglicized,  and  the  anglicized  form, 
often  quite  different  from  the  local  form  (meaning  by  local  form 
that  in  use  by  the  best  authorities  in  the  country  having  jurisdiction), 
is  well  established  in  usage  in  this  country. 

Such  cases  wherein  English-speaking  nations  use  names  differing 
from  those  locally  accepted  are  not  numerous,  but  they  are  among 


those  most  in  use  and  represent  the  most  prominent  features  of  the 
earth;  for  instance,  we  call  Deutschland  Germany,  Espaiia  Spain, 
Livorno  Leghorn.  In  many  cases  we  translate  the  foreign  name,  if 
it  is  capable  of  translation,  into  English  words.  Other  countries, 
in  turn,  treat  the  names  of  this  country  in  a  similar  manner.  In- 
deed, most  non-English-speaking  people  translate  the  name  of  this 
country  into  their  own  tongue,  forgetting  that  geographic  names, 
like  personal  names,  should  not  be  translated. 

It  is  unquestionably  desirable  and  proper  that  local  usage  should 
be  followed  in  these  cases  as  well  as  in  others,  i.  e.,  that  the  home 
names  should  be  the  ones  universally  used;  but  in  most  of  these 
cases  it  is  obviously  impracticable  to  introduce  this  reform,  at  least 
at  present.  The  people  of  the  United  States  can  not  be  induced  to 
change  from  Germany  to  Deutschland,  or  even  from  Italy  to  Italia, 
or  The  Hague  to  's  Gravenhage.  It  is  a  reform,  however,  to  which 
we  may  look  forward  and  work  toward  and  which  may  be  attained 
in  the  future. 

It  is  understood  by  the  Board  that  our  charts  of  the  coasts  of 
foreign  countries  using  Roman  characters,  made  for  the  use  of  our 
Navy  and  merchant  marine,  generally  require  the  use  of  the  local 
forms  of  these  names,  while  on  the  other  hand  popular  usage  in  this 
country,  especially  in  our  atlases  and  textbooks,  requires  the  angli- 
cized form.  The  Board  practically  leaves  this  matter  on  the  same 
footing  as  heretofore,  approving  the  use  of  local  spelling  of  foreign 
names  upon  our  charts  and  the  anglicized  forms  upon  maps  de- 
signed for  use  in  this  country.  It  hopes,  however,  that  the  way  may 
be  open  in  the  near  future  to  the  adoption  throughout  of  the  local 
and  the  rejection  of  the  anglicized  forms.  In  such  specific  cases  as 
have  been  brought  to  its  attention  it  has  decided  uniformly  in  favor 
of  the  local  forms. 

Most  of  the  nations  of  Europe,  either  through  national  boards  or 
geographic  societies,  are  engaged  in  the  regulation  of  the  orthog- 
raphy of  geographic  names.  Their  attention  has  been  particularly 
directed  toward  producing  uniformity  in  the  transliteration  of 
aboriginal  names  written  in  characters  other  than  Roman.  These 
nations  have  practically  agreed  upon  a  system  of  transliteration, 
which,  with  one  or  two  exceptions,  has  been  adopted  by  this  Board, 
thus  coming  into  practical  agreement  in  this  matter  with  the  rest  of 
the  civilized  world. 



Under  the  Executive  order  of  January  23, 1906,  the  United  States 
Geographic  Board  was  given  jurisdiction  over  the  establishment  of 
14842—21 2 


new  geographic  names,  and  as  a  guide  in  the  selection  of  names  the 
Board  adopted  and  issued  a  circular  of  "  Principles,"  as  follows : 

Euphonious  and  suitable  names  of  Indian,  Spanish,  or  French 
origin  should  be  retained. 

Names  suggested  by  peculiarities  of  the  topographic  features 
designated — such  as  their  form,  vegetation,  or  animal  life — are  gen- 
erally acceptable,  but  duplication  of  names,  especially  within  one 
state,  should  be  avoided.  The  names  "  Elk,"  "  Beaver,"  "  Cotton- 
wood," and  "  Bald  "  are  altogether  too  numerous. 

Names  of  living  persons  should  be  applied  very  rarely,  and  only 
those  of  great  eminence  should  be  thus  honored.  No  personal 
names  should  be  attached  because  of  relationship,  friendship,  or 
personal  interest,  nor  should  names  of  obscure  persons  be  given. 
Names  of  eminent  men  now  dead  may  be  thus  perpetuated,  particu- 
larly those  of  early  explorers,  naturalists,  geologists,  topographers, 

Long  and  clumsily  constructed  names  and  names  composed  of  two 
or  more  words  should  be  avoided.  It  is  a  foregone  conclusion  that 
such  names  will  not  be  adopted  by  the  public.  If  the  name  selected 
consists  of  more  than  one  word  the  words  should  be  combined  if 

The  multiplication  of  names  for  different  parts  of  the  same  fea- 
ture, such  as  a  river  or  mountain  range,  should  be  avoided.  Only 
one  name  should  be  applied  to  a  stream  or  mountain  range  through- 
out its  entire  length ;  in  the  case  of  a  river  the  name  should  follow  up 
its  longest  branch. 

The  naming  of  forks,  prongs,  branches,  etc.,  as  "  East  Fork  "  or 
"  North  Prong  "  of  a  river,  should  be  avoided  unless  there  is  a  special 
reason  for  it.  In  most  cases,  independent  names  should  be  given  to  a 
river's  branches. 

That  spelling  and  pronunciation  which  is  sanctioned  by  local  usage 
should,  in  general,  be  adopted. 

Where  names  have  been  changed  or  corrupted,  and  such  changes 
or  corruptions  have  become  established  by  local  usage,  it  is  not 
usually  advisable  to  attempt  to  restore  the  original  form. 

In  cases  where  what  was  evidently  originally  the  same  word  ap- 
pears with  various  spellings  sanctioned  by  local  usa^ge,  when  applied 
to  various  features,  these  various  spellings  should  be  regarded  as  in 
effect  different  names,  and,  as  a  rule,  it  is  inadvisable  to  attempt  to 
produce  uniformity. 

Where  a  choice  is  offered  between  two  or  more  names  for  the 
same  place  or  locality,  all  sanctioned  by  local  usage,  that  which  is 
most  appropriate  and  euphonious  should  be  adopted. 


The  possessive  form  should  be  avoided  whenever  it  can  be  done 
without  destroying  the  euphony  of  the  name  or  changing  its  descrip- 
tive application. 

In  names  ending  in  "  burgh  "  the  final  "  h  "  should  be  dropped. 

Names  ending  in  "  borough  "  should  be  abbreviated  to  "  boro." 

The  word  "  center,"  as  part  of  a  name,  should  be  spelled  as  above 
and  not "  centre." 

The  use  of  hyphens  in  connecting  parts  of  names  should  be  dis- 

The  letters  "  C.  H."  (courthouse)  appended  to  the  names  of  county 
seats  should  be  omitted. 

In  the  case  of  names  consisting  of  more  than  one  word  it  is  some- 
times desirable  to  combine  them  into  one  word. 

It  is  desirable  to  avoid  the  use  of  diacritic  characters. 

It  is  desirable  to  avoid  the  use  of  the  words  city  and  town  as 
parts  of  names. 

It  must*  be  understood  that  these  are  not  designed  as  rules^  but 
as  guiding  principles^  from  which  the  Board  reserves  liberty  to  de- 
part whenever,  in  its  judgment,  it  deems  it  advisable  to  do  so. 


(1)  Geographic  names  in  countries  that  use  Roman  characters 
should  be  rendered  in  the  form  adopted  by  the  country  having  juris- 
diction, except  where  there  are  English  equivalents  already  fixed 
by  usage.  In  cases  where  the  English  equivalent  is  so  different  from 
the  local  form  that  the  identity  of  the  latter  with  the  former  might 
not  be  recognized,  the  English  form  should  be  adopted,  but,  both 
forms  may  be  given. 

(2)  The  spelling  of  geographic  names  that  require  transliteration 
into  Roman  characters  should  represent  the  principal  sounds  of  the 
word  as  pronounced  in  the  native  tongue,  in  accordance  with  the 
sounds  of  the  letters  in  the  following  system. 

An  approximation  only  to  the  true  sound  is  aimed  at  in  this 
system.  The  vowels  are  to  be  pronounced  as  in  Italian  and  on  the 
Continent  of  Europe  generally,  and  the  consonants  as  in  English : 

a  has  the  sound  of  a  in  father.    Examples:  Java,  Banana,  Somali,  Bari. 

e  has  the  sound  of  e  in  men.    Examples:  Tel  el  Kebir,  Medina,  Peru. 

i  has  the  sound  of  i  in  ravine,  or  the  sound  of  ee  in  beet.    Examples:  Fiji, 

o  'has  the  sound  of  o  in  mote. 

u  has  the  sound  of  oo  in  boot.    Examples:  Umnak,  Unga. 
ai  has  the  sound  of  i  in  ice.    Example:  Shanghai. 
ao  is  slightly  different  from  above.    Example:  Nanao. 

ei  has  the  sound  of  the  two  Italian  vowels,  but  is  frequently  slurred  over, 
when  it  is  scarcely  distinguishable  from  ey  in  the  English  they. 
Examples:  Beirut,  Beilul. 

as  in  English. 


c  is  always  soft,  and  has  nearly  the  sound  of  s ;  hard  c  Is  given  by  k.    Ex- 
ample: Celebes, 
ch  is  always  soft,  as  in  church.    Example:  Chlngchin. 
f  as  in  English ;  ph  should  not  be  used  for  this  sound.    Thus,  not  Haiphong, 

but  Haifong. 
g  is  always  hard  (soft  g  is  given  by  j).    Example:    Galapagos, 
h  is  always  pronounced  when  inserted, 
j  as  in  English;  dj  should  never  be  used  for  this  sound.    Examples:  Japan, 

k   as  in  English.    It  should  always  be  used  for  the  hard  c.    Thus,  not.    Corea, 
but  Korea, 
kh  has  the  sound  of  the  oriental  guttural.    Example:  Khan, 
gh  is  another  guttural,  as  in  the  Turkish :  Dagh,  Ghazi. 
ng  has  two  slightly  different  sounds,  as  in  finger,  singer. 

q  should  never  be  employed;  qu  is  given  by  kw.  Example:  Kwangtung. 
r,  s, 
t,  V, 


y  is  always  a  consonant,  as  in  yard,  and  should  not  be  used  for  the  vowel  i. 
Thus,  not  Mikindany,  but  Mikindani. 

All  vowels  are  shortened  in  sound  by  doubling  the  following  consonant. 
Examples:  Yarra,  Tanna,  Jidda,  Bonni. 

Doubling  a  vowel  is  only  necessary  where  there  is  a  distinct  repetition  of 
the  single  sound.     Example:  Nuulua. 

Accents  should  not,  generally,  be  used ;  but  where  there  is  a  very  decided 
emphatic  syllable  or  stress  which  affects  the  sound  of  the  word  it  should 
be  marked  by  an  acute  accent.  Examples:  Tongatabu,  Gal&pagos,  Pali- 
wan,  Sarawak. 

In  order  to  secure  uniformity  in  so  far  as  possible  in  the  matter  of 
transliteration  of  Chinese  place  names  and  in  order  that  the  system 
adopted  may  conform  to  what  is  apparently  to  be  the  standard  in 
American  publications,  it  is  recommended  that  the  following  rules 
be  adopted  for  observance,  viz : 

(1)  The  spelling  generally  shall  follow  the  list  of  Chinese  post 
offices  and  Provinces  as  given  in  the  Imperial  Postal  Guide,  published 
for  the  use  of  the  Postal  Service  by  the  Inspector  General  of  Customs 
and  Posts. 

(2)  Names  shall  be  printed  as  single  words. 

(3)  Forms  sanctioned  by  long  usage  in  standard  publications  in 
the  English  language  shall  be  retained. 


Cases  brought  to  the  Board  for  decision  are  at  once  referred  to  the 
executive  committee  for  examination  and  report.  This  committee 
examines  each  case,  consulting  printed  autliorities,  such  as  mother 



maps,  gazetteers,  local  histories,  atlases,  etc.  Especially  does  it  seek 
after,  and  it  generally  obtains,  the  local  usage,  to  which  it  attaches 
great  importance.  Local  usage  is  usually  obtained  by  correspond- 
ence with  county  clerks,  postmasters,  and  residents  who  are  con- 
versant with  local  conditions.  This  information  derived  from  cor- 
respondence is  often  supplemented  by  the  oral  testimony  of  indi- 
viduals having  personal  knowledge  of  the  name  under  consideration. 
The  information  needful  for  deciding  may  be  obtained  quickly, 
within  a  day  or  two,  or  it  may  take  months.  When  the  executive 
committee  is  satisfied,  it  tabulates  the  results  on  cards,  which  are 
printed  blanks  whereon  spaces  are  left  for  entering  various  items 
of  information.  When  all  the  data  are  tabulated  the  members  of 
the  committee  record  their  preferences,  signing  their  initials.  Thus 
there  is  a  record  vote  of  the  executive  committee.  The  cards  so  pre- 
pared are  submitted  to  the  Board  at  its  regular  monthly  meetings, 
and  considered  one  by  one.  Usually  the  executive  committee  agrees 
on  its  recommendations.  Not  infrequently,  however,  there  is  a  di- 
vided report.  The  case  being  submitted  to  the  Board,  a  vote  is  taken, 
and  a  majority,  not  of  those  present,  but  of  the  whole  Board,  is  neces- 
sary to  decide.  The  decision  so  reached  is  written  at  the  top  of  the 
card,  which  is  thereupon  stamped  Approved,  with  the  date  of  the 
approval.  Usually  from  one  to  several  cases  at  each  meeting  are 
sent  back  by  the  Board  to  the  committee  for  additional  investigation. 
A  facsimile  of  one  of  these  cards  is  printed  herewith : 


^.d°Pf«'}s,ony  Ledge. 

Thing     \Spur  o/Greylock  Mountain,  Berkshire 
named.  /    Co.,  Mass. 

Aug.  10, 1897. 


The  Bluffs 

ti       << 

Stony  Ledge 

Local  usage,  Stony  Ledge.. . 


U.  S.  Oeol.  Survey,  Greylock  sheet. 

Berkshire  Insurance  Co.'s  map. 

Walker's  atlas. 

Berkshire  County  atlas. 

P.  South  Williamstown. 

Submitted  by Geol.  Survey. 

Date July  IS,  1897. 

This  card  prepared  by  Marcus  Baker. 

Recommendation  of  executive  committee. 

Stony  Ledge. 




Such  is  the  present  practice  of  the  Board,  gradually  developed  as 
the  outcome  of  experience.  The  principles  which  govern  decisions 
were  at  the  outset  considered  and  formulated  with  great  painstaking 
and  care.  They  were  the  subjects  of  many  and  earnest  discussions, 
and  it  is  a  matter  on  which  the  Board  congratulates  itself  that  these 
principles  so  elaborated  and  adopted  have  so  well  stood  the  test  of 


usage.     While  experience  has  improved  practice  in  the  Board's  opera- 
tions, it  has  contributed  practically  nothing  in  the  way  of  principles. 


It  has  made  upwards  of  25,000  decisions,  including  the  acceptance 
of  new  names  and  the  settlement  of  disputed  cases. 

Among  these  decisions  are  a  number  which  involve  the  definition 
of  limits  and  application  of  names,  especially  those  of  the  greater 
features  of  the  country,  such  as  Cordilleras,  Rocky  Mountains,  Sierra 
Nevada,  Blue  Ridge,  etc.  These  involved  much  study  and  corre- 

After  months  of  discussion  and  study,  a  set  of  conventional  signs 
and  abbreviations  for  use  on  maps  was  agreed  upon,  thus  making 
Government  usage  absolutely  uniform  in  this  regard. 


(March  10,  1919.) 

In  a  study  of  systems  of  transliterat- 
ing into  Latin  letters  the  36  charac- 
ters of  the  Russian  alphabet,  it  is  evi- 
dent that  to  transcribe  them  with  only 
26  Latin  characters  available  will  re- 
quire one  or  the  other,  or  both,  of  two 
methods,  viz,  to  use  diacritical  marks, 
or  to  produce  the  extraneous  charac- 
ters by  the  employment  of  digraphs. 

It  has  been  learned  from  the  Gov- 
ernment Printing  Office  that,  so  far  as 
■concerns  the  printing  of  the  words,  no 
difficulty  will  be  incurred  in  the  pro- 
duction of  diacritics.  On  the  other 
hand,  the  use  of  diacritics  is  attended 
by  these  adverse  features:  When 
spread  upon  maps,  especially  naviga- 
tion charts,  the  marks  may  easily  be 
confused  with  hatching  or  contour 
lines  or  the  conventional  representa- 
tions of  sand  or  rocks  or  trees,  etc. ; 
in  discursive  writing,  stopping  to  con- 
struct an  unfamiliar  mark  causes  de- 
lay, the  fruitful  source  of  error  com- 
pelling exceptional  care,  whereas  a  di- 
graph flows  easily  from  the  pen;  the 
typewriting  machines  in  ordinary  use 
•do  not  carry  diacritical  marks  which, 
therefore,  would  have  to  be  added  by 
pen.  Finally,  in  its  Fourth  Report, 
1916,  page  15,  the  Geographic  Board 
included  in  its  announced  departures 
from  local  usage  "The  avoidance  of 
the  use  of  diacritic  characters." 

The  pronunciation  of  Russian  names 
appears  to  be  of  less  vital  interest  now 
than  formerly ;  with  the  great  increase 
of  telegraph  and  post  offices  and  the 
growth  of  commerce  throughout  the 
world,  and  the  consequent  expansion 
of  written  communication,  more  atten- 
tion Is  being  paid  to  the  official  spell- 
ing of  place  names  and  less  to  the  rep- 
resentation of  pronunciation.  In- 
Tolved  with  that  question,  however,  is 

that  of  retransliteration.  The  essen- 
tial object  of  the  present  study  is  what 
may  be  termed  a  merely  graphical  rep- 
resentation of  each  Russian  letter  such 
that  a  transliterated  name  may  be  un- 
erringly restored  to  its  original  form 
when  needed,  as  for  verification  or 
other  purpose;  and,  while  the  corre- 
spmiding  sounds  have  an  important 
function  in  the  construction  of  a  table 
of  equivalents,  they  should  not  be  per- 
mitted to  hinder  such  construction 
when  there  is  difficulty  in  harmonizing 
the  vocal  and  the  written  expressions. 
Illustration  of  the  situation  may  be 
found  in  other  languages;  as  a  well 
known  instance,  Raclawice,  the  scene 
of  Kosciusko's  victory,  is  pronounced 
"  Ratslavitse  "  (c  having  the  sound  of 
ts),  yet  no  attempt  is  made,  on  public 
monuments  in  the  United  States  or 
elsewhere,  to  transcribe  the  name  into 
that  form,  probably  because  of  the  con- 
fusion that  would  then  attend  any  at- 
tempt at  restoration  to  the  original. 
A  more  familiar  instance,  perhaps,  is 
that  of  the  Italian  city  Civita  Vecchia, 
universally  and  properly  pronounced 
"  Chivita  Veckia."  To  attempt  to  com- 
bine a  graphical  transcription  of  char- 
acters with  complete  rules  and  ren- 
derings for  conveying  the  many  shades 
of  Russian  pronounciation,  including 
occasional  and  accidental  sounds, 
would  result  in  a  system  so  elaborate 
and  so  complex  as  to  defeat  the  simple 
object  of  a  transliteration  table  and  to 
enter  the  domain  of  a  grammar. 

If  every  Russian  letter  be  repre- 
sented by  a  letter,  or  combination  of 
letters,  in  English,  then  any  name  can 
be  transliterated  correctly  from  Eng- 
lish back  to  the  original  Russian  form ; 
otherwise  it  can  not.  Manifestly,  the 
finished  system  should  be  as  complete 
as  possible  from  all  points  of  view,  and 




pronunciation  and  retransliteration 
both  require  that  all  the  elements  of 
the  Russian  alphabet  shall  be  repro- 
duced in  the  proposed  table  of  equiva- 
lents, although  some  have  already  been 
dropped  by  Russian  reformers.  This 
is  successfully  done  by  means  of  dia- 
critical marks  in  the  translitera- 
tion table  which  is  used  for  index 
cards  in  the  Library  of  Congress  and 
adopted  by  the  American  Library  As- 

The  following  works  have  been  con- 
sulted in  this  study  of  the  subject: 
How  to  learn  Russian,  Riola;  Gram- 
mar of  the  Russian  Language,  M*or- 
fill;  Hugo's  Russian  Grammar;  Bon- 
dar's  Simplified  Russian  Method; 
Golovinsky's  Russian  and  English  Dic- 
tionary ;  various  contributions  to  the 
Geographical  Journal,  New  Englander 
and  Yale  Review,  and  other  periodi- 
cals; various  charts. 

Accompanying  this  report  is  also  a 
tabular  statement,  compiled  in  the  Hy- 
drographic  Office,  in  January,  1919,  of 
equivalents  used,  or  recommended,  by 
various  authorities,  supplemented  by 
statements  subsequently  received  from 
the  Departments  of  State  and  of  War 
and  the  War  Trade  Board,  and  a  com- 
munication from  the  Russian  embassy 
in  Washington.  Among  these  there  are 
differences  in  a  limited  number  of  en- 
tries. Where  there  is  actual  una- 
nimity, or  a  very  preponderating  con- 
sensus of  authorities  of  major  consid- 
eration, in  favor  of  a  transcription,  no 
attempt  has  been  made  to  collate  the 
reasonings  leading  to  such  transcrip- 
tion or  to  do  more  than  simply  adopt 
it;  for  the  others  the  attempt  is  made 
to  quote  and  apply  rules  previously 
made  by  the  board  or  to  formulate 
sach  additional  rules  as  may  be  needed 
to  harmonize  the  different  practices 
with  least  violence  to  any. 

Among  the  rules  that  have  been 
adopted  by  the  Geographic  Board  the 
following  are  applicable  in  this  discus- 
sion and  are  followed  unless  otherwise 
noted : 

The  use  of  diacritical  characters  will 
be  avoided. 

a  has  the  sound  of  a  in  father. 

ch  is  always  soft  as  in  church. 

e  has  the  sound  of  e  in  men. 

S  is  always  hard  as  in  Galapagos. 

i  has  the  sound  of  i  in  ravine. 

j  is  pronounced  as  in  Japan;  dj. 
should  never  be  used  for  this  sound. 

u  has  the  sound  of  oo  in  boot. 

y  is  always  used  as  a  consonant,  as 
in  yard,  and  should  not  be  used  for  the 
vowel  1. 

The  first  care  of  the  committee  has 
been  to  produce  a  table  of  equivalents 
under  a  rigid  rule  to  exclude  diacritics. 
The  actual  working  of  the  resulting 
system  has  then  been  tested  by  apply- 
ing it  to  a  number  of  Russian  place 
names  and  noting  the  practical  expe- 
diency of  adopting  it  or  any  objections 
that  may  seem  to  make  it  inexpedient. 
Finally,  another  table  has  been  worked 
out  with  the  single  limitation  of  not 
using  diacritical  marks  to  distinguish 
any  Russian  letter  that  can  be  as  well 
distinguished  by  the  use  of  diagraphs 
without  the  reproach  of  inexpediency 
as  exhibited  in  the  list  of  place  names 
to  which  the  first  table  is  applied  for 

For  convenience  of  reference  the 
Russian  letters  are  numbered  serially 
in  accordance  with  the  sequence 
usually  followed.  It  is  observed  that 
in  the  table  of  equivalents  furnished 
by  the  Russian  naval  attach^  the  se- 
quence is  occasionally  different. 

The  table  furnished  by  the  Russian 
naval  attach^  also  carries  only  34  char- 
acters, Nos.  35  and  36  being  omitted. 
These  omissions  are  evidently  inten- 
tional, and  probably  reflect  the  prac- 
tice obtaining  in  some  departments  of 
the  Russian  Government,  No.  35  (f) 
being  an  exact  duplication  in  sound  of 
No.  22,  and  No.  36  being  universally 
recognized  as  '*  seldom  used,"  the 
sound  being  a  superfluous  one.  Their 
abolition  is  advocated  by  reformers 
and  would  seem  a  wise  act.  Neverthe- 
less, as  they  exist  in  all  but  most  re- 



cent  literature  they  must  be  incorpo- 
rated here. 

In  the  table  used  by  the  State  De- 
partment also  Nos.  35  and  36  are 
omitted,  presumably  in  accordance 
with  the  same  principle  as  the  Russian 

Nos.  17,  28,  30,  35,  36,  are  omitted 
from  the  table  received  from  the  War 
Trade  Board;  Nos.  28  and  30  are 
"  mute" ;  Nos.  35  and  36  probably  fol- 
low the  same  principles  as  the  State 
Department.  The  omission  of  No.  17 
is  not  understood ;  it  may  be  an  in- 

Identical  equivalents  are  accepted 
by  all  the  authorities  consulted  for 
the  following  Russian  letters:  Nos.  1, 
2,  5,  8,  9,  12,  13,  14,  15,  16,  17,  18,  19, 
20,  21,  22. 

Following  are  considerations  bear- 
ing upon  each  of  the  remaining  Rus- 
sian letters : 

No.  3.  There  is,  practically,  una- 
nimity in  making  it  v,  a  few  giving  an 
additional  parenthetical  value  f.  Be- 
fore or  after  a  Russian  hard  conso- 
nant this  letter  is  given  the  sound  of 
f  whether  at  the  end  or  in  the  middle 
of  a  name;  but  as  the  present  study 
is  less  concerned  with  the  sound  than 
with  correct  transcription,  and  as  the 
English  f  would,  in  a  case  of  retrans- 
literation,  be  expressed  by  No.  22  it 
seems  mandatory  to  transcribe  No.  3 
simply  as  v. 

No.  4.  All  agree  on  g.  Some  add 
parenthetically  an  old  rule  of  pronun- 
ciation involving  occasional  aspiration 
as  if  by  an  h;  but  that  is  now  of  rare 
usage  and  is  of  no  interest  in  mere 

No.  6.  All  agree  on  e.  Some  add 
parenthetically  ye  as  indicating  the 
sound  when  initial  at  the  beginning  of 
words  or  syllables ;  but  that  is  merely 
a  rule  of  pronunciation  independent 
of  the  spelling,  and,  to  authorize 
transcription  into  ye  would  introduce 
confusion  with  No.  31,  which  is  the  ac- 
cepted equivalent  of  ye. 

No.  7.  The  sound  is  that  of  the 
French  j  or  of  z  in  azure,  and  is  vari- 
ously  transcribed   as  j,   zli,   sh,   sch. 

Having  regard  for  the  phonetic  values 
adopted  by  the  Geographic  Board,  zh 
is  the  only  combination  of  letters  that 
seems  to  produce  the  required  sound ; 
it  also  has  the  weight  of  leading  au- 

No.  10  pre^-ents  the  difficulty  of  hav- 
ing much  the  same  sound  as  No.  9, 
namely  i  (as  in  ravine),  and  is  not 
distinguished  from  it  in  any  table  ex- 
cept that  of  the  Library  of  Congress, 
which  uses  a  diacritic  mark.  As  used 
in  place  names  it  appears  only  before 
vowels,  which  suggests  the  greater 
propriety  of  transcribing  it  as  with  the 
consonant  sound  of  y,  producing  it  as 
yi.  This  will  secure  correct  retrans- 
literation.  It  is  understood  that  it  is 
being  dropped  by  Russian  reformers. 

No.  11  is  in  much  the  same  case  as 
No.  10,  and  is  similarly  rendered  as  i 
in  several  tables  and  y  in  others.  Au- 
thorities concur  generally  in  assigning 
to  it  employment  only  after  a  vowel 
with  which  it  forms  a  diphthong,  hav- 
ing the  sound  of  i  short  such  as  char- 
acterizes the  second  member  of  a  diph- 
thong, as  in  May,  bay,  etc.  The  Rus- 
sian embassy  transcribes  it  as  iy, 
evidently  in  reproduction  of  a  peculiar 
inflection.  While,  except  to  a  Russian 
ear,  the  sound  of  iy  may  not  be  very 
distinctive,  that  diphthong  commends 
itself  as  the  best  avenue  of  escape 
from  the  use  of  a  diacritic. 

No.  23,  having  the  guttural  sound 
of  kh  in  khan,  or  ch  in  the  Scotch  loch, 
is  represented  by  kh  with  virtual 
unanimity.  The  principal  deviation  is 
to  ch,  by  authorities  that  give  to  c  the 
hard  sound,  like  k;  and  this  is  not  ad- 
missible under  the  rule  adopted  by  the 
Geographic  Board. 

No.  24  is  variously  rendered  by  ts, 
tz,  and  z.  The  weight  of  authority  is 
for  ts,  which  affords  the  purest  repre- 
sentation of  its  sound. 

No.  25  is  almost  unanimously  ren- 
dered by  ch ;  two  deviations,  tsch  and 
tch,  conform  to  special  rules  govern- 
ing pronunciation  in  Germany  and 
France  but  not  recognized  by  the  Geo- 
graphic Board. 



No.  26  is  almost  unanimously  ren- 
dered by  sh;  two  deviations,  sch  and 
ch,  are  subject  to  the  same  remarks  as 
No.  25. 

No.  27  is  obviously  a  combination  of 
Nos.  25  and  26,  and  the  weight  of  au- 
thority is  for  shch,  the  sound  being  as 
In  parish  church.  Two  deviations, 
schtsch  and  chtch,  respectively  Ger- 
man and  French,  naturally  follow  the 
rules  adopted  in  those  countries  for 
Nos.  25  and  26. 

Nos.  28  and  30  are  mute  and  often 
ignored  in  transliteration.  The  Li- 
brary of  Congress,  however,  does  not 
sanction  the  omission,  and  in  this 
seems  clearly  right  for  two  reasons. 
First,  if  they  are  not  represented  in 
a  transliteration,  a  retransliteration 
would  be  incomplete.  Secondly,  they 
have  an  actual  function  which  is 
stated  by  the  Russian  embassy  to  be 
this — being  generally  placed  at  the  end 
of  a  word  (or  sylable)  No.  28  makes 
the  sound  hard  and  No.  30  makes  the 
sound  soft.  The  latter  serves  to  pal- 
atalize the  preceding  consonant;  fol- 
lowing No.  15,  which  has  the  simple 
sound  n,  it  forms  with  it  gn  or  gne, 
which  are  to  be  pronounced  as  the 
French  gn  in  mignon,  or  the  Italian 
g-n  in  ogni.  It  seems  clear,  therefore, 
that  there  should  be  characters  as- 
signed to  them  for  transliteration ;  and 
the  single  and  double  apostrophes 
adopted  by  the  Library  of  Congress 
seem  suitable  under  every  considera- 
tion. These  must,  of  course,  be  made 
carefully  distinct  from  quotation 
marks  or  inverted  commas. 

No.  29  is  variously  interpreted  as  i 
and  y,  with  and  without  diacritics;  it 
is,  however,  a  vowel  (which  eliminates 
y),  having  the  sound  of  i  in  bill  and 
pit,  pronounced  deep  down  in  the 
throat  and  with  closed  teeth.  An  oc- 
casional sound  is  ui  or  we,  concerning 
which  Hugo's  Russian  grammar  says: 
*'  Most  books  give  the  sound  as  we  or 
00-6  short,  but  this  is  hardly  correct." 
Bondar's  method,  however,  considers 
it  regular.  In  imitative  pronunciation 
it  is  not  easily  distinguished  from  No. 
9    (i)  ;  but  in  written  representation 

it  must  be  distinguished  from  it  in 
some  way,  and  the  choice  seems  to  lie 
between  the  use  of  a  diacritic  and  the 
frank  adoption  of  some  digraph  which 
may  be  open  to  the  objection  of  not 
correctly  representing  the  most  usual 
sound  of  the  Russian  character.  Such 
a  digraph  is  ui;  and  that  seems  to  be 
the  least  objectionable  solution. 

Nos.  31,  33,  and  34  form  a  group 
governed  by  a  common  principle  in 
the  representation  of  their  sounds. 
The  sounds  are  those  that  are  pro- 
duced, respectively,  by  ye,  yu,  and  ya, 
or  ie,  iu,  and  ia.  In  certain  racial 
areas  they  are  expressed  by  je,  ju,  and 
ja,  in  accordance  with  the  linguistic 
rules  of  those  areas;  but  j  has  an  en- 
tirely different  value  as  used  by  the 
Geographic  Board  and  is  not  at  all 
applicable.  Of  the  two  forms,  ye  and 
le,  the  former  is  in  more  perfect  ac- 
cord with  the  rule  of  the  Geographic 
Board  to  employ  y  always  as  a  con- 
sonant, as  in  it  the  stress  is  more  natu- 
rally laid  upon  the  constituents  e  and 
u  and  a,  w^hile  in  ie  and  i\i  and  ia  it 
could  often  be  placed  upon  the  first 
vowel,  which  only  imparts  the  dis- 
tinctive character  to  the  constituents. 
Also  a  transcription  ie,  iu,  and  ia 
would  require  that  the  two  vowels  in 
each  be  joined  by  a  diacritic  mark,  as 
in  the  Library  of  Congress  card,  to 
indicate  that  they  are  to  be  pronounced 
with  one  emission  of  the  voice  and  are 
not  intended  to  represent  separate 
Russian  characters.  Ye,  yu,  and  ya 
are  therefore  recommended  for  Nos. 
31,  33,  34. 

No.  32  is  quite  generally  given  as  e, 
distinguished  in  the  Library  of  Con- 
gress table  by  a  diacritic  mark,  being 
otherwise  identical  with  No.  6.  The 
shades  of  pronunciation  given  to  it 
vary  between  e  as  in  enemy  (like  No. 
6)  and  a  as  in  fate.  Whichever  be  the 
more  exact,  or  the  more  frequent,  the 
necessity  exists  of  distinguishing  it 
from  No.  6  in  transliteration;  and,  as 
the  stock  of  diagraphs  is  exhausted, 
there  seems  to  be  no  escape  from  the 
alternative  of  making  this  one  excep- 
tion to  the  rule  of  avoiding  the  use  of 



diacritics.  The  expedient  may  be  con- 
sidered of  reducing  the  diacritic  mark 
to  an  underscoring  line,  which  is  easily 
done  by  pen  and  is  contained  in  ordi- 
nary typewriters  and  would  be  repro- 
duced in  print  by  italicizing  the  letter. 
This  expedient,  however,  does  not  com- 
mend itself  as  conveying  efficient  dis- 
tinction, and  it  seems  that  the  neces- 
sity would  better  be  admitted  of  using 
a  diacritic  mark. 

No.  35  represents  the  Greek  theta, 
but  has  the  sound  of  f,  identical  with 
No.  22,  which  is  the  Greek  phi  and 
which  is  being  substituted  for  it  by 
Russian  reformers.  No.  35  is  omitted 
from  the  tables  used  by  the  State  De- 
partment, War  Trade  Board,  and  Rus- 
sian Embassy,  presumably  because  of 
its  being  wholly  superfluous  in  an  al- 
phabet containing  No.  22  (f).  In  the 
necessity,  however,  of  providing  a 
transcription  of  every  Russian  charac- 
ter, the  choice  appears  to  be  open  be- 
tween ph  and  th.  Although  the  sound 
suggests  the  former  (ph)  as  being  the 
Latin  form  of  the  Greek  letter  convey- 
ing that  sound,  and  the  latter  (th)  is 
the  Latin  form  of  the  Greek  letter  con- 
veying a  different  sound,  yet  the  latter 
seems  preferable  on  the  score  of  iden- 
tity of  origin  and  similarity  of  graphic 
presentation,  the  pronunciation  being 
of  secondary  importance.  If  ph  were 
used  the  anomaly  would  be  presented 
of  using  for  the  thirty-fifth  letter  a 
digraph  which  is  the  actual  transla- 
tion of  the  Greek  letter  adopted  as  the 
twenty-second  Russian  character.  The 
initial  letter  of  the  Russian  name 
Theodore  is  the  thirty-fifth,  but  is  pro- 
nounced f.  It  is  therefore  recom- 
mended that  No.  35  be  transcribed 
as  th. 

No.  36  is  seldom  used  and  has  been 
discarded  by  many  authorities.  Re- 
cent grammars  count  the  Russian  al- 
phabet as  of  only  35  characters,  No.  36 
being  the  one  dropped;  it  is  also  ig- 
nored in  the  tables  used  by  the  State 
Department,  War  Trade  Board,  and 
Russian  embassy.  It  represents  the 
Greek    upsilon,    having    a    sound    ap- 

proaching 1  and  the  German  oe;  as 
stated  by  the  War  Department,  "it 
occurs  mainly  in  certain  ecclesiastical 
works  and  most  of  these  are  also 
found  in  good  usage  written  with  i." 
It  must  be  differentiated  in  writing 
however,  from  No.  9;  this  has  been 
done  in  the  Britisn  Admiralty  system 
by  transcribing  it  as  oe,  and  this  seems 
to  be  the  best  solution,  it  being  a  dis- 
tinctive representation  and  not  differ- 
ing greatly  in  sound  from  that  usually 
given  to  it. 

The  transliteration  system  resulting 
from  the  foregoing  discussion  is  ex- 
hibited in  the  appended  Table  I. 

In  order  to  observe  the  actual  appli- 
cation of  the  system  in  practice,  Table 
II  has  been  prepared  containing  a 
number  of  place  names  as  spelled  in 
Russian;  the  transliteration  by  Table 
I  is  given  in  column  2.  Application  of 
the  results  of  further  consideration  is 
given  in  column  3  of  the  same  table. 

Scrutiny  of  Table  II  reveals  that, 
while  the  development  of  the  details 
is  logical,  the  system  in  its  entirety 
produces  combinations  of  diphthongs  so 
awkward  as  to  be  repugnant.  In- 
stances of  this  may  be  observed  in 
several  names  containing  the  diph- 
thongs oiy,  eiy,  aiy,  uiy,  yiiy,  uiiy. 
In  some  instances  also  doubt  would 
exist  as  to  which  two  of  three  letters 
form  the  digraph;  for  example,  iyu 
could  represent  the  letters  transliter- 
ated into  iy  and  u  or  i  and  yn. 

Table  I,  therefore,  must  be  amended ; 
and  it  is  manifest  that,  to  accomplish 
satisfactory  amendment,  recourse  must 
be  had  to  the  use  of  diacritics  which, 
however,  should  be  restricted  to  char- 
acters that  can  not  be  well  distin- 
guished in  any  other  way. 

Having  under  consideration  Table  I 
and  the  table  used  by  the  Library  of 
Congress,  which  exhibits  full  recourse 
to  diacritics,  the  following  translitera- 
tions proposed  in  Table  I  are  given 
further   study : 

No.  10.  The  use  of  yi  is  objection- 
able as  leading  to  awkward  combina- 



tions  with  other  diphthongs  when  in 
juxtaposition.  It  also  represents  a 
sound  which  is  not  forcibly  or  usually 
in  evidence  and  which  is,  in  general, 
better  rendered  by  i.  It  is  therefore 
recommended  that  No.  10  be  tran- 
scribed as  i  with  a  diacritical  mark, 
as  in  the  Library  of  Congress  table. 

No.  11.  The  solution  previously  sug- 
gested is  faulty  in  that,  when  in  juxta- 
position with  u  there  would  be  am- 
biguity, as  iyu  could  represent  iy  and 
u  or  i  and  yu.  It  is  therefore  recom- 
mended that  a  diacritic  mark  be  used 
over  i,  as  in  the  Library  of  Congress 

No.  29.  The  proposed  digraph  ui  is 
open  to  objection  on  the  score  of  am- 
biguity, not  being  distinguishable  from 
the  two  single  vowels  u  and  i.  Fur- 
ther minor  objections  may  be  found  in 
its  expressing,  according  to  some  au- 
thorities, only  an  occasional  and  not 
the  regular  sound,  ind,  when  in  juxta- 
position with  other  diphthongs,  form- 
ing a  word  of  awkward  appearance 
and  inconvenient  length.  The  simple 
y  can  not  be  substituted  for  it,  how- 
ever, as  that  is  a  consonant  according 
to  the  Board's  rule,  and  with  it  imme- 
diately preceding  either  of  the  vowels 
e  or  u  or  a  the  combinations  could  be 
interpreted  either  as  two  single  letters 
in  each  instance  or  as  the  diphthongs 
ye,  yu,  ya.  This  conflict  with  the 
method  of  the  Library  of  Congress  em- 
braces Nos.  31,  33,  and  34,  the  render- 
ing of  which  is  dependent  upon  the  de- 
cision as  to  whether  y  is  a  vowel  or 
a  consonant ;  the  latter  use  is  so  firmly 
intrenched  in  general  practice  as  to 
seem  mandatory,  and  this  compels  the 
avoidance  of  i  in  digraphs  to  represent 
Nos.  31,  33,  and  34.  It  is  therefore 
recommended  that  No.  29  be  tran- 
scribed by  i  with  a  diacritical  mark. 

No.  36  is  open  to  the  objection  of 
ambiguity,  not  being  distinguishable 
from  the  two  single  vowels  o  and  e; 
these  rarely,  if  ever,  occur  in  juxta- 
position in  Russian  names,  but  there 
might  be  uncertainty  in  retranslitera- 
tion.     Recourse  will,  therefore,  again 

have  to  be  had  to  the  use  of  a  diacritic- 
mark.  Objection  to  this  is  minimized 
by  the  fact  that  the  letter  is  virtually 
obsolete.  It  seems  objectionable  to  use 
a  fifth  i,  and  preferable  to  use  y  dis- 
tinguished by  a  diacritic,  and  thus  ex- 
plained as  a  vowel  in  the  rare  in- 
stances of  its  use.  This  will  conform 
to  the  practice  of  the  Library  of  Con- 

Table  III,  appended,  exhibits  the 
system  resulting  from  the  reconsidera- 
tion. As  a  test  of  its  expediency,  it 
has  been  applied  to  the  Russian  place 
names  of  Table  II,  forming  column  3 
of  that  table,  and  appears  to  meet  re- 

There  are  some  Russian  names  in 
such  frequent  popular  use  in  this  coun- 
try and  in  England  as  to  have  become 
anglicized,  probably  beyond  any  at- 
tempt to  change  them  to  an  academi- 
cally correct  transliteration.  Among 
such  names  are  Siberia,  Archangel,. 
Crimea,  Thetis,  differing  from  the  ren- 
derings in  Table  II,  column  3.  This  is 
a  thing  of  frequent  occurrence  in  other- 
countries,  e.  g.,  Leghorn  (Livorno), 
Naples  (Napoli),  Antwerp  (Anvers)^ 
and  others.  Irrepressible  popular  ex 
ceptions,  therefore,  can  not  well  be 
considered  in  antagonism  to  a  general 

In  the  matter  of  maps  and  charts^ 
the  application  of  transliteration  tables 
is  affected  by  conditions  not  entering 
the  domain  of  pure  philology,  as  ex- 
plained in  the  early  part  of  this  re- 
port, and  seems  to  form  virtually  a 
separate  problem.  Rule  E  of  the  reso- 
lutions passed  by  the  International" 
Map  Committee,  assembled  in  London 
in  1909,  suggests  that  the  Governments 
of  countries  which  do  not  use  the 
Latin  alphabet  should  publish  an  au- 
thorized system  of  map  translitera- 
tion. The  Hydrographic  OflJice  accepts^ 
the  Chinese  Maritime  Customs  romani- 
zation  of  names  in  China.  Russia  has- 
not  published  an  authorized  system. 
In  this  situation  it  has  not  been  con- 
sidered important  that  the  charts  pub- 
lished by  the  Hydrographic  Office  be* 



Tetransliterative,  and  it  seems  that  a 
tacit  consent  to  certain  exemptions  in 
chart  work  would  be  permissible  pend- 
ing action  in  Russia. 

Viewing  the  matter  from  all  angles, 
the  subcommittee  finally  recommends 
the  adoption  of  Table  III.  It  is  recog- 
mized  that  the  use  of  diacritics  is  ob- 

jectionable and  wisely  discountenanced 
by  the  Geographic  Board ;  but  no  com- 
plete solution  has  been  found  without 
using  them  to  distinguish  five  of  the 
Russian  characters,  one  of  which  is 
obsolete,  and  the  necessity  seems  to 
exist  of  making  an  exception  in  this 
single  and  singular  problem. 

Table  I. — Transliteration  of  Russian  alphabet  characters. 









As  in  father. 





















As  in  pen. 





Like  z  i^  azure. 





As  in  zenith. 





As  in  ravine. 










As  i  in  oil. 





















As  ^n  lock,     i^ 









Sharp  as  double  £ 









Like  00  in  boot. 








Guttural  as  in  khan. 









As  in  church. 





As  in  parish. 





As  in  parish  church. 
Mute,  hardens  the  sound. 









As  i  in  pin. 





Mute,  softens  the  sound. 





As  ye  in  yes. 





Like  a  in  fate. 













Like  f . 





Seldom  used. 


Table  II. — Illustrative  result  of  applying  Tables  I  and  HI. 


Transliteration  by  Table  I. 

Transliteration  by- 
Table  III. 
















Balfiiskii  Port. 

















Ryechnoiy.  . 









IleTporpa  jr 


BajITiHCKifi  IIopTB  . 


Baltyiiyskyiiy  Port 
























Esthiyr'' ; 



Table  III. — Transliteration  of  Russian  alphabet  characters. 










As  in  father. 





















As  in  pen. 





Like  z  in  azure. 





As  in  zenith. 





As  in  ravine. 










As  i  in  oil. 





















As  in  lock. 













Sharp  as  double  s. 









Like  00  in  boot. 








Guttural  as  in  khan. 









As  in  church. 





As  in  parish. 





As  in  parish  church. 
Mute,  hardens  the  sound. 









As  i  in  pin. 





Mute,  softens  the  sound. 





As  ye  in  yes. 




Like  a  in  fate. 













Like  f . 





Seldom  used- 





1890  TO 

[Note. — This  list  includes  all  decisions  rendered  by  the  Board.  Adopted 
forms  are  shown  by  bold-face  type,  rejected  forms  by  italics,  and  revisions  of 
previous  decisions  by  an  asterisk  (*).] 

Aalplaus;  see  alplaus. 

Abagadasset;  Point,  Kennebec  River, 

Sagadahoc  County,  Me.     (Not  Aba- 

gadusset. ) 
Abajo;  Mountains,  west  of  Monticello, 

San  Juan  County,  Utah. 
Abajo;  Peak,  easternmost  and  highest 

of  group  in  Abajo  Mountains,  San 

Juan  County,  Utah. 
Ahamgamoch;  see  Abamgamook. 
Abamgamook;  Lake,  Townships  40  M. 

D.  and  3  N.   D.,  Hancock  County, 

Me.     (Not  Abamgamock  nor  West.) 
Abbajona;  see  Aberjona. 
Abbott;  Butte,  point  on  divide  near 

the  county  line  between  Douglas  and 

Jackson  Counties,  Oreg.     (Not  Ab- 
bot nor  Abbots.) 
Abbottsford;  Village,  St.  Clair  County, 

Mich.       (Not    Abbotsford    nor    Ab- 

bottsville. ) 
Abbottsville;  see  Abbottsford. 
Aberjona;   River,   Middlesex   County, 

Mass.     (Not  Abbajona.) 
Aberque;  see  Abiqua. 
Abiacha;   Creek,   tributary   to   Yazoo 

River,  Carroll  County,  Miss.      (Not 

Abiaca,  Abyache,  Abyatche,  Abyat- 

chie,  nor  Coila  Abiacha.) 
Abino;  Point,  in  Canada,  near  east  end 

of   Lake  Erie.      (Not  Abineau  nor 

Albino. ) 
Abiqua;  Creek,  northern  part  Marion 

County,    Oreg.      (Not   Aberque   nor 

Alberqua. ) 

14842—21 3 

*Aboite;  Railroad  Station,  Allen 
County,  Ind.     (Not  Aboit.) 

Abolo  Chitto;  Abolochitto;  see  Hobolo- 

Aboo-shehr;  see  Bushire. 

Abookeer;  Aboukir;  see  Abukir. 

Abou  Hamad;  see  Abu  Hamed. 

Abraham;  Abrahams;  see  Abrams. 

Abram;  Creek,  in  Grant  and  Mineral 
Counties,  W.  Va.     (Not  Abraham.) 

Abram;  see  Shimmo. 

Abrams;  Pond,  Eastbrook  and  Frank- 
lin Towns,  Hancock  County,  Me. 
(Not  Abraham,  Abrahams,  nor 
Abram's. ) 

Abruad;  see  Riad. 

Absaroka  Range;  Mountains  in  and 
near  Yellowstone  National  Park, 
Mont,  and  Wyo.  (Not  Shoshone, 
Snow,  nor  Yellowstone.) 

Absecon;  Bay,  Beach,  City,  and  Inlet, 
Atlantic  County,  N.  J.  (Not  Abse- 

Abu  Hamed;  Town,  Egyptian-Sudan. 
(Not  Abou  Hamad  nor  Abu  Ham- 

Abu  Hammed;  see  Abu  Hamed. 

Abukir;  Bay,  northern  coast  of  Egypt, 
between  promontory  of  Abukir  on 
west  and  Rosetta  mouth  of  Nile  on 
east.     (Not  Abookeer  nor  Aboukir.) 

Abu-Shehr;  see  Bushire. 

Abyache;  Abyatche;  Abyatchie;  see 

Acabonack;  Harbor  in  Easthampton, 
Suffolk  County,  Long  Island,  N.  Y. 
(Not  Acabomock.) 




Acadia;  Mountain,  between  Somes 
Sound  and  Echo  Lake,  National 
Monument,  Mount  Desert  Island, 
Hancock  County,  Me.  (Not  Robin- 
Accomac;    Village,    Accomac    County, 

Va.     (Not  Drummondtown. ) 
Accra;  Accrah;  see  Akkra. 
Acequia;    Village,     Douglas    County, 

Colo.     (Not  Ascequia.) 
Acherk;  see  Sanak. 
Acheuchik;  see  Chandalar. 
Achteedeedung ;  see  Portage. 
Acken;  Dock,  Raritan  River,  Middle- 
sex County,  N.  J.     (Not  Acken's.) 
Ackworth;  see  Acworth. 
Acoakset;  see  Westport. 
Acoma;    Township,    McLeod    County, 

Minn.     (Not  Aconia.) 
Aconye;  Ridge,  Gila  County,  Ariz. 
AQores;  see  Azores. 
Acquasco;  see  Aquasco. 
Acquia;  see  Aquia. 
Acworth;     Town,    Cobb    County,    Ga. 

(Not  Ackworth.) 
Ada;  Mountain   (altitude  4,536  feet), 
eastern  side  Baranof  Island,  about 
21  miles  from  shore  Chatham  Strait ; 
3^  miles  north  of  head  of  Patterson 
Bay,  Southeastern  Alaska. 
Adair;  Ridge,  between  Logging  Lake 
and     Anaconda     Creek,     Flathead 
County,  Mont. 
Adam;  Island,  Chesapeake  Bay,  Dor- 
chester County,  Md.     (Not  Adam's 
nor  Adams.) 
Adams;  Creek,  Chatham  County,  Ga. 

(Not  Adams's.) 
Adams;    Township,    Warren    County, 

Ind.     (Not  J.  Q.  Adams.) 
Adam's  Creek;  see  Cunningham. 
Adams  Fall;  Ledge,  New  Haven  Har- 
bor, Conn.     (Not  Adam's  Fall.) 
Addison;  Glacier,  west  of  Aialik  Bay, 

Kenai  Peninsula,  Alaska. 
Adel;  see  Somali. 
Adelina;  Town,  Calvert  County,  Md. 

(Not  Adalina.) 
Aderar;  see  Adrar. 

Aderhold;  Ferry  over  Chattahoochee 
River,  Campbell  and  Douglas  Coun- 
ties, Ga.  (Not  Addahold  nor  Da- 

Adirondack;  Mountains  in  northern 
New  York.     (Not  Adirondac.) 

Adjighiol;  Adjigiol;  see  Ajigiol. 

Adkins;  see  Atkins. 

Admiral  Butakov;  see  Tkachen. 

Admiralty;  see  Yakutat. 

Admiralty;  Cove,  northern  shore  Ad- 
miralty Island,  west  of  Point  Young, 
Stephens  Passage,  Alexander  Archi- 
pelago, Alaska.     (Not  Auke.) 

Admiralty;  Creek,  tributary  to  Ad- 
miralty Cove,  northern  shore  Ad- 
miralty Island,  Alexander  Archi- 
pelago, Alaska.     (Not  Auke.) 

Admiralty  Inlet;  That  part  of  Puget 
Sound  from  Strait  of  Juan  de  Fu>ca 
to  the  lines: 

(1)  From  southernmost  point  of 
Double  Bluff,  Island  County,  to 
the  northeast  point  of  Foul- 
weather  Bluff,  Kitsap  County, 

(2)  From  northwest  point  of 
Foulweather  Bluff  to  Tala 
Point,  Jefferson  County,  Wash. 

Adobe;  Town,  Madison  County,  Mont. 
(Not  Adobetown.) 

Adrar;  Mountainous  District  in  the 
western  Sahara,  Africa.  (Not  Ade- 

Adzhigiol;  see  Ajigiol. 

Aegean;  Sea,  that  part  of  the  Mediter- 
ranean Sea  lying  between  Asia 
Minor,  Greece,  and  Turkey. 

Aektok;  see  Rootok. 

Aeneas;  Creek,  Lake,  Mountain,  and 
Valley,  Okanogan  County,  Wash. 
(Not  Eneas.) 

African  Lion;  Rock  formation  north 
side  Arroyo  Verde  due  north  Fish 
Creek  Village,  Maricopa  County, 

Afrikia;  see  Tunis. 

♦Afton;  Village,  Greene  County,  Tenn. 
(Not  Home.) 

AgaUtnak;  see  Hoholitna. 

Agamgik;  Bay,  indenting  the  northern 
shore  of  Beaver  Bay,  Unalaska 
Island,  eastern  Aleutians,  Alaska. 
(Not  Food.) 

Agamok;  Lake,  sec.  36,  T.  65,  N.,  R.  6 
W.,  Lake  County,  Minn.  (Not  Aga- 



Aijashagok ;  see  Bogoslof. 
Ag-ate;  Canyon,  in  south  wall  of  Grand 
Canyon  of  the  Colorado,  1  mile  east 
of  Sapphire  Canyon,  Coconino  Coun- 
ty, Ariz. 
Ag-ate;    Village,    Floyd    County,    Ga. 

(Not  Cunningham.) 
Ag-athla;   Volcanic  Peak,  Navajo  Na- 
tional   Monument,    Navajo    County, 
Ariz,     (Not  Aga-thla  Needle.) 
Ag-attu;    Island,   one   of   the   western 

Aleutians,  Alaska. 
Agee;  Village,  Campbell  County,  Tenn. 

(Not  Agec.) 
Ag-ency;     Creek,     Missoula     County, 

Mont.     (Not  Jones  nor  Mill.) 
Aggie;  Creek,  tributary  to  Fish  River, 

Aghik;    Island,    one    of    the    Semidi 

Islands,  Alaska.     (Not  A'ghik.) 
Aghiyuk;  Island,   one  of  the   Semidi 
Islands,   Alaska.     (Not  Aghi'yukh.) 
Agnes;  Cove,  Resurrection  Bay,  Kenai 

Peninsula,  Alaska. 
Agouyak;  see  Egegik. 
Agoicay;  see  North  Aowa. 
Agua  Buena;  Spring;  one-fourth  mile 
south  of   Santa   Rita   Peak,  Diablo 
Range,  San  Benito  County,  Calif. 
Agua  Prieta;  see  Whitewater  Draw. 
Ah-lash-ok ;  see  Alatna. 
Ahle;  Point,  in  Columbia  River,  Cow- 
litz County,  Wash.     (Not  Ahle's.) 
Ahmed- Shahee ;  see  Kandahar. 
Ahnapee;  River,  Door  and  Kewaunee 

Counties,   Wis.    (Not  Ahnepee.) 
Ahnapee;  Ahnepee;  see  Algoma. 
Ahogado;  Rock,  entrance  to  CabuUon 

Bight,  P.  R. 
Ahoskie;   Creek,   Ridge,   and  Village, 
Hertford  County,  N.  C.     (Not  Ahos- 
key   nor   Ahosky. ) 
♦Ahtanum,    Creek,    Precinct,    Ridge, 
Village,  and  Valley,  Yakima  County, 
Wash.     (Not  Atanum.) 
Ahues;  see  Porcupine. 
Ahwahnee;  see  Wassamma. 
Aialik;  Cape,  end  of  point  on  eastern 
side  of  Aialik  Bay,  Kenai  Peninsula, 
Alaska.     (Not  Ajalik  nor  Ayalik.) 
Aidin;  see  Smyrna. 
Aide;  Spring,  north  half  of  sec.  35,  T. 
25  S.,  R.  17  E.,  Kern  County,  Calif. 

Aiken;   Landing  and   Swamp,   James 
River,  Chesterfield  County,  Va.   (Not 
Aiken;  see  Akin. 
Ailanthus;  see  Alanthus. 
Ailuk;    Atoll,    one    of    the    Marshall 
Group  in  the  Pacific  Ocean.     (Not 
Ailu  nor  Krusenstern.) 
Air;  see   Asben. 

Aire,  Island,  small  one  south  of  Mi- 
norca,   Balearic    Islands,    Mediter- 
ranean  Sea.      (Not  Ay  re.) 
Aisquith;   see   Asquith. 
Aix;  Peak  in  Cascade  Range,  Yakima 

County,  Wash.     (Not  Aiks.) 
Ajighiol;  see  Ajigiol. 
Ajigiol;    Spit    and    Village,    Dnieper 
Bay,     Black     Sea,     Russia.       (Not 
Adjighiol,    Adjigiol,    Adzhigiol,    nor 
Ajika;  see  Kairai. 
Akamagasaki;  Akamagaseki ;  Akamag- 

seki;  see  Shimonoseki. 
Akcine;  see  Axin. 
Akhitdung;   see   Portage. 
♦Akin;   Village,   Montgomery  County, 

N.  Y.     (Not  Aiken.) 
Akinkoka;  Creek,  Ts.  35  and  36  N., 
R.  23  W.,  tributary  to  Whale  Creek 
from  south,  Flathead  County,  Mont. 
(Not  South  Fork.) 
Akkra;  Town  on  the  Gold  Coast,  West 

Africa.      (Not  Accrah.) 
Akun;  Island,  one  of  the  eastern  Aleu- 
tians, Alaska.     (Not  Akoun.) 
Akutan;   Bay,   Harbor,   Island,   Pass, 
Village,  and  Volcano,  eastern  Aleu- 
tians, Alaska.     (Not  Akoutan.) 
Alacran;  Reef,  bank  of  Campeche,  off 
north    coast    of    Yucatan,    Gulf    of 
Mexico.       (Not    Alacrane    nor    The 
Alacranes. ) 
Alaid;  see  Araido. 

Alameda;  Creek,  tributary  of  Koyuk 

River,  south  of  east  Fork,  Alaska, 

Alamogordo;    Election    Precinct    and 

Town,  Otero  County,  N.  Mex.     (Not 

Alamo  Gordo.) 

Alamoosook;     Lake,     Or!  and     Town, 

Hancock  County,  Me.     (Not  Great.) 

Alamo   Solo;   Spring,   near  center  of 

sec.    2,    T.    25    S.,    R..  18   E,,    Kern 

County,   Calif. 



Alamota;  Railroad  Station,  Lane 
County,  Kans.     (Not  Alomata.) 

Alamuche;  see  AUamuchy. 

Alanthus;  Town,  Gove  county,  Kans. 
(Not  Ailanthus.) 

Alanthus;  Village,  Franklin  County, 
Ala.      (Not  Ailanthus.) 

Alanthus;  Village,  Culpeper  County, 
Va.     (Not  Ailanthus.) 

Alanthus  Grove;  Village,  Gentry 
County,  Mo.  (Not  Ailanthus 
Grove. ) 

Alanthus  Hill;  Village,  Hancock 
County,  Tenn  .   (Not  Ailanthus.) 

♦Alapaha;  Town,  Berrien  County,  and 
River,  rising  in  the  south-central 
part  of  Georgia  and  flowing  nearly 
south,  passing  into  Florida  and 
entering  the  Suwannee  River.  (Not 

Alarcon  Terrace;  Spur,  low  one,  ex- 
tending southwest  from  Powell  Pla- 
teau, Coconino  County,  Ariz. 

Alarka;  see  Yalaka. 

Alaska;  Peninsula  of  southwestern 
Alaska.     (Not  Aliaska.) 

Alatna;  River,  Northern  Alaska,  large 
branch  of  Koyukuk  River  from  the 
northwest.  (Not  Ah-lash-ok,  Alash- 
uk,  Al-lash-ook,  Allatna,  Allen,  Allen- 
kakat,  nor  Oklashok.) 

Alberhill;  Village,  Riverside  County, 
Calif.     (Not  Alberhil.) 

Alherqua;   see   Abiqua. 

Albert  Edward;  see  Albert  Nyanza. 

Albert  Edward  Nyanza;  Lake,  east 
central  Africa,  110  miles  west  of  Vic- 
toria Nyanza  and  100  miles  south  of 
Albert  Nyanza,  with  which  it  is  con- 
nected by  the  Semliki  River.  (Not 
Muta  Nzige  nor  Mwuta-Nzige. ) 

♦Albert  Nyanza;  a  great  lake  of  east 
central  Africa,  about  130  miles 
northwest  of  Victoria  Nyanza  and 
100  miles  north  of  Albert  Edward 
Nyanza;  one  of  the  sources  of  the 
White  Nile.  (Not  Albert  Edward, 
Muta,  Muta  Nzige,  M'Wooten  N'zlge, 
nor  M'wutan  N'zige.) 

Alberta;  Falls,  on  Glacier  Creek,  be- 
low Glacier  Gorge,  in  northwest  cor- 
ner sec.  24,  T.  4  N.,  R.  74  W.,  Lari- 
mer  County,   Colo. 

Alberto;  Island,  San  Alberto  Bay, 
Prince  of  Wales  Ar<!hipelago, 

Alberto;  Reef,  in  close  proximity  to 
Alberto  Island,  Alaska. 

Albion;  see  Mount  Albion. 

Alcalde;  see  Waltham. 

Alcalde  Hills;  Foothills,  east  side  of 
Diablo  Range,  between  Los  Gatos 
and  Waltham  Creeks,  west  and 
northwest  of  Coalinga,  Calif. 

Alcatraz;  Rock,  off  middle  of  entrance 
to  Salina  del  Sur,  P.  R.  (Not  Rocas 
Alcatraz. ) 

Alchesay;  Canyon,  near  Roosevelt 
Dam,  circled  by  Hairpin  curve, 
Maricopa  County,  Ariz. 

Alchichna;  see  John, 

Alcove;  Canyon,  southwest  of  Carrizo 
Mountains,  draining  to  the  head  of 
Walker  Creek,  Apache  County,  Ariz. 

Alcovy;  Mountain,  in  Walton  County; 
Village  in  Newton  County ;  and 
River  in  Gwinnett,  Jasper,  Newton, 
and  Walton  Counties,  Ga.  (Not  Ul- 
cof  auhachee. ) 

Alder;  Creek,  Ts.  34  and  35  N.,  Rs.  7 
and  8  E.,  rising  near  Frenchman 
Butte,  and  tributary  to  Fish  Creek, 
Idaho  County,  Idaho. 

Alder  Springs;  Village  and  Forest 
Service  Station,  California  National 
Forest,  Glenn  County,  Calif.  (Not 
Oriental. ) 

Alegranza;  Island,  northern  one  of  the 
Canary  group.     (Not  Allegranza.) 

Alex;  see  Rocky. 

Alexander;  Archipelago,  comprising 
group  of  coastwise  islands  between 
Dixon  Entrance,  54"  40'  N.,  and 
Cross  Sound  and  Icy  Strait,  58**  25' 
N.,  Southeastern  Alaska. 

Alexander;  City,  Tallapoosa  County, 
Ala.     (Not  Alexander  City.) 

Alexandria;  Township,  Leavenworth 
County,  Kans.  (Not  Alexander.) 

Alexauken;  Creek  tributary  to  Dela- 
ware River  at  Lambertville,  and 
Village,  Hunterdon  County,  N.  J. 
(Not  Alexsocken.) 

Alf;  Island,  northernmost  one  of  a 
chain  of  islands  in  Uyak  Bay,  three- 
fourths  mile  southward  of  Amook 
Island,  Alaska. 



Alfenique;  Reef,  in  entrance  to  Rincon 

Bay,  P.  R. 
Algeciras;  Seaport  Town  in  Spain,  on 

Bay  of  Gibraltar.     (Not  Algeziras.) 
Algers;  see  Elger. 
Algodon;  see  Point  Algodones. 
Algodones;  see  Point  Algodones. 
♦Algoma;    City,    Kewaunee    County, 

Wis :     (Not  Ahnapee  nor  Ahnepee.) 
Alhambra  Keck;  Dike,  serrated  black 

butte,  on  south  bank  San  Juan  River 

near  long.  109°  50',  3  miles  southwest 

of  Goodridge  post  office,   San  Juan 

County,  Utah. 
Alice;  see  Mount  Alice. 
Alki;  Point,  Puget  Sound,  near  Seattle, 

Wash.        (Not     Battery,     Me-kwah- 

mooks,  nor  Robert's.) 
Alkirey  Mills;  Village,  Lewis  County, 

W.  Va.      (Not  Alkire's  Mill.) 
Allag-ash;  Lake,  Plantation,  River,  and 

Village,  Aroostook  County,  Me.   River 

extends    into    Piscataquis    County. 

(Not  Allaguash  nor  Allegash.) 
Allaguash;  see  Allagash. 
Allakaket;  site  of  the  mission,  Koyu- 

kuk   River,   opposite  mouth   of  the 

Alatna  River,  Alaska. 
AUamuchy;     Mountain,     Pond,     and 

Township,    Warren    County,    N.    J. 

(Not  Alamuche.) 
Allan  Ctty;  Shoal,  2  miles  south  by 

west  from  Bear  Point,  southwestern 

end  of  Wolfe  Island,  St  Lawrence 

River,  Jefferson  County,  N.  Y.     (Not 

Allen  Otty,  Keill,  nor  Keill's.) 
Allart;  see  Machos  Grandes. 
Allegany;   Township,   Potter   County, 

Allegash;  see  Allagash. 
Allegheny;  Mountains  in  eastern  part 

of   United    States.      (Not   Allegany 

nor  Alleghany.) 
Allegheny;  River,  N.  Y.  and  Pa.,  trib- 
utary to  Ohio  River  at  Pittsburgh. 

(Not  Allegany  nor  Alleghany.) 
Allegranza;  see  Alegranza. 
Allegrippis;   Ridge,   Huntingdon 

County,  Pa.      (Not  AUegrippes  nor 

AUegripus. ) 
Allen;   Creek,  tributary  to   Swlftcur- 

rent  Creek  from  the  south,  about  1 

mile    !-outheast    of    Many    Glacier, 

Glacier  National  Park,  Mont. 

Allen;  Glacier,  Baird  Canyon,  Copper 
River,  Alaska.     (Not  Baird.) 

Allenbridge;  Village,  Greene  County, 
Tenn.  (Not  Allen's  Bridge,  Cooter's 
Bridge,  nor  Gurley's  Bridge.) 

Alleritoivn;  see  Camp  Springs. 

Allimatona;  see  Pottersville. 

Alloway;  Creek  and  Village,  Salem 
County,  N.  J.     (Not  AUoways.) 

Alloway;  Landing,  on  Mississippi 
River,  Adams  County,  Miss.  (Not 
Allawa. ) 

Alloway;  Township,  Salem  County,  N. 
J.     (Not  Upper  Alloway s  Creek.) 

Allum;  see  Alum. 

Alluwe;  Village,  Nowata  County, 
Okla.     (Not  Al-lu-we.) 

Almon;  Village,  Newton  County,  Ga. 
(Not  Almond.) 

Alochaman;  Aloclioman ;  Alockaman; 
Alokomin;  see  Elokomin. 

Alomata;  see  Alamota. 

Alpine;  Brook,  emptying  into  west  side 
Cow  Creek,  one-half  mile  south  of 
Longs  Peak  Village,  Larimer  County, 

Alpine;  Creek,  T.  44  N.,  R.  6  E.,  trib- 
utary to  Sisters  Creek  from  south- 
east, Shoshone  County,  Idaho.  (Not 
East  Fork  of  South  Fork  St.  Joe 
River. ) 

Alplaus;  Kill  (or  Creek)  and  Village, 
Schenectady  County,  N.  Y.  (Not 
Aalplaus. ) 

♦Alsea;  Precinct  and  Village,  Benton 
County;  River,  Benton  and  Lincoln 
Counties;  and  Precinct,  Lincoln 
County,  Oreg.     (Not  Alseya.) 

Alsek;  River  in  Southeastern  Alaska. 
(Not  Altsek  nor  Altsekh.) 

Alseya;  see  Alsea. 

Alta  Yeen  Oola;  see  Altai. 

Altai;  Group  of  Mountains  in  Siberia, 
lying  between  the  sources  of  the 
Irtish  and  Yenisei  Rivers,  Asia.  (Not 
Alta  Yeen  Oola.) 

Alteman;  Altemam;  see  Aultmans. 

Alton;  Bay,  southern  side  of  Win- 
nepesaukee  Lake.  Belknap  County, 
N.  H.     (Not  Merrymeeting. ) 

Alum;  Hill,  Sheffield  Town,  Berkshire 
County,  Mass.     (Not  Allum.) 



Alum;  Pond,  Stiirbridge  Town,  Wor- 
cester County,  Mass.  (Not  Pookoo- 
kapog. ) 

Alvada;  Railroad  Station,  Seneca 
County,  Ohio.     (Not  Alveda.) 

Amami;  Group  and  Island  off  the  Chi- 
nese coast,  part  of  the  Nansei  Chain. 
(Not  Hokubu  Shoto.) 

Amarg-osa;  Range  of  Mountains,  Inyo 
County,  Calif. 

Amargosa  Desert;  see  Death  Valley. 

Amatignak;  Island,  one  of  the  An- 
dreanof  group,  middle  Aleutians, 

Amatuli;  see  East  Amatuli. 

Amatuli  Cove;  Anchorage,  East  Ama- 
tuli Island,  Alaska. 

Amazon;  River  in  South  America,  ris- 
ing in  the  Peruvian  Andes.  (Not 
Maranon,  Orellana,  Solimoens,  nor 

Amhella;  see  Arabella. 

Amhezi;  see  Zambezi. 

Amhler;  see  Montbrook. 

Ambrose;  Channel,  across  Sandy  Hook 
Bar,  New  York  Harbor,  formerly- 
known  as  East  Harbor,  was  re- 
named Ambrose  Channel  by  an  act 
of  Congress  approved  June  6,  19(X). 
In  that  act  it  is  ''Provided,  That  the 
so-called  East  Channel  across  Sandy 
Hook  Bar,  New  York  Harbor,  for 
the  improvement  of  which  provision 
was  made  by  the  river  and  harbor 
act  approved  March  3,  1899,  shall 
hereafter  be  known  as  Ambrose 
Channel."  (Stat.  L.,  56th  Cong.,  1st 
sess.,  pp.  588  and  627.)  The  name 
"Ambrose  "  is  here  included,  not  as  a 
decision  of  the  board,  but  as  a  de- 
cision by  Congress. 

Amchitka;  Island,  one  of  the  Andre- 
anof  group,  middle  Aleutians,  Alaska. 

Amdal;  see  Aurdal. 

Amelia;  Lake  near  Minneapolis,  Hen- 
nepin County,  Minn.     (Not  Emelia.) 

Amelia;  see  Arabella. 

American;  Point,  in  sections  18  and  19, 
T.  168  N.,  R.  33  W.,  Lake  of  the 
Woods,  Minn.  (Not  Lecair  nor 
Currys  Fishery.) 

American  Point;  see  Magnusons. 
American;  Stream,  tributary  to  Bump- 
ing  River,    Yakima    County,    Wash. 
(Not  Miner  Creek  nor  Miners  Creek.) 

American  Corners;  District  and  Vil- 
lage, Caroline  County,  Md.  (Not 
American  Corner.) 

Ames  Ripple;  Light  on  Ohio  River, 
Woods  County,  W.  Va.  (Not  Ames's 
Ripple. ) 

Amicalola;  Creek,  Falls,  Mountain,  and 
Village,  Dawson  County,  Ga.  (Not 
Amicolola  nor  Armacolola.) 

Amite;  Town,  Tangipahoa  Parish,  La. 
(Not  Amite  City.) 

Amma;  Group  of  Islands,  lat.  35°  20' 
N.,  long.  126°  E.,  western  coast  of 
Chosen  (Korea).  (Not  Nansan  nor 
Nan  san.) 

Ammerman;  Mountain,  spur  of  Da- 
vidson Mountains,  between  Porcu- 
pine and  Malcolm  Rivers,  Interna- 
tional Boundary  (between  Alaska 
and  Canada). 

Ammin;  Island  (To),  lat.  36°  30'  N., 
long.  126°  23'  E.,  western  coast  of 
Chosen  (Korea).  (Not  An-myon  nor 
Lindsay. ) 

Amok;  see  Amook. 

Amook;  Island,  Uyak  Bay,  western 
coast  of  Kodiak  Island,  Alaska. 
(Not  Amok  nor  Amuk.) 

Amoy;  Postal  district,  China. 

Amphibious;  see  Beaver. 

Amran;  see  Omeira. 

Amu;  River  (the  ancient  Oxus)  in 
southern  Russia,  tributary  to  the 
Aral  Sea.  (Not  Amoo,  Jihoon,  nor 
Sir  Daria.) 

AmMk;  see  Amook. 

Amukta;  Island  and  Pass,  eastern 
Aleutians,  Alaska.     (Not  Amukhta.) 

Amur;  Province  and  River,  in  eastern 
Siberia.  (Not  Amoor,  Amour,  Mau- 
gu,  nor  Sakhalin.) 

Amutei;  Island  (To),  lat.  34°  50'  N., 
long.  126°  05'  E.,  southwestern  coast 
of  Chosen  (Korea).  (Not  Amute 
nor  South  Twin.) 

Amzi;  see  Tread  well. 



Anaconda  Range;  portion  of  the  Con- 
tinental Divide  extending  from  a  low 
pass  a  few  miles  southeast  of  Ana- 
conda, westward  and  southward  to 
the  divide  which  forms  the  western 
boundary  of  Montana.  (Not  Saw- 
tooth Range.) 

Anacostia;  River,  D.  C.  and  Md.  (Not 
Eastern  Branch.) 

Anadir;  Gulf  and  River,  western  coast 
of  Siberia,  Asia.  (Not  Anaduir  nor 

Anam;  a  French  possession  in  Asia, 
east  of  Siam.     (Not  Annam.) 

Ananiizu;  Bay  (Wan),  lat.  ST**  10'  N., 
long.  136°  E.,  Honshu  Island,  Japan. 
(Not  Hoku.) 

Anan;  Bay  and  Lagoon,  south  shore 
Bradfield  Canal,  head  of  Ernest 
Sound,  Southeastern  Alaska. 

Anchor;  Cove,  Day  Harbor,  Kenai 
Peninsula,  Alaska. 

Anchor;  Passage,  in  Behm  Canal  be- 
tween Bell  Island  and  the  mainland, 
Southeastern  Alaska.  (Not  Anchor- 

Anderson;  Creek,  T.  30  N.,  Rs.  9  and 
10  E.,  tributary  to  Meadow  Creek 
from  southwest  below  Butte  Creek, 
Idaho  County,  Idaho. 

Anderson;  Creek,  T.  15  S.,  R.  36  E., 
tributary  from  the  west  to  Little 
Malheur  River  in  section  36,  Grant 
County,  Oreg. 

Anderson;  Glacier,  crosses  the  Inter- 
national Boundary  (between  Alaska 
and  Yukon)  from  east  about  60 
miles  north  of  Mount  St.  Elias  and 
extends  southwest  to  its  junction 
with  Chltina  Glacier. 

Anderson;  Peak  (altitude  10,770  feet), 
3  miles  north  of  junction  of  Ander- 
son and  Tittmann  Glaciers,  Alaska, 
and  2  miles  from  the  International 
Boundary  (between  Alaska  and 

Andreafski;  Settlement,  on  the  lower 
Yukon  River,  Alaska. 

Andreanof ;  Group  of  the  middle  Aleu- 
tian Islands,  Alaska.  (Not  Andrea- 
no  wsky.) 

Aneyuh;  see  Aniuk. 

Angel;     Creek,     Ouray     quadrangle, 

Ouray   County,   Colo. 
Angels    Gate;    Peak,    Vishnu    quad- 
rangle, Coconino  County,  Ariz. 
Anguilla;  Island,  In  the  Gulf  of  Esqui- 

bel.    Prince   of   Wales   Archipelago, 

Angus;  Railroad  Station,  Polk  County, 

Minn.     (Not  Angers.^) 
Anhemhi;  Anhemhy;  see  Tiete. 
♦Anhwei;     Province,     China.       (Not 

Anhui,  Ngan-hwei,  Nganhwei,  Ngan- 

hoei,     Ngan-hui,     Ngan-hwuy,     nor 

Ngan-Hwuy. ) 
Aniakchak;    Bay,    Alaska    Peninsula, 

north    of    Simidi    Islands,    Alaska. 

(Not  Aniakshak.) 
Animas;  River,  southwestern  Colorado 

and     northwestern     New     Mexico, 

tributary  to  the   San  Juan.      (Not 

Las  Animas,  Rio  de  las  Animas,  nor 

Rio   Las   Animas.) 
Aniuk;  Eskimo  Village,  Upper  Noatak 

River,  Northwestern  Alaska.     (Not 

Aneyuk. ) 
Anjer;     Seaport     Town,      Strait     of 

Sunda,   west  coast  of  Java.      (Not 

Anjou;  see  New  Siberian. 
Ankeny  Landing;  Light,  on  Columbia 

River,  Clatsop  County,  Oreg.     (Not 

Ankeny's. ) 
Anking;     City,     capital     of    Anhwei 

Province,    China.       (Not    Nanking, 

Nganching,     Nganch'ing-fu,     Ngan- 

king,  Nganking,  Ngan-k'ing-fou,  nor 

Ngan-king-f  u. ) 
Ann;  Channel,  at  entrance  to  Atcha- 

falaya  Bay,  La.    (Not  Anne.) 
Anna;   Creek,   Crater  Lake   National 

Park,  Klamath  County,  Oreg.     (Not 

Annie. ) 
Anna;  Lake,   west  of  and  connected 

with  Sister  Lake  north  of  Khaz  Bay, 

Chichagof  Island,  Alaska. 
Anna  Herman;  see  Paoha. 
Annam;  see  Anam. 
Annette;  Lake,  at  head  of  Humpback 

Creek,   west   of   Silver   Peak,   King 

County,  Wash. 
Annir;  see  Anna. 



Annobon;  Island,  Gulf  of  Guinea,  West 
Africa.     (Not  Annabon.) 

*Annyon;  Point  (Kutchi),  lat.  39°  08' 
N.,  long.  127°  45'  E.,  eastern  coast  of 
Chosen  (Korea).  (Not  Godrika,  Ko- 
drika,  nor  Kodorika.) 

Ano  Nuevo;  Bay,  Island,  and  Point, 
San  Mateo  County,  and  Creeks,  San 
Mateo  and  Santa  Cruz  Counties, 
Calif.    (Not  New  Year.) 

Ansley;  Island,  Swanson  Harbor,  Chat- 
ham Strait,  Southeastern  Alaska. 
(Not  Astley.) 

Antananarivo;  Antaxaxarivo ;  see  Ta- 
c         Anta^tic  Continent;  Land  around  the 
/  South    Pole    lying    almost    entirely 

within  the  Antarctic  Circle.  (Not 
Antarctic  Regions,  Antarctica,  nor 
the  Continent  of  Palmer  Land.) 

Antarctic  Ocean;  Great  Southern 
Ocean  south  of  40°  south  latitude. 

Antelope;  Hills,  low  group  in  SW.  i  T. 
27  S.,  R.  20  E.,  and  N.  ^  T.  28  S.,  R. 
20  E.,  Kern  County  Calif. 

Antelope;  Spring,  House  Range,  Mil- 
lard County,  Utah. 

Antelope;  see  Nickwall;  Tamarack. 

Anthony;  Lakes,  drained  by  Anthony 
Fork,  northwest  part  Baker  County, 
Oreg.     (Not  North   Powder.) 

Anthony;  Ponds,  Hamilton  County, 
N.  Y.  (Not  S.  Anthony  nor  St.  An- 
thony. ) 

♦Anthonys  Nose;  Mountain  near 
Hudson  River,  Westchester  County, 
N.  Y. 

Anthracite;  see  Ohio  peak. 

Anticline;  Ridge,  spur  of  Diablo 
Range,  running  southeast  from  south- 
east point  of  Joaquin  Ridge,  Fresno 
County,  Calif. 

Antley;  Creek,  rising  in  sec.  18,  T. 
36  N.,  R.  23  W.,  tributary  to  Yakini- 
kak  Creek  from  south,  Flathead 
County,  Mont. 

Antoine;  Creek  and  Valley,  Okanogan 
County,  Wash.     (Not  Antwine.) 

Antone;  Mountain,  Rupert  Town,  Ben- 
nington County,  Vt.     (Not  Anthony.) 

Antung;  Subpostal  district  of  Mukden, 

Anvil  Rock;  sharp  rocky  crest  below 
Cowlitz     Cleaver,     Mount     Rainier, 
Pierce  County,  Wash. 
Aowa;    Creek,    Dixon    County,    Nebr. 
(Not  Ago  way,   Aoway,   Ayowa,    nor 
Aowa;  see  North  Aowa. 
Apache;    Gap,    26   miles    from    Mesa,. 

Maricopa  County,  Ariz. 
Apache;  Peak    (altitude  12,873  feet), 
on  the  Continental  Divide,  13  miles 
south  of  Longs  Peak,  in  center  of  sec. 
11,  T.  1  N.,  R.  74  W.,  Boulder  and 
Grand  Counties,  Colo. 
Apacheria;  Indian  Village,  at  Roose- 
velt Dam,  Gila  County,  Ariz. 
Apalachee;  Bay  on  the  gulf  coast  of 

Florida.     (Not  Appalachee.) 
Apalachee;  River  and  Town,  Morgan 

County,  Ga.     (Not  Appalachee.) 
Apalachicola;  Bay  and  City,  Franklin 
County,   and  River,   Florida.      (Not 
Appalachicola. ) 
Apatite;    Hill,    Auburn    City,    Andro- 
scoggin  County,   Me.      (Not   Mount 
Apatite  nor  Mount  Appetite.) 
Apennines;   Mountain  chain,   travers- 
ing the  Italian  Peninsula  throughout 
its  entire  length. 
Apgors  Corner;  see  Bissell. 
Api;  see  Epi. 

Apollo   Temple;   Peak,   Vishnu  quad- 
rangle, Coconino  County,  Ariz. 
Apollonia;  Village,  Rusk  County,  Wis. 

(Not  AppoUonia.) 
Apoon;  Mouth  and  Pass,  the  northern- 
most in   the   Yukon   Delta,   Alaska. 
(Not  Aphoon,  Aproon,  nor  Uphoon.) 
Appalachian  Mountains;  Includes  all 
the  eastern  mountains  of  the  United 
States,   from   Alabama   to   northern 
Appalachian  Plateau;  Includes  the  en- 
tire   plateau    forming    the    western 
member  of  the  Appalachian  Moun- 
tain system,  known  in  the  North  as 
the  Allegheny   Plateau   and   in   the 
South  as  the  Cumberland  Plateau. 
A-ppekunny;  Creek,  tributary  to  Swift- 
current  Creek  from  the  north,  about 
one-half  mile  below  Altyn,   Glacier- 
National  Park,  Mont. 



Appistoki;  Mountain,  Glacier  County, 

A-pple;  Group  of  Islands  in  northern 

part  of  Sitka   Sound,   Southeastern 

Alaska.     (Not     labloshnie,     Middle, 

nor  Sredni.) 
Apple;  see  Kasiana. 
*  Apple  Creek;  Village,  Wajme  County, 

Ohio.     (Not  Applecreek.) 
Appledore;  Island,  one  of  the  Isles  of 

Shoals,  Me.     (Not  Hog.) 
Applegate;  Glacier,  eastern  side  head 

of  Port  Nellie  Juan,  Prince  William 

Sound,  Alaska. 
Appleg'ate;     Island,     mouth    of    Port 

Nellie  Juan,  Prince  William  Sound, 

Applegate  Peak;  see  Vidae. 
Appollonia;  see  Apolonia. 
Appona^anset;  Bay,  River,  and  Vil- 
lage,   Bristol    County,    Mass.     (Not 

Aponegansett. ) 
Apra;  see  Point  Apra. 
Aquasco;     Village,     Prince     Georges 

County,  Md.     (Not  Acquasco.) 
Aqui;  see  Onaqui. 
Aquia;  Creek  and  Landing  on  Potomac 

River,    Stafford   County,   Va.     (Not 

tiquin  Cay;  see  Grosse  Caye. 
Arabella;    Island,    south    of    Francis 

Island,  between  Grindstone  and  Wolf 

Islands,  St.  Lawrence  River,  Fronte- 

nac  County,  Ontario,  Canada.     (Not 

Ambella  nor  Amelia.) 
Aracaty;  City,  State  of  Ceara,  Brazil. 

(Not  Aracati.) 
Arafura;  Sea,  north  of  Australia     (Not 

Arago;  Cape,  Coast  Guard  Station,  and 

Lighthouse,     Coos     County,     Oreg. 

(Not  Gregory.) 
Araguai;  see  Pilcomayo. 
Araido;    Island    (To),   Kuril   Islands, 

Japan.     (Not  Alaid.) 
Araido;     Strait     (Kaikyo),     between 

Araido     and     Paramshiru     Islands, 

Kuril  Islands,  Japan.     (Not  Banjo.) 
Arakan;    City,    Province,    and    River, 

British    Burma,    Asia.     (Not    Arra- 


Aramburu;  Canyon,  sec.  13,  T.  30  S., 
R.  20  E.,  Kern  County,  Calif. 

Arapaho;  National  Forest,  Colo.  (Not 

Arapahoe;  City,  Furnas  County,  Nebr. 
( Not  Arrapahoe. ) 

Arapahoe;  see  Spicer. 

Aravaipa;  Aravapai;  Aravaypa;  Ara- 
yaipa;  Arivapah;  see  Arivaipa. 

Arc  Dome;  Mountain,  Nye  County, 
Nev.     (Not  Bald) 

Arch;  Rock,  San  Francisco  Bay,  Calif. 
(Not  Bird.) 

Arch;  see  Matagusu. 

Archbold;  Railroad  Station,  Fulton 
County,  Ohio.    (Not  Archibald.) 

Archer;  Village,  Jefferson  County, 
Colo.  (Not  Archer's  nor  Wheat- 

Archer;  Railroad  Station,  O'Brien 
County,  Iowa.  (Not  Archer's 

Archipelago;  see  Tuamotu. 

Archuleta;  see  Jemez  Springs. 

Ardila;  Village,  Houston  County,  Ala. 
(Not   Ardilla.) 

Areciho;  see  Point  Arecibo. 

Arena;  Creek,  flowing  into  San  Luis 
Lakes,  Alamosa  and  Saguache  Coun- 
ties, Colo.  (Not  Meadow,  Rito 
Arena,  Rio  Arenas,  nor  Sahd.) 

Arena;  Point,  Mendocino  County, 
Calif.     (Not  Arenas.) 

Arenas;  Bank,  off  Point  Arenas,  Vie- 
ques Island,  P.  R.  (Not  Point 
Arenas. ) 

Argentina;  Republic  of  South  Ameri- 
ca.    (Not  Argentine  Republic.) 

Arguello;  Point,  Santa  Barbara 
County,  Calif.     (Not  Arguelia.) 

Ari;  Islet  (Somu),  lat.  34°  32'  N., 
long.  128°  44'  E.,  southern  coast  of 
Chosen  (Korea).     (Not  Sentinel.) 

Ariel;  Point,  Grand  Canyon  of  the 
Colorado,  Coconino  County,  Ariz. 

Arikaree;  Peak  (altitude  13,147  feet), 
on  the  Continental  Divide,  14  miles 
south  of  Longs  Peak,  in  S.  E.  i  sec. 
14,  T.  1  N.,  R.  74  W.,  Boulder  and 
Grand  Counties,  Colo.  (Not  Ari- 



Arikaree;  River,  tributary  to  Republi- 
can River,  Kit  Carson,  Lincoln, 
Washington,  and  Yuma  Counties, 
Colo.,  Cheyenne  County,  Kans.,  and 
Dundy  County,  Nebr.  (Not  Arick- 

Arivaipa;  Canyon,  Creek,  and  Valley, 
Pinal  and  Graham  Counties,  and 
Village,  Graham  County,  Ariz.  (Not 
Aravaipa,  Aravapai,  Aravaypa,  Ara- 
yaipa,  Arivapah,  Arivapai,  nor  Ari- 

Arizona;  Town,  Claiborne  Parish,  La. 
(Not   Arizonia.) 

Arkansas  Post;  Town,  Arkansas 
County,  Ark.  (Not  Post  of  Arkan- 

Arlee;  see  McLeod. 

Armacolola;  see  Amicalola. 

Armstrong;  Island  and  Lighthouse  in 
Mississippi  River,  near  Hannibal, 
Mo.    ( Not  Armstrong's. ) 

Armstrong;  Village,  Bath  County,  Va. 
(Not  Cloverdale.) 

Arnold;  Landing,  Mississippi  River, 
Carroll  County,  111.  (Not  Ar- 

Arrakan;  see  Arakan. 

Arrapalioe;  see  Arapahoe. 

Arrecife;  see  Pernambuco. 

Arrow;  Lake  and  River,  tributary  to 
Pigeon  River,  Thunder  Bay  Dis- 
trict, Ontario,  near  International 
Boundary  (between  Minnesota  and 

Arrowhead;  Mountain  (altitude  11,200 
feet),  sec.  29,  T.  6  S.,  R.  74  W., 
Park   County,   Colo. 

Arrowhead;  Mountain,  47  miles  from 
Mesa,  on  Apache  Trail,  Maricopa 
County,  Ariz. 

Arrowhead  Springs;  Village,  San  Ber- 
nardino County,  Calif.  (Not  Arrow 
Head  Springs.) 

Arroyo  Cavelano;  see  Cayetano. 

Arroyo  Ciervo;  Gulch  and  intermit- 
tent Stream,  heading  at  Ciervo 
Mountain  and  draining  northeast- 
ward through  the  dry  hills,  entering 
San  Joaquin  Valley  in  NE.  corner 
of  sec.  29,  T.  16  S.,  R.  14  E.,  Fresno 
County,   Calif. 

Arroyo  de  los  Torrijon;  see  Torre- 
Arroyo  Hondo;  Creek,  first  large  one 
in  foothill  belt  north  of  Cantua 
Creek,  emptying  into  San  Joaquin 
Valley  about  4  miles  north  of  the 
latter  creek,  Fresno  County,  Calif. 
(Not  Dry.) 

Arroyo  las  Gatos;  see  Los  Gatos. 

Arroyo  Quito;  see  Campbell. 

Arroyo  Valle;  Stream,  Alameda  and 
Santa  Clara  Counties,  Calif.  (Not 
Arroyo   del  Valle.) 

Arroyo  Verde;  Creek,  about  45  miles 
from  Mesa,  tributary  to  Fish  Creek, 
Maricopa  County,  Ariz.  (Not  Lewis 
and   Pranty. ) 

Arsenal;  see  Greenleaf. 

Am;  Island  (Somu),  lat.  39'*  01'  N., 
long.  128°  05'  E.,  eastern  coast  of 
Chosen  (Korea).  (Not  Khalezof, 
Khalezov,  Khalizof,  nor  Mouchez.) 

Am;  Rocks  (Somu),  lat.  40**  39'  N., 
long.  129°  33'  E.,  northeastern  coast 
of  Chosen  (Korea).  (Not  Cock's 
Comb   nor   White.) 

♦Aruba;  Island,  one  of  the  Dutch 
West  Indian  Islands,  Caribbean  Sea. 
(Not  Oruba:) 

Arvada;  Town,  Jefferson  County  Colo. 
(Not  Arvado.) 

Arvonia;  Village,  Buckingham  County, 
Va.      (Not  Arvon.) 

ArzoUspo;  see  Ogasawara. 

Arzroom;  see  Erzerum. 

As;  see  Ob. 

As  Rocas;  dangerous  reef  in  the  South 
Atlantic  Ocean,  125  miles  northeast 
of  Cape  St.  Roque,  Brazil.  (Not  Las 
Rocas  nor  Rocas.) 

Asan;  see  Gazan. 

Asben;  Kingdom,  Mountains,  and 
Town  in  southern  Sahara,  Africa. 
(Not  Air.) 

Asbestos;  Canyon,  Vishnu  quadrangle, 
Coconino   County,   AriA.j. 

Ascension;  see  Ponape.  (/ 

Ascequia;  see  Acequla. 

Ascheeshna;  see  John. 

Ascomhs;   see  Asquith. 



Asharoken     Beach.;     sandy     isthmus 
joining  Eatons  Neck  to  Long  Island, 
Huntington   Town,   Suffolk   County, 
N.  Y.     (Not  East  Beach.) 
Ashbee;     Harbor,     Roanoke     Island, 
Dare  County,  N.  C.     (Not  Ashby's.) 
Ashettimoyawk ;  see  Tawas. 
Ashland,  Kans. ;  see  Center. 
Ashland,  Md. ;  see  Hayden. 
Ashland,  Wis.;   see  Chequamegon. 
Ashnola;    River,    Okanogan    County, 
Wash.,      and      British      Columbia, 
Canada.     (Not  Ashanola,  Ashtnulon, 
Na-is-nu-lah,  Naisnuloh,  Nais-nu-loh, 
nor  Naisnulho.) 
Ashport;  Village,  Lauderdale  County, 

Tenn.      (Not  Ash  Port.) 
Aslzicalli;   see   Nisqually. 
Asneconic;   Pond,   Worcester   County, 

Mass.     ( Not  Asny conick. ) 
Asotin;     Creek     and     Town,     Asotin 
County,    Wash.      (Not   Asotan   nor 
Assotan. ) 
Aspen;   Brook,   tributary   from   south 
to  Thompson  River,  3  miles  west  of 
Estes  Park  Village,  Larimer  County, 
Aspen;  Creek,  Dolores  County,  Colo. 
Aspinwall;   see   Colon. 
Asquith;    Island,     in    Honga    River, 
about  2  miles  south  of  Crapo,  Dor- 
chester County,  Md.     (Not  Aisquith 
nor  Ascombs.) 
Assini;    Colonial    Establishment    and 
River  between  the  Gold  Coast  and 
Ivory    Coast,    west    Africa.       (Not 
Assini  e. ) 
Assiniboia;  District  of  Canada.     (Not 

Assinniboine;    Fort,    Military    Reser- 
vation,   Hill    County,    Mont.      (Not 
Assuan;   see   Aswan. 
Aster   Creek;    Stream,   flowing   north 
out  of  Aster  Park,  Glacier  County, 
Aster  Park;   Valley,  Glacier  County, 

Astley;  see  Ansley. 
Astrakhan;    City    and    Government, 

Russia.     (Not  Astrachan.) 
Aswan;  City,  on  the  Nile,  Egypt.  (Not 
Assouan  nor  Assuan.) 

Atalante;   see   Mori. 
Atanum;  see  Ahtanum. 
Atherton;  Landing,  Mississippi  River, 
near    Cairo,    Pulaski    County,    111. 
(Not  Atherton's.) 
Atka;  Island,  one  of  the  middle  Aleu- 
tians, Alaska.     (NotAtkha.) 
Atkins;  Bay,  at  mouth  of  the  Kenne- 
bec River,  Me.     (Not  Adkins.) 
Atkisson    Dam;    Lighthouse    on    Ka- 
nawha River,  Kanawha  County,  W. 
Va.     (Not  Atkisson's  Dam.) 
Atkulik;   Island,    off   south   shore   of 
Alaska  Peninsula,  near  the   Semidi 
Group.     (Not  Atkunk.) 
Atlantis;  Island,  St.  Lawrence  River, 
St.   Lawrence  County,  N.   Y.     (Not 
Atoko;  Point,  Vishnu  quadrangle,  Co- 
conino County,  Ariz. 
Atsion;  see  Mullica. 
♦Attalla;  Precinct  and  Town,  Etowah 
County,  Ala.     ( Not  Atala  nor  Attala. ) 
Attention;  Peak  (altitude  5,030  feet), 
east  of  Mosquito  Creek,  sec.  33,  T. 
44   N.,    R.   8   E.,    Shoshone   County, 
Attu;  Island,  one  of  the  western  Aleu- 
tians, Alaska.     (Not  Attou.) 
Au  Bas;  see  Les  Basses. 
Au  Sable;  Point,  south  shore  of  Lake 
Superior,  Alger  County,  Mich     (Not 
Point  au  Sable.) 
Au  Sable;  Point,  River,  and  Township, 
Iosco  County,  Mich.     (Not  Point  au 
Au  Sable;  see  Ausable ;  Hamlin. 
Au  Train;  Bay,  Island,  Lake,  Point, 
and    River,     Alger    County,     Mich. 
(Not  Train.) 
Aubry;  Village,  Johnson  County,  Kans. 

(Not  Aubrey.) 
Aucilla;    River   and   Town,   Jefferson 

County,  Fla.  (Not  Ocilla.) 
Auckland;  Province  and  Town,  New 
Zealand ;  also  a  Group  of  Islands  in 
the  South  Pacific  Ocean,  south  of 
New  Zealand;  also  Bay  of  British 
Burma.  (Not  Aukland.) 
Auglaize;  Township,  Camden  County, 

Aug-laize;  Township,  Laclede  County, 

Auglaize;  see  Grandglaize. 



Augur;  Lake,  Chesterfield  Town,  Es- 
sex County,  N  .Y.     (Not  Auger.) 

Augusta;  see  Sipapu. 

Augustine;  Island,  Cook  Inlet,  Alaska. 
(Not  Augustin  nor  St.  Augustine.) 

Augustine;  Rocks,  about  6  miles  south- 
east of  Augustine  Island,  Cook  In- 
let, Alaska.     (Not  Sea  Otter.) 

Auke;  Bay,  indenting  mainland  east  of 
Point  Louisa  just  north  Fritz  Cove, 
northern  end  Stephens  Passage, 
Alexander  Archipelago,  Alaska. 

Auke;  see  Admiralty. 

Aultmans;  Run,  branch  of  Conemaugh 
River,  Indiana  County,  Pa.  (Not 
Altman  nor  Altman's.) 

Aurdal;  Township,  Otter  Tail  County, 
Minn.     (Not  Amdal.) 

Aurice;  Lake,  lat.  48°  27'  N.,  long.  113° 
28'  W.,  Flathead  County,  Mont. 

Ausable;  Town,  Clinton  County,  and 
River,  Essex  and  Clinton  Counties, 
N.  Y.     (Not  Au  Sable.) 

Austin;  Point,  east  side  Columbia 
River,  at  mouth  of  Lewis  River, 
Cowlitz  County,  Wash.  (Not  Aus- 
tin's nor  Austins.) 

Austin;  see  Vandalia. 

Austin  Springs;  Village,  Washing- 
ton County,  Tenn.  (Not  Austin's 

Austins;  see  Austin. 

Autumn  Creek;  Stream,  small  one  be- 
tween Elk  Mountain  and  Blacktail 
Hills,  Flathead  County,  Mont. 

Avalanche;  Gorge,  near  headwaters  of 
Rainbow  Creek,  southeastern  slope 
Mount  Baker,  Whatcom  County, 

Avenal;  Creek,  traversing  McLure  Val- 
ley, Kings  County,  Calif.  (Not 
Dicks  nor  Avendale.) 

Avenal;  Gap,  in  southern  part  of  Ket- 
tleman  Hills,  lat.  35°  50',  Kings 
(County,  Calif. 

Avenal;  Ridge,  south  end  of  Diablo 
Range,  between  Antelope  and  Mc- 
Lure Valleys,  Kern  and  Kings  Coun- 
ties, Calif. 

Avendale;  see  Avenal. 

Averic;  Lake,  Stockbridge  Town, 
Berkshire  County,  Mass.  (Not  Moun- 
tain Mirror.) 

Avery;  Ledge,  off  Cape  Ann,  Essex 
County,  Mass.     (Not  Avery's.) 

Avery;  Point,  New  London  Entrance^ 
Conn.     (Not  Avery's.) 

Avery;  River,  eastern  shore  Port 
Wells,  Prince  William  Sound,  at  en- 
trance to  College  Fiord,  near  lat.  61°, 
long.  148°,  Alaska. 

Avery;  Rock,  Machias  Bay,  Washing- 
ton  County,   Me.     (Not  Avery's.) 

Avisadero;  Point,  San  Francisco  Bay» 
San  Francisco  City,  Calif.  (Not 
Avisadera. ) 

Avoca;  Lake,  Ramsey  County,  Minn, 
(Not  Snake.) 

Avon;  Valley,  separating  Garnet  Range 
from  Continental  Divide,  Powell 
County,  Mont.  (Not  Blackfoot  Coun- 
try nor  Nevada  Valley.) 

Awatobi;  historic  ruined  Pueblo,  and 
Spring,  south  of  Keam  Canyon,  Nav- 
ajo County,  Ariz. 

Awatubi  Crest;  Peak,  Vishnu  quad- 
rangle, Coconino  County,  Ariz. 

Axel  Lind;  Island,  east  of  Bald  Head 
Chris  Island,  Southeastern  Alaska. 
(Not  Bald  Head  Chris.) 

Axin;  Cape  (Ras),  Algeria,  about  15 
miles  west  of  Bona,  on  Mediterra- 
nean Sea.  (Not  Akcine,  Ras  Arxin, 
nor  Raz  Arxin.) 
Aylett;  Village,  King  William  County, 
Va.     (Not  Aylett's.) 

Ayowa;  see  Aowa;  North  Aowa. 

Ayre;  see  Aire. 

Ayres;  Island,  Mesquite  Bay,  Calhoun 
County,  Tex.     (Not  Ay  re's.) 

Ayuthia;  the  ancient  capital  of  Siam. 
(Not  Krung  Kao  nor  Yuthia.) 

Azalia;  Town,  Monroe  County,  Mich. 
(Not  Azalea.) 

Azalia;  Village,  Bartholomew  County, 
Ind.     (Not  Azalea.) 

Azansosi;  Mesa,  6  miles  south  of  Ari- 
zona-Utah boundary,  Navajo  County, 

Azof;  Sea,  Russia.  (Not  Azoff,  Azoph, 
nor  Azov.) 



Azores;  Group  of  Islands,  North  At- 
lantic Ocean.  (Not  Agores  nor 
Western. ) 

Aztec  Amphitheater;  opening  in  the 
south  side  of  the  Grand  Canyon  of 
the  Colorado,  at  the  lower  end  of 
Granite  Gorge,  Coconino  County, 


Bab  el  Mandeb  (meaning  gate  of 
tears)  ;  Strait,  connecting  Red  Sea 
and  Gulf  of  Aden.  (Not  Bab-ed- 
Mandeb,  Babel  Mandeb,  nor  Bab-el- 
JBabbs;  Island,  Ohio  River,  near  East 
Liverpool,  Columbiana  County,  Ohio. 
(Not  Babb's.) 

Babcock;  see  Brightman. 

Baherton;  see  Barberton. 

Baboon;  see  Bardon. 

Baboquivari;  Mountains,  Peak,  and 
Valley,  Coronado  National  Forest, 
Pima  County,  Ariz.  (Not  Babo- 

Baby;  Glacier,  small  one,  northwestern 
coast  of  Prince  William  Sound,  be- 
tween College  Fiord  and  head  of 
Unakwik  inlet,  near  lat.  61"  10', 
long.  147°  40',  Alaska. 

Baby;  Lake,  east  of  South  Fork  Di- 
vide, southern  slope  Mount  Baker, 
Whatcom  County,  Wash. 

*Baby;  six  rocky  islets  in  Akutan 
Pass,  eastern  Aleutians,  Alaska. 
(Not  Gull  nor  Sea  Gull.) 

Baby;  see  Sea  Gull. 

Bache;  see  Evans. 

Bachelor;  Brook,  Hampshire  County, 
Mass.      (Not  Batchelor.) 

Bachelor;  Island,  Columbia  River, 
near  mouth  of  Lewis  River,  Clarke 
County,  Wash.     (Not  Bachelors.) 

Bachelor;  Point,  near  Oxford,  Talbot 
County,  Md.     (Not  Bachelor's.) 

Bachewauaung ;  see  Batchawana. 

Back  Range;  Headland,  western  side 
Iniskin  Bay,  northern  shore  Kamis- 
hak  Bay,  s^outhwestern  coast  Cook 
Inlet,  Alaska. 

Backbone;  Mountain,  Garrett  County, 
Md.,  and  Preston  and  Tucker  Coun- 
ties, W.  Va.  (Not  Great  Back 

Backgarden;  Creek  and  Pond,  Dor- 
che.>ter  County,  Md.  (Not  Back 
Garden,  Bear  Garden,  nor  Big  Pond.) 

*  Backhouse;  River,  Yukon,  Canada, 
east  of  Clarence  River,  about  long. 
140°  30'  W.,  Arctic  coast,  near  and 
east  of  International  Boundary  (be- 
tween Alaska  and  Canada).  (Not 
Blackhouse  nor  Herschell.) 

Bacon;  Creek,  tributary  to  Skagit 
River  northeast  of  Diobsud  Creek, 
Skagit  County,  Wash. 

Bacon;  Inlet  in  Long  Bay,  Brunswick 
County,  N.  C.     (Not  Bacon's.) 

Bacons  Quarter;  Branch,  Henrico 
County,  Va.     (Not  Beacon  Quarter.) 

Bad;  River,  tributary  to  the  Missouri, 
South  Dakota.  (Not  Wakpa  Shicka 
nor  Wak-pa-chicha.) 

Bad  Tom;  Mountain  (altitude  5,612 
feet),  sec.  15,  T.  47  N.,  R.  4  E.,  on 
divide  between  St.  Joe  and  Coeur 
d'Alene  Rivers,  Shoshone  County, 

Badg-er;  Mountain  (altitude  6,156 
feet),  sees.  31  and  32,  T.  43  N.,  R. 
8  E.,  Shoshone  County,  Idaho. 

Badger;  Pass,  Continental  Divide,  2 
miles  southeast  of  Muskrat  Pass, 
Flathead  and  Pondera  Counties, 

Baffin;  Bay  and  Islands,  northeastern 
part  of  North  America.  (Not  Baf- 

Baggers;  Point,  Indian  River,  Brevard 
County,  Fla.  (Not  Drover's  nor 
Grover's. ) 

Bahia  de  la  Magdalena;  see  Magda- 

Bale  de  Monti;  see  Yakutat. 

Baie  de  Quang  Tcheou;  see  Kwang- 

Baigaichi;  see  Zilditloi. 

Baikal  Lake;  see  Lake  Baikal. 

Bailey;  Village,  Tazewell  County,  Va. 
(Not  Bailey  Switch  nor  Fannie.) 

Bailey  Harbor;  Village,  Door  County, 
Wis.      (Not  Bailey's  Harbor.) 

Bailey  Harbor;  see  Captain  Harbor. 

Baileyton;  Village,  Greene  County, 
Tenn.  (Not  Bailey  nor  Laurel 



Bainbridge;      Island      and      Passage, 
southwestern    part    Prince    William 
Sound,     Alaska.       (Not     Flemming 
Baireuth;  see  Bayreuth. 
Bairut;  see  Beirut. 
Baixo  da  Judia;  see  Basse  de  Judie. 
Bajo  del  Rio;  see  River  Shoals. 
Bajo    Nuevo;    Bank,    Caribbean    Sea, 
south  of  Jamaica.     Not  Baxo,  Baxo 
Nuevo,  nor  New  Bore.) 
Baker;    Bay,    at    entrance    Columbia 
River,  Pacific  County,  Wash.     (Not 
Baker's  nor  Bakers.) 
Baker;    City,    Baker    County,     Oreg. 

(Not  Baker  City.) 
Baker;    Glacier,    Port    Wells,    Prince 

William  Sound,  Alaska. 
Baker;  Island,  in  lat.  0°  13'  N.,  long. 
176°    31'    W.,    Pacific    Ocean.    (Not 
Nantucket,     New     Nantucket,     nor 
Phoebe. ) 
Baker;  I.^land,  Fishers  Island  Sound, 

Conn.     (Not  Baker's.) 
Baker;   Island,    Frenchman   Bay,   Me. 

(Not  Baker's.) 
Baker;    Island,    in    Ohio    River,   near 
Wellsville,  Columbiana  County,  Ohio. 
(Not  Baker's.) 
Baker;  Mountain,  sec.  28,  T.  3  S.,  R. 

12  E.,  Park  County,  Mont. 
Baker;    Pass,    southern    slope   Mount 

Baker,  Whatcom  County,  Wash. 
Baker;  Pond,  Chesterfield  Town,  Che- 
shire County,  N.   H.      (Not  Baker, 
Hubbard,  nor  Parks.) 
Baker;     Shoal    in     Delaware    River, 
Salem    County,    N.    J.       (Not    Joe 
Baker;   Baker's;    see    Fray    Marcos; 

Judd;  Rugged;  Pollys. 
Baker  City;  see  Baker. 
Bakers;    Island,    of    Salem    Harbor, 

Mass.     (Not  Baker  nor  Baker's.) 
Baker's;  see  Baker. 
Bakers  Mills;  Village,  Warren  County, 
N.  Y.     (Not  Baker  Mills  nor  Baker's 
Baklan;  Rocks,  lat.  42°  41'  N.,  long. 
131°  15'  E.,  coast  of  Siberia.     (Not 

Balboa;  Bay,  indenting  southern  shore 
of    Alaska    Peninsula    immediately 
north  of  the  Shumagin  Islands  near 
long.  160°  35',  Alaska.     (Not  Port- 
Balboa;  Pacific  entrance  of  the  Pan- 
ama Canal,  Canal  Zone,  Isthmus  of 
Panama.     (Not  La  Boca.) 
Balcan;   see   Volcan. 
Bald;  head,  in  Cape  Fear  River,  Bruns- 
wick County,  N.  C.     (Not  Ball.) 
Bald;  Hill  (altitude  2,178  feet),  about 
1  mile  east  of  Oil  Bay  and  same  dis- 
tance north-northwest  of  Oil  Point, 
northern     shore     Kamishak     Bay, 
southwestern      coast      Cook      Inlet, 
Bald;    Island,    southwest    of    Crotch 

Island,  West  Penobscot  Bay,  Me. 
Bald;    Mountain,    Yosemite    National 
Park,     Tuolumne     County,     Calif. 
(Not   Wade's.) 
Bald;    Rock,     Frenchman    Bay,     Me. 

(Not  The  Nub.) 
Bald,  Mass. ;  see  Everett. 
Bald,  Nev. ;  see  Arc  Dome. 
Bald;  N.  Y. ;  see  Rafinesque;  Rice. 
Bald;  see  Outerson;  Sticker. 
Bald  Head;  Promontory  on  northern 
side  of  Norton  Bay,  Norton  Sound, 
Bering   Sea,    Alaska.      (Not   Castle 
Rock,  Isaacs  Point,  Point  Ennis,  nor 
Point   Inglestat.) 
Bald  Head;  see  Deuce. 
Bald    Head    Chris;    Island,    about    4 
miles  west  of  Axel  Lind  Island  and 
2  mies  northwest  from  Dutch  Group, 
Southeastern  Alaska. 
Bald  Head  Chris;  see  Axel  Lind. 
Bald  Knob;  see  Pinnacle. 
Bald  Peak;  see  Eagle. 
Baldhead;   Point,   entrance   to   Provi- 
dence Bay,  lat.  64°  18'  N.,  long.  173" 
25'  W.,  coast  of  Siberia.     (Not  Bald 
head  nor  Balls  Head.) 
Baldy;  Bay,  on  west  side  of  Tlevak 
Strait,  between  Reef  Point  and  High 
Point,   Alaska. 
Baldy;   Creek,   T.   35  N.,   R.   107  W., 
near  Mount  Baldy,  Fremont  County, 



Baldy;  Mountain,  Yukon,  Canada, 
about  latitude  64°  N.,  near  Interna- 
tional Boundary  (between  Alaska 
and  Canada.) 

Baldy;  Peak,  T.  6  N.,  R.  26  E.,  Apache 
County,   Ariz.      (Not  Thomas.) 

Baldy,  Ariz.,  see  Old  Baldy. 

Baldy,  Calif.;  see  San  Antonio. 

Baldy,  Colo.;  see  Old  Baldy. 

Baldy,  Mont. ;  see  Elkhorn. 

Baldy;  see  Engel. 

Bdle;  see  Basel. 

Balearic;  Group  of  Islands  in  the 
Mediterranean  Sea,  between  lat.  38** 
40'  and  40°  5'  N.  and  long  1°  and 
5°  E. 

Balfroosh;  Balfrouch;  Balfrusch;  Bal- 
frush;  see  Barf  rush. 

Baliabarda;  see  Patras. 

Balize;  see  Belize. 

Balkan;  see  Baklan. 

Balkash;  Lake,  Turkestan,  Russia. 
( Not  Balkhash,  Denzig,  nor  Tenghiz.) 

Ball;  see  Bald;  Shoal. 

Ballarat;  City,  Victoria,  Australia. 
(Not  Ballaarat.) 

Ballenas;  see  Bolinas. 

Ballentine;  Village,  Richland  County, 
S.  C.     (Not  Balentine.) 

Ballentine ;  see  Korelock. 

Ballina;  see  Webster  Station. 

Ballinger;  Creek,  Fluvanna  County, 
Va.     (Not  Ballengers.) 

Balloon  Dome;  Mountain,  Fresno 
County,  Calif.  (Not  Dome  nor  Great 
Dome. ) 

Balls  Cross  Roads;  see  Ballston. 

Balls  Head;  see  Baldhead. 

♦Ballston;  Village,  Arlington  County, 
Va.     (Not  Balls  Cross  Roads.) 

Ballston  Spa;  Village,  Saratoga  Coun- 
ty, N.  Y.     (Not  Ballston.) 

Bally clough;  Town,  Dubuque  County, 
Iowa.     (Not  Bally  Claugh.) 

Balsam;  Mountain,  in  the  Catskills, 
Greene  County,  N.  Y.  (Not  Sheril 
nor  Sherill.) 

Baltimore;  Glacier,  western  side  head 
of  College  Fiord,  Prince  William 
Sound,  Alaska,  a  branch  of  Radcliffe 
Glacier,  which  is  tributary  to  Har- 
vard Glacier. 

Baluchistan;  Country  in  Asia.  (Not 

Bain-i-duniah  ;  see  Pamir. 

Bampas;  see  Bumi)ass. 

Banard  ;  see  Barnard. 

Bancroft;  Mountain,  on  the  county 
line  between  Clear  Greek  and  Grand 
Counties,  Colo.,  southern  part  of 
sec.  29,  T.  2  S.,  R.  74  W.  (Not 
Lomand's,  Millar's,  nor  Perry  Peak.) 

Bancroft;  Village,  Middlefield  Town, 
Hampshire  County,  Mass.  (Not 

Bandarabbas;  Seaport,  southern  coast 
of  Persia.  (Not  Bandar  Abbas,  Ban- 
der Abbas,  Bender  Abbas,  Bender- 
abbas,  Bunder  Abassi,  Bunder  Ab- 
bas, Gambroon,  nor  Gombrun.) 

Bandera;  Mountain  (altitude  5,255 
feet),  sec.  4,  T.  22  N.,  R.  10  E.,  north 
of  Bandera  (on  Chicago,  Milwaukee 
&  St.  Paul  Railroad),  King  County, 

Bandermasso7i ;  see  Banjermasin. 

Bandit;  Peak  (altitude  12,474  feet), 
T.  6  S.,  R.  73  W.,  1  mile  south  of 
Rosalie  Peak,  Park  County,  Colo. 

Bang-kok;  City,  capital  of  Siam.  (Not 
Bankok. ) 

Bango;  see  Baugo. 

Bang's;  see  Gushing, 

Bangtail;  Creek,  T.  1  N.,  Rs.  8  and  9 
E.,  tributary  to  Shields  River  from 

.  west.  Park  County,  Mont.  (Not 

Banister;  River,  tributary  to  Dan 
River,  Halifax  and  Pittsylvania 
Counties,  Va.     (Not  Bannister.) 

Banjermasin;  Dutch  Possession  and 
Town,  southeastern  Borneo.  (Not 
Bandermasson,  Bandjer,  Banjar- 
massin,  Banjermassin,  Banjarmas- 
sen,  Banyermassing,  nor  Fort  Ta- 

Banjo;  see  Araldo. 

Banka;  Island,  lying  between  Sumatra 
and  Borneo.  (Not  Banca  nor  Bang- 

Bannister;  Creek,  Nassau  County,  N. 
Y.     (Not  Banneshee  nor  Raneshed.) 

Bannock;  Peak,  Yellowstone  National 
Park,  Wyo.     (Not  Morris  Mountain.) 

Bannock;  Precinct  and  Village,  Beaver- 
head County,  Mont.  (Not  Bannack, 
Bannack  City,  nor  Bannock  City.) 



Bantam;  River,  branch  of  the  Shepaug 
River  from  the  northeast,  Litchfield 
County,  Conn.  (Not  East  Branch 
Shepaug  nor  Shepaug.) 

Banty water ;  see  Binnewater. 

Baradaires;  Bay,  northern  coast  of 
southwest  arm  of  Haiti.  (Not  Bara- 
daire  nor  Baraderes.) 

Baraderes  Pen' a;  see  Marsouin. 

Baranof;  Island,  Alexander  Archipel- 
ago, Southeastern  Alaska.  (Not 
Baranoff  nor  Baranov.) 

Baranquilla ;  see  Barranquilla. 

Barataria;  Bay,  Plaquemines  Parish, 
La.     (Not  Barrataria.) 

Barbados;  Island,  one  of  the  Wind- 
ward Islands,  West  Indies.  (Not 
Barbadoes. ) 

Barbed;  Point,  southwest  end  of  Drum- 
mond  Island,  Chippewa  County, 
Mich.     (Not  Crab  Island.) 

Barber;  Point,  Lake  Champlain,  Essex 
County,  N.  Y.     (Not  Barber's.) 

Barberton;  Village,  Clarke  County, 
Wash.     (Not  Baberton.) 

Barbre;  Landing,  on  Red  River,  Pointe 
Coupee  Parish,  La.     (Not  Barbre's.) 

Barcelona;  Bank,  Neck,  and  Point, 
Easthampton  Town,  Suffolk  County, 
Long  Island,  N.  Y.     (Not  Russell's.) 

Barcelona;  Province  and  Seaport  of 
Spain,  and  Seaport  of  Sicily.  (Not 
Barcellona  nor  Barthalona.) 

Bard;  Village,  Hanson  County,  S.  Dak. 
(Not  Burton.) 

Barden;  Railroad  Station,  Eagle  Creek 
Township,  Scott  County,  Minn.  (Not 

Bardon;  Lake,  near  southern  boundary, 
Douglas  County,  Wis.  (Not  Baboon, 
White  Bee,  nor  White  Fish.) 

Bare  Portage;  see  Kettle  Falls. 

Barf  rush;  Town  in  Persia,  near  south- 
ern border  of  Caspian  Sea.  (Not 
Balafrush,  Balfroosh,  Balfrouch, 
Balfrusch,  Balfrush,  Barfursh,  nor 

Barillo;  see  Barrel. 

Baring;  Mountain,  east  of  Baring  Vil- 
lage, Snohomish  County,  Wash. 
(Not  Big  Index,  East  Index,  nor 

Barker;  Mountain,  Newry  Town,  Ox- 
ford County,  Me.  (Not  Bald  nor 

Barker;  Point,  the  east  head  of  Man- 
hasset  Bay,  Long  Island,  N.  Y.  (Not 

Barker;  Village,  Delaware  County,  Pa. 
(Not  Felton.) 

Barkley;  Tow^nship,  Jasper  County, 
Ind.      (Not  Berkley.) 

Barlow;  Light  and  Point,  north  side 
Columbia  River,  northeast  of  Walker 
Island,  Cowlitz  County,  Wash.  (Not 
Barlows. ) 

Barlow;  see  Lone. 

Barlows;  see  Barlow. 

Barnahy;  see  Stahl. 

Barnard;  Glacier,  western  shore  Col- 
lege Fiord,  south  of  Wellesley  Gla- 
cier, Prince  William  Sound,  Alaska. 

Barnard;  Railroad  Station,  Atlantic 
County,  N.  J.     (Not  Banard.) 

Barnes;  Lake,  southwest  of  Stevenson 
Island,  between  Lake  Bay  and  Sweet 
Lake,  northeastern  part  Prince  of 
Wales  Island,   Southeastern  Alaska. 

Barnes;  Landing,  on  Mississippi  River, 
near  Greenville,  Washington  County, 
Miss.     (Not  Barnes's.) 

Barnes;  see  Barren. 

Barnett;  Run,  near  Bridgeport,  Har- 
rison County,  W.  Va.     (Not  Barnet.) 

Barnett;  see  Burnett;  Hamilton. 

Barnsley;  Creek,  Bartow  County,  Ga. 
(Not  Barnsly's  nor  Tom.) 

Barnwell  Place;  Light,  in  Savannah 
River,  Beaufort  County,  S.  C.  (Not 
Barnwell's. ) 

*  Baron;  Township,  Adair  County, 
Okla.     (Not  Barren  nor  Barron.) 

Barrack;  Mountain,  Canaan  Town, 
Litchfield  County,  Conn.  (Not  Gar- 
ruck.  ) 

Barracouta;  see  Imperial. 

Barranquilla;  City,  Colombia,  South 
America.     (Not   Baranquilla.) 

Barrataria;  see  Barataria. 

Barree;  Township,  Huntingdon  Coun- 
ty, Pa.     (Not  Barre.) 

Barrel;  Valley,  in  center  of  T.  26  S., 
R.  17  E.,  Kern  County,  CaUf.  (Not 
Barillo   nor   Barril.) 

Barrel  Neck;  see  Barron  Neck. 

Barren;  see  Baron. 



Barren;  River,  tributary  to  Green 
River,  Allen,  Barren,  Butler,  and 
Warren  Counties,  Ky.  (Not  Big 
Barren. ) 

Barren;  Run,  branch  of  Jacobs  Creek, 
Westmoreland  County,  Pa.  (Not 
Barnes. ) 

Barrett;  Pond,  Austerlitz  Town,  Co- 
lumbia County,  N.  Y.     (Not  Trout.) 

Barretto;  Cove  and  Point,  East  River, 
N.  Y.     (Not  Baretto's.) 

Barrier  Buttes;  Peaks  (a  line  of),  on 
southeastern  rim  of  Lost  Basin,  Flat- 
head County,  Mont. 

Barril;  see  Barrel. 

Barrilla;  Mountain  and  Spring,  in 
Reeves,  Jeff  Davis,  and  Pecos  Coun- 
ties, Tex.  (Not  Barello,  Barrel,  nor 

Barron;  see  Baron. 

Barron  Neck;  Point,  Choptank  River, 
Talbot  County,  Md.  (Not  Barrel 

Barroivs;  see  Ben  Barrows. 

Barstow;  Rock,  Mattapoisett  Harbor, 
Plymouth  County,  Mass.  (Not  Bars- 

Barthalona;  see  Barcelona. 

Barthelemy;  Settlement,  Washington 
Parish,  La.      (Not  Barthelmy.) 

Bartlett;  Glacier,  northeastern  part 
Kenai  Peninsula,  near  Alaska  North- 
ern Railroad,  Alaska. 

Bartlett;  Reef,  Long  Island  Sound, 
near  New  London,  Conn.  (Not  Bart- 

Bartlett  Haystack;  Peak,  in  the  White 
Mountains,  Bartlett  Town,  Carroll 
County,  N.  H.     (Not  Silver  Spring.) 

3arton  Landing;  Light,  in  Ohio  River 
near  Golconda,  Pope  County,  111. 
(Not  Barton's  Landing.) 

Barton;  see  Suquamish. 

Bartsville;  see  Batesville. 

Barud;  see  Port  Sudan. 

Barwell;  Island,  Resurrection  Bay, 
Alaska.     (Not  Cape.) 

Basalt;  Cliffs,  Vishnu  quadrangle,  Co- 
conino  County,   Ariz. 

14842—21 4 

Basalt;  Hill  (altitude  1,687  feet),  in  T. 
10  S.,  R.  8  E.,  south  of  eastern  end 
Pacheco  Pass,  Diablo  Range,  Mer- 
ced  County,   Calif. 

Basaltic;  see  Black  Mountain. 

Base;  see  Cliff.. 

Basel;  Canton  and  City,  Switzerland. 
(Not  Bale  nor  Basle.) 

Bashbish;  Brook,  Falls,  and  Moun- 
tain in  Mount  Washington  Town, 
Berkshire  County,  Mass.  (Not 
Bash  Bish  nor  Bashapish.) 

Basic  City;  Town,  Augusta  County, 
Va.      (Not  Basic.) 

Basil;  see  Piin. 

Basin;  see  Washington  Mountain. 

Basin  of  Mines;  see  Minas  Basin. 

Basin  Pond;  see  Washington  Moun- 

Basin  Ranges;  all  those  lying  between 
the  Plateau  Region  on  the  east,  the 
Sierra  Nevada  and  Cascade  Range 
on  the  west,  and  the  Blue  Mountains 
of  Oregon  on  the  north,  including  the 
Wasatch   Range. 

Basket;  Bay,  indenting  the  southeast- 
ern shore  of  Chichagof  Island, 
Southeastern  Alaska.  (Not  Kaka- 
gin  nor  Kook.) 

Baskett;  Slough,  heading  in  Boyle 
Lakes  and  draining  into  Rickreall 
Creek,  2  miles  east  of  Rickreall,  Polk 
County,  Oreg.     (Not  Mud.) 

Bass;  Canyon,  Coconino  County,  Ariz. 

♦Bass;  Island,  southwest  Sacketts 
Harbor,  Henderson  Bay,  Lake  On- 
tario, Jefferson  County,  N.  Y.  (Not 
Snake. ) 

Bass;  see  Cedar. 

Bassas  da  India;  see  Basse  de  Judie. 

Bass  Tomb;  see  Holy  Grail  Temple. 

Basse  de  Judie;  Reef,  lat.  21'  27i'  S., 
Mozambique  Channel,  Africa.  (Not 
Baixo  da  Judia,  Bassas  da  India, 
Baxos  da  India,  nor  La  Judie  Shal- 

Bassett;  Channel,  St.  Clair  River, 
Mich.      (Not  Bassett's.) 



Bassett;  Creek,  Hennepin  County, 
Minn.     (Not  Bassett's.) 

Bassett;  Railroad  Station,  Gloucester 
County,  N.  J.  (Not  Harrisonville 
nor  Harrisonville  Station.) 

Basswood;  Lake,  partly  in  Lake 
County,  Minn.,  lying  across  the  in- 
ternational boundary  line.  (Not 
Bassimenau,  Bois  Blanc,  nor  White- 

Bastile;  Glacier  and  Ridge,  northern 
slope  Mount  Baker,  Whatcom 
County,  Wash. 

Bat;  Creek,  Monroe  County,  Tenn. 
(Not  Batt,  Bot,  nor  Butt.) 

Batanpan;  Batawpan;  Batawpan- 
bogue;  see  Batupan, 

Batchawana;  Bay,  Island,  and  River, 
east  end  of  Lake  Superior,  Ontario, 
Canada.  (Not  Bachewauaung  nor 
Batchewana. ) 

Batchelder;  Creek,  tributary  to  Neuse 
River,  N.  C.     (Not  Batchelor's. ) 

Batchelor's;  see  Bachelor. 

Bateria;  see  Point  Bateria. 

Bates;  Island,  Missouri  River,  Frank- 
lin and  Gasconade  Counties,  Mo. 
(Not  Bates's.) 

Batesville;  City,  Ripley  County,  Ind. 
(Not  Bartsville.) 

Bath;  see  Trout  Creek  Pass. 

Bath  Alum;  Village,  Bath  County,  Va. 
(Not  Bathalum.) 

Batsell;  Landing,  Mississippi  River, 
New  Madrid  County,  Mo.  (Not  Bat- 

Battery;  Point,  the  eastern  head  of 
Sarana  Bay,  on  south  shore  of 
Akutan  Island,  Eastern  Aleutians, 
Alaska.  (Not  Kaianak,  Liberty  Cap, 
nor  South  Head.) 

Battery;  see  Alki. 

Battle;  Mountain,  Camden  Town, 
Knox  County,  Me.  (Not  Beattie  nor 

Battle;  Creek,  southern  Saskatchewan, 
Canada,  and  northern  Montana, 
United  States,  flowing  into  Milk 
River  near  Chinook,  Mont.  (Not 
North  Fork  nor  North  Fork  Milk 

Battle;  Mountain,  2i  miles  northeast 
Longs  Peak,  Larimer  County,  Colo. 

Battlement;  Mountain,  lat.  48*  25', 
long.  113°  31',  Flathead  County. 

Battleship;  Mountain,  T.  38  N.,  R.  109 
W.,  south  of  Sheep  Mountain,  Fre- 
mont County,  Wyo. 

Batupan;  River,  tributary  to  Yalo- 
busha River,  Grenada  and  Mont- 
gomery Counties,  Miss.  (Not  Ba- 
taupan  River  Bogue,  Batawpan 
Bogue,  Batawpanbogue  River,  Ba- 
tupan Bogue,  nor  Batupon  Bogue.) 

Batupon;  see  Batupan. 

Baugo;  Township,  Elkhart  County, 
Ind.      (Not  Bango.) 

Baulenas;  see  Bolinas. 

Baultoff;  Creek,  emptying  into  Beaver 
Creek,  Alaska,  International  Boun- 
dary (between  Alaska  and  Canada). 

Baxos  da  India;  see  Basse  de  Judie. 

Bay  de  THuen-tcheou;  see  Chuanchow. 

Bay  Key  Biscay ne;  see  Biscay ne. 

Bay  of  Chaleurs;  see  Chaleur. 

Bay  of  Isles;  Bay,  east  end  of  Knight 
Island,  4|  miles  southward  from  its 
north  end,  Alaska. 

Bay  of  Naples;  see  Brandy. 

Bay  View;  Village,  on  Great  Hog 
Neck,  Long  Island,  Suffolk  County, 
N.  Y.     (Not  Bay  view.) 

Bayhead;  Borough,  Ocean  County, 
N.  J.     (Not  Bay  Head.) 

Bayley;  Bay,  eastern  extremity  Bass- 
wood  Lake,  Rainy  River  District, 
Ontario,  International  Boundary 
(between   Minnesota   and   Ontario). 

Bayou  Grand  Liard;  Bayou,  Plaque- 
mines Parish,  La.     (Not  Laird.) 

Bayou  Labatre;  Precinct  and  Town, 
Mobile  County,  Ala.  (Not  Bayou 
Labatra,  Bayou  La  Batre,  nor 
Bayou  Le  Batre.) 

Bayou  Petit  Liard;  Bayou,  Plaque- 
mines Parish,  La.  (Not  Laird  nor 
St.  Denis.) 

Bayou  Rigolettes;  see  Rigolets. 

Bayou  Sale;  Water  Course  in  St.  Mary 
Parish,  La.     (Not  Salle  nor  Sally.) 

Bayport;    Town,    Hernando    County, 

Fla.     (Not  Bay  Port.) 
♦Bayreuth;   City,   Bavaria,   Germany. 
(Not  Baireuth.) 



Bays;  Mountain  in  eastern  Tennessee. 
(Not  Bay.) 

Bay  side;  see  Point  Comfort. 

Bea  Ogwa;  Canyon,  of  Big  Horn  River, 
south  of  Tliermopolis,  passing 
tlirougli  Bridger  and  Owl  Creek 
Mountains,  Hot  Springs  County, 
Wyo.  (Not  Big  Horn,  Bighorn,  nor 
Wind  River.) 

Beach,  Calif.;  see  Stone. 

Beach,  S.  C. ;  see  Breach. 

Beach  Ridge;  Railroad  Station,  Niag- 
ara County,  N.  Y.  (Not  Hall's  Sta- 

Beacon  Quarter;  see  Bacon's  Quarter. 

Beacon  Rock;  Basaltic  pile  on  north 
bank  Columbia  River,  near  Pierce 
Island,  Skamania  County,  Wash. 
(Not  Castle  Rock.) 

Beal;  Island  near  Knubble  Bay,  Sagad- 
ahoc County,  Me.     (Not  Beale.) 

Beale  Point;  a  western  Promontory  of 
Powell  Plateau,  Coconino  County, 

Beans;  Gap,  Grainger  County,  Tenn. 
(Not  Bean  Gap  nor  Beans  Station.) 

Bear;  Creek,  Jefferson  County,  Colo. 
(Not  Turkey.) 

Bear;  Creek,  Montezuma  County,  Colo. 
(Not  Bear  River  nor  South  Fork 
Dolores  River.) 

Bear;  Creek,  sees.  14,  15,  22,  and  27,  T. 
168  N.,  R.  35  W.,  flowing  into  Lake 
of  the  Woods  at  the  Northwest  An- 
gle Inlet,  Minn. 

Bear;  Creek,  tributary  to  Odell  Creek, 
Madison  County,  Mont.  (Not  Bur- 

Bear;  Creek,  flowing  in  a  northerly 
direction  and  emptying  into  Wal-' 
Iowa  River,  in  T.  1  N.,  R.  42  E.,  Wal- 
lowa County,  Oreg. 

Bear;  Crfeek,  Lincoln  County,  Wyo. 
(Not  Sickle.) 

Bear;  Creek,  T.  46  N.,  R.  6  E.,  between 
Clear  and  Turkey  Creeks,  tributary 
to  Loop  Creek  from  south  about  2 
miles  above  Falcon,  Shoshone  Coun- 
ty, Idaho. 

Bear;  Creek,  Ts.  31  and  32  N.,  Rs.  13, 
14,  15,  and  16  E.,  tributary  to  Sel- 
way  River  from  east,  Idaho  County, 

Bear;  Glacier  (large),  on  western  side 
Resurrection  Bay,  Kenai  Peninsula, 

Bear;  Island,  St.  Johns  River,  Brevard 
County,  Fla.  (Not  Bear  Mound, 
Orange  Mound,  nor  Rock. ) 

Bear;  Lake,  drained  by  Bear  Creek, 
near  head  of  Resurrection  Bay,  Ke- 
nai Peninsula,  Alaska.  (Not  Sal- 

Bear;  Peak,  at  head  of  Anderson 
Glacier,  about  10  miles  south  of 
Klutlan  Glacier,  Alaska,  and  about  5 
miles  from  the  International  Bound- 
ary (between  Alaska  and  Yukon). 

Bear,  Alaska ;  see  Bruin ;  Ursus,  Kel- 

Bear,  Colo. ;  see  Yampa. 

Bear,  Mass.;  see  Pines. 

Bear,  Mont. ;  see  Burger. 

Bear,  Wyo. ;  see  Moose. 

Bear;  see  Beartown;  Big  Bear;  Big 
Canyon;  Bruin;  Sheep;  Uncle  Sam. 

Bear  Ford;  see  Bearfort. 

Bear  Garden;  see  Backgarden. 

Bear  Lodge;  Mountains,  Crook  County, 
Wyo.     (Not  Bearlodge.) 

Bearfoot;  see  Beresford. 

Bearfort;  Mountain,  Passaic  County, 
N.  J.,  and  Orange  County,  N.  Y. 
(Not  Bear  Ford,  Bear  Fort,  Bear- 
foot,  Bearport,  Greenwood,  nor  Long- 

Bearhead;  Mountain,  Glacier  County, 

Bear  Paw;  see  Bearpaw. 

Bearpaw;  Mountain,  Blaine  County, 
Mont.  (Not  Bear  Paw  nor  Bear's 

Bearport;  see  Bearfort. 

Bear's;  see  Marias. 

Bear's  Paw;  see  Bearpaw. 

Bearse;  Rock,  Centerville  Harbor, 
Barnstable  County,  Mass.  (Not 

B.-5artooth;  Mountain,  Colorado.  (Not 
Red  Hill.) 

*Beartown;  Mountain,  Great  Barring- 
ton  Town,  Berkshire  County,  Mass. 
(Not  Bear.)   ' 

Beartrap;  Bay,  indenting  eastern  shore 
of  Port  Gravina,  near  lat.  60°  45', 
long.  146°,  Prince  William  Sound, 



Beasley;  see  Fourth. 

Beattie;  City,  Marshall  County,  Kans. 
(Not  Beattee.) 

Beatyestown;  Village,  Warren  County, 
N.  J.     (Not  Beattystown.) 

Beauccphalia;  see  Bucephalia. 

Beauclerc;  Bluff  and  Village,  St. 
Johns  River,  Duval  County,  Fla. 
(Not  Buckley.) 

Beaufort;  Lagoon,  between  long.  142°- 
142°  30',  Arctic  coast  northern 
Alaska.     (Not  Beaufort  Bay.) 

Beaufort;  see  Demarcation;  U. 

Beaiilieu;  see  Beulah. 

Beaver;  Brook,  tributary  from  north 
to  Souhegan  River,  Hillsboro  County, 
N.  H.  (Not  Quohquinapassakessa- 
managnog,  Quohquinapassakessana- 
nagnog,  Quohquinapassakessananna- 
quog,  nor  Quoh-quinna-passa-kessa- 

Beaver;  Brook,  Morris  County,  N.  J. 
(Not  Beaver  Dam.) 

♦Beaver;  Creek,  Custer  and  Fall  River 
Counties,  S.  Dak.  (Not  Amphibi- 
ous. ) 

Beaver;  Creek,  Ts.  39  and  40  N.,  Rs., 
6  and  7  E.,  rising  east  of  Berta  Hill 
and  tributary  to  North  Fork  of 
Clearwater  River  from  south,  Clear- 
water County,  Idaho. 

Beaver;  Peak  (altitude  5,361  feet), 
sec.  35,  T.  54  N.,  R.  2  E.,  Shoshone 
County,  Idaho. 

Beaver;  River,  from  the  junction  of  the 
Mahoning  and  Shenango  Rivers  to 
the  Ohio  River,  Lawrence  and  Beaver 
Counties,  Pa. 

Beaver;  see  Beaverdam;  Cricket; 
Douglass;  Hemlock. 

Beaver  City;  City  and  Precinct,  Fur- 
nas County,  Nebr.  (Not  Beaver  nor 
Beavercreek. ) 

Beaver  lliver;  Stream,  Beaver  anfl 
Millard  Counties,  Utah.  (Not  Beaver 
Creek. ) 

Beaver  River;  see  Cricket. 

Beaverdam;  Lake,  Dodge  County,  Wis. 
(Not  Beaver  nor  Beaver  Dam.) 

Beaverdam;  Village,  Mohave  County, 
Ariz.     (Not  Littlefield.) 

Beaverhead;  Mountains,  that  part  of 
Bitterroot  Range  between  Nez  Perce 
Pass  and  Beaver  Canyon,  near  Mo- 
nida,  Mont.  Idaho-Montana  bound- 
ary line. 

Bee  du  Marsouin;  Point,  northern  coast 
of  southwest  arm  of  Haiti.  (Not  Bee 
a  Marsoin,  Bee  h  Marsouin,  Bee  de 
Marsouin,  Bee  du  Marsoin,  nor  Head 
of  Marsouin.) 

Becharof;  Lake,  Alaska  Peninsula, 
Alaska.     (Not  Betcharef.) 

*Bechevin;  Bay,  Unimak  Island,  east- 
ern Aleutians,  Alaska.  (Not  Isa- 
notski  nor  Issannakh.) 

Bechler;  Creek,  tributary  to  Stump 
Creek,  on  north  bank,  I  mile  above 
mouth  Boulder  Creek,  Caribou 
County,  Idaho. 

Becket;  Town,  Berkshire  County, 
Mass.     (Not  North  Becket.) 

Beckley;  City,  Raleigh  County,  W.  Va. 
(Not  Raleigh,  C.  H.) 

Beckley;  Pond,  Norfolk  Town,  Litch- 
field County,  Conn.  (Not  Blakeley 
nor  Blakley.) 

Beckwith;  Pass,  through  Sierra  Ne- 
vada near  Chilcoot,  Plumas  County, 
Calif.     (Not   Beckwourth.) 

Bees  Scies;  see  Betsie. 

Bed;  see  Red. 

Bedal;  Creek,  tributary  to  South  Fork 
Sauk  River,  Snohomish  County, 
Wash.     (Not  Bedel.) 

Bed  din  f/;  see  Reddens. 

Bede;  Mountain,  south  of  Port  Gra- 
ham,  Kenai  Peninsula,   Alaska. 

Bedel;  see  Bedal. 

Bedivere;  Point,  headland  on  the  east 
side  of  Gawain  Abyss,  Coconino 
County,  Ariz. 

Bedloe;  Island,  New  York  Harbor, 
Hudson  County,  N.  J.  (Not  Bedlow.) 

Bedivell;  see  Ganchl. 

Bee  Hives;  Buttes,  west  of  Dry  Wash, 
San  Juan  County,  Utah. 

Beebe;  Pond,  Hubbardton  Town,  Rut- 
land County,  Vt.     (Not  Bebee.) 

Beecher;  Creek,  Edinburg  Town, 
Saratoga  County,  N.  Y.  (Not  Beech- 
er's,  Beechers,  Butler,  nor  Butlers.) 



Jieechers;  Beecher's;  see  Beeclier. 

Beechey;  Point,  east  end  Simpson  La- 
goon, Arctic  coast,  about  long.  149° 
Northern  Alaska.     (Not  Beechy.) 

Beech  town;  see  Frenchton. 

Beehive;  Island,  entrance  to  Aialik 
Bay,   Kenai    Peninsula,    Alaska. 

Beehive;  Pinnacle,  Cowlitz  Glacier, 
Mount  Rainier,  Pierce  County,  Wash. 

Beer;  Hill,  Wawarsing  Town,  Ulster 
County,  N.  Y.     (Not  Good  Beer.) 

Beeslick;  Brook  and  Pond,  in  Salis- 
bury, Litchfield  County,  Conn.  (Not 
Beaslick.  Bees  Lick,  Beeslake,  Bees- 
tick,  Beezelake,  nor  Nancook.) 

Begashibito;  Canyon,  Coconino 
County,   Ariz. 

Behestian;  Township,  Ouachita  Coun- 
ty,   Ark.     (Not    Behrstian.) 

Behring;  see  Yakutat. 

Beipur;  see  Bey  pore. 

Beirut;  Seaport  Town  of  Syria,  on  the 
Mediterranean  Sea.  (Not  Balrut 
nor  Berut.) 

Beith;  Landing  on  Mississippi  River, 
Desha  County,  Ark.     (Not  Beith's.) 

Bekihatso;  Lake,  Navajo  Indian  Res- 
ervation, lat.  36°  02',  long.  109°  40', 
Apache  County,  Ariz.  (Not  Pra  ga 
at  zo  nor  Pragaatzo.) 

Bel  Alton;  Railroad  Station,  Charles 
County,  Md.    (Not  Cox.) 

Belaya  Skala;  see  Nan. 

Belden;  see  Corner. 

Belden  Dock;  Light  in  Whitehall  Nar- 
rows, Benson  Town,  Rutland  County, 
Vt.     (Not  Belden's  Dock.) 

Beled-es-Soodan;  Beled-es-Sudon;  see 

Belew;  Creek,  Jefferson  County,  Mo. 
(Not  Belews  nor  Bellews.) 

Belew  Creek;  Town,  Jefferson  County, 
Mo.  (Not  Belew's  Creek,  Belews 
Creek,  nor  Bellews  Creek.) 

Belford;  Lake,  T.  34  N.,  R.  107  W., 
east  of  Fayette  Lake,  Fremont 
County,  Wyo.     (Not  Bennett.) 

Belgica  Archipelago;  see  Palmer 

Belgrade;  Capital  of  Serbia.  (Not 
Belgrad,  Bielgorod,  nor  Bilgraad.) 

Belgreen;  Village,  Franklin  County, 
Ala.     (Not  Belle  Green.) 

Belize;  City  and  River,  Belize  Dist., 
British  Honduras,  Central  America. 
(Not   Balize.) 

Belknap;  Mountain,  the  central  one  of 
three  peaks  in  the  Belknap  Moun- 
tains, Gilford  and  Gilmanton  Towns, 
Belknap  County,  N.  H.,  the  north- 
ern peak  being  named  Gunstock  and 
the  southern,  Whiteface. 

Belknap;  Mountains,  Belknap  County, 
N.  H.     (Not  Gunstock  nor  Suncook.) 

Belkof;  one  of  the  New  Siberian 
Island,  Arctic  Ocean.  (Not  Bel- 
kofski,  Bjelkow,  Byelski,  nor  Byel- 

Belkof  ski;  Bay,  Cape,  and  Village  on 
south  shore  of  Alaska  Peninsula, 
Alaska.  (Not  Belkoffski,  Belkoff- 
sky,   nor   Belkovsky.) 

Belkof  ski;   see   Belkof. 

Bell;  Island,  off  the  coast  of  New- 
foundland, lat.  50°  45'  N.  (Not 
Belle  Isle  (South)  nor  S.  Belle  Isle.) 

Bell;  Island,  Currituck  Sound,  Curri- 
tuck County,  N.  C.     (Not  Bell's.) 

Belle  Ayr;  Mountain  and  Village, 
Ulster  County,  N.  Y.  (Not  Belle 
Air,  Belle  Ayre,  nor  Belleayre.) 

Belle  Fourche  River;  Stream,  Wyom- 
ing and  South  Dakota.  (Not  North 
Fork  of  Cheyenne.) 

Belle  Oreen;  see  Belgreen. 

Belle  Isle;  Island,  Atlantic  Ocean,  en- 
trance of  Belleisle  Strait,  between 
Labrador  and  Newfoundland.  (Not 
Belle-Isle  nor  N.  Belle  Isle.) 

Belle  Isle  (South);  see  Bell. 

Belle  Plaine;  Township,  Norton 
County,  Kans.      (Not  Belle  Plain.) 

Bellecenter;  Town,  Logan  County, 
Ohio.     (Not  Belle  Centre.) 

Belleisle;  Strait,  most  northerly  of  the 
two  channels  which  connect  the  Gulf 
of  St.  Lawrence  with  the  Atlantic 
Ocean.  Separates  Labrador  from 
Newfoundland.     (Not  Belle  Isle.) 

Bellemont;  Village,  Coconino  County, 
Ariz.      (Not   Bellmont.) 

Belleplain;  Village,  Cape  May  County, 
N.  J.     (Not  Belle  Plain.) 

Bellepoint;  Town,  Concord  Township, 
Delaware  County,  Ohio.  (Not  Bell 
Point,  Belle  Point,  nor  Bellpoint.) 



Bellevernon;  Borough,  Fayette  Coun- 
ty, Pa.     (Not  Belle  Vernon.) 
Belleview;      Township,      Washington 
County,    Mo.      (Not  Bellevue,   Bell- 
view,   nor   Belview.) 

Bellevue;  Township,  Morrison  County, 
Minn.     (Not  Belle  Vue.) 

Bellevue;  Bellevue  Junctimi;  see  Bell- 

Bellflower;  Village,  McLean  County, 
111.     (Not  Belle  Flower.) 

Bellmont;  Precinct  and  Village,  Wa- 
bash County,  111.     (Not  Belmont.) 

Bellmont;  see  Bellemont. 

Bells;  Point,  in  Mississippi  River,  Pe- 
miscot County,  Mo.     (Not  Bell's.) 

Bells;  River,  Nassau  County,  near  Fer- 
nandina,  Fla.     (Not  Belt's.) 

Bells  Rock;  Lighthouse,  in  York  River, 
King  and  Queen  County,  Va.  (Not 
Bell's   Rock.) 

Bellton;  Town,  Hall  County,  Ga.  (Not 

Bellvue;  Precinct  and  Town,  Larimer 
County,  Colo.  (Not  Bellevue  nor 
Bellevue   Junction.) 

Belmore;  Village,  Putnam  County, 
Ohio.     (Not  Bellmore.) 

Beloochistan;  see  Baluchistan. 

Belted;  Peak,  most  northerly  summit 
of  Belted  Range,  Nye  County,  Nev. 

Belton;  see  Theodore  Roosevelt. 

BelVs;  see  Bells. 

Bemis  Heights;  Hill  and  Village, 
Saratoga  County,  N.  Y.  (Not  Be- 
mus  Heights.) 

Ben  Barrows;  Hill,  Hebron  Town, 
Oxford  County,  Me.  (Not  Barrows, 
Ben  Barrow's,  nor  Ben  Burrow's.) 

Ben  Deer;  see  Bendire. 

Ben  Loniond;  Hill  or  Mountain,  War- 
ren County,  Tenn.  (Not  Ben  Lo- 
mand  nor  Mount  Lemond.) 

Beii  Ure;  Island,  Washington  Sound, 
San  Juan  County,  Wash.  (Not  Ben 
Muir  nor  Big  Tenif.) 

Bench;  Lake,  glacial,  on  shelf  of  Ta- 
toosh  Range,  Mount  Rainier  Na- 
tional Park,  Lewis  County,  Wash. 

Bench;  Lake,  Glacier  County,  Mont. 

Bench;  Valley,  Fresno  County,  Calif. 

Bcncoolen ;  see  Benkulen. 

Bendel;   Island,   between   Big   Koniuji 
and  Nagai  Islands,  Shumagin  Group, 
Alaska.     (Not  Morse.) 
Bendeleben;  Mountain,  north  of  Nor- 
ton  Sound,  Alaska.      (Not  Berdele- 
ben. ) 
Bcndeer;  Bendeir;  Bendier;  see  Ben- 
Bender;  see  Brender. 
Bendire;    Creek    and    Mountain,    Mal- 
heur County,  Oreg.     (Not  Ben  Deer, 
Bendeer,  Bendeir,  nor  Bendier.) 

Bengies;  Point  and  Railroad  Station, 
Baltimore  County,  Md.  (Not  Ben- 

Benguela;  Bay,  City,  and  Province, 
Angola,  Africa.     (Not  Benguella.) 

Benicia;  City  and  Township,  Solano 
County,  Calif.     (Not  Benecia.) 

Benjamin  Place;  Light  in  Whitehall 
Narrows,  about  2  miles  from  White- 
hall, Lake  Champlain,  Rutland 
County,  Vt.     (Not  Benjamin's  Place.) 

Benkelman;  Precinct  and  Village, 
Dundy  County,  Nebr.  (Not  Benkle- 

Benkulen;  Seaport  of  Sumatra,  East 
Indies     (Not  Bencoolen.) 

Bennett;  Creek,  Nansemond  County, 
Va.     (Not  Bennet's.) 

Bennett;  Peak,  San  Juan  County,  N. 

Bennett;  Point,  Eastern  Bay,  Queen 
Annes  County,  Md.  (Not  Bennet's 
nor  Bennett's.) 

Bennett;    Village,    Lancaster   County, 
.  Nebr.     (Not  Bennet.) 

Bennett;  see  Belford. 

Bennetts;  Creek,  rising  in  Gates 
County  and  emptying  into  Chowan 
River,  N.  C.     (Not  Bennett.) 

Bennetts;  see  Burnetts. 

Banning;  Village,  D.  C.  (Not  Ben- 

Benny  Pierre;  see  Pierre. 

Benoni;  Point,  Choptank  River,  Tal- 
bot County,  Md.     (Not  Benonies.) 

Bentinck;  see  Steele. 

Bentley;  Railroad  Station,  Baltimore 
County,  Md.     (Not  Bentley  Springs.) 

Bentley;  see  Watchman. 

*  Bentley  ville;  Borough,  Washington 
County.  Pa.     (Not  Bentleysville. ) 



Benton;  Pond,  Otis  Town,  Berkshire 
County,  Mass.     (Not  Parisli.) 

Bentons  Ferry;  Village,  Marion  Coun- 
ty, W.  Va.     (Not  Benton  Ferry.) 

Benue;  Benuwe;  see  Binue. 

Benville;  Steamboat  Wharf,  St.  Marys 
County,  Md.     (Not  Wynee.) 

Berdeleben  ;  see  Bendeleben. 

Berenda;  Slough  and  Village,  Madera 
County,  Calif.  (Not  Berendo,  Ber- 
renda,  nor  Berrendo.) 

Berendo;  see  Berenda. 

Beresford;  Lake,  Volusia  County,  Fla. 
(Not  Bearfoot.) 

Bergenfield;  Borough,  Bergen  County, 
N.  J.  (Not  Bergen  Fields  nor  Ber- 
genfields. ) 

Berhampore;  City,  Murshidabad  Dis- 
trict, Bengal,  India.  (Not  Berham- 
poor  nor  Berhampur.) 

Berhampur ;  see  Berhampore. 

Bering;  Glacier,  Island,  Sea,  and 
Strait,  Alaska.  (Not  Behring  nor 
Kamchatka.)  So  named  after  Capt. 
Commander  Ivan  Ivanovich  Bering, 
to  whose  exploration,  in  1741,  we 
owe  our  first  knowledge  of  what  is 
now  Alaska.  Bering  himself,  his  an- 
cestors for  five  generations  at  least, 
and  his  descendants  spell  the  name 
Bering.  This  form  is  widely  used  by 
English-speaking  people  and  almost 
universally  used  by  all  others. — 
M.  B. 

Bering;  Fee  Controller. 

Beriuch;  see  Biryuch. 

Berkeley  Heights;  Railroad  Station, 
Union  County,  N.  J.  (Not  Berkley 

Berkley;  see  Barkley. 
Berlin;  Mountain,  Williamstown,  Berk- 
shire   County,     Mass.,    and    Berlin 
Town,  Rensselaer,  County,  N.  Y.    In 
New  York   State  known   as  Mount 
McComber;     in     Massachusetts     as 
Berlin  Mountain;  Williams  College 
people  call  it  Mount  Hopkins. 
Berlin  Centre;  see  Center  Berlin. 
Bermejo;  see  Vermejo. 
Bermuda;  a   group  of  islands  in  the 
western      Atlantic      Ocean.      Called 
"Bermudas"   after  Juan  Bermudes 

B  ermuda — Continued, 
a  Spanish  mariner,  who  discovered 
them  in  1515.  In  1609  Admiral  Sir 
George  Somers,  Royal  Navy,  in  the 
Sea  Venture,  found  them  uninhabited. 
He  was  wrecked  and  died  there,  and 
the  islands  were  called  after  him  by 
his  companions,  "  Somers  Islands.*' 
Bermuda  has  been  adopted  as  the 
British  official  usage,  and  is  the  pop- 
ular and  all  but  universal  designa- 
tion.—A.  H.  A. 

Bern;  Creek,  tributary  to  Black  River, 
Alaska,  International  Boundary  (be- 
tween Alaska  and  Canada). 

Bern;  Township,  Berks  County,  Pa. 
(Not  Berne.) 

Bern;  see  Berne. 

Bernard;  Mountain,  western  one  of 
two  peaks.  Southwest  Harbor  Town, 
National  Monument,  Mount  Desert 
Island,  Hancock  County,  Me.  (Not 
Western. ) 

Bernard;  Township,  Somerset  County, 
N.  J.     (Not  Bernards.) 

Bernardo;  see  San  Dieguito. 

*  Berne;  Town,  Adams  County,  Ind. 
(Not  Bern.) 

Berne;  Town  and  Village,  Albany 
County,  N.  Y.     (Not  Bern.) 

Bernville;  Borough,  Berks  County,  Pa. 
(Not  Berneville.) 

Berrenda;  Berrendo;  see  Berenda. 

Berry;  Trail,  Coconino  County,  Ariz. 

Berryessa;  Village,  Santa  Clara  Coun- 
ty, Calif.  (Not  Berreyesa,  Berryesa, 
nor  Beryessa.) 

Berut;  see  Beirut. 

Besboro;  Island,  Norton  Sound,  Alaska. 
(Not  Besborough.) 

Beshta;  Bay,  west  side  Cook  Inlet, 
near  head,  indenting  southeast  coast 
Moquawkie  Indian  Reservation,  be- 
tween Granite  Point  and  North  Fore- 
land, Alaska. 

Betatakin;  Prehistoric  ClifO  Dwellings, 
Navajo  National  Monument,  Navajo 
County,  Ariz. 

Betcharef;  see  Becharof. 

Bethel;  Township  and  Village,  Berks 
County,  Pa.  (Not  Bethal  nor  Mil- 
lersburg. ) 

Bethel;  Township,  Fulton  County,  Pa. 
(Not  Bethal.) 



Bethlehem  Reach;  Lighthouse,  Ohio 
River,  29  miles  above  Louisville, 
Trimble  County,  Ky.  (Not  Bethle- 
hem's Reach.) 

Bethune  Pass;  see  Grapevine. 

Betsey  Bell;  Mountain,  near  Staunton, 
Augusta  County,  Va.  (Not  Betsy 

Betsie;  Lighthouse,  Point,  and  River, 
Benzie  County,  Mich.  (Not  Bees 
Scies  nor  Betsey.) 

Bettles;  Bay,  and  Glacier  draining 
into  it;   western   shore  Port  Wells, 

•  near  lat.  60°  55',  long.  148°  15', 
Prince  William  Sound,  Alaska. 

Bettles;  Island,  easternmost  one  of  the 
Islands  off  the  north  end  of  Elring- 
ton  Islands,  Alaska. 

Betts  Chute;  two  lighthouses,  Missis- 
sippi River,  Winona  County,  Minn. 
(Not  Rett's  Chute.) 

Beulah;  Village,  Pueblo  County,  Colo. 
(Not  Buelah.) 

Beulah;  Village,  on  Vernon  River, 
Chatham  County,  Ga.  (Not  Beau- 
lieu,  Bewlie,  nor  Bula.) 

Bevans;  Village,  Sussex  County,  N.  J. 
(Not  Peter's  Valley.) 

Beypore;  River  and  Town,  Province  of 
Madras,  southwestern  coast  of  In- 
dia.    (Not  Beipur.) 

Bickley  Mill;  Village,  Russell  County, 
Va.     (Not  Bickley's  Mills.) 

Bidahochi;  Butte  and  Spring,  near 
Indian  Wells,  Navajo  County,  Ariz. 

Bidarka;  Point,  between  Boulder  and 
Landlocked  Bays,  Copper  Mountain 
Peninsula,  eastern  shore  Prince  Wil- 
liam Sound,  Alaska.  (Not  Copper 

Bielgorod;  see  Belgrade. 

Bieli;  Rock,  in  northern  part  of  Sitka 
Sound,  Alaska.  (Not  Biele,  Bielle, 
nor  White.) 

Bieller;  Light,  Mississippi  River,  Ten- 
sas Parish,  La.     (Not  Bieller's.) 

Biequi;  see  Vieques. 

Bierney;  Creek,  rising  in  sec.  4,  T.  26 
N.,  R.  21  W.,  tributary  to  Flathead 
Lake  from  northwest,  north  of 
Stoner  Creek,  Flathead  County, 

Bierstadt;  Mountain  (altitude  14,046- 
feet),  1^  miles  southwest  of  Mount 
Evans,  9  miles  south  of  Georgetown,, 
south  middle  of  T.  5  S.,  R.  74  W.,. 
Clear  Creek  County,  Colo. 

Big;  Creek,  rising  in  sec.  29,  T.  32  N.,. 
R.  21  W.,  flowing  northwest  and 
northeast  and  emptying  into  Flat- 
head River  in  T.  33  N.,  R.  20  W\, 
Flathead  County,  Mont.  (Not  Chil- 

Big;  Hill  (altitude  4,000  feet),  about  1 
mile  from  northern  shore  Bruin  Bay, 
Kamishak  Bay,  southwestern  coast 
Cook  Inlet,  Alaska. 

Big;  Rock  (bares  15  feet),  about  ^ 
mile  off  first  prominent  point  to 
westward  of  Oil  Bay  and  1  mile  east 
of  Pomeroy  Island,  northern  shore 
Kamishak  Bay,  southwestern  coast 
Cook  Inlet,  Alaska. 

Big;  see  Clear;  Great;  Hazel  Green, 

Big  Anneniessex;  River,  tributary  to 
Chesapeake  Bay,  eastern  Maryland. 
(Not  Big  Annemessic.) 

Big  Arroyo;  Creek,  Tulare  County, 
Calif.     (Not  Jenny  Lind.) 

Big  Baldy;   see   Elkhorn. 

Big  Barren;  Creek  and  Village,  Clai- 
borne County,  Tenn.  (Not  Bigbar- 

Big  Bay  de  Noc;  Bay,  Delta  County, 
Mich.  (Not  Big  Bay  d'Enoc,  Big 
Bay  de  Noque,  Big  Bay  des  Noquets, 
Big  Bay  des  Noquet,  Big  Bay  de  No- 
quette,  Big  Bay  de  Nocquet,  nor  Big 
Bay  d'Enoquet.) 

Big  Bear;  Creek,  tributary  to  Ingluta- 
lik  River,  about  30  miles  above 
mouth,  Alaska. 

Big  Bear;  Creek,  Ts.  3  and  4  S.,  Rs.  4 
and  5  E.,  tributary  to  Gallatin  River 
south  of  South  Cottonwood  Creek, 
Gallatin  County,  Mont.  (Not  Bear 
nor  MeCameron.) 

Big  Bear;  Mountain  (altitude  5,612 
feet ) ,  south  of  Three  Fingers  Moun- 
tain and  north  of  Windy  Pass, 
Snohomish  County,  Wash. 



Big  Blue;  Hills,  Diablo  Range,  extend- 
ing along  San  Joaquin  Valley  from 
Cantua  Creek  on  northwest  to  Joa- 
quin Ridge  on  southeast,  Fresno 
County,  Calif. 

Big  Blue;  River,  Butler,  Hamilton, 
Seward,  York,  and  Polk  Counties, 
Nebr.  (Not  East  Fork  of  Blue 
River  nor  North  Fork  of  Big  Blue 

Big  Bone  Cave;  see  Bone  Cave. 

Big  Brook;  see  Mulhockaway. 

Big  Bumblebee;  see  Bumblebee. 

Big  By  icy;  Big  Byivyah;  see  Bywy. 

♦Big"  Canyon;  Creek,  flowing  in  a 
northwesterly  direction  and  empty- 
ing into  Wallowa  River  in  T.  2  N., 
R.  41  E.,  Wallowa  County,  Oreg. 
(Not  Bear,  Deep  Canyon,  Little 
Minam,  nor  Sheep.) 

Big   Cacapon;  see  Cacapon. 

Big  Canon;  see  Clavey. 

Big  Cataluche;  Big  Cataluchee;  see 

Big  Cedar;  see  Goddard. 

Big  Chazy;  see  Great  Chazy. 

Big  Chickies;  see  Chiekies. 

Big  Chiquesalunga ;  see  Chickies. 

Big  Clear  Pond;  see  Lake  Clear. 

Big  Coolee;  see  Mauvais  Coulee. 

Big  Cottonwood;  Meadows,  near 
Owens  Lake,  Inyo  County,  Calif. 
(Not  Diaz.) 

Big  Coulee;  see  Mauvais  Coulee. 

Big  Creek — North  Fork  Divide;  see 
North  Fork  Range. 

Big  Devil;  see  Devil. 

Big  Dick;  Creek,  T.  46  N.,  R.  6  E., 
tributary  to  North  Fork  St.  Joe 
River  from  east  near  Kyle  village, 
Shoshone  County,   Idaho. 

Big  Diomede;  Island,  Bering  Strait, 
Alaska.  (Not  Noo-nar-book,  Ratma- 
nof,   nor  Ratmanoff.) 

Big  Emery;  see  Emery. 

Big  Flats;  Town,  Chemung  County, 
N.   Y.      (Not   Bigflats.) 

Big  Hamilton;  see  Hamilton. 

Big  Hatchie;  see  Hatchie. 

Big  Hole;  Divide,  from  the  Montana- 
Idaho  boundary  line,  T.  8  S.,  R.  16 
W.,  to  the  Grasshopper  Valley,  T.  6 
S.,  R.  13  W.,  Beaverhead  County, 
Mont.     (Not  Bloody  Dick.) 

Big  Hole;  River,  rising  in  Beaverhead 
Mountains  of  Bitterroot  Range  and 
forming  most  of  the  northern  bound- 
ary of  Beaverhead  County,  Mont. 
(Not   Wisdom.) 

Big  Horn;  County,  Wyo.  (Not  Big- 
horn. ) 

♦Big  Horn;  River,  from  the  junction 
of  Popo  Agie  and  Wind  Rivers,  Fre- 
mont County,  Wyo.,  to  its  mouth  in 
Yellowstone  River,  Treasure  and 
Yellowstone  Counties,  Mont.  (Not 
Bighorn  nor  Wind.) 

Big  Horn;  see  Bea  Ogwa. 

Big  Jarrells;  Creek,  tributary  to  Hop- 
kins Fork,  Boone  County,  W.  Va. 
(Not  Big  Jarrolds.) 

Big  Jarrolds;  see  Big  Jarrells. 

Big  Knife;  Portage,  between  Melon 
and  Seed  Lakes,  Rainy  River  Dis- 
trict, Ontario,  International  Bound- 
ary (between  Minnesota  and  On- 
tario. ) 

Big  Loblockee;  see  Loblockee. 

Big  Lodge;  Mountain,  lat  48°  10'  N., 
long.  113°  12'  W.,  Flathead  County, 

Big  Loop;  see  Loop. 

Big  Lost;  Creek,  T.  29  N.,  R.  23  W., 
northern  one  of  two  creeks,  Flat- 
head County,   Mont,   j 

Big  Marsh;  Creek,  rising  in  Cascade 
Range  near  center  T.  26  S.,  R.  6  E., 
flowing  northward  through  Big 
Marsh  to  junction  with  Crescent 
Creek,  sec.  26,  T.  24  S.,  R.  7  E.,  Kla- 
math  County,    Oreg.  | 

Big  Metamoning;  Big  Metamonong; 
see   Big   Monon. 

Big  Monon;  Creek,  tributary  to  Tip- 
pecanoe River,  Pulaski  and  White 
Counties,  Ind.  (Not  Big  Metamon- 
ing, Big  Metamonong,  nor  Monong.) 

Big  Muscallonge;  see  Muscallonge. 

Big  Ogeeohee;  see  Ogeechee. 

B^g  Owl;  Hill,  on  west  side  of  Cow 
Creek  immediately  south  of  the 
Larimer  County  line,  in  Boulder 
County,  Colo. 

Big  Pond;  see  Backgarden;  Fairview. 

Big  Pucketa;  Big  Pucketta;  see  Puck- 

Big  River;  see  Kwikpuk ;  Middle  Fork 
Flathead  River;  Tlikakila. 



Big  Sable;  Lighthouse,  Point,  and 
River,  Mason  County,  Mich.  (Not 
Grande  Pointe  au  Sable.) 

Big  Sable;  see  Hamlin. 

Big  Shanty;  see  Kenesaw. 

Big  Simon;  Big  Simonds;  Big  Simons; 
see    Simon. 

Big  Spring;  Creek,  Marshall  County, 
Ala.      (Not   Gunter's.) 

Big  Stone;  City  and  Township,  Grant 
County,  S.  Dak.,  and  Lake  Grant, 
and  Roberts  Counties,  S.  Dak.,  and 
Big  Stone  County,  Minn.  (Not  Big- 

Big  Stone;  County  in  Minnesota.  (Not 

Big  Turkey;  see  Turkey. 

Big  Wea;  Creek,  tributary  to  Wabash 
River,  rising  in  southern  part  Tippe- 
canoe County,  Ind.  (Not  Wea, 
Wildcat,  nor  Wild  Cat.) 

Big  Wind;  see  Wind. 

Bighorn;  see  Big  Horn,  Bea  Ogwa. 

Big  Wood;  River,  rising  in  Sawtooth 
Mountains,  Blaine  County,  uniting 
with  Snake  River  in  T.  6  S.,  R.  13  E., 
B.  M.,  in  Gooding  County,  Idaho. 
(Not  Malad,  Malade,  nor  Wood.) 

Bigler  Mill;  Landing,  and  Village, 
York  River,  York  County,  Va.  (Not 
Bigler's  Mill.) 

Biglick;  Township,  Hancock  County, 
Ohio.     (Not  Big  Lick.) 

Bilberry;  Island,  St.  Lawrence  River, 
St.  Lawrence  County,  N.  Y.  (Not 
Billberry  nor  Chokeberry.) 

Bilgraad;  see  Belgrade. 

Bill;  see  Junction. 

Bill;  Creek  and  Peak,  Coos  County, 
Oreg.     (Not  Bills.) 

Bill  Williams;  see  Williams. 

Billings;  Glacier  Passage  Canal,  Prince 
William  Sound,  Alaska. 

Billy;  see  Pone. 

Billys;  Island,  at  the  northwestern  ex- 
tremity of  Bloodsworth  Island,  Dor- 
chester County,  Md.  (Not  Billie's 
nor  Billy's.) 

Biltabito;  Settlement  and  Spring,  in 
extreme  northwestern  corner  of  San 
Juan  County,  N.  Mex. 

Bimans;  see  By  num. 

Bimerick;  Creek,  Ts.  33  and  34,  N.,  R. 
8  E.,  tributary  to  Lochsa  River  from 
the  north,  Idaho  County,  Idaho. 
(Not  Little  Bear  nor  White  Bear.) 

Biniimu;  Island  (To),  lat.  36°  58'  N., 
long.  125°  50'  E.,  western  coast  of 
Chosen  (Korea).  (Not  Pang  ul 
syom  nor  Pangulsyom.) 

Binne water;  Pond,  Greenville  Town, 
Orange  County,  N.  Y.  (Not  Banty- 
water,  Bennets  Water,  Benin  Water, 
nor  Bennie  Water.) 

Binney;  Creek,  T.  46  N.,  Rs.  4  and  5 
E.,  tributary  to  Slate  Creek  from 
southeast,  west  of  Lookout  Point 
Mountain,   Shoshone  County,  Idaho. 

Binue;  River,  tributary  to  Niger  River, 
west  Africa.  (Not  Benu^,  Benuwe, 
Binou^,  Chadda,  nor  Tadda.) 

Binum;  see  By  num. 

Biorka;  sunken  rock  or  reef  at  south- 
ern point  of  entrance  to  Sitka  Sound, 

Bique;  see  Vique. 

Birch;  Lake,  between  Basswood  and 
Carp  Lakes,  Lake  County,  Minn.,  and 
Rainy  River  District,  Ontario,  In- 
ternational Boundary  (between  Min- 
nesota and  Ontario). 

Birch;  see  Steamboat. 

Birch  Cooley;  Township,  Renville 
County,  Minn.     (Not  Birch  Coolie.) 

Birchdale;  Township,  Todd  County, 
Minn.     (Not  Birch  Dale.) 

Birchrunville;  Village,  West  Vincent 
Township,  Chester  County,  Pa.  (Not 
Birch  Run  Ville  nor  Birch  Runville.) 

♦Bird  City;  City,  Cheyenne  County, 
Kans.     (Not  Bird.) 

Bird;  see  Arch;  Pajarito. 

Birds;  Point,  on  Mississippi  River, 
near  Cairo,  Mississippi  County,  Mo. 
(Not  Bird's.) 

Birdseye;  Town,  Dubois  Countj',  Ind. 
(Not  Birds  Eye.) 

Birthday;  see  Stimpsons. 

Biru;  see  Peru. 

Biryuch;  Island  and  Light,  western 
shore  of  Sea  of  Azof.  (Not  Beriuch, 
Berutch,  Biriutchi,  nor  Birjutsch.) 

Biscay ne;  Bay,  Dade  County,  Fla., 
opening  into  Atlantic  Ocean.  (Not 
Key  Biscayne  Bay  nor  Bay  Key  Bis- 
cayne. ) 



Biscoe;  Creek,  St.  Marys  County,  Md. 
(Not  Briscoe's.) 

Bishop;  Light,  Mississippi  River,  Perry 
Count j%  Mo.     (Not  Bishop's.) 

Bishop;  see  Ignacio. 

Bishop  and  Clerks;  Light,  Nantucket 
Sound,  Mass.  (Not  Bishop  and 
Clerk's. ) 

Bishop  Head;  Cape  and  Town,  Hooper 
Strait,  Chesapeake  Bay,  Dorcliester 
County.  Md.     (Not  Bishop's  Head.) 

Bismarck;  City,  Burleigh  County,  Capi- 
tal of  North  Dakota.    ( Not  Bismark. ) 

Bismarck;  Town  and  Township,  Cum- 
ing County,  Nebr.      (Not  Bismark.) 

Bismarck;  Township,  Platte  County, 
Nebr.     (Not  Bismark.) 

Bismarck;  Township,  Sibley  County, 
Minn.     (Not  Bi^^mark.) 

Bismarck;  Village,  Grant  County,  W. 

•    A'a.      (Not  Bismark.) 

Bison;  Mountain,  Tarryall  Moun- 
tains, Park  County,  Colo. 

Bison;  Mountain,  Glacier  County, 

Bissell;  Village,  Hunterdon  County, 
N.  J.     (Not  Apgars  Corner.) 

Bitsihuitsos;  Butte,  Navajo  Indian 
Reservation,  west  of  Chinle  Valley, 
lat.  36°  25',  Apache  County,  Ariz. 
(Not  Pitsehytso.) 

Bitter;  Creek,  an  intermittent  stream 
heading  in  southwestern  corner  of  T. 
11  N.,  R,.  24  W.,  S.  B.  M.,  and  flow- 
ing diagonally  toward  the  northeast 
across  the  township,  Kern  County, 

Bitter  Root;  see  Bitterroot. 

Bitter  Root;  see  Clark  Fork;  North 

Bitterroot;  River,  ri.-^ing  in  Beaver- 
head Mountains  of  the  Bitterroot 
Range,  flowing  north  through  Rav- 
alli County  and  emptying  into  Clark 
Fork  about  4  miles  west  of  Missoula, 
Missoula  County,  Mont.  (Not  Bit- 
ter Root.) 

Bitterroot;  see  Clark  Fork. 

Bitterroot  Range;  extends  from  Clark 
Fork  on  the  northwest  to  Monida, 
the  crossing  on  the  Oregon  Short 
Line  on  the  southeast,  including  all 

Bitter  water;  Creek,  heading  in  south- 
eastern corner  of  T.  28  S.,  R.  18  E., 
San  Luis  Obispo  County,  and  flow- 
ing into  the  San  Joaquin  Valley  in 
northwest  quarter,  T.  27  S.,  R.  19  E., 
Kern  County,  Calif. 

Bitterwater;  Valley,  of  Bitterwater 
Creek,  from  southwestern  corner  of 
T.  27  S.,  R.  18  E.,  to  its  ebouchment, 
Kern  County,  Calif.  (Not  Palo 

Bivalve;  Railroad  Station,  Cumber- 
land County,  N.  J.  (Not  Long 
Reach. ) 

Bjelkow;  Bjelski;  see  Belkof. 

Black;  Buttes,  between  Deming  and 
Thunder  Glaciers,  Mount  Baker, 
Whatcom  County,  Wash. 

Black;  Canyon,  about  27^  miles  from 
Me  a.  near  Apache  Trail,  Maricopa 
County,  Ariz. 

Black;  Lake,  Ts.  35  and  36  N.,  Rs.  1 
and  2  E.,  Cheboygan  County,  Mich. 
(Not  Cheboygan.) 

Black;  Lake,  in  Glacier  Gorge,  sec.  35, 
T.  4  N.,  R.  74  W.,  Fouthwest  corner 
of  Larimer  County,  Colo. 

Black;  Mesa,  Hopi  and  Navajo  Indian 
Reservations,  Ariz.  Not  Zilh-le-jini 
nor  Zilth-le-jini.) 

Black;  Mountain,  Kenai  Peninsula, 

Black;  Mountains,  Mohave  County, 
Ariz.     (Not  Ute.) 

Black;  Mountain,  Park  County,  Colo. 
(Not  Basaltic.) 

Black;  Mountain,  2  miles  east  of  Bear 
Lake,  Rich  County,  Utah.  (Not 
Kimballs  Peak  nor  Lakeview  Peak.) 

Black;  Reef,  about  1  mile  east  North 
Head,  entrance  Iliamna  Bay,  north- 
ern shore  Kamishak  Bay,  south- 
western coast  Cook  Inlet,  Alaska. 

*  Black;  River  and  Village,  Yukon 
Delta,  Alaska.  (Not  Kipniak  nor 
Kipniuk. ) 

Black;  River,  draining  Black  Lake, 
and  floAving  into  Cheboygan  River, 
Cheboygan  County,  Mich.  (Not  Che- 
boygan nor  Lower  Black.) 

Black;  River,  Clark  County,  Wis. 
(Not  Poplar.) 



Black;  Rock,  in  Khaz  Bay,  southwest- 
ern coast  of  Chichagof  Islands, 

Black;  see  Blake;  Dead. 

Black  Bear;  Creek,  head  of  Union  Bay, 
Ernest  Sound,  western  part  Cleve- 
land Peninsula,  Southeastern  Alaska. 

Black  Bluff;  Precinct,  Sumter  County, 
Ala.     (Not  Blacks  Bluff.) 

Black  Butte;  Peak,  top  of  Gravelly 
Range,  T.  11  S.,  R.  2  W.,  Madison 
National  Forest,  Madison  County, 
Mont.     (Not  Pyroxene.) 

Black  Butte;  see  Cone. 

Black  Cross;  Butte,  south  of  Fish 
Creek  Village,  Maricopa  County, 

Black  Head;  see  Makahoa. 

Black  Jack;  Peak  (altitude  6,027 
feet),  sec.  34,  T.  45  N.,  R.  8  E.,  be- 
tween Bruin  and  Tumbledown 
Creeks,   Shoshone  County,   Idaho. 

Black  Knob;  Butte,  north  bank  of 
Little  Colorado  River,  Coconino 
County,   Ariz. 

Black  Pinnacle;  Butte,  east  of  Can- 
yon del  Muerto,  and  south  of  Tu- 
nitcha  Mountains,  Apache  County, 

Black  Point;  Pond,  Marthas  Vineyard, 
Mass.     (Not  Ukiesa  nor  Uquiesa.) 

Black  Rock;  Range  of  Mountains, 
west  of  Black  Rock  Desert,  Hum- 
boldt County,  Nev.  (Not  Harlequin 

Black  Stocks;  see  Blackstock. 

Blackberry;  River,  Litchfield  County, 
Conn.  (Not  Blackburn  nor  Black- 

Blackbird;  BlackUrd  Station;  see 

Blackburn;  Mountain  (altitude  16,140 
feet),  near  Copper  River,  Alaska. 

Blackcreek;  Township,  Mercer  County, 
Ohio.     (Not  Black  Creek.) 

Blackdome;  Peak,  sec.  15,  T.  42  N.,  R. 
5  E.,  between  Cedar  and  Foehl 
Creeks,  Shoshone  County,  Idaho. 

Blackfeet;  Glacier,  Glacier  County, 
Mont.     (Not  Blackfoot.) 

Blackfoot;  see  Garnet. 

Blackfoot  Country;  see  Avon. 

Blackhawk;  Lake,  Egan  Township^ 
Dakota  County,  Minn.  (Not  Down- 

Blackhawk;  Mountain  (altitude  9,998 
feet),  1^  miles  northwest  of  Douglas 
Peak,  sees.  12  and  13,  T.  3  S.,  R.  72: 
W.,  5  miles  east  of  Blackhawk,  on. 
the  line  between  Gilpin  and  Jeffer- 
son Counties,  Colo. 

Blackhawk;  Village,  Meade  County, 
S.  Dak.     (Not  Black  Hawk.) 

Blackhead;  Peak,  in  San  Juan  Moun- 
tains, Archuleta  County,  Colo.  (Not 

Blackhorse;  Creek,  south  of  Carrizo- 
Mountains,  draining  east  into  Red 
Wash,  Apache  County,  Ariz. 

Blackhouse;  see  Backhouse. 

Blackinton;  Village,  Berkshire  Coun- 
ty, Mass.     (Not  Blackington.) 

Blackistone ;  see  Blakistone. 

Blacklick;  Railroad  Station  and  Town- 
ship, Indiana  County,  Pa.  (Not 
Black   Lick.) 

Blackman;  Stream,  flowing  from  Che- 
mo  Pond.  Penobscot  County,  Me. 
(Not  Chemo  nor  Nichols.) 

Blackrock;  Peak,  T  17  N.,  R,  22  W.^ 
on  divide  between  Ninemile  Creek 
and  former  Flathead  Indian  Reser- 
vation, Missoula  and  Sanders  Coun- 
ties, Mont. 

Blacks;  Creek,  tributary  to  Green 
River,  Lincoln,  Sweetwater,  and 
Uinta  Counties,  Wyo.,  and  Summit 
County,  Utah.  (Not  Black  nor 
Blacks    Fork.) 

Blacks;  Island,  in  Ohio  River,  near 
New  Cumberland,  Hancock  County, 
W.   Va.      (Not  Black's.) 

Blackstock;  Railroad  Station,  Chester 
County,  S.  C.     (Not  Black  Stocks.) 

Blackstone;  Bay,  eastern  end  of  Pas- 
sage Canal,  west  of  Cochrane  Point, 
near  lat.  60°  40',  long.  148°  30'. 
northwestern  part  Prince  William 
Sound,   Alaska. 

Blackstone;  Point,  southern  side 
Blackstone  Bay,  at  junction  witb 
Passage  Canal,  northwestern  part 
Prince  William  Sound,  Alaska. 



Blacktail;  Creek,  T.  54  N.,  R.  3  E., 
tributary  to  Deer  Creek  from  north, 
Shoshone  County,  Idaho. 

Blacktail;  Hills,  southwest  of  Marias 
Pass,   Flathead  County,   Mont. 

Blacktail;  Mountains,  SE.  i  T.  26  N., 
R.  22  W.,  Flathead  County,  Mont. 

Blacktail;  principal  Valley  in  Powell 
Plateau,  Coconino  County,  Ariz. 

Blackwall;  Mountain,  Ouray  County, 

Blackwalnut;  Point,  north  point  of  en- 
trance to  Choptank  River,  Talbot 
County,  Md.     (Not  Lows.) 

BlacJcwalnut;  see  Grays. 

Blackwell;  Glacier,  Ts.  28  and  29  N., 
R.  32  W.,  Lincoln  County,  Mont. 
(Not  Van  Buren.) 

Blackwells;  Island  in  East  River,  New 
York  City,  N.  Y.     (Not  Blackwell's.) 

Blain;  Borough,  Perry  County,  Pa. 
(Not  Blaine.) 

Blaine;  see  Mount  Sneffels. 

31air  Gap;  Village,  Sullivan  County, 
Tenn.     (Not  Blairs  Gap.) 

:Blake;  Brook,  Epsom  Town,  Merri- 
mack County,  N.  H.  (Not  Blake 
Cass  Pond,  Hall,  nor  Mountain.) 

Blake;  Creek,  Waupaca  County,  Wis. 
(Not  Black  Brook  nor  Blake's.) 

Blake;  Island,  at  .south  end  of  Blake 
Channel,  near  lat.  56°  10',  near  main- 
land, Southern  Alaska.     (Not  Ham.) 

Blake  Point;  Peninsula,  forming  the 
west  head,  Sippican  Harbor,  Plym- 
outh County,  Mass.  (Not  Charles 

JBlakeley;  see  Beckley. 

Blakeley;   see  Blakely. 

Blakely;  Railroad  Station,  Scott  Coun- 
ty, Minn.     (Not  Blakeley.) 

Blakely;  Rock,  in  Puget  Sound,  7 
miles  west  from  Seattle,  Kitsap 
County,  Wash.     (Not  Blakeley.) 

Blakely;  Township,  Geary  County, 
Kans.     (Not  Blakeley.) 

Blakistone;  Island,  in  Potomac  River, 
St.  Marys  County,  Md.  (Not  Blacki- 
stone. ) 

Blakley;  see  Beckley. 

Blanco;  Cape,  lat.  21**  N.,  western 
coast  Africa.  (Not  South  Cape 
Blanco. ) 

Blanco;    Cape,    Curry    County,    Oreg. 

(Not  Orford.) 
Bland;  Village,  county  seat  of  Bland 

County,  Va.     (Not  Seddon.) 
Blanquizal;  Islands,   off  the  coast  of 

Prince  of  Wales  Island,  Alaska. 
Blennerhassett;  Island,  in  Ohio  River 

near  Parkersburg,  Wood  County,  W. 

Va.     (Not   Blennerhassett's.) 
Blewflelds;  see  Bluefields. 
Bligh  Island;  Reef,  near  Bligh  Island, 

Blijni;  see  Great  Liakof. 
BUschul;  see  Great  Liakof. 
Blissfield;  Township  and  Village,  Len- 
awee    County,     Mich.     (Not    Bliss- 

Blissville;  see  Blissfield. 
Blitchton;    Village,    M^fion    County, 

Fla.      (Not  Blichton.) 
Block;  Light,  Mississippi  River,  Perry 

County,  Mo.     (Not  Block's.) 
Blocton;  Precinct,  Bibb  County,  Ala. 

(Not   Blockton.) 
Blodget;  Hill,  in  Coeymans  Town,  Al- 
bany county,  N.  Y.     (Not  Blodgett.) 
Bloodsworth;    Island,   in   Chesapeake 

Bay,  Dorchester  County,  Md.     (Not 

Bloody  Dick;  see  Big  Hole. 
Bloomfield;    Town,    Greene    County, 

Ind.     (Not  Bloomington.) 
Bloomfield;  see  South  Bloomfield. 
Blooming  Grove;  Township,  Richland 

County,     Ohio.        (Not     Blooming- 
grove.  ) 
Bloomington,  Ind.;  see  Bloomfield. 
Bloomington,  N.  J.;  see  South  Bound- 
Blount;  Creek,  Beaufort  County,  N.  C. 

(Not    Blount's    Bay    nor    Blounts 

Bloyd;  Mountain,  Washington  County, 

Ark.     (Not  Bloyed!  nor  Bloyd's.) 
Blue;  Fiord,  Port  Nellie  Juan,  Prince 

William   Sound,  Alaska. 
Blue;  Lake,  on  shelf,  east  side  Glacier 

Gorge,  sec.  36,  T.  4  N.,  R.  74  W., 

Larimer  County,  Colo. 
Blue;  see  Cheaha;  Vaca;   Quartzlte. 
Blue    Mountain;    see    Mount    Sutro; 

Mount  Vaca. 



Blue  Mountains;  includes  all  the 
mountains  of  northeastern  Oregon 
and  extending  into  Washington  to 
the  bend  of  Snake  River,  with  the 
exception  of  the  Wallowa  Moun- 

Blue  Point  Towhead;  Post  Light,  Mis- 
sissippi River,  Crittenden  County, 
Ark.     (Not  Blues'  Point  Tow-Head.) 

Blue  Ridge;  includes  the  ridge  extend- 
ing from  a  few  miles  north  of  Har- 
pers Ferry  to  northern  Georgia. 

Blue  River;  see  Keysor. 

Blue  Store;  Village,  Columbia  County, 
N.  Y.     (Not  Blue  Stores.) 

Blueberry;  Hill,  Woburn  City,  Middle- 
sex County,  Mass.  (Not  Mount 

Bluebird;  Creek,  T.  37  N.,  Rs.  25  and 
26  W.,  tributary  to  Wigwam  Creek 
at  its  junction  with  Wolverine 
Creek,  Lincoln  County,  Mont. 

Bluebird;  Lake,  in  sees.  26  and  27,  T. 
3  N.,  R.  74  W.,  draining  into  Ouzel 
Creek,  Boulder  County,  Colo. 

Bluefields;  Seaport  of  Nicaragua,  Cen- 
tral America.     (Not  Blewfields.) 

Bluehill;  Township,  Sherburne  County, 
Minn.     (Not  Blue  Hill.) 

Bluff;  Point,  the  eastern  head  of  Mum- 
ford  Cove,  Fishers  Island  Sound, 
Conn.     (Not  Fishing  Rocks.) 

Bluff;  see  Crag;  Roundtop. 

*  Bluff  City;  City,  Harper  County, 
Kans.      (Not  Bluff.) 

Bluffdale;  Town,  Greene  County,  111. 
(Not  Bluff  Dale.) 

Bluiya;  see  Nan. 

Blunts;  Reef,  off  Cape  Mendocino, 
Humboldt  County,  Calif.  (Not 

Blunts;  see  Smith. 

Boaz;  Mountain,  sec.  34,  T.  39  S.,  R. 
3  W.,  Jackson  County,  Oreg.  (Not 

Bohrof;  BoWovoi;  Bobrow;  see  Doug- 

Bobs;  Creek,  Lincoln  County,  Mo. 
(Not  Bobbs  nor  Bob's.) 

Boca  Juana;  Point,  northern  coast  of 
Porto  Rico.     (Not  Boca  Juan.) 

Bochara;  see  Bokhara. 

Bockatonorton;  see  Brockatonorton. 

Bodie;  Island,  east  of  Roanoke  Island, 
Dare  County,  N.  C.     (Not  Body's.) 

Bodkin;  see  Long. 

Bodwitch;  Point,  northwest  end 
Estero  Island,  Lee  County,  Fla. 
(Not  Bowditch.) 

Bogachiel;  River,  Clallam  and  Jeffer- 
son Counties,  and  Village,  Jefferson 
County,  Wash.      (Not  Bosachiel.) 

Bogastow;  Brook,  Middlesex  and  Nor- 
folk Counties,  Mass.  (Not  Bogges- 
tow   nor   Boggistere.) 

Bogdo-Kuren;  Bogdo  Lama  en  Huroc; 
see  Urga. 

Boggs;  Island,  Ohio  River,  Belmont 
County,  Ohio,     (Not  Boggs'.) 

Bogliaz;  see  Bosporus. 

Bogoslof;  Island,  Bering  Sea,  NW.  of 
Unala-ka,  Alaska.  (Not  Agashagok 
nor  Saint  John  Bogoslov.) 

Bogue;  see  Coatue. 

Bogue-Hays ;  see  Hays. 

Bogy;  Post  Light,  Mississippi  River, 
Ste.  Genevieve  County,  Mo.  (Not 
Bogy's. ) 

BoJieo ;  see  Tayuling. 

Boidarkin;  see  Kutchuma. 

Boil ;  see  Mohican. 

Boiling;  Spring,  Navajo  County,  Ariz. 

Boilston;  see  BoyUton. 

Bois  Blanc;  see  Basswood. 

Bois  Brule;  River,  Douglas  County, 
Wis.     (Not  Brule.) 

Bois  Brule;  see  Brule. 

Bois  d'Arc;  Creek,  tributary  to  Blue 
River  from  the  northwest,  sec.  28,  T. 
5  S.,  R.  9  E.,  Bryan  County,  Okla. 

Bois  d'Arc;  Creek,  Ellis  County,  Tex. 

Bois  d'Arc;  Town,  Greene  County.  Mo. 

Bois  d'Arc;  Township,  Montgomery 
County,  111. 

Bois  d'Arc;  see  East  Fork  Trinity; 

Bois  de  Sioux;  River,  Minn.,  N.  Dak., 
and  S.  Dak.,  flowing  north  from 
Lake  Traverse  to  Wahpeton,  where 
it  joins  Otter  Tail  River  to  form  Red 
River.  Forms  part  of  the  boundary 
between  Minnesota  and  the  Dakotas. 
(Not  Boise  de  Sioux,  Bois  des  Sioux, 
Sioux  Wood,  nor  Siouxwood.) 

Boise;  City,  Ada  County,  Idaho.  (Not 
Bois6  City.) 





Bokescreek;  Township,  Logan  County, 
Ohio.     (Not  Bolies  Creely) 

Bokhara;  City  and  County  of  Turkes- 
tan, Central  Asia.  (Not  Bochara, 
Boukara,  Buchara,  Bueharia,  Buk- 
liara,  nor  Oozbel<;istan.) 

Bola  Chitto;  Bolla  Chico ;  see  Hobo- 

Bolam;  Creels  and  Glacier  on  Mount 
Shasta,  Calif.     (Not  Bulam.) 

Bolan;  Creek,  Lake,  and  Mountain, 
southern  part  Josephine  County, 
Greg.     (Not  Bolland  nor  Bollon.) 

Bolar;  Village,  Bath  County,  Va.  (Not 
Boler  Springs.) 

Bolcan;  see  Volcan. 

Bolden;  Run,  Franklin  Township,  Fay- 
ette County,  Pa.     (Not  Boland.) 

Bolens;  see  Bowlens. 

Bolinas;  Bay,  Township,  and  Village, 
Marin  County,  Calif.  (Not  Ballenas 
nor  Baulenas.) 

Bolitas;  .'ree  Bulls  Head. 

Bolivar;  Railroad  Station,  Jackson 
County,  Ala.     (Not  Widow's.) 

Bolland;  see  Boland. 

Bollier;  see  Bullion. 

Bollon;  see  Bolan. 

Bolsa  de  Chamisal;  Land  Grant,  San 
Luis  Obispo  County,  Calif.  (Not 
Bolsa  de  Chemisal  nor  Chemisal.) 

Bolshoi;  Island,  Nazan  Bay,  Atka 
Island,  Aleutian  Islands,  Alaska. 
(Not  Bomshoi  nor  Large.) 

Bolshoi;  see  Manby. 

Boltin;  Cape,  lat.  40°  50'  N.,  long. 
129°  44'  E.,  eastern  coast  of  Chosen 
(Korea).     (Not  Boltina  nor  Bruat.) 

Boltina;  see  Boltin. 

Bombay  Hook;  Point,  Delaware  River, 
Kent  County,  Del.  (Not  False  Lis- 
ton's  Point.) 

Bompas;  see  Bonpas. 

Bompass;  see  Bumpass. 

Bomshoi;  see  Bolshoi. 

Bon  Homme;  County  and  Precinct,  S. 
Dak.     (Not  Bonhomme.) 

Bon  Secours;  Bay,  Precinct,  and  River, 
Baldwin  County,  Ala.  (Not  Bonese- 
cours  nor  Bon^ecours.) 

Bona:  see  Bone. 

*  Bonaire;    Island,    one   of   the   Dutch 

West  Indian  Islands,  in  the  Carib- 
bean Sea,  off  the  coast  of  Venezuela. 
(Not  Buen  Ayre.) 

*  Bonanza;  Peak  (altitude  9,500  feet), 

Chelan     County,    Wash.     (Not    Mt. 

Goode  nor  North  Star  Mountain.) 
Bonaventure;   Town,   near   Savannah, 

Chatham    County,    Ga.     (Not    Bone 

Venture. ) 
Bonbrook;  Creek,  Cumberland  County, 

Va.     (Not  Bondbrook.) 
Boncombe;   see  Buncombe. 
Bond;  see  Bondsville. 
Bondin;    Township,    Murray    County, 

Minn.     (Not  Bowdin.) 

*  Bondsville;    Village,    Palmer    Town, 

Hampden  County,  Mass.    (Not  Bond- 

ville  nor  Bond's.) 
BondvUle;  see  Bondsville. 
B6ne;  see  Bone. 
Bone;  City,   coast  of  Algeria,  Africa. 

(Not  Bona  nor  Bone.) 
Bone;  Lake,  Polk  County,  Wis.     (Not 

Bonet. ) 
Bone;    River,    emptying   into    Willapa 

Bay,  between  Stony  Point  and  Palix 

River,  Pacific  County,  Wash.      (Not 

Querquellin  nor  Querquillin.) 
Bonebey;  see  Ponape. 
Bone  Cave;  Village,  Van  Buren  Coun- 
ty, Tenn.     (Not  Big  Bone  Cave.) 
Bonehead;  Hill,  sec.  11,  T.  44  N.,  R. 

5  E.,  Shoshone  County,  Idaho. 
Bonell;  Gulch,  Mariposa  County,  Calif. 

(Not  Bonnel.) 
Bonet;  see  Bone. 
Bonilla;  see  Smith. 
Bonin;  Bonin  Shima;  see  Ogasawara. 
Bonita;    Point,    at    entrance    to    San 

Francisco  Bay,  Marin  County,  Calif. 

(Not  Boneta.) 
Bonito;    Canyon,    at    Fort    Defiance, 

Apache  County,  Ariz.     (Not  Bonita.) 
Bonner;      County,      Idaho.     (Formed 

March,  1907,  from  part  of  Kootenai 

County. ) 
Bonneterre;     Railroad      Station,      St. 

Francois  County,  Mo.     (Not  Bonne 

Terre  nor  Bontear.) 
Bonnie    Boon;    Village,    Santa    Cruz 

County,  Calif.     (Not  Bonny  Doon.) 



Bono;  Cape,  (Misaki),  southwestern 
coast  of  Kiiishn,  Japan.  (NotBono- 
misaki  nor  Me.) 

Bonomisaki;  see  Bono. 

Bonpas;  Creek,  Edwards,  Richland, 
and  Wabash  Counties;  and  Town- 
ship, Richland  County,  111.  (Not 
Bompas  nor  Bonpass. 

Bonsecours;  see  Bon  Secours. 

Bontear;  see  Bonneterre. 

Boo-koo-dot-klis?i ;  see  Dot  Klish. 

Boon;  Railroad  Station,  Wexford 
County,  INIich.     (Not  Boone.) 

Boorman;  Creek,  eastern  part  of  T.  28 
N.,  R.  23  W\,  east  of  Ashley  Lake, 
Flathead  County,  Mont. 

Boot;  Island,  south  of  Coryell  Island, 
Mackinac  County,  Mich.  (Not  Boot- 

Booth;  Point,  Mississippi  River,  Dyer 
County,    Tenn.     (Not    Booth's.) 

Boothbay;  Harbor,  Town,  and  Village, 
Lincoln  County,  Me.  (Not  Booth 

Boothby  Hill;  Village,  Harford  Coun- 
ty, Md.     (Not  Boothby  hill.) 

Boothpoint;  Light,  on  Mississippi 
River,  Dyer  County,  Tenn.  (Not 
Booth's   Point.) 

*Boothspoint;  Village,  Dyer  County, 
Tenn.  (Not  Boothix>int  nor  Booths 

Boquet;  see   Bouquet. 

Borden  Plats;  Lighthouse  and  Sunken 
Bank,  Mount  Hope  Bay,  Bristol 
County,  Mass.  (Not  Borden's  Flats.) 

Borneo;  Island,  Malay  Archipelago. 
(Not  Brauni,  B'rni,  Brunai,  nor 
Brune. ) 

Bosachiel;  see  Bogachiel. 

Bosna-Seria;  see  Serajevo. 

*  Bosporus;  Strait,  between  Black  Sea 
and  Sea  of  Marmora,  Europe.  (Not 
Boghaz,  Bosphorus,  nor  Strait  of 

Bostick;  Creek,  sees.  16,  21,  28,  29, 
and  32,  T.  162  N.,  R.  32  W.,  fifth 
principal  meridian,  flowing  into  Four 
Mile  Bay  of  Lake  of  the  Woods  just 
west  of  mouth  of  Rainy  River,  Minn. 
(Not  Bostedt,  Bostic,  Bostik,  Buster, 
nor  Bustig.) 

Bostwick;  Bay,  in  Gardners  Bay,  east 
end  of  Long  Island,  N.  Y.  (Not 
Bostwick's. ) 

Bostwick;  Point,  projecting  from  east 
side  Gravina  Island  into  Nichols 
Passage,  forming  north  side  of  mouth 
of  Bostwick  Inlet,  Alexander  Archi- 
pelago, Southeastern  Alaska. 

Bot;  see  Bat. 

Bothell;  Town,  King  County,  Wash. 
(Not  Sothell.) 

Bottle;  Portage,  between  Iron  Lake 
and  Lac  LaCroix,  Rainy  River  Dis- 
trict, Ontario,  International  Bound- 
ary (between  Minnesota  and  On- 
tario).    (Not  Potrage  des  Flacons.) 

Bottom;  Creek,  north  fork  Burnt 
Cabin  Creek,  T.  51  N.,  R.  2  W. 
Kootenai  County,  Idaho. 

Boucher;  Trail,  Grand  Canyon  of  the 
Colorado,  Coconino  County,  Ariz. 

Bougere;  Landing,  Mississippi  River, 
and  Village,  Concordia  Parish,  La. 
(Not  Boug6re's.) 

Bougher;  Town,  Burlington  County, 
N.  J.     (Not  Centerton.) 

Boukara;  see  Bokhara. 

Boulder;  County  Seat  of  Jefferson 
County,  Mont.  (Not  Boulder  Val- 

Boulder;  Creek,  Matanuska  Valley,  40 
miles  northeast  of  Knik  Arm  of 
Cook  Inlet,  Alaska.  (Not  Schoon- 
hoven  nor  Schoonoven.) 

Boulder;  Creek,  tributary  to  Tanana 
River  from  the  north,  Alaska.  (Not 
Fish  nor  Guthna.) 

Boulder;  Creek,  Grand  Canyon  of  the 
Colorado,  Coconino  County,  Ariz. 

Boulder;  Glacier,  southeastern  slope 
Mount  Baker,  Whatcom  County, 

Boulder;  Mountain  (altitude  8,500 
feet),  consisting  of  two  peaks,  4 
miles  south  of  Boulder,  in  sees.  13 
and  14,  23  and  24,  T.  1  S.,  R.  71  W., 
Boulder  County,  Colo. 

Boulder,  Alaska ;  see  Karpa. 

Boulder,  Colo. ;  see  Rollins. 

Boulder  Field;  small  park  between  and 
north  of  Storm  Peak  and  Mount 
Lady  Washington.  Larimer  County, 



Bouldyr;  see  Buldir. 

Boundary;  Channel,  between  Virginia 
shore  and  Columbia  Island,  just 
above  the  Highway  Bridge,  Potomac 

Boundary;  Creek,  tributary  to  Yukon 
River  from  the  west,  Alaska,  near 
InternatiOi  il  Boundary  (between 
Alaska  and  Canada). 

Boundary;  see  Chuska. 

Bouquet;  Mountain,  Rivtr,  and  Vil- 
lage, Essex  County,  N.  Y.  (Not  Bo- 
quet. ) 

Bourbois;  Township,  Gasconade  Coun- 
ty, Mo.     (Not  Burbois.) 

Bourbon;  see  Reunion. 

Bourbonnais;  Village,  Kankakee  Coun- 
ty, 111.     (Not  Bourbonnais  Grove.) 

B  our  gas;  Bourgaz;  see  Burgas. 

Bourne;  Landing,  about  2  miles  west 
of  Rainier,  Columbia  County,  Oreg. 
(Not  Bournes.) 

Bouronov;  see  Burunof. 

Boussole;  see  Manby. 

Bowdin;  see  Bondin. 

Bowditch;  see  Bodwitch. 

Bowen;  Village,  Hancock  County,  til 
(Not  Bowensburg.) 

Bower  Mills;  Village,  Lawrence  Coun- 
ty, Mo.  (Not  Bowers  Mill  nor  Bow- 
ers Mills.) 

Bowie  Point;  Light,  Mississippi  River, 
Concordia  Parish,  La.  (Not 
Bowie's. ) 

Bowl  Factory;  see  Hamilton. 

Bowlens;  Creek  and  Mountain,  Yan- 
cey County,  N.  C.     (Not  Bolens.) 

Bowlers;  Ledge,  Rock,  and  Wharf, 
Rappahannock  River,  Essex  County, 
Va.     (Not  Bowler's.) 

Boivnians;  Bowman's;  see  Falmouth 

Bowser;  Creek,  flowing  into  Cook  In- 
let, Alaska. 

^00?;  see  Fish  Creek. 

Box;  Creek,  small  tributary  to  Two 
Medicine  River,  Glacier  County, 
Mont.     (Not  Canyon.) 

Box  Butte;  County  and  Precinct,  Nebr. 
(Not  Boxbutte.) 

Box  Elder;  see  Watkins. 

Box  Elder;  County,  Utah.  (Not  Box- 
elder.  ) 

14842—21 5 

Boxes;  see  Fryingpan. 

Boy-Assu;  see  Boyassu. 

Boyassu;  Island  and  Light,  Para  Estu- 
ary, State  of  Para,  Brazil.  (Not 
Boiassu,  Boiassd,  Boy-Assti,  Buiussu, 
Buiussti,  nor  Buyassu.) 

Boyd  Tavern;  Village,  Albemarle 
County,  Va.  (Not  Boyds  nor  Boyd's 
Old  Tavern.) 

Boyer;  Bluff,  north  end  of  Washing- 
ton Island,  Green  Bay,  Door  County, 
Wis.     (Not  Boyer's.) 

Boy  kins;  District  and  Town,  South- 
ampton County,  Va.    (Not  Boy  kin's.) 

Boylston;  Creek  and  Village,  Hender- 
son County,  N.  C.     (Not  Boilston.) 

Boyne;  City,  Charlevoix  County,  Mich. 

Brace;  Mountain,  Dutchess  County,  N. 
Y.      (Not  Monument.) 

Brackel;  see  Brakel. 

*Brackettville;  Village,  Kinney  Coun- 
ty,' Tex.     (Not  Brackett.) 

Braddock;  Bay  and  Point,  Lake  On- 
tario, Monroe  County,  N.  Y.  (Not 
Braddock's  nor  Manitou.) 

Bradford;  Landing  and  Light,  Kana- 
wha River,  Kanawha  County,  W. 
Va.     (Not  Bradford's.) 

Bradford;  see  Turner  Center. 

Bradley;  Landing  on  Mississippi  River, 
Crittenden  County,  Ark.  (Not  Brad- 

Bradley  Reserve;  Light,  Indian  River, 
Brevard  County,  Fla.  (Not  Brad- 
ley's Reserve.) 

Bradshaw;  Creek,  T.  9  S.,  R.  47  E., 
tributary  to  Powder  River  from 
west  near  the  Montana-Wyoming 
boundary.  Powder  River  County, 

Brady's;  see  Brandy. 

Braggadocio;  Town,  Pemiscot  County, 
Mo.     (Not  Braggadocia.) 

Brahma  Temple;  Peak,  Grand  Canyon 
of  the  Colorado,  Coconino  County, 

Brahmaputra;  River,  India.  (Not 
Brahmapootra    nor    Burrampooter. ) 

Braila;  Town  and  principal  Port  of 
Roumania.  (Not  Brahilov,  Brailoff, 
Brailov,  Brailow,  nor  Ibraila.) 



Brakel;  Creek,  Chenango  and  Cort- 
land Counties,  N.  Y.  (Not  Brackel 
nor  Braket.) 

Bramadero;  Bay,  western  coast,  be- 
tween Point  Guanajibo  and  Point 
Arenas,  P.  R.     (Not  Branca dero.) 

Brancadero;  see  Bramadero. 

Branch;  River,  rising  in  Brown  County 
and  entering  Manitowoc  River  about 
6  miles  from  its  mouth,  Manitowoc 
County,  Wis.  (Not  Center  nor  Cen- 

Brandenherg ;  see  Brandenburg. 

Brandenburg;  Town,  Meade  County, 
Ky.     (Not  Brandenberg. ) 

Brandon;  Railroad  Station,  Dekalb 
County,  Ala.     (Not  Collbran.) 

Brandy;  Pond,  Cumberland  County, 
Me.     (Not  Bay  of  Naples.) 

Brandy;  Run,  Erie  County,  Pa.  (Not 

♦Brandy;  Village,  Culpeper  County, 
Ya.     (Not  Brandy  Station.) 

Brandy  Station;  see  Brandy. 

*Brannock;  Bay,  Dorchester  County, 
Md.  (Not  Brannack,  Brannacks, 
Brannocks,  nor  Bronnack.) 

Brant;  Island,  Buzzards  Bay,  Plym- 
outh County,  Mass.    (Not  Brants.) 

Brant  Island;  Cove,  Buzzards  Bay, 
Plymouth  County,  Mass. 

Brants;  see  Brant. 

Brashear;  Town,  Adair  County,  Mo. 
(Not  Brashears.) 

Brauni;  see  Borneo. 

Bray;  Village,  Hancock  County,  Tenn. 
(Not  Brays.) 

Breach;  Inlet,  Charleston  County,  S. 
C.     (Not  Beach.) 

Breaker  No.  2;  see  Middle. 

Breaker  No.  3;  see  Khaz. 

Breaux  Bridge;  Town,  St.  Martin  Par- 
ish, La.     (Not  Breaux.) 

Breckenridge;  City,  Caldwell  County, 
Mo.     (Not  Breckinridge.) 

Breds;  see  Reeds. 

Breed;  see  Tanginak. 

Breed  Pond;  see  Silver. 

Bremerhaven;  Seaport  northern  Ger- 
many.    (Not  Bremerhafen. ) 

Bremo  Bluff;  Village,  Fluvanna  Coun- 
ty, Va.  (Not  Bremo  nor  Bremos 

Brender;  Canyon,  T.  23  N.,  R.  18  E.^ 
Chelan  County,  Wash.  (Not  Ben- 
der. ) 

Brenton;  Reef,  at  entrance  to  Narra- 
gansett  Bay,  Newport  County,  R.  I. 
(Not  Bren ton's.) 

Brentwood;  Lake,  east  of  Great  Arm 
of  Whale  Bay,  Baranof  Island, 
Southeastern  Alaska. 

Breslau;  City,  capital  of  Silesia,  Prus- 
sia.    (Not  Breslaw  nor  Breslou.) 

Breton;  Island  and  Sound,  Gulf  of 
Mexico,  southeast  of  New  Orleans, 
La.     (Not  Isle  au  Breton.) 

Brevoort;  Lake,  Mackinac  County, 
Mich.     (Not  Brevort  nor  Brevoart.) 

Breicard's;   see   Broward. 

Brewer;  Pond,  Penobscot  County,  Me. 
(Not  Orrington  Great.) 

Brewer;  see  Garfield. 

*  Brewster;  Precinct  and  Town,  Oka- 
nogan County,  Wash.  (Not  Bruster.) 

Brian;  Point,  Queen  Annes  County, 
Md.     (Not  Bryan.) 

Briary;  Cove,  Talbot  County,  Md. 
(Not  Briery.) 

Brickyard;  Brook,  Cheshire  County, 
N.  H.      (Not  Tilsey.) 

Brickyard;  Creek.  Beaufort  County, 
S.  C.     (Not  Brick  Yard.) 

Brickyard;  see  Nesenkeag. 

Bridge;  Canyon,  on  south  bank  of 
Colorado  River  near  long.  111°,  San 
.Tuan  County,  Utah. 

Bridge;  see  Bridges;  Williams. 

Bridge-House;    see   Cosumne. 

Bridges;  Creek,  emptying  into  Potomac 
River  above  Wakefield,  Westmore- 
land  County,   Va.     (Not  Bridge.) 

Bridgetown;  Capital  of  Barbados 
Island,  West  Indies.  (Not  Bridge 
Town. ) 

Brier;  Spring,  in  Grapevine  Mountains, 
Nye  County,  Nev.   (Not  Wild  Rose.) 

Brigadier's;  see  Sears. 

Briggs  Landing;  Post  Light,  Illinois 
River,  Schuyler  County,  111.  (Not 
Brigg's  Landing.) 

Bright  Angel;  Canyon,  Creek,  and 
Point,  Grand  Canyon  of  the  Colo- 
rado, Coconino  County,  Ariz. 



Brightman;  Food,   (salt)   in  Westerly 

Town,    Washington    County,    R.    I. 

(Not  Babcock,  Wardout,  nor  Wards.) 
Brig-hton;  Town,  Adams  County,  Colo. 

(Not  Hughes.) 
Brilhy ;  see  Riley. 
Brilliant;      Glacier,      Unakwik      Inlet 

Prince  William  Sound,  Alaska. 
Bring-ier;      Post      Light,      Mississippi 

River,  Ascension  Parish,  La.     (Not 

Bringier's. ) 
Briscoe's;  see  Biscoe. 
Bristow;  Creek,  T.  32  N.,  Rs.  29  and 

30  W.,  tributary  to  Kootenai  River 

from  the  west,  Lincoln  uounty,  Mont. 

*  Bristow;     Village,     Prince     William 

County,  Va.  (Not  Briscoe  nor  Bris- 

Bristoic;  see  Warland. 

Britannia;  Railroad  Station,  near 
Taunton,  Bristol  County,  Mass. 
(Not  Brittannia.) 

British  Central  Africa;  see  Nyasaland. 

British;  Mountain  Range  (small) ,  near 
Arctic  coast,  crossed  by  Interna- 
tional Boundary  (Between  Alaska 
and  Canada.) 

British  Kaffraria;  region  of  Southeast- 
ern Africa.   (Not  British  Caffraria.) 

B'rni ;   see  Borneo. 

Broad;  Island,  near  the  junction  of 
Hooniah  Sound  and  Peril  Strait, 
Southeastern  Alaska.  (Not  Cross- 
wise nor  Poperechnoi.) 

Broad;  Pass,  between  Holitna  and 
Jack  Rivers,  Alaska.  (Not  Caribou.) 

Broad;  see  Burunof. 

Broad  Marsh;  River,  Wareham  Town, 
Plymouth  County,  Mass.  (Not  Great 
Marsh  nor  Johnsons.) 

*  Broad  Top  City;  Borough,  Hunting- 

don County,  Pa.     (Not  Broadtop  nor 

Broad  Top.) 
Broad   Water;  see  Broadwater. 
Broadkill;  Creek,  Sussex  County,  Del. 

(Not  Broadkiln.) 
Broadtop;  Broad  Top;  see  Broad  Top 

Broadwater;     County,     Mont.       (Not 

Broad  Water.) 
Brockatonorton;     Bay,     Chincoteague 

Bay,  Worcester  County,  Md.      (Not 

Bockatonorton  nor  Parkers.) 

Brockman;  see  Poverty. 

Brockway;     Reach,     in     Connecticut 

River,  Conn.     (Not  Brockway's.) 
Brodhead;  Town,   Rockcastle  County, 

Ky.     (Not  Broadhead.) 
BrohaiDn;  Brokman;  see  Poverty. 
Broken;  Point,  southern  side  of  Uga- 

nik     Bay,     western     coast     Kodiak 

Island,  3|  miles  eastward  of  Miners 

Point,  Alaska.     (Not  Low.) 
Broken  Crater;  Hill,  sec.  9,  T.  7  S.,  R, 

41  E.,  Caribou  County,  Idaho. 
Bromfleld;   see   Giltner. 
Bronco;   Butte,   eastern   end   Vaquero 

Mesa,  Maricopa  County,  Ariz. 
Bronco;    Creek    and    Village,    Nevada 

County,  Calif.      (Not  Broncho.) 
Bronnack;  Bronnacks ;  see  Brannock. 
Bronson;  Creek,  Hancock  and  McDon- 

ough    Counties,    111.       (Not    Brown, 

Brunce's,    nor   Bruses.) 
Bronx  Kill;  Body  of  water,  between 

Bronx  Borough  and  Randalls  Island, 

New  York  City,  N.  Y.     (Not  Bronx 

Brooke;  Village,  Stafford  County,  Va, 

(Not  Brookes.) 
Brookhaven;  Village,  Suffolk  County^ 

N.  Y.     (Not  Brook  Haven.) 
Brooks;    Bar,    in    Ohio    River,    near 

Maysville,  Mason  County,  Ky.     (Not 

Brooks's. ) 
Brooks;    Creek,    Dorchester    County, 

Md.      (Not   Brook.) 
Brooks;  Island,  in  San  Francisco  Bay, 

Contra  Costa  County,  Calif.      (Not 

Rocky  nor  Sheep.) 
Brooks;  see  Kontrashibuna. 
Brooks    Point;    Post    Light,    Missis- 
sippi River,  Alexander  County,  IlL 

(Not  Brooks's.) 
Brookside;   Village,   Madison  County, 

111.      (Not  Brooks.) 
*Brooksville;  Town,  Bracken  County, 

Ky.     (Not  Brookville.) 
Broosa;  see  Brusa. 
Brothers;  see  Hermagos. 
Brothers  Valley;  Township,  Somerset 

County,  Pa.     (Not  Brothersvalley.) 
Broussa;   see   Brusa. 
Broward;  Islands,  Nassau  River,  Du- 
val  County,   Fla.      (Not  Breward's 

nor   Doctor's.) 



Brown;  Creek,  flowing  into  Cook  Inlet, 

Brown;  Mountain,  western  side  Nuka 

Island    Passage,    Kenai    Peninsula, 

Brown;   see   Bronson. 
Brown;    Peak    (altitude    2,768    feet), 

northern  side  Ursus  Cove,  Kamishak 

Bay,  southwestern  coast  Cook  Inlet, 

Brown  Mills;  see  Browns  Mills. 
Brown   Valley;    see    Browns    Valley; 

Indian  Wells. 
Browns;    Creek,    and    Island    in    St. 

Johns    River,    Duval    County,    Fla. 

(Not   Brown's.) 
Browns;  Creek,  Ts.  8  and  9  S.,  R.  13 

W.,     tributary    to     Painter    Creek, 

Beaverhead    County,    Mont.      (Not 

Right  Fork.) 
Browns;  Head,  in  Fox  Island  Thoro- 

fare,     Knox     County,     Me.        (Not 

Browns;  Island,  in   Ohio  River  near 

Steubenville,  Jefferson  County,  Ohio. 

(Not  Brown's.) 
Browns;  Reef,  in  Long  Island  Sound, 

near    New     Haven,     Conn.       (Not 

Brown's. ) 
Browns    Bank;    Shoal,    in    Plymouth 

Harbor,      Mass.        (Not      Brown's 

Browns     Creek;     Township,      Jewell 

County,      Kans.         (Not      Brown's 

Brovms;  see  Norumboga. 
Browns  Mill;  see  Cemochechobee. 
Browns     Mills;     Village,     Pemberton 

Township,  Burlington  County,  N.  J. 

(Not   Brown   Mills,   Brown's   Mills, 

Browns    Mills    in    the    Pines,    nor 

Browns  Mills-in-the-Pines. ) 
Brotvn's  Mills;  Brovms  Mills  in  the 
Pines;    Browns    Mills-inrthe-Pines ; 

see  Browns  Mills. 
Browns     Valley;     Village,     Traverse 

County,  Minn.     (Not  Brown  Valley 

nor  Brown's  Valley.) 
Broion's  Valley ;  see  Browns  Valley. 
Bruat;  see  Boltin. 
Bruin;  Bay,  Cook  Inlet,  Alaska.     (Not 


Bruin;  Creek,  Ts.  44  and  45  N.,  R.  8 
E.,  ti-ibutary  to  St.  Joe  River  from 
the  northeast,  Shoshone  County, 
Idaho.     (Not  Bear.) 

Brule;  River,  forming  part  of  bound- 
ary between  Michigan  and  Wiscon- 
sin.    (Not  Bois  Brule.) 

Brule;  see  Miramonte. 

Brunai;  Brune;  see  Borneo. 

Brunce's;  see  Bronson. 

Brunei;  Capital  and  native  State,  Bor- 
neo.    (Not  Borneo.) 

Brunet;  River,  tributary  to  Chippewa 
River,  Sawyer  County,  Wis.  (Not 
Brunette  nor  Burnett. 

Brunette;  see  Brunet. 

Brunot;  Island,  in  Ohio  River,  Alle- 
gheny County,  Pa.     (Not  Brunot's.) 

Brunswick  Center;  Village,  Rensselaer 
County,  N.  Y.  (Not  Center  Bruns- 
wick. ) 

Brusa;  City,  Asia  Minor.  (NotBroosa,,  Brussa,  nor  Bursa.) 

Brushy  Fork;  Stream,  Scioto  Town- 
ship, Jackson  County,  Ohio.  (Not 
Stump  Hill  Creek.) 

Bruster;  see  Brewster. 

Bryan;  see  Brian. 

Bryant;  Lake,  Eden  Prairie  Town- 
ship, Hennepin  County,  Minn.  (Not 
Long. ) 

Bryn  Mawr;  Village,  San  Bernardino 
County,  Calif.     (Not  Brynmawr.) 

Bryson;  Town,  Swain  County,  N.  C. 
(Not  Bryson  City  nor  Charleston.) 

Bucareli;  Bay,  western  side  of  Prince 
of  Wales  Island,  Southern  Alaska. 
(Not  Bucarelli,  Buccarelli,  nor  Buka- 

Bucatunna;  Creek,  Chirke  and  Wayne 
Counties,  and  Town,  Wayne  County, 
Miss.  (Not  Buckatanna,  Buckatan- 
ny,  Buckatonna,  Buckatunna,  nor 

Bucephalia;  Township,  Foster  County, 
N.  Dak.  (Not  Beauccphalia,  nor 

Bucliara;  Bucharia;  see  Bokhara. 

♦Bucharest;  Capital  of  Roumania. 
(Not  Bucarest,  Bukarest,  Bukharest, 
nor  Bukhorest.) 



Buck;  Creek,  rising  southwest  of  China 
Cap  and  tributary  to  North  Fork 
Catlierine  Creek  from  east,  Union 
County,  Oreg.     (Not  Squaw.) 

Buck;  Creek,  tributary  to  Gallatin 
River  from  west  about  3  miles  be- 
low Eldridge,  Gallatin  County, 
Mont.     (Not  Canyon.) 

Buck;  River,  Sandisfield  Town,  Berk- 
shire County,  Mass.  (Not  Buck  Hill 
nor  Buckhill.) 

Buck;  Rock,  Douglas  County,  Oreg. 

Buck;  see  Boaz  ;  Carleton  ;  Cleawox. 

Buck  Island;  Creek,  Albemarle  Coun- 
ty, Va.     (Not  Buck  Eyeland.) 

Buckalew;  Blufe,  St.  Johns  River,  Put- 
nam County,  Fla.     (Not  Buckalew's.) 

Buckets;  Island,  across  the  channel 
from  American  Point,  Northwest  An- 
gle Inlet,  Ontario,  Canada.  (Not 
Buckets  nor  Indian  Reserve  No. 

Buckeye;  Railroad  Station,  Stephen- 
son County,  111.     (Not  Buck  Eye.) 

Buckhead;  Town,  Morgan  County,  Ga. 
(Not  Buck  Head.) 

Buckhorn;  Town,  Brown  County,  III. 
(Not  Buck  Horn.) 

Buckland;  River,  tributary  to  Kotze- 
bue  Sound,  Northwestern  Alaska. 
(Not  Kunguk.) 

Buckles;  Mountain  (altitude  4,733 
feet),  sec.  16,  T.  52  N.,  R.  2  W., 
Kootenai  County,  Idaho. 

Buckley;  see  Beauclerc. 

Buckner;  Landing,  on  Mississippi 
River,  Mississippi  County,  Ark.  (Not 
Buckner's. ) 

Bucks;  see  Weldon. 

Budapest;  Capital  of  Hungary.  (Not 
Buda-Pesth. ) 

Budd;  Inlet,  Puget  Sound,  Thurston 
County,  Wash.     (Not  Budd's.) 

Budd;  Reef,  Long  Island  Sound,  south- 
west from  Norwalk,  Conn.  (Not 
Budd's. ) 

Buddha  Temple;  Peak,  Grand  Can- 
yon of  the  Colorado,  Coconino  Coun- 
ty, Ariz. 

Buel;  Lake,  Berkshire  County,  Mass. 
(Not  Six  Mile.) 

Buclah;  see  Beulah. 

Buell  Park;  Valley,  north  of  Fort  De- 
fiance, Apache  County,  Ariz.  (Not 
Buel  Is  Park.) 

Buen  Ayre;  see  Bonaire. 

Buena;  Railroad  Station,  Atlantic 
County,  N.  J.     (Not  Buena  Vista.) 

Buena  Ayres;  see  Buenos  Aires. 

Buena  Vista;  Creek,  main  watercourse 
of  Buena  Vista  Valley,  Kern  County, 

Buena  Vista;  Hills,  low  ridge  extend- 
ing from  northeast  quarter  of  T.  32 
S.,  R.  24  E.,  northwesterly  to  mid- 
dle of  T.  3i  S.,  R.  23  E.,  Kern  Coun- 
ty, Calif. 

Buena  Vista;  Valley,  lying  between 
two  ranges  comprising  Buena  Vista 
Hills  and  Elk  Hills,  Kern  County, 

Buenos  Aires;  Capital  and  Province, 
Argentina.     (Not  Buenos  Ayres.) 

Buenos  Ayres;  see  Buenos  Aires;  Cor- 
ral Hollow. 

Buffalo;  Peak,  Tarryall  Mountains, 
Park  County,  Colo.  (Not  Freemans.) 

Buffalo;  River,  rising  in  Newton 
County,  and  emptying  into  White 
River  in  Baxter  County,  Ark.  (Not 
Buffalo  Fork  of  White  River.) 

Buffalo  Fork  of  White  River;  see 

Buffalo  Gap;  Village,  Custer  County, 
S.   Dak.     (Not   Buffalogap.) 

Buffalogap;  see  Buffalo   Gap. 

Buffalo  Horn;  Creek,  tributary  to 
Gallatin  River  from  east,  T.  9  S., 
R.  4  E.,  Gallatin  County,  Mont 
(Not  Murray.) 

Bug-by  Hole;  Columbia  River,  Oreg. 
(Not  Rugby's  Hole.) 

Buiussu;  Buiussu;  see  Boyassu. 

Bukareli;  see  Bucareli. 

Bukarest ;  see  Bucharest. 

Bukhara;  see  Bokhara. 

Bukharest;  Bukhorest ;  see  Bucharest. 

Bukudo;  Bay,  northern  part  of  Tatong 
Bay,  western  coast  of  Chosen  (Ko- 
rea ) .     ( Not  Wachusett. ) 

Bula;  see  Beulah. 

Btilam;  see  Bolam. 

Buldir;  Island,  one  of  the  western 
Aleutians,  Alaska.     (Not  Bouldyr.) 

Buldyr;  see  Karpa. 



Bull;  Bay,  Alberiiiaiie  Sound,  Wash- 
ington County,  X.  C.     (Not  Bulls'.) 

Bull;  Island,  Calibogue  Sound,  Beau- 
fort County,  S.  C.     (Not  Bull's.) 

Bull  Run;  Town.  Northumberland 
County,  Pa.     (Not  Mandata.) 

BuUdogr;  Canyon,  southeast  of  South 
Peak,  opening  into  Montezuma 
Creek,  San  Juan  County,  Utah. 

Bulldog;  see  Harosoma. 

Bullfrog;  Peculiar  formation  about 
34  miles  from  Mesa,  near  Apache 
Trail,  Maricopa  County,  Ariz. 

Bullhead;  Mountain,  Warren  County, 
N.  Y.     (Not  Bull  Head.) 

Bullion;  Butte,  T.  137  N.,  Rs.  103  and 
104  W.,  Billings  County,  N.  Dak. 
(Not  Bollier.) 

Bullitt;  Bayou,  Mississippi  River,  La. 
(Not  Bullitt's.) 

Bullitt  Bayou;  Town,  Concordia  Par- 
ish, La.     (Not  Bullitt's  Bayou.) 

Bullock;  Point,  Providence  River, 
Bristol  County,  R.  I.  (Not  Bullock's). 

Bullock;  see  Hoflier. 

Bulls  Head;  Point,  at  entrance  to  Sui- 
sun  Bay,  Contra  Costa  County,  Calif. 
(Not  Bolitas  nor  Bull  Head.) 

BmIsM   River;   see  Tlikakila. 

Bullshoe;  Mountain,  lat.  48°  14'  N., 
long.  113°  14'  W.,  Pondera  County, 
Mont.     (Not  Elk.) 

Bumblebee;  Creek,  T.  50  N.,  R.  1  E., 
tributary  to  Little  North  Fork  Coeur 
d'Alene  River  from  the  north,  Sho- 
shone County,  Idaho.  (Not  Big 

Bumblebee;  Peak  (altitude  4,744  feet), 
sec.  15,  T.  50  N.,  R.  1  E.,  head  of 
Bumblebee  Creek,  Shoshone  County, 

Bumkin;  island,  Hingham  Bay,  Hull 
Tow^n,  Plymouth  County,  Mass.  (Not 
Pumpkin. ) 

Bumpass;  Cove,  in  Washington  Coun- 
ty, Tenn.  (Not  Bampas  nor  Bom- 

Bumping;  Lake  and  River,  Yakima 
County,  Wash.  (Not  Taneum  nor 

Buncombe;  Creek,  Marshall  County, 
Okla.     (Not  Boncombe.) 

Bunder  Abbas;  Bunder  Abassi;  see 

Bunganock;  Brook  and  Pond,  Hart- 
ford Town,  Oxford  County,  Me. 
( Not  Bungarmock,  Bungermuck, 
Bungernoc,  Bungernuck,  nor  Bun- 
gernut. ) 

Bungarmock;  Bungermuck;  Bunger- 
noc; Bungernuck;  Bungerniit ;  see 

Bunnell;  Cliff  and  Point,  south  wall  of 
Little  Yosemite,  on  line  between 
sees.  21  and  28,  T.  2  S.,  R.  23  E., 
Y'osemite  National  Park,  Calif. 

Bur;  Point,  western  side  at  entrance  to 
Passage  Bay,  northwestern  part 
Prince  William  Sound,  Alaska. 

Burbots;  see  Bourbois. 

Burdette;  Township  and  Village, 
Hand  County,  S.  Dak.  (Not  Bur- 
dett. ) 

Burdette;  see  Burnett. 

Bureau;  Village,  Bureau  County,  111. 
(Not  Bureau  Junction.) 

Bureni;  Village,  Hawkins  County, 
Tenn.     (Not  Burem's  Store.) 

Burford;  Lakes,  Jicarilla  Indian  Res- 
ervation, Rio  Arriba  County,  N. 
Mex.     (Not  Stinking  Lake.) 

Burgas;  Bay  and  Town,  coast  of 
eastern  Bulgaria,  Black  Sea.  (Not 
Bourgas,  Bourgaz,  Burghas,  Burg- 
haz,  nor  Pyrgos.) 

Burger;  Creek,  tributary  to  Bear 
Creek,  Madison  County,  Mont.  (Not 
Bear. ) 

Burger;  see  Bear. 

Burghas;  Burghaz;  see  Burgas. 

Burk;  see  Burt. 

Burke;  Island  and  Slough,  in  Colum- 
bia River,  about  6  miles  south  of 
Kalama,  Cowlitz  County,  Wash. 
(Not  Burke's.) 

Burma;  Country,  north  we.  tern  part  of 
the  Indo-Chinese  Peninsula.  (Not 
Birmah  nor  Burmah.) 

Burnett;  Creek,  Dolores  County,  Colo. 
(Not  Barnett  nor  Burdette.) 

Burnett;  see  Brunet. 

Burnetts;  Canyon,  Nevada  County, 
Calif.     (Not  Bennet  nor  Bennetts.  ) 

Burnettsville,  Town,  White  County, 
Ind.     (Not  Burnett's  Creek.) 



Burnham;  Island,  Mississippi  River, 
near  Santa  Fe,  Alexander  County, 
111.     (Not  Santa  Fe.) 

3urnhainsville;  Township,  Todd  Coun- 
ty, Minn.     (Not  Burnhamville.) 

Burning"  Bear;  Creek,  rising  in  Collier 
Mountain,  tributary  to  West  Geneva 
Creek  from  west,  Park  County,  Colo. 

Burnside;  River,  Skidaway  Island, 
Chjitham  County,  Ga.  (Not  Bur- 
side.  ) 

Burnsville;  Township,  Dakota  County, 
Minn.      (Not  Burnesville. ) 

Burnt;  Island,  North  Haven  Town, 
East  Penobscot  Bay,  Knox  County, 
Me.     (Not  Treasure.) 

Burnt;  see  Dead  Point;  Falls;  Gare- 
loi ;  Redoubt. 

Burnt  Cabin;  Creek,  T.  51  N.,  Rs.  1 
and  2  W.,  tributary  to  Little  North 
Fork  Coeur  d'Alene  River,  Kootenai 
County,  Idaho.     (Not  Teepee.) 

Burnt  Coat;  see  Swan. 

Burnt  Corral;  Creek,  tributary  to  Salt 
River  from  south  at  Squaw  Flat, 
Maricopa  County,  Ariz. 

Burnt  Mill;  see  Callaway. 

Burntbridge;  Creek,  Clarke  County, 
Wash.  (Not  Burnt  Bridge  nor 
Marble. ) 

Burr;  Point,  northern  end!  Augustine 
Island,  Kamishak  Bay,  southwest- 
ern coast  Cook  Inlet,  Alaska. 

Burr  Oak;  City,  Jewell  County,  Kans. 
(Not  Burroak.) 

Burrampootra ;  see  Brahmaputra. 

Burro;  Canyon,  Coconino  County, 

Burro;  Canyon,  Las  Animas  County, 
Colo.  (Not  Canada  Burro  nor 
Cafiada  del  Burro.) 

Burro;  Spring,  in  Oraibi  Wash, 
Navajo   County,   Ariz. 

Burrows;  Bay  and  Island,  Rosario 
Strait,  Skagit  County,  Wash.  (Not 

Bursa;  see  Brusa. 

Burton;  see  Bard. 

Burunof ;  Cape,  the  southern  point  of 
entrance  to  Sitka  Harbor,  Alaska. 
(Not  Bouronov,  Burunoff,  Broad, 
nor   Tolstoi. ) 

Busby;  Island,  close  to  the  north  end 
of  Bligh  Island,  Alaska.     (Not  Fox.) 

Buschmann;  Creek,  emptying  into 
Hugh  Smith  Lake  from  the  east, 
about  lat  55°  6',  long.  130°  30', 
Southeastern  Alaska.  (Not  Bush- 

Bush;  Bluff,  Elizabeth  River,  Norfolk 
County,  Va.     (Not  Bush's.) 

Bush;  Harbor,  Long  Island  Sound, 
near  Greenwich,  Fairfield  County, 
Conn.     (Not  Rocky  Neck.) 

Bushire;  Seaport  of  Persia,  on  the 
Persian  Gulf.  (Not  Aboo-shehr, 
Abu-Shehr,  nor  Bushahr.) 

Bushman;  see  Buschmann. 

Bushnell;  see  West  Minneapolis. 

Bushtop;  Islet,  rocky,  off  the  north- 
west end  of  Anguilla  Island, 

Busse;  see  Tobuchi. 

Bustins;  Island,  Casco  Bay,  Cumber- 
land County,  Me.  (Not  Bibber  nor 
Bibbers. ) 

Butcha;  see  Lobutcha. 

Butler;  Canyon,  east  of  Elk  Ridge, 
and  Creek,  draining  into  San  Juan 
River,  San  Juan  County,  Utah.  (Not 
Cottonwood. ) 

Butler;  see  Beecher;  Hinckley. 

Butlers;  Town,  Anne  Arundel  County, 
Md.  (Not  Butler's  Tavern,  Har- 
wood,  nor  Obligation.) 

Butlers;  see  Beecher. 

Butt;  see  Bat. 

Butte;  City,  county  seat  of  Silver 
Bow  County,  Mont.  (Not  Butte 

Butte;  Creek,  T,  43  N.,  Rs.  5  and  6  E., 
tributary  to  Little  North  Fork  Clear- 
water River  from  southwest,  Sho- 
shone County,  Idaho.     (Not  Indian.) 

Buttercup  Park;  Vallley,  head  of 
Paradise  Creek,  .  Glacier  County, 



Buttonmold;  Ledges,  i  mile  west  of 

Fuller  Rock  and  i  mile  SSW.  Small 

Point,  Sagadahoc  County,  Me.    (Not 

Button-mold. ) 
Buttzville;  Railroad  Station,  Ransom 

County,  N.  Dak.     (Not  Butzville.) 
Buttzville;  Railroad  Station,  Warren 

County,  N.  J.     (Not  Buttsville  nor 

Buyassu;  see  Boyassu. 
Buzzards;  Bay,  Massachusetts.     (Not 

By  Wy;  By  Wyah;  Bywiah;  Bywyah; 

see  Bywy. 
Byelkof;  see  Belkof. 
Bynum;   Railroad    Station   and  Run, 

Harford  County,  Md.     (Not  Bimans, 

Binum,  nor  Bynhams.) 
By  ram;   see   Port   Chester. 
By  town;  see  Ottawa. 
Bywy;  Creek,  tributary  to  Big  Black 

River,  Choctaw  County,  Miss.     (Not 

Big  Bywy,  Big  Bywyah,  By  Wy,  By 

Wyah,  Bywiah,  nor  Bywyah. ) 


Caamano;  see  Camano. 

Caatsban;  see  Katsbaan. 

Cahallo;  see  Cavallo. 

Cabam.fa;  see  Tchoutacabouffa. 

Cahenda;  see  Kabinda. 

Cabezon;  Indian  Reservation,  River- 
side County,  Calif.  (Not  Cabazon, 
Cabezone,  nor  Cabezons.) 

Cabin;  Bay,  on  west  side  of  Nuka  Bay, 
opposite  Palisade  Bay,  Alaska. 

♦Cabin;  Creek,  heading  at  the  east 
foot  of  Mount  Meeker  and  emptying 
into  the  west  side  of  Cow  Creek  in 
sec.  8,  T.  3  N.,  R.  73  W.,  Boulder 
County,  Colo.  (Not  South  Fork  of 
Cabin  Creek.) 

Cabin;  Gulch,  Musselshell  County, 

Cabin;  Meadow,  northeasterly  part  of 
Sequoia  National  Park,  Tulare 
County,  Calif.     (Not  Guttrie.) 

Cabin;  Rock,  east  of  Cow  Creek,  and  i 
mile  southeast  Longs  Peak  Village, 
sec.  26,  T.  4  N.,  R.  73  W.,  Larimer 
County,  Colo. 

Cabin;  see  Cow ;  Deer ;  Sherwood. 

Cabin  John;  Creek,  Cecil  County,  Md. 
(Not  Captain  John's.) 

Cabinet;  Mountains,  separating  Koote- 
nai River  from  Clark  Fork,  in  west- 
ern Montana  and  northern  Idaho, 
and  limited  on  north  by  that  part  of 
Kootenai  River  between  Jennings 
and  Bonners  Ferry;  on  west  by  the 
Purcell  Trench;  on  southwest  by 
Clark  Fork;  on  east  and  northeast 
by  Flathead  River  from  bend  near 
Jocko  to  mouth  of  Little  Bitterroot 
Creek;  up  that  stream  to  its  head,, 
over  Haskell  Pass  and  along  old 
abandoned  line  of  Great  Northern 
Railway,  down  to  Jennings. 

Cable  Crossing;  Coconino  County,. 
Ariz.  Three  wire  cables  suspended 
across  the  gorge  of  the  Colorado 
River,  upon  which  travels  a  car. 

Cable  Eddy;  Post  Light,  Ohio  River,, 
near  Steubenville,  Jefferson  County,. 
Ohio.     (Not  Cable's  Eddy.) 

Cabo  Santo;  see  Cape  Haitien. 

Cabool;  Caboul;  Cabul;  see  Kabul. 

Cabots;  see  Cobbetts. 

Cabrasto;  Peak  (altitude  12,600  feet), 
southeast  of  Venado  Peak,  Sangre  de- 
Cristo  Range,  Taos  County,  N.  Mex. 

Cacapon;  Mountain,  Hampshire,  and 
Morgan  Counties,  W.  Va.  (Not 
Cape  Capon.) 

Cacapon;  River,  Hardy,  Hampshire, 
and  Morgan  Counties,  W.  Va.  (Not 
Big  Capon,  Cac-a-pon,  Capecapon,. 
Cape-pe-hon,  Capon,  Great  Cacapon,. 
Great  Capon,  nor  Lost. 

Cacaquabic ;  see  Kekekabic. 

Cacaway;  Island  and  Point,  Langford 
Bay,  Kent  County,  Md.  (Not  Ca- 
cawa. ) 

Cache;  Bay,  western  end  Saganaga 
Lake,  Rainy  River  District,  Ontario,. 
International  Boundary  (between 
Minnesota  and  Ontario.) 

Cache;  Creek,  tributary  to  Fish  River, 

Cache;  Creek,  tributary  to  White 
River,  International  Boundary  (be- 
tween Alaska  and  Canada). 

Cache;  Creek,  Chaffee  County,  Colo.. 
(Not  Cash.) 

Cache;  see  Ked. 



Cache  la  Poudre;  River,  rising  in  Lari- 
mer County,  running  southeastward 
and  entering  the  Soutli  Platte  River 
near  Greeley,  Weld  County,  Colo. 
(Not  Cache,  North  Fork  of  the  Ar- 
kansas, nor  Powder.) 

Caddo;  Lake,  Harrison  and  Marion 
Counties,  Tex.,  and  Caddo  Parish, 
La.     (Not  Fairy  nor  JT'erry.) 

Cadillac;  Mountain,  highest  point  in 
National  Monument,  Mount  Desert 
Island,  Hancock  County,  Me.  (Not 
Green  nor  Mount  Newport.) 

Cady;  Creek,  rising  east  of  Cady  Pass 
and  flowing  into  Little  Wenatchee 
River  in  sec.  22,  T.  28  N.,  R.  14  E., 
Chelan  County,  Wash. 

Cady;  see  West  Cady. 

Caesar  Creek;  Township,  Dearborn 
County,  Incl.     (Not  Cedar  Creek.) 

Caesaraugusta ;  see  Saragossa. 

Caete;  Bay,  Islands,  Light,  River,  and 
Town,  State  of  Para,  Brazil.  (Not 
Caet6,  Cait4,  Caite,  nor  Gaite.) 

Ca^t4;  see  Caete. 

Cagis;  see  Kedges. 

Cahaba;  Precinct  and  Railroad  Sta- 
tion, Dallas  County,  and  River,  Ala. 
(Not   Cahawba.) 

Cahuilla;  see  Coahuila. 

Cahuwenga;  see  Santa  Monica. 

Cain;  see  Gain. 

Caines  Head;  Cape,  Resurrection  Bay, 

Cairntoul;  see  Carrantuchill. 

CaiU;  Caite;  see  Caete. 

Cakepoulin;  Creek,  Franklin  Town- 
ship, Hunterdon  County,  N.  J.  (Not 
Cakepaulins. ) 

Cal.;  Cala.;  see  Calif. 

Calabasas;  Arroyo,  Peak,  and  Town- 
ship, Los  Angeles  County,  Calif. 
(Not  Calabaces  nor  Calabazas.) 

Calabazas;  Creek,  Sonoma  County, 
Calif.  (Not  Calabezas  nor  Calebe- 

Calairns;  see  Karankawa. 

Calamut;  Lake,  Douglas  County,  Oreg. 
(Not  Calumet.) 

Calapooia;  see  Calapooya. 

Calapooya;  Creek,  Douglas  County, 
and  Mountains,  Douglas  and  Lane 
Counties,  Oreg.  (Not  Calapooia  nor 

Calapooya;  Stream,  tributary  to  Wil- 
lamette River,  western  part  Linn 
County,  Oreg.  (Not  Calapooia,  Cal- 
lapooia,  nor  Callapooya.) 

Caldwells;  Landing  and  Village  on  the 
Hudson  River,  Rockland  County, 
N.  Y.  (opposite  Peekskill). 

Calf;  Islands,  Long  Island  Sound,  near 
Port  Chester,  Westchester  County, 
N.  Y.     (Not  Calves,  Echo,  nor  Shin.) 

Calhoun;  see  Fort  Calhoun. 

Calichosa;  Hill,  northward  of  Guaya- 
nilla  Harbor,  P.  R. 

Calicoe;  see  Sallacoa. 

Calif.  (Not  Cal.  nor  Cala.)  Abbre- 
viation of  the  State  name  of  Cali- 

California;  Creek,  joining  Sunflower 
Creek  5i  miles  above  the  mouth  of 
Bonanza  Creek,  Alaska.  (Not 

California;  Point,  San  Francisco  Bay, 
Marin  County,  Calif.  (Not  Califor- 
nia City  nor  Munroe.) 

Calispel;  see  Kalispell. 

Callam;  see  Clallam. 

Callapooia;  Callapooya  ;  see  Calapooya. 

Callaway;  Bayou,  north  side  of  East 
Bay,  Bay  County,  Fla.  (Not  Burnt 
•Mill  nor  Laughton's.) 

Calletano;  see  Cayetano. 

Callinjer;  see  Kalinjar. 

Caloosa;  see  Caloosahatchee. 

Caloosahatchee;  River,  Lee  County, 
Fla.     (Not  Caloosa.) 

Calumet;  see  Calamut. 

Calver  Plaat;  Island,  Hudson  River, 
near  Coeymans,  Rensselaer  County, 
N.  Y.     (Not  Calver's  Plaat.) 

Calvert;  Town,  Marshall  County,  Ky. 
(Not  Calvert  City.) 

Calves;  Islands,  Connecticut  River, 
New  London  County,  Conn.  (Not 

Calvey;  Township,  Franklin  County, 
Mo.     (Not  Calvy.) 



Calypso;  Falls,  sec.  29,  T.  3  N.,  R.  73 

W.,  on  Cony  Creek,  south  of  North 

St.    Vrain    Creek,    Boulder    County, 

Camano;   Island,  separating  Saratoga 

Passage,     Skagit     Bay,     Possession 

Sound,     and     Port     Susan,     Island 

County,  Wash.      (Not  Caamano  nor 

McDonough's. ) 
Camano    Head;    Point,    southern    end 

Camano      Island,      Island      County, 

Wash.     (Not  Allen  Point.) 
♦Camas;  Creek,  rising  in  Elmore  Coun- 
ty and  uniting  with  Big  Wood  River 

at     Hot     Springs,     Camas     County, 

Idaho.       (Not    Malad     nor    Malade 

River. ) 
Camas  Prairie;  see  Latah. 
Cam.bodia;  French  possession  in  Indo- 

China.      (Not   Camboja,    Kambodja, 

nor  Kombodja.) 
Cambodia;  see  Mekong. 
Camels;  see  Comet. 
Camel's  Back;  see  Platte. 
Cameron;  Trail,  Grand  Canyon  of  the 

Colorado,  Coconino  County,  Ariz. 
Cameron;  see  West  Fork  Mill. 
Cameroons ;  see  Kamerun. 
Camp;  Islands,  Winnepesaukee  Lake, 

Belknap  County,  N.  H.     (Not  Follets 

nor  Follot.) 
Camp;  Peak,  Pelican  Ridge,  NE.  i  of 

sec.  29,  T.  5  S.,  R.  42  E.,  Caribou 

County,  Idaho. 
Camp   Coogan;   Bay,   eastern   part   of 

Sitka   Sound,    Southeastern   Alaska. 

(Not    Camp    Cogan,    Camp    Kogan, 

Kadiak,  nor  Nachlezhnia.) 
Camp     Hag';     Village,    Warren 

County,  Ohio.     (Not  Hageman.) 
Camp  Muir;  Saddle,  Cowlitz  Cleaver, 

Mount  Rainier,  Pierce  County,  Wash. 
Camp  Springs;  Town,  Prince  Georges 

County,  M(l.      (Not  AUentown.) 
Campaign;     Creek,    crossing    Apache 

Trail   ^   mile  west  of  Pinto  Creek, 

Gila  and  Maricopa  Counties,  Ariz. 
Campbell;  Creek,  Santa  Clara  County, 

Calif :   (Not  Arroyo  Quito  nor  Quito. ) 
Campbell;    Island,   Cape   Fear    River, 

Brunswick     County,     N.     C.      (Not 

Campbell's. ) 

Campbell;  Lake,  east  side  Columbia 
River,  east  of  Fales  Landing,  Clarke 
County,  Wash.     (Not  Campbells.) 

Campbell;  Landing,  Illinois  River, 
Greene  County,  111.   (Not  Campbell's.) 

Campbell;  see  Tunp. 

Campbells;  see  Campbell. 

Campbells  Fork;  see  Din  woody. 

Campbellsville;  Village,  Giles  County, 
Tenn.     (Not    Campbellville.) 

Campeche;  Bay,  City,  and  State,  Mex- 
ico.    (Not  Campeachy.) 

Campers;  Creek,  emptying  into  north 
side  North  St.  Vrain  Creek,  2  miles 
northwest  of  Aliens  Park  Village, 
Boulder   County,   Colo. 

Campobello;  Town  and  Township, 
Spartanburg  County,  S.  C.  (Not 

Camptonville;  Village,  Yuba  County, 
Calif.     (Not  Comptonville. ) 

Camraigne ;  Camranh;  see  Kamranh. 

Camranh  ;  see  Kamrank 

Canaan;  see  jNIegunticook. 

Canada  Burro;  Canada  del  Burro;  see 

Canada  de  Raymundo;  Land  Grant  5 
miles  east  of  Half  moon  B^y,  San 
INIateo  County,  Calif. 

Canada  del  Corte  de  Madera;  Land 
Grant  4  miles  southwest  of  Leland 
Stanford  Junior  I^niversity,  San 
Mateo  County,  Calif. 

Canada  del  "Rincon;  Land  Grant  2 
miles  north  of  Santa  Cruz,  Santa 
Cruz  County,  Calif. 

Canada  Larencita;  see  Lorencito. 

Canada  Verde;  small  Canyon  3  miles 
south  of  Halfmoon  Bay,  and  Land 
Grant  to  south,  San  Mateo,  Calif. 

Canada  M-est;  see  Ontario. 

Canadarago;  Lake,  Otsego  County, 
N.  Y.     (Not  Schuyler.) 

Canal  de  Haro:  see  Haro. 

Cunal  de  Nuestra  Senora  del  Rosario; 
see  Rosario. 

Canal  Dover:  st^e  Dover. 

Canal  Winchester;  Vilhige,  Franklin 
County,    Ohio.     (Not    Winchester.) 

Canapitsit;  Passage  between  Cutty- 
hunk  and  Nashawena  Islands,  Buz- 
zards Bay,  Mass.  (Not  Canapitsett.) 

Canaris;  see  Carneros. 



Canary;  Islands,  off  northwest  coast 
of  Africa,  Atlantic  Ocean.  (Not 

Canary ;  see  Carneros. 

Canaville;  see  Caneyville. 

Candahar;  see  Kandahar. 

Candia;  see  Crete. 

Cane;  Mountain,  Yancey  County,  N.  C. 

(Not  Caney  nor  Caney  River.) 

Cane;  River,  Yancey  County,  N.  C. 
(Not   Caney.) 

Cane;  Town,  l^ancey  County,  N.  C. 
(Not  Cane  River.) 

Cane;  see  Cone. 

Cane  Creek;  see  Offutt. 

Caney;  Creek,  heading  in  southeast 
corner  of  Greenfield  Township,  Elk 
County,  Kans.,  flowing  a  general 
southeasterly  course  uniting  with 
Caney  River,  In  Washington  County, 

Caney;  Creek,  Hawkins  County,  Tenn. 
(Not  Cany.) 

Caney;  River,  heading  in  southwest 
corner  of  Union  Center  Township, 
Elk  County,  Kans.,  flowing  south- 
ward to  Cedarville,  thence  southeast- 
ward to  Elgin,  Kans.,  and  thence 
southward  to  Verdigris  River,  in 
Rogers  County,  Okla. 

Caney  Branch;  A'illage,  Greene  County, 
Tenn.      (Not  Cany  Branch.) 

Caneyville;  Township,  Chautauqua 
County,  Kans.     (Not  Canaville.) 

Canfields  Corners;  see  Lounsherry. 

Cangozima;  see  Kagoshima. 

Canitas;  see   Sanchez. 

Cannelville;  Village,  Muskingum 
County,  Ohio.     (Not  Connelville.) 

Cannon;   see   Profile. 

Cannonball;  River,  tributary  to  Mis- 
souri River.  N.  Dak.  (Not  Cannon 
Ball  nor  North  Fork  of  Cannon 

Canoas;  Creek,  southwest  corner  Fres- 
no County,  Calif.,  flowing  easterly 
from  Diablo  Range  into  Kettleman 
Plain,  Kings  County,   Calif. 

Canoe;  see  Povorotni. 

*  Canon  City;  City,  Fremont  County, 
Colo.     (Not  Canyon.) 

Canon  City;  see  Canon  City. 

Canon  de  Largo;  see  Long  Canyon. 

Canonicnt;  see  Kanomika. 

Canoochee;  River,  forming  the  bound- 
ary line  between  Bryan  and  Bulloch, 
and  Liberty  and  Tattnall  Counties, 
Ga.  (Not  Cannochee  nor  Cannou- 
chee. ) 

Canos  V  Ylas  de  la  Cruz;  see  Cruz. 

Canova;  Township  .and  Village,  Miner 
County,  S.  Dak.     (Not  Conova.) 

Canton;  commercial  port  and  Capital 
of  Province  of  Kwangtung,  Chinai. 
(Not  Kwang-chow,  Kwang-tschu-fu, 
nor  Quang-chow-foo.) 

Cantoo-oa;  see  Waltham. 

Cantril;  Railroad  Station,  Van  Buren 
County,  Iowa.     (Not  Cantrill.) 

Cantua;  see  Waltham. 

Cantwell;  see  Nenana. 

Canuck;  see  West  Fork  Hawkins. 

Cany;  Creek  at  head  of  Matagorda 
Bay,  lat.  28°  47'  N.,  long.  95°  37'  W., 
Tex.      (Not  Craney.) 

Canyon;  Creek,  T.  54  N.,  R.  1  W., 
tributary  to  Cedar  Creek  from  east, 
Bonner  County,  Idaho. 

Canyon;  Creek,  draining  southern  por- 
tion T.  43  N.,  and  northern  portion 
T.  42  N.,  Rs.  7  and  8  E.,  tributary 
to  Little  North  Fork  Clearwater 
River  in  sec.  11,  T.  42  N.,  R.  6  E., 
Shoshone  County,  Idaho.  (Not  East 
Fork. ) 

Canyon;  Creek,  T.  1  N.,  Rs.  8  and  9 
E.,  tributary  to  Shields  River,  Park 
County,  Mont.     (Not  Wood.) 

*  Canyon;  Creek,  tributary  to  Nooksak 
River  from  north,  Whatcom  County, 
Wash.     (Not  Cowap  nor  Cowsap.) 

Canyon;  see  Box;  Buck;  Ennis ;  Long 
Canyon;    Tom   Lavin. 

Canyon  City;  see  Canon  City. 

Canyon  de  Cbelly;  Canyon,  Navajo 
Indian  Reservation,  Apache  County, 

Canyon  del  Muerto;  Canyon,  lined 
with  ruins,  Navajo  Indian  Reserva- 
tion, Apache  County,  Ariz. 

Canyon  Diablo;  see  Lawton. 

Canyon  Lorenzo;  see  Lorencito. 

Canyon  of  Lodore,  of  Green  River, 
Moffat  County,  Colo.     (Not  Ladore.) 

Cap  a  Foux;  see  Foux. 



Capahosic;  Landing  and  Village,  Glou- 
cester County,  Va.  (Not  Cappaho- 

Cape;  see  Barvvell. 

Cape  Ann;  see  Gloucester. 

Cape  Blanco;  see  Sword. 

Cape  Breton;  Island,  belonging  to 
Nova  Scotia;  contains  a  county  and 
headland  called  Cape  Breton.  (Not 
Cape  Briton,  Cape  Britton,  nor  Cape 

Cape  Capon;  see  Cacapon. 

Cape  Cod;  Lighthouse  on  highlands  of 
Truro,  Barnstable  County,  Mass. 
(Not  Cape  Cod  Highland.) 

Cape  Dall;  see  Dall. 

Cape  el  Hadd;  see  Hadd. 

Cape  Elizabeth;  see  Elizabeth. 

Cape  Final;  Point,  Vishnu  quadrangle, 
Coconino  County,  Ariz. 

Cape  Francais;  see  Cape  Haitien. 

Cape  Haitien;  Seaport  Town,  North 
coast  of  Haiti,  West  Indies.  (Not 
Cape  Frangois,  Cape  Haytien,  nor 
Cape  Henri.) 

Cape  Horn;  see  Rincon. 

Cape  Kiwanda;  see  Kiwanda. 

Cape  May  Court  House;  County  Seat, 
Cape  May  County,  about  12  miles 
northeast  of  Cape  May  City,  N.  J. 
(Not  Cape  May  nor  Cape  May 
C.  H.) 

Cape  May  Point;  Borough,  Cape  May 
County,  N.  J.     (Not  Sea  Grove.) 

Cape  Neddick;  Light,  York  County, 
Me.  (Not  Cape  York  Nubble  nor 
York  Nubble.) 

Cape  NushagaJc;  see  Nushagak. 

Cape  Rosier;  Village,  Hancock  County, 
Me.     (Not  Cape  Rozier.) 

Cape  Royal;  Point,  Vishnu  quad- 
rangle, Coconino  County,  Ariz. 

Cape  Solitude;  Point,  Vishnu  quadran- 
gle, Coconino  County,  Ariz. 

Cape  Town;  City,  South  Africa,  capital 
of  Cape  Colony.     ( Not  Capetown. ) 

Cape  Verde;  group  of  islands,  Atlantic 
Ocean,  320  miles  from  the  coast  of 
Africa.     (Not  Cape  Verd. ) 

Capccapon;  cape-pe-hon ;  see  Cacapon. 

Capel;  Township,  Sioux  County,  Iowa. 
(Not  Copel.) 

Caper;  Peak,  Flathead  County,  Mont. 

Caper;  see  Capers. 

Capers;  Creek,  Inlet,  and  Island, 
southwest  of  Bulls  Bay,  Charleston 
County,  S.  C.     (Not  Caper.) 

Capon;  see  Cacapon. 

Gappahosack;  see  Capahosic. 

Captain;  Harbor  on  north  shore.  Long 
Island  Sound,  near  Greenwich,  Fair- 
field County,  Conn.  (Not  Great  Cap- 
tain's Island  nor  Little  Captain's 

Captain  Harbor;  Cove,  northeast  end 
Belkofski  Bay,  Alaska  Peninsula, 
Alaska.     (Not  Bailey  Harbor.) 

Captain  John's;  see  Cabin  John. 

Captains;  see  Unalaska. 

Captains  Harbor;  see  Port  Levashef. 

Caqueta;  see  Yapura. 

Car;  see  Carr. 

Carabasset  River;  see  Carrabassett. 

Caracoles;  Island,  entrance  to  Rincon 
Bay,  P.  R. 

Caranchahua;  Carankaway ;  see  Ka- 

Caraquet;  Bay,  Parish,  River,  and  Vil- 
lage, Gloucester  County,  New  Bruns- 
wick, Canada.     (Not  Caraquette.) 

Caraquettc ;  see  Caraquet. 

Carasaljo;  Lake,  Ocean  County,  N.  J. 
(Not  Caracal  jo.) 

Caratunk;  see  Carritunk. 

Carberry;  Creek,  formed  by  Steve  and 
Sturgis  Forks,  and  tributary  to  Ap- 
plegate  River,  T.  41  S.,  R.  4  W., 
Jackson  County,  Oreg.  (Not  Steam- 

Carbon;  Butte,  Vishnu  Quadrangle,  Co- 
conino County,  Ariz. 

Carbon;  Glacier,  discharging  into  Car- 
bon River,  northern  slope  Mount 
Rainier,  Pierce  County,  Wash. 

Carbon;  Peak,  Elk  Mountains,  Gunni- 
son County,  Colo.  (Not  Castle, 
Mount  Carbon,  nor  Mount  Ohio.) 

Carbon;  River,  heading  in  Carbon  Gla- 
cier, tributary  to  Puyallup  River, 
Pierce  County,  Wash. 

Cardenas;  Butte,  Vishnu  Quadrangle, 
Coconino  County,  Ariz. 

Cardenas  Aisle;  see  Conquistador  Aisle. 



Cardona  Island;  Shoal,  Ponce  Harbor, 
P.  R. 

Careless;  Creek,  entering  Musselshell 
River  from  the  north,  1^  miles  below 
Fish  Creek,  Golden  Valley  and 
Wheatland  Counties,  Mont  (Not 
Elk  nor  Swimming  Woman.) 

Carenaro;  Carenero ;  see  Point  Care- 

Carey;  Creek,  Dorchester  County,  Md. 
(Not  Garey.) 

Carey;  Railroad  Station,  Morris  Coun- 
ty, N.  J.     (Not  Cary  nor  Gary's.) 

Carey;  see  Cary. 

Carey  Camp;  Post  Light,  Whitehall 
Narrows,  Lake  Champlain,  Washing- 
ton County,  N.  Y.  (Not  Carey's 

Careyville;  see  Caryville. 

Cargodo;  Gulf,  southwestern  side  of 
Koje  Island  southern  coast  of 
Chosen  (Korea).  (Not  Chuk  im  nor 

Cargodo;  see  Koje. 

Caribbean;  Sea,  betweeen  North  and 
South  America.     (Not  Carribbean.) 

Caribou;  Pass,  Alaska  Range,  eastward 
from  head  of  Holitna  River,  Alaska. 

Caricanti;  see  Curecanti. 

Car-ilf-nu;  see  Kahiltna. 

Carleton;  Island,  St.  Lawrence  River, 
Jefferson  County,  N.  Y.  (Not  Buck 
nor  Carlton.) 

Carlin;  Carlin  Spring  Station;  Car- 
lin's;  see  Glencarlyn. 

Carlisle;  Railroad  Station,  Fillmore 
County,  Nebr.     (Not  Walters.) 

Carlsruhe;  see  Karlsruhe. 

Carmans;  Creek  and  River,  Brook- 
haven  Town,  Suffolk  County,  N.  Y. 
(Not  Carman's  nor  Connecticut.) 

Carmichael;  see  White  Tail. 

Carmichaels;  Borough,  Greene  County, 
Pa.  (Not  Carmichael  nor  Carmi- 
chael's. ) 

Ca/t-naris;  Catmaros;  see  Carneros. 

Carnasa;  see  Carnaza. 

Carnaza;  Creek,  flowing  southwesterly 
across  east  half  of  T.  28  S.,  R.  17  E., 
San  Luis  Obispo  County,  Calif.  (Not 

Carneros;  Canyon,  heading  in  north- 
east quarter  of  T.  29  S.,  R.  19  E., 
extending  northeasterly  into  sec.  20, 
T.  28  S.,  R.  20  E.,  where  it  enters 
the  San  .Joaquin  Valley,  Kern  0)un- 
ty,  Calif.     (Not  McLean.) 

Carneros;  Spring,  sec.  5,  T.  29  S.,  R. 
20  E.,  Kern  County,  Calif.  (Not 
Canaris,  Canary,  Carnaris,  nor  Car- 
naros. ) 

Games;   see   Signal. 

Carntual;  see  Carrantuchill. 

Caroga;  Creek,  Fulton  and  Montgom- 
ery Counties;  Lake  and  Town,  Pul- 
ton County,  N.  Y.     (Not  Garoga.) 

Caroline  Bridge;  see  Owachomo. 

Caronkaivay ;  Caronkaivay  Lake;  see 

Carp;  Lake  and  Portage,  west  of  Knife 
Lake,  Lake  County,  Minn.,  Rainy 
River  District,  Ontario,  Interna- 
tional Boundary  (between  Minne- 
sota and  Ontario). 

Carp;  see  Elbow;  Leelanau. 

CarpatMan;  see  Karpathian. 

Carpenter;  Bar,  in  Ohio  River,  near 
Marietta,  Washington  County,  Ohio. 
(Not  Carpenter's.) 

Carpantersville;  Railroad  Station,  Put- 
nam County,  Ind.  (Not  Carpenter- 

Carpinteria;  Creek,  Landing,  and  Vil- 
lage, Santa  Barbara  County,  Calif. 
(Not  Carpenteria. ) 

♦Carquinez;  Bay,  Point,  and  Strait 
connecting  Suisun  and  San  Pablo 
Bays,  Calif.  (Not  Carquines,  Kar- 
quines,  nor  Karquenas.) 

Carr;  Cape,  long.  131°  40'  E.,  Wilkes 
Land,  Antarctic  Continent.  Discov- 
ered and  named  by  Capt.  Wilkes  in 
Carr;  Lake,  Pottawattamie  County, 
Iowa.     (Not  Car.) 

Carr;  Landing,  Mississippi  River,  Mis- 
sissippi County,  Ark.     (Not  Carr's.) 

Carr;     Slough,     west     side    Columbia 
River,  near  Prescott,  Columbia  Coun- 
ty,   Oreg.     (Not    Carr's.) 
Carr;  see  Cass. 



Carrabassett;  Stream,  Franklin  and 
Somerset  Counties,  Me.  (Not  Cara- 
basset  River,  Carrabasset,  Seven 
Mile  Brook,  nor  Sevenmile  River.) 

Carrantuchill;  Mountain,  in  Ireland. 
(Not  Cairntoul,  Carntual,  Carran- 
tual,  nor  Gharrantuel.) 

Carribbean;  see  Caribbean. 

Carrical;  see  Karikal. 

Carriso;  see  Carrizo ;  Litbodendron. 

Carritunk;  Falls,  I'lantation,  and  Vil- 
lage, Somerset  County,  Me.  (Not 

Carrizo;  Creek,  Baca  and  Las  Animas 
('ounties,  and  Spring,  Baca  County, 

Carrizo;  Mountain,  north  of  West  Car- 
rizo Creek,  Baca  and  Las  Animas 
Counties,  Colo. 

Carrizo;  Mountains,  northeastern  part 
Apache  County,  Ariz.  (Not  Carriso.) 

Carrizo;  see  Litbodendron. 

Carroll;  Glacier,  reaching  the  sea  at 
head  of  Queen  Inlet,  Glacier  Bay, 
Southeastern  Alaska.    (Not  Woods.) 

Carroll;  Island,  in  Mississippi  River, 
near  Belleview,  Calhoun  County, 
111. ;  also  Island  in  Mississippi  River 
near  St.  Louis,  Mo.    (Not  Carroll's.) 

*Carrollton,  Town,  Cattaraugus  Coun- 
ty, N.  Y.     (Not  Carrolton.) 

Carr's:  see  Carr. 

Carrs  Run;  Post  Light,  Ohio  River, 
near  Pomeroy,  Meigs  County,  Ohio. 
(Not  Carr's  Run.) 

Carry;  see  Cary. 

Carson;  Creek,  entering  Norton  Bay 
southwest  of  Walla  Walla  Creek  and 
north  of  Kwiktalik  Mountain,  Alaska. 

Carson;  Mesa,  Navajo  Indian  Reserva- 
tion, Apache  County,  Ariz. 

Cartagena;  City  in  Spain.  (Not  Car- 

Cartag-ena;  Seaport  Town,  Colombia, 
South  America.     (Not  Carthagena.) 

Cartecay;  River  and  Town,  Gilmer 
County,  Ga.  (Not  Carticary  nor 

Carter;  Fall,  lowest  on  Paradise  River, 
Mount  Rainier  National  Park,  Lewis 
County,  Wash. 

Carter;  Glaciers,  eastern  side  Conti- 
nental Divide,  Flathead  and  Glacier 
Counties,  Mont. 

Carter;  Landing,  on  Ohio  River,  above 
Cloverport,  Breckinridge  County, 
Ky,      (Not  Carter's.) 

Carter;  Mountain,  Flathead  County, 

Carte ogechaye;  Creek,  Macon  County, 
N.  C.  (Not  Cartoogaja,  Cartooga- 
jay,  Wahyah,  nor  W^ayah.) 

Cartwright;  Island,  south  of  Gardi- 
ners  Island,  East  Hampton  Town, 
Suffolk  County,  N.  Y.      (Not  Ram.) 

Carver;  Ledge,  east  of  Laireys  Island, 
West  Penobscot  Bay,  Me. 

Carvers;  Harbor,  Fox  Islands,  Knox 
County,  Me.     (Not  Carver's.) 

Cary;  Lake,  Whitney  Preserve,  Ham- 
ilton County,  N.  Y.  (Not  Carey  nor 

Caryville;  Village,  Campbell  County, 
Tenn.     (Not  Carey ville.) 

Ca-saan;  see  Kasaan. 

Casabe;  Shoal,  fringes  coast  from  Point 
Melones  to  Point  Aguila,  P.  R.  (Not 
Cazabe. ) 

Casadepaga;  River,  Seward  Penin- 
sula, Alaska.  (Not  Casa-de-paga  nor 

CasanidHze;  see  Kasamanze. 

Cascade;  Creek,  flowing  into  Gallatin 
River,  Gallatin  County,  Mont.  (Not 
Ole  Olson.) 

Cascade;  Glacier,  Port  Wells,  Prince 
William  Sound,  Alaska. 

Cascade;  see  Ignacio. 

Cascade;  Lakes,  eastern  side  Annette 
Island,  i  mile  from  west  shore  Cas- 
cade Inlet,  Revillagigedo  Channel, 
Alexader  Archipelago,  Southeast- 
ern Alaska. 

Cascade;  Mountain  (altitude  5,000 
feet),  between  East  and  West  Forks 
Miller  Creek,  T.  25  N.,  R.  11  E.,  King 
County,  Wash. 

Cascade  Range;  limited  on  the  south 
by  the  gap  south  of  Lassen  Peak  and 
extending  northward  into  British  Co- 

Cascade  Springs;  Village,  Fall  River 
County,  S.  Dak.     (Not  Cascade.) 

Gash;  see  Cache. 

Cashaqua;  see  Keshequa. 

Cashaway ;  see  Kawishiwi 

Cashie;  River,  Bertie  County,  N.  C. 
(Not  Cashai.) 


Cashier;    Town    and    Valley,    Jackson 
County,  N.  C.     (Not  Cashier  Valley.) 
Cashmere;  see  Kashmir. 
Casimba;  see  Caximba. 
Caskaty;  see  Coskata. 
Casmalia;  Hills,  extending  from  Har- 
ris Canyon  northwest  to  Point  Sal, 
Santa  Barbara  County,  Calif. 
Gaspers;  see  Finlej'. 
Casselman;   River,    rising   in   Garrett 
.    County,  Md.,  tributary  to  Youghio- 
gheny  River  from  the  east  at  Conflu- 
ence,   Somerset    County,    Pa.     (Not 
Casselman's,  Castleman,  nor  Castle 
Casselman's;  see  Casselman. 
*Cassity;    Stream    and    Village,    Ran- 
dolph County,  W.  Va.     (Not  Cassi- 
day  nor.Cassidy.) 
Castac;  Creek,  Valley,  and  Village,  Los 
Angeles   County,    Calif.     (Not    Cas- 
taic  nor  Castiac.) 
Castiglio   Islands;  see  Palmer  Archi- 
Castile;  Run,  Greene  County,  Pa.    (Not 

Ca  steel.) 
Castile;      Town,      Wyoming     County, 

N.  Y.     (Not  Castle.) 
Castillo  del  Morro;  see  Morro  Castle. 
Castle;    Mountain,    Meagher    County, 

Mont.     (Not  Elk.) 
Castle;  Peak,  north  of  Mother  Moun- 
tains, Mount  Rainier  National  Park, 
Pierce  County,  Wash. 
Castle;  Rock,  La  Plata  County,  Colo. 
Castle,  Alaska ;  see  Tuliumnit. 
Castle,  Colo. ;  see  Carbon. 
Castle  Gate;  see  Castlegate. 
Castle  Rock;  see  Bald  Head. 
Castle   Rocks;   Peaks,   46  miles   from 
Mesa,  rising  to  the  south,  Maricopa 
County,  Ariz. 
Castleg-ate;  Precinct  and  Village,  Car- 
bon    County,     Utah.      (Not     Castle 
Castleman;    Castleman' s;   see   Cassel- 
Castlewood;  see  Sleepers. 
Cat;    Island,   in    St.   Lawrence   River, 
St.   Lawrence  County,  N.  Y.      (Not 
Chat,  Isle  aux  Chats,  nor  Macks.) 
Cat:  see  Gato. 

Cat  Bow;  see  Catbow. 
Cat  Fish  Hole;  Cat  Hole  Creek;  see 

Cat;  Passage,  between  Cat  Island  and 
northeast  corner  Duke  Island,  Felice 
Strait,  Alexander  Archipelago,  South- 
eastern Alaska. 

Cat  Paw;  see  Catbow. 

Catacoonamug;  Brook,  Worcester 
County,  Mass.     (Not  Catacunamuc.) 

Catalla;  see  Katalla. 

Cataloochee;  Creek,  Township,  and 
Village,  Haywood  County,  N.  C. 
(Not  Cataluche,  Cataluchee,  nor  Cat- 
taloochee. ) 

Cataloochee;  Mountain,  Haywood 
County,  N.  C.  (Not  Big  Cataluche 
nor  Big  Cataluchee.) 

Catalow;  see  Catlow. 

Cataluche;  Cataluchee;  see  Cataloo- 

Catamount  Hills;  see  Granite  Butte. 

Cataract;  Creek,  tributary  to  Carbon 
River  from  west,  south  of  Mother 
Mountains,  Mount  Rainier  National 
Park,  Pierce  County,  Wash. 

Catatonk;  Creek  and  Railroad  Station, 
Tioga  County,  N.  Y.  (Not  Cata- 
tunk. ) 

Catbow;  Brook,  tributary  to  Connecti- 
cut River,  E.-sex  County,  Vt.  (Not 
Cat  Bow,  Cat  Paw,  nor  Cats  Paw.) 

Catch;  see  Ketch. 

Catella;  see  Katalla. 

Caterskill;  see  Kaaterskill. 

Catfish;  see  Yahara. 

Catharine;  Town  and  Township,  Ellis 
County,  Kans.     (Not  Catherine.) 

Catharine;  Town,  Schuyler  County, 
N.  Y.     (Not  Catherine.) 

Catharine;  Township,  Blair  County, 
Pa.     (Not  Catherine.) 

Cathedral;  Crag,  near  Baker  Pass, 
southern  slope  Mount  Baker,  What- 
com County,  Wash. 

Cathedral;  Creek,  tributary  to  Nation 
River,  International  Boundary, 
Alaska  (between  Alaska  and  Can- 
ada ) . 

Cathedral;  Peaks,  West  Elk  Moun- 
tains, Gunnison  County,  Colo.  (Not 
Mendicant  Ridge.) 



Cathedral;  Rocks,  on  south  wall  of 
Yosemite  Valley,  Yosemite  National 
I»ark,  Mariposa  County,  Calif.  (Not 
Cathedral  Point.) 
Cathedral;  see  Deborah. 
Cathedral  Rocks;  the  crest  of  Little 
Tahoma  Peak,  Mount  Rainier  Na- 
tional  Park,   Pierce  County,  Wash. 

Catlen;  Village,  Dekalb  County,  Tenn. 
(Not  Catlen  Mills.) 

Catlin  Mill;  Creek,  Schuyler  County, 
N.  Y.     (Not  Catharine  Mills.) 

Catlo;  see  Catlow. 

Catlow;  Valley,  southern  part  of  Har- 
ney County,  Oreg.  (Not  Catalow  nor 

Cats  Paw;  see  Catbow. 

Cattalooclwe;  see  Cataloochee. 

Cattegat;  see  Kattegat. 

Cauhul;  see  Kabul. 

Caiwogomoc;  Caucogomuc:  see  Cau- 

Caucomgomoc;  Lake  and  Stream,  Pis- 
cataquis County,  Me.  (Not  Cauco- 
gomoc,  Caucogomuc,  nor  Cauquom- 
gomoc. ) 

Caucus;  Shoal,  at  entrance  to  Pensa- 
cola  Bay,  Fla.     (Not  Caucas.) 

Caulk ;  Landing  and  Point,  Mississippi 
River,  Desha  County,  Ark.  (Not 

Cauquomgomoc;  see  Caucomgomoc. 

Causton;  Bluff,  Wilmington  River, 
Chatham  €ounty,  Ga.  (Not  Caus- 
ten's. ) 

Cavallo;  Point,  San  Francisco  Bay, 
Marin  County,  Calif.  (Not  Ca- 

Cavanal;  Mountain  and  Railroad 
Station,  Le  Flore  County,  Okla. 
(Not  Kavanaugh.) 

Cave  Springs;  Village,  Elk  County, 
Kans.      (Not  Cavesprings.) 

Cavelano;  see  Cayetano. 

Caven;  Point,  shore  of  upper  New 
York  Bay,  Hudson  County,  N.  J. 
(Not  Cavan  nor  Caven's.) 

Cawker;  City,  Mitchell  County,  Kans. 
(Not  Cawker  City.)X-^^ 

Caximba;  Bay,  M^iiroe  County,  west 
coast  of  Florida.      (Not  Casimba.) 

Cay  Verde;  Cay,  on  the  Great  Ba- 
hama Bank,  West  Indies.  (Not 
Cayo  Verde.) 

Cayari;   see   Madeira. 

Cayetano;  Creek,  Alameda  County, 
Calif.  (Not  Arroyo  Cavelano,  Ar- 
royo Covelano,  Calletano,  nor  Cave- 

Cayo   Comandante;   see   Comandante. 

Cayo  del  Agua;  Cayo  Porto  Real;  see 
Cayo  Real. 

Cayo  Real;  Southeastern  side  of  Port 
Real,  Vieques  Island,  P.  R.  (Not 
Cayo  del  Agua,  Cayo  Porto  Real, 
Real  Cay,  nor  Water  Cay. ) 

Cayote;  see  Coyote. 

Cazdhe;  see  Casabe. 

Cecil;  Mountain  (altitude  3,255  feet), 
about  lat.  56°  38',  long.  134°  40', 
eastern  side  Baranof  Island  about 
li  miles  from  shore  Chatham  Strait, 
about  6  miles  north  Point  Patterson 
and  If  miles  from  head  of  Patter- 
son  Bay,   Alaska. 

Cedar;  Canyon,  Vishnu  quadrangle, 
Coconino  County,  Ariz. 

Cedar;  Creek,  tributary  to  Cannonball 
River,  N.  Dak.  (Not  Cannon  Ball 
nor  South  Fork  of  Cannon  Ball.) 

Cedar;  Island,  southeast  of  Laireys 
Island,  West  Penobscot  Bay,  Me. 
(Not   Lairey  nor   Southdown.) 

Cedar;  Lake,  T.  32  N.,  R.  2  W.,  Starke 
County,  Ind.      (Not  Bass.) 

Cedar;  Mountain,  Coconino  County, 

Cedar;  Point,  southern  shore.  East 
Bay,  Bay  County,  Fla.  (Not  East 

Cedar;  River,  in  Iowa  and  Minn. 
(Not  Red  Cedar.) 

Cedar;  Spring,  Grand  Canyon  of  the 
Colorado,  Coconino  County,  Ariz. 

Cedar,  Ala. ;   see  Channahatchee. 

Cedar,  Md. ;  see  Upper  Cedar. 

Cedar  Beach;  Point,  Great  Hog  Neck, 
east  end  of  Long  Island,  N.  Y. 

Cedar  Creek;  Railroad  Station,  Cass 
County,  Nebr.     (Not  Cedarcreek.) 

Cedar  Creek;  see  Caesar  Creek. 

Cedar  Grove;  see  Seeley. 



Cedar  Keys;  Town,  Levy  County,  Fla. 
(Not  Cedar  Key.) 

Cedar  Log;  Creek,  Ts.  12  and  13  N., 
Rs.  25  and  26  W.,  tributary  to  West 
Fork  Fish  Creek  from  southeast, 
Mineral   County,   Mont. 

Cedar  Point;  Village,  Chase  County 
Kans.     (Not  Cedarpoint.) 

Cedartown;  Militia  District  and  Town, 
Polk  County,  Ga.  (Not  Cedai^ 

Cedarvale;  City,  Chautauqua  County, 
Kans.     (Not  Cedar  Vale.) 

Cedros;  see  Cerros. 

Celina  Grand  Reservoir;  see  Lake  St. 

Celeron;  Village,  Chautauqua  County, 
N.  Y.     (Not  Celeron.) 

Cemochechohbee ;  C&mocheechoiee;  see 

CemochechoTjee;  Creek,  Clay  and  Ran- 
dolph Counties,  Ga.  (Not  Browns 
Mill,  Cemochechobbee,  Cemocheecho- 
bee,  nor  Comochechebbee. ) 

Centennial;  Mountains,  forming  bound- 
ary line  between  Montana  and  Idaho, 
from  Red  Ro€k  Pass,  just  west  of 
Henrys  I^ake,  Idaho,  to  Beaver  Can- 
yon, near  Monida,  Mont.  (Not 
Henry's  Lake.) 

Centennial  Cone;  Mountain,  lat.  39° 
45'  N.,  long.  105"  21'  W.,  Jefferson 
County,  Colo.     (Not  Sheep.) 

Center;  Creek,  head  of  East  Fork  Six- 
mile  Creek,  Kenai  Peninsula,  Alaska. 
(Not  Divide.) 

Center;  Island,  in  Oyster  Bay,  Long 
Island  Sound,  N.  Y.     (Not  Hog.) 

Center;  Township,  Clark  County,  Kans. 
(Not  Ashland.) 

Center;  Village,  Tooele  County,  Utah. 
(Not  Centre  nor  Centreville.) 

Center;  see  Branch. 

Center  Bartlett;  Village,  Carroll  Coun- 
ty, N.  H.     (Not  Glen.) 

Center  Berlin;  Railroad  Station,  Rens- 
selaer County,  N.  Y.  (Not  Berlin 
Centre. ) 

Center  Brunswick;  see  Brunswick  Cen- 

Centerport;  Borough,  Berks  County, 
Pa.       ( Not  Centre'  Port. ) 

Centers;    Point,    Merrymeeting    Bay, 
Sagadahoc  County,  Me.     (Not  Sen- 
Centerton;  see  Bougher. 

Centerview;  Town,  Johnson  County, 
Mo.     (Not  Centreview.) 

Centerville;  Harbor,  south  shore  of 
Cape  Cod,  Mass.     (Not  New.) 

Centerville;  see  Meadows. 

Central;  Village,  Anderson  County, 
Kans.     (Not  Central  City.) 

Central  City;  Town,  Gilpin  County, 
Colo.     (Not  Central.) 

Centralia;  Mountain  (altitude  9.800 
feet),  7  miles  northeast  of  Black- 
hawk,  li  miles  northwest  of  Golden 
Peak,  in  SE.  ^  sec.  31,  T.  2  S.,  R.  71 
W.,  Jefferson  County,  Colo. 

Centre;  see  Branch. 

Centreville,  Va. ;  see  Fentress. 

Centreville,  W.  Va. ;  see  Rock  Cave. 

Cernogora  ;  see  Montenegro. 

Cerrito;  Creek,  between  Alameda  and 
Contra  Costa  Counties,  Calif.  (Not 
Cerrilo. ) 

Cerro  Blanco ;  see  Sierra  Blanca  Moun- 

Cerro  Bonito;  Ridge,  Diablo  Range,, 
dividing  valley  of  Pimental  Creek 
from  Panoche  Valley,  San  Benito 
County,  Calif. 

Cerro  del  Temporal;  Hill,  extending 
into  Roosevelt  Reservoir,  Gila 
County,  Ariz.     (Not  Windy.) 

Cerrogordo;  Village,  Lac  qui  Parle 
County,  Minn.     (Not  Cerro  Gordo.) 

Cerros;  Island,  off  west  coast  of  Lower 
California.     (Not  Cedros.) 

Cerulean;  Mountain,  between  Bowman 
and  Quartz  Lakes,  Flathead  County, 

Cetinje;  Capital  of  Montenegro.  (Not 
Cettin,  Cettinje,  nor  Zetinje.) 

Cha;  Canyon  and  Creek,  south  bank 
San  Juan  River,  near  long.  110°  50', 
San  Juan  County,  Utah. 

Cha  lien;  see  Chalien. 

Chaan;  see  Chan. 

Chaaon;  Island  (to),  lat.  34°  52'  N., 
long.  126°  03'  E.,  southwestern  coast 
of  Chosen  (Korea).  (Not  Chaon, 
Cha  won,  nor  North  Twin. ) 





Chaco;  Plateau  and  River,  McKinley 
and  San  Juan  Counties,  N.  Mex. 
(Not  Rio  Chaco.) 

Chacra;  Mesa,  eastern  part  of  McKin- 
ley County,  N.  Mex.  (Not  Chaca 
nor  Cliaco.) 

Chacuaco;  Creek,  branch  of  Purgatoire 
River,  and  Canyon,  Las  Animas 
County,  Colo.  (Not  Chaquaqua, 
Chaquaquo,  nor  Chiquaqua.) 

*Chad;  Lake,  central  Africa.  (Not 
Tchad,  Tched,  Tschad,  nor  Tsad.) 

Chadda;  see  Binue. 

Chads  Ford;  Village,  Delaware  County, 
Pa.  (Not  Chadd  Ford,  Chadds  Ford, 
nor  Chad's  Ford.) 

Chadwick;  Pond,  Haverhill  City,  Es- 
sex County,  Mass.     (Not  Little.) 

Cha-ez-kla  Rock;  see  Chaistla. 

Chaffin;  Bluff,  James  River,  Henrico 
County,  Va.  (Not  Chafin's  nor  Cha- 

Chagusan;  Island  (to),  lat.  34°  37'  N., 
long.  126°  10'  E.,  southwestern  coast 
of  Chosen  (Korea).     (Not  Maju.) 

Chaho;  Bay,  lat.  40°  12'  N.,  long.  128*' 
38'  E.,  eastern  coast  of  Chosen  (Ko- 
rea). (Not  Ostolopof  nor  Ostolo- 

Chain;  Lakes,  T.  35  N.,  R.  107  W.,  Fre- 
mont County,  Wyo. 

Chaistla;  Butte,  Navajo  County,  Ariz. 
(Not  Cha-ez-kla  Rock.) 

Cliakatonkno  ;  see  Chokotonk. 

Chaleur;  Bay,  an  inlet  of  the  Gulf  of 
St.  Lawrence,  between  New  Bruns- 
wick and  Quebec,  Dominion  of  Can- 
ada. (Not  Chaleurs  nor  Bay  of 
Chaleurs. ) 

Chaleurs;  see  Chaleur. 

Chalien;  Island  and  Light,  off  Kiao- 
chow  Bay,  Shantung  Province, 
China.  (Not  Cha  lien,  Cha-lien, 
Tchalien,  Tcha  lien,  Tsch'a  lien,  nor 
Tschau  lien.) 

Cha-lien;  see  Chalien. 
Chalk;  see  Mount  Princeton. 

Chalkstone;  see  Johnson. 
Chalybeate  Spring;  see  Cottaquilla. 

ChamUy;  see  Richelieu. 

Champlain;  Mountain,  located  south- 
east of  Flying  Squaaron  Mountain, 
National  Monument,  Mount  Desert 
Island,  Hancock  County,  Me.  (Not 
Newport. ) 

Champlain;  see  Great  Chazy. 

Chan;  Island  (to),  Pingyang  Inlet, 
western  coast  of  Chosen  (Korea). 
(Not  Chaan  nor  Chan.) 

Chan;  see  Chan. 

Chan  d'lar;  see  Chandalar. 

Chanatta;  Chanatte;  see  Chinati. 

♦Chandalar;  Lake  and  River,  tributary 
to  the  Yukon  River,  Alaska.  Just 
below  the  Porcupine  River.  (Not 
Achenchik,  Chand  -  lar,  Qhandlar, 
Chan  d'lar,  Gens  de  Large,  nor  Tad- 

Chandik;  Chandike;  Chandindu;  see 

Chand-lar;  Chandlar;  see  Chandalar. 

Chandler;  Bay,  west  of  Roque  Island, 
Washington  County,  Me.  (Not 
Chandler's. ) 

Chandler;  Landing  on  Red  River, 
Pointe  Coupee  Parish,  La.  (Not 
Chandler's. ) 

Chandler's;  see  Langlee. 

Chandz;  Chandz  Tao;  see  Shin. 

Chandz  tau;  see  Shinto. 

Chang-Hai;  see  Shanghai. 

Chang  hioa;  Changhwa;  see  Pian. 

Chang  shan;  see  Changshan. 

Changii;  Cape  (kutsu),  lat.  36°  05'  N., 
long.  129°  34'  E.,  southeastern  coast 
of  Chosen  ( Korea ) .     ( Not  Clonard. ) 

Changsha;  Subpostal  district  of  Han- 
kow, China. 

Changshan;  Island,  Pechili  Strait, 
Shantung  Province,  China.  (Not 
Chang  shan  nor  Chang-shan  Tao.) 

Chang-Shan  Tao;  Changshan  Tao;  see 

Chanjiku;  Channel,  lat.  34°  17'  N., 
long.  126°  08'  E.,  southwestern  coast 
of  Chosen  (Korea).     (Not  Gunn.) 

Chanjin;  Bay  and  Village,  lat  42°  17' 
N.,  long.  130°  24'  E.,  northeastern 
coast  of  Chosen  (Korea).  Not 



Chanjindon;  Anchorage  and  Town,  lat. 
38°  45'  N.,  long.  128°  12'  E.,  eastern 
coast  of  Chosen  (Korea).  (Not 
Chagu  Chien  Dogu  nor  Chyang-chy- 
on-dong. ) 

Chankliut;  Island,  near  Chignik  Bay, 
Alaska  Peninsula,  Alaska.;  Creek,  Elmore  Coun- 
ty, Ala.     (Not  Cedar.) 

Channel;  see  Chatham. 

Chantai;  Island  (to),  lat  38°  42'  N., 
long.  125°  32'  E.,  western  coast  of 
Chosen    (Korea).     (Not  Chungdab.) 

Chanter's;   see   Goose   Pond. 

Chao  chou;  Chao  Chow;  see  Chaochow. 

Chao-chau;  Chao-chou;  Chao-chow; 
Chao-chu;  see  Chaochowfu. 

Chaochow;  City,  Chihli  Province, 
China.  (Not  Chao  chou  nor  Chao 
Chow. ) 

Chaochowfu;  City,  Kwangtung  Prov- 
ince, China.  (Not  Chao-chau,  Chao- 
chou,  Chao-chow,  Chao-chu,  Chao- 
chow, Ch'ao-chow  Fu,  nor  Chau  chu 

Chaok'ing;  Chao-king ;  see  Shiuhing. 

Chaol;  Canyon,  south  branch  Navajo 
Canyon,  20  miles  east  of  Colorado 
River,  Coconino  County,  Ariz.  (Not 

Chaoyuan;  City,  Shantung  Province, 
China.  (Not  Chao-yiian-hsien,  Chao- 
yiien  hsien,  nor  Chau  yuen  hsien.) 

Chao-yiian-hsien ;  Chaoyiien  hsien;  see 

Chapace;  Chapaka;  see  Chopaka. 

Chaparral;  Gulch  and  Railroad  Sta- 
tion, Yavapai  County,  Ariz.  (Not 
Chaparal. ) 

Chapeau;  see  Gull. 

Chapel;  see  Woodland. 

Chapin's;  see  Chaffin. 

♦Chaplin;  Cape,  lat.  64°  25'  N.,  long. 
172°  15'  W.,  eastern  coast  of  Siberia, 
(Not  Chaplina,  Indian  Point,  nor 

Chaplina;  see  Chaplin. 

Chapman;  Shoal,  St.  Lawrence  River, 
Jefferson  County,  N.  Y.  (Not  Chap- 

Chapman  Dock;  Light,  Whitehall  Nar- 
rows, Lake  Champlain,  N.  Y.  (Not 
Chapman's  Dock.) 

Chapowamsic ;   see   Chopawamsic. 

Chappaquoit;  Point,  at  entrance  of 
Hog  Island  Harbor,  Barnstable 
County,  Mass.  (Not  Chappaquoit 
Island,  Chassaquoit  Point,  nor  Hog 

Chappaquoit  Island;  see  Chappaquoit. 

Chaquaqua;  Chaquaquo;  see  Chacu-. 

Charcas;  see  Sucre. 

Chargilach;  see  Kargilak. 

Charkov;  Charkow ;  see  Kharkof. 

Charles;  Creek,  Warren  County,  Tenn. 
(Not  Charley.) 

Charles;  Reef,  in  Madison  Harbor, 
Long  Island  Sound,  near  Madison, 
Conn.     (Not  Charles's.) 

Charles;  River,  in  eastern  Massachu- 
setts.    (Not  Qiiinobin.) 

Charles  Neck;  see  Blake  Point. 

Charles  Town;  Magisterial  District 
and  Town,  Jefferson  County,  W.  Va. 
Agreeabljf  to  wish  of  citizens  of 
Charles  Town,  to  avoid  confusion 
with  Charleston,  Kanawha  County, 
W.  Va.     (Not  Charlestown. ) 

Charleston;  Peak,  Lincoln  County, 
Nevada.     (Not  Timber.) 

Charleston;  Township,  Tioga  County, 
Pa.     (Not  Charlestown.) 

Charleston,  Nev. ;  see  Spring. 

Charleston,  N.  C. ;  see  Bryson. 

Charlestown;  Township,  Redwood 
County,  Minn.     (Not  Charleston.) 

Charlies;  Creek,  near  South  Aberdeen, 
Grays  Harbor  County,  Wash.  (Not 
Charlies  River.) 

Charlton;  Landing,  southern  point  of 
Sauvie  Island,  Multnomah  County, 
Oreg.     (Not  Charltons.) 

Charpentier ;  see  Rendu. 

Charybdis;  Butte,  above  the  north 
wall  of  Granite  Gorge,  at  the  mouth 
of  Tuna  Creek,  Coconino  County, 

Chuse;  see  Nesenkeag. 

Chase's;  Chases;  see  Little  Nesen- 

Chasm;  Lake,  northeast  side  Longs 
Peak,  in  East  Gorge  at  head  of  Roar- 
ing Fork,  sec.  6,  T.  3  N.,  R.  73  W., 
Boulder  County,  Colo. 




Chat;  Island,  Aialik  Bay,  Kenai  Pe- 
ninsula, Alaska. 

Chat:  see  Cat. 

Chatahospee;  Creek,  tributary  from 
the  east  to  Tallapoosa  River,  Cham- 
bers and  Tallapoosa  Counties,  Ala. 
(Not  Cliattahospee,  Hoolethlocco, 
Hoolethloces,  Hoolethloco,  nor  Hoo- 
tethlocco. ) 

Chatalja;  Village,  about  25  miles 
WNW.  of  Constantinople,  Turkey. 
(Not  Cataldza,  Chatalcha,  Tchatal- 
cha,  Tchataldja,  Tchataldje,  Tcha- 
talja,  Tchatalye,  nor  Tschatalja.) 

Chatata;  Creek,  Bradley  County,  Tenn. 
Not  Chateetee.) 

Chatham;  Island,  in  the  middle  of 
Port  Chatham,  Alaska.  (Not  Chan- 

Chattahoochee;  River,  in  Alabama, 
Florida,  and  Georgia. 

Chattoog-a;  Ridge,  Jackson  County,  N. 
C,  and  Oconee  County,  S.  C. ;  Town- 
ship, Oconee  County,  S.  C. ;  River, 
forming  part  of  the  South  Carolina- 
Georgia  boundary  line.  (Not  Cha- 
tooga  nor  Chatuga.) 

Chau  chu  fu;  see  Chaochowfu. 

Chau  yuen  hsien;  see  Chaoyuan. 

Chaucer's;  see  Goose  Pond. 

Chaudiere;  see  Kettle  Falls;  Koochi- 

Chaugtanooncla;  see  Chuctanunda. 

Chaul;  see  Sohoru. 

Chautauqua;  Lake,  Dane  Prairie 
Township,  Otter  Tail  County,  Minn. 
(Not  Lye.) 

Chautauqua;  Lake,  Chautauqua  Coun- 
ty, N.  Y. 

Chautauqua;  Village,  Chautauqua 
County,  Kans.  (Not  Chautauqua 

Chawappa ;  see  Chiwapa. 

Chazy;  -.  ee  Great  Chazy. 

Cheaha;  Mountain,  Clay  County,  Ala. 
(Not  Blue,  Che-aw-ha,  Chehaw,  Che- 
haw-haw,  nor  Shlnbone.) 

Cheatbeck;  Creek,  T.  11  S.,  R.  41  E., 
Bannock  County,  Idaho.  (Not 
Sheepback. ) 

Cheboyg-an;  River,  draining  MuUett 
Lake  and  emptying  into  Mackinac 
Strait,  Cheboygan  County,  Mich. 

Cheboygan;  see  Black;  McLeod. 

Checayon;  Cheeayon;  see  Chicagon. 

Check;  see  Cheek. 

Checock;  see  Chekok. 

Cheek;  Landing,  Mississippi  River, 
Crittenden  County,  Ark.  (Not 

Cheekok;  see  Chekok. 

Cheektowaga;  Town  and  Village,  Erie 
County,  N.  Y.     (Not  Forks.) 

Chee-Lee;  see  Pechili. 

Cheenik;  Creek,  entering  Golofnin 
Bay  at  Cheenik,  Alaska. 

Cheesequake;  Creek,  Madison  Town- 
ship, Middlesex  County,  N.  J.  (Not 
Cheese,  nor  Chesquakes.) 

Chef 00 ;  City,  China.  (Not  Che-foo, 
Chee-foo,  Chifu,  nor  Tschi-fu.) 

Chefuncte;  River,  St.  Tammany  Par- 
ish, La.  (Not  Chefonte  nor  Tche- 
f  uncta. ) 

Cheg-utsugu;  Sound  (pata),  lat.  34" 
30'  N.,  long.  126°  05'  E.,  southwest- 
ern coast  of  Chosen  (Korea).  (Not 
Lyne. ) 

Chehalis;  Point,  southern  side  en- 
trance to  Grays  Harbor,  Grays  Har- 
bor County,  Wash.  (Not  Hanson 
nor  Peterson.)  , 

Chei;  see  Cheru. 

Cheju;  see  Saishu. 

♦Chekiang;  Province,  China.  (Not 
^'liolikiang,  Cheh-kiang,  nor  Che- 

Chekok;  Bay,  on  north  shore  of  Iliara- 
na  Lake,  and  Creek,  tributary  to 
same;  Alaska.  (Not  Checock,  Chee- 
kok, nor  Chikak. 

Chel  tau;  see  Cheruto. 

Chelsea;  see  Pines. 

Chelyuskin;  Peninsula.  Siberia.  (Not 
Cheljuskin  nor  Tcheliuskin.) 

Chemehuevi  Point;  Headland,  on  the 
south  rim  of  the  Grand  Canyon  of 
the  Colorado,  1  mile  west  of  Bass 
Camp,  Coconino  County,  Ariz. 

Chemehiievis ;  see  Mohave. 

Chemisal;  see  Bolsa  de  Chamisal. 

Chemo;  Pond,  Penobscot  County,  Me. 
(Not  Nichols.) 

Chemo;   see   Blackman. 

Chemo;  Chem-o;  see  Chimno. 

Chemquasahamtic ;  Chemquassabamti- 
cook;  see  Chemquasabamtlcook. 



Chemquasabamticook;  Lake  and 
Stream,  Piscataquis  County,  Me. 
(Not  Chemquasabamtic  nor  Chem- 
quassabamticook. ) 

Chemulpho;  Chemulpo;  Chemulpoo; 
see  Jinsen. 

Chenang-o;  Valley  of  the  Chenango 
River,  Madison,  Chenango,  and 
Broome  Counties,  N.  Y, 

Chenango;  see  Sangerfield. 

♦Chengtu;  City  in  Province  of  Szech- 
wan,  Western  China.  (Not  Ching 
Too,  Ching  Too  Foo,  Chingtu,  Ching- 
tu  Fu,  Tching  Toy  Fou,  nor  Tsching 
Tu  Fu.) 

Cheng-watana;  Township,  Pine  County, 
Minn.     (Not  Chengwatona. ) 

Chenoweth;  Creek,  tributary  to  Co- 
lumbia River,  west  of  The  Dalles, 
Wasco  County,  Oreg.  (Not  Cheno- 
with. ) 

Chenuis;  Creek,  tributary  to  Carbon 
River  from  east,  flowing  along 
northern  boundary  Mount  Rainier 
National  Park,  Pierce  County, 

Chenuis;  Mountain,  east  of  Carbon 
River,,  south  of  Chenuis  River, 
Mount  Rainier  National  Park, 
Pierce   County,   Wash. 

Cheoah;  Mountains,  River,  and  Town, 
Graham  County,  N.  C.  (Not  Cheo- 
wah. ) 

Cheoah;  see  Teyahalee. 

Cheops  Pyramid;  Butte,  Grand  Can- 
yon of  the  Colorado,  Coconino 
County,  Ariz. 

Cheops  pyramid;  see  Signal  Butte. 

Chepalis;  see   Copalis. 

Chepat;  Creek,  T.  35  N.,  R.  24  W., 
tributary  to  Stillwater  River  from 
east,  Lincoln  County,  Mont. 

Chequamegon;  Bay  and  Point,  Lake 
Superior,  Ashland  County,  Wis. 
(Not  Ashland  nor  Shagwamigon. ) 

Chemabura;  Island,  north  of  Sannak 
and  east  of  Unimak,  Alaska.  (Not 
Chernobour. ) 

Chernof ;  Glacier,  western  slope  Kenai 
Mountains,  Kenai  Peninsula,  Alaska. 

Cherry;  Creek,  Garrett  County,  Md. 
(Not  Cherry  Tree.) 

Cherry;  Creek,  Ts.  2,  3  and  4  S.,  Rs. 
1  and  2  E,,  tributary  to  Madison 
River,  Madison  County,  Mont.  (Not 

Cherry  Creek;  Village,  White  County 
Tenn.     (Not  Cherry  creek. ) 

Cherry  hill;  Township,  Indiana  County, 
Pa.     (Not  Cherry  Hill.) 

Cherry  tree;  Borough,  Indiana  County, 
Pa.     (Not  Cherry  Tree.) 

Cherry  tree;  Town  and  Township,  Ve- 
nango County,  Pa.  (Not  Cherry 

Cheru;  Island  (to),  at  the  mouth  of 
the  Sainei  Ko,  Pingyang  Inlet,  West- 
ern Chosen  (Korea).  (Not  Chei  nor 

Cheru  to;  see  Cheruto. 

Cheruto;  Anchorage,  mouth  of  the 
Sainei  Ko,  Pingyang  Inlet,  Western 
Chosen  (Korea).  (Not  Chel  tau, 
Cheru  To,  nor  Cheru  to.) 

Chesapeake  City;  Town,  Cecil  County, 
Md.     (Not  Chesapeake.) 

Cheshnina;  River,  tributary  to  Copper 
River,  near  lat.  62°,  Alaska.  (Not 

Chesnimnus;  Creek,  northern  part 
Wallowa  National  Forest,  Wallowa 
County,  Oreg.      (Not  Chesninimus.) 

Chesquakes;  see  Cheei-equake. 

Chestatee;  Militia  District  and  River, 
Lumpkin  County,  Ga.  (Not  Chosta- 
tee  nor  Chosteta.) 

Chesterfield  Factory;  see  SpofiEord. 

Chestnuthill;  Township,  Monroe  Coun- 
ty, Pa.     (Not  Chestnut  Hill.) 

Chestuee;  Creek,  McMinn  County 
Tenn.      (Not  Chestua.) 

Chetco;  River,  emptying  into  the  Pa- 
cific Ocean  near  Harbor,  Curry 
County,  Oreg.     (Not  Chetko.) 

Chetko;  see  Chetco. 

Cheval;  Island,  Resurrection  Bay, 
Alaska.     (Not  Horee.) 

Chaviot;  Range  of  hills  between  Eng- 
land and  Scotland.      (Not  Chivlot.) 

Chewack;  Creek,  tributary  from  the 
north  to  Methow  River  at  Winthrop, 
Okanogan  County,  Wash.  (Not  Che- 
Wach,  Che-wuch,  Che-wuck,  Che- 
wuch,  Chiwak,  nor  North  Fork.) 



Chewonki;  Creek,  tributary  to  Mont- 
sweag  Bay  from  north,  between 
Young:  Point  and  Chewonki  Neck, 
Lincoln  County,  Me. 

Cheyenne;  River  of  South  Dakota 
and  Wyoming,  tributary  to  the  Mis- 
souri. (Not  Slieyenne  nor  Shyenne.) 
Not  to  be  confounded  with  Sheyenne 
River  of  North  Dakota,  tributary  to 
the  Red  River. 

Cheyenne;  see  Sheyenne. 

Chezhindeza;  Canyon,  and  Mesa,  Na- 
vajo Indian  Reservation,  Apache 
Couiity,  Ariz. 

Chho;  see  Cho. 

Chholdo;  see  Cheru. 

Chiachi;  Islands,  south  coast  of  Alaska 
Peninsula,  Alaska.      (Not  Chiacht.) 

CMao  Chou;  see  Kiaochow. 

Chiapas;  City  and  State,  Mexico. 
(Not  Chiapa.) 

Chicacomico ;  see  Chicamacomico. 

Chicacoon;  see  Chicone. 

Chicag-on;  Lake  and  Slough,  Iron 
County,  Mich.  (Not  Checagon,  Che- 
cayon,  nor  Chicgon.) 

Chicakalachno;  see  Tlikakila. 

Chicamacomico;  Life-saving  Station 
north  of  Cape  Hatteras,  N.  C.  (Not 
Chickamicomico. ) 

Chicamacomico;  River,  tributary  to 
Transquaking  River,  Dorchester 
County,  Md.  (Not  Chicacomico, 
Chicimacomico,  Chickamacamico,  nor 
Chickamacomico. ) 

Chichagof ;  Harbor,  Attn  Island,  west- 
ern Aleutians,  Alaska.  (Not  Tchit- 
chagoff . ) 

Chicimacomico;  see  Chicamacomico. 

Chickadee;  Pond,  small,  in  sec.  25,  T. 
3  N.,  R.  74  W.,  on  Ouzel  Creek, 
Boulder  County,  Colo. 

Chickamacamico;  see  Chicamacomico. 

Chickasaw;  Creek,  Mobile  County,  Ala. 
(Not  Chickasabouge.) 

Chickasonoxie ;  see  Chikasanoxee. 

Chickawaukie;  Pond,  Rockland  City 
and  Rockport  Town,  Knox  County, 
Me.  (Not  Chickawaka  nor  Cichic- 
waukie. ) 

Chicken;  Island,  on  east  side  of  La- 
touche  Passage,  3*  miles  southward 
from  Point  Grace,  Alaska. 

Chickesalapga;  Chickeswalungo ;  see 
Chick  ies. 

Chickies;  Ridge  of  hills.  Rock,  and 
Town,  Lancaster  County,  Pa.  (Not 
Chikiswalungo  nor  Chiques. ) 

Chickies;  Creek,  tributary  to  Susque- 
hanna River  near  Chickies  Village, 
Lancaster  County,  Pa.  (Not  Big 
Chickies,  Big  Chiquesalunga,  Chicke- 
salapga, Chickeswalungo,  Chickisa- 
lungo,  Chikis,  Chikiswalungo,  Chi- 
quasatunga,  Chiques,  Chiquesalungo, 
Chiquesatonga,  Chiquesautuga,  nor 
Chiquesatunga. ) 

Chickisalungo;  see  Chickies. 

Chico  Martinez;  Creek,  T.  29  S.,  R.  20 
E.,  Kern  County,  Calif. 

Chicomuxen;  Creek,  Charles  County, 
Md.      (Not  Chicomaxen.) 

Chicone;  Creek,  tributary  to  Nanticoke 
River,  Dorchester  County,  Md.  (Not 
Chicacoon  nor  Chiquone.) 

Chicorica;  Creek,  Colfax  County,  N. 
Mex.  (Not  Chicorico,  Chico  Rico, 
nor  Sugarite.) 

Chief  Mountain;  see  St.  Mary. 

Chief  Jilotintain;  see  Waterton. 

Chief  One  Eye;  Gigantic  Profile  on 
mountain  top  above  Salt  River  Can- 
yon, Maricopa  County,  Ariz.  (Not 
Cyclops. ) 

Chiefs  Head;  Peak,  altitude  13,579 
feet,  in  sec.  2,  T.  3  N.,  R.  74  W.,  1^ 
miles  southwest  of  Longs  Peak,  slop- 
ing west  to  the  Continental  Divide, 
Boulder  County,  Colo.  (Not  Chief's 
Head,  Shoshone  Peak,  nor  Mount 

Chiengmai;  City,  northwestern  part  of 
Siam.  (Not  Kiang  Mai,  Xieng  Mai. 
nor  Zimme.) 

Chifu;   Chi-fu;  see  Chefoo. 

Chigan;  Mountain  and  Point,  eastern 
shore  of  Usuri  Bay,  lat.  42**  57'  N., 
long.  132'  17'  E.,  Siberia.  (Not 
Chigan  Khuluai  nor  Kumirni.) 

Chigan  Khuluai;  see  Chigan. 

Chigul;  see  Chugul. 

♦Chihli;  Province,  China.  (Not  Chih- 
li,  Chi-li,  Pechili,  Pe-chili,  nor  Pc- 

Ch'i-hsia-hsien;  see  Tsisia. 

Chikak;   see   Chekok. 



Chikamin;  Creek,  T.  28-9  N.,  R.  17  E., 
Chelan  County,  Wash. 

Chikamin;  Peak,  (elevation  about 
7,000  feet),  head  of  Gold  Creek,  2 
miles  east  of  Huckleberry  Mountain, 
Kittitas  County,  Wash. 

Chikamin;  Ridge,  east  of  Alaska 
Mountain,  extending  east  of  south  of 
Chikamin  Peak  toward  Park  Lakes, 
Kititas  County,   Wash. 

Chikasanoxee;  Creek,  Chambers  Coun- 
ty,  Ala.     (Not   Chickasonoxie. ) 

Chikaskia;  River  in  Kansas  and  Okla- 
homa.    (Not  Chicaskia.) 

Chikaskia;  Township,  Harper  County, 
Kans.     (Not   Chicaskia.) 

Chikaskia;  Township,  Kingman  Coun- 
ty, Kans.     (Not  Chicaskia.) 

Chikaskia;  Township,  Sumner  County, 
Kans.     (Not  Chicaskia.) 

Chikiri;  see  Konasami. 

Chikis;  see  Chickies. 

Chikisicalungo ;  see  Chickies. 

Chikiu;  Chikya;  see  Chikyu. 

Chiku;  Islet  (to),  lat.  35°  53'  N.,  long. 
126°  05'  E.,  western  coast  of  Chosen 
(Korea).     (Not  P'shi  nor  Pshi.) 

Chikyu;  Cape  (misaki),  lat.  42°  18' 
N.,  long.  141°  E.,  island  of  Hokushu, 
Japan.     (Not  Chikiu  nor  Chikya.) 

Chilanoialna;   see   Chilnualna. 

Chilchinbito;  Canyon,  and  Creek,  Hopi 
Indian  Reservation,  Navajo  County, 
Ariz.     (Not    Chil-Chi-vi-to.) 

Chil-Chi-vi-to;    see    Chilchinbito. 

Chilco;  Mountain  (altitude  5,625  feet), 
Ts.  52  and  53  N.,  R.  2  W.,  north 
of  Leiberg-Athol  Trail,  Kootenai 
County,  Idaho.     (Not  Circle.) 

Chilco;  see  South  Chilco. 

Childs;  Railroad  Station,  Cecil  County, 
Md.     (Not  Child.) 

Chile;  Republic  of  South  America. 
(Not  Chili.) 

Chilhowee;  Mountain  and  Town, 
Blount  County,  Tenn.  (Not  Chilo- 
wee. ) 

Chi-li;  see  Chihli. 

Chilicotal;  Mountain  and  Spring, 
Brewster  County,  Tex.  (Not  Chili 
Cortal,  Chili  Corte,  nor  Chili  Cotel.) 

Chili  wist;  Creek,  tributary  from  north- 
west to  Okanogan  River  2^  miles  be- 
low Malott,  Okanogan  County,  Wash. 
(Not  Chiliwhist,  Chilliwhist,  Chilli- 
wist,  nor  Chilowist.) 

Chilkat;  Pass  and  River,  Southeastern 
Alaska.     (Not  Tsl-kaht.) 

Chilkoot;  Pass  and  Village,  Southeast- 
ern Alaska.  (Not  Chilcoot  nor  False 

Chilnualna;  Creek  and  Fall,  Yosemite 
National  Park,  Mariposa  County, 
Calif.  (Not  Chilanoialna,  Chilnoial- 
ny,  nor  Chilnoalna.) 

Chilson;  see  Big;  Eagle. 

Chilson  Bend;  Lighthouse  in  White- 
hall Narrows,  Lake  Champlain, 
Washington  County,  N.  Y.  (Not 

Chimhuevis;  see  Mohave. 

Chimmo ;  see  Chimuo. 

Chimney;  see  Picacho. 

Chimuo;  Bay  (Wan)  and  Town,  north- 
ern coast  of  Taiwan  Island,  China 
Sea.  (Not  Chem-o,  Chemo,  nor 

Chin;  Island  (to)  lat.  39°  49'  N.,  long. 
127°  38'  E.,  eastern  coast  of  Chosen 
(Korea).     (Not  Mordvinova.) 

Chin  chu;  see  Chuanchow. 

China;  Creek,  T.  26  N.,  R.  1  E.,  tribu- 
tary to  Salmon  River  from  west 
near  Lucille,  Idaho  County,  Idaho. 

China;  see  Corral 

Chinampho  ;  see  Chinnampo. 

Chinati;  Mountain,  Presidio  County, 
Tex.     (Not  Chanatta  nor  Chanatte.) 

Chin-Chew;  Chinchew;  Chin-chu; 
Chinchu;  see  Chuanchow. 

Chinchowfu;  Subpostal  district  of 
Mukden,  China. 

Ching  Wang  tao;  see  Chinwangtao. 

Chingtu;  Chintu  Fu;  see  Chengtu. 

Chingu;  see  Xingu. 

Chingicang  Tao;  see  Chinwangtao. 

Chiniak;  Bay,  northeast  coast  Kodiak 
Island,  Alaska.  (Not  Chimakski 
nor  Tchineyak.) 

Chiniak;  Cape,  the  easternmost  point 
of  Kodiak  Island,  Alaska.  (Not 
Greville,  Hermogenes,  St.  Hermo- 
genes,  Spruce,  Tolstoi,  Tunink,  nor 



Chinkai;  Bay,  southern  coast  of  Cho- 
sen (Korea).     (Not  Sylvia  Basin.) 
Chinkiang;  Postal  district,  China. 
Chin  Lee;  Chinlee;  see  Chinle. 
Chinle;  Settlement  and  Valley,  Navajo 
Indian  Reservation,  Apache  County, 
Ariz.     (Not  Chin  Lee  nor  Chinlee.) 
Chinlini;    Canyon,    heading    on    west 
side  of  Carrizo  Mountains,  draining 
to   Walker    Creek,    Apache   County, 
Chinnampho ;  see  Chinnampo. 
Chinnampo;   City,   treaty   Port,   west- 
ern coast  of  Chosen  (Korea).     (Not 
Chinampho,    Chinnampho,    nor    Jin- 
nampho. ) 
Chinook;   Pass,   T.    16   N.,    R.    10   E., 
crossing  the  summit  of  the  Cascade 
Range,  at  head  of  Chinook  Creek, 
Mount  Rainier  National  Park,  Pierce 
and  Yakima  Counties,  Wash.     (Not 
McQuellan. ) 
Chinquapin;   Village,   Duplin   County, 

N.  C.     (Not  Chinkapin.) 
Chinquapin;  Settlement,  Yosemite  Na- 
tional Park,  Mariposa  County,  Calif. 
(Not  Chincapin  nor  Chinkapin.) 
Chinquapin;  see  Indian. 
Chinwang  Tao;  see  Chinwangtao. 
Chinwangtao;  City,  treaty  Port,  Chihli 
Province,   China.     (Not   Chin  wang 
Tao,   Ching  Wang  tao,    nor   Ching- 
wang  Tao.  ) 
Chinying;  see  Piin. 

Chipmunk;  Creek  and  Railroad  Sta- 
tion,   Cattaraugus    County.    N.    Y. 
(Not  Chipmonk  nor  Chipmunck.) 
Chippean;  Canyon,  between  Elk  Ridge 
and    Mount    Linnaeus,     San     Juan 
County,  Utah. 
Chiquaqua;  see  Chacuaco. 
Chiquasatunga;  see  Chickies. 
Chiques;     Chiquesahmgo;     Chiquesa- 
tonya,     Chiquesatunga ;    Chiquesau- 
tuga;  see  Chickies. 
Chiquito;  see  Little  Colorado. 
Chiquone;  see  Chicone. 
Chirikof;  Island,  near  Semidi  Islands, 

Alaska.     (Not  Ugamok.) 
Chiruri;  Islet  (somu),  lat.  34°  33'  N., 
long.  128°  11'  E.,  southern  coast  of 
Chosen  (Korea).     (Not  Skeen.) 

Chisana;  Glacier,  lat.  62°  N.,  long.  142"* 
30'     W.,    head    of    Chisana    River, 
Alaska     (Not  Tanana.) 
Chishima;  see  Kuril;  Shimushiru. 
Chishiya;  Point  and  Rock,  Aniwa  Bay, 
on   the  southern  coast   of  Sakhalin 
Island  (Japanese,  Karafuto),  lat.  40° 
01'  N.,  long.  142°  10'  E.     (Not  Tishia 
nor  Tishiya.) 
Chispa;  Hills,  Nye  County,  Nev. 
Chitina;  Glacier,  crosses  the  Interna- 
tional   Boundary    (between    Alaska 
and   Yukon)    about   50   miles   north 
of  Mount  St.  Elias  and  joins  Logan 
Chitnak;  Cape,  south  side  of  St.  Law- 
rence Island,  Alaska .     ( Not  Shitnak. ) 
Chivato;  Mountain;  Bernalillo  County, 
N.     Mex.     (Not    Chivota    nor    Chi- 
voto. ) 
Chiviot;  see  Cheviot. 
Chiwak;  see  Chewack. 
Chiwapa;    Creek,    tributary    to    West 
Fork    Tombigbee    River,    Lee    and 
Pontotoc  Counties,  Miss.     (Not  Cha- 
wappa,  Chiwahwah,  Chowappa,  nor 
Chowwappa. ) 
Chiwawa;  River,  tributary  to  Wenat- 
chee     River     from     north,     Chelan 
County,  Wash. 
Chkazhin;  see  Katzehln. 
Chlachatsch;  see  Pyramid. 
Chlora;   Point,   Choptank  River,   Tal- 
bot County,  Md.     (Not  Cloras.) 
Cho;  Island,  southern  side  of  entrance 
to    Daido    Inlet,    western    coast    of 
Chosen    (Korea).      Not    Chho    nor 
Chockalog;     Pond,     Uxbridge    Town, 
Worcester     County,     Mass.        (Not 
Chocalog. ) 
Chocolate;   see   Chocolay. 
Chocolay;    River,    Marquette   County, 

Mich.     (Not  Chocolate.) 
Chocowinity;  Bay,  Creek,  Town,  and 
Township,   Beaufort   County,   N.   C. 
(Not  Chockowlnity.) 
Choctawhatchee;  Bay  in  Florida,  and 
River  in  Alabama  and  Florida.    (Not 
Choctawhatchie. ) 
Chocton;  see  Cohocton. 
Choda;  see  Cho. 
Chodaiu;  see  Chodayu. 



Chodayu;  Rock  (sho),  lat  34°  22'  N., 
long.  133°  08'  E.,  Inland  Sea,  Japan. 
(Not   Chodain.) 

Choga;  Creek,  Macon  County,  N.  C. 
(Not  Chogeo.) 

Choiska;  see  Chuska. 

Chok;  see  Sodein. 

ChokeI)erry ;  see  Bilberry. 

Clioctotangkna ;  see  Chokotonk. 

Chokotonk;  River,  tributary  to  head 
of  Clark  Lake,  Alaska.  (Not  Chaka- 
tonkno,  Chokotongkna,  Chokotonkna, 
Chokotontna,  Chokotunkna,  Chok- 
tonkna,   nor  Copper.) 

Chokotonkna;  CJwkotontna;  Choko- 
tunkna; Choktonkna;  see  Choko- 

Cholla;  Canyon,  Gila  County,  Ariz. 

Choncho;  Island  (to),  at  entrance  to 
Chaho  Bay,  lat  40°  12'  N.,  long.  128° 
38'  E.,  eastern  coast  of  Chosen 
(Korea).  (Not  Cruiser  nor  Krei- 

Chonchon;  River  (kagu),  northwest- 
ern part  of  Chosen  (Korea).  (Not 
Chhong-chhon  nor  Chhyong-chhyon.) 

Chong-hong ;  Chonghong;  see  Yon. 

Chopaka;  Mountain,  Okanogan  Coun- 
ty, Wash.  (Not  Chapace,  Chapaka, 
Chopace,  Tcho-pahk,  nor  Tcho- 
park. ) 

Chopawamsic;  Creek,  between  Prince 
William  and  Stafford  Counties,  Va. 
(Not  Chapowamsic.) 

Choppeki;  Point,  lat.  38**  48'  N.,  long. 
124°  40'  E.,  western  coast  of  Chosen 
(Korea).  (Not  Sho  niu  dok  kak  nor 
Sho  nui  dok  kak.) 

Choragu;  Island  (somu),  Fusan  Har- 
bor, southeastern  coast  of  Chosen 
(Korea).  (Not  Deer  nor  Zeto 

Chorro;  Creek,  principal  tributary 
emptying  into  Morro  Bay,  San  Luis 
Obispo  County,  Calif.  (Not  San 
Luisito. ) 
Chosan;  Bay,  lat.  42°  15'  N.,  long.  130° 
30'  E.,  northeastern  coast  of  Chosen 
(Korea).  Not  Gashkevich,  Gashke- 
vicha,  nor  Goshkevicha. ) 
*  Chosen;  Country  in  Asia.  (Not 
Corea,  Cho-sen,  Cho  Sen,  Choson,  nor 
Korea. ) 

Chostatee;  Chosteta;  see  Chestatee. 

Choteau;  Creek  and  Village,  Mayes 
County,  Okla.     (Not  Chouteau.) 

Chottei;  Rock  (paui),  lat.  42°  06'  N., 
long.  130°  11'  E.,  northeastern  coast 
of  Chosen   (Korea.)      (Not  Alfred.) 

Choukotzki;  see  Chukotski. 

Choumagin;  see  Shumagin. 

*  Chouteau;  County,  Montana.  (Not 
Choteau. ) 

Choivappa;  Chowwappa;  .  see  Chir- 

Chowder;  Ridge,  northern  slope  Mount 
Baker,  Whatcom  County,  Wash. 

Chowiet;  Island,  one  of  the  Semidl 
group  of  islands,  Alaska.  (Not 
Chowee  Et.) 

Choyaku;  Island  (to),  lat.  34°  22'  N., 
long.  126°  55'  E.,  southern  coast  of 
Chosen  (Korea).     (Not  Insult.) 

Chrisler;  see  Crysler. 

Christiania;  Capital  City  and  Fiord, 
Norway.     (Not  Kristiania.) 

Christiansted;  Town,  St.  Croix  Is- 
land, Virgin  Islands  (Danish  West 
Indies).  (Not  Christianssted,  Chis- 
tianstad,  Christianstsed,  nor  Chris- 

Christie;  Creek,  T.  26  N.,  R.  1  E., 
tributary  to  Salmon  River  from 
west,  Idaho  County,  Idaho.  (Not 

Christie's;   see   Christie. 

Christine;  Falls,  Van  Trump  Creek, 
above  wagon  road  to  Paradise  Park, 
Mount  Rainier  National  Park,  Pierce 
County,  Wash. 

Christmas;  Creek,  small  stream  head- 
ing in  Christmas  Mountain,  Alaska. 

Christmas;  Mountain,  northeast  of  the 
junction  of  Bonanza  Creek  and  the 
Ungalik  River,  Alaska. 
Christs;  see  Thunder  Butte. 

Chromatic;  Moraine,  terminal  moraine 
of  glacier  near  Bastile  Ridge,  north- 
western slope  Mount  Baker,  What- 
com County,  WaRh. 
Chrome;  Bay,  between  Claim  and  Kelp 
Points,  Port  Chatham,  Cook  Inlet, 
Chiianchow    {Chinchow) ;  see   Chuan- 

Chuan-Chotv-Foo ;  see  Chuanchow. 



Chuanchow;  Bay  and  Harbor,  Fukien 
Province,  China.  (Not  B.  de  Ts'iu- 
entcheou,  Chin-Chew,  Chinchew, 
Chin  chu,  Cliin-cliu,  Cliinchu,  Chuan- 
Chow  -  Foo,  Thsiouan  -  Cheou  -  Fou, 
Tsiuen  -  Tchoo,  Tsuan  -  Chu,  nor 
Tswanchowf  00. ) 

Chuanchowfu;  City,  Fulvien  Province, 
China.      (Not    Chinchou ;     Chinchu, 

•  Chuanchow,  Cliiianchow,  Cliiian- 
chowfu,  Tf-iuenchau ;  Tsiuen-chow, 
Tsuanchau,  Teuan-chow,  nor  Ts'uen- 
chow  Fu.) 

Chiianchowfu ;  see  Chuanchowfu. 

Chuar;  Butte  and  Creeli,  Vishnu  quad- 
ranj?le,  Coconino  County,  Ariz. 

Chuckatuck;  Creelv  and  Village,  Nan- 
semond  County,  Va.  (Not  Chuca- 

*Chuckey;  Village,  Greene  County, 
Tenn.  (Not  Chuckey  City,  Chucky, 
Fullen,  Fullen's,  nor  FuUens.) 

Chuctammda;  see  North  and  South 
Chuctanunda. ) 

Chugachik;  f-ee  Kachemak. 

Chugatch;  see  Prince  William. 

Chug-inadak;  Island,  one  of  the  islands 
of  the  Four  IVIountains.  eastern  Aleu- 
tians, Alaska.      (Not  Tchuginadak.) 

Chugul;  Island,  north  of  Amukta 
Island,  eastern  Aleutians,  Alaska. 
(Not  Tchegoula.) 

♦Chugul;  Island,  near  Great  Sitkin 
I- land,  middle  Aleutians,  Alaska. 
(Not  Chigul  nor  Tchigul.) 

Chuja;  Group  of  Islands,  lat.  33°  58' 
N.,  long.  126°  19'  E.,  southern  coast 
of  Chosen   (Korea).     (Not  Bate.) 

Chuk  im ;  Chukim;  see  Cargodo. 

Chukotski;  Cape,  lat.  64°  15'  N.,  long. 
173°  11'  W.,  coast  of  Siberia.  (Not 
Choukotzki  nor  Tchukotski.) 

Chukupen;  Bay,  Point  (kutsu)  and 
Village,  lat.  37°  03'  N.,  long.  129° 
26'  E.,  eastern  coast  of  Chosen 
(Korea).  (Not  Chokupiyon  nor 

Chula;  Village,  Amelia  County,  Va. 
(Not  Chula  Depot.) 

Chulitna:  see  Holitna. 

Chumstick;  Creek,  Chelan  County, 
Wasli.      (Not  Chumpstick.) 

Chung  Up;  ;  ee  Kingston. 

Chungking;  Sub-postal  district  of 
Chengtu,  China. 

Chunsan;  Island  (to),  lat.  34°  11'  N., 
long.  126°  53'  E.,  southern  coast  of 
Chosen  (Korea).    (Not  Montressor.) 

Chupaderas;  Creek,  Bexar  County, 
Tex.  (Not  Chupaderos  nor  Chupe- 

Chuppo;  Inlet  (neikaye),  lat.  35°  35' 
N.,  western  coast  of  Chosen  (Korea). 
(Not  Price  nor  Prince.) 

Chuquisaca ;  see  Sucre. 

Church;  Inland,  Currituck  Sound,  N. 
C.      (Not  Church's.) 

Church;  Mountain,  T.  40  N.,  R.  7  E., 
Whatcom  County.  Wash.,  5  miles 
south  of  International  Boundary 
(between  Washington  and  British 
Columbia ) . 

Church;  see  Churn. 

Churdan;  Town,  Greene  County,  Iowa. 
( Not  Churdantown. ) 

Churn;  Creek,  Kent  County,  Md.  (Not 

Chusca;  Chushgai;  see  Chuska. 

♦Chuska;  Mountains,  on  the  boundary 
between  Arizona  and  New  Mexico 
north  and  northwest  of  Gallup  but 
not  including  the  Carrizo  Mountains. 
(Not  Boundary,  Choiskai,  Chusca, 
nor  Chushgai.) 

Chuska;  Plateau,  stretching  in  a  north- 
erly and  southerly  direction  along 
the  Arizona-New  Mexico  boundary 
from  a  little  south  of  Carrizo  Moun- 
tains southward  nearly  to  Gallup 
and  embracing  the  heads  of  Canyon 
de  Chelly  and  Canyon  del  Muerto; 
limited  on  the  west  by  Chinle  Val- 
ley and  on  the  east  by  Chuska  Val- 
ley ;  rising  from  this  plateau  are  the 
Chuska  Mountains,  parts  of  which 
have  received  special  names,  as  Tu- 
nitcha  Mountains,  and  Lukachukai 

Chuyak:  see  Shuyak. 

Chyoi-jn;  see  Saishu. 

Cichicwaukie;  see  Chickawaukie. 

Cienega;  Creek,  southeastern  corner  of 
sec.  26,  T.  11  N.,  R.  24  W.,  Kern 
County,  CaUf. 



Cienega  del  Gabilan;  Land  Grant,  San 
Benito  County,  Calif.  (Not  Sienega 
del  Gabilan.) 

Ciervo;  Hills  aronnd  Ciervo  Mountain, 
Diablo  Range,  comprising  that  por- 
tion of  foothill  belt  extending  from 
Cantua  Creek  to  Tumey  Gulch, 
Fresno  and  San  Benito  counties, 

Cimarron;  Canyon  on  Apache  Trail, 
41  miles  from  Mesa,  Maricopa 
County,  Ariz. 

Cimarron;  River,  branch  of  the  Arkan- 
sas River,  Colorado,  Kansas,  New 
Mexico,  and  Oklahoma.  (Not  Seme- 
rone.  ) 

Cinaloa;  see  Sinaloa. 

Cinnabar;  Creek,  Lewis  County,  Wash. 
(Not  Cinebar.) 

Cinnamon;  Butte,  T.  27  S.,  R.  6  E., 
about  5  miles  northeast  of  Diamond 
Lake,  Douglas  County,  Oreg. 

Circle;  Bay,  semicircular  indentation 
just  below  East  Point,  southeastern 
coast  Woronkofski  Island,  Alex- 
ander Archipelago,  Southeastern 

Circle;  see  Chilco. 

Circleville;  see  Scircleville. 

Cisco;  Canyon,  opposite  side  Apache 
Trail  from  Lawton  Canyon,  Mari- 
copa County,  Ariz. 

Citico;  Creek  and  Village,  Monroe 
County,  Tenn.     (Not  Cittico.) 

Ciudad  dos  Reis ;  see  Natal. 

Claliona;  see  Klahini. 

Claiborne;  Island,  in  Mississippi  River, 
Iberville  Parish,  La.  (Not  Clai- 

Claim;  western  point  at  the  entrance 
of  Port  Chatham,  Alaska. 

Clallam;  Bay,  County,  River,  and  Pre- 
cinct, Wash.     (Not  Callam.) 

Clam;  see  Goosie. 

Clapp;  Pond,  Washington  Town,  Berk- 
shire County,  Mass.     (Not  West.) 

Claremont;  Glacier,  Port  Nellie  Juan, 
Prince  William  Sound,  Alaska. 

Clarence;  River,  Yukon,  Canada,  west 
of  Backhouse  River  on  Arctic  coast 
near  International  Boundary  (be- 
tween Alaska  and  Canada). 

Clarence  King;  see  Copeland. 

Clarendon  Hills;  Railroad  Station, 
Hyde  Park,  Norfolk  County,  Mass. 
(Not  Clarendon  Hill.) 
Clark;  Creek,  tributary  to  Grande 
Ronde  River  from  east,  northeastern 
part  Union  County,  Oreg.  (Not 
Clarks. ) 

Clark;  Creek,  Wilkes  County,  Ga. 
Clark;  Ditch  and  Point,  Delaware  Bay, 
Kent  County,  Del.     (Not  Clarke  nor 

Clark;  Point,  at  entrance  to  Southwest 
Harbor,  and  Ridge,  Southwest  Har- 
bor Town,  Hancock  County,  Me. 
(Not  Clarke,  Clarke's,  nor  Clarkes.) 

Clark;  Point,  Buzzards  Bay,  Bristol 
County,  Mass.     (Not  Clark's.) 

*  Clark;  Town  and  Township,  Coshoc- 
ton County,  Ohio.     (Not  Clark's.) 

Clark  Fork;  Stream,  heading  near 
Butte,  Mont.,  flov^^ing  northwest 
through  Montana,  Idaho,  and  Wash- 
ington, and  emptying  into  Columbia 
River  in  Canada  near  the  Interna- 
tional Boundary.  (Not  Bitterroot, 
Clarke,  Deer  Lodge,  Hell  Gate,  Mis- 
soula, nor  Silverbow  River.) 

Clarke;  Point,  city  of  Chicago,  Lake 
Michigan,  111.     (Not  Clarke's.) 

Clarke;  Clarke's;  Clarkes;  see  Clark. 

*Clarkhill;  Town,  Tippecanoe  County, 
Ind.     (Not  Clarksville.) 

Clarks;  see  Clark. 

Clarks;  Clark's;  see  Nutter. 

Clarks;  see  Clark  Fork,  South  Park. 

Clarksville;  Borough,  Mercer  County, 
Pa.     (Not  Clark  nor  Clarkesville.) 

Clatskanie;  City,  Creek,  and  Precinct, 
Columbia  County,  Oreg.  (Not  Klas- 
kain,  Klaskania,  nor  Klaskonine.) 

Clatson;  see  Nekanakum. 

Clauter;  Clawter;  see  Clouter. 

Clavey  Creek;  Stream,  rising  in  T. 
4  N.,  R.  19  E.,  tributary  to  Tuolumne 
River  west  of  Hunter  Bend,  T.  1  ■•>., 
R.  17  E.,  Tuolumne  County,  Calif. 
(Not  Big  Canon  Creek,  Clavey 
River,  nor  Middle  Fork  Tuolumne.) 

Clavey  River;  see  Clavey  Creek. 

Claybanks;  Town,  Oceana  County, 
Mich.     (Not  Clay  Bank.) 



*Cle  Elum;  City,  Lake,  Precinct,  and 
River,  Kittitas  County,  Wash.  (Not 

Clealum;  see  Cle  Elum. 

Clear;  Creek,  Grand  Canyon  of  the 
Colorado,  Coconino  County,  Ariz. 

Clear;  Creek,  rising  in  NE  corner  T. 
13  S.,R.  35  E.,  and  flowing  northwest 
to  Middle  Fork  John  Day  River, 
Grant  County,  Oreg.     (Not  Big.) 

Clear;  Creek,  rising  in  Clear  Lake  and 
tributary  to  Sauk  River,  Ts.  31  and 
32  N.,  Rs.  9  and  10,  Snohomish 
County,  Wash.  (Not  North  Fork  of 
Clear. ) 

Clear;  Lake,  T.  22  S.,  Rs.  12  and  13 
W.,  Douglas  County,  Oreg.  (Not 
Jarvis. ) 

Clear;  see  Clearing;  Dry  Fork  Clear: 

Clear  Creek;  Falls,  on  Clear  Creek 
near  Green  River,  T.  38  N.,  R.  108 
W.,  northwest  of  Slide  Falls,  Fre- 
mont County,  Wyo. 

Clear  Fork;  Eastern  Branch  Cowlitz 
River,  rising  in  western  part  Cascade 
Range,  forming  a  junction  with  the 
Ohanapecosh  River  in  T.  14  N.,  R. 
10  E.,   Lewis  County,   Wash. 

Clear  Fork;  Stream,  chiefly  in  Raleigh 
County,  W.  Va.  (Not  Clear  Fork  of 
Coal  River.) 

*  Clear  Lake;  City  and  Township, 
Deuel  County,  S.  Dak.  (Not  Clear- 

Cleare;  Cape,  southern  extremity  Mon- 
tague Island,  Alaska.  (Not  Clear 
nor  Southwest.) 

Clearing;  Point,  southern  extremity  of 
island  northeast  of  Three  Tree 
Island,  Khaz  Bay,  Chichagof  Island, 

Clearlake;  see  Clear  Lake. 

Clearport;  Village,  Fairfield  County, 
Ohio.     (Not  Clear  Port.) 

Clearspring;  Township,  Lagrange 
County,  Ind.     (Not  Clear  Springs.) 

Clearwater;  Creek,  tributary  from 
north  to  Middle  Fork  of  Nooksack 
River,  Whatcom  County,  Wash. 

Clearwater;  Township  and  Village, 
Wright  County,  Minn.  (Not  Clear 

Clearwater ;  see  Eau  Claire. 

Cleaveland;  Landing,  on  Columbia 
River  east  of  Fisher  Island,  Wahkia- 
kum County,  Wash,  (Not  Cleave- 
lands. ) 

Cleaves;  north  point  of  entrance  to 
Greenport  Harbor,  Suffolk  County, 
Long  Island,  N.  Y.     (Not  Cleaves'.) 

Cleawok;  see  Cleawox. 

Cleawox;  Lake,  T.  19  S.,  R.  12  W., 
Lane  County,  Oreg.  (Not  Buck  nor 
Cleawok. ) 

Cleniente;  see  San  Clemen te. 

Clendenin;  Village,  Kanawha  County, 
W.    Va.     (Not   Clendennin.) 

Clilf;  Mine,  Port  Valdez,  Prince  Wil- 
liam Sound,  Alaska. 

Cliif;  Point,  of  southeastern  shore  of 
Pearse  Island,  Portland  Inlet,  South- 
eastern Alaska.  (Not  Base  nor 
Rose. ) 

Cliffs;  Point,  Chester  River,  Kent 
County,  Md.  (Not  Cliff  City,  Cliff's, 
nor  Starts.) 

Clifton  Heights;  Borough,  Delaware 
County,  Pa.     (Not  Clifton.) 

Clingmans  Dome;  Peak,  Great  Smoky 
Mountains,  Swain  County,  N.  C. 
(Not  Clingman  nor  Clingmans 
Peak. ) 

Clinton;  Town,  Prince  Georges  Coun- 
ty, Md.     (Not  Surratsville.) 

Clitherall;  Township,  and  Village,  Ot- 
ter Tail  County,  Minn.  (Not  Clith- 

Cloquet;  Village,  Carlton  County, 
Minn.      (Not  Colquet.) 

Cloran;   see  Chlora. 

Cloud  Peak;  see  Cuyamaca. 

Cloudcroft  Peaks;  Mountain  Group  in 
the  bend  of  Coal  Creek,  Flathead 
County,  Mont. 

Clouter;  Creek  near  Charleston,  S.  C. 
(Not  Clauter  nor  Clawter.) 

Clovercreek;  Village,  Highland  County, 
Va.  (Not  Clover  Creek  nor  Mc- 
Clungs  Mill.) 

Cloverdale;  see  Armstrong. 

Cloverlick;  Creek,  Mountain,  and  Vil- 
lage, Pocahontas  County,  W.  Va. 
(Not  Clover  Lick.) 

Co  Dud;  Co  Tron;  see  Fukwok. 



Coachella;  Valley,  part  of  the  desert 
*  lying  immediately  northwest  of  the 
Salton  Sea,  Riverside  County,  Calif, 
(Not  Conchilla.) 

Coahuila;  a  State  of  Mexico.  (Not 

Coahuila;  Creek,  Indian  Reservation, 
Mountain,  Valley,  and  Village,  River- 
side County,  Calif.  (Not  Cahuilla 
nor  Coahuilla. ) 

Coahuila;  Creek,  Bradley  County, 
Tenn.     (Not  Cooyehuttee. ) 

Coal;  Creek,  tributary  to  Glacier 
Creek,  Whatcom  County,  Wash. 

Coal;  Creek,  rising  in  T.  34  N.,  R.  23 
W.,  flowing  east  and  northeast  and 
emptying  into  Flathead  River,  sec. 
20,  T.  34  N.,  R.  20  W.,  Flathead 
County,  Mont.     (Not  Long  JefC.) 

Coal;  see  Coke. 

Coal  Creek;  Peak  (altitude  8,490 
feet),  in  sec.  12,  T.  2  S.,  R.  71  W., 
about  1  mile  north  of  Coal  Creek, 
t  mile  southwest  of  Plain  view  Sta- 
tion, Jefferson  County,  Colo. 

Coal  Pit;  see  Pine. 

Coal  River;  see  Paint. 

Coanjock;   see   Coin  jock. 

Coast  Ranges;  extend  northward  into 
Canada  and  southward  into  Lower 
California.  They  include  everything 
west  of  Puget  Sound,  and  the  Wil- 
lamette, Sacramento,  and  San  Joa- 
quin Valleys,  and  southwest  of  the 
Mohave  Desert. 

Coatue;  Beach  and  Point,  Nantucket, 
Mass.  (Not  Bogue,  First,  nor  Han- 
loetoe. ) 

Cobalt;  Lake,  Glacier  County,  Mont. 

Cobats;   see   Cobbetts. 

Cobb;  Island,  Lighthouse,  Neck,  and 
Point,  Charles  County,  Md.  (Not 

Cobb;  Island,  on  the  Atlantic  coast  of 
Northampton  County,  Va.  (Not 

Cobb  Mountain  Range;  see  Miyakma. 

Cobbet;  Gobbet's;  Cobbett;  Cobbetfs; 
see  Cobbetts. 

Cobbetts;  Pond,  Windham  Town, 
Rockingham  County,  N.  H.  (Not 
Cabot's,  Cobats,  Cobbats,  Cobbet, 
Cobbet's,  Cobbett,  Cobbett's,  Cobets, 
Corbetts,  nor  Cubages.) 

Cobets;  see  Cobbetts. 

Cobi;  see  Gobi. 

Cobun;  Creek,  Monongalia  County,  W. 
Va  .   (Not  Cobun's  nor  Coburns.) 

Coburg;  Town,  Montgomery  County, 
Iowa.     (Not  Cobourg  nor  Coburgh.) 

Cochechae,  Cochechea,  Cochecho;  see 

Cocheco;  River,  Strafford  County,  N. 
H.  (Not  Cochechae,  Cochechea, 
Cochecho,  Cuttchechoe,  Kechcea- 
chy,  Kecheachy,  nor  Quochecho.) 

Cochetopa;  Creek,  Forest  Reserve, 
Hills,  Pass,  Precinct,  and  Village 
in  southwestern  Colorado.  (Not 
Cochetopah, ) 

Cochichewick;  Lake,  North  Andover 
Town,  Essex  County,  Mass.  (Not 
Chochechiwick,  Chochichawick,  nor 
Great   Pond.) 

Cochin;  City  and  Native  State,  west 
coast  of  Hindustan  Peninsula.  (Not 
Kachhi,  Katchi,  Katschha,  Kotchin, 
nor  Kotschin.) 

Cochin  China;  a  region  south  of  China 
and  east  of  Siam.  (Not  Cochin- 
china.  ) 

Cochrane;  Point,  at  confluence  of 
Cochrane  Bay,  Passage  Canal,  and 
Port  Wells,  northwestern  part  Prince 
William  Sound,  Alaska. 

Cock;  see  South  Fowl. 

Cockburn;  Island,  in  northern  part  of 
Lake  Huron,  Manitoulin  District, 
Ontario.     (Not  Little  Manitou.) 

Cockburn;  see  Mount  Marion. 

Cockenoe;  Island,  the  easternmost  of 
the  Norwalk  Group,  Long  Island 
Sound,  Conn.     (Not  Cockenoe's.) 

Cockpit;  Point  in  Potomac  River, 
Prince  William  County,  Va.  (Not 
Cock  Pit.) 

Cockrell;  Creek,  Northumberland 
County,  Va.     (Not  Cockle.) 

Cockscomb;  Peak,  Cathedral  Range, 
Sierra  Nevada,  near  lat.  37°  50', 
long.  119°  23'  W.,  in  Yosemite  Na- 
tional Park,  on  boundary  between 
Mariposa  and  Tuolumne  Counties, 

Coconino;  Plateau,  Grand  Canyon  of 
the  Colorado,  Coconino  County,  Ariz. 
(Not   Colorado.) 



Cocopa;  Point,  Grand  Canyon  of  the 
Colorado,  Coconino  County,  Ariz. 

Cocoraque;  Butte,  T.  14  S.,  R.  10  B., 
Pima  County,  Ariz.  (Not  Cocoraqu, 
Cocoraqui,  nor  Corcoraque.) 

Cocoraqu;  Cocoraqui;  see  Cocoraque. 

Cocos  or  Keeling;  Islands  (belong  to 
Great  Britain),  southwest  of  Su- 
matra, about  lat.  12°  5'  S.,  long.  96° 
53'  E.,  Indian  Ocean.  (Not  Cocos- 
keeling,  Cocos-Keeling,  Keeling,  nor 
Keeling  or  Cocos.) 

Codornices;  Creek,  Berkeley,  Alameda 
County,  Calif.     (Not  Cordonices.) 

Coecles;  Arm  of  Gardiners  Bay, 
Shelter  Island,  Suffolk  County,  N. 
Y.  (Not  Coecle  Harbor  Inlet, 
Coecle's  Harbor  Inlet,  Coeclis  In- 
let, nor  Cockles  Harbor.) 

Coeymans;  Bar  in  Hudson  River, 
Creek,  and  Town,  Albany  County, 
N.  Y.     (Not  Coeyman's.) 

Coffee;  Landing,  Tennessee  River,  Har- 
din County,  Tenn.     (Not  Coffee's.) 

Coffin's  Group;  see  Ogasawara. 

Cogaminck;  see  Kunjamuk. 

Coghill;  River,  northwestern  coast 
Prince  William  Sound,  Alaska,  de- 
bouching on  the  eastern  shore  of 
College  Fiord,  near  lat.  61°  05',  long. 
147°  55'. 

Cogtua;  see  Meade. 

Cohahuila;  see  Coahuihi. 

Cohasset;  Harbor,  Narrows,  Rocks, 
and  Town,  Norfolk  County,  Mass. 
(Not  Cohassett.) 

Cohobadiah;  Creek,  Cleburne  and  Ran- 
dolph Counties,  Ala.  (Not  Coha- 
badia   nor   Hobidijah.) 

Cohocton;  River,  rising  near  the  north- 
ern boundary  of  Steuben  County, 
uniting  with  the  Tioga  to  form  the 
Chemung  River,  N.  Y.  (Not  Choc- 
ton  nor  Conhocton.) 

*Coinjock;  Bay,  western  shore  Curri- 
tuck Sound,  Currituck  County,  N.  C. 
(Not  Coanjock  nor  Coinjack.) 

Coke;  Creek,  T.  2  S.,  R.  8  E.,  tributary 
to  Billman  Creek  from  south.  Park 
County,  Mont.  (Not  Coal  nor  El- 

Cokesbury;  Mine  and  Town,  Hunter- 
don County,  N.  J.    (Not  Cokesburg.) 

Colabaugh;  see  Collaberg. 

Cold;  Bay,  south  shore  of  Alaska  Pen- 
insula, near  Belkofski,  Alaska.  (Not 
Frozen   nor  Morozof skoi. ) 

CoiJa  Abyatchie ;  see  Abiacha. 

Cold  Spring;  Hill,  Placer  County, 
Calif.     (Not    Gold    Spring.) 

Coldwater;  Mountain  near  Anniston, 
Calhoun  County,  Ala.  (Not  Polecat 
Ridge. ) 

Coldwater;  River,  Yazoo  Bottom,  Miss. 
(Not  Cold  Water  nor  Copasaw.) 

Cole  Branch;  Post  Light,  Ohio  River, 
Greenup  County,  Ky.  (Not  Cole's 
Branch. ) 

Cole  Ferry;  Shoal  and  Lighthouse,  St. 
Lawrence  River,  Canada,  north  of 
Oakpoint,  St.  Lawrence  County, 
N.   Y.      (Not  Cole's  Ferry.) 

Coleman;  Glacier,  which  feeds  Glacier 
Creek,  northern  slope  of  Mount 
Baker,   Whatcom  County,   Wash. 

Coleman;  Pinnacle,  on  ridge  extending 
from  Mount  Baker,  northeasterly  to 
Mount  Shuksan,  the  divide  between 
headwaters  of  Wells  Creek  and 
those  of  Swift  Creek,  Whatcom 
County,  Wash. 

Colerain;  Town  and  Township,  Bertie 
County,  N.  C.     (Not  Coleraine.) 

Colerain;  Coleraine,  Mass. ;  see  Colrain. 

Coleridge;  Village,  Cedar  County, 
Nebr.     (Not  Cooleridge.) 

Coles;  Brook,  chiefly  in  Middlefield, 
Berkshire  County,  Mass.  (Not 

Coliax;  Peak,  one  of  Black  Buttes 
group,  southwestern  slope  Mount 
Baker,  Whatcom  County,  Wash. 

Collaberg;  Lake  and  Mountain,  Cort- 
landt  Town,  Westchester  County, 
N.  Y.  (Not  Colabaugh  nor  Colla- 

Collabergh;   see   Collaberg. 

Collamore;  Ledge  of  sunken  rocks  on 
Massachusetts  coast,  near  Scituate. 
(Not  Colomore.) 

Collbran;  see  Brandon. 

College;    see    Dorseys;    Sequatchie. 

College;  Point,  in  College  Fiord,  sepa- 
rating the  fiords  formed  by  the  Har- 
vard and  Yale  Glaciers,  near  lat.  61° 
12'  N.,  long.  147°  48',  Prince  William 
Sound,  Alaska. 



College  Point;  Village,  Queens  County, 
Long  Island,  N.  Y.  (Not  Stratton- 
port. ) 

Collier;  Ledge  off  south  coast  of  Cape 
Cod,  near  Hyannis,  Mass.  (Not  Col- 
lier's. ) 

Colling-s;  Mountain,  T.  40  S.,  R.  4  W., 
Jackson  County,  Oreg.  (Not  Col- 
lins. ) 

Collins;  see  Collings. 

Collins;  Collinson's;  see  Cummings. 

Cologne;  Railroad  Station,  Atlantic 
County,  N.  J.     (Not  Germania.) 

Colombia;  Republic,  South  America. 
(Not  Columbia.) 

Colombo;  Capital  of  Ceylon.  (Not  Co- 
lumbo. ) 

Colombo;  see  Ck)lumbus. 

Colon;  City  and  free  Port  on  the  At- 
lantic coast  of  the  Isthmus  of  Pan- 
ama, Republic  of  Panama.  Founded 
in  1850  by  the  Panama  Railroad  Co., 
arid  named  for  William  H.  Aspin- 
wall,  one  of  the  railroad  company's 
principal  shareholders,  and  after- 
wards president  of  the  Pacific  Mail 
Steamship  Co.  The  official  name 
given  the  city  by  the  Colombian  Gov- 
ernmet  is  Colon,  the  Spanish  form  of 
the  patronymic  of  Christopher  Co- 
lumbus. Designated  as  "Aspinwall " 
by  the  United  States  Government 
from  the  year  of  its  foundation  until 
1882.  The  Colombian  name  was 
adopted  in  the  latter  year  and  has 
since  appeared  in  the  printed  diplo- 
matic and  consular  list  of  the  De- 
partment of  State  as  "Colon  (Aspin- 
wall),"  Colon  being  recognized  as 
the  proper  form,  and  Aspinwall 
added  in  parenthesis  merely  for  the 
purpose  of  distingushing  the  place 
for  the  guidance  of  persons  unfa- 
miliar with  the  Columbian  name. — 
A.  H.  A. 
Colon  Harhor;  see  Limon  Bay. 
Colonels;  see  Purnell. 
Colonia;  Railroad  Station,  Middlesex 

County,  N.  J.     (Not  Houtenville. ) 
Colonnade;   Cliff,  of  columnar  basalt 
along  lower  end  of   South  Mowich 
Glacier,      Mount      Rainier,      Pierce 
County,  Wash. 

Colorado;  River,  the  great  river  of  the 
plateau  region  flowing  into  the  Gulf 
of  California.     (Not  Rio  Colorado.) 

Colorado,  Ariz. ;  see  Coconino. 

Colorado;  Colo.;  see  Front. 

Colorado  Chiquito ;  see  Little  Colorado. 

Cohjuet;  see  Cloquet. 

♦Colrain;  Town,  Franklin  County, 
Mass.     ( Not  Colerain  nor  Coleraine. ) 

Colt;  Pier,  below  Hartford,  Connecti- 
cut River,  Conn.     (Not  Colt's.) 

Colter;  Peak,  southwest  of  Yellowstone 
Lake,  Yellowstone  National  Park, 
Wyo.     (Not  Coulter.) 

Col  ton;  see  Cotton. 

Columbia;  Island,  just  south  Analos- 
tan  Island,  Potomac  River. 

Columbia  Crest;  snow  dome,  highest 
summit,  at  conjunction  of  rims  of 
two  summit  craters,  Mount  Rainier, 
Pierce  County,  Wash. 

Columbia  Finger;  Mountain  Peak,  Yo- 
semite  National  Park,  Mariposa 
County,  Calif.  (Not  Columbia's  Fin- 

ColmnMa's  Finger;  see  Columbia  Fin- 

Columbine;  Falls,  on  Roaring  Fork,  in 
East  Gorge,  1  mile  northeast  of 
Longs  Peak,  on  the  line  between 
P.oulder  and  Larimer  Counties,  Colo. 

Columbine;  see  Ignacio. 

Columbus;  Glacier,  crosses  the  Inter- 
national Boundary  (between  Alaska 
and  Yukon),  extends  westward  and 
touches  northern  slope  of  Mount  St. 
Ellias.     (Not  Colombo.) 

Column;  see  Stolbovoi. 

Colville;  River,  in  Northern  Alaska. 
(Not  Colvile.) 

Comanche;  Point,  Vishnu  quadrangle, 
Coconino  County,  Ariz. 

Comandante;  Shoal,  about  1  mile  south 
of  Caballo  Blanco,  P.  R.  (Not  Cayo 

Comar;  Spring,  Hopi  Indian  Reserva- 
tion, Navajo  County,  Ariz. 

Comb;  Ridge,  Apache,  and  Navajo 
Counties,  Ariz.,  and  San  Juan 
County,  Utah. 
Combahee;  River  between  Colleton 
County  and  Beaufort  and  Hampton 
Counties,  S.  C. 



Comet;  Peak,  Pinal  County,  Ariz.    (Not 

Camels  nor  Comets.) 
Comfort;     Cove,     southeastern    shore 

Port  Gravina,  near  lat.  60°  13',  long. 

146°    05',    Prince    William    Sound, 

Commemoration;  see  Urusan. 
Commodore  Point  Shoal;  Post  Light, 

St.  Johns  River,  East  Jacksonville, 

Duval   County,   Fla.     (Not  Commo- 
dore's Point  Shoal.) 
Como;  Village,  Panola  County,  Miss. 

(Not  Como  Depot.) 
ComocJiechebbee ;   see   Cemochechobee. 
Compaiiys;  see  Urupp. 
Comptonville;  see  Camptonville. 
Comptroller ;  see  Controller. 
Con  Can;  see  Concan. 
Con  Hook;  Point,   on  Hudson  River, 

Orange  County,  N.  Y.     (Not  Con's 

Conaquenessing;  see  Connequenessing. 
Conasauga;  Creek,  Polk  and  McMinn 

Counties,  and  Village,  Polk  County, 

Tenn.     (Not  Connasauga  nor  Conne- 

sauga. ) 
Conasauga;  River,  chiefly  in  northern 

Georgia.     (Not  Connasauga  nor  Con- 

nesauga. ) 
Conasauga;  Town,  Gilmer  County,  Ga. 

(Not  Connasauga  nor  Connes^auga. ) 
Conaskonk;  Point,  Monmouth  County, 

N.  J.     (Not  Conaskonck.) 
Conhert;  see  Convert. 
Concan;  Village,  Uvalde  County,  Tex. 

(Not  Con  Can.) 
Conception;     Point,     Santa     Barbara 

County,  Calif.     (Not  Concepcion.) 
ConcMgua;  see  Fonseca. 
Conchilla;  see  Coachella. 
Conchos;  River  in  Chihuahua,  Mexico. 

(Not  Conchas.) 
Conconully;  Lake,  Ts.  35  and  36  N.,  R. 

25    E.,    Okanogan    County,    Wash. 

(Not  Salmon.) 
Conconully;  Concunully;  see  Salmon. 
Condon;  Peak  (altitude  4,985  feet),  4 

miles  south-southeast  of  San  Benito 

Mountain,  at  headwaters  San  Benito 

River  on  northwest,  and  White  Creek 

on    southeast,    San    Benito    County, 

Cone;  Mountain,  west  of  Windy  Bay, 

Kenai  Peninsula,  Alaska. 

Cone;  Mountain,  8  miles  west  of  Mount 
Shasta,  Siskiyou  County,  Calif.  (Not 
Black  Butte,  Muir  Butte,  nor  Sugar 

Cone;  Mountain,  on  east  bank  of  Sti- 
kine  River  near  the  Alaska-Canada 
boundary.     (Not  Cane.) 

Cone;  see  Sodein. 

Conedogioinet ;  Conedoquinet;  see  Con- 

Conemaugh;  River,  from  its  source  in 
Cambria  County  to  its  junction  with 
Loyalhanna  Creek,  Pa.  (Not  Kiski- 
minitas. ) 

Conequenessing ;  Conequonessing ;  see 

Conetoe;  Creek,  Edgecombe  and  Pitt 
Counties,  Upper  and  Lower  Town- 
ships, and  Village  in  Edgecombe 
County,  N.  C.  (Not  Coneeto,  Coneto, 
Congeto,  nor  Keneighton.) 

Conewago;  Township,  Adams  County, 
Pa.     (Not  Conowago.) 

Conewango;  Creek,  Town,  and  Village, 
Cattaraugus  County,  N.  Y.  (Not 

Confucius  Temple;  Butte,  one  of  Twin 
Buttes,  Grand  Canyon  of  the  Colo- 
rado, Coconino  County,  Ariz. 

Congamimck ;  see  Kunjamuk. 

Congo;  see  Kongo. 

Congress;  see  Meadow. 

Conhocton;  see  Cohocton. 

Coniho;  see  Conoho. 

Conimicut;  Lighthouse,  Providence 
River,  R.  I.     (Not  Kinnimicut.) 

Conkling;  the  northern  point  of  en- 
trance to  Southold  Bay,  Suffolk 
County,  Long  Island,  N.  Y.  (Not 
Conkling's. ) 

Connasauga;  see  Conasauga. 

Connecticut ;  Fee  Carmans. 

ConnrlviUe;  see  Cannelville. 

*Conners;  Creek,  emptying  into  De- 
troit River  opposite  Belle  Isle, 
Wayne  County,  :Mich.  (Not  Conner, 
Conner's,  Connor's,  Connors,  nor 

Conners  Creek;  Village,  Wayne 
County,  Mich.  (Not  Conner's  Creek 
nor  Connors  Creek.) 

Conncsauga;  see  Conasauga. 

Connesena;  Creek,  Bartow  County,  Ga. 
(Not  Connas^ana  nor  Connascne.) 



Connett;  Point,  north  side  of  Buzzards 
Bay,  between  Angelica  Point  and 
Pease's  Point,  Plymouth  County, 
Mass.  (Not  Cordwood,  Dunn's,  nor 
Nye's. ) 

Connoquenessing;  Borough  and  Town- 
ship, Butler  County,  and  Creek, 
Beaver,  Butler,  and  Lawrence  Coun- 
ties, Pa.  (Not  Conaquenessing,  Cone- 
quenessing,  Conequonessing,  nor  Con- 
oquenessing. ) 

Connorville;  Railroad  Station,  Jeffer- 
son County,  Ohio.  (Not  Connor  nor 
Connorsville. ) 

Connotten;   Connotton;  see  Conotton. 

Conns;  Creek,  Rush  and  Shelby  Coun- 
ties, tributary  to  Flatrock  Creek, 
near  Waldron,  Ind.  (Not  Coon  nor 

Conodoguinet;  Creek,  Cumberland 
and  Franklin  Counties,  Pa.  (Not 
Conedogwinet  nor  Conedoquinet.) 

Conoho;  Creek  and  Village,  Martin 
County,  N.  C.  (Not  Coniho  nor 
Goose  Nest.) 

ConoUon;  Conolton;  see  Conotton. 

Conoquenessing ;  see  Connoquenessing. 

Conotten;  see  Conotton. 

Conotton;  Creek,  Carroll,  Harrison, 
and  Tuscarawas  County,  Ohio.  (Not 
Connotten,  Connotton,  Conollon, 
Conolton,  Conotten,  nor  One  Leg.) 

Conova;  see  Canova. 

Conowago;  see  Conewago. 

Conqueror;   see   Okino. 

Conquistador  Aisle;  a  stretch  of  the 
inner  canyon.  Grand  Canyon  of  the 
Colorado,  south  side  of  Tobar  Ter- 
race, Coconino  County,  Ariz.  (Not 
Cardenas  Aisle.) 

Con's  Hook;  see  Con  Hook. 

Constanta;  ConstoMtia;  see  Con- 

Constantine;    Harbor,    Amchitka    Is- 
land,    western    Aleutians,    Alaska.  > 
(Not  Constantin.) 

Constantza;  Seaport,  Roumania, 
Southern  Europe.  (Not  Constanta, 
Constantia,  Kustendje,  Kustendj§, 
Kustendsche,  Ktistenje,  Kustenj§, 
nor   Kustenjeh.) 

Consumne;  see  Consumnes. 

Contact;  Glacier,  Port  Nellie  Juan, 
Prince  William  Sound,  Alaska. 

Continent  of  Palmer  Land;  see  Ant- 
arctic Continent. 

Continental;  Creek,  heading  in  Koote- 
nai Pass,  tributary  to  McDonald 
Creek,  Flathead  County,  Mont. 

ContlecJiebna ;  see  Kontrashibuna. 

Contoocook;  Pond,  Jaffrey  and  Rindge 
Towns,  Cheshire  County,  N.  H. 
(Not  Long.) 

Controller;  Bay,  near  mouth  of  Copper 
River,  Alaska.  (Not  Bering  nor 
Comptroller. ) 

Convert;  Creek,  north  of  the  Tanana, 
tributary  to  Preacher  Creek,  Alaska. 
(Not  Conbert.) 

Conway;  Town,  Taylor  County,  Iowa. 
(Not  Conwa.) 

Cook;  Inlet,  on  south  coast  of  Alaska. 
(Not  Cook's  nor  Kenai  Bay.) 

Cook;  Slough,  southeast  end  Youngs 
Bay,  near  Astoria,  Clatsop  County, 
Oreg.     (Not  Cook's  nor  Cooks.) 

Cooke;  Township,  Cumberland  County, 
Pa.      (Not  Cook.) 

Cooke ville;  Town,  Putnam  County, 
Tenn.  (Not  Cookville  nor  Cooks- 

Cooleridge;  see  Coleridge. 

Cooley;  Pass,  in  Aba  jo  Mountains  be- 
tween Abajo  Peak  and  Jackson 
Ridge,  San  Juan  County,  Utah. 

Coon;  see  Conns. 

Coon  Butte;  see  Crater  Mound 

Cooper;  Bluff,  southern  point  of  en- 
trance to  Oyster  Bay  Harbor,  Long 
Island,  N.  Y.     (Not  Cooper's.) 

Cooper;  Island,  near  Waterford,  Wah- 
kiakum County,  Wash.  (Not  Coop- 

Cooper;  the  western  point  of  entrance 
to  Budd  Inlet,  Puget  Sound,  Thurs- 
ton County,  Wash.     (Not  Cowper.) 

Cooper;  River,  rising  on  eastern  slope 
Cascade  Range,  flowing  through 
Cooper  Lake  to  Cle  Elum  River,  Kit- 
titas  County,   Wash. 

Cooper;  see  Quebec. 

Cooper  Bar;  Post  Light,  Ohio  River, 
Jefferson  County,  Ind.  (Not  Coop- 




Coos;  Bay  and  River,  Coos  County, 
Oreg.     (Not  Coose  nor  Koos.) 

Coosaw;  River,  Beaufort  County,  S.  C. 
(Not  Coosa.) 

Cooter;  see  Coutre. 

Cooter's  Bridge;  see  Allenbridge. 

Cooyehuttee;  see  Coahulla. 

Copalis;  Head,  near  Grays  Harbor, 
Grays  Harbor  County,  Wash.  (Not 

Copas;  Point,  Gulf  of  California, 
southern  side  of  entrance  of  Topolo- 
bampo  Harbor,  Sinaloa,  Mexico. 
(Not  Shell.) 

Copasaw;  see  Coldwater. 

Cope;  Butte,  Grand  Canyon  of  the 
Colorado,  Coconino  County,  Ariz. 

Copel;  see  Capel. 

Copeland;  Lake,  sec.  14,  T.  3  N.,  R. 
73  W.,  north  side  of  North  St.  Vrain 
Creek,  about  2  miles  northwest  of 
Aliens  Park  Village,  Boulder  County, 

Copeland;  Moraine,  north  side  North 
St.  Vrain  Creek  Valley,  2  miles 
northwest  Aliens  Park  Village,  Boul- 
der County,  Colo. 

Copeland;  Mountain  (altitude  13,176 
feet),  in  sec.  35,  T.  3  N.,  R.  74  W., 
just  east  of  the  Continental  Divide, 
5  miles  southwest  of  Longs  Peak, 
Boulder  County,  Colo.  (Not  Clar- 
ence King,  Kiowa,  nor  Tyndall.) 

Copenhagen;  Basin,  T.  13  S.,  R.  42  E.,/ 
and  Canyon,  T.  12  S.,  R.  41  E.,  Bear 
Lake  County,  Idaho.  (Not  Copen- 
haver. ) 

Copenhaven;  see  Geneva. 

Copenhaver ;  see  Copenhagen. 

Copley;  Towni^liip  and  Village,  Sum- 
mit County,  Ohio.     (Not  Copely.) 

Copp;  see  Wingate. 

Copper;  Bay,  Knight  Island,  Prince 
William  Sound,  Alaska. 

Copper;  Canyon,  in  the  south  wall  of 
the  Grand  Canyon  of  the  Colorado,  3 
miles  north  of  Bass  Camp,  Coconino 
County,  Ariz. 

Copper;  Canyon,  and  Stream  tributary 
to  San  Juan  River,  near  long.  110" 
30',  San  Juan  County,  Utah. 

Copper;  see  Chokatonk. 

Copper;  see  Copperas;  Kletsan. 

Copper;  Creek,  T.  65  N.,  Rs.  2  and  3 
E.,  tributary  to  Moyie  River  from 
east  between  Addie  and  Eastport, 
Boundary  County,  Idaho. 

Copper  Mountain;  Peninsula,  eastern 
shore  Prince  William  Sound,  Alaska. 

Copperas;  Creek,  tributary  to  Missis- 
sippi River,  Rock  Island  County,  111. 
(Not  Copper.) 

Copperas  Cove;  Village,  Coryell  Coun- 
ty, Tex.     (Not  Coperas.) 

Copps;  Island,  one  of  the  Norwalk 
Group,  Long  Island  Sound,  Onn. 
(Not  Copp  nor  Copp's.) 

Copps;  see  Wingate. 

Coqueta;  see  Yapura. 

Coquille;  City,  Coos  County,  Oreg. 
(Not  Coquille  City.) 

Coraopolis;  Borough,  Allegheny  Coun- 
ty, Pa.     (Not  Carapolis.) 

Corbette;  see  Corvette. 

Corbetts;  see  Cobbetts. 

Corcoran;  Mountain,  5  miles  southeast 
of  Mount  Whitney,  Sierra  Nevada, 
Inyo  and  Tulare  Counties,  Calif. 
(Not  Mount  Whitney  No.  1,  Old 
Mount  Whitney,  nor  Sheep  Rock.) 

Corcoraque;  see  Cocoraque. 

Cordeal;  Railroad  Station,  Citrus 
County,   Fla.     (Not   Hartshorn.) 

Cordell;  Post  Light,  Mississippi  River, 
Issaquena  County,  Miss.  (Not  Cor- 

Cordillera;  see  Cordilleras. 

♦Cordilleras;  the  entire  western  moun- 
tain system  of  North  America.  (Not 

Cordoba;  City  and  Province  of  Spain, 
and  Province  of  Argentina.  (Not 
Cordova. ) 

Cordonices;  see  Codornices. 

Cordova;  see  Orca. 

Cordwood;  see  Connett. 

Corea;  see  Chosen    (Korea). 

Corioman;  see  Currioman. 

Cornelius;  Creek,  Henrico  County,  Va. 
(Not  Wilton.) 

Corner;  Pond  between  Long  Lake  and 
Catlin  Lake,  Long  Lake  Town,  Ham- 
ilton County,  N.  Y.     (Not  Belden.) 

Cornfield;  see  Garden. 

Cornucopia ;  see  Wallowa. 

Corona;  see  Blackhead. 



Corona  Carrillo;  Reef,  near  Zancudo 
Cay,  P.  R. 

Corona  Larga;  Shoal,  western  coast, 
southward  of  Las  Coronas,  and 
northwestward  of  Resnello  Shoals, 
P.  R. 

Coronado;  Bntte,  Vishnu  quadrangle, 
Coconino  County,  Ariz. 

Coronado;  Mesa,  overlooking  Fish 
Creek  Canyon,  Maricopa  County, 
Ariz.     (Not  Fish  Creek  Hill.) 

Coronado;  Mountains,  east  of  Super- 
stition Mountains,  Maricopa  and 
Pinal  Counties,  Ariz. 

Coronado  Plateau;  see  Marcos  Terrace. 

Coronado  Summit;  Point  (altitude 
3,740  feet)  on  Apache  Trail  west  of 
Roosevelt  Dam,  highest  point  on 
Coronado  Mesa,  Maricopa  County, 

Corpus  Christi;  Pass,  between  Padre 
and  Mustang  Islands,  Tex.  (Not 
Corpus  Christi  Inlet.) 

Corral;  Creek,  T.  26  N.,  R.  1  W., 
rising  in  Crooks  (Uorral  Basin,  tribu- 
tary to  Snake  River  from  east, 
Idaho  County,  Idaho.  (Not  China 
nor  Crooks  Corral.) 

Corral  Hollow;  Creek  (large),  San 
Joaquin  County,  Calif.,  heading  in 
mountainous  region  western  side  Oso 
Ridge,  draining  northwestward  to 
Tesla,  near  which  it  turns  sharply, 
flowing  easterly  and  emptying  into 
San  Joaquin  Valley.  (Not  Buenos 
Ayres. ) 

Corson;  Inlet  to  Ludlam  Bay,  Cape 
May  County,  N.  J.     (Not  Corson's.) 

Cortez;  see  Puerto  Cortes. 

Cortland;  Township  and  Village,  De 
Kalb  County,  111.     (Not  Courtland.) 

Cortland;  see  Courtland. 

Cortlandt;  Railroad  Station  and  Town- 
ship, Edmunds  County,  S.  Dak.  (Not 
Cortland  nor  Mina.) 

Corvette;  Ledge,  Johns  Bay,  Lincoln 
County,  Me.     (Not  Corbette.) 

Corwin;  Cape,  the  southeasternmost 
point  of  Nunivak  Island,  Bering  Sea, 
Alaska.     (Not  Vasilief.) 

Coryell;  Island,  east  of  Government 
Island,  Macinac  County,  Mich.  (Not 
Coryell's  nor  He  Richard.) 

Coshaqua;  see  Keshequa. 

Cosinera;  Rock,  Port  Arecibo,  4(X) 
yards  southwest  by  west  from  Point 
Morillos,  P.  R. 

Coskata;  Beach,  Life-saving  Station, 
and  Pond,  Nantucket,  Mass.  (Not 
Caskaty  nor  Croskaty.) 

Cosners;  see  Mays. 

Cosumne;  Village,  Sacramento  County, 
Calif.  (Not  Bridge  House,  Co- 
sumnes,  Howells,  nor  McCosumne.) 

Cosumne;  see  Cosumnes. 

Cosumnes;  River,  Amador,  Eldorado, 
and  Sacramento  Counties,  and  Town- 
ship, Sacramento  County,  Calif. 
(Not  Consumne,  Cosumne,  Cosumni, 
Mokesumne,  nor  Mokosumne.) 

Cosumnes;  see  Cosumne. 

Cosumni;  see  Consumnes. 

Cotamy ;  see  Katama. 

Cote  sans  Dessein;  Town  and  Town- 
ship, Callaway  County,  Mo.  (Not 
Cote  Sans  Dissein.) 

Coteau  des  Prairies;  Plateau,  in  ex- 
treme eastern  South  Dakota  and 
southwestern  Minnesota,  maintain- 
ing an  altitude  of  about  2,000  feet 
(1,950-2,050)  and  forming  the  divide 
between  the  waters  of  James  River 
on  the  west  and  Minnesota  River  on 
the  east,  beginning  a  little  west  of 
Traverse  and  Big  Stone  Lakes,  and 
occupying  parts  of  Marshall.  Rob- 
erts, Grant,  and  Deuel  Counties,  S. 
Dak. ;  thence  crossing  into  Minne- 
sota and  traversing  Lincoln,  Pipe- 
stone, Noble,  and  Jackson  Counties. 

Coteau  du  Missouri;  Narrow  Plateau 
beginning  in  northwest  corner  of 
North  Dakota  between  Missouri 
River  and  River  des  Lacs  and  Souris 
River  and  running  southeast  and 
south;  its  southern  limit  not  well 
defined ;  its  western  escarpment 
forming  the  bluffs  of  the  Missouri. 

Cotejuba;  Island,  Para  River,  State  of 
Para,  Brazil.  (Not  Cotijuba  nor 
Coutejuba. ) 

Cotijuba;  see  Cotejuba. 

Cotta;  Point,  lat.  11°  29'  N.,  long.  75° 
38'  40"  E.,  western  coast  of  India.. 
(Not  Kadalur.) 

Cottage  City;  see  Oak  Bluffs. 



Cottaquilla;  Mountain,  end  of  ridge 
immediately  north  of  White  Plains, 
Calhoun  County,  Ala.  (Not  Chalyb- 
eate Spring,  Klebiate  Spring,  nor 
Piedmont  Springs.) 

Cotteral;  Brook,  Ocean  County,  N.  J. 
(Not  Cotterall's.) 

Cotterell;  Glacier,  Port  Nellie  Juan, 
Prince  William  Sound,  Alaska. 

Cotton;  Township,  Switzerland  County, 
Ind.     (Not  Colton.) 

Cottonwood;  Canyon  and  Creek,  di- 
rectly west  of  Shay  Mountain,  drain- 
ing north  and  west  into  Colorado 
River,  San  Juan  County,  Utah. 

Cottonwood;  Creek,  Vishnu  quadran- 
gle, Coconino  County,  Ariz. 

Cottonwood;  Creek  flowing  into  Mc- 
Lure  Valley,  from  northern  part  of 
T.  25  S.,  R.  17  E.,  Kern  and  Kings 
Counties,  Calif. 

Cottonwood;  Creek,  left-hand  branch 
of  San  Luis  Creek,  Saguache  County, 
Colo.     (Not  Wildcherry.) 

Cottonwood;  Creek,  Adams  County, 
Nebr.     (Not  Dry.) 

Cottonwood;  Creek,  Lincoln  and  Fre- 
mont Counties,  Wyo.  (Not  Lander 
nor  Marsh.) 

Cottonwood;  Creek,  2  miles  east  of 
Roosevelt  Village,  Gila  and  Mari- 
copa Counties,  Ariz. 

Cottonwood;  Mountain,  T.  6  N.,  R.  8 
W.,  south  of  Orofino  Mountain  and 
northeast  Dry  Cottonwood  Creek, 
Deer  Lodge  County,  Mont. 

Cottomvood;  see  Butler;  Harkan; 
Middle  Cottonwood;  North  Cotton- 
wood ;  South  Cottonwood. 

Cottrell;  Key,  8  miles  west-northwest 
of  Key  West,  Fla.     (Not  Cotterals.) 

Cotuit;  River,  Barnstable  County, 
Mass.     (Not  Santuit.) 

Cou-e-Us-ke ;  see  Cowlitz. 

Cougar  Divide;  Watershed,  east  of 
Dead  Horse  Creek,  Whatcom  County, 

Coulter;  Creek,  south  of  Heart  Lake, 
emptying  into  Snake  River  about  lat. 
44°  08',  long.  110°  32',  Yellowstone 
National  Park  and  Lincoln  County, 
Wyo.     (Not  Colter.) 

Coulter;  see  Colter. 

Coulterville;  Township  and  Village, 
Randolph  County,  111.  (Not  Coul- 
tersville. ) 

County  Line;  Creek,  tributary  from 
southeast  to  Tallapoosa  River,  Cham- 
bers and  Tallapoosa  Counties,  Ala. 
(Not  Moore,  Moore's,  Moores,  Mooses, 
nor  Ware.) 

County  Line;  Railroad  Station,  Or- 
leans County,  N.  Y.  (Not  County- 
line.  ) 

Courthouse;  Creek,  Ouray  County, 

Courthouse  Rock;  Mountain  and  Pre- 
cinct, Morrill  County,  Nebr.  (Not 
Court  House  Rock.) 

*Courtland;  City  and  Township,  Re- 
public County,  Kans.  (Not  Cort- 

Courtland;  see  Cortland. 

Coutejuba;  Fee  Cotejuba. 

Coutre;  Town  and  Township,  Pemis- 
cot County,  Mo.     (Not  Cooter.) 

Cove  City;  Township,  Crawford  Coun- 
ty, Ark.     (Not  Cove.) 

Cow;  Creek,  heading  near  Longs  Peak 
Village  and  emptying  into  north  side 
North  St.  Vrain  Creek,  sec.  16,  T.  3 
N.,  R.  72  W.,  Boulder  and  Larimer 
Counties,  Colo.     (Not  Cabin.) 

Cow  Neck;  see  Manhasset. 

Cowardin;  Run  and  Village,  Bath 
County,  Va.     (Not  Cowarden's.) 

Coioenton;  see  Whitemarsh. 

Cou'cset;  see  Greenwich. 

Coweta;  City,  Creek,  and  Township, 
Wagoner  County,  Okla.  (Not  Co- 
veda  Mission,  Coveta  Mission,  nor 
Cowetah. ) 

Cowiche;  Creek  and  Village,  Yakima 
County,  Wash.  (Not  Cowecha,  Co- 
wi  tehee,  Cowyche,  nor  Kah-wi-chi.) 

Cowlitz;  County,  Pass,  and  River, 
Washington.     (Not  Cou-e-lis-ke. ) 

Cowlitz;  Glacier,  discharging  into 
Cowlitz  River,  southeastern  slope 
Mount  Rainier,  Pierce  County,  Wash. 

Cowlitz;  Park,  high  valley  northeast 
of  Cowlitz  Glacier,  Mount  Rainier, 
Pierce  County,  Wash. 



Cowlitz  Chimneys;  high  rock  towers 
east  of  Mount  Rainier,  on  divide  be- 
tween Wliite  River  and  Cowlitz 
River  drainage,  Mount  Rainier  Na- 
tional Park,  Pierce  County,  Wash. 

Cowlitz  Cleaver;  narrow  rocky  ridge 
on  arrete,  descending  from  Gibraltar 
Rock  between  Cowlitz  and  Nisqually 
Glaciers,  Mount  Rainier,  Pierce 
County,  Wash. 

Cowpasture;  River,  Alleghany  and 
Bath  Counties,  Ya.  (Not  Cow  Pas- 
ture nor  Cow-pasture.) 

Coioper;  see  Cooper. 

Coicskin;  see  Elk. 

Cowyard;  Anchorage,  in  Duxbury  Bay, 
Mass.     (Not  Cow- Yard.) 

Cox;  Creek  and  Neck,  Queen  Annes 
County,  Md.     (Not  Coxe  nor  Coxe's.) 

Cox;  Island,  east  of  Florence  and 
south  of  Acme,  in  Siuslaw  River, 
Lane  County,  Oreg. 

Cox;  see  Bel  Alton. 

Cox  Ripple;  Shoal,  in  Ohio  River  near 
Wellsburg,  Brooke  County,  W.  Va. 
(Not  Cox's.) 

Coxe;  Glacier,  Port  Wells,  Prince  Wil- 
liam Sound,  Alaska. 

Coxsackie;  see  Nutten  Hook. 

Coxsons;  Coxton;  Coxton's;  see  Crox- 

Coyote;  Creek,  debouching  in  south 
end  San  Francisco  Bay,  Alameda 
and  Santa  Clara  Counties,  Calif. 
(Not  Coyote  River.) 

Coyote;  Lake,  T.  34  N.,  R.  107  W., 
Fremont  County,  Wyo. 

Coyote;  Precinct  and  Railroad  Station, 
Dawson  County,  Nebr.  (Not  Cay- 

Coyote;  Ridge,  separating  Coyote 
Creek  from  Bishop  Creek,  Inyo 
County,  Calif. 

Coyote  River;  see  Coyote  Creek. 

Coyotero;  Hills,  jumbled  piles  of 
rocks  on  either  side  of  Apache  Trail, 
18  miles  from  Roosevelt  Dam,  Gila 
County,  Ariz. 

Cozian;  Sunken  Rock  and  Shoal,  Peril 
Strait,  Southeastern  Alaska.  (Not 
Kozian  nor  Nikolas.) 

Crab;  Bay,  eastern  side  Annette  Island 
at  junction  of  Revillagigedo  Chan- 
nel and  Felice  Strait,  Alexander 
Archipelago,  Southeastern  Alaska. 

Crab;  Creek  rising  in  Lincoln  County, 
Wash.,  flowing  westward  near  town 
of  Ephrata,  Grant  County,  and  emp- 
tying into  Alkali  Lake,  except  dur- 
ing flood  waters  when  it  drains 
south  through  Willow  Lake  Draw  to 
Parker  Horn  of  Moses  Lake,  thence 
to  Columbia  River  at  Beverly.  (Not 
Upper    Crab. ) 

Crab;  Island,  extending  during  low- 
water  periods  to  Barbed  Point, 
Drummond  Island,  Chippewa  Coun- 
ty, Mich. 

Crab;  see  Vieques. 

Crah  Grass;  see  Taylor. 

Crab  Island;  Shoal,  south  of  west  end 
of  Drummond  Island,  Chippewa 
County,  Mich. 

Crabtree;  Creek,  Garrett  County,  Md. 
(Not  Crab  Run.) 

Crabtree;  Ledge,  Sullivan  Harbor, 
Hancock  County,  Me.  (Not  Crab- 
tree's.  ) 

Crabtree;  see  Whitney. 

Cracow;  see  Krakow. 

Crader  Field;  Post  Light,  Illinois 
River,  Calhoun  County,  111.  (Not 

Crafts;  Hill,  Lebanon  Town,  Grafton 
County,  N.  H.  (Not  Grafts  nor 
Mount  Lebanon.) 

Crag;  Lake,  sees.  1  and  12,  T.  7  S., 
R.  41  E.,  Caribou  County,  Idaho. 

Crag;  Lake,  NW.  i  sec.  33,  T.  42  N., 
R.  7  E.,  Shoshone  County,  Idaho. 

Crag;  Point,  Kizhuyak  Bay,  Alaska. 
(Not  Bluff  nor  Otrubistoi.) 

Craig;  Bar  in  Ohio  River,  near  Veney, 
Switzerland  County,  Ind.  (Not 
Craig's. ) 

Craig;  Creek,  flowing  into  Clarence 
River  near  its  mouth,  Yukon,  Can- 

Craig;  see  El  Tule. 

Craig s;  see  Virginia  Peak. 

Craig ville;  Railroad  Station,  Orange 
County,  N.  Y.     (Not  Craigsville. ) 



Cranberry;  Creek,  southern  end  of 
Goose  Bay,  Jefferson  County,  N.  Y. 
(Not  Goose.) 

Cranberry   Peak;   see  Trumbull. 

Cranbury;  Township  and  Village,  Mid- 
dlesex County,  N.  J.  (Not  Cran- 

Crandell  Corners;  Village,  in  Easton, 
Washington  County,  N.  Y.  (Not 
Grandalls  Corners.) 

Crane;  Island,  south  of  Laireys  Island, 
West  Penobscot  Bay,  Me. 

Crane;  see  Dorake. 

Crane  Eater;  Town,  Gordon  County, 
Ga.     (Not    Craneeater.) 

Craney;  Island  and  Lighthouse,  Eliza- 
beth River,  near  Norfolk,  Va.  (Not 
Crany  nor  Crayne.) 

Craney;  see  Cany. 

Crater;  Flat,  between  Bear  and  Yucca 
Mountains,  Nye  County,  Nev. 

Crater;  Lake,  southeastern  part  An- 
nette Island,  midway  between  Tam- 
gas  Mountain  and  the  shore  of  Fe- 
lice Strait,  Alexander  Archipelago, 
Southeastern  Alaska. 

Crater;  Moraine,  where  Boulder  Gla- 
cier discharges  from  Summit  Crater, 
southeastern  slope  Mount  Baker, 
Whatcom  County,  Wash. 

Crater;  Mountain,  sec.  14,  T.  5  S.,  R. 
41  E.,  Caribou  County,  Idaho. 

Creek;  see  Medicine. 

Crater;  Peak,  rocky  knoll  on  rim  of 
North  Crater,  central  summit  Mount 
Ranier,  Pierce  County,  Wash. 

Crater;  see  Mowich. 

Crater  Mound;  Butte  or  Mound  in  T. 
19  N.,  R.  12^  E.,  Arizona.  (Not 
Coon  Butte.  Crater  Mountain,  nor 
Meteorite  Mountain.) 

Crater  Mountain;  see  Crater  Mound. 

Craven;  Shoal,  in  New  York  Lower 
Bay,  Richmond  County,  N.  Y.  (Not 
Craven's. ) 

Crawford;  Creek  and  Landing  on  Mis- 
sissippi River,  Cape  Girardeau  Coun- 
ty, Mo.     (Not  Crawford's.) 

Crawford;  Landing  on  Ohio  River  near 
Huntington,  W.  Va.  (Not  Craw- 

Crawfordville;  City,  Taliaferro  Coun- 
ty,  Ga.      (Not  Crawf ordsville. ) 

Crayne;  see  Craney. 

Creek;  see  Medicine. 

Creigh;  see   Greig. 

Cremation;  Creek,  Grand  Canyon  of 
the  Colorado,  Coconino  County,  Ariz. 

Cremation;  see  Shoshone. 

Cresap;  Bend,  in  Ohio  River,  and  Vil- 
lage, Marshall  County,  W.  Va.  (Not 

Crescendo;  Creek,  Ts.  41  and  42  N., 
R.  6  E.,  tributary  to  Little  North 
Fork  Clearwater  River  from  north 
above  Cedar  Creek,  Clearwater  and 
Shoshone  Counties,  Idaho. 

Crescent;  Creek,  rising  in  Crescent 
Lake,  sec.  13,  T.  24  S.,  R.  6  E.,  flow- 
ing eastward  about  20  miles  to  junc- 
tion with  East  Fork  of  Deschutes 
River,  Klamath  County,  Oreg. 

Crescent;  Lake,  Flagler  and  Putnam 
Counties,  Fla.     (Not  Dunn.) 

Crescent;  Mountain  (altitude  8,900 
feet),  sees.  10  and  11,  T.  2  S.,  R.  71 
W.,  2  miles  west  of  Plainview  Sta- 
tion and  12  miles  northeast  of  Black- 
hawk,  Jefferson  County,  Colo. 

Crescent;  Ridge,  east  of  Shinumo 
Creek,  Coconino  County,  Ariz. 

Cressap's;   see   Cresap. 

Crested;  see  Wosnesenski. 

Crestone;  Creek,  Saguache  County, 
Colo.     (Not  Crestones.) 

Crestone;  Peaks,  Sangre  de  Crlsto 
Range,  Saguache  County,  Colo. 
(Not   Three   Tetons.) 

Creswell;  Town,  Washington  County, 
N.  C.    (Not  Cresswell.) 

Crete;  Island  in  the  Mediterranean 
Sea.     (Not  Candia.) 

Cricket;  Range  of  mountains,  east  of 
Sevier  Lake,  Millard  County,  Utah. 
(Not  Beaver  nor  Beaver  River.) 

Crillon;   see   Notoro. 

Crispen;  Island  or  fast-land,  abutting 
on  left  bank  Turtle  River,  just  below 
Cowpen  Creek,  Glynn  County,  Ga. 
(Not  Crispin.) 

Crispin;  see  Crispen. 



Crittenden;  Peak  (altitude  6,400  feet), 
sec.  15  T.  46  N.,  R.  7  E.,  Idaho-Mon- 
tana State  line,  Shoshone  County, 
Idaho,  and  Missoula  County,  Mont. 
(Named  for  E.  D.  Crittenden,  form- 
erly employed  on  the  St.  Joe  Na- 
tional Forest,  who  lost  his  life  in  the 
military  service  in  France  on  Oct. 
15,  1918.) 

Cma  Gora;  see  Montenegro. 

Croatan;  Sound,  connecting  Albemarle 
and  Pamlico  Sounds,  N.  C.  (Not 

Crochet;  see  Crotched.         ^ 

Crocker;  Peak  (altitude  12,448  feet), 
Fresno  and  Mono  Counties,  Calif. 

Crocker;  Crocker's;  see  Sequoia. 

Crocker  Flat;  area  lying  mostly  in 
sees.  19  and  30,  T.  31  S.,  R.  22  E., 
Kern  County,  Calif. 

Crockson;  see  Croxton. 

Cromeset;  Ledge  and  Neck,  Plymouth 
County,  Mass.     (Not  Cromesett.) 

Cronstadt;  see  Kronstadt. 

Crook;  Landing  in  Mississippi  River,  5 
miles  above  Ste.  Genevieve,  Mo. 
Not  Crook's.) 

Crook;  Point,  Pacific  coast,  southwest- 
ern part  of  Curry  County,  Oreg. 
(Not  Crooks.) 

Crooked;  Creek,  small  tributary  from 
the  west  to  Chandalar  River,  about 
lat.  67''  18',  Alaska.  (Not  West 
Crooked;  Lake,  between  Basswood 
and  Iron  Lakes,  Lake  and  St.  Louis 
Counties,  Minn.,  Rainy  River  Dis- 
trict, Ontario,  International  Bound- 
ary (between  Minnesota  and  On- 

Crooked;  see  Elbow. 

Crooks  Corral;  see  Corral. 

Croom;  Town,  Prince  Georges  County, 
Md.      (Not   Croome.) 

Croom  Station;  Railroad  Station, 
Prince  Georges  County,  Md.  (Not 
Croome  Station.) 

Croose;  see  Kruzof. 

Crop  Grass;  see  Taylor. 

Cropseyville;  Village,  Brunswick 
Town,  Rensselaer  County,  N.  Y. 
Not  Cropserville. ) 

Croskaty;  see  Coskata. 

Cross;  Alaska;  see  Krestof. 

Cross,  Tenn. ;  see  Guess. 

Cross  Island;  see  Cruz. 

Cross;  see  Lac  LaCroix. 

Cross  Rip;  Shoal,  Nantucket  Sound, 

Mass.     (Not  Cross  Rip  Shoal.) 
Crossett;  Pond,  Fort  Ann  Town,  Wash- 
ington County,  N.  Y.    (Not  Lake  Ju- 

Crosswise;   see  Broacl. 
Crotch;  Island,  Deer  Island  Thorofare, 

Hancock  County,  Me.     (Not  Thur- 

Crotch;  Island,  southwest  of  Lalreys 

Island,  West  Penobscot  Bay,  Me. 
Crotched;  Mountain,  Hillsboro  County, 

N.  H.    (Not  Crochet  nor  Crotchet.) 
Crow;  Dock,  Raritan  River,  N.  J.  (Not 

Crow;  see  Willow. 
Crowl;  see  Reed. 
Crow's    Nest;    Mountain    near    West 

Point,  Orange  County,  N.  Y. 
Croxton;  Run,  Knox  Township,  Jeffer- 
son   County,    Ohio.      (Not    Coxton, 

Coxton's,  Coxsons,  Crockson,  Crook- 

ston,   nor   Croxson's. ) 
Crozier;  Settlement,  San  Juan  County, 

N.  Mex. 
Cruiser;   see   Choncho. 
Cruso;  Town,  Haywood  County,  N.  C. 

(Not  Crusoe.) 
Cruz;  Island,  li  miles  long,  south  side 

of  San  Christoval  Channel,  Alaska. 

(Not  Canos  y  Ylas  de  las  Cruz  nor 
, Cross  Island.) 
Cruz;  Pass,  passage  to  the  westward  of 

Cruz  Island,  Alaska. 
Crysler;  Island,  in  the  St.  Lawrence 

River,  St.  Lawrence  County,  N.  Y. 

(Not  Chrisler,  Dark,  nor  Lawrence.) 
Crystal;  Creek,  Grand  Canyon  of  the 

Colorado,    Coconino    County,    Ariz. 

(Not  West  Fork.) 
Crystal;     Creek,     Gunnison     County, 

Colo.     (Not  Rio  Contrario.) 
Crystal  Spring;  Village,  Los  Angeles 

County,       Calif.        (Not       Crystal 

Cuama;  see  Zambezi. 
Cuarzo;  see  Quartzite. 
Cub;  see  Palmer. 
Cuba;  see  Cube. 



Cuba  Landing;  Village,  Humphreys 
County,  Tenn,       (Not  Cubia.) 

Cubages;  see  Cobbetts. 

Cube;  Mountain  (altitude  2,927  feet), 
Orford  Town,  Grafton  County,  N.  H. 
(Not  Cuba.) 

Cube;  Point,  northwestern  part  of  Mar- 
quette Island,  Mackinac  County, 
Mich.  (Not  Cube's,  Cubes,  nor 
Kechetatawnon. )  l^,.,^iU^^—- 

Cubits  Gap;  ^^©st  Light,  Mississippi 
River,  Plaquemines  Parish,  La.  ( Not 

Cucaracha;  Passage  between  Las  Cuca- 
rachas  and  Los  Farallones,  P.  R. 

Cuchivara;  see  Purus. 

Cuddy  Peak;  see  Frazier. 

Cuerno  Verde;  see  Greenhorn  Moun- 
tain ;  Wet. 

Culebra;  see  Gaillard. 

Culebra  Range;  see  Sangre  de  Cristo. 
it^^z^/^  Cullasagee;  Creek  and  Town,  Macon 
/  County,  N.  C.     (Not  Cullasaja  nor 


Culpeper;  Town,  Wilcox  County,  Ala. 
(Not  Culpepper.) 

Culross;  Bay,  northeastern  coast  Cul- 
ross  Island,  Prince  William  Sound, 

Culross;  Island,  Prince  William  Sound, 
Alaska.     (Not  Grant.) 
_^  Cultus;   Lake,    southwestern    part    of 

^^t^^^'^Ue/     6r©ek  County,  Oreg. 

Cumherland  Entrance;  see  St.  Marys 

Cuming;  Township,  Dodge  County, 
Nebr.     (Not  Cumming.)  ♦ 

Cummings;  Creek,  Talbot  County,  Md. 
(Not  Collins  nor  CoUinson's. ) 

Cummings  ;  see  Tackawasick. 

Cummings;  Cummins;  see  Fish 

Cundy;  Harbor,  Ledge,  and  Points, 
Casco  Bay,  Harpswell  Township, 
Cumberland  County,  Me.  (Not  Cun- 

CungermucJc;  see  Kunjamuk. 

Cunningham;  Creek,  Gap,  and  Village, 
Jefferson  County,  Ala.  (Not  Adam's 

Cunningham;  see  Agate. 

Cupertino;  see  Stevens. 

Curasao;  Island,  largest  of  the  Dutch 

West  India  Islands,  Caribbean  Sea. 

Not  Curagoa.) 
Curecanti;    Creek,    Gunnison    County, 

Colo.     (Not  Vincennes.) 
Curecanti;  "Needle"    (pinnacle),  and 

Water  Tank,  Gunnison  County,  Colo. 

(Not  Caricanti,  Currecanti,  nor  Cur- 

ricanti. ) 
Curia  Maria;  see  Khorya  Morya. 
Curies;  Neck  of  land  on  James  River, 

Henrico  County,  Va.     (Not  Curl's.) 
Curlew;    Creek,    Lake,    and    Village, 

Ferry   County,   Wash.     (Not    Kara- 

min  nor  Karamip.) 
Curly  Bear;  Mountain,  lat.  48°  12'  N., 

long.    113°  05'  W.,  Pondera  County, 

Currecanti;  see  Curecanti. 
Current  Lake;  Village,  Murray  County, 

Minn.     (Not  Currant  Lake.) 
Curricanti;  see  Curecanti. 
Currioman;  Bay  or  Creek,  an  arm  of 

Nomini  Bay,  Westmoreland  County, 

Va.     (Not  Corioman.) 
Curry s  Fishery;  see  American. 
Curtain;  Falls,  between  Crooked  and 

Iron  Lakes,  St.  Louis  County,  Minn., 

and  Rainy  River  District,  Ontario, 

International    Boundary     (between 

Minnesota  and  Ontario). 
Cush  Cushion;  Creek,  in  Greene  Town- 
ship,    Indiana     County,     Pa.     (Not 

Cush-Cushion,      Cushcushion,      nor 

Cushian. ) 
Cushing;     Island,     Portland    Harbor, 

Cumberland      County,      Me.       (Not 

Bang's  nor  Cushing's.) 
Cushman   Crest;   Peak,  between   Nis- 

qually  River  and  Van  Trump  Creek ; 

most  prominent  feature  on  southern 

slope  Mount  Rainier,  Pierce  County, 

Cushman' s  Brook;  see  Middle  Branch. 
Cut  Bank;  Creek  and  Town,  Glacier 

County,    and    Pass,    Flathead    and 

Glacier  Counties,  Mont.     (Not  Cut- 
bank  nor  Cut-bank.) 
Cut-hank;  Cutbank;  see  Cut  Bank. 
Cutchogue;    Harbor,    Little    Peconic 

Bay,   Suffolk  County,   Long   Island, 

N.  y.     (Not  Thp  Gove.) 




Cutnose;  Creek,  Randolph  County,  Ala. 

(Not  Cutnoe  nor  Cut  Nose.) 
Cutoff;  Dredged  Channel  at  mouth  of 

Patapsco  River,  Md.     (Not  New  Cut 

Cuttchechoe ;  see  Cocheco. 
Cutt-off;  see  Ribeyre. 
Cuyamaca;    Mountain    Peak,   east   of 

San  Diego,  Calif.    ( Not  Cloud  Peak. ) 
Cuyler    Dike;    Post    Light,    Hudson 

River,  near  Albany,  N.  Y.     (Not  Cuy- 

ler's  Dike.) 
Cyclone;  Peak,  Flathead  County,  Mont. 
Cyclops;  see  Chief  One-Eye. 
Cycuam;  see  Sequan. 
Cypress;  Lake,  southwest  of  Saganaga 

Lake,  Rainy  River  District,  Ontario, 

and  partly  in  Lake  County,  Minn., 

International     Boundary     (between 

Ontario  and  Minnesota). 
Cypress;    Rock,    in    Rosario     Strait, 

Washington   Sound,   Skagit  County, 

Wash.     (Not  Rock  Island.) 


Da  Kuren;  see  Urga. 

Dacosta;  Railroad  Station,  Atlantic 
County,  N.  J.  (Not  DaCosta  nor 
Decosta. ) 

Dadasoa;  Spring,  6  miles  north  of 
Tohachi,  McKinley  County,  N.  Hex. 

Dagany;  Gap,  through  Pyramid  Hills 
connecting  between  McLure  Valley 
and  south  end  of  Kettleman  Plain, 
Kings  County,  Calif. 

Dagelet;  see  Utsuryo. 

Daholt;  see  Aderhold, 

Dai  Nippon;  see  Japan. 

Daiho;  see  Daibusano. 

Daibusano;  Point  or  Headland  (hana), 
lat.  35°  02'  N.,  long.  139°  48'  B. 
southwestern  coast  of  Honshu  Is- 
land, Japan.    (Not  Daibo.) 

*Daido;  River  (Ko)  and  its  Inlet,  ris- 
ing in  northwestern  Chosen,  and 
flowing  by  Heijo  city  into  Yellow 
Sea,  Japan.  (Not.  Pingyang,  Tai- 
dong,  nor  Taidong.) 

Daikukozin;  see  Okurokami. 

Dailey;  Daily;  see  Keith. 

Dairen;  Bay  (wan)  and  Town, 
Kwangtung  Peninsula,  Manchuria, 
China.  (Not  Dairen  Wan,  Dairen 
wan,  Dalny,  Tairen,  Ta  lien  Hwan, 
Ta-lien-wan,  Talien,  nor  Talien 
hwan. ) 

Dairen  Wan;  Dairen  wan;  see  Dairen. 

Dakota;  Town,  Humboldt  County, 
Iowa.     (Not  Dakotah.) 

Dakota;  see  James. 

*  Daley;  Brook,  sees.  29,  31,  and  32, 
T.  69  N.,  R.  20  W.,  and  sees.  5  and  6, 
T.  68  N.,  R.  20  W.,  flowing  north- 
ward into  Kabetogama  Lake,  St. 
Louis  County,  Minn.  (Not  Daly's 
nor  Daly  Brook.) 

Daley ;  see  Keith. 

Dall;  Point,  south  of  Cape  Romanzof, 
Western  Alaska.     (Not  Cape  Dall.) 

Dalles;  see  The  Dells. 

Dalmatia;  Railroad  Station,  Northum- 
berland County,  Pa.  (Not  George- 
town. ) 

Dalny;  see  Dairen. 

Dalton,  see  Dolton's;  Turner. 

Daly;  see  Keith. 

Daly  Brook;  Daly's;  see  Daley. 

Daly;  Creek,  tributary  to  Skalkaho 
Creek  from  north, .  sec.  24,  T.  5  N., 
R.  19  W.,  Ravalli  County,  Mont. 
(Not  North  Fork  of  Skalkaho.) 

Daticing;  see  Limestone. 

Damariscove;  Island,  Lincoln  County, 
Me.     (Not   Damriscove.) 

Dame;  Point,  St.  Johns  River,  Duval 
County,  Fla.     (Not  Dame's.) 

Dameas;  Island,  in  Lake  Champlain, 
Grand  Isle  County,  Vt.  (Not  Dia- 

Dammeron;  Marsh,  Great  Wicomico 
River,  Northumberland  County,  Va. 
(Not  Dammeron's.) 

Dana;  Butte,  Grand  Canyon  of  the 
Colorado,  Coconino  County,  Ariz. 

Dancey;  Flat  and  Point,  St.  Johns 
River,  St.  John  County,  Fla.  (Not 
Dancey's. ) 

Dancing  Creek;  see  Limestone. 

Danemora;  see  Dannemora. 

Danger;  see  Opasni;  Pogibshi. 

Dangerous;  see  Opasnost ;  Tuamotu. 



Daniel;  Creek  and  Island,  near 
Charleston,  S.  C.  (Not  Mitchells 
nor  Daniels.) 

Dannemora;  Village,  Sweden.  (Not 

Bans;  Mountain  and  Rock,  Allegany 
County,  Md.  (Not  Daniss  nor 

Danvers;  River,  Essex  County,  Mass. 
(Not  Essex  Branch.) 

Danversport;  Village,  Essex  County, 
Mass.     (Not  Danvers  New  Mills.) 

Danville;  Railroad  Station,  Warren 
County,  N.  J.  (Not  Great  Mea- 
dows. ) 

Danzig-;  Seaport  Town  of  Prussia. 
(Not  Dantzic.) 

Darfur;  large  oasis  in  the  southeast- 
ern part  of  the  Sahara,  Africa. 
(Not  Dar  For,  Dar-el-foor,  Darfoor, 
Darfor,  nor  Darfour.) 

Dark;  Pond,  Cheshire  County,  N.  H. 
(Not  Farnum  nor  Forum.) 

Dark;  see  Crysler. 

Darkey  Spring's;  Village,  White  Coun- 
ty, Tenn.     (Not  Darkey  Spring.) 

Darling;  Village,  Delaware  County, 
Pa.     (Not  Darlington.) 

Darnall;  Point  and  Landing,  Missis- 
sippi River,  Lake  County,  Tenn. 
(Not  Darnall's.) 

Darrah;  Village,  Mariposa  County, 
Calif.  (Not  Darrah's  nor  Snow 

Darrow;  Town,  Ascension  Parish,  La. 
(Not  Darrowville. ) 

Dartmouth;  Glacier,  eastern  side  Col- 
lege Fiord,  Prince  William  Sound, 
Alaska,  at  the  head  of  Coghill  River, 
and  north  of  Williams  Glacier. 

Darwin;  Creek,  a  headwater  of  Bishop 
Creek,  heading  in  Mount  Darwin, 
Inyo  County,  Calif. 

Darwin  Plateau;  Terrace,  on  the  south 
side  of  the  Grand  Canyon  of  the 
Colorado,  Coconino  County,  Ariz. 

Das  Frescas:  see  Flechas. 

Daufuskie;  Island,  Beaufort  County, 
S.  C.     (Not  Dawfuskie.) 

Daugherty;   see  Dougherty. 

Dauphin;  Island,  at  entrance  of  Mobile 
Bay,  Ala.     (Not  Dauphine.) 

Davenport ;  see  Devenport. 

Davids;  Island,  Long  Island  Sound, 
Westchester  County,  N.  Y.  (Not 
Davenport's. ) 
Davidson;  Landing,  Ohio  River,  Law- 
rence County,  Ohio.  (Not  David- 

Davidson;  Mountains,  between  Ladue 
River  Valley  and  McQuesten  Lakes, 
Yukon,  Canada,  near  International 
Boundary  (between  Alaska  and 
Canada).     (Not  Franklin.) 

Davidson;  see  Mount  Davidson. 

Davis;  Bay,  Pasquotank  River,  Pas- 
quotank County.  N.  C.  (Not  Da- 

Davis;  Creek,  tributary  from  the  east 
to  Bitterrcot  River  in  sec.  12,  T.  11 
N.,  R.  20  W.,  INIissoula  County.  Mont. 
(Not  Doris.) 

Davis;  Creek,  rising  in  Davis  Lake, 
sec.  24,  T.  22  S.,  R.  7  E.,  flowing 
underground  about  2  miles,  emerging 
as  springs,  thence  eastward  about  6 
miles  to  junction  with  Deschutes 
River,  Deschutes,  Orook  County^ 

Davis;  Landing,  Mississippi  River, 
near  Girardeau,  Mo.     (Not  Davis's.) 

Davis;  Ledge,  entrance  to.  Salem  Har- 
bor, Mass.     (Not  Davis's.) 

Davis;  Township,  Fountain  County, 
Ind.      (Not  Daviess.) 

Davis;  see  Governors;  Shaw  Branch. 

Davis  South;  Shoal  ofE  Nantucket, 
Mass.  (Not  Davis  New  South  nor 
New   South.) 

Davisson;  Run,  tributary  to  West 
Fork  River  from  the  west,  2  miles 
southwest  of  Clarksburg,  Harrison 
County,  W.  Va.     (Not  Davidsons.) 

Davisson;  Run,  branch  of  Simpson 
Creek,  near  Bridgeport,  Harrison 
County,  W.  Va. 

Davistown;  see  Egoniaga. 

Davitte;  Railroad  Station,  Polk 
County,  Ga.  (Not  Davittes,  Davitt's 
nor  Davitts.) 

Davols;  see  Devol. 

Day  ay;   see   Dyea. 

Dayton;  see  Twin  Lakes. 

De  Bemiere;  see  Littleton. 

De  Bolt  Place;  De  Bott;  Debolt  Place; 
see  Debolt. 


De  Chelly;  see  Canyon  de  Chelly. 

De  Chute;  see  Deschutes. 

De   Grasse;  see   Grass. 

De  Groff;  see  Degroff;  Klag. 

De  Kalb;  County,  111.     (Not  Dekalb.) 

De  Las  Pulgas;  see  Pulgas. 

De  Laux;  see  Dlo. 

De  Leon;  see  Deleon  Springs. 

De  Liew;  see  Dlo. 

De  Pere;  see  Depere. 

*De  Pere;  City  and  Town,  Brown 
County,  Wis.     (Not  Depere.) 

De  Smet;  City,  Kingsbury  County,  S. 
Dak.      (Not   Desmet.) 

De  Soto;  City,  Jefferson  County,  Mo. 
(Not  Desoto.) 

De  Soto;  see  West  Rome. 

De  Vaca  Terrace;  Spur  of  Marcos  Ter- 
race, Coconino  County,  Ariz. 

♦De  Vails  Bluff;  Town,  Prairie  Coun- 
ty, Ark.  (Not  De  Tail's,  De  Vail 
Bluff,   nor  Duvall's.) 

De  Tree's;   see  Islals. 

De  Witt;  County,  111.     (Not  Dewitt.) 

De   WitVs  Bar;   see   Dewitt  Bar. 

Deacons;  Deacons  Pond;  Deacon's 
Pond;  see  Falmouth  Inner. 

Dead;  Mountains,  San  Bernardino 
County,  Calif.     (Not  Black.) 

Dead  Horse;  Creek,  tributary  to  North 
Fork  of  Nooksack  River,  between 
Big  Cougar  and  Skyline  Divides, 
near  Mount  Baker,  Whatcom  Coun- 
ty. Wash. 

Dead  Horse;  Ridge  between  Big  and 
Coal  Creeks,  Flathead  County,  Mont. 

Dead  Point;  Creek,  tributary  to  West 
Fork  Hood  River,  Hood  River  Coun- 
ty, Oreg.  (Not  Burnt  nor  Dry 

Dead  Tree;  Point,  southwestern  coast 
of  Heoeta  Island,  If  miles  northwest- 
ward of  White  Cliff,  Alaska. 

Deadman;  Bend,  in  Mississippi  River, 
Adams  County,  Miss.  (Not  Dead- 

Deadman;  Island,  Ohio  River,  Alle- 
gheny County,  Pa.  (Not  Dead- 
man's.  ) 

Deadman;  Point,  Penobscot  Bay,  1^ 
miles  from  Rockport,  Knox  County, 
Me.     (Not  Deadman's) 

Deadman;  Reach,  in  Peril  Strait, 
Southeastern  Alaska.  (Not  Dead- 
man's  nor  Deadmans.) 

Deadman;  Slough,  north  bank  Chena 
Slough,  Fairbanks  region,  Alaska. 
(Not  Jennie  nor  Jennie  M.) 

Deadman;  see  Ruckel. 

Deadman  Island;  Deadman's  Island; 
Deadmans  Island;  see  Reservation. 

Deadmans  Riffle;  Rapids,  between 
Gold  and  Galligan  Lagoon  and 
Barnes  Lake,  Northeastern  part 
Prince  of  Wales  Island,  Southeast- 
ern Alaska. 

Deakyneville;  Landing,  New  Castle 
County,  Del.     (Not  Deakynesville. ) 

Deal;  Island,  Tangier  Sound,  Chesa- 
peake Bay,  Somerset  County,  Md. 
(Not  Deil's  nor  Devil's.) 

Dean;  Creek,  west  of  Goulding  Creek, 
Musselshell  County,  Mont.  (Not 
Dennis   nor   Dewey.) 

Dean;  Island  and  Landing,  Mississippi 
River,  Mississippi  County,  Ark.  (Not 

Deanewood;  Railroad  Station,  District 
of  Columbia.      (Not  Dean  wood.) 

Dearborn;  see  Deranof. 

Dearborn;  see  Steamboat. 

Deardorft';  Creek,  southeastern  part 
Grant  County,  and  Mountain,  on  the 
boundary  between  Grant  and  Baker 
Counties,  Oreg.     (Not  Deardroff.) 

Deardroff ;  see  Deardorff. 

Dearing;  Landing,  Missouri  River,  Cal- 
laway County,  Mo.  (Not  Dearing's.) 

Dearing;  Railroad  Station,  Montgom- 
ery County,  Kans.     (Not  Deering.) 

Death  Valley;  Valley,  Inyo  County, 
Calif.  (Not  Amargosa  Desert  nor 
Lost  Valley.) 

Deathdoor;  Bluff,  Green  Bay,  Door 
County,  Wis.     (Not  Death's  Door.) 

Debauch  Mountain;  Peak,  prominent 
landmark  on  the  divide  between  the 
Shaktolik  and  LTnalaklik,  Alaska. 
(Not  West.) 

Debebekid;  Lake,  Navajo  County, 
Ariz.      (Not  Te-ye-ba-a-kit. ) 

Debolt;  Town,  Douglas  County,  Nebr. 
(Not  De  Bolt  Place,  Debolt  Place, 
nor  De  Bott.) 



Deborah;  Mountain,  Alaska  Range, 
about  lat.  63**  38',  long.  147"  15', 
near  head  of  Little  Delta  River, 
Alaska.  (Not  Cathedral  nor  Wick- 
ersham. ) 

Debris;  Creek,  small  branch  of  Ole 
Creek  heading  in  Skeleton  Mountain, 
Flathead  County,  Mont. 

Deccan;  see  Dekkan. 

Deceiper;  Creek,  Clark  County,  Ark. 
(Not  Decepier,  Deceyper,  nor  De- 
ciper. ) 

Decision;  Point,  between  Passage 
Canal  and  Blackstone  Bay,  Prince 
William  Sound,  Alaska. 

Decosta;  see  Dacosta. 

Decros;  Point,  eastern  entrance  to 
Matagorda  Bay,  Matagorda  County, 
Tex.     (Not  Decrow's.) 

Deep;  Canyon  and  Creek,  east  of  Chip- 
pean  Canyon,  San  Juan  County, 

Deep;  Creek,  rising  in  sec.  12,  T.  32  N., 
R.  21  W.,  tributary  to  Flathead 
River  from  west,  in  sec.  34,  T.  33  N,, 
R.  20  W.,  Flathead  County,  Mont. 

Deep;  Creek,  one  of  the  three  large 
tributaries  to  Warner  Lake,  Lake 
County,  Oreg.     (Not  Warner.) 

Deep;  Creek,  tributary  to  Glacier 
Creek,  betvreen  Coal  and  Little 
Creeks,  Whatcom  County,  Wash. 

Deep;  see  Pardee;   Redoubt. 

Deep  Creeic;  see  Smith. 

Deep  Canyon;  see  Big  Canyon. 

Deep  Water;  Deepwater;  see  Survey- 

Deer;  Creek,  Ts.  53  and  54  N.,  R.  3 
E.,  tributary  to  Deep  Creek  from 
north,  Shoshone  County,  Idaho.  (Not 

Deer;  Creek,  Ts.  38  and  39  N.,  Rs.  12 
and  13  E.,  tributary  to  Kelly  Creek, 
Clearwater  County,  Idaho. 

Deer;  Ridge,  in  angle  between  Cow 
and  North  St.  Vrain  Creeks,  begin- 
ning about  2i  miles  north  of  Aliens 
Park  Village,  Colo. 

Deer;  see  Choragu;  Derr;  Klondike; 
Lynx;  Pugh;  Spotted  Louis. 

Deer  Island  Thorofare;  Strait,  be- 
tween islands  in  Penobscot  Bay,  Me. 

Deer  Lick;  Creek,  La  Plata  County, 

Deer  Lodge;  County,  Mont.  (Not 
Deerlodge. ) 

Deer  Lodge;  see  Clark  Fork. 

Deerhead;  Township,  Barber  County, 
Kans.     (Not  Deer  Head.) 

Deerlodge;  see  Deer  Lodge. 

Deerpark;  Town,  Orange  County,  N.  Y. 
(Not  Deer  Park.) 

Deerwood;  To^vnship  and  Village,  Kitt- 
son County,  Minn.  (Not  Deer 

Defoor;  Ferry,  across  Chattahoochee 
River,  Fulton  County,  Ga.  (Not  De- 
f  oore's. ) 

Degonia;  Town  and  Township,  Jack- 
son County,   111.     (Not  Degognia.) 

Degroff ;  Village,  Cayuga  County,  N.  Y. 
(Not  De  Groff.) 

DeiVs;  see  Deal. 

Dejah,  Alaska ;  see  Dyea. 

Dejah,  Alaska;  see  Taiya. 

Dekall);  see  De  Kalb. 

Dekkan;  the  central  region  of  south- 
ern India.     (Not  Deccan.) 

Del  Muerto;  see  Canyon  del  Muerto. 

Del  Norte;  Peak,  San  Juan  Mountains, 
Rio  Grande  County,  Colo.  (Not 
Pintada. ) 

Del  Norte;  see  Mesa  Mountain. 

Delagoa;  Bay  on  southeast  coast  of 
Africa.  (Not  Lagoa  nor  Lorenzo 
Marques. ) 

Delana;  Township,  Humboldt  County, 
Iowa.     (Not  Delano.) 

Delancey  Point;  Ledge,  Larchmont 
Harbor,  Long  Island  Sound,  West- 
chester County,  N.  Y.  (Not  Delan- 
cey's  Point.) 

Delavan;  Township  and  Village,  Fari- 
bault County,  Minn.     (NotDelevan.) 

Delaware;  River,  Atchison,  Brown,  and 
Jefferson  Counties,  Kans.  (Not 
Grasshopper. ) 

Delaware  Watergap;  Borough,  Mon- 
roe County,  Pa.  (Not  Delaware 
Water  Gap.) 

Deer  Lodge;  see  Clark  Fork. 

Del  Campo;  Peak,  head  of  Weden 
Creek,  Snofiomish  County,  Wash. 
(Not  Flag.) 



Delchay;  Butte,  east  of  Old  Womans 
Shoe  Butte,  Maricopa  County,  Ariz. 
Deleon  Springs;  Town,  Volusia  Coun- 
ty, Fla.     (Not  De  Leon.) 
Delevan;     Village,     Colusa     County, 
Calif.     (Not  Del  Evan  nor  Delavan.) 
Delhi;  City  and  District  in  the  Punjab, 
Northern  India.     (Not  Dehli,  Delli, 
nor  Dilli.) 
Delight;  Lake,  east  of  McCarty  Gla- 
cier, Kenai  Peninsula,  Alaka. 
Dell;    Creek,    Lincoln    County,    Wyo. 

(Not  Hamilton.) 
Dellroy;  Village,  Carroll  County,  Ohio. 
(Not  Dell  Roy  nor  Delroy.) 

Delnazini;  Spring,  San  Juan  County, 
N.  Mex.  (Not  Del  nazini  nor  Tiz- 
nat-zin. ) 

Delonde;  Creek,  sees.  2  and  3,  T.  1  S., 
R.  73  W.,  Boulder  County,  Colo. 
(Not  DeLonde,  Magloire  DeLande, 
nor  Magloire  DeLonde.) 

Delray;  Village,  Wayne  County,  Mich. 
(Not  Del  Rey,  Delrey,  nor  Delrey 

Delroy;  see  Dellroy. 

Delyle;  Creek,  T.  55  N.,  R.  2  E.,  tribu- 
tary to  Clark  Fork  from  southwest 
a  short  distance  west  of  Cabinet 
Town,  Bonner  County,  Idaho.  (Not 

*  Demarcation;  Bay,  west  of  Demarca- 
tion Point,  about  long.  141°  15'  W., 
Arctic  Coast  of  Alaska.  (Not  Beau- 
ford  nor  Beaufort.) 

*Demers;  Ridge,  T.  33  N.,  R.  20  W., 
south  of  The  Coal  Banks,  Flathead 
County,  Mont.     (Not  Mud  Lake.) 

Deming;  Glacier,  southwestern  slope 
Mount  Baker,  Whatcom  County, 
Wash.     (Not  Glacier  Creek.) 

Demonfs;  see  Dochet. 

Denlson;  Township,  Luzerne  County, 
Pa.     (Not  Dennison.) 

Dennis;  see  Dean. 

Denny  Horn;  Denny  Tooth;  see  The 

Densford;  Post  Light,  Mississippi 
River,  Tipton  County,  Tenn.  (Not 

Dentsville;  Town,  Charles  County, 
Md.     (Not  Dents.) 

Denzig;  see  Balkash. 

Depere;  see  De  Pere. 

Depuy;   Creek,   T.   32   N.,   R.   20  W., 

tributary  to  Canyon  Creek  west  of 

McGinnis   Creek   from   north,   Flat- 
head County,  Mont. 
Deranof ;  Island,  western  end  of  Afog- 

nak  Strait,  Alaska.     (Not  Dearborn 

nor  Egg.) 
Deranof;  Rock,  about  8  feet  high,  200 

yards  southward  of  Deranof  Island, 

Kupreanof  Strait,  Alaska. 
Derby;  Mountain  (altitude  6,800  feet), 

sec.  9,  T.  3  S.,  R.  15  E.,  Sweet  Grass 

County,  Mont. 
Derby;  Wharf,   Salem  Harbor,  Essex 

County,  Mass.     (Not  Derby's.) 
Derr;  Creek,  T.  55  N.,  R.  2  E.,  south 

side   Clark   Fork   near   Clark   Fork 

Town,  Bonner  County,  Idaho.    (Not 

Deer. ) 
Derring;  the  eastern  point  of  entrance 

to  Derring  Harbor,   Shelter  Island, 

Suffolk   County,   N.   Y.      (Not  Der- 

Derringer;  see  Dieringer. 
Des  lies  Moluqeus;  see  Molukka. 
Des  Morts;  Des  Motts;  see  Tete  de 

Des  Plaines;  River,  Cook,  Lake,  and 

Will    Counties,    III.,    and    Kenosha 

County,     Wis. ;     and     Town,     Cook 

County,  111.     (Not  Desplaines.) 
DeSchee;  Deschee;  see  Deshee. 
Deschutes;  National  Forest,  Klamath 

County,  Oreg.     (Not  Paulina.) 
Deschutes;    River,    heading    in    Lava 

Lake  near  center  of  T.  19  S.,  R.  8  E._^^^  / 
'6rotJk'^County,     flowing     southerly"^^^ 

then    northeasterly    into    Columbia 

River,  Oreg.     (Includes  West  Fork.) 
Deschutes;    River,    Thurston    County, 

Wash.     (Not  De  Chute.) 
Desdemona;  Village,  Eastland  County, 

Tex.     (Not  Desdemonia.) 
Desert;  Mountain,  Juab  County,  Utah. 
Desert  Facade;  Cliff,  Coconino  County, 

Desha;  Canyon  and  Creek,  near  long. 

110°   50',  entering  San  Juan  River 

Canyon  from  south  side   San  Juan 

River,  northeast  base  of  Navajo 
Mountain,  5  miles  west  of  Piute  Can- 
yon, San  Juan  County,  Utah. 



Deshee;  River,  tributary  to  Wabash 
River,  Knox  County,  Ind.  (Not  De- 
Schee  nor  Deschee.) 

Des filer;  see  Harbor. 

Desmet;  see  De  Smet. 

Desota;  see  De  Sota. 

Despair;  Mountain,  Flathead  County, 

Despodo  Dagh;  see  Rhodope. 

Desterro;  see  Florianopolis. 

Detached;  Glacier  western  shore  Har- 
riman  Fiord,  at  northeastern  margin 
of  Surprise  Glacier,  near  lat.  61°  05', 
long.  148°  27',  Prince  William  Sound, 

Detroit;  Mountains,  Juab  County, 

Deuce;  Island,  in  Khaz  Bay,  north  of 
Ramp  Island,  Chichagof  Island, 
Alaska.     (Not  Bald  Head.) 

Deva  Temple;  Peak,  Grand  Canyon  ol: 
the  Colorado,  Coconino  Countj^  Ariz. 

Devall  Bluff;  see  De  Vails  Bluff. 

Devastation;  see  Pogromni. 

Devenport;  Creek  and  Village,  Warren 
Countj^  Tenn.     (Not  Davenport.) 

Devil;  Peak,  Mariposa  County,  Calif. 
(Not  Devil's  nor  Signal.) 

Devil;  Peak,  near  southern  end  Spring 
Mountain,  Clark  County,  Nev.  (Not 
Big  Devil,  Diablo  Grande,  Lookout, 
nor  Mount  Diablo.) 

Devil;  see  Turaalt. 

Devil  Water;  see  Devilwater. 

Devils;  Creek  and  Island,  Mississippi 
River,  Lee  County,  Iowa.  (Not  Dev- 

Devils;  Island,  one  of  the  Apostle 
Islands,  Lake  Superior,  Ashland 
County,  Wis.     (Not  Devil's.) 

Devils;  Point,  Pensacola  Bay,  Escam- 
bia County,  Fla.     (Not  Devil's.) 

Devil's,  Md. ;  see  Deal. 

DeviVs,  Tenn. ;  see  Nails. 

Devils  Canyon;  see  Lawton. 

Devils  Den;  Rock  formation  in  sec.  20, 
T.  25  S.,  R.  18  E.,  Kern  County, 

Devils  Elbow;  Post  Light,  near  Pa- 
latka,  St.  Johns  River,  Fla.  (Not 
Devil's  Elbow.) 

Devils  Elbow;  Post  Lights,  Illinois 
River,  Fulton  and  Mason  Counties, 
111.     (Not  Devil's  Elbow.) 

DeviVs  Head;  see  Platte. 

Devils  Nose;  Cape,  Lake  Ontario, 
Monroe  County,  N.  Y.  (Not  Devil'? 
Nose. ) 

Devils  Pulpit;  Rock,  Whitehall  Nar- 
rows, W^ashington  County,  N.  Y. 
(Not  Devil's  Pulpit.) 

DeviVs  Slide;  see  Tumalt. 

Devils  Wharf;  Post  Light,  Connecticut 
River,  Middlesex  County,  Conn. 
(Not  Devil's  Wharf.) 

Devilwater;  Creek,  flowing  northeast- 
erly through  north  half  of  T.  28  S., 
R.  19  E.,  Kern  County,  Calif.  (Not 
Devil  Water.) 

Devol;  Pond,  Bristol  County,  Mass. 
(Not  Davols.) 

Deioetf;  see  Dean. 

Dewitt;  Railroad  Station,  Carroll 
County,  Mo.     (Not  De  Witt.) 

Dewitt;  see  De  Witt. 

Dewitt  Bar;  Post  Light,  Ohio  River, 
Meigs  County,  Ohio.  (Not  De  W^itt's 

Dewogibito ;  see  Greasewood. 

Deza;  Headland,  McKinley  County,  N. 
Mex.     (Not  Tezah.) 

Diabase;  see  Diobsud. 

Diablo;  Peak,  western  side  Nuka  Bay, 
Kenai  Peninsula,  Alaska. 

Diablo;  Range  of  Mountains  in  Cali- 
fornia, extending  from  Carquinez 
Strait  southeast  to  Antelope  Valley 
in  northwest  Kern  County.  (Not 
Monte  Diablo,  Mount  Diablo,  Range, 
nor  Sierra  del  Monte  Diablo. ) 

Diablo  (iraiule;  see  Devil. 

Diadama;  see  Dameas. 

Dianiondale ;  see  Dimondale. 

Diana  Temple;  Mesa,  near  Mescalero 
Point,  Grand  Canyon  of  the  Colo- 
rado, Coconino  County,  Ariz.  (Not 
No  Man's  Land.) 

Diarbekr;  City  andl  District,  Asiatic 
Turkey.  (Not  Diarbekir,  nor  Kara 

Dias;  Creek  and  Village,  Cape  May 
County,  N.  J.     (Not  Dyers.) 

Diaz;  see  Big  Cottonwood. 



Dibblee;  Point,  about  6  miles  east  of 
Rainier,    Columbia    County,     Oreg. 
(Not  Dibblees.) 
Dice;  Head,  Castine  Harbor,  Hancock 

County,  Me.     (Not  Dice's.) 
Dick;  see   Dix. 

Dickey;    Lake    and    River,    Clallam 
County,    Wash.       (Not    Dickodocb- 
tedar. ) 
Dickinson;  see  Thumb. 
Dicks;  see  Avenal. 
Dicks;  Dick's;  see  Dix. 
Dickson;  Gulch,  head  of  South  Creek, 
and  Pass,  between  heads  of  Recap- 
ture Creek  and   South  Creek,   San 
Juan   County,    Utah. 
♦Dickson  City;  Borough,  Lackawanna 

County,  Pa.     (Not  Dickson.) 
Dictator;  Ledge,  i  mile  SSW.  Linekin 
Neck,  west  of  Gangway  Ledge,  Lin- 
coln County,  Me. 
Diddell;    Railroad    Station,    Dutchess 

County,  N.  Y.     (Not  Didell.) 
Didi;  Point,  northern  shore  East  Bay, 
about  longitude  85°  31',  Bay  Coun- 
ty, Fla.     (Not  Piney.) 
Diego-Suarez;  Province,  Madagascar. 
Dieringer;     Village,     Pierce     County, 

Wash.     (Not  Derringer.) 
Difficulty;     Creek,     Ouray     County, 

Digwood;  Swamp,  about  half  mile  be- 
low   Wakefield    Wharf,    Westmore- 
land County,  Va.     (Not  Dogwood.) 
Dike;  Ridge,   Hinsdale  County,  Colo. 
Dillard;  Creek,  left-bank  tributary  to 
Turtle  River,  1  mile  above  Hermit- 
age Point,  Glynn  County,  Ga.     (Not 
Dillard's,  nor  Oakgrove.) 
Dillard;    Wharf,    opposite    mouth    of 
Chickahominy  River,   James  River, 
Va.     (Not  Dollard's.) 
Dillard;  Dillard  Mill;  see  Indian. 
Dillard's;  see  Dillard. 
Dille;  Bottom  and  Railroad   Station, 
Belmont  County,  Ohio.     (Not  Dillie, 
Dillies,  Dillon's  nor  Dilly's.) 
Dillen;  Village,  Jefferson  CJounty,  N. 

Y.      (Not   Dillin.) 
Dilles     Bottom;      Village,     Belmont 
County,   Ohio.      (Not  Dille,   Dille's, 
Dillie,  Dillies,  nor  Dilly's.) 

Dillingham  Hill;  Ridge,  northeast  of 

North  Auburn  Village,  Auburn  Town, 

Androscoggin    County,    Me.       (Not 

Maple  Hill.) 

Dimondale;    Village,    Eaton    County, 

Mich.     ( Not  Diamondale. ) 
Dinglestadt;    Glacier,    western    slope 
Kenai  Mountains,  Kenai  Peninsula, 
Dinne;  Mesa,  west  of  Carrizo  Moun- 
tains, Apache  County,  Ariz. 
Dinsmore;  see  San  Ysldro. 
Dinwiddie;  see  Dinwoody. 
Din  woody;  Creek  and  Lakes,  Fremont 
County,  Wyo.     (Not  Campbells  Fork 
Dinwiddie,  nor  Dinwoodie.) 
Diohsuh;  see  Diobsud. 
♦Diobsud;   Creek,  rising  near  Mount 
Watson    ,and    tributary    to    Skagit 
River    from    west,    Skagit    County, 
Wash.     (Not  Diabase  nor  Diosub.) 
Diobsud;   see  [Diobsud. 
Dippy;     Island,     southeast    of    Port 
Island,    Ogden    Passage,    Chichagof 
Island,    Alaska. 
Dirickson;  Creek,  Sussex  County,  Del. 

(Not  Herring  nor  Williams.) 
Dirt;  see  Mud. 

Dirty;  Glacier,  eastern  shore  of  Harri- 
man  Fiord  at  its  head,  near  lat.  60° 
55',  long.  148°  25',  Prince  William 
Sound,  Alaska. 
Disappointment;   Cape   at   mouth   of 
Columbia  River,  Wash.    On  the  6th 
of  July,  1778,  Meares,  in  the  ship 
Nootka,   arrived  off  the   cape   and 
found   that   a   "prodigious   easterly 
swell  rolled  on  the  shore,"  and  he 
had  soundings  in  16  fathoms  over 
a  hard,  sandy  bottom.     "After .  we 
had  rounded  the  promontory,  a  large 
bay,  as  we  had  imagined,  opened  to 
our  view,  that  bore  a  very  promis- 
ing appearance  and  into  which  we 
steered,  with  every  encouraging  ex- 
pectation.    As  we  steered  into  the 
bay  the  water  shoaled  to  9,  8,  and 
7    fathoms,    where    breakers    were 
seen  right  ahead,  and  from  the  mast- 
head they  were  observed  to  extend 
across  the  bay.    We  therefore  hauled 
out."     The  name  Cape  Disappoint- 
ment was  given  to  the  promontory. 



It  was  called  Cape  Hancock  by 
Gray  in  1792.  He  changed  this  name 
to  Cape  Disappointment  upon  hear- 
ing that  Meares  had  so  named  it. 
Cape  Disappointment  retained  by 
Vancouver,  by  Belcher  in  1839,  and 
by  Ex.  Ex.  in  1841.  Duflout  de  Mof- 
ras,  1844,  calls  it  Cape  San  Roque 
or  Disappointment.  It  was  called 
Cape  Hancock  or  Disappointment  at 
the  first  examination  of  the  entrance 
to  the  river,  in  1850,  and  the  name 
Hancock  subsequently  in  a  second- 
ary manner  in  the  Lighthouse  List, 
but  the  name  Disappointment  is  that 
used  on  the  official  charts  and  by 
all  navigators. — Pacific  Coast  Pilotf 
1889,  p.  450, 

Disappointment;  Peak,  just  below 
summit  of  Glacier  Peak,  on  the 
southwest  ridge,  Snohomish  County, 

Discovery;  Point,  southern  side  en- 
trance to  Snug  Harbor,  eastern  coast 
of  Knight  Island,  Prince  William 
Sound,  Alaska. 

Discovery  Bay;  see  Snug. 

Dishroon;  Post  Light,  Mississippi 
River,  Tensas  Parish,  La.  (Not 
Dishroon's. ) 

Dishioater  Pond;  see  Mirror. 

Disk;  Island,  most  southerly  one  of 
the  three  in  Prince  William  Sound, 

Dismal;  Lake,  sec.  31,  T.  44  N.,  R.  7 
E.,  at  head  B\n^(\  Creek,  Shoshone 
County,  Idaho. 

Divide;  Lake  at  head  of  Hyak  Creek, 
Kingi^s  County,  Wash. 

Divide;  Lake,  T.  33  N.,  Rs.  105  and  106 
W.,  Fremont  County,  Wyo. 

Divide;  see  Center. 

Divide;  see  Traverse. 

Dividend;  see  Dividing. 

Dividing;  Creek,  Northumberland 
County,  Va.     (Not  Dividend.) 

Dividing;  see  La  Trappe. 

Dix;  Point,  western  side  Goose  Cove, 
Mount  Desert  Island,  Hancock  Coun- 
ty, Me.  (Not  Dix's,  Nutter,  nor  Nut- 

Dix;  Point,  St.  Marys  River,  Mich. 
(Not  Dix's.) 

Dix;  River,  Boyle,  Garrard,  Lincoln, 
Mercer,  and  Rockcastle  Counties, 
Ky.  (Not  Dick,  Dick's,  Dicks,  nor 

Dix;  Dix's;  see  Nutter. 

Dix;  see  Swinburne. 

Dix's;  see  Dix. 

Dixon;  Glacier,  western  slope  Kenai 
Mountains,  Kenai  Peninsula,  Alaska. 

Dlo;  Village,  2  miles  northwest  of  Men- 
denhall,  Simpson  County,  Miss.  (Not 
De-Laux,  De-Lieu,  D'Lo,  DeLoach, 
Dlow,  DLow.) 

Dloiv;  DLoio;  see  Dlo. 

Djask;  see  Jask. 

Dnieper;  River,  southern  Russia,  tribu- 
tary to  the  Black  Sea.  (Not 
Dnyepr. ) 

Dniester;  River,  southern  Russia, 
tributary  to  the  Black  Sea.  (Not 

Doag;  see  Dogue. 

Doane;  Point,  and  Lake,  Willamette 
River  near  Willbridge,  Multnomah 
County,  Oreg.     (Not  Doanes.) 

Dobbs  Ferry;  Village,  on  Hudson 
River,  Westchester  County,  N.  Y. 
(Not  Dobb's  Ferry.) 

Dobelbower  Landing;  Post  Light, 
Columbia  River,  Columbia  County, 
Greg.     (Not  Dobelbower's. ) 

Dochet;  Island,  St.  Croix  River,  Wash- 
ington County,  Me.  (Not  Demont's 
nor  St.  Croix.) 

Dockum;  Village,  Dickens  County, 
Tex.     (Not  Dockum's  Ranch.) 

Doctor;  Island,  low  and  sandy,  on 
Arctic  Coast  near  Point  Barrow  and 
long.  155°  50',  Northern  Alaska. 
(Not  Martin.) 

Doctor  Merry;  Post  Light,  Mississippi 
River,  Muscatine  County,  Iowa. 
(Not  Dr.  Merry's.) 

Doctor's;  see  Broward. 

Dodge;  see  Dodge  City;  Taylor. 

*Dodge  City;  City,  Ford  County,  Kans. 
(Not  Dodge.) 

Dofflemyer;  Light  and  Point,  at  en- 
trance to  Budd  Inlet,  Puget  Sound, 
Thurston  County,  Wash.  (Not  Dof- 
fl  emyer's. ) 



Bog;  Bay,  between  northern  shore 
Duke  Island  and  western  shore  Dog 
Island,  Felice  Strait,  Alexander 
Archipelago,  Southeastern  Alaska. 

Dog;  see  Long;  St.  Sauveur. 

Dogfish;  see  Liberty;  Koyuktolik. 

Dogue;  Creek,  Fairfax  County,  Va. 
(Not  Doag.) 

Dogwood;  see  Digwood. 

Dollard's;  see  Dillard. 

Dollarson;  see  Donaldson. 

Dollers;  Point  on  south  bank  of  James 
River,  below  Chickahominy  River, 
Surry  County,  Va..  (Not  DoUer's 
nor  Duller' s.) 

Dollison;  see  Donaldson. 

Dolly  Boarmans;  Creek,  western  side 
Wicomico  River,  Charles  County, 
Md.  (Not  Bowmans,  Dolly  Boa- 
mans,  Fen  wick,  nor  Fenwiks.) 

Dolly  Varden;  Creek,  branch  of  Mid- 
dle Fork  Flathead  River,  Flathead 
County,  Mont. 

Dolores;  Mountain,  Dolores  County, 
Colo.     (Not  Dunns  Peak.) 

Dolores;  River,  Mesa,  Montezuma, 
Montrose,  and  San  Miguel  Counties, 
Colo.,  and  Grand  County,  Utah. 

Doltons;  Railroad  Station,  Cook  Coun- 
ty, 111.  (Not  Dalton  nor  Dolton's 

Dome;  Canyon,  House  Range,  Millard 
County,  Utah. 

Dome,  Calif. ;  see  Balloon  Dome. 

Dome,  Mass. ;  see  Everett. 

Domengine;  Creek,  heading  near  Joa- 
quin Rocks,  draining  southeastern 
arm  of  Ragged  Valley,  and  empty- 
ing into  San  Joaquin  Valley,  Fresno 
County,  Calif. 

Domimca;  see  Dominican  Republic. 

*  Dominican  Republic;  West  Indian 
Republic,  on  the  island  of  Haiti. 
(Not  Dominica,  St.  Domingo,  San 
Domingo,  nor  Santo  Domingo.) 

Domke;  Creek,  Lake,  and  Mountain, 
Chelan  County,  Wash.  (Not  Crane, 
Dumkie,  Dumpky,  nor  Round. ) 

*Dona  Ana;  County,  Precinct,  and  Vil- 
lage, N.  Mex.  (Not  Dona  Ana  nor 
Donna  Ana.) 

14842—21 8 

Donalds;  Town,  and  Township,  Abbe- 
ville County,  S.  C.  (Not  Donalds- 
ville. ) 

Donaldson;  Creek,  Caldwell  County, 
Ky.  (Not  Dollarson,  Dollison,  nor 
Donaldson. ) 

Donavan;  see  Donivan. 

Donetz;  River,  the  principal  affluent 
of  the  Don,  southern  Russia.  (Not 
Donets  nor  Donez.) 

Donivan;  Creek,  tributary  to  Tombig- 
bee  River,  Itawamba  and  Prentiss 
Counties,  Miss.  (Not  Donavan,  Don- 
nivan,  Dunavan,  nor  Meadow.) 

Donnaha;  Railroad  Station,  Forsyth 
County,  N.  C.     (Not  Donnoha.) 

Donnivan;  see  Donivan. 

Donoho  Battery;  see  Fishing  Battery. 

Donohoe;  Railroad  Station,  Westmore- 
land County,  Pa.  (Not  Donahoe  nor 

Doolth;  Mountain,  northwest  of  Klag 
Bay,  about  midway  between  bay  and 
Ogden  Passage,  Chichagof  Island, 
Alaska.     (Not  Dulth.) 

Doornik;  see  Tour  nay. 

Dora;  Reef,  1^  miles  southwest  by 
south  from  Nagahut  Rocks,  Alaska. 

Doran;  Mountain,  prominent  summit 
south  of  Point  Doran,  Port  Wells, 
Prince  William  Sound,  Alasaka. 

Doran;  Point,  Port  Wells,  Prince  Wil- 
liam Sound,  Alaska. 

Doris;  see  Davis. 

Dorrance;  Township,  Luzerne  County, 

Dorrity ;  see  Dougherty. 

Dorrity;  Creek  and  Post  Light,  Missis- 
sippi River,  Scott  County,  Mo.  (Not 

Dorseys;  Creek,  Anne  Arundel  County, 
Md.  (Not  College,  Dorsey,  Dorsey's 
nor  Graveyard.) 

Dortch;  see  Chaol. 

Dory;  Creek,  at  North  Foreland,  Mo- 
quawkie  Indian  Reservation,  west 
side  Cook  Inlet,  Alaska. 

Dos  Cabezas;  Peaks,  Cochise  County, 
Ariz.     (Not  Dos  Cabezos.) 

Dosped  Dagh;  see  Rhodope. 

Dossett;  Village,  Anderson  County, 
Tenn.     (Not  Dosset  nor  Dossetts.) 



Dot  Klish;  Canyon,  between  lat.  36°, 
long.  110°  and  lat.  36°  30',  long.  111°, 
Coconino  and  Navajo  Counties,  Ariz. 
(Not  Blue,  Boo-koo-dot-dlish,  nor 

Double;  Cove,  north  shore  of  Khaz 
Bay,  Chichagof  Island,  Alaska.  (Not 

Double;  Mountain,  Flathead  County, 

*  Dougherty;  Coulee,  branch  of  Half- 
breed  Creek,  Musselshell  County, 
Mont.     (Not  Dorrity.) 

Dougherty;  Township,  Cerro  Gordo 
County,  Iowa.     (Not  Daugherty.) 

Douglas;  Bay,  indenting  south  coast  of 
Kupreanof  Island,  Sumner  Strait, 
Southeastern  Alaska.  (Not  Doug- 

Douglas;  Island,  just  north  of  Deer 
Island,  St.  Lawrence  River,  Jeffer- 
son County,  N.  Y.     (Not  Picnic.) 

Douglas;  Mountain,  near  Cape  Doug- 
las, Alaska.) 

Douglas;  Reef,  northwestern  part 
Shelikof  Strait,  5i^  miles  southward 
from  Cape  Douglas,  Alaska.  (Not 
Beaver,  Bobrof,  Bobrovoi,  Bobrow, 
Bohrow,  nor  Sea  Otter.) 

Douglas;  Town  and  Village,  Worcester 
County,  Mass.     (Not  Douglass.) 

Douglas;  Township,  Stafford  County, 
Kans.     (Not  Douglass.) 

Douglas;  see  President. 

Douro;  River  of  Spain  and  Portugal, 
(Not  Duero.) 

Dove;  see  Yonoha. 

♦Dover;  City,  Tuscarawas  County, 
Ohio.     (Not  Canal  Dover.) 

Doves;  Cove  in  Bush  River,  Harford 
County,  Md.     ( Not  Dove  nor  Dove's. ) 

Dovre;  Township,  Kandiyohi  County, 
Minn.     (Not  Dowe.) 

Downey;  Lake;  Highland  Township, 
Oakland  County,  Mich.  (Not  Has- 
kin  nor  Haskins.) 

Downey;  Peak  (altitude  6,024  feet), 
sec.  36,  T.  52  N.,  R.  3  E.,  Shoshone 
County,  Idaho. 

Downing;  Creek,  Gilmer  County,  Ga. 
(Not  Dowing.) 

Downing,  Minn. ;   see  Blackhawk. 

Doioning,  N.  Y. ;   see  Randall. 

Dox  Castle;  Peak,  near  the  mouth  of 
Shinumo  Creek,  Coconino  County, 

Drag;  Island,  nortli western  part  Chi- 
chagof Pass,  and  just  off  southwest- 
ern point  Woronkofski  Island,  Alex- 
ander Archipelago,  Southeastern 

Dragon;  Creek,  Grand  Canyon  of  the 
Colorado,  Coconino  County,  Ariz. 
(Not  East  Fork.) 

Dragon  Head;  Butte,  Grand  Canyon 
of  the  Colorado,  Coconino  County, 

Dragoon;  Dragoon  Fork;  see  Syca- 

Dragston;  Town,  Cumberland  County, 
N.  J,     (Not  Dragstown.) 

Drakes;  Point,  between  Putnams  Peak 
and  Vacaville,  Solano  County,  Calif. 
(Not  Drakes  Peak.) 

Drakesville;  Town  and  Township, 
Davis  County,  Iowa.  (Not  Drake- 

Drayton;  Island,  Lake  George,  north- 
eastern Florida.     (Not  Rembert.) 

Drew  Chute;  Post  Lights,  Mississippi 
River,  near  Burlington,  Iowa.  (Not 
Drew's. ) 

Drewry;  Bluff,  James  River,  Chester- 
field County,  Va.     (Not  Drury's.) 

Drewry  Bluff;  Village,  Chesterfield 
County,  Va.     (Not  Drewry's  Bluff.) 

Dripping;  Spring,  Grand  Canyon  of 
the  Colorado,  Coconino  County,  Ariz. 

Drisco;  Shoal,  in  Green  Bay,  Delta 
County,  Wis.     (Not  Drisco's.) 

Drcmtheim;  see  Trondhjem. 

Drover's;  see  Baggers. 

Drum;  Gulch,  Musselshell  Coimty, 

Drumming;  Creek,  branch  of  Lodge- 
pole  Creek,  Flathead  County,  Mont. 

Drummond;  Creek  and  Light,  St. 
Johns  River,  near  Jacksonville,  Fla. 
(Not  Drumraond's.) 

Drummond;  Island,  northern  part  of 
Lake  Huron,  Mich.  (Not  Drum- 
mond's. ) 

Drummond;   see   Garnet. 



Drummond  Plateau;  lower  ridge  or 
terrace,  extending  northeast  from 
Montezuma  Point,  Coconino  County, 

Drurtunondtoion ;   see  Accomac. 

Dry;  Bay,  Cook  Inlet,  Alaska. 

Bry;  Creek,  Ts.  5  and  6  S.,  R.  7  E., 
tributary  to  Yellowstone  River  from 
northwest  near  Daileys,  Park  Coun- 
ty, Mont. 

Dry;  see  Tuscor. 

Dry;  Wash,  heading  at  southern  base 
Mount  Linnaeus  and  draining  south 
into  Butler  Canyon,  San  Juan 
County,  Utah. 

Dry  Auglaize;  Creek,  Camden  and  La- 
clede Counties,  Mo.  (Not  Dry  An- 
glais nor  Dry  Anglaise.) 

Dry;  see  Arroyo  Hondo;  Flying 
Squadron;  Linda;  Tumey  Gulch; 

Dry,    Alaska;    see   Hayward. 

Dry,  Nebr. ;  see  Cottonwood. 

Dry  Anglais;  Dry  Anglaise;  see  Dry 

Dry  Bay;  see  Sukoi. 

Dry  Creek;  Stage  Station,  midway  be- 
tween Cody  and  Meeteetse,  Park 
County,  Wyo. 

Dry  Greek;  see  Tumey  Gulch. 

Dry  Fork  Clear;  Creek,  rising  in 
northern  part  Twp.  13  S.,  Range  35^ 
E.,  and  flowing  northwest  to  Clear 
Creek,  Grant  County,  Oreg.  (Not 

Dry  Glaize;  see  Grandglaize. 

Dry  Gulch;  see  Tomasket. 

♦Dry  Pass;  Passage,  between  Koscius- 
ko Island  and  Prince  of  Wales 
Island,  extending  from  El  Capitan 
to  Shakan  Strait,  southeastern 

Dry  Pass;  see  El  Capitan. 

Dry  Piney;  Creek,  branch  of  Green 
River  from  the  west  in  T.  28  N., 
Lincoln  County,  Wyo.  (Not  Feather 
nor  Piney.) 

Dry  Point;  see  Dead  Point. 

Dry  Romer;  see  Romer  Shoal. 

Dryad;  Creek,  small  branch  of  Middle 
Fork  Flathead  River,  Flathead 
County,  Mont. 

Dry  den;  Post  Light,  Mississippi  River, 
near  Grand  Tower,  Jackson  County, 
111.     (Not  Dryden's.) 

Drynob;  Town,  Laclede  County,  Mo. 
(Not  Dry  knob.) 

Du  Bois;  City,  Clearfield  County,  Pa. 
(Not  Dubois.) 

Du  Chesne;  see  Duchesne. 

Du  Page;  County,  111.     (Not  Dupage.) 

Du  Plain;  see  Duplain. 

Du  Quoin;  see  Duquoin. 

Dublin;  Pond,  Cheshire  County,  N.  H. 
(Not  Monadnock.) 

Dul)ois;  see  Du  Bois. 

Duboistown;  Borough,  Lycoming  Coun- 
ty,  Pa.     (Not  Du   Boistown.) 

Duchesne;  River,  from  source  to  junc- 
tion with  Green  River,  Duchesne 
and  Uinta  Counties,  Utah.  (Not  Du 
Chesne. ) 

Duck;  Bay,  eastern  shore  of  Mar- 
quette Island,  northwest  of  Wisner 
Point,  Mackinac  County,  Mich.  (Not 
Muscallonge  or  Wisner's.) 

Duck;  Creek,  Kent  County,  Del.  (Not 
Old  Duck.) 

Duck;  Islands,  in  Quoddy  Roads,  New 
Brunswick,  Canada,  near  Eastport, 

Duck;  see  Lake  Valley;  Mackinac. 

Duck  Creek;  see  Smyrna. 

Duckett;  Ridge,  east  of  Dry  Wash  and 
southeast  of  Mount  Linnaeus,  San 
Juan  County,  Utah. 

Dud;  see   Fukwok. 

Duero;  see  Douro. 

Duft;  see  Magnolia. 

Duff  Bar;  Post  Light,  on  Neville  Is- 
land, Ohio  River,  7  miles  below 
Pittsburgh,  Allegheny  County,  Pa. 
(Not  Duff's  Bar.) 

Duffleld;  see  Turner. 

Dug  Hill;  Village,  Putnam  County, 
Tenn.     (Not  Dughill.) 

Dugway;  Range,  northern  continua- 
tion of  the  Thomas  Range,  Juab  and 
Tooele  Counties,  Utah.  (Not 
Thomas. ) 

Dui;  see  Jonquierres. 

Duller' s;  see  Dollers. 

Dulth;   see  Doolth. 

Dume;  Point,  north  headl  of  Santa 
Monica  Bay,  Los  Angeles  County, 
Calif.     (Not  Duma  nor  Dumetz.) 



Dumkie;  Dumky;  see  Domke. 

Dumplin;  Creek  and  Village,  Jefferson 
County,  Tenn.     (Not  Dumpling.) 

Dumpling  Rock;  Light,  in  Buzzards 
Bay  off  New  Bedford,  Bristol  Coun- 
ty, Mass.     (Not  Round  Hill.) 

Duna;   see   Dwina. 

Dunavan;  see  Donivan. 

3>uncan;  Point,  Mississippi  River,  East 
Baton  Rouge  Parish,  La.  (Not  Dun- 

Duncan;  see  McLeod. 

Duncan  Inlet;  Stream,  branch  of  the 
Siuslaw  River,  T.  18  S.,  R.  11  W., 
running  south  by  west  to  the  mouth 
of  Bernard  Creek,  Lane  County, 
Oreg.     (Not  Duncan  Slough.) 

Duncan  Slough;  see  Duncan  Inlet. 

Dunkirk;  Town,  Calvert  County,  Md. 
(Not  Smithville.) 

Dunlap's  Island;  see  Wawatosa. 

Dunloup;  Creek,  Fayette  and  Raleigh 
Counties,  and  Village,  Fayette  Coun- 
ty, W.  Va.  (Not  Dun  Loup,  Dun- 
loop,  Upper  Loop,  nor  Wiper  Loop.) 

Dunn;  Creek,  St.  Johns  River,  near 
Jacksonville,  Duval  County,  Fla. 
(Not  Dunn's.) 

Dunn;  see  Crescent;  Dunns. 

Dunns;  Peak,  jutting  into  Vaca  Valley, 
on  the  east  side,  midway  of  the 
valley,  Solano  County,  Calif.  (Not 
Dunn,  Parks,  nor  Smith.) 

Dunn's;   see   Connett. 

Dunns;  see  Dolores. 

Dunville;  Hollow,  near  Woodford 
Village,  Bennington  County,  Vt. 
(Not  Dunnville.) 

Dupage;  see  Du  Page. 

Duplain;  Town  and  Township,  Clin- 
ton County,  Mich.     (Not  Du  Plain.) 

Duquoin;  City  and  Precinct,  Perry 
County,  111.     (Not  Du  Quoin.) 

Duran;  Duron's;  Durans;  see  Du- 

Durants;  Point,  south  side  Pungo 
River  opposite  Belhaven,  Hyde 
County,  N.  C.  (Not  Duran,  Duran's, 
nor  Durans.) 

Durban;  Seaport  Town  of  Natal, 
South  Africa..  (Not  D'Urban  nor 
Port  Natal.) 

Durfee;  Post  Light,  Mississippi  River, 
Monroe  County,  111.    (Not  Durfee's.) 

Dutch;  Creek,  La  Plata  County,  Colo. 
Dutch  Lakes;  Ponds,  at  head  of  Dutch 

Creek,  Flathead  County,  Mont. 
Dutton;  Canyon,  Shinumo  quadrangle, 

Coconino  County,  Ariz. 
Dutton;   Plateau,   and   Province,   Mc- 

Kinley  County,  N.  Mex. 
DuvalVs  Bluff;  see  Devalls  Bluff. 
Duwamish;  Head,  River,  and  Village 

near   Seattle,   King  County,   Wash. 

(Not  Dwamish.) 
Duxbury;     Point     and     Reef,     coast 

Marin  County,   Calif. 
♦Dvina;    Gulf    and    River,    northern 

Russia.      (Not    Dwina,    Duna,    nor 

Northern  Dvina.) 
Dwass  Kill;  Creek,  Saratoga  County, 

N.  Y.    (Not  D.  Waus  Kill  nor  Dwass 

Dwamish,     Wash.;     see     Duwamish; 

Elliott,  Washington. 
Dyar;    Rock,    Crater    Lake    National 

Park,  Klamath  County,  Oreg.     (Not 

Dyck's;  see  Dix. 
Dyea;   Port   of  Entry   and  Town   at 

head  of  Lynn  Canal,   Southeastern 

Alsaka.     (Not  Dayay,  Dejah,  Taiya, 

nor  Tyya.) 
Dyer;   Island,    in   Narragansett   Bay, 

R.  I.     (Not  Dyer's.) 
Dyer;  see  Dyar. 
Dyer;  see  Romnzof. 
Dyers;  see   Dias. 
Dyers  villa;   Town,   Dubuque   County, 

Iowa.     (Not  Dyerville.) 
Dymer;  Light,  located  at  Dymer  Creek 

Flats,  Fleets  Bay,  Lancaster  County, 

Va.     (Not  Dimer,  Dimers,  Dimer's, 

nor  Dymer's.) 
Dysbato;  Dyshaton;  see  Dysvaton. 
Dysvaton;    Islands,   lat.   87"    40'    N., 

long.  24°  58'  E.,  Greece.     (Not  Dys- 
bato nor  Dysbaton.) 

E;  see  Ye. 

Ead's;  see  Simmons. 

Eagan;  see  Egan. 

Eagle;   Cliff,   750   feet   high.   Cypress 

Island,  Skagit  County,  Wash.     (Not 

Bald  Peak.) 



Eagle;  Creek,  T.  38  N.,  R.  110  W., 
tributary  to  Green  River  from  west, 
Fremont  and  Lincoln  Counties,  Wyo. 

♦Eagle;  Lake,  Essex  County,  N.  Y. 
(Not  Chilson  Lake,  Long  Pond,  nor 
Paragon  Lake.) 

Eagle;  Peak,  northwest  end  Tatoosli 
Range,  Mount  Rainier  National 
Park,  Lewis  County,  Wash. 

Eagle;  River,  flowing  into  Knik  Arm, 
about  12  miles  northeast  Anchorage, 
Alaska.  (Not  Yukla  nor  Yukla- 

Eagle;  see  Wallowa. 

Eagle  Cliff;  Rocky  wall,  northern  side 
North  Mowich  River,  Mount  Rainier 
National  Park,  Pierce  County,  Wash. 

Eagle  Crag;  Mountain,  east  of  Stikine 
River,    Alaska,    near    the    Alaska-, 
Canada  boundary  line.     (Not  Eagle.) 

Eagle  Creek;  Village,  Overton  County, 
Tenn.     (Not  Eaglecreek.) 

Eagle  Head;  Rock,  northeast  Fish 
Creek  Village,  Maricopa  County, 

Eaglegrove;  City  and  Township, 
Wright  County,  Iowa.  (Not  Eagle 
Grove  Junction.) 

Eaglehead;  Mountain,  Flathead  Coun- 
ty, Mont. 

East;  Butte  (altitude  6,470  feet),  sec. 
2,  T.  42  N.,  R.  5  E.,  one  of  the  three 
peaks  on  Monumental  Buttes  Ridge, 
Shoshone  County,  Idaho. 

East;  Peak  (altitude  2,100  feet),  about 
1  mile  north  Circle  Bay,  Woronkof- 
ski  Island,  Alexander  Archipelago, 
Southeastern  Alaska. 

East;  River,  Gunnison  County,  Colo. 
(Not  Slate.) 

East;  see  Cedar;  Orient;  Mansell. 

East  Amatuli;  Island,  one  of  the 
largest  at  the  eastern  end  of  the 
Barren  Island  Group,  Alaska.  (Not 
Amatuli. ) 

East  Boothbay;  Village,  Lincoln 
County,  Me.     (Not  East  Booth  Bay.) 

East  Branch  Chenango;  see  Sanger- 

East  Branch  Olentangy  River;  see 

East  Branch  Shepaug;  see  Bantam; 

East  Cahaha;  see  Little  Cahaba. 

East  Chenango;  see  Sangerfield. 

East  Chugach;  easternmost  of  the 
three  Chugach  Islands,  Alaska.  (Not 

East  Douglas;  Railroad  Station,  Wor- 
cester County,  Mass.  (Not  East 
Douglass. ) 

East  Fork;  River,  tributary  to  North 
Fork  Kuskokwim  River,  from  east, 
near  its  mouth,  Alaska.  (Not  Che- 
dothna. ) 

East  Fork;  Stream  rising  in  Cascade 
Range,  southeastern  part  T.  26  S., 
R.  6  E.,  flowing  northeast  about  50 
miles  to  Deschutes  River,  Deschutes 
and  Klamath  Counties,  Oreg. 

East  Fork,  Ariz. ;  see  Dragon. 

East  Fork,  Wyo. ;  see  Stockade  Beaver. 

East  Fork;  see  Canyon;  Falls;  Little 
Cahaba ;  Paradise  Dry  ;  Weasel. 

East  Fork  Bitterroot;  River,  from  its 
source  in  T.  2  N.,  R.  16  W.,  to  its 
junction  with  Bitterroot  River,  Ra- 
valli County,  Mont.  (Not  South 
Fork  of  East  Fork  of  Bitterroot.) 

East  Fork  Floodioood;  see  Floodwood. 

East  Fork  of  North  Fork  St.  Joe  River; 
see  Loop. 

East  Fork  of  South  Fork  of  St.  Joe 
River,  see  Alpine. 

East  Fork  Little  North  Fork  Clear- 
water River;  see  Sawtooth. 

East  Fork  Sweetwater;  see  Little 

*East  Fork  Trinity;  River,  tributary 
to  Trinity  River,  Collin,  Dallas,. 
Kaufman,  and  Rockwall  Counties, 
Tex.     (Not  Bois  d'Arc.) 

East  Fork  of  Blue  River,  see  Big  Blue. 

East  Forlc  of  Trinity;  see  Bois  d'Arc. 

East  Fork  of  the  Yellowstone;  see 

East  Fork  Minam;  see  Trout. 

East  Fork  Winnemucca;  see  Surface. 

East  Gallatin;  River,  tributary  to  Gal- 
latin River,  Gallatin  County,  Mont. 

East  Geuda  Springs;  see  Geudu 

East  Glacier;  Creek  flowing  into  Cook 
Inlet,  Alaska. 



East  Gorge;  Canyon  of  Roaring  Fork, 
heading  on  the  northeast  side  of 
Longs  Peak,  and  extending  east 
about  3  miles.  Boulder  and  Larimer 
Counties,  Colo. 

East  Harbor;  see  Pilgrim. 

East  Haverhill;  see  Rock  Village. 

East  Helena;  Village,  Lewis  and  Clark 
County,  Mont.  (Not  Easton  nor 

East  Hig-hlands;  Village,  San  Bernar- 
dino County,  Calif,  (Not  East 
Highland. ) 

East  Hounds  field;  see  Hounsfield. 

East  Lake,  Ala. ;  see  Eastlake. 

East  Lavendera;  see  Lavandera. 

East  New  Market;  Election  District 
and  Village,  Dorchester  County,  Md. 
(Not  East  Newmarket  nor  New  Mar- 

East  Razor;  Creek,  branch  of  Razor 
Creek,  Yellowstone  County,  Mont. 

East  Rockhill;  see  Rockhill. 

East  River;  see  Tung. 

East  San  Lorenzo;  Island,  San  Lo- 
renzo Group,  Gulf  of  Esquibel, 
Prince  of  Wales  Archipelago,  South- 
eaf^tern  Alaska. 

East  Springfield;  see  Shadow. 

East  Siuamp;  see  Unami. 

East  Tin  tic;  Mountains,  Juab,  Toole, 
and  Utah  Counties,  Utah.  (Not  Tin- 
tic  Hills.) 

East  Twin;  Bay,  northern  coast  Perry 
Island,  Prince  William  Sound, 

East  Virgil;  see  Gridley. 

Eastaboga;  see  Estaboga. 

Eastanaula;  see  Oostanaula. 

Eastatoe;  Ford,  Gap,  and  Township, 
Transylvania  County,  N.  C,  and 
Creek,  Pickens  County,  S.  C.  (Not 
Estatee  nor  Estatoe.) 

Eastern;  Sea,  east  of  Asia,  between 
Taiwan  Island  and  Japan.  (NotOst- 
Chinesesches  Meer,  Mer  De  L'Est, 
Tung  hai,  nor  Tung  Hai.) 

Eastern;  see  Malay. 

Eastern  Branch;  see  Anacostia. 

Eastern  Turkestan;  see  Hsin  Chiang. 

Eastlake;  Town,  Jefferson  County, 
Ala.     (Not  East  Lake.) 

Eastport;     Village,     Pickett     County, 

Tenn.     (Not  Spurrier.) 
Eaton;  Point,  Camden  Harbor,  Knox 

County,  Me.     (Not  Easton.) 
Eaton;  see  Fish ;  Niukluk. 
Eatons  Neck;  Light  and  Point,  Suffolk 

County,  N.  Y.     (Not  Eaton's  Neck.) 
Eau  Claire;  City,  County,  and  River 

in  Wisconsin.     (Not  Clearwater  nor 

Eauclaire. ) 
Eau   Pleine;    Town,    Portage   County, 

Wis.     (Not  Eau  Plaine.) 
Ebenecook;    Harbor,    Sheepscot    Bay, 

Lincoln   County,   Me.      (Not   Ebeni- 

cook. ) 
Ebenezer  Station;  see  Graymont. 
Ecell;  see  Ezel. 
Echo;    Lake,    Passaic    County,    N.    J. 

(Not  Macopin.) 
Echo;  Creek,  Lane  County,  Oreg. 
Echo;  see  Calf. 

Echo  Cliffs;  Rocky  Wall  south  of  Cat- 
aract Creek,  Mount  Rainier  National 

Park,  Pierce  County,  Wash. 
Echo  Rock;  Pinnacle,  projecting  above 

neve  fields  west  of  Carbon  Glacier, 

Mount  Rainier,  Pierce  County,  Wash. 
Eckhart     Mines;     Village,     Allegany 

County,  Md.     (Not  Eckart  Mines.) 
Econijaga;  see  Egoniaga. 
Ecorse;  River,  Township,  and  Village, 

Wayne  County,  Mich.     (Not  Ecorce, 

Ecorces,  nor  River  aux  Ecorces.) 
Eden;  see  Edon. 
Edgartown  Great;  Pond,  on  Marthas 

Vineyard,  Mass.     (Not  Herring.) 
Edgecumbe:  see  Kruzof. 
♦Edgemont;    Township    and    Village, 

Delaware   County,   Pa.      (Not   Bdg- 

Edgewater;  Railroad  Station,  Cayuga 

County,  N.  Y.     (Not  Edgwater.) 
Edina;     Village,     Hennepin     County, 

Minn.     (Not  Edina  Mills.) 
Edinburg;  Gap,  between  Powells  and 

Short  Mountains,  Shenandoah  Coun- 
ty, Va.     (Not  Mclnturf.) 
Edison;     Railroad      Station,     Sussex 

County,  N.  J.     (Not  Ogden  Mine.) 
Edison;  Slough,  Skagit  County,  Wash. 

(Not  North  Samish  nor  Samish.) 
Edmond;  see  Edwards. 



Edmonds;  City,  Snohomish  County, 
Wash.     (Not  Edmunds.) 

Edmondson;  Mountain,  McDowell 
County,  N.  C.  (Not  Edmonson  nor 

Edmunds;  Glacier,  between  North  and 
South  Mowich  Glaciers,  western 
slope  Mount  Rainier,  Pierce  County, 

Edmund's;  see  Tarrant. 

Edna;  Creek,  eastern  part  T.  34  N.,  R. 
26  W.,  tributary  to  Fortine  Creek 
from  northwest,  Lincoln  County, 

Edon;  Village,  Williams  County,  Ohio. 
(Not  Eden.) 

Edwards;  Creek,  Duval  County,  Fla. 
(Not  Eward's,  Samples,  nor  Star- 

Edwards;  Point,  Galveston  Bay,  Tex. 
(Not  Edward's.) 

Edwards;  Point,  Snohomish  County, 
Wash.  (Not  Edmond  nor  Ed- 
munds. ) 

Edwards;  Township,  Ogemaw  County, 
Mich.     (Not  Edward.) 

Edward's;  see  Edwards. 

Ed'ivin;  see  Kachina. 

Eelchee;  Eelchi;  see  Khotan. 

Efate;  Island,  one  of  the  New  He- 
brides, Pacific  Ocean.  (Not  Sand- 
wich nor  Vate.) 

Egan;  Township,  Dakota  County, 
Minn.     (Not  Eagan.) 

Egegak;  see  Egegik. 

Egegik;  River,  draining  westward 
from  Becharof  Lake  to  Bristol  Bay, 
and  Village,  at  mouth  of  River, 
Alaska.  (Not  Agouyak,  Egegak, 
Igagik,  Igiagik,  Ougagouk,  Ugagik, 
Ugaguk,  nor  Ugiagik.) 

♦Eg-g";  Island  near  easternmost  point 
of  Unalaska,  eastern  Aleutians, 
Alaska.  (Not  Galgalgin,  lachnoi, 
Joitschoi,  Kigalgin,  Ugalgal,  nor 
Ugalgan. ) 

Egg;  see  Deranof ;  Oval. 

Egg  Harbor;  City,  Atlantic  County, 
N.  J.     (Not  Egg  Harbor  City.) 

Egloff  stein;  Butte,  east  of  Jadito 
W^ash,  Navajo  County,  Ariz. 

Egoniaga;  Creek,  Calhoun  County, 
Ala.  (Not  Davistown  nor  Econi- 

Ekaterinburg;  Town  in  the  Ural 
Mountains,  Asiatic  Russia.  (Not 
lekaterinbourg,  .Tekaterinenburg,  nor 

Ekuk;  BlufC,  near  Ekuk,  Nushagak 
Bay,  Alaska.  (Not  Eyuk,  Cape  nor 
Eyuk  Point.) 

El  Capitan;  Passage,  separating  Prince 
of  Wales  Island  from  Kosciusko 
Island,  and  extending  from  Sea  Ot- 
ter Sound  to  El  Capitan,  Southeast- 
ern Alaska. 

El  Despoblado;  Region,  from  High- 
land Canal  to  Superstition  Moun- 
tains, Maricopa  and  Pinal  Counties, 

El   Pradle;   see   Point   Fraile. 

El  Hedjas;  El  Hejas;  see  Hejaz. 

El  Morro;  see  Morro. 

El  Paso;  City,  El  Paso  County,  Tex. 
(Not  Elpaso.) 

El  Pinole;  see  Pinole. 

*E1  Reno;  City  and  Township,  Cana- 
dian County,  Okla.     (Not  Elreno.) 

El  Terremoto  de  Enmedio;  El  Terre- 
moto  de  Guanica;  see  Enmedio. 

El  Tule;  Village,  T.  11  N.,  R.  28  E., 
Apache  County,  Ariz.     (Not  Craig.) 

Elaine  Castle;  Peak,  near  the  head  of 
Shinumo  Creek,  Coconino  County, 

Elbow;  Creek,  tributary  to  South  Bad- 
ger Creek,  Pondera  County,  Mont. 

Elbow;  Lake,  4  miles  east  of  mouth 
of  Thunder  Bay  River,  Alpena 
County,  Mich.  (Not  Carp  nor 
Crooked, ) 

Elbow;  Lake,  at  head  of  South  Fork 
of  Nooksack  River,  Whatcom  Coun- 
ty, Wash. 

Elbow;  Lake,  T.  36  N.,  R.  108  W.,  Fre- 
mont County,  Wyo. 

Elbow;  Mountain,  lat.  48°  11'  N.,  long. 
113°  07'  W.,  Pondera  County,  Mont. 

Elbow;  Passage,  between  Klag  Bay 
and  Ogden  Passage,  coast  of  Chicha- 
gof  Island,  Alaska. 

*  Elbruz;  Mountain  (altitude  18,526 
feet),  highest  summit  of  the  Cau- 
casus Mountains,  Southern  Russia. 
(Not  Elburz.) 

Elburz;  see  Elbruz. 

Elco;  see  Elko. 



Elden;  Mountain,  Coconino  County, 
Ariz.  (Not  Elden  Mesa  nor  Mount 

Elden;  Township,  Dickey  County,  N. 
Dak.     (NotEldin.) 

Elden  Mesa;  see  Elden. 

Elderado;  see  Lewisburg. 

♦Elderon;  Town  and  Village,  Mara- 
thon County,  Wis.     (Not  Eldron.) 

Eldin;  see  Elden. 

Eldon;  Lake,  arm  of  Raquette  Lake, 
Hamilton  County,  N.  Y.  (Not  Eliza- 
beth nor  Ellen.) 

Eldorado;  Mountain  (altitude  8,300 
feet),  SW.  i  sec.  36,  T.  1  S.,  R.  71 
W.,  13i  miles  northeast  of  Black- 
hawk  on  the  line  between  Boulder 
and  Jefferson  Counties,  Colo. 

Eldridge;  Glacier,  southeastern  slope 
Alaska  Range,  near  headwaters  Chu- 
litna   River,   Alaska. 

Eldridge;  see  Coke. 

Eldridge  Mill;  Village,  Buckingham, 
County,  Va.     (Not  Eldridges.) 

Eleanor;  Creek,  Tuolumne  County, 
Calif.     (Not  Lake  River.) 

Eleanor;  the  most  northerly  island  of 
the  three  in  Prince  William  Sound, 
^ust  north  of  Knight  Island,  Alaska. 

Elechee;  see  Khotan. 

Electric;  Peak,  Sangre  de  Crlsto 
Range,  Custer  and  Saguache  Coun- 
ties, Colo. 

Elephants  Nose;  Hill  (elevation  1,075 
feet),  about  midway  between  Woron- 
kofski  and  Wedge  Points,  Woron- 
kofski  Island,  Alexander  Archipel- 
ago, Southeastern  Alaska. 

Elenia;  see  Yelenina. 

Elf;  Point,  eastern  entrance  Columbia 
Bay,  Prince  William  Sound,  Alaska. 

Elger;  Bay,  in  Camano  Island,  Island 
County,  Wash.     (Not  Algers.) 

Elgin;  Elginshire;  see  Moray. 

Elizabeth;  Island,  the  westernmost  of 
the  Chugach  Islands,  Alaska.  (Not 
Cape  Elizabeth.) 

Elizabeth;  Mountain  (altitude  3,325 
feet),  about  lat.  56"  39',  long.  134' 
40',  eastern  side  Baranof  Island, 
about  li  miles  from  shore  Chatham 
Strait  and  about  7*  miles  north  of 
Point    Patterson,    Southeastern    Al- 

Elk;  see  Jordan;  North  Fork  Elk; 

Elochoman;  Elockaman;  Elokoman; 
see  Elokomin. 

Elizabeth  town;  Town,  Bartholomew 
County,  Ind.     (Not  Elizabeth  Town.) 

Elizarov;  see  Ustrichni. 

Eliza ville;  Village,  Columbia  County, 
N.  Y.     (Not  Ellerslie.) 

Elk;  Creek,  La  Plata  County,  Colo. 

Elk;  Hills,  range  almost  wholly  in- 
cluded in  T.  30  S.,  R.  23  E. ;  T.  30  S., 
R.  24  E. ;  T.  31  S.,  R.  23  E. ;  and  T. 
31  S.,  R.  24  E.,  Kern  County,  Calif. 

Elk;  Lake,  Beltrami  County,  Minn. 
(Not  Glazier.) 

Elk;  River,  Delaw^are  County,  Okla., 
and  McDonald  County,  Mo.  (Not 

Elk;  Town,  in  Elkhorn  Precinct,  Doug- 
las County,  Nebr.     (Not  Elk  City.) 

Elk;  see  Bullshoe;  Careless;  Castle; 
Elk  City. 

*Elk  City;  City,  Montgomery  County, 
Kans.     (Not  Elk.) 

Elk  Falls;  City,  Elk  County,  Kans. 
(Not  Elkfalls.) 

Elk  Point;  City  and  Township,  Union 
County,  S.  Dak.     (Not  Elkpoint) 

Elkahatchee;  Creek,  Coosa  and  Talla- 
poosa Counties,  Ala.  (Not  Elkehat- 
chee  nor  Elkhatchee.) 

Elkhart;  Stream,  flowing  through  Ken- 
dallville.  Noble  County,  Ind. 

Elkhart;  see  Elkhart  Lake. 

Elkhart  Lake;  Village,  Sheboygan 
County,  Wis.  (Not  Elkhart  nor  Elk- 
heart  Lake.) 

Elkheart  Lake;  see  Elkhart  Lake. 

Elkhorn;  Hills,  extending  northwest- 
erly across  T.  11  N..  R.  25  W.,  S.  B. 
M.,  San  Luis  Obispo  County,  Calif. 

Elkhorn;  Peak,  Jefferson  County, 
Mont.  (Not  Baldy,  Big  Baldy,  nor 
Elkhorn  Baldy.) 

Elkhorn  Grove;  Town  and  Township, 
Carroll  County,  111.  (Not  Elk  Horn 

Elkhorn  Scarp;  terrace-like  escarp- 
ment extending  from  southeast  cor- 
ner of  T.  11  N.,  R.  25  W.,  northwest- 
erly across  T.  12  N.,  R.  26  W.,  S.  B. 
M. ;  T.  32  S.,  R.  22  E.,  M.  D.  M. ;  and 



T.  32  S.,  R.  21  E..  into  southwest 
quarter  of  T.  31  S.,  R.  21  E.,  San 
Luis  Obispo  County,  Calif. 

Elkins;  Landing,  Mississippi  River, 
Scott  County,  Mo.      (Not  Elkins's.) 

Elklick;  Town  and  Townsliip,  Somer- 
set County,  Pa.     (Not  Elk  Lick.) 

Elko;  Town,  Barnwell  County,  S.  C. 
(Not  Elco.) 

Elko;  see  Elk. 

Ellemeham;  Mountain,  T.  40  N.,  Rs. 
25  and  26  E.,  Okanogan  County, 
Wash.  (Not  Ellemachun,  EUoma- 
chan,  nor  Mount  Ellemeham.) 

Ellen;  see  Eldon. 

Ellen  Wilson;  Lake,  at  western  end 
of  Gunsight  Pass,  Continental  Di- 
vide, lat.  48°  36',  long.  113"  45', 
Glacier  National  Park,  Flathead 
County,  Mont.     (Not  Lake  Louise.) 

EllersUe;  see  Elizaville. 

Ellicott;  Creek,  Erie  County,  N.  Y. 
(Not  EUicotte.) 

Ellicott  City;  City,  Howard  County, 
Md.  (Not  Ellicott  nor  EUicotts 

Ellicottville;  Village,  Cattaraugus 
County,  N.  Y.     (Not  Ellicottsville. ) 

Elliot;  Point,  Puget  Sound,  Snohomish 
County,  Wash.     (Not  Elliott.) 

Elliott;  Bay,  near  Seattle,  King 
County,  Wash.     (Not  Dwamish.) 

Elliott;  Creek,  tributary  to  the  Kot- 
sina,  from  the  east,  Alaska.  (Not 

Elliott;  Landing,  Columbia  River, 
Cowlitz  County,  Wash.  (Not  El- 

Elliott;  Township,  Sanborn  County,  S. 
Dak.     (Not  Elliot.) 

Elliott  Knob;  Mountain  peak,  Augusta 
County,  Va.  (Not  Rogers.)  This 
mountain  has  been  locally  known  for 
many  years  as  Elliott's  Knob.  The 
desire  has  been  expressed  to  substi- 
tute the  name  of  Rogers,  in  honor  of 
Prof.  W.  B.  Rogers,  formerly  the 
State  geologist  of  Virginia,  and  a 
pioneer  in  the  study  of  the  geology 
of  that  State.  This  decision  is  based 
on  the  grounds,  first,  that  the  name 
Elliott  Knob  is  well  established,  and, 
second,  that  a  mountain  peak  in 
Virginia    near    the    North    Carolina 

line  has  already  been  named  in  honor 
of  Prof.  Rogers. 

Ellis;  Cliff,  Mississippi  River,  Adams 
County,  Miss.     (Not  Ellis's.) 

Ellis;  Island,  New  York  Harbor,  N.  Y. 
(Not  Ellis's.) 

Ellis;  Reef,  Stonington  Harbor,  Conn. 
(Not  Ellis'.) 

Ellis;  see  Fish. 

Ellisville;  County  Seat,  Jones  County, 
Miss.     (Not  Ellisville  Depot.) 

Ellomachan;  see  Ellemeham. 

Ellsworth;  Glacier,  head  of  Day  Har- 
bor, Kenai  Peninsula,  Alaska. 

Elm;  City,  Labette  County,  Kans. 
(Not  Elm  City.) 

Elmonte;  Village,  Los  Angeles  County, 
Calif.     (Not  Monte.) 

Elmwood;  Town  and  Township,  Saline 
County,  Mo.     (Not  Elm  Wood.) 

Elmwood  Place;  Village,  Hamilton 
County,  Ohio. 

Elokomin;  River,  Ts.  9  and  10  N.,  Rs. 
5  and  6  W.,  Wahkiakum  County, 
Wash.  (Not  Alochaman,  Alocho- 
man,  Alockaman,  Alokomin,  Elocho- 
man,  Elockaman,  nor  Elokoman.) 

Elovoi;  Islet,  in  Peril  Strait,  southeast- 
ern Alaska.  (Not  Fir-tree,  Spruce, 
nor  Yelowoi.) 

Elovoi;  see  Uzinki. 

Elowah;  Falls,  McCord  Creek,  Mult- 
nomah County,  Oreg.     (Not  Kelley.) 

Elpaso;  see  El  Paso. 

Elreno;  see  El  Reno. 

Elrington;  Island,  southwestern  part 
of  Prince  William  Sound,  Alaska. 

Elring-ton;  Passage,  between  Elrington 
Island  and  the  unnamed  island  to 
the  westward.  It  lies  midway  be- 
tween Latouche  and  Prince  of  Wales 
Passage,  Alaska. 

Elsinore;  Town,  Carter  County,  Mo. 
(Not  Ellsinore.) 

Elsmore;  City  and  Township,  Allen 
County,  Kans.     (Not  Elsinore.) 

Elson;  Lagoon,  near  Point  Barrow, 
Northern  Alaska.  (Not  Tashuk, 
Tasuk,  nor  Tas'yuk.) 

Elves  Chasm;  Canyon,  near  the  mouth 
of  Royal  Arch  Creek,  in  Aztec  Am- 
phitheater, Grand  Canyon  of  the 
Colorado,  Coconino  County,  Ariz. 



Elysian  Fields;  meadows  between  Mo- 
raine Parlv  and  Sliiiskin  Mountains, 
Mount  Rainier  National  Park,  Pierce 
County,  Wash. 

Emharras;  see  Zumbro. 

Emelia;  see  Amelia. 

Emerald;  Cove,  eastern  side  Columbia 
Bay,  Prince  William  Sound,  Alaska. 

Emerald;  Isle,  in  Passage  Canal  west 
of  Trinity  Point,  northwestern  part 
Prince  William  Sound,  Alaska. 
(Not  Green  Island.) 

Emerald;  Islet,  near  White  Cliff, 
Alaska.     (Not  Green  Island.) 

Era.erald  Point;  Headland  on  the 
southwest  margin  of  Rainbow  Pla- 
teau, Coconino  County,  Ariz. 

Emerson;  sec  Mount  Emerson. 

Emery;  Gap,  Roane  County,  and  River, 
Morgan  and  Roane  Counties,  Tenn. 
(Not  Big  Emery,  Emery s,  nor  Em- 

Emg-eten;  Island,  in  Sitka  Harbor, 
Alaska.     (Not  Emheleni.) 

Emigrant;  Hill,  southeastern  point  of 
Pyramid  Hills,  sec.  24,  T.  25  S.,  R. 
18  E.,  Kern  County,  Calif. 

Emigrant;  Wash,  southwest  of  Mes- 
quite  Flat,  Inyo  Coi'nty,  Calif. 

Emilianovski ;  see  Podvodni. 

Emmet;  Railroad  Station  and  Town- 
ship, Nevada  County,  Ark.  (Not 
Emmett. ) 

Emmet;  Town  and  Township,  St.  Clair 
County,  Mich.     (Not  Emmett.) 

Emmet;  Town  and  Township,  Holt 
County,  Nebr.     (Not  Emmett.) 

*  Emmons;  Glacier,  discharging  into 
White  River,  northeastern  slope 
Mount  Rainier,  Pierce  County, 
Wash.  (Not  Blaine,  White  River, 
nor  Winthrop.) 

Emmons;  Creek,  rising  in  T.  26  N., 
21  W.,  tributary  to  Truman  Creek 
from  east,  Flathead  County,  Mont. 

Empire;  City,  Cherokee  County,  Kans. 
(Not  Empire   City.) 

Empire;  City  and  Precinct,  Coos  Coun- 
ty, Oreg.     (Not  Empire  City.) 

Empony;   see   Stoney. 

Encounter;  see  Kanyo. 

Endeavor;  Railroad  Station,  Mar- 
quette County,  Wis.  (Not  Merritts 

Enders;  Village,  Dauphin  County,  Pa. 
(Not  Jacksonville.) 

Eneas;  see  Aeneas. 

Engel;  Mountain,  sec.  19,  T.  47  N.,  R. 
1  W.,  Shoshone  County,  Idaho.  (Not 

Engelmann;  Canyon,  near  Colorado 
Springs,  El  Paso  County,  Colo.  (Not 
Ingleman's. ) 

Engelmann  Peak;  Mountain,  about  2 
miles  north  of  Silver  Plume  Moun- 
tain, Clear  Creek  County,  Colo. 

*  English;  Bay,  indenting  the  eastern 
shore  of  Unalaska  Island,  eastern 
Aleutians,  Alaska.  (Not  Samga- 

English;  River  near  Delagoa  Bay, 
southeast  coast  of  Africa.  (Not 
Espirito    Santo.) 

Englishman;  Bay,  northeast  of  Roque 
Island,  Washington  County,  Me. 

Englund;  Village,  Marshall  County, 
Minn.      (Not  England.) 

Enisei;  see  Yenisei. 

Enmedio;  Reef,  northeast  of  Corral 
Cay,  eastern  side  of  Falucho  Pass, 
P.  R.  (Not  El  Terremoto  de  En- 
medio, El  Terremoto  de  Guanica, 
nor  Terremoto  Cay.) 

Enmedio;  Shoal,  entrance  to  Boqueron 
Bay,  P.  R. 

Ennis;  Lake,  artificial,  created  by  dam 
constructed  across  Madison  River 
several  miles  below  Ennis  Town, 
Madison  County,  Mont.  (Not  Can- 

Ennis;  Town,  Madison  County,  Mont. 
(Not  Enniss.) 

Enochkm;  see   Iniskin. 

Ensenada  de  Santa  Isabel  o  del  Uvero; 
see  Ubera. 

Ensenada  la  Yegua;  see  Yegua. 

Ensenada  las  Par  das;  see  Pardas. 

Ensly;  Post  light,  Mississippi  River, 
Shelby  County,  Tenn.   (Not  Ensley.) 

Entente;  Creek,  T.  45  N.,  R.  8  E.,  ris- 
ing In  Bitterroot  Mountains  near 
Montana  boundary  line,  tributary  to 
Quartz  Creek,  Shoshone  County, 

Entiat;  River,  Chelan  County,  Wash. 
(Not  En-ti-at-kwa  nor  Entiatqua.) 

Entrance;  see  Nachalni;  Ustia. 



Entry;    Cove,    eastern    end    Passage 

Canal,  west  of  Pigot  Point,  Prince 

William  Sound,  Alaska. 
Epaulet;    Mountain    (altitude    13,500 

feet),   consisting  of  two  peaks,   10 

miles  southeast  of  Georgetown,  SE. 

corner  T.  5  S.,  R.  74  W.,  Clear  Creek 

County,  Colo. 
Ephrata;  Town  and  Township,  Lan- 
caster County,  Pa.    (Not  Ephratah.) 
Epi;  Island,  one  of  the  New  Hebrides, 

Pacific     Ocean.        (Not     Api     nor 

Eppes;  Creek  and  Island,  James  River, 

Charles    City    County,    Va.       (Not 

Er-Riad;  Er  Riad;  see  Riad. 
Erdahl;     Township,     Grant     County, 

Minn.      (Not  Erdal.) 
Erdely;  see  Transylvania. 
Erimo;  see  Yerimo. 
Errol;  Island,  southerly  continuation 

of  the  Chandeleur  Islands,  La.    (Not 

Grand  Gosier.) 
Ervin;    Township,    Howard    County, 

Ind.      (Not  Erwin.) 
Erzerum;  Principal  city  of  Armenia. 

Asiatic  Turkey.     (Not  Arzroom.) 
Erzgebirge;  Mountain  chain  between 

Bohemia     and     Saxony,     Germany. 

(Not  Erz,  Erz-Gebirge,  nor  Erzege- 

berge. ) 
*Esbon;    City   and   Township,    Jewell 

County,  Kans.     (Not  Ezbon.) 
Escalante;  Butte,  Vishnu  quadrangle, 

Coconino  County,  Ariz. 
E scant;  see  Scheldt. 
Eschscholtz;    Bay,    Kotzebue    Sound, 

Northern  Alaska.     (Not  Escholtz.) 
Es-cim-en-zeen;  see  Eskimenzin. 
Escudilla;  Mountains,  T.  7  N.,  R.  30 

E.,     Apache     County,     Ariz.      (Not 

Eskadere. ) 
Eshamy;  Bay,  western  side  of  Knight 

Island  Passage,  short  distance  north 

of  Point  Nowell,   Kenai   Peninsula, 

Alaska.     (Not  Eshamey.) 
Eskimenzen;  Eskimenzene;  see  Eski- 
Eskimenzin;  Spring,  10  miles  east  of 

Winkelman,     Pinal     County,     Ariz. 

(Not     Es-cim-en-zeen,     Eskimenzen, 

nor  Eskimenzene.) 

Espana;  see  Spain. 

Espejo;  Spring,  Coconino  County,  Ariz. 

Espina;  Hill,  Nye  County,  Nev.  (Not 
Sugarloaf . ) 

Espirito  Santo;  see  English. 

Essex  Branch;  see  Danvers. 

Esquibel;  Island,  southern  one  of  two 
larger  of  Anguilla  Group,  Gulf  of 
Esquibel,  Prince  of  Wales  Archipel- 
ago, Southeastern  Alaska. 

Estaboga;  Creek,  District,  and  Town, 
Talladega  County,  Ala.  (Not  Easta- 
boga. ) 

Estatee;  Estatoe;  see  Eastatoe. 

Estero;  Bay,  Point,  and  River,  San 
Luis  Obispo  County,  Calif.  (Not 
Esteros  nor  Estros.) 

Estero;  Pass,  between  the  mainland 
and  northwest  end  Estero  Island, 
Lee  County,  Florida.  (Not  Matan- 

Estes  Cone;  Mountain,  in  sec.  21,  T. 
4  N.,  R.  73  W.,  li  miles  northwest 
Longs  Peak  Village,  Larimer  County, 

Estevan;  see  Stephen  Aisle. 

Esther;  Point,  southwestern  part  Es- 
ther Island,  Prince  William  Sound, 

Esther;  Rock,  in  Port  Wells,  about  a 
mile  west  of  Point  Esther,  Prince 
William  Sound,  Alaska. 

Esty;  Glen,  north  of  Ithaca,  N.  Y. 
(Not  Estey.) 

Etchepuk;  River,  tributary  to  Fish 
River  from  the  east,  entering  stream 
short  distance  north  of  the  canyon, 

Ethan's;  see  Willey. 

Etna;  Town  and  Township,  Siskiyou 
County,  Calif.     (Not  Etna  Mills.) 

Etolin;  Island,  south  of  Kupreanof 
Island,  Alexander  Archipelago, 
Alaska.     (Not  Etoline.) 

Etorofu;  Etoropu;  see  Yetorofu. 

Etowah;  River,  Dawson  and  Lumpkin 
Counties,  Ga.  (Not  £]tawi,  Etowa, 
nor  Hightower.) 

Ettrain;  Creek,  tributary  to  Nation 
River,  International  boundary  (be- 
tween Alaska  and  Canada). 

Eucehia;  see  Ueeba. 



Euharlee;  Creek,  Polk  and  Bartow 
Counties,  Ga.,  and  Town,  Bartow 
County,  Ga.     (Not  Euharley.) 

Eunice;  Lake,  in  cirque  at  liead  of 
Meadow  Creek,  Mount  Rainier  Na- 
tional Park,  Pierce  County,  Wash. 

Eureka;  Channel,  on  the  east  side  of 
Cordova  Bay,  Southeastern  Alaska, 
between  Barrier  Islands  and  Prince 
of  Wales  Island.  (Not  Eureka 
Pass. ) 

Eureka;  see  Wayanda. 

Eureka  Pass;  see  Eureka. 

*Eva;  Point  at  the  entrance  to  Rud- 
yerd  Bay,  Behm  Canal,  Southeastern 
Alaska.     (Not  Slide.) 

Evans;  Bay,  east  side  Evans  Island, 
lat.  60°  3'  N.,  long.  148°,  Prince  Wil- 
liam Sound,  Alaska.    (Not  Saw  Mill.) 

♦Evans;  large  island,  southwestern 
part  of  Prince  William  Sound,  be- 
tween Elrington  and  Bainbridge  Is- 
lands, Alaska.  (Not  Bache,  Flem- 
ming,  nor  Hoodoo.) 

Evans  Cross  Roads;  see  Timberridge. 

Evans  Landing;  Post  Light,  Ohio 
River,  and  Town,  Harrison  County, 
Ind.     (Not  Evan's  Landings.) 

Everest;  Peak  in  the  Himalaya  Moun- 
tains; highest  peak  in  the  world. 
(Not  Gaurisankar.) 

Everett;  Mountain,  Mount  Washing- 
ton Town,  Berkshire  County,  Mass. 
(Not  Bald  Dome,  Taughanuc,  nor 
Washington. ) 

Evers;  Creek,  T.  31  N.,  R.  23  W.,  trib- 
utary to  Logan  Creek  from  east, 
Flathead  County,  Mont. 
Evolution  Amphitheater;  the  head  of 
Copper  Canyon,  at  the  lower  end  of 
Granite  Gorge,  Coconino  County, 

Ewia;  Island  in  the  Aegean  Sea  and 
a  Province  of  Greece.    (Not  Euboea.) 

Ewan;  Town,  Gloucester  County,  N.  J. 
(Not  Ewan's  Mills.) 

Excalibur;  a  sharp,  thin  ridge  of  rock, 
400  feet  high,  east  side  of  Shinumo 
Creek,    Coconino   County,    Ariz. 

Excelsior;  Glacier,  east  of  Seward, 
Kenai  Peninsula,  Alaska. 

Explorers  Monument;  Butte,  south 
point  of  Marcos  Terrace,  Coconino 
County,  Ariz.  (Not  Marcos  Monu- 
ment. ) 

Eyak;  Lake  and  native  village,  at 
western  edge  of  the  Copper  River 
Delta,  Alaska.  (Not  Eyack,  Eyuk, 
Ighiak,  nor  Ikhiak.) 

Eyuk;    see   Ekuk. 

Ezhon;  see  Esbon. 

Ezel;  Village,  Morgan  County,  Ky. 
(Not  Ecell  nor  Ezell.) 


Eaben;  Point,  northwest  corner  Mer- 
cer Island,  in  Lake  Washington, 
Kings  County,  W^ash.  (Not  Faben's, 
Rabenes,  nor  Rabins.) 

Faben's;  see  Faben. 

Fackler;  Railroad  Station,  Jackson 
County,  Ala.     (Not  Flackler.) 

Factory;  Creek,  Lawrence  and  Wayne 
Counties,  Tenn.  (Not  Factor's  nor 
Factory's. ) 

Fadeyef ;  one  of  the  New  Siberian  Is- 
lands, Arctic  Ocean.  (Not  Faddeef- 
ski,  Faddeyeff,  Faddeyevskii,  Fadd- 
yeevski,  Fadejevskoi,  Fadejef,  Fad- 
ievskoi,  Fadjejew,  Fadyeevskoi,  Fad- 
yeyef,  nor  Thaddeus.) 

Fadievskoi;  Fadjejew;  Fadyeevskoi; 
Fadyeyef;  see  Fadeyef. 

Faero;  Faeroe;  see  Faroe. 

Fairbank;  Town  and  Township,  Sulli- 
van County,  Ind.     (Not  Fairbanks.) 

Fairchild;  Mountain,  Front  Range, 
Larimer  County,  Colo. 

Fairchilds;  Chute,  Creek,  and  Island 
No.  114,  Mississippi  River,  Adams 
County,  Miss.     (Not  Fairchild's. ) 

Fairfield;  see  Salmon  Falls. 

Fairgrove;  Town  and  Township,  Tus- 
cola County,  Mich.  (Not  Fair 
Grove. ) 

Fairhaven;  Landing,  Chesapeake  Bay,. 
Anne  Arundel  County,  Md.  (Not 
Fair  Haven.) 

Fairhaven;  see  Little  Sodus. 

Fairlee;  Creek  and  Town,  Kent  Coun- 
ty, Md.    (Not  Farley's  nor  Forley's.> 



Fairlie;  see  Hedges. 

Fairman;  Lake,  draining  west  to 
Quartz  Creek,  a  tributary  to  Kenai 
Lake  from  tlie  north,  Kenai  Penin- 
sula, Alaska. 

Fairplay;  Town,  Park  County,  Colo. 
(Not  Fair  Play.) 

Fairport;  Village,  Lake  County,  Ohio. 
(Not  Fairport  Harbor.) 

Fairview;  Lake,  Pike  County,  Pa. 
(Not  Big  Pond  nor  Lake  Arthur.) 

Fairvietv;  see  Ferrell. 

Fairview  Dome;  Mountain,  Yosemite 
National  Park,  Calif.  (Not  Soda 
Spring  Dome  nor  Soda  Springs 

Fairweather;  see  Fayerweather. 

Fairy;  see  Caddo. 

Fairyland;  Island,  St.  Lawrence  River, 
Jefferson  County,  N.  Y.     (Not  Juts.) 

Fajardo;  Town,  eastern  Porto  Rico. 
(Not  Fayjardo.) 

Falcon;  Arm,  branch  of  Slocum  Arm, 
Chichagof  Island,  Alaska.  (Not 
Hawkes. ) 

Falcon;  Cape,  Clatsop  County,  Oreg. 
(Not  False  Tillamook.) 

Falkner;  Island,  Long  Island  Sound, 
New  Haven  County,  Conn.  Discov- 
ered by  the  Dutch  captain,  Adrien 
Block,  in  1614,  and  named  by  him 
"Valcken  Eylandt"  (Falcon  Island). 
This  Dutch  name  was  corrupted  by 
the  English  to  Fawkner's  Island, 
Falkner's  Island,  and  Falkland's 
Island.— Dr.  KokVs  MS. 

Fall;  see  Hoback. 

Fall  River;  City,  Greenwood  County, 
Kans.     (Not  Fallriver.) 

Falling;  Glacier,  Port  Nellie  Juan, 
Prince  William  Sound,  Alaska. 

Falls;  Bay,  about  li  miles  south  of 
Main  Bay  and  about  4^  miles  south 
of  entrance  to  Port  Nellie  Juan,  lat. 
60°  31'  20",  eastern  coast  of  Kenai 
Peninsula,  Alaska. 

Falls;  Creek,  tributary  to  Trail  Creek 
from  the  east,  near  its  junction  with 
Kenai  Lake,  Kenai  Peninsula, 
Alaska.     (Not  False.) 

Falls;  Creek,  Tuolumne  County,  Calif. 
(Not  Fall  River.) 

Falls;  Creek,  T.  51  N.,  R.  4  E.,  tribu- 
tary to  Big  Creek  from  northeast, 
Shoshone  County,  Idaho.  (Not  East 
Fork. ) 

Falls;  Creek,  rising  in  T.  35  N.,  R.  106 
W.,  flowing  through  Timico,  Horse- 
shoe, and  Burnt  Lakes  to  junction 
with  Pole  Creek,  Fremont  County, 
Wyo.     (Not  Burnt.) 

Fallsburgh;  Town  and  Village,  Sulli- 
van County,  N.  Y.  (Not  Falls- 

*Falmoutli  Inner;  Harbor,  Falmouth 
Town,  Barnstable  County,  Mass. 
(Not  Bowmans,  Bowman's,  Deacons, 
Deacons  Pond,  nor  Deacon's  Pond.) 

False  Bottom;  Creek,  Lawrence  and 
Butte  Counties,  S.  Dak.  (Not  False 

False  Chilkat;  see  Chilkoot. 

False  Liston's  Point;  see  Bombay 

False  or  Mission;  see  Mission. 

False  Sentinel;  see  Kuku. 

Faluch;  see  Falucho. 

Falucho;  Pass,  between  Media  Luna 
Reef  on  the  west,  and  Corral  Cay 
and  Enmedio  Reef  on  the  east, 
Porto  Rico.  (Not  Faluch,  La  pasa 
del  Medio  o  del  Falucho,  nor  Mid- 
dle Passage.) 

Fancher;  Railroad  Station,  Orleans 
County,  N.  Y.     (Not  Murray.) 

Fancy  Creek;  City,  Clay  County,  Kans. 
(Not  Fancycreek.) 

Fanduco;  Reef,  eastern  side,  entrance 
to  Guayanilla  Harbor,  P.  R. 

Fannie;  see  Bailey. 

Fanning;  southern  point  of  entrance 
to  Greenport  Harbor,  Suffolk  County, 
Long  Island.     (Not  Fanning's.) 

Fanthit;  Fee  Fantiet. 

Fantiet;  Bay  and  Town,  southern 
coast  of  Anam,  French  Indo-China. 
(Not  Fanthit,  Phan-thiet,  Phan-Thit, 
Phanthit,  nor  Phan-Tiet.) 

Faraby;  Island,  North  Landing  River, 
Currituck  County,  N.  C.  (Not  Fara- 

Farafangana;   Province,   Madagascar. 

Farallon;  Bay,  west  side  of  Tlevak 
Strait,  south  of  Cayman  Point, 
Alaska.     (Not  South  Bay.) 



*Farallon;  Islands,  off  San  Francisco 
Bay,  Calif.  (Not  Marallone,  Faral- 
lones,  nor  Farallones  de  los  Frayles. ) 

Tarill;  Railroad  Station,  Cherokee 
County,  Ala.     ( Not  Farrill. ) 

Farley's;  see  Fairlee. 

Farlin;  see  Voorheesville. 

Farmers  Valley;  see  Farmvale. 

Farmington;  River,  Hartford  County, 
Conn.     (Not  Tunkis.) 

Farmvale;  Town,  Hamilton  County, 
Nebr.     (Not  Farmers  Valley.) 

rarnam;  Hill  and  Railroad  Station, 
Berkshire  County,  Mass.  (Not  Farn- 
ham  nor  Famums.) 

rarnham;  Rock,  Cape  CodJ  Bay,  Ply- 
mouth County,  Mass. 

Parnum;  see  Dark. 

Faroe;  Group  of  Danish  Islands  north 
of  Scotland.  (Not  Faero,  Faeroe, 
nor  Faro.) 

Fassett;  Point,  Sinepuxent  Bay,  Wor- 
cester County,  Md.  (Not  Fassetts 
nor  Henrys.) 

Fat  Shan;  see  Fatshan. 

Fatshan;  City,  Kwangtung  Province, 
China.     (Not  Fat  shan.) 

Fattig";  Creek,  west  of  Musselshell, 
Musselshell  County,  Mont.  (Not 

Faulkner;  Village,  Charles  County, 
Md.      (Not  Lothair.) 

Fawn;  Creek,  emptying  into  Arctic 
Ocean  near  Return  Islands,  North- 
ern Alaska. 

Fawn;  Creek,  about  1  mile  long,  tribu- 
tary to  the  north  side  of  Roaring 
Fork,  sec.  2,  T.  3  N.,  R.  73  W., 
Boulder  County,  Colo. 

Fawn;  Island,  between  Mosman  Point 
and  Burnett  Inlet,  Alaska. 

Fawn;  see  Little  Elk. 

Fay;  Peak,  Mother  Mountains,  over- 
looking Spray  Park,  Mount  Rainier 
National  Park,  Pierce  County, 

Fayerweather;  Island,  near  Bridge- 
port, Fairfield  County,  Conn.  (Not 

Fay  jar  do;  see  Fajardo. 

Feather;  see  Dry  Piney. 

February;  Village,  Washington  Coun- 
ty, Tenn.     (Not  Febuary.) 

Fehvre;   see   Galena. 

Felton;   see   Barker. 

Fen  Lake;  a  muddy  sink  on  Rainbow 

Plateau,     Coconino     County,     Ariz. 

(Not  Swampy  Lake.) 
Fenns  Peak;  see  Heyburn. 
Fentress;  Village,  Norfolk  County,  Va. 

(Not  Centreville.) 
Fen  wick;    Island,    mouth    of    South 

Edisto  River,  Colleton  County,  S.  C. 

(Not  Fenwick's.) 
Fen  wick;     Island,     Lighthouse,     and 

Shoal,   Cape  Henlopen,   Del.      (Not 

Fernandina  Entrance;  see  St.  Marys 

Fembank;  Village,  Hamilton  County, 

Ohio.     (Not  Fern  Bank.) 
Ferrell;    Town,     Gloucester    County, 

N.  J.     (Not  Fairview.) 
Ferro,  Mont;  see  Kenvil. 
Ferry;    see    Caddo,    La.,    and    Tex.; 

Hurst,  Md. 
Feurabush;  Railroad  Station,  Albany 

County,  N.  Y.     (Not  Furabush.) 
Feuri  Spruyt;  Creek,  Coeymans  Town, 

Albany  County,  N  .Y.     (Not  Spray t 

Fever;  Fevre;  see  Galena. 
Fickett;  see  John. 
Fiddler;  Ledge,  Fox  Island,  Thorofare, 

Penobscot  Bay,  Me.     (Not  Fidler's.) 
Field;  Point,  Long  Island  Sound,  near 

Greenwich,  Fairfield  County,  Conn. 

(Not  Horse  Neck.) 
Fife;  Village,  Goochland  County,  Va. 

(Not  Fife's.) 
Figarok;  see  Tigara. 
Figueredo;   Creek,    10   miles   east   of 

Fort  Defiance,  McKlnley  County,  N. 

Fiji;  Group  of  Islands,  South  Pacific 

Ocean.     (Not  Feejee  nor  Viti.) 
Filipinas;  see  Philippine. 
Filley;   Mountain,   Otis   Town,   Berk- 
shire County,  Mass.     (Not  Tilley.) 
Finch's;   see   Tweed. 
Finch's  Island;  see  Red. 
Findeme;  Railroad  Station,  Somerset 

County.  N.  J.     (Not  Findern.) 
Findley;  Township,  Allegheny  County, 

Pa.     (Not  Finley.) 
Finisterre;     Cape,     the    westernmost 

headland  of  Spain.    (Not  Finistere.) 



Finley;  Landing  and  Post  Light,  Mis- 
sissippi River,  near  Waupeton,  Du- 
buque County,  Iowa.  (Not  Fin- 

rinley;  Run,  Cumberland  County,  N. 
J.  (Not  Caspers,  Shimp's,  Stretche, 
nor  Stretch's.) 

Finn;  Branch  of  Little  Piney  Creek, 
Dent  and  Phelps  Counties,  Mo.  (Not 

Finns;  Point,  Delaware  River,  Salem 
County,  N.  J.     (Not  Finn's.) 

Finski;  Bay,  and  Point  on  eastern  side 
of  same.  Glacier  Island,  Prince  Wil- 
liam   Sound,   Alaska. 

Fire;  Cove,  east  of  Granite  Island, 
Kenai  Peninsula,  Alaska. 

Firebr/ind;  Pass,  Glacier  County, 

First;  see  Fish. 

Firth;  River,  flowing  into  the  Arctic 
Ocean  opposite  Herschel  Island, 
Yukon,   Canada. 

Firth;  see   Malcom. 

Fir-tree;  see  Elovoi. 

Fish;  Creek,  tributary  to  Salt  River 
from  southeast,  Maricopa  County, 

Fish;  Creek,  Lincoln  County,  Wyo. 
(Not  Fishermans.) 

Fish;  Dock,  St.  Clair  River,  St.  Clair 
County,  Mich.     (Not  Fish's.) 

Fish;  Lake,  Egan  Township,  Dakota 
County,  Minn.     (Not  Thompson.) 

Fish;  Lake,  Lincoln  County,  Wyo. 
(Not  Ellis.) 

Fish;  Point,  Tuscola  County,  Mich. 
(Not  First.) 

Fish;  River,  rising  in  the  Bendeleben 
Mountains,  emptying  into  Golofnin 
Sound  at  the  head  of  Golofnin  Bay, 
Seward  Peninsula,  Alaska.  (Not 
Eaton  nor  Niukluk.) 

Fish;  see  Boulder;  Niukluk. 

Fish;  see  Ocquionis. 

Fish  Creek;  Canyon  of  Fish  Creek 
near  Apache  Trail,  Maricopa  County, 
Ariz.     (Not  Box.) 

Fish  Creek;  Village,  T.  2  N.,  R.  10  E., 
Maricopa  County,  Ariz.  (Not  Fra- 
sier. ) 

Fish  Creek  Hill;  see  Coronado. 

Fish  Meadow;  Brook,  Androscoggin 
County,  Me.  (Not  Cummins  nor 
Cummings. ) 

Fish  Point;  Ledge,  Portland  Harbor, 
Me.     (Not  Fishes.) 

Fisher;  Island,  Illinois  River,  Greene 
County,  111.     (Not  Fisher's.) 

Fisher;  Township  and  Village,  Polk 
County,  Minn.  (Not  Fisher  Landing.) 

Fisher;  Island,  Columbia  River  about 
2  miles  west  of  Mount  Solo,  Wah- 
kiakum County,  Wash.  (Not  Fish- 

*  Fisher;  Village,  on  Columbia  River, 
about  8^  miles  above  Vancouver, 
Clarke  County,  Wash.  (Not  Fishers, 
Fishers  Landing  nor  Fishers  Wharf.) 

Fisher  Creek;  Village,  Hawkins  Coun- 
ty, Tenn.     (Not  Fishers  Creek.) 

Fisherman;  Point,  right  bank  of  In- 
dian River,  near  Melbourne,  Brevard 
County,  Fla.     (Not  Fisherman's.) 

Fisherman;  Shoal,  Lake  Michigan,  9 
miles  east  of  Washington  Island, 
Door  County,  Wis.  (Not  Fisher- 

Fisherman  Island;  Passage,  Penob- 
scot Bay,  Me.  (Not  Fisherman's 

Fishermans;  see  Fish. 

Fisherman's  Peak;  see  Whitney. 

Fishers;  Island,  Long  Island  Sound, 
Suffolk  County,  N.  Y.  (Not 
Fisher's. ) 

Fishers;  Fisher's;  see  Fisher  Welch. 

Fishers  Point;  Range  Lights,  Dela- 
ware River,  near  Philadelphia,  Pa. 
(Not  Fisher's.) 

Fishing  Battery;  Lighthouse,  in  Ches- 
apeake Bay,  near  entrance  to  Sus- 
quehanna River.  (Not  Donoho  Bat- 
tery. ) 

Fishing  Rocks;  Point,  the  western 
head  of  Mumford  Cove,  Fishers  Is- 
land Sound,  Conn.     (Not  Bluff.) 

Fishing  Rocks;  see  Bluff. 

Fishlake;  see  High  Rock. 

Fish's;  see   Fish. 

Fiske;  Butte,  northeast  of  Spencer 
Terrace,  Coconino  County,  Ariz. 

Fitler;  Landing  and  Point,  Mississippi 
River,  Issaquena  County,  Miss.  (Not 



ntz;    Island,    moutli   of   Hirst    Cove, 

Chichagof   Island,  Alaska, 
ritzsimmons;  Creek,  T.  35  N.,  Rs.  23 
and  24  W.,  rising  west  of  Whiteiash 
Mountain  and  tributary  to  Stillwater 
River    from    east,    Lincoln    County, 
♦Five-fing-er;  Rapids  in  Lewes  River, 
Yukon,  Canada.     (Not  Five  Finger.) 
Five   Points;   see   Rich  wood. 
F'ka;  see  Nagaura. 
Flackler;  see  Fackler. 
Flag;  see  Del  Campo. 
Flagler;  Town,  Marion  County,  Iowa. 

(Not  Flagler's.) 
Flagtown;  Railroad  Station  and  Vil- 
lage, Somerset  County,  N.  J.     (Not 
Flaggtown. ) 
Flagtown;  see  Frankfort. 
Flanagan  Mills;  Village,  Cumberland 
County,  Va.     (Not  Flanagans  Mill.) 
Flat;  Bay,  eastern  coast,  Sakhalin  Is- 
land, Siberia.  (Japanese,  Karafuto), 
lat.    49°    10'    N.,   long.   144°    30'    E. 
(Not  Nizmennaya  nor  Nizmennoi.) 
Flat;  Creek,   branch   of  Snake  River 
from    the   east,    T.    40   N.,    Lincoln 
County,     Wyo.     (Not     Little     Gros 
Ventre  River.) 
Flat;  Cove,  opening  from  Slocum  Arm, 
•    indenting  southwestern  shore  of  Chi- 
chagof Island,  Alaska.     (Not  Shoal.) 
Flat;  Mountain,  Sandwich  Range,  Car- 
roll County,  N.  H. 
Flat;  see  Manzanita. 
Flat  Rock;  see  Flatrock. 
Flat  Top;  Mountain,  near  boundary 
between    Carbon    and    Sweetwater 
Counties,    Wyo.      (Not    Table    nor 
Flathead;    Lake,    northwestern    Mon- 
tana.    (Not  Pend  d'Oreille  nor  Se- 
Flathead;  Mountains,  rather  low,  lying 
east  and  northeast  of  the  Cabinet 
Mountains    and   having    a    common 
boundary  with  them  from  mouth  of 
Little  Bitterroot  Creek  to  Jennings ; 
bounded  on  west  by  Kootenai  River 
from  Jennings  to  the  International 
Boundary,  and  on  northeast  and  east 
by  a  zone  of  depression  followed  by 

present  line  of  Great  Northern  Rail- 
way from  Kalispell  to  Kootenai 
River,  Alaska,  and  occupied  farther 
south  by  Flathead  Lake  and  Flat- 
head River. 

Flathead;  River,  Flathead  County, 
Mont,  and  in  Canada.  (Not  Flat- 
head River,  North  Fork,  nor  North 
Fork  Flathead.) 

Flatrock;  Creek,  rising  in  Henry 
County,  flowing  through  Decatur, 
Rush,  and  Shelby  Counties,  tribu- 
tary to  Driftwood  River,  at  Colum- 
bus, Bartholomew  County,  Ind. 
(Not  Flat  Rock.) 

Flatrock;  Township,  Henry  County, 
Ohio.     (Not  Flat  Rock.) 

Flattop;  Mountain,  T.  36  N.,  R.  109 
W.,  southeast  of  New  Fork  Lakes, 
Freemont  County,  Wyo. 

Flawhill;  see  Snow  Hill. 

Flax;  see  Little  Colorado. 

Flechas;  Island  and  Light,  at  mouth 
of  Para  River,  Brazil.  (Not  Das 
Frecas,  Flexas,  Frechas,  Fresca, 
Frescas,  I.  das  Frescas,  nor  Ilha 
das  Flexas.) 

Fleet;  Point,  at  mouth  of  Great  Wi- 
comico River,  Northumberland  Coun- 
ty, Va.      (Not  Fleet's.) 

Flemming;  Island,  Prince  William 
Sound,  Alaska.     (Not  Gage.) 

Flemming;  see  Evans. 

Flent;  Point,  western  entrance  Co- 
lumbia Bay,  Prince  William  Sound, 
Alaska.      (Not  Flint.) 

Fletcher;  Landing,  Mississippi  River, 
Mississippi  County,  Ark.  (Not 

Flett;  Glacier,  northwestern  lobe  of 
Russell  Glacier;  discharging  into 
Spray  Creek,  northern  slope  Mount 
Rainier,  Pierce  County,  Wash. 

Flexas;  see  Flechas. 

Flint;  Creek,  tributary  to  Los  Pinos 
River,  Hinsdale  County,  Colo.  (Not 
Flint   Fork.) 

Flint;  see  Flent. 

Flint  Creek  Range;  Mountains, 
bounded  on  the  west  by  a  valley 
which  is  occupied  by  Flint  and  Trout 
Creeks,  on  the  north  and  east  by  the 



valley  of  Clark  Fork  of  the  Colum- 
bia, and  on  tlie  south  by  the  depres- 
sion which  contains  Georgetown 
Lake  and  part  of  Warm  Springs 
Creek,  Deer  Lodge,  Granite,  and 
Powell  Counties,  Mont. 

rioodwood;  Creek,  source  in  south- 
ern part  T.  43  N.,  tributary  to 
Breakfast  Creek  from  north,  T.  41 
N.,  R.  4  E.,  Shoshone  County, 
Idaho.  (Not  East  Fork  Floodwood 
nor  Twin   Springs.) 

Florence;  see  Mount  Florence. 

riorianopolis;  Capital,  State  of  Santa 
Catharin,  Brazil.  (Not  Desterro 
nor  Nossa  Senhora  do  Desterro.) 

Florida  River;  stream  tributary  to 
Animas  River,  La  Plata  County, 
Colo.     (Not  Rio  Florida.) 

riotilla;  Lake,  lat.  48°  04'  N.,  long. 
113°  23'  W.,  Flathead  County,  Mont. 

Flour;  Creek,  Hancock  and  Schuyler 
Counties,  111.     (Not  Flower.) 

Flourville;  Village,  Washington  Coun- 
ty, Tenu.     (Not  Floursville.) 

Flower;  see  Flour. 

Fluted  Rock;  Butte,  Navajo  Indian 
Reservation,  10  miles  northwest  of 
Fort  Defiance,  Apache  County,  Ariz. 
(Not  Zilh-Tusayan.) 

Fly;  Creek,  Ts.  43  and  44  N.,  R.  8  E., 
heading  south  of  Peggy  Peak  and 
draining  the  southern  one  of  Twin 
Lakes,  tributary  to  St.  Joe  River, 
Shoshone  County,  Idaho. 

Fly;  see  Horsefly. 

Flye;  Point,  Blue  Hill  Bay,  Hancock 
County,  Me.     (Not  Flye's.) 

Flye  Point;  Ledge,  Blue  Hill  Bay, 
Hancock  County,  Me.  (Not  Flye's 

Flying  Squadron;  Mountain,  northeast 
of  and  next  to  Cadillac  Mountain, 
National  Monument,  Mount  Desert 
Island,  Hancock  County,  Me.  (Not 

Flynns  Knoll;  Shoal,  in  entrance  to 
New  York  Harbor.  (Not  Flynn's 

I'oggy;  Peak  (altitude  about  7,600 
feet)  vdth  glacier  on  eastern  slope, 
northeast  of  Monte  Cristo  Town, 
Snohomish  County,  Wash. 

Foggy;  see  Semidi. 

Fog-leman;  Chute  and  Post  Light,  Mis- 
sissippi River,  Crittenden  County, 
Ark.     (Not  Fogleman's.) 

Foki;  see  Puki. 

*Foldal;  Township  and  Village,  Mar- 
shall County,  Minn.     (Not  Foldahl.) 

Follet;  Follets;  see  Camp. 

Folsom;  Railroad  Station,  Atlantic 
County,  N.  J.  (Not  Germantown 
nor  New  Germany.) 

Folsom;  Railroad  Station,  Mills 
County,  Iowa.  (Not  Henton  nor 
Henton's. ) 

Fond  de  Humacao ;  see  Port  Humacao. 

Fondulac;  Township,  Tazewell  County, 
III.  (Not  Fond  du  Lac  nor  Fronte- 

Fonseca;  Bay,  on  Pacific  coast  of  Cen- 
tral America,  in  Honduras,  Nicara- 
gua, and  Salvador.  (Not  Concha- 

Fontana;  Creek,  12^  miles  east  of 
Roosevelt  Dam,  Gila  County,  Ariz. 

♦Foochow;  treaty  Port,  Taiwan  Strait. 
China.     (Not  Fuchau.) 

Food;  see  Agamgik. 

Fo-kien;  see  Fukien. 

Foosee;  Fooseeyama;  see  Fuji. 

Foot;  Creek,  Brown  County,  S.  Dak. 
(Not  Foote.) 

Forage;  Mountain  (altitude  5,550 
feet),  sec.  36,  T.  44  N.,  R.  5  E.,  and 
sec.  31,  T.  44  N.,  R.  6  E.,  Shoshone 
County,  Idaho. 

Forbes;  Bay,  Pasquotank  River,  Pas- 
quotank County,  N.  C.  (Not 
Forbes's. ) 

Ford;  Arm,  branch  of  Slocum  Arm, 
indenting  southwestern  shore  of  Chi- 
chagof  Island,  Alaska. 

Ford;  Butte,  2  miles  east  of  Bennett 
Peak,  San  Juan  County,  N.  Mex. 

♦Ford;  Village,  Dinwiddle  County,  Va. 
(Not  Fords  Depot.) 

Ford  Point;  Post  Light,  Mississippi 
River,  Adams  County,  Miss.  (Not 
Ford's  Point.) 

Fo7'ds  Depot;  see  Ford. 

Fords  Ferry;  Post  Light  and  Village, 
Ohio  River,  Crittenden  County,  Ky. 
(Not  Ford's  Ferry.) 

Fords  Store;  see  Winchester. 





Forest;  Lake,  Cheshire  County,  N.  H. 
(Not  Humphrey's  Pond.) 

Forest;  Lake,  Woodbury  Town,  Orange 
County,  N.  Y.  (Not  Slaughter's 

Forest;  Railroad  Station,  New  Castle 
County,  Del.  (Not  Blackbird  nor 
Blackbird  Station.) 

Forest  City;  Precinct,  Sarpy  County, 
Nebr.  (Not  Forest  nor  Forrest 

Forest  City,  iArk. ;  see  Forrest  City. 

Forest  Divide;  Watershed,  between 
Boulder  and  Sulphur  Creeks,  south- 
eastern slope  Mount  Baker,  What- 
com County,  Wash. 

Forest  Hills;  Village,  within  the  city 
limits  of  Boston,  Mass.  (Not  Forest 

Forestport;  Town  and  Village,  Oneida 
County,  N.  Y.     (Not  Forrest  Port.) 

Forestville;  Township  and  Village, 
Fillmore  County,  Minn.  (Not  For- 
restville. ) 

Forestville;  Village,  Chautauqua  Coun- 
ty, N.  Y.     (Not  Forrestville.) 

Forg'e;  River,  Brookhaven  Town,  Suf- 
folk County,  Long  Island,  N.  Y. 
(Not  Mastic.) 

Fork;  Rocks,  off  north  end  of  Pru- 
dence Island,  Narragansett  Bay,  R. 
L     (Not  Fort.) 

Forked  Tongue;  see  Tongue. 

Forks;  see  Cheektowaga. 

Forks  of  Cascade;  see  Mineral. 

Forks  of  Little  Sandy;  see  Little 

Forks  of  Water;  see  Strait  Creek. 

Forley's;  see  Fairlee. 

Formosa;  see  Taiwan. 

♦Forrest  City;  City,  St.  Francis 
County,  Ark.  (Not  Forest  City  nor 

Forrester;  Point,  St.  Johns  River, 
Putnam  County,  Fla.  (Not  Forres- 

Forster;  Mountain,  lat.  48°  12'  N., 
long,  lis**  29'  W.,  Flathead  County, 

Fort;  Islet,  northeasternmost  of  the 
Nichols  Islands,  Alaska. 

Fort;  see  Fork. 

*Fort  Callioun;  Township  and  Village, 
Washington  County,  Nebr.  (Not  Cal- 
houn. ) 

Fort  Dii  Chesne;  see  Fort  Duchesne. 

Fort  Duchesne;  Military  Reservation 
and  Village,  Uintah  County,  Utah. 
(Not  Fort  Du  Chesne.) 

Fort  Hunter;  Village,  Dauphin  County, 
Pa.     (Not  Rockville.) 

Fort  Johnson;  see  Akin. 

Fort  Myer;  Military  Post,  Arlington 
County,  Va.     (Not  Fort  Meyer.) 

Fort  Myers;  Town,  Lee  County,  Fla. 
(Not  Myers.) 

Fort  Monroe;  Elizabeth  City  County, 
Va.  (Not  Fortress  Monroe.)  On 
February  8,  1882,  the  Secretary  of 
War  ordered  that  the  works  at  Old 
Point  Comfort  be  called  Fort  Mon- 
roe, and  not  Fortress  Monroe. 

Fort  Recovery;  Village,  Recovery 
Township,  Mercer  County,  Ohio. 
(Not  Recovery.) 

Fort  Tatas;  see  Banjermasin. 

Fort  Washakie;  see  Washakie. 

Fort  Washington;  Point,  Hudson 
River,  New  York  City,  N.  Y.  (Not 
Jeffrey's  Hook.) 

Fort  Wool;  Hampton  Roads,  Va.  (Not 

Fort  Wrangel;  see  Wrangell. 

Fortescue;  Beach,  Creek,  Landing,  and 
Neck,  Cumberland  County,  N.  J. 
(Not  Fortesque.) 

Fortification;  Bluff,  rising  abruptly 
1,200  feet  from  the  water's  edge, 
midway  between  Tignagvik  Point 
and  entrance  to  Bruin  Bay,  south- 
western coast  Cook  Inlet,  Alaska. 

Fortification;  Mountain,  T.  35  N.,  R. 
108  W.,  Fremont  County,  Wyo. 

For  tuna;  see  Klokachef. 

Forum;  see  Dark. 

Foster;  Gulch,  Carbon  County,  Mont. 

Foster;  Landing  and  Town,  Ohio 
River,  Bracken  County,  Ky.  (Not 

Foster;  see  Taku. 

Fou;  Fou  Point;  see  Foux. 

Foul;  Bay,  midway  between  Main  Bay 
and  entrance  to  Port  Nellie  Juan, 
lat.  60°  34'  20",  eastern  coast  of 
Kenai  Peninsula,  Alaska. 



Foulweather;  Cape,  Lincoln  County, 
Oreg.  Sometimes  confused  with  Ya- 
quina  Head,  a  different  point  6  miles 
distant  to  the  southward. 

Four  Gables;  Peak,  Fresno,  and  Inyo 
Counties,  Calif. 

Four  Mile;  see  Fourmile  ;  Tamarack. 

Four  Peaks;  Mountain  (altitude  7,645 
feet),  summit  of  the  Mazatzal 
Range,  10  miles  west  of  Roosevelt 
Dam,  Gila  and  Maricopa  Counties, 

Fourche  Maline;  Fork  of  Poteau 
River,  Latimer  and  Le  Flore  Coun- 
ties, Okla.  (Not  Fourche  Malene 
nor  Maliu.) 

Fourche  a  Polite;  see  Frenchman. 

Fourmile;  Creek,  emptying  into  Beaver 
Creek,  International  Boundary  (be- 
tween Alaska  and  Canada). 

Fourmile;  Island,  northern  bank  Ca- 
loosahatchee  River,  Lee  County,  Fla. 
(Not  Four  Mile.) 

Fourteen  Mile;  see  Nemote. 

Fourth;  Glacier,  east  of  mouth  of 
Russell  Fiord,  Alaska.  (Not  Beas- 

Fourth  of  July;  Creek,  eastern  shore 
of  Resurrection  Bay,  Kenai  Penin- 
sula, Alaska.     (Not  Godwin  River.) 

Fou9i;  see  Fuji. 

Fonx;  Cape,  northwestern  coast  of 
Haiti.  (Not  Cap  a  Foux,  Fou,  nor 
Fou  Point.) 

Fowl;  Portage,  from  South  Fowl  Lake 
to  Pigeon  River,  Thunder  Bay  Dis- 
trict, Ontario,  International  Boun- 
dary (between  Minnesota  and  On- 

Fowler;  Lake,  about  li  miles  south- 
west of  Kelso,  Cowlitz  County, 
Wash.     (Not  Fowler's.) 

Fox;  Creek,  Schoharie  County,  N.  Y. 
(Not  Foxe's.) 

Fox;  Peak,  on  line  between  Granite 
and  Ravalli  Counties,  Mont. 

Fox,  Alaska;  see  Marble;  Renard. 

Fox,  111.;  see  Pishtaka. 

Fox;  see  Busby. 

Fox  Hole;  Creek,  Talbot  County,  Md. 
(Not  Fox's  Hole.) 

Fraile;  see  Point  Fraile. 

Frances ville;  Town,  Pulaski  County, 
Ind.     (Not  Franesville.) 

Francis;  Island,  lying  in  passage  be- 
tween eastern  extremity  of  Wolfe 
and  western  extremity  of  Grindstone 
Islands,  St.  Lawrence  River,  On- 
tario, Canada.     (Not  Hickory.) 

Franciscan;  Creek,  flowing  northeast- 
erly across  SE.  i  T.  26  S.,  R.  17  E., 
Kern  County,  Calif. 

Frank;  Landing  and  Post  Light,  Ohio 
River,  Perry  County,'  Ind.  (Not 
Frank's. ) 

Frank;  Ledge,  New  London  Harbor, 
Conn.      (Not   Frank's.) 

Frank;   see   Profile. 

Frank  Miles;  see  Lower  Stillwater. 

Frankfort;  Township  and  Village, 
Will  County,  111.  (Not  Frankfort 

Frankfort;  Village,  Somerset  County, 
N.  J.     (Not  Flagtown.) 

Frankfort;  see  Frankfort  on  the 

Frankfort  on  the  Main;  City,  Hesse- 
Nassau,  Prussia.  (Not  Frankfort- 
on-the-Main,  Frankfurt,  Frankfurt- 
am-Main,  nor  Frankfurt  on  Main.) 

Frankfort  on  the  Oder;  City,  capital 
of  Brandenburg,  Prussia.  (Not 
Frankfort,  Frankf ort-on  -  the  -  Oder, 
Frankfurt,  nor  Frankfurt-an-der- 

Frankf ort-on-tJie-Main;  see  Frankfort 
on  the  Main. 

Frankf ort-on-the- Oder ;  see  Frankfort 
on  the  Oder. 

Frankfurt;  see  Frankfort  on  the  Main ; 
Frankfort  on  the  Oder. 

Frankfurt  on  Main;  Frankfurt-anv- 
Main;  see  Frankfort  on  the  Main. 

Frankfurt-an-der-Oder ;  see  Frankfort 
on  the  Oder. 

Franklin;  Town,  Lee  County,  Iowa. 
(Not  Franklin  Centre.) 

Franklin;  see  Davidson. 

Franklin  Furnace;  Railroad  Station, 
Sussex  County,  N.  J.  (Not  Frank- 

Franklintown;  Borough,  York  County, 
Pa.     (Not  Franklin.) 



J'ranz  Josef  Land;  a  designation  com- 
prehending numerous  islands  and  a 
supposed  mainland  in  the  Arctic 
Ocean,  north  of  Nova  Zembla.  (Not 
Pranz- Josef  Land.) 

Praser;  Precinct,  River,  and  Village, 
Grand  County,  Colo.  (Not  Frazier 
nor  Frazer.) 

Frasier;  see  Fish  Creek. 

Pray  Marcos;  Mountain,  Gila  County, 
Ariz.     (Not  Baker.) 

Prazer;  Valley,  partly  inclosed  in  hills 
south  of  Frazer  Springs  and  lying 
mostly  in  sees.  2  and  3,  T.  30  S.,  R. 
21  E.,  Kern  County,  Calif. 

Tfazier;  Mountain,  Ventura  County, 
Calif.     (Not  Cuddy  Peak.) 

Prazier;  Point,  Winyah  Bay,  George- 
town County,  S.  C.     (Not  Frazier's.) 

Frazier;  Frazier's;  see  Freese. 

Frechas;  see  Flechas. 

Prederic;  Village,  Polk  County,  Wis. 
(Not  Frederick.) 

Frederichstaed ;  Fredenchsted ;  see 

Frederick;  see  Frederic. 

Fredericksted ;  see  Frederiksted. 

Prederika;  Town  and  Township,  Bre- 
mer County,  Iowa.    (Not  Frederica.) 

Prederiksted;  Town,  St.  Croix  Island, 
Virgin  Islands  (Danish  West  In- 
dies). (Not  Frederichstaed,  Fred- 
erichsted,  Fredericksted,  Frederiks- 
sted,  Frederikstaed,  Friederichstsed, 
Friederichstaed,  nor  Friederich- 

Fredonia;  see  Fredonyer. 

Predonyer;  Pass,  Lassen  County, 
northeast  of  Mountain  Meadows 
Valley,  and  about  16  miles  south  of 
west  of  Susanville,  Calif.  (Not  Fre- 

Preds;  Islands,  in  Cobscook  River, 
Trescott  Town,  Washington  County, 
Me.  (Not  Old  Fred's,  Tread,  nor 

Preeman;  Rock,  at  entrance  to  Mud 
Hole  Channel,  near  Great  Wass 
Island,  Washington  County,  Me. 
(Not  Freeman's  ledge  nor  Freeman's 
rock. ) 
Freeman;  see  Strelok. 

Freemans;  see  Buffalo. 
Freemantle;  see  Mount  Freemantle. 

Freemason;  Islands,  Chandeleur 
Sound,  St.  Bernard  Parish,  La. 
(Not  Freemason  Keys.) 

Freeo;  Bayou,  Dallas  and  Ouachita 
Counties,  and  Township,  Ouachita 
County,  Ark.     (Not  Frio.) 

Free  port;  see  West  Seattle. 

Freese;  Island,  Penobscot  Bay,  Me. 
(Not  Frazier,  Frazier's,  nor 
Freese's. ) 

Fremont;  Towm  and  Township,  Steu- 
ben County,  Ind.     (Not  Fremount.) 

Fremont ;  see  Gabilan. 

French;  Creek,  tributary  to  Icicle 
Creek  from  south,  Chelan  County, 
Wash.     (Not  South  Fork  Icicle.) 

French;  Hill,  Peru  Town,  Berkshire 
County,  Mass.     (Not  French's.) 

French;  Point,  Mississippi  River,  Ful- 
ton County,  Ky.     (Not  French's.) 

French;  see  North  Fork  Fish. 

French  Camp;  Village,  Choctaw  Coun- 
ty, ]Mi8s.     (Not  French  Camps.) 

Frenchman;  Creek,  Ste.  Genevieve 
County,  Mo.  (Not  Fourche  a  Polite 
nor  Polite.) 

Frenchman;  Creek,  tributary  to  Re- 
publican River,  Chase,  Hayes,  and 
Hitchcock  Counties,  Nebr.,  and  Phil- 
lips County,  Colo.  (Not  French- 
man's, Frenchmans,  North  Fork, 
Whiteman's,  White  Mans,  nor  White 
Man's. ) 

Frenchton;  Village,  Upshur  County, 
W.  Va.  (Not  Beechtown  nor  French- 
town.  ) 

Fresca  ;  Frescas;  see  Flechas. 

Fresh;  see  Lilly. 

Freya  Castle;  Peak,  Vishnu  quadran- 
gle, Coconino  County,  Ariz. 

Friar;  Head,  Long  Island  Sound,  Suf- 
folk, County,  N  .Y.     (Not  Friar's.) 

Friar;  Point,  Mississippi  River,  Coa- 
homa County,  Miss.  (Not  Friars 

Fridley;  Peak,  T.  5  S.,  R.  6  E.,  Galla- 
tin and  Park  Counties,  Mont. 

Friederichstaed;  Friedichsted ;  see 

Friendly;  see  Tonga. 

Friends;  Landing,  Kanawha  River, 
Kanawha  County,  W.  Va.  (Not 

Frio;  see  Freeo. 



Fritter;  Cove,  about  1^  miles  below 
South  Craig  Point,  eastern  coast 
Zarembo  Island,  Alexander  Archi- 
pelago, Southeastern  Alaska. 

Frog-;  Rock,  Ogden  Passage,  Chichagof 
Island,  Alaska. 

Front;  Hill,  east  of  Mayaguez,  south 
shore  of  Mayaguez  River,  west  coast 
of  P.  R. 

♦Front  Range;  Mountains,  Colorado 
and  Wyoming,  including  on  the  north 
the  Laramie  Range  as  far  as  the 
crossing  of  the  North  Platte  River  in 
Wyoming,  and  on  the  south,  the 
Pikes  Peak  Group.     (Not  Colorado.) 

Front enac;  see  Fondulac. 

Frozen;  Lake,  sec.  2,  T.  3  N.,  R.  74  W., 
draining  north  into  Black  Lake, 
Larimer  County,  Colo. 

Frozen;  see  Cold. 

FruMum;  see  Kit  Carson  Peak. 

Fryingpan;  Cove,  Eas.tern  Neck  Island, 
Kent  County,  Md.  (Not  Boxes  nor 
Frying  Pan.) 

Frying-pan;  Creek,  heading  in  Frying- 
pan  Glacier,  tributary  to  White 
River,  Mount  Rainier  National  Park, 
Pierce  County,  Wash. 

Fryingpan;  Glacier,  discharging  into 
Fryingpan  Creek,  eastern  slope 
Mount  Rainier,  Pierce  County,  Wash. 

Fu  Kok;  Fu  Kiiok;  see  Fukwok. 

Fu  Li;  see  Full. 

Fu  ning;  see  Funing. 

Fu  ning  fu;  see  Funingfu. 

Fu  Quok;  see  Fukwok  . 

Fuca;  see  Juan  de  Fuca. 

Fuchau;  see  Foochow. 

Fudges;  Creek,  Cabell  County,  W.  Va. 
(Not  Fudger.) 

Fudges  Creek;  Village,  Cabell  County, 
W.  Va.     (Not  Fudger.) 

Fligates  Hill;  Village,  Russell  County, 
Va.  (Not  Fugate  Hill  nor  Fugate's 

♦Fuji;  Mountain  (fan).  Island  of 
Honshu,  Japan.  (Not  Foosee,  Foo- 
seeyama,  Fousi,  Fujigama,  Fuji-no- 
yama,  Fujinoyama,  Fuji  San,  Fuji- 
san,  Fujiyama,  Fuji-yama,  Fuji 
Yama,  Fusi,  Fusinoyama,  Fusi 
Yama,  Fusiyama,  nor  Fusi-yama.) 

Fuji  Sa7i;  Fuji-yama;  Fuji  Yam<i;  see, 

Fuka :  see  Nagaura. 

Fukai;  see  Fukaye. 

Fukaye;  Island  (jima)  and  Town, 
Goto  Islands,  western  coast  of 
Kiushu,  Japan.  (Not  Fukai  nor 
Fukue. ) 

Fuki;  see  Puki. 

♦Fukien;  Province,  China.  (Not  Foo- 
kien,  Fuhkien,  Fuh-kien,  nor  Fu- 
kien. ) 

Fukok;  see  Fukwok. 

Fukue;  see  Fukaye. 

Fukwok;  Island,  off  coast  of  Cam- 
bodia, Gulf  of  Siam.  (Not  Co  Dud, 
Co  Tron,  Dud,  Fukok,  Fu  Kok,  Fu 
Kuok,  Fukwok,  Fu-Quok,  Koh  Dud, 
Koh  Kwak,  Koh  Tron,  Phukok,  Phu 
Kwak,  Phuquoc,  nor  Phu  Quoc.) 

Fuli;  City,  Tonkin,  French  Indo- 
China.  (Not  Fu-li,  Fu  li,  Phu-li, 
Phuly,  nor  Phu  Ly.) 

Fulker;  Island  and  Shoal,  Croatan 
Sound,  Dare  County,  N.  C.  (Not 
Fulker's  nor  Fulkner's.) 

Fullen;  Fullen's;  Fullens;  see 

Fuller;  Rock,  Providence  River,  R.  I. 
(Not  Fuller's.) 

Funa;  Light  and  Rock  (se),  lat.  33" 
56'  N.,  long.  130°  52'  E.,  entrance 
to  Shimono  seki  Strait,  Japan.  (Not 
Funaze  nor  Torida^hi.) 

Funeral;  ^Mountains,  part  of  Amargosa 
Range,  Inyo  County,  Calif. 

Funing;  Bay,  coast  of  Fukien  Prov- 
ince, China.     (Not  Fu  ning.) 

Funingfu;  City,  Fukien  Province, 
China.     (Not  Fu  ning  fu.) 

Funyan;  Peninsula,  southern  coast  of 
Chosen  (Korea).  (Not  Hope  Prom- 
ontory. ) 

Fur  Seal;  see  Pribilof. 

Furahusli;  see  Feurabush. 

Furgeson  Lane;  narrow  reach  io 
Ohio  River,  near  St.  Marys,  Pleas- 
ants County,  W.  Va.  (Not  Furge- 
son's  Lane.) 

Furnace;  see  Wonouskopomuc. 

Fusi  Yama;  Fusiyama;  see  Fuji. 

Fu-thien;  Futhuan;  see  Hue. 



Fuyen;  Province  and  Town,  Anam, 
French  Indo-China.  (Not  Fu-yen, 
Phu-Yen,  Phu  Yen,  Phu-yen,  nor 

Fuyen;  see  Xuandai. 

Fu-yen;  see  Fuyen. 

Fyen;  Danish  Island,  Baltic  Sea.  (Not 
Fuhnen,  Funen,  nor  Fyn.) 


Gabe  Rock;  Mountain,  Precinct,  and 
Springrs,  Banner  County,  Nebr.  (Not 
Gabes  Rock  nor  Gate  Rock.) 

Gabilan;  Peak  and  Range,  between 
Monterey  and  San  Benito  Counties, 
and  Creek  in  Monterey  County,  Calif. 
(Not  Fremont  nor  Gavilan.) 

Oablmichig'ami;  Lake,  Lake  County, 
IVIinn.  (Not  Gobbemichigamme,  Gob- 
bemichigomog,  nor  Michigamme. ) 

'Gable;  Creek,. heading  in  Four  Gables 
Peak,  a  south  branch  of  Pine  Creek, 
draining  Round  Valley,  Inyo  County, 

Gabon;  River,  coast  of  French  Kongo, 
Africa.     (Not  Gaboon  nor  Gabun.) 

Oaffney;  City,  Cherokee  County,  S.  C. 
(Not  Gaffney  City.) 

Gahara;  see  Yahara. 

Gai-Dinh-Thanh ;  see  Saigon. 

Gaillard;  Cut,  portion  of  Panama 
Canal  through  the  Continental  Di- 
vide, Isthmus  of  Panama.  (Not 
Culebra. ) 

Gain;  Island,  near  entrance  to  Snug 
Cove,  Gambler  Bay,  Admiralty  Is- 
land, Southeast  Alaska.    (Not  Cain.) 

Gaines;  Township  and  Village,  Gene- 
see County,  Mich.  (Not  Gaines  Sta- 
tion nor  Gaines  Village.) 

Gaines  Landing;  Post  Light,  Missis- 
sippi River,  and  Village,  Chicot 
County,  Ark.  (Not  Gaines's  Land- 

Oaite;  see  Caete. 

Gakona;  River,  tributary  to  Copper 
River  from  the  west,  Alaska.  (Not 
Gako. ) 

Galahad  Point;  Headland,  east  of  Shi- 
numo  Creek,  Coconino  County,  Ariz. 

Galankin;  Island,  and  Group  of  Is- 
lands, Sitka  Harbor,  Alaska.  (Not 
Peschani  nor  Sandy.) 

Galatea;  see  Ozono. 

Galatia;  Township  and  Village,  Saline 
County,  111.     (Not  Gallatia.) 

Galatz;  City,  Roumania.  (Not  Galacz 
nor  Galatch.) 

Galbraith  Springs;  Village,  Hawkins 
County,  Tenn.  (Not  Galbraith's 
Springs. ) 

Galena;  River,  Jo  Daviess  County,  111. 
and  Lafayette  County,  Wis.  (Not 
Febvre,  Fever,  nor  Fevre.) 

Galena  Bay;  Settlement,  head  of  Ga- 
lena Bay,  Prince  William  Sound, 

Galena  Chain;  Lakes,  between  Slate 
and  Table  Mountains,  northeastern 
slope  Mount  Baker,  Whatcom  Coun- 
ty, Wash. 

Gales;  Ledge  and  Point,  near  Salem, 
Mass.     (Not  Gale's.) 

Galesville;  Village,  Anne  Arundel 
County,  Md.  (Not  Galloways  nor 
West  River.) 

G algal ffin;  see  Ugalgan. 

Gallatin;  River,  rising  in  Gallatin 
Lake  in  Gallatin  Range,  Yellowstone 
National  Park,  and  emptying  into 
Missouri  River,  Gallatin  County, 
Mont.     (Not  West  Gallatin.) 

♦Galle;  Harbor  and  Town,  Ceylon,  In. 
dian  Ocean.  (Not  Pinto  Gallo, 
Point  de  Galle,  Pointe  de  Galle,  nor 
Punto   Gallo.) 

Galliher;  Point  and  Post  Light,  Skagit 
Bay.  Skagit  County,  Wash.  (Not 

GalUvans;  see  Ponce  de  Leon. 

♦Galloo;  Islands  and  Lighthouse,  east 
end  of  Lake  Ontario,  Jefferson  Coun- 
ty, N.  Y.     (Not  Galloup.) 

Gallopp;  Creek,  tributary  to  Nooksack 
River,   Whatcom   County,   Wash. 

Galloways;  see  Galesville. 

Galltotcn;  see  Vanderpool. 

Gallups;  Island,  Boston  Harbor,  Suf- 
folk County,  Mass.  (Not  Galop,  Gal- 
lops, Gallup,  nor  Gallup's.) 

Galop;  Island,  St.  Lawrence  River,  St. 
Lawrence  County.  N.  Y.  (Not  Gal- 
lop, Galloup,  Galoup,  He  aux  Galop?, 
Isle  au  Gallop,  nor  Isle  au  Galop.) 

Qambir;  Bay  and  Island,  eastern  coast 
of  Anam,  French  Indo-China.  (Not 



Gambroon;  see  Bandarabbas. 

Game;  Pass,  sec.  26,  T.  4  N.,  R.  73  W., 
on  western  slope  Twin  Sisters  Moun- 
tains, Larimer  County,  Colo. 

Gamof;  Cape,  western  side  of  Peter 
the  Great  Bay,  Siberia.  (Not  Gamov, 
Gamova,  nor  Gamovski.) 

Ganarg-ua;  Creek,  Wayne  County,  N. 
Y.  (Not  Ganargwa,  Gnargwa,  nor 

Ganchi;  Islet  (somu),  lat.  34°  25'  N., 
long.  127°  54'  E.,  southern  coast  of 
Chosen   (Korea).     (Not  Bed  well.) 

Oan  gu  tza;  see  Sukhodol. 

Gannet;  Rocks,  Centerville  Harbor, 
south  shore  of  Cape  Cod,  Mass. 
(Not  Garnet  or  Gurnet.) 

Gannett;  Hills,  limited  by  Stump,  Ty- 
gee,  Sage,  Crow,  and  Preuss  Creeks 
and  Star  Valley,  Caribou  County,^ 
Idaho,  and  Lincoln  County,  Wyo. 

Gannett;  Peak,  highest  peak  on  Mount 
Massive,  Lake  County,  Colo. 

Gann valley;  Village,  Buffalo  County, 
S.   Dak.      (Not   Gann   Valley.) 

Gans;  Town  and  Township,  Sequoyah 
County,  Okla.     (Not  Gann.) 

Oarler;  see  Jarre. 

Garces;  Mesas,  Coconino  County,  Ariz. 

Garces  Terrace;  Spur  of  lower  altitude 
extending  west  from  Powell  Plateau, 
Coconino  County,  Ariz. 

Oardafui;  see  Guardaful. 

Garden;  Creek,  Grand  Canyon  of  the 
Colorado,  Coconino  County,  Ariz. 

Garden;  Island,  sees.  22,  23,  25,  26, 
and  27,  T.  166  N.,  R.  33  W.,  Lake  of 
the  Woods,  Minn.     (Not  Cornfield.) 

♦Garden  City;  Finney  County,  Kans. 
(Not  Garden.) 

Garden  Plain;  City,  Sedgwick  Coun- 
ty, Kans.     (Not  Gardenplaln.) 

Gardenas;  see  Gardners.) 

Gardiners;  Bay,  Island,  and  Point, 
east  end  of  Long  Island,  Suffolk 
County,  N.  Y.     (Not  Gardner's.) 

Gardiner's;  see  Gardner. 

Gardner;  Lake,  East  Machias,  Marion, 
and  Whiting  Towns,  Washington 
County,  Me.  (Not  Gardiner's,  Gard- 
ners, nor  Gardner's.) 

Gareloi;  Island,  middle  Aleutians, 
Alaska.     (Not  Burnt  nor  Gorely.) 

Garey;  see  Carey. 

Garfield;  Lake,  Monterey  Town,  Berk- 
shire County,  Mass.     (Not  Brewer.) 

Garfield;  see  Guilford. 

Gariep;  see  Vaal. 

Garnet;  Canyon,  opening  into  Granite 
Gorge,  2  miles  west  of  Evolution 
Amphitheater,  Coconino  County, 

Garnet;  Range,  between  Blackfoot  and 
Clark  Fork  Rivers,  in  Granite,  Mis- 
soula, and  Powell  Counties,  Mont. 
(Not  Blackfoot  nor  Drummond.) 

Garnet;  Ridge,  long.  109°  45',  Apache 
County,  Ariz.,  and  San  Juan  Coun- 
ty,  Utah. 

Garnet;  see  Gannet. 

Garoga;  Hamlet,  Ephratah  Town,  Ful- 
ton County,  N.  Y.  (Not  Garoga 
Hamlet. ) 

Garoga;  see  Caroga. 

Garrett;  Hill,  Middletown  Township, 
Monmouth  County,  N.  J.  (Not  Gar- 
ret nor  Garrett's.) 

Garrett;  Island,  at  mouth  of  Susque- 
hanna River,  Cecil  County,  Md. 
(Not  Watson.) 

♦Garrison;  Village,  Philipstown  Town, 
Putnam  County,  N.  Y.  (Not  Garri- 
son-on-Hudson,  Garrisons,  Garri- 
son's nor  Garrison's  Landing.) 

Garruck;  see  Barrack. 

Garry;  Creek,  emptying  into  the  Arc- 
tic Ocean  near  Cape  Halkett,  North- 
em  Alaska. 

Garryowen;  Creek,  tributary  to  the 
Inglutalik  River  from  the  east, 
south  of  Little  Bear  Creek,  Alaska. 

Garvanza;  Village,  Los  Angeles  Coun- 
ty, Calif.     (Not  Garvanzo.) 

Garza;  Creek,  flowing  easterly  into 
Kettleman  Plain,  crossing  boundary 
between  Fresno  and  Kings  Coun- 
ties, Calif.     (Not  Las  Garzas.) 

Garzas;  Islets,  11  miles  eastward  of 
Point  Puerto  Neuvo,  P.  R. 

Gashkevich;  see  Chosan. 

Gassaway;  Gassanvays;  see  Van  De- 

Gata;  Islets,  off  Point  Carenero,  P.  R. 
(Not  Gatas.) 

Galas;  see  Gata. 

Gate;  see  Toll  Gate. 



Gate  of  Canso;  Passage,  arm  of  Great 
Harbor,  between  Devils  Foot  Island 
and  Long  Neck,  Woods  Hole,  Barn- 
stable  County,   Mass. 

Gate  Rock;  see  Gabe  Rock. 

Gates;  Canyon,  Vaca  Mountains,  So- 
lano County,  Calif. 

Gateway;  Creek,  small  branch  of 
Strawberry  Creek,  Flathead  County, 

Gato;  Creek,  Conejos  and  Rio  Grande 
Counties,  Colo.  (Not  Cat,  Gata,  nor 
Los  Gatos.) 

Gatton;  Creek,  eastern  side  William- 
ette  River,  flowing  from  Ramsey 
Lake,  about  4  miles  from  mouth  of 
river,  Multnomah  County,  Oreg. 
(Not  Gratton.) 

Gaurisankar ;  see  Everest. 

Gavanski;  Group  of  Islands,  Sitka 
Sound,  Alaska.     (Not  Harbor.) 

Gavilan;  see  Gabilan. 

Gawain  Abyss;  Canyon,  opening  on 
the  east  bank  of  Flink  Creek,  Co- 
conino  County,   Ariz. 

Gazan;  Anchorage  (Byochi)  and 
Town,  lat.  3G°  55'  N.,  western  coast 
of  Chosen  (Korea),  Japan.  (Not 
Asan. ) 

Gedney;  Channel,  entrance  to  New- 
York  Lower  Bay,  Monmouth  Coun- 
ty, N.  J.     (Not  Gedney 's.) 

Gees;  Point,  Hudson  River,  West 
Point,  N.  Y.     (Not  Gee's.) 

Geikie;  Peak,  on  Colorado  River,  over- 
looking Granite  Gorge,  Coconino 
County,  Ariz.  (Not  Geike  Monu- 

Gellison;  see  Jellison. 

Gem;  Lake,  small  one  northwest  of 
Snow  Lake,  T.  23  N.,  R.  10  E.,  King 
County,  Wash. 

General;  Creek,  Placer  County,  Calif. 
(Not  Sugar  Pine.) 

Geneva;  Mountain  (altitude  12,325 
feet),  T.  6  S.,  R.  74  W.,  between 
East  and  West  Geneva  Creeks,  Park 
County,  Colo. 
Geneva;  Town,  Boxelder  County,  Utah. 
(Not  Copenhagen  nor  Mantua.) 

Genoa;  Village,  Wayne  County,  W.  Va. 
(Not  Genoah.) 

Gen^  de  Large;  see  Chandalar. 

Gen-san;  see  Gensan. 

Gensan;  Bay  and  treaty  Port,  eastern 
coast  of  Chosen  (Korea).  (Not  Gen- 
san, On  shan  tin.  Won  san,  Won-san, 
Won-sau,  nor  Won  san  chin.) 

George;  Inlet,  branch  of  Carroll  Inlet, 
southern  shore  Revillagigedo  Island, 
Alexander  Archipelago,  Southeast- 
ern Alaska. 

George;  Peak,  1^  miles  north  Chitina 
Glacier,  Alaska,  near  the  Interna- 
tional Boundary  (between  Alaska 
and  Yukon). 

*  George;  River,  first  large  tributary 
to  Kuskokwim  River  from  the  north, 
entering  about  30  miles  west  of  the 
Holitna,  about  lat.  61°  55',  long. 
157°  40',  Western  Alaska.  (Not 
Yukwonilnuk. ) 

George;  Lake,  St.  Marys  River,  Chip- 
pewa County,  Mich.,  and  Ontario, 
Canada.     (Not  St.  George.) 

George;  see  St.  George. 

George,  Pa. ;  see  Georges. 

George  Toim;  see  Georgetown. 

Georges;  Bank,  east-southeast  of  Cape 
Cod,  Atlantic  Ocean,  and  shoal  in 
same,  lat.  41°  40'  N.,  long.  67°  45'. 
(Not  St.  George's.) 

Georges;  Creek,  tributary  to  the  Po- 
tomac River,  Allegany  County,  Md. 
(Not  George's.) 

Georges;  Island,  Boston  Bay,  Suffolk 
County,  Mass.  (Not  George  nor  St. 
Georges. ) 

Georges;  Islands,  Muscongu-=;  Bay, 
Knox  County,  Me.  (Not  George's 
nor  St.  George's.) 

Georges;  Rock,  east  of  Sheffield  Is- 
land, Long  Island  Sound,  Fairfield 
County,  Conn.     (Not  George's.) 

♦Georges;  Township,  Fayette  County, 
Pa.     (Not  George.) 

Georgetown;  Township  and  Village, 
Clay  County,  Minn.  (Not  George 

Georgetown,  N.  Y. ;  see  Taborton. 

Georgetoivn,  Pa.;  see  Dalmatia. 

Georgia;  Strait,  between  Vancouver 
Island,  British  Columbia,  and  the 
mainland,  Whatcom  County,  Wash. 
(Not  Gulf  of  Georgia.) 

Gcrhosnjak;  see  Hrbosnkak. 



Gerle;  Creek  and  Settlement,  Eldorado 
County,  Calif.     (Not  Gurley.) 

German;  Township,  Harrison  County, 
Ohio.     (Not  Germano.) 

Ger7na7iia;  see  Cologne. 

Germano;  Village,  German  Township, 
Harrison  County,  Ohio.  (Not  Ger- 
man, Jefferson,  nor  New  Jefferson.) 

Germantoion;  see  Folsom. 

Geronimo  Head;  Profile  on  mountain 
south  of  Tortilla  Flat  Station,  Mari- 
copa County,  Ariz. 

*Geuda  Spring's;  City,  Cowley  and 
Sumner  Counties,  Kans.  (Not  East 
Geuda  Springs  nor  Geuda.) 

GJiarrantuel;  see  Carrantuchill. 

Ghats;  two  mountain  chains  in  India. 
(Not  Ghauts.) 

Ohijensk;  Ghishiga;  see  Gijiginsk. 

Gibhons;  Gibbons  Glade;  see  Little 

Gibbs;  Point,  North  Landing  River, 
Princess  Anne  County,  Va.  (Not 

Gibraltar;  Rock,  massive  and  square 
cut,  on  southeastern  side  Mount  Rai- 
nier, Pierce  County,  Wash. 

Gibraltar;  ^¥©w»;^nion  County,  N.  0. 
(Not  Gibralter.)WMa^^it^ 

Gibraltar;  Village,  Skagit  County, 
Wash.     (Not  Gibralter.) 

Gibraltar;  Village,  Wayne  County, 
Mich.     (Not  Gibralter.) 

Gibson;  Landing,  Mississippi  River, 
Concordia  Parish,  La.  (Not  Gib- 
son's. ) 

Gibson  City;  Railroad  Station,  Ford 
County,  111.     (Not  Gibson.) 

Gichiginsk;  see  Gijiginsk. 

Giesboro;  Point,  Potomac  River,  D.  C. 
(Not  Giesborough.) 

Gig;  see  Weskeag. 

Gijiginsk;  Bay,  northeastern  part  of 
Sea  of  Okhotsk,  eastern  coast  of  Si- 
beria. (Not  Ghijinsk,  Ghishiga, 
Gichiginsk,  Gijiginskaya,  nor  Gis- 

Gijiginskaya;  see  Gijiginsk. 

Gila  Monster;  Figure  on  end  of  butte 
about  33i  miles  from  Mesa,  Mari- 
copa County,  Ariz. 

Gilbert;  Chute,  Island,  and  Landing, 
Mississippi  River,  Marion  County, 
Mo.     (Not  Gilbert's.) 

Gilbert;  Mountain  (altitude  13,232 
feet),  Fresno  and  Inyo  Counties, 

Gilbert;  see  Mount  Gilbert. 

Gilbertsville;  Town,  Blackhawk  Coun- 
ty, Iowa.     (Not  Gilbertville.) 

Gilchrist;  Wharf,  on  the  north  side  of 
entrance  to  Thunder  Bay  River,  Al- 
pena County,  Mich.  (Not  Gil- 

Gildehouse;  Village,  Franklin  County, 
Mo.     (NotGildehaus.) 

Gilette;  see  Gillette. 

Gilford;  Post  Light,  Illinois  River,  Cal- 
houn County,  111.     (Not  Gilford's.) 

Gilkey;  Harbor,  South  Islesboro,  Pe- 
nobscot Bay,  Me.  (Not  Gilkey 's.) 

Gillam;  Town  and  Township,  Jasper 
County,  Ind.     (Not  GilVman.) 

Gillespie;  Creek,  Ohio  County,  W.  Va. 
(Not  Gillaspies,  Glasby,  nor  Glysp- 

Gillett  Grove;  Town  and  Township, 
Clay  County,  Iowa.     (Not  Gillett's.) 

Gillette;  Railroad  Station,  Morris 
County,  N.  J.     (Not  Gilette.) 

Gillford;  Township,  Wabasha  County, 
Minn.     (Not  Guilford.) 

Gilliam;  Landing,  Mississippi  River, 
Jefferson  County,  Miss.  (Not  Gil- 

Gillie;  Creek,  Henrico  County,  Va. 
(Not  Gilliss  nor  Gilleys.) 

Gillmore;  Creek  and  Town,  Wolfe 
County,  Ky.     (Not  Gil-more.) 

Gilmanton;  Town  and  Village,  Buf- 
falo County,  Wis.  (Not  Gilman- 
town.)  ^^..^^^jt/^^f^ 

Gilmore;  ^ttHroatl  SCttLlwi,  Allegany 
County,  Md.  (Not  Midland  Junc- 
tion nor  Tannery.) 

Giltner;  Railroad  Station,  Hamilton 
County,  Nebr.     (Not  Bromfleld.) 

Girin;  see  Kirin. 

Gischiga;  see  Gijiginsk. 

Gishu;  Town,  on  Yalu  River,  Chosen 
(Korea)  Japan.     (Not  Wiju.) 

Gists;  see  Guess. 



Glacier;  Gorge,  draining  north  from 
the  west  side  of  Longs  Peak,  Boulder 
and  Larimer  Counties,  Colo. 

Glacier;  Peak,  on  rim  of  Crater  Lake, 
Oreg.     (Not  Maxwell  nor  Shag.) 

Glacier,  Calif. ;  see  Johnson. 

Glacier;  Colo. ;  see  Mount  Wilson. 

Glacier;  see  Placer. 

Glacier  Brook;  see  Snow. 

Glacier  Island;  Rocks,  between  South 
Tahoma  and  Tahoma  Glaciers, 
Mount  Rainier,  Pierce  County,  Wash. 

Glacier  Mountain;  see  Mount  Wilson. 

Glacier  Wall;  Cliff,  northern  side  Mc- 
Donald Creek,  below  the  bend,  Flat- 
head County,  Mont. 

Glacierpeau;  see  Glazypeau. 

Gladstone;  Village,  Henderson  County, 
111.     (Not  Gladston.) 

Glaize;  see  Grandglaise;  Grandglaize. 

Glashy;  see  Gillespie. 

Glasscock;  Island  and  Towhead,  Mis- 
sisippi  River,  Adams  County,  Miss. 
(Not  Glasscock's.) 

*Glastenbury;  Town,  Bennington 
County,  Vt.     (Not  Glastonbury.) 

Glastonbury;  Town,  Hartford  County, 
Conn.     (Not    Glastenbury.) 

Glaucophane;  Ridge,  separating  Little 
Panoche  and  Panoche  Valleys,  ex- 
tending from  foot  of  main  range  at 
Vasquez  Creek  to  southwest  corner 
Panoche  Hills,  San  Benito  County, 

Glave;  see  Kelsall, 

Glaze;  Township,  Miller  County,  Mo. 
(Not  Auglaise.) 

Glaze;  see  Grandglaise;   Grandglaize. 

Glazier;  see  Elk. 

Glazier  Pole;  Glazierpeau;  see  Glazy- 

*  Glazypeau;  Creek,  a  branch  of  the 
Ouachita,  and  Mountain,  Garland 
County,  Ark.  (Not  Glacierpeau, 
Glazier  Pole,  Glazierpeau,  Glazy 
Pole,  Glazypole,  nor  Glazypool.) 

Glazy  Pole;  Glazypole;  Glazypool;  see 

Glen;   see   Center. 

Glen  Eyrie;  Canyon,  and  Stream  flow- 
ing into  it,  and  Locality,  El  Paso 
County,   Colo.     (Not  Gleneyrie.) 

Glen  Grouse;  City,  Cowley  County, 
Kans.     (Not  Glengrouse.) 

Glen  Osborne;  see  Osborne. 

Glencarlyn;  Railroad  Station,  Arling- 
ton County,  Va.  (Not  Carlin,  Car- 
lin  Spring  Station,  nor  Carlin's.) 

Glendale;  Township  and  Village,  Scott 
County,   Minn.     (Not  Glendule.) 

Glendower;  see  Shandon. 

Glenhaven;  Town  and  Village,  Grant 
County,  Wis.     (Not  Glen  Haven.) 

Glenmont;  Railroad  Station,  Bethle- 
hem Town,  Albany  County,  N.  Y. 
(Not  The  Abbey.) 

Glenn;  Rocks,  Ohio  River,  near  Mar- 
tinsville, Wetzel  County,  W.  Va. 
(Not  Glenn's  Rocks.) 

Glenndale;  Railroad  Station,  Prince 
Georges  County,  Md.  (Not  Glenn 

Glenns;  Run,  Ohio  County,  W.  Va. 
(Not  Glen's.) 

Glenns  Run;  Village,  Ohio  County, 
W.  Va.     (Not  Glens  Run.) 

Glenosborne;  see  Osborne. 

Glenosburn ;  see  Osborne. 

Glenpark;  Railroad  Station,  Lake 
County,    Ind.     (Not  Kelley.) 

Glen  view;  Railroad  Station,  Morris 
County,  N.  J.  (Not  Whitehall  nor 
Whitehall  Station.) 

Glenwood;  Canyon,  Grand  River,  at 
Glenwood  Springs,  Garfield  County, 
Colo.     (Not  Grand  River.) 

Globe;  City,  on  Pinal  Creek,  Gila 
County,   Ariz. 

Glouhokoe;  see  Deep. 

Gloucester;  Harbor,  Essex  County, 
Mass.     (Not  Cape  Ann.) 

Glyspie;  see  Gillespie. 

Gnadenhutten;  Village,  Tuscarawas 
County,  Ohio.     (Not  Gnaden'n.) 

Gnargwa;  see  Ganargua. 

Gnat;  Lake,  sec.  21,  T.  42  N.,  R.  7  E., 
drained  by  Fairy  Creek,  Shoshone 
County,  Idaho. 

Gnesen;  Township,  St.  Louis  County, 
Minn.     (Not  Guesen.) 

Goat;  Creek,  draining  Goat  Lake,  west 
of  Mount  Wow,  and  tributary  to  Nis- 
qually  River,  Mount  Ranier  National 
Park,   Pierce  County,   Wash. 



Goat;  Island,  western  end  Sukkwan 
Strait,  between  North  and  South 
Passes,  near  lat.  55°  12';  long.  132° 
55',  Alexander  Archipelago,  South- 
eastern Alaska.  (Not  Goats  nor 

Goat;  Island  in  San  Francisco  Bay, 
Calif.     (Not  Yerba  Buena.) 

Goat;  Lake,  in  saddle  west  of  Mount 
Wow,  Mount  Ranier  National  Park, 
Pierce  County,  Wash. 

Goat;  Mountain,  southern  part  T.  37 
N.,  R.  25  E.,  Okanogan  County, 
Wash.     (Not  Old  Baldy.) 

Goat;  Peak  (altitude  6,762  feet),  sec. 
25,  T.  43  N.,  R.  6  E.,  and  sec.  25,  T. 
43  N.,  R.  7  E.,  Shoshone  County, 
Idaho.     (Not  Snow.) 

Goat;  see  Street. 

Gohhemichigamme ;  Gohhemichigortiog ; 
see  Gabimichigami. 

Gobi;  Desert,  Central  Asia.  (Not  Cobi, 
Shaho,  nor  Shamo.) 

Goblin;  see  Hoodoo. 

Gocha;  Channel  and  Island  Group, 
lat.  34°  15'  N.,  long.  125°  56'  E., 
southwestern  coast  of  Chosen  (Ko- 
rea).    (Not  Sylvia.) 

Godavari;  River,  in  Southern  India. 
(Not  Godavery.) 

Goddard;  Creek,  Ts.  31  and  32  N.,  Rs. 
6  and  7  E.,  tributary  to  Selway 
River  from  southwest,  Idaho  Coun- 
ty, Idaho.  (Not  Big  Cedar  nor 
Lower  Cedar.) 

Chddard's;  see  Lubberland. 

Godrika;  see  Kodrika. 

Godwin;  Glacier,  Resurrection  Bay, 
Kenai  Peninsula,  Alaska. 

Godwin;  see  Fourth  of  July. 

Goff;  eastern  point  of  entrance  to  Na- 
peague  Harbor,  Long  Island,  Suffolk 
County,  N.  Y.     (Not  Goffs.) 

Ooffe;  see  Hicks. 

Going  Snake;  Village,  Adair  County, 
Okla.    ( Not  Goingsnake. ) 

Gold;  Flat,  west  of  Quartzite  Moun- 
tain, Nye  County,  Nev. 

Gold  and  Gralligan;  Lagoon,  between 
Barnes  and  Sweet  Lakes,  northeast- 
ern part  of  Prince  of  Wales  Island, 
Southeastern  Alaska. 

Gold  Hill;  Railroad  Station,  Lee 
County,  Ala.  (Not  Gold  Mine,  Gold 
Ridge,  nor  Goldhill.) 

Gold  Mine;  see  Gold  Hill. 

Gold  Queen;  Basin  and  Gulch,  south- 
east Aba  jo  Peak,  draining  to  South 
Creek,  San  Juan  County,  Utah. 

Gold  Ridge;  see  Gold  Hill. 

Gold  Spring;  see  Cold  Spring. 

Golden;  see  Goulding. 

Golden  Trout;  Creek,  branch  of  Kern 
River,  Calif.  (Not  Volcano  nor 

Goldfield;  see  Orohai. 

Golding;  Post  Light,  Mississippi 
River,  near  Bellevue,  Jackson  Coun- 
ty, Iowa.     (Not  Golding's.) 

Goldman;  Town,  Tensas  Parish,  La. 
(Not  Goldman's.) 

Goldsboro;  Two  Creeks  and  a  Spring, 
Talbot  County,  Md.  (Not  Golds- 

Goleta;  Point,  southwest  of  Goleta, 
Santa  Barbara  County,  Calif.  (Not 

Golofnin;  Bay  and  Sound,  off  Norton 
Sound,  Alaska.  (Not  Golofnine  nor 

Golts;  Railroad  Station,  Kent  County, 
Md.      (Not  Golt) 

Gomhrun;  see  Bandarabbas. 

Gompertz;  Channel,  between  East 
Foreland  and  North  Foreland,  Cook 
Inlet,  Alaska. 

Gontiel;  Rapids,  third  series  of  rapids 
in  Salt  River  about  58  miles  from 
Mesa,  Maricopa  County,  Ariz. 

Good;  Creek,  extending  from  Elk 
Mountain  to  its  junction  with  Logan 
Creek,  in  T.  31  N.,  R.  23  W.,  Flat- 
head County,  Mont. 

Good  Beer;  see  Beer. 

Good  Intent;  Town,  Atchison  County, 
Kans.    (Not  Goodintent.) 

Goodbys;  Creek,  Duval  County,  Fla. 
(Not  Goodbys  Lake,  Goodsby's,  nor 
Mosby. ) 

Goode;  see  Bonanza. 

Goodnow;  Mountain,  Pond,  and  River, 
Essex  County,  N.  Y.  (Not  Goode- 
now  nor  Goodwin.) 



Goodrich;  Pond,  near  Pittsfield,  Berk- 
shire County,  Mass.     (Not  Sylvan.) 

Goodrich;  Post  Light,  Mississippi 
River,  East  Carroll  Parish,  La. 
(Not  Goodrich's.) 

Goodridge;  Rocks,  San  Juan  River,  25 
miles  below  Bluff,  San  Juan  County, 

Goodwill;  Village,  Cumberland  Coun- 
ty, Tenn.     (Not  Johnson  Stand.) 

Goodwin;  Mountain  (altitude  7,250 
feet),  T.  3  N.,  R.  5  W.,  south  of 
Pony  Creek  and  northeast  Lower 
Whitetail  Park,  Jefferson  County, 

Goose;  Point,  Chincoteague  Bay,  Wor- 
cester County,  Md.     (Not  Clam.) 

Goose;  Pond,  Berkshire  County,  Mass. 
(Not  Lake  May.) 

Goose;  see  Cranberry. 

Goose  Pond;  Brook,  Berkshire  County, 
Mass.  (Not  Chanter's  nor  Chau- 

Gooseberry  Island;  Ledge,  entrance  to 
Burnt  Coat  Harbor,  Penobscot  Bay, 
Me.     (Not  The  Bull.) 

Gooselake;  Village,  Clinton  County, 
Iowa.     (Not  Goose  Town.) 

Gooski;  Lake  and  Prairie,  Marion 
County,  Fla.  (Not  Gooskee,  Goos- 
kie,   nor  Goosky.) 

Goosmus;  Creek,  Ferry  County,  Wash. 
(Not  Goos  nor  Koosmus.) 

Gorda;  see  Point  Gorda. 

Gorder;  Lake,  Scott  Township,  Ste- 
vens County,  Minn.     (Not  Frog.) 

Gordon;  Ferry,  Landing,  and  Post 
Light,  Mississippi  River,  Jackson 
County,  Iowa.     (Not  Gordon's.) 

Gordon;  see  Gun;   Loon;   Wahkeena. 

Gorcly;  see  Gareloi. 

Goreville;  Town  and  Township,  John- 
son County,  111.     (Not  Goresville.) 

Gorge;  Lake,  T.  36  N.,  R.  108  W.,  Fre- 
mont County,  Wyo. 

Gorham;  Mountain,  Mount  Desert  Is- 
land, Hancock  County,  Me. 

Gori;  Point,  southern  shore  of  Rasp- 
berry Island,  Alaska.  (Not  Moun- 

Goshen;  Town,  Rockbridge  County, 
Va.     (Not  Goshen  Bridge.) 

Goshkevicha;  see  Chosan. 

^Goteborg;  City,  in  southern  Sweden. 
(Not  Goteborg,  Gothenburg,  Gotten- 
borg,   Gottenburg,  nor  Gottenburg.) 

Gothard;  see  St.  Gotthard. 

Gothenburg,  Gottenborg ;  Gottenburg; 
see  Goteborg. 

Gothic;  Mesa,  Province,  and  Wash, 
Apache  County,  Ariz.,  and  San  Juan 
County,  Utah. 

Gothic  Wash;  see  Walker  Creek. 

*Goulding;  Creek,  to  the  west  of 
Halfbreed  Creek,  Musselshell  Coun- 
ty, Mont.     (Not  Goulden.) 

Government;  Well,  on  Apache  Trail 
about  1*  miles  beyond  Superstition 
Mountains,   Maricopa   County,   Ariz. 

Government;  Island,  east  of  La  Salle 
Island,  Mackinac  County,  Mich. 
(Not  He  William  nor  He  Williams.) 

Government;  see  Lapham. 

Governors;  Island,  New  York  Harbor. 
(Not  Governor's.) 

Governors;  Island,  Winnepesaukee 
Lake,  Belknap  County,  N.  H.  (Not 
Davis,  Governor's  nor  Govr.) 

Governor's;  Govr.;  see  Governors. 

Grace  Harbor;  Bay,  on  west  side  of 
Tlevak  Strait  near  its  junction  with 
Kaigani  Strait,  Alaska. 

Gracias  a  Dios;  Cape,  easternmost 
point  of  Nicaragua,  Central  Amer- 
ica. (Not  Gracias  nor  Gracias-a- 

Gradual;  Point,  northern  side  Passage 
Canal,  about  1  mile  west  of  PoeBay, 
northwestern  part  Prince  William 
Sound,  Alaska. 

Graetz;  see  Gratz. 

Grafton;  see  Grayton. 

Grafts;  see  Crafts. 

Graham;  Mountain  (altitude  5,717 
feet),  T.  49  N..  Rs.  2  and  3  E.,  Sho- 
shone County,  Idaho. 

Graham  Land;  see  Palmer  Land. 

Grama;  Point,  Grand  Canyon  of  the 
Colorado,  Coconino  County,  Ariz. 

Grampian  Hills;  Mountain  range  in 
central  Scotland.    (Not  Grampians.) 

Grand;  Lake,  Aroostook  County,  Me. 
(Not  Schoodic.) 

Grand;  Park,  on  table-land  between 
West  Fork  of  White  River  and 
Huckleberry  Creek,  Mount  Rainier 
National  Park,  Pierce  County,  Wash. 



Grand;  Portage,  between  Pigeon  River 
and  Grand  Portage  Bay,  Cook 
County,  Minn.,  near  International 
Boundary  (between  Minnesota  and 

Orand;  see  Neosho. 

Grand  Anglais;  Grand  Anglaise;  Grand 
Auglaize;  see  Grandglaize. 

Grand  Canyon;  Canyon  of  the  Colo- 
rado River,  Coconino  County,  Ariz. 

Grand  Gosier;  see  Errol. 

Grand  ManitouUn;  see  Manitoulin. 

Grand  Neuf ;  see  Long. 

Grand  Pacific;  Glacier,  reaching  Reid 
Inlet  from  the  north,  Glacier  Bay, 
Alaska.     (Not  Johns  Hopkins.) 

Grand  Portage;  Bay,  northern  shore 
Lake  Superior,  near  International 
Boundary  (between  Minnesota  and 

Grand  Reservoir;  see  Lake  St.  Marys. 

Grand  River;  see  Glen  wood. 

Grand  Ronde;  see  Grande  Ronde. 

Grande  Pointe  uu  SaNe;  see  Big  Sable. 

Grande  Ronde;  Village,  Yamhill  Coun- 
ty, Oreg.     (Not  Grand  Ronde.) 

♦Grandglaise;  Village,  Jackson  Coun- 
ty, Ark.  (Not  Glaize,  Glaze,  nor 
Grand  Glaize.) 

Grandglaize;  Creek,  Miller  and  Cam- 
den Counties,  Mo.  (Not  Auglaize, 
Dry  Glaize,  Glaize,  Glaze,  Grand 
Anglais,  Grand  Anglaise,  Grand  An- 
glais, Grand  Auglaize,  nor  Wet 

Grandview;  Town  and  Township, 
Louisa  County,  Iowa.  (Not  Grand 

Grandview;  Town  and  Township, 
Washington  County,  Ohio.  (Not 
Grand  View.) 

Grandview;  Township  and  Village,  Ed- 
gar County,  111.     (Not  Grand  View.) 
Grandview;  Village,   Spencer  County, 

Ind.     (Not  Grand  View.) 
Grange;  Village,  Fleming  CJounty,  Ky. 

(Not  Grange  City.) 
Granite;  Cape,  southern  end  Granite 

Island,  Kenai  Peninsula,  Alaska. 
Granite;  Cove,  western  side  Columbia 
Bay,  Prince  William  Sound,  Alaska. 
Granite;  Creek,  branch  of  Hoback 
River  from  the  north,  Lincoln 
County,  Wyo.     (Not  Scholing.) 

Granite;  Gorge,  Grand  Canyon  of  the 
Colorado,  Coconino  County,  Ariz. 

Granite;  Group  of  Hills,  Teller  County, 
Colo.     (Not  Catamount  Hills.) 

Granite;  Island,  entrance  to  Harris 
Bay,  Kenai  Peninsula,  Alaska. 

Granite;  Lake,  between  Pine  and 
Round  Lakes,  Thunder  Bay  District, 
Ontario,  International  Boundary  (be- 
tween Minnesota  and  Ontario.) 

Granite;  Mountain,  San  Bernardino 
County,  Calif.     (Not  Pilot  Knob.) 

Granite;  see  Wallowa,  West  Fork. 

Granite;  Pass,  between  Mount  Lady 
Washington  and  Battle  Mountain, 
Larimer  County,  Colo. 

Granite;  Point,  forming  upper  end  of 
Trading  Bay  and  southwest  corner 
of  Moquawkie  Indian  Reservation, 
west  side  Cook  Inlet,  Alaska. 

Granite;  see  Orogrande. 

Granite  Basin;  Lake,  on  Revillagi- 
gedo  Island,  about  If  miles  north- 
east by  east  of  Ketchikan  Village, 
Southeastern  Alaska. 

Granite  Gorge;  Canyon,  Coconino 
County,  Ariz. 

Granite  Park;  Cirque  and  Hanging 
Valley,  Inyo  County,  Calif. 

Granny  Run;  Post  Light,  Ohio  River, 
Meigs  County,  Ohio.  (Not  Granny's 

Grant;  Lake,  east  of  Trail  Lakes,  Ke- 
nai Peninsula,  Alaska. 

Grant;  Peak  (altitude  10,750  feet),  the 
summit  of  Mount  Baker,  forming 
north  rim  of  Summit  Crater,  What- 
com County,  Wash. 

Grant;  see  Culross. 

Grant    Farm;    Island,    Indian    River, 
near   Micco,    Brevard    County,    Fla. 
(Not  Grant's  Farm.) 
Grants  Pass;  City,  Josephine  County, 

Oreg.     (Not  Grant's  Pass.) 
Grantsville;  City  and  Precinct,  Tooele 
County,  Utah.     (Not  GrantvlUe  nor 
Grantsville  City.) 
Grapevine;   Creek,   Grand   Canyon  of 
the  Colorado,  Coconino  County,  Ariz. 
Grapevine;  Mountains,  part  of  Amar- 
gosa  Range,  north  of  Boundary  Can- 
yon, Inyo  County,  Calif. 



Grapevine  Canyon;  Pass,  Amargosa 
Range,  Esmeralda  and  Nye  Counties, 
Nev.     (Not  Bethune  Pass.) 

Grass;  Creek,  Ts.  64  and  65  N.,  Rs.  3 
and  4  W.,  tributary  to  Boundary 
Creek  near  the  International  Bound- 
ary, Boundary  County,  Idaho.  (Not 
Meadow. ) 

Grass;  River,  St.  Lawrence  County,  N. 
Y.  (Not  De  Grasse,  Grasse,  nor  La 
Grasse. ) 

Grasshopper  ;  see  Delaware. 

Grassy;  Point,  St.  Johns  River,  South 
Jacksonville,  Duval  County,  Fla. 
(Not  Heddrick  nor  Hendricks.) 

Grassy;  see  Hendricks. 

Grassy  Glade;  Pasture,  Lane  County, 

Gratton;  see  Gatton. 

Gratz;  City,  Capital  of  Styria,  Aus- 
tria.    (Not  Graetz  nor  Graz.) 

Grave;  see  Grove. 

Gravelly;  Island,  east  of  Boot  Island, 
Mackinac  County,  Mich.  (Not  He 
aux  Cochons.) 

Gravelly;  Range  of  Mountains,  lying 
north  of  Centennial  Valley  just  east 
of  Ruby  River,  south  of  Virginia 
City,  and  west  of  Madison  Valley, 
Madison  National  Forest,  Madison 
County,  Mont. 

Gravelly;  see  Lookout. 

Graves;  Graves  Ledge;  see  The  Graves. 

Gravette;  Railroad  Station,  Benton 
County,  Ark.     (Not  Gravett.) 

Graveyard;  Point,  northern  shore  Port 
Fidalgo,  Prince  William  Sound, 

Graveyard;  see  Dorsey's;   Kingsland. 

Gravina  Rocks;  Rocky  Islets,  Port 
Gravina,  Prince  William  Sound, 

Gray;  Cliff,  on  the  east  side  at  the 
entrance  to  Seldovia  Harbor,  about 
1  mile  southward  of  Seldovia  Point, 

Gray;  Creek,  emptying  into  Anan  La- 
goon, south  shore  Bradfield  Canal, 
head  of  Ernest  Sound,  Southeastern 

Gray;  Peak  in  Yosemite  National 
Park,  Calif.     (Not  Hayes.) 

Gray;  Rock,  awash  at  high  tide,  Khaz 
Bay,  Chichagof  Island,  Alaska. 

Gi^ay  Bull;  see  Greybull. 

Graymont;  Village  in  Erie  County,  N. 
Y.     (Not  Ebenezer  Station.) 

Grayrock;  Peak,  San  Juan  County, 

Grays;  Island  in  marsh  near  Elliott, 
Dorchester  County,  Md,  (Not 

Grays;  Lake,  Caribou  and  Bonne- 
ville Counties,  Idaho.  (Not  Gray's, 
John  Day,  John  Days,  John  Gray, 
John  Gray's,  nor  John  Grays.) 

Grays;  Peak  (altitude  5,010  feet),  sec. 
18,  T.  46  N.,  R.  7  E.,  between  Tur- 
key and  Ward  Creeks.  Shoshone 
County,  Idaho. 

Grays;  Post  Light,  Mississippi  River, 
Scott  County,  Mo.  (Not  Gray's  nor 

Grays;  Reef,  north  end  of  Lake  Michi- 
gan, Mich.     (Not  Gray's.) 

Grays;  see  Greys. 

Gray's;  see  Grays. 

Grayshurg;  see  Milburnton. 

Gray  sill;  Mountain,  San  Juan  County, 

Gray  ton;  Town,  Charles  County,  Md. 
(Not  Grafton.) 

Graz;  see  Gratz. 

Greasewood;  Spring,  Apache  County, 
Ariz.     (Not  Dewogibito.) 

Great;  Brook,  Lovell  and  Stoneham 
Towns,  Oxford  County,  Me.  (Not 

Great;  Point,  Nantucket  Island,  Mass. 
(Not  Sandy.) 

Great,  Me. ;  see  Alamoosook ;  Sebasco- 

Great,  Mass.;  see  Winthrop. 

Great  Back  Bone;  see  Backbone. 

Great  Bend;  City,  Barton  County, 
Kans.     (Not  Greatbend.) 

Great  Cacapon;  Great  Capon;  see  Ca- 

Great  Captain;  Island,  Long  Island 
Sound,  Fairfield  County,  Conn.  (Not 
Great  Captain's.) 

Great  Captain's  Island;  see  Captain. 



Great  Chazy;  River,  draining  Chazy 
Lake  to  Lake  Cliamplain,  Clinton 
County,  N.  Y.  (Not  Big  Chazy, 
Champlain,  nor  Chazy.) 

Great  Desert;  see  Sahara. 

Great  Diamond;  Island,  Portland  Har- 
bor, Me.     (Not  Great  Hog.) 

Great  Dome;  see  Balloon  Dome. 

*Great  Egg-;  Bay,  Atlantic  County, 
N.  J.     (Not  Great  Egg  Harbor.) 

♦Great  Egg;  Inlet,  between  Atlantic 
and  Cape  May  Counties,  N.  J.  (Not 
Egg  Harbor  nor  Great  Egg  Harbor. ) 

♦Great  Egg;  River,  Camden  and  Glou- 
cester Counties,  flowing  southeast- 
erly through  Atlantic  County,  and 
entering  Great  Egg  Bay,  N.  J.  (Not 
Great  Egg  Harbor,  Innskeeps,  Ins- 
keeps,  nor  Inskeep's.) 

Great  Hog  Neck;  Southold  Town,  Suf- 
folk County,  N.  Y. 

Great  Hogback;  see  Toxaway. 

Great  Kanawha;  see  Kanawha. 

♦Great  Khingan;  Mountain  chain, 
Eastern  Asia.  (Not  Khingan,  Khin 
Gan,  Khin-Gan,  Khing-Gan-Oola, 
Khing-Gan  Oula,  nor  Khinghan.) 

Great  Liakof ;  one  of  the  new  Siberian 
Islands,  Arctic  Ocean.  (Not  Blijni, 
Blischui,  Liakhof,  Liakhov,  Liakov, 
Ljachoff,  nor  Lyakhov.) 

Great  Manchas;  see  Machos  Grandes. 

Great  March;  see  Broad  March. 

Great  Meadows;  see  Danville. 

Great  Neck;  Peninsula,  north  end  of 
Buzzards  Bay,  Mass.  (Not  Sippican 

Great  Nesenkeag;   see  Nesenkeag. 

Great  New;  see  Long. 

Great  Peedee;  see  Pedee. 

Great  Piute  Wash;  see  Piute. 

Great  Pond;  see  Cochichewick. 

Great  Sitkin;  Island,  west  of  Atka 
Island,  middle  Aleutians,  Alaska. 
(Not  Great  Sitchin.) 

Great  Tishury;  see  Tisbury  Great. 

Great  West;  see  Shinnecock. 

Great  Wicomico;  River,  Northumber- 
land County,  Va.     (Not  Wicomico.) 

Great  Wicomico;  see  Wicomico. 

Grebeni;  Cape  on  Vaigach  Island,  near 
Nova  Zembla,  Arctic  Ocean.  (Not 

Greble;  Town,  Lebanon  County,  Pa. 
(Not  Greenville.) 

Greely;  Point,  on  mainland  in  Taku 
Inlet,  Alaska.     (Not  Greeley.) 

Green;  Lake,  in  sec.  1,  T.  3  N.,  R.  74 
W.,  at  head  of  Glacier  Gorge,  1  mile 
west  of  Longs  Peak,  Boulder  Coun- 
ty, Colo. 

Green;  Lake,  Hancock  (bounty.  Me. 
(Not  Reed's.) 

Green;  Mountain,  on  plains  at  base  of 
Front  Range,  Jefferson  County,  Colo. 
(Not  Hendricks  Peak  nor  Mount 

Green;  Mountains  in  Vermont.  (Not 
Green  Mountain  Range.) 

Green;  Point,  the  northern  point  of 
entrance  to  Pyramid  Harbor,  Lynn 
Canal,  Alaska.  (Not  Pyramid  nor 

Green;  Point  on  mainland  near  mouth 
of  Stikine  River,  Alaska.  (Not  Ze- 
lonoi nor  Zelony.) 

Green;  Pond,  Warren  County,  N.  J. 
(Not  Green's.) 

Green;  Township,  Grant,  Hancock, 
Madison,  Marshall,  Noble,  and  Ran- 
dolph Counties,  Ind. ;  Harrison  and 
Wayne  Counties,  Ohio;  Indiana 
County,  Pa.     (Not  Greene.) 

Green;  see  Cadillac;  Greene;  Griers; 
Lone   Spruce. 

Green  Bay;  City,  Brown  County,  Wis. 
(Not  Greenbay.) 

Green  Castle;  see  Greencastle. 

Green  Hill;  see  Greenhill. 

Green  Island;  see  Emerald. 

Green  Lake;  see  Greenlake. 

Green  Lane;  see  Greenlane. 

Green  River;  Village,  King  County, 
Wash.    (Not  Greenriver.) 

Green  Run  Inlet;  Life-saving  Station, 
Worcester  County,  Md.  (Not  Green 

Green  Store;  see  Greens  Store. 

Green  Vale;  see  Greenvale. 

Green  Village;  Railroad  Station, 
Franklin  County,  Pa.  (Not  Green- 

Green  Wood;  see  Greenwood. 

Greenback;  Peak  (altitude  5,555  feet), 
in  the  Sierra  Ancha,  Gila  County, 



Greenbank;  Town,  Pocahontas  County, 
W.  Va.     (Not  Green  Bank.) 

Greenbury;  Light  i\nd  Point,  Severn 
River,  near  Annapolis,  Anne  Arun- 
del County,  Md.     (Not  Greenbury's. ) 

Greencastle;  Borough,  Franklin  Coun- 
ty,  Pa.      (Not   Green   Castle.) 

Greencastle;  City  and  Township,  Put- 
nam County,  Ind.  (Not  Green- 

Greencastle;  Village,  Fairfield  County, 
Ohio.     (Not  Green  Castle.) 

Greencastle;  Village,  Sullivan  County, 
Mo.    (Not  Green  Castle.) 

Greene;  Railroad  Station,  Jefferson 
County,  Ala.     (Not  Green's.) 

Greene:  Town  and  Township,  Jay 
County,  Ind.     (Not  Green.) 

Greene;    Township,    Clinton    County, 

Pa.      (Not  Green.) 
Greene;    Township,    Wayne    County, 
Ind.      (Not   Green.) 

Greene;   see   Green. 

Greenesville;  see  Greensville. 

Greeneville;  Town,  Greene  County, 
Tenn.     (Not  Greenville.) 

Greenhill;  Town,  Lauderdale  County, 
Ala.     (Not  Green  Hill.) 

Greenhorn;  Mountain,  Wet  Mountains, 
Huerfano  County,  Colo.  (Not  Cuer- 
no  Verde.) 

Greenhorn;  see  Wet. 

Greenlake;  Railroad  Station,  Hancock 
County,  Me.    (Not  Green  Lake.) 

Greenland;  Spring,  Grand  Canyon  of 
the  Colorado,  Coconino  County, 

Greenland;  see  Walhalla. 

Greenlane;  Borough,  Montgomery 
County,  Pa.     (Not  Green  Lane.) 

Greenleaf ;  Point,  lat.  38°  52'  N.,  long. 
77°   01'   W.,   District  of   Columbia. 
(Not  Arsenal  nor  Greenleaf 's. ) 
Greenriver;  see  Green  River. 
Greens;   Bayou   or  Lake,   West  Bay, 
Galveston      County,      Tex.        (Not 
Green's  nor  Green's  Lake.) 
Greens;    Cove,   Hudson   River,   West- 
chester County,  N.  Y.    CNot  Green's.) 
Greens;    Ledge    off    Sheffield    Island, 
Nor  walk      Harbor,      Conn.        (Not 
Green's;  see  Greens. 
Greens;  see  Griers. 

Green's  Lake;  see  Greens. 

Greens  Store;  Post  Light,  Mississippi 
River,  Concordia  Parish,  La.  (Not 
Green   Store.) 

Greensfork;  Township,  Randolph 
County,  Ind.     (Not  Greens  Fork.) 

Greensville;  County,  Va.  (Not 
Greenesville  nor  Greenville.) 

Green  vale;  Township,  Dakota  County, 
Minn.      (Not  Green  Vale.) 

Greenvillage;  see   Green  Village. 

Greenville;  Town,  Meriwether  Coun- 
tq,  Ga.     (Not  Greeneville.) 

Greenville,  N.  J.;  see  Marcella. 

Greenville,  Pa.;  see  Greble. 

Greenville,  Tenn. ;  see  Greeneville. 

Greenville,  Va. ;   see  Greensville. 

Greenwich;  Bay,  branch  of  Narragan- 
sett  Bay,  Kent  County,  R.  I.  (Not 

Greenwood;  Town,  Taylor  County, 
Wis.    (Not  Green  Wood.) 

Greenwood;  see  Bearfort. 

Greer;  Town,  Greenville  County,  S.  C. 
(Not  Greer's  Depot.) 

Gregory;   see  Arago. 

Greig;  Cape,  north  shore  of  Alaska 
Peninsula,  Alaska.  (Not  Creigh 
nor  Grey.) 

Grenell;  Island,  in  St.  Lawrence  River, 
and  Village  on  same,  Jefferson  Coun- 
ty, N,  Y.  (Not  Grennell,  Grinnell, 
nor  Stuart.) 

Grey  Bull;  see  GreybuU. 

Grey    Horse    Hill;    Ridge,     dividing 
Buckhorn    and    Quicksand    Creeks, 
Breathitt  and  Knott  Counties,  Ky. 
Grey  Town;  see  San  Juan  del  Norte. 

Greybull;   River,   Bighorn   and    Park 
Counties,  Wyo.     (Not  Gray  Bull  nor 
Grey  Bull.) 
Greys;  Creek,  Worcester  County,  Md., 
and     Sussex     County,     Del.     (Not 
Gray's,  Grey's,  nor  Riley's.) 
*  Greys;  River,  Lincoln  County,  west- 
ern Wyoming.     (Not  John  Day,  John 
Days,  John  Day's,  nor  John  Grays.) 
Greytown;  see  San  Juan  del  Norte. 
Gridley;  Creek,  east  of  Virgil  Creek, 
and  flowing  east  into  Tioughnioga 
River    at    Messengerville,    Cortland 
County,  N.  Y.     (Not  East  Virgil  nor 
Gridley  Hollow.) 



Gridley  Hollow;  see  Gridley. 

Griers;  Hollow,  Franklin  County,  Pa. 
(Not  Green,  Greens,  nor  Greers.) 

♦Grijalva;  River,  States  of  Chiapas 
and  Tabasco,  Mexico.  (Not  Ta- 

Grijota;  see  Tabasco. 

Grimesville;  see  Oxon. 

Grimms  Landing-;  Village,  Mason 
County,  W.  Va.       (Not  Grim.) 

Grindel;  Point,  South  Islesboro,  Penob- 
scot Bay,  Me.     (Not  Grindel's.) 

Grin  die;  Creek  and  Pocosin,  Pitt 
County,  N.  C.  (Not  Grindell  nor 

Grindool;  Railroad  Station,  Pitt  Coun- 
ty, N.  C.  (Not  Grindell  nor  Grin- 
die.  ) 

Griswold;  Canyon  and  Creek,  connect- 
ing western  end  of  the  Vallecitos  with 
Panoche  Valley,  San  Benito  County, 

Griswold;  Hills,  separating  the  Valle- 
citos from  Panoche  Valley,  extending 
from  Griswold  Canyon  eastward  to 
canyon  of  Silver  Creek,  San  Benito 
County,  Calif. 

Grizzly;  Creek,  Ts.  7  and  8  S.,  Rs.  10 
and  11  E.,  emptying  into  Hell  Roar- 
ing Creek  about  3  miles  above  mouth 
of  Horse  Creek,  Park  County,  Mont. 

Grizzly;  Lake,  sec.  30,  T.  42  N.,  R.  7 
E.,  Shoshone  County,  Idaho. 

Gross;  Point,  the  west  point  of  en- 
trance to  Orland  River,  Hancock 
County,  Me.  (Not  Gross's,  Leach's, 
nor  Spark's.) 

Grosse;  Point,  on  Canadian  shore  near 
outlet  of  Lake  Superior.  (Not 
Grossepoint. ) 

Grossse  Caille;  see  Grosse  Caye. 

Grossse  Cay;  see  Grosse  Caye. 

Grosse  Caye;  Island,  southwestern  por- 
tion of  Haiti.  (Not  Aquin  Cay, 
Grosse  Caille,  nor  Grosse  Cay.) 

*  Grosse  Pointe;  Township  and  Village, 

-  Wayne  County,  Mich.  (Not  Grosse 
Point,  Grosssepoint,  nor  Grosse- 
pointe. ) 

Gross-Riu-Kiu-Gruppe ;  see  Nansel. 

Groundhog ;  see  Porcupine. 

Grouse;  Creek  and  Ridge,  northwest- 
ern slope  Mount  Baker,  Whatcom 
County,  Wash. 

Grove;  Neck,  between  Sassafras  River 
and  Pond  Creek,  Cecil  County,  Md. 
(Not  Rich.) 

Grove;  Township,  Sterns  County, 
INIinn.     (Not  Grave.) 

Grove;  see  West  Fork  Hawkins. 

Grove  City;  Village,  Franklin  County, 
Ohio.     (Not  Grove.) 

Grover's;  see  Baggers. 

Grubb  Towhead;  Post  Light,  Tennes- 
see River,  Marshall  County,  Tenn. 
(Not  Grubb's  Towhead.) 

Guadalcanal;  Island,  Solomon  Islands, 
Pacific  Ocean.  (Not  Guadalcanar 
nor  Guambata.) 

Guadalajara;  City  in  Mexico  ;  also  City 
and  Province  in  Spain.  (Not  Guada- 

Guadalajara;  see  Jalisco. 

Guadalupe ;  County,  New  Mexico  ( Not 
Guadaloupe. ) 

Guadalupe;  Lagoon,  Land  Grant,  Vil- 
lage and  River,  Santa  Barbara 
County,  Calif.  (Not  Guadalupe, 
Guadaloupe,  nor  Guadelupe.) 

Guadalupe;  River,  emptying  into  San 
Antonio  Bay,  Tex.  (Not  Guade- 
loupe. ) 

Guadalupe;  see  Shelikof. 

Guadeloupe;  Island  and  French  Col- 
ony, West  Indies.     (Not  Guadalupe.) 

Guainia;  see  Rio  Negro. 

Guajatoyan;  Creek,  Las  Animas 
County,  Colo.  (Not  Guayatolla  nor 

Gualala;  River  and  Village,  Mendo- 
cino County,  Calif.     ( Not  Wallholla. ) 

Guanajibo;  Channel,  along  western 
coast,  inside  outlying  shoals  from 
Point  Aguila  to  Mayaguez  Bay,  P.  R. 

Guanajuato;  City  and  State  in  Mexico. 
(Not  Guanaxuato.) 

Guard;  see  Hive. 

Guardafui;  Cape,  at  entrance  of  the 
Gulf  of  Aden,  lat.  11*  47'  N.,  long. 
51°  21'  E.,  Africa.  (Not  Garda- 

Guatemala;  Capital  City  and  State, 
Central  America.     (Not  Guatimala.) 





Guaxaca;  see  Oaxaca. 

Guayama;  Reef,  south  and  southeast 
of  Point  Figuras,  P.  R. 

Guayanabo;  River,  west  of  San  Juan, 
P.  R.     (Not  Rio  de  la  Plata.) 

Guayanilla;  Reef,  western  side,  en- 
trance to  Guayanilla  Harbor,  P.  R. 

Guaymas;  Seaport  Town,  Gulf  of  Cali- 
fornia, Mexico.     (Not  Guayamas.) 

Guaymas;  see  San  Antonio. 

Guerin;  see  Ochon. 

Guesen;  see  Gnesen. 

Guess;  Creek,  Sevier  County,  Tenn. 
(Not  Cross  nor  Gists.) 

Guide;  Island,  Tlevak  Strait,  nearly 
midway  between  Cayman  Point  and 
Halibut  Nose,  Alaska. 

Guide;  Rock,  just  south  of  Twin  Is- 
land, Khaz  Bay,  Chichagof  Island, 

Guijarral;  Group  of  low  hills,  between 
Anticline  Ridge  and  Kettleman 
Hills,  Fresno  County,  Calif. 

Guilarte;  Shoal,  Port  Patillas,  off  Point 
Guilarte,  P.  R. 

Guilarte;  see  Point  Guilarte. 

*  Guild;  Lake,  western  side  Willamette 
River,  about  a  mile  below  Portland, 
Multnomah  County,  Oreg.  (Not 

Guilder;  Brook  and  Pond,  Berkshire 
County,  Mass.     (Not  Undine.) 

Guilford;  Township,  Hendricks  Coun- 
ty, Ind.     (Not  Garfield.) 

Guilford;  see  Gillford. 

Guinevere  Castle;  Peak,  on  the  east 
side  of  Shinumo  Creek,  Coconino 
County,  Ariz. 

Gulf  of  Georgia;  see  Georgia. 

Gulf  of  Ozaka;  see  Izumi. 

Gull;  Brook,  Cattaraugus  County,  N. 
Y.     (Not  Guile.) 

Gull;  Islands,  near  Isle  Royal,  Lake 
Superior.     (Not  Chapeau.) 

Gull;  see  Baby. 

Gun;  Island,  eastern  one  of  two  west 
of  Melvin  Village,  Carroll  County, 
N.  H.  (Not  Gordon,  Loon,  nor 

Gun;  see  Loon. 

Gunflint;  Lake,  second  below  "Height 
of  Land,"  Thunder  Bay  District,  On- 
tario, International  Boundary  (be- 
tween Minnesota  and  Ontario ) .  ( Not 
Gun  Flint.) 

Gunn;  Lake,  southwestern  slope  Gunn 
Peak,  T.  27  N.,  R.  10  E.,  Snohomish 
County,  Wash. 

Gunnison  Plateau;  see  San  Pitch. 

Gunstock;  see  Belknap. 

Gunter's;  see  Big  Spring. 

Gunther  Castle;  Peak,  Vishnu  quad- 
rangle, Coconino  County,  Ariz. 

Gurley;  see  Gerle. 

Gurley's  Bridge;  see  Allenbridge. 

Gurnet;  Point  and  Rock,  Plymouth 
Harbor,  Mass. 

Gurnet;  see  Gannet. 

Gurupi;  see  Gurupy. 

Gurupy;  Cape  and  River,  State  of 
Para,  Brazil.     (Not  Gurupi.) 

Guthna;  see  Boulder. 

Guttenberg";  City,  Clayton  County, 
Iowa.     (Not  Guttenburg.) 

Guttenberg";  Town,  Hudson  County, 
N.  J.     (Not  Guttenburg.) 

Guttrie;  see  Cabin. 

Guyandot;  Mountain  and  River,  W. 
Va.,  and  District  and  Town  in  Ca- 
beU  County,  W.  Va.  (Not  Guyan- 

Guyandotte;  see  Indian  Guy  an. 

Gwadar;  Bay,  Head,  and  Town,  pos- 
session of  the  Sultan  of  Maskat, 
coast  of  Baluchistan.  (Not  Gwa- 

Givadur;  see  Gwadar. 

Gypsum;  see  Red. 

Gypsum;  Mountain  (altitude  11,500 
feet),  T.  38  N.,  R.  109  W.,  southwest 
of  Sheep  Mountain,  Fremont  Coun- 
ty, Wyo. 

Gypsy;  Island,  one-fourth  mile  north- 
east of  Vivian  Point,  opposite  Wells 
Is^land,  St.  Lawrence  River,  N.  Y. 


Ha;  Island  (to),  lat.  38"  40'  N.,  long. 
125**  18'  E.,  western  coast  of  Chosen 
(Korea).     (Not  Hwa.) 



Habana;  Principal  City  of  Cuba.  (Not 

Habushi;  Rocli  (iaw),  lat  34°  21'  N.^ 
long.  1.33°  42'  E.,  Inland  Sea,  Japan, 
(Not  Ten  feet  nor  Ten  Feet.) 

Hacho;  Island  (to),  lat.  34°  18'  N., 
long.  126°  03'  E.,  southwestern  coast 
of  Chosen  ( Korea ) .     ( Not  Won. ) 

Hackataia;  see  Hakataia. 

Hacker;  Bend,  Mississippi  River,  Alex- 
ander County,  111.     (Not  Hacker's.) 

Hackett;  Point,  Annapolis  Roads, 
Anne  Arundel  County,  Md.  (Not 

Hadd;  Cape  (ras),  Oman,  Arabian 
Peninsula.  (Not  Cape  el  Hadd,  Ras 
Al  Had,  Ras  al  Hadd,  nor  Ras  el 

Hadweenzic;  River,  tributary  to  the 
Yukon  River,  on  right  bank  between 
Chandalar  and  Dall  Rivers,  Alaska. 
(Not    Orensic.) 

Hagan;  Post  Light,  Missouri  River, 
Cole  County,  Mo.     (Not  Hagan's.) 

Hageman;  see  Camp  Hagerman. 

Hagemeister;  Island,  Bristol  Bay, 
Alaska.     (Not    Hagenmeister. ) 

Hagues;  Peak  (altitude,  13,562  feet), 
Front  Range,  sees.  13  and  14  T.  6  N., 
R.  74  W.,  Larimer  County,  Colo. 

Hahn;  Halm's  Peak;  see  Hahns  Peak. 

Hahns  Peak;  Mountain,  Precinct,  and 
Village,  Routt  County,  Colo.  (Not 
Hahn,  Hahn's  Peak,  nor  Hantz.) 

Haidarahad ;  Ilaideraltad;  see  Hydera- 

Hai  Fong;  see  Haifong. 

Haifong;  Seaport,  Tonkin,  French  In- 
do-China.  (Not  Hai  Fong,  Hai 
Phong,  Hal  Phong,  Hai'-phong,  nor 
Haiphong. ) 

Hai  Fung;  see  Haifong. 

Hai  Ho;  see  Pei. 

Hainan;  Island,  belonging  to  China, 
Kwangtung  Province,  separating  the 
Gulf  of  Tonkin  from  the  China  Sea. 

Hai  Phong;  see  Haifong. 

Hai  Ping;  see  Hoifung. 

Haiti;  Island  and  Republic,  West  In- 
dies, (Not  Hayti.)  Haiti  was  the 
native  name  of  the  island  when 
Columbus  landed,  on  December  6, 
1492,  and  called  it  Espagnola,  which 

was  Latinized  into  Hispaniola.  The 
French  colony  which  gained  control 
of  a  part  of  the  island  was  called 
Saint  Domingue,  and  in  1795,  when 
France  acquired  title  to  the  entire 
island  by  treaty  with  Spain,  it  was 
called  Saint  Domingue;  but  when 
the  French  were  driven  out  and  in- 
dependence declared,  in  1804,  the 
aboriginal  name  Haiti  was  revived 
by  the  negroes.  Shortly  after  this 
the  Spaniards  reestablished  them- 
selves in  the  eastern  part  of  the 
island,  retaining  the  French  name 
modified  to  Santo  Domingo,  but  in 
1821  lost  control,  and  fi:om  1822  to 
1843  the  whole  island  was  under  one 
government  as  the  Republic  of  Haiti, 
In  1844  the  eastern  portion  of  the 
island  again  asserted  its  indepen- 
dence of  Haiti  and  established  the 
Dominican  Republic,  which  remains 
to  the  present  day.  Thus  to-day  the 
island  of  Haiti,  which  seems  to  be 
the  proper  name,  consists  of  two 
countries,  Haiti  on  the  west  end  and 
Dominican  Republic  on  the  east 
end.— R.  C. 

Haiyona;   see   Hanani. 

Hakataia;  Canyon,  in  the  north  wall 
of  the  Grand  Canyon  of  the  Colo- 
rado, Coconino  County,  Ariz.  (Not 

Hakodate;  Seaport  of  Japan.  (Not 

Halcomh;  see  Holcomb. 

Hale;  Passage,  Washington  Sound, 
San  Juan  County,  Wash.  (Not 

Hale;  Point,  Mississippi  River,  Lau- 
derdale County,  Tenn.  (Not  Hale's 

Half  breed;  Creek,  entering  Mussel- 
shell River  at  Roundup,  Musselshell 
County,  Mont.  (Not  Half  Breed 
nor  Wild  Horse.) 

Half -Breed;   see   Halfbreed. 

Half  Moon;  Mountains,  T.  34  N.,  R. 
108  W.,  south  of  Half  Moon  Lake, 
Fremont  County,  Wyo. 

Half  moon;  Lighthouse  and  Shoal,  Gal- 
veston Bay,  Tex.     (Not  Half  Moon.) 



Half  moon;  Township,  Center  County, 
Pa.     (Not  Half  Moon.) 

Half  moon;  Town  and  Village,  Sara- 
toga County,  N.  Y.  (Not  Half 
Moon. ) 

Halfway;  Hill,  sec.  21,  T.  45  N.,  R.  7 
E.,  between  Battle  and  Moline 
Creeks,  and  halfway  between  Avery 
and  Conrads  Crossing,  Shoshone 
County,  Idaho.     (Not  Midway.) 

Halfway;  Rock,  Casco  Bay,  half  mile 
south  of  Mackworth  Island,  Cum- 
berland County,  Me.  (Not  Mack- 
worth.  ) 

Hnlfwfiii:  see  Knnpp. 

Halibut;  see   Sanak 

Haliknuk;  see  Hoholitna. 

Halkett;  Cape,  north  coast  of  Alaska. 
(Not  Halket.) 

Hall;  Town,  Prince  Georges  County, 
Md.      (Not  Halls.) 

Hallback;  Mountain,  Yancey  County, 
N.  C.  (Not  Hallbach,  Hogback,  nor 

Hallegate;  see  Hell  Gate. 

JSallenhack ;  Hallenhech;  Hallenbeck; 
see   Hollenbeck. 

Hallets;  Point,  East  River,  N.  Y.  (Not 
Hallet,  Hoick,  nor  Hollets.) 

Hallocks;   see   Paradise. 

Hallo wat;  Creek,  T.  33  N.,  Rs.  21  and 
22  W.,  tributary  to  Big  Creek  from 
northwest,  Flathead  County,  Mont. 

HalVs  Station;  see  Beach  Ridge. 

Halton;   see   Holton. 

Ham;  see  Blake. 

*Hambden;  Town  and  Township,  Gea- 
uga County,  Ohio.     (Not  Hampden.) 

Hamblen;  Township,  Brown  County, 
Ind.      (Not  Hamblin.) 

Hambleton;  Island,  in  Broad  Creek, 
Talbot  County,  Md.      (Not  Willy.) 

Hamhrook;  Hambrook's;  see  Ham- 

Hambrooks;  Bar,  near  southern  shore 
of  Choptank  River,  about  1^  miles 
northwest  of  Cambridge,  Dorchester 
County,  Md.  (Not  Hamhrook  nor 
Hambrook's. ) 

Hamburg;  Village,  west  bank  of  Ten- 
nessee River,  Hardin  Colunty,  Tenn. 
(Not  Hamburgh  Landing.) 

Hamden;  Village,  Vinton  County, 
Ohio.     (Not  Hamden  Junction.) 

€lamheung;  Bay  and  City,  eastern 
coast  of  Chosen  (Korea).  (Not 
Ham  heung  nor  Zarina  Bay.) 

Hami;  Town,  lat  42°  50'  N.,  long.  93° 
25'  E.,  Province  of  Sinkiang,  West- 
ern China.     (NotKhamil.) 

Hamilton;  Mountain  (altitude  5,070 
feet),  sec.  9,  T.  52  N.,  R  1  E.,  Koo- 
tenai  County,   Idaho. 

Hamilton;  Run,  a  branch  of  Mahoning 
Creek,  Porter  Township,  Jefferson 
County,  and  West  Mahoning  Town- 
ship, Indiana  County,  Pa.  (Not 
Barnett,  Big  Hamilton,  nor  Bowl 
Factory. ) 

Hamilton;  see  Dell. 

*  Hamlin;  Lake,  Mason  County,  Mich. 
(Not  Au  Sable,  Big  Sable,  nor 

Hamor;  see  Ignacio. 

Hampden;  see  Hambden. 

Hamun;  Morass  or  Lake,  chiefly  in 
eastern  Persia.     (Not  Hamoon.) 

Han  Gan;  Han  Gang;  see  Kan. 

Han  Yang;  see  Keijo. 

Hanby  Mill;  Hamlet,  Blount  County, 
Ala.  (Not  Hanby's  Mill  nor  Han- 
by s  Mill.) 

Hance;  Creek,  Coconino  County,  Ariz. 

Hancock;  see  Disappointment. 

Hando;  Rock  (iwa),  lat.  34°  01'  N., 
long.  130°  43'  E.,  entrance  to  Shimo- 
noseki  Strait,  Japan.     (Not  Round.) 

Haneda;  Point  (bana),  western  side 
of  Gulf  of  Tokyo,  Japan.  (Not 

Hangchow;  Capital  City  of  the  Prov- 
ince of  Chekiang,  China.  (Not  Hang 
Chow,  Hang  Tchou-Foo,  Hangchou- 
fu,   nor  Hang-chau-fu.) 

Hanging;  Glacier,  on  north  side  Shuk- 
san  Mountain,  east  of  Mount  Baker, 
Whatcom  County,  Wash. 

Hangman;  Hangmans;  see  Latah. 

Hanikan;  see  Okahanlkan. 

Hankow;  City,  Province  of  Hupeh, 
China.     (Not  Hankau.) 

Hanloetoe;  see  Coatue. 

Hanna;  Glacier,  west  slope  of  Mount 
McKinley,  Alaska.     (Not  Peters.) 


Hanna;  Island  and  Reef,  Galveston 
Bay,  Tex.     (Not  Hannah's.) 

Hannacrois;  Creek,  near  Coxsackie, 
Green  County,  N.  Y.  (Not  Henner- 
croix. ) 

Hannican;   see   Okahanlkan. 
Hano;  Settlement,  Province  of  Tusa- 
yan,      Hopi      Indian      Reservation, 
Navajo  County,   Ariz. 
Hanoverton;       Village,       Columbiana 

County,  Ohio.     (Not  Hanover.) 
Hansen;  Hanson;  see  Henson. 
Hanson;  Lake,  T.  30  N.,  R.  7  E.,  Sno- 
homish   County,    Wash.      (Not   Mc- 
Allester  nor  McAllister.) 
Han-Tching ;  see  Keijo, 
Hantsport;   Town,   County   of  Hants, 

Nova  Scotia.     (Not  Hantsports.) 
Hantz;  see   Hahns   Peak. 
Haper's;   see   Harper, 
riarbert;   Landing  and  Point,  Missis- 
sippi   River,    Tunica    County,    Miss. 
(Not  Harbert's.) 
Harbin;    Subpostal    District   of   Muk- 
den, China. 
Harbor;  Island,  containing  harbor,  at 
entrance  to  Aialik  Bay,  Kenai  Pen- 
insula, Alaska. 
Harbor;    Island,    Casco   Bay,   Phipps- 
burg  Town,  Sagadahoc  County,  Me. 
(Not  Horse.) 
Harbor;   Island,   St.  Lawrence  River, 
Jefferson  County,  N.  Y.     (Not  Desh- 
Harbor;  see  Gavanski. 
Harbor  Beach;  City,  and  Harbor,  Hu- 
ron County,  Mich.     (Not  Harbor  of 
Refuge  nor  Sand  Beach.) 
Harbor  of  Apra;  see  Port  Apra. 
Harbor  of  Refuge;  see  Harbor  Beach. 
Harbor  of  San  Luis  d'Apra;  see  Port 

Harborcreek;   Township   and   Village, 
Erie    County,    Pa.       (Not    Harbour 
Hard  Luck;  Creek,  tributary  to  Cathe- 
dral     Creek,      near      International 
Boundary  (between  Alaska  and  Can- 
Harden;  Lake  and  Ranch,  Tuolumne 
County,   Calif.      (Not   Hardin,  Har- 
dins,  Hardin's,  nor  Rardin.) 

Hardenburg;   Village,   Ulster  County, 

N.  Y.     (Not  Hardenbergh.) 
Kardesty;     Village,     Prince     Georges 

County,  Md.     (Not  Queen  Anne.) 
Hardin;  Point,  Mississippi  River,  Lee 

County,  Ark.     (Not  Hardin's.) 
Hardin;  see  Haxall. 
Harding;    Beach,    Nantucket    Sound, 
Chatham,  Barnstable  County,  Mass. 
(Not  Harding's.) 
Harding;    Ledge    off    Point    Allerton, 
Boston  Harbor,  Mass.      (Not  Hard- 
ing's. ) 
Hardins;  Bluff,  east  side  James  River, 
Charles    City    County,     Va.       (Not 
Hardiston;  see  Hardy ston. 
Hardship;  Branch  of  Pocomoke  River, 
Worcester  County,  Md.     (Not  Hard- 
Hardware;  Village,  Fluvanna  County^ 

Va.     (Not  Vallena.) 
Hardy s;    Pond,    Waltham,    Middle>ex: 
County,  Mass.      (Not  Hardy,  Mead^ 
nor  Means.) 
Hardy  ston;  Township,  Sussex  County,. 

N.  J.     (Not  Hardiston.) 
Harewood;    Railroad    Station,    Balti- 
more County,  Md.     (Not  Harewood 
Harford;  Township  and  Village,  Sus- 
quehanna County,  Pa.      (Not  Hart- 
Harietta;  see  Harrietta. 
Harkleroad;       Landing,       Mississippi 
River,  near  Fritz,  Crittenden  Coun- 
ty, Ark.     (Not  Harkleroad's. ) 
Harlequin  Hills;  see  Black  Rock. 
Harlow;     Island,     Mississippi     River, 
•  Monroe    County,    111.       (Not    Har- 
Harman  Marsh;  Pond,  Sheffield  Town, 
Berkshire  County,  Mass.     (Not  Har- 
Harnai;    Light    and    Point,    western 

coast  of  India.  (Not  Herni.) 
Harney;  Peak,  Black  Hills,  Penning- 
ton County,  S.  Dak.  (Not  Har- 
Haro;  Strait,  International  Boundary 
line  between  San  Juan  County,. 
Wash.,  and  Vancouver  Island.  (Not 
Canial  de  Haro.) 



Harosoma;  Mountains,  Maricopa  and 
Pinal  Counties,  Ariz.  (Not  Bull- 
dog nor  Jarosoma.) 

Harper;  Landing,  Illinois  River,  Cal- 
houn County,  111.      (Not  Harper's.) 

Harpers  Ferry;  Town,  Jefferson  Coun- 
ty, W.  Va.     (Not  Harper's  Ferry.) 

Harperville;  Village,  Scott  County, 
Miss.     (Not  Harpersville. ) 

Harpursville;  Village,  Colesville, 
Town,  Broome  County,  N.  Y.  (Not 
Harpersville  nor  Harpurville.) 

Harrietta;  Village,  Wexford  County, 
Mich.  (Not  Harietta,  Harriete,  nor 
Harriette. ) 

HarHete;  Harriette;  see  Harrietta. 

Harris;  Bay,  Kenai  Peninsula,  west  of 
Aialik  Bay,  long.  149°  55',  Alaska. 

Harris;  Post  Light,  Mississippi  River, 
Fulton  County,  Ky.     (Not  Harris's.) 

Harris  Branch;  Stream,  tributary  to 
Flat  River  near  Elvins,  St.  Francois 
County,  Mo.  (Not  Harris's  Branch, 
Kennedy  Branch,  Pattersons  Branch, 
nor  Tolman  Branch.) 

Harris*  Branch;  see  Harris  Branch. 

Harrisburg;  City,  State  Capital,  Dau- 
phin County,  Pa.  (Not  Harris- 

Harrisburg;  Lake,  Stony  Creek  Town, 
Warren  County,  N.  Y.  (Not  Harris- 
burgh,  Kenyon,  Mott,  nor  Mud.) 

HarrisMirgh;  see  Harrisburg. 

Harrison;  Creek,  Manitoba,  Canada, 
and  partly  in  sec.  15,  T.  168  N.,  R. 
35  W.,  Minnesota,  flowing  into  Lake 
of  the  Woods  at  the  Northwest  An- 
gle Inlet,  on  International  Boundary 
Line  between  Ontario  and  Min.- 
nesota.     (Not  Harrison's.) 

Harrison;  Town,  Tallahatchie  County, 
Miss.     (Not  Harrison  Station.) 

Harrisonville ;  Harrisonville  Station; 
see  Bassett. 

Harrisville;  see  Jenkins. 

*Harsens,  Island,  mouth  of  St.  Clair 
River,  St.  Clair  County,  Mich.  (Not 
Harsons  nor  Herson.) 

Earsons;  see  Harsens. 

Harstene;  see  Harstine. 

Harstine;  Island,  Ts.  19,  20,  and  21 
N.,  Rs.  1  and  2  W.,  Puget  Sound, 
Mason  County,  Wash.  (Not  Har- 
stene, Hartstein,  Hartstene,  nor 
Hartstine. ) 

Hartstein;  Hartstene;  Hartstine;  see 

Hart;  Island,  Chesapeake  Bay,  Balti- 
more County,  Md.     (Not  Hart's.) 

Hart;  see  Heart. 

Hartford;  Village;  Mason  County,  W. 
Va.     (Not  Hartford  City.) 

Hartford;  see  Harford.         ' 

Harts  Draw;  Canyon  and  Wash,  be- 
tween Horsehead  and  North  Peaks, 
opening  north  into  Spring  Creek, 
San  Juan  County,  Utah. 

Hartsells;  Town,  Morgan  County,  Ala. 
(Not  Hartselle.) 

Hartsgrove;  Town  and  Township,  Ash- 
tabula County,  Ohio.  (Not  Harts 
Grove. ) 

Hartshorn;  see  Cordeal. 

Hanimukotan;  Island  (to)  Kuril  Is- 
lands, Japan.     (Not  Kharimkotan.) 

Harvey;  Lake,  Luzerne  County,  Pa. 
(Not  Harvey's.) 

Harvey;  Town,  Clay  Township,  Ma- 
rion County,  Iowa.  (Not  Harvey- 

Harveyville;  see  Harvey. 

Harwood;  see  Butlers. 

Hasbidito;  Creek,  Spring,  and  Valley, 
Navajo  Indian  Reservation,  north- 
west of  Lukachukai  Mountains, 
Apache  County,  Ariz.  (Not  Hospi- 

Hasenclever;  Hill,  Herkimer  County, 
N.  Y.     (Not  Hassencleaver. ) 

Hashira;  Island  (jima),  entrance  of 
Hiroshima  Bay,  Inland  Sea,  Japan. 
(Not  Katsura.) 

Haskell;  Creek,  Cattaraugus  County, 
N.  Y.     (Not  Haskel  nor  Haskill.) 

Haskell  Flats;  Village,  Cattaraugus 
County,  N.  Y.     (Not  Haskel  Flats.) 

Haskin;  Haskins;  see  Downey. 

Hat;  Island,  Chichagof  Pass,  off  mouth 
Circle  Bay,  Woronkofski  Island, 
Alexander  Archipelago,  Southeastern 

Hatamura;  see  Nyudo. 



Hatch;  Point,  Perkins  Island,  Kenne- 
bec River,  near  Richmond,  Sagada- 
hoc County,  Me.     (Not  Hatche.) 
Hatch;  see  Thatch. 
Hatchee;  see  Hatchie. 
Hatcher,  Village,  Cumberland  County, 

Va.     (Not  Willis.) 
Hatchett;  Reef,  east  of  mouth  of  Con- 
necticut River,  Long  Island  Sound. 
(Not  Hatchett's.) 
♦Hatchie;   River,    rising  in   northern 
Mississippi    and    flowing    into    the 
Mississippi  River  in  Tipton  County, 
Tenn.     (Not  Big  Hatchie  nor  Hat- 
chee. ) 
Hatsett;    Rock,    Edgartown,    Harbor, 

Marthas  Vineyard,  Mass. 
Hauani;     Creek,     Marshall     County, 
Okla.     (Not  Haiyona  nor  Hiayona.) 
Hauki;  see  Howki. 

Haunted;  Canyon,   Grand  Canyon  of 

the  Colorado,  Coconino  County,  Ariz. 

Hautei;  Island   (to),  lat.  34°  32'  N., 

long.  126°  04'  E.,  southwestern  coast 

of  Chosen   (Korea).     (Not  Carles.) 

Havana;  see  Habana. 

Havasupai;  Indian  Reservation  within 

Grand  Canyon  National  Monument, 

Coconino   County,   Ariz.     (Not   Ha- 

va-sup-pai,  Supai,  Suppai,  Yava  Su- 

pai,  Yavai  Supai,  nor  Yavai  Suppai.) 

Ha  way;  Meadows,  Inyo  County,  Calif. 

(Not  Hawai.) 
Hawkes;  see  Falcon. 
Hawkeye;     Town,     Fayette     County, 

Iowa.       (Not  Hawk  Eye.) 
Hawkins;  Point,  Patapsco  River,  Anne 
Arundel    County,    Md.     (Not    Haw- 
Hawlings;  River,  Montgomery  County, 
Md.     (Not  Hawling's  nor  Hollands.) 
Hawthorn;  Precinct  and  Town,  Ala- 
chua County,  Fla.    ( Not  Hawthorne. ) 
Haxall;  Landing,  James  River,  Charles 

City  County,  Va.  (Not  Hardin.) 
Hay;  Creek,  north  of  Coal  Creek 
Ridge,  rising  in  sec.  10,  T.  34  N.,  R. 
23  W.,  flowing  in  generally  east- 
ern direction  and  emptying  into 
Flathead  River  in  sec.  2,  T.  34  N., 
R.  21  W.,  Flathead  County,  Mont. 
(Not  Chapman.) 

Hay;  Landing,  Mississippi  River,  Issa- 
quena County,  Miss.     (Not  Hays.) 
Hay  den;  Island,  in  Columbia  River, 
Multnomah    County,    Oreg.       (Not 
Shaw's,  Shaws,  nor  Vancouver.) 

Hayden;  Lake,  Madison  Town,  Somer- 
set County,  Me.     (Not  Madison.) 

Hayden;  Railroad  Station,  Queen 
Annes  County,  Md.     (Not  Ashland.) 

Hayden;  see  Haydon. 

Hay  don;  Peak,  first  one  to  the  south- 
west and  3  miles  from  summit  of 
Mount  St.  Elias,  Alaska.  (Not  Hay- 
den nor  Mount  Huxley.) 

Hayes;  see  Gray. 

Hayley;  see  Mount  Haley. 

Haynersville;  Village,  Brunswick 
Town,  Rensselaer  County,  N.  Y. 
(Not  Haynerville.) 

Hays;  Stream,  tributary  to  Big  Black 
River,  Carroll  and  Montgomery  Coun- 
ties, Miss.  (Not  Bogue-Hays,  Phila- 
mon  Hays,  nor  Philimon  Hays.) 

Hays;  Township,  York  County,  Nebr. 
(Not  Hayes.) 

Hayti;  see  Haiti. 

Hay  ward;  Strait  between  Salisbury 
and  Sitka  Sounds,  Alaska.  (Not 
Dry,  Soukhoi,  nor  Soukoi.) 

Hay  ward;  Township  and  Village, 
Freeborn  County,  Minn.  (Not  Ha- 

Hay  wards;  Town,  Alameda  County, 
Calif.  (Not  Hay  ward,  Hayward's, 
Hay  wards   Station,  nor  Haywood.) 

♦Hazel;  Township,  Luzerne  County, 
Pa.     (Not  Hazle.) 

Hazel  Dell;  Township,  Pottawattamie 
County,   Iowa.      (Not  Hazle   Dell.) 

Hazel  Green;  Creek,  Tuolumme  Coun- 
ty, Calif.      (Not  Big.) 

♦Hazel  Grreen;  Township  and  Village, 
Delaware  County,  Iowa.  (Not 
Hazle  Green.) 

Hazelpatch;  Creek  and  Railroad  Sta- 
tion, Laurel  County,  Ky.  (Not 
Hazle  Patch  nor  Hazle-Patch. ) 

♦Hazelton;  Town  and  Townshlpi, 
Buchanan  County,  Iowa.  (Not 

♦Hazelton;  City  and  Township,  Bar- 
ber County,  Kans.     (Not  Hazleton.) 

Hazelton;  see  Hazleton. 



♦Hazelwood;  Town,  Hamilton  County, 
Ohio.     (Not  Hazlewood.) 

Hazen;  see  Table. 

Hazlehurst;  City  and  District,  Jeff 
Davis  County,  Ga.  (Not  Hazel- 

Hazleton;  City,  Luzerne  County,  Pa. 
(Not  Hazelton.) 

Head  of  Marsouin;  see  Bee  du  Mar- 

Head  of  Passes;  Lighthouse,  Delta  of 
the  Mississippi  River,  La.  (Not 
Head  of  the  Passes.) 

Head  of  Tranquility ;  see  Little  Hau- 

Heady;  Creek,  forming  boundary  be- 
tween Southampton  Village  and  the 
Shinnecock  Indian  Reservation,  Suf- 
folk County,  N.  Y.    (Not  Header.) 

Heagari;  Mountain,  Waldo  County, 
Me.     (Not  Heagen.) 

Heart;  Island  in  St.  Lawrence  River, 
Jefferson  County,  N.  Y.  (Not  Hart 
nor  •^  Hemlock. ) 

Heart;  Lake,  Hinsdale  County,  Colo. 

Heart;  Lake,  Yellowstone  National 
Park,  Wyo.     (Not  Hart.) 

Heart;  Lake,  NE  i  sec.  33,  T.  42  N., 
R.  7  E.,  Shoshone  County,  Idaho. 

Heart;  Peak,  8  miles  north  of  Cody, 
Park  County,  Wyo.     (Not  Hart.) 

Heather  Wash;  Watercourse,  Coconi- 
no Plateau,  Coconino  County,  Ariz. 

Heaven;  Heavens;  see  Long. 

Hebgen;  Lake,  artificial,  made  by  dam 
on  Madison  River,  Madison  Na- 
tional Forest,  Gallatin  County,  just 
w^est  of  Yellowstone  National  Park, 

Hecha  Wapka;  see  Owl. 

Heckman;  Island,  Missouri  River,  Mo. 
(Not   Heckman's.) 

Heddrick;  see  Grassy. 

Hedgehog;  Hill,  Androscoggin  Coun- 
ty, Me.     (Not  North  Mountain.) 

Hedges;  Village,  Clark  County,  Ky. 
(Not  Fairlie,  K.  U.  Junction,  nor 
L.   E.   Junction.) 

Hedjaz;  see  Hejaz. 

HehlungUang ;  see  Heilungkiang. 

Height  of  I/and;  Mountain,  Warren 
County,  N.  Y.    (Not  Hight  of  Land.) 

*Heijo;  City,  on  the  Daido  River 
(Ko.),  western  part  of  Chosen  (Ko- 
rea), Japan.  (Not  Phyongyang, 
Ping  Yang,  Pingyang,  nor  Pyong 

Hei-lung-kiang ;  see  Heilungkiang. 

Heilungkiang;  Province,  Manchuria, 
China.  (Not  Hehlungkiang,  Hei- 
lung-kiang,  He-lung-kiang,  Helung- 
kiang,  Hilung-chiang,  nor  Tsitsik- 

Hejas;  see  Hejaz. 

Hejaz;  Government  (vilayet),  Arabia. 
(Not  El  Hedjas,  El  Hejas,  El  He- 
jaz, Hedjaz,  nor  Hejas.) 

Hekla;  Volcano,  Iceland.  (Not 

Helderberg;  Village,  Albany  County, 
N.  Y.     (Not  Helderburg.) 

Helen;  Lake,  head  of  Santa  Anna  In- 
let, northern  part  of  Cleveland  Pe- 
ninsula, Southeastern  Alaska. 

Helen;  Lake,  at  head  of  south  Fork  of 
Belly  River,  Glacier  County,  Mont. 

Helen;  Mountain,  Flathead  and 
Glacier  Counties,  Mont. 

Helen;  see  Yon. 

Helena;  Creek,  rising  in  Helena  Lake, 
and  tributary  to  Clear  Creek,  T.  31 
N.,  R.  10  E.,  Snohomish  County, 
Wash.     (Not  South  Fork  Clear.) 

Helgoland;  Island  in  the  North  Sea. 
(Not  Heligoland.) 

Helio;  see  Watchman. 

Heliotrope;  Ridge,  between  Bastile 
and  Grouse  Ridges,  northwestern 
slope  Mount  Baker,  Whatcom  Coun- 
ty, Wash. 

Hell;  see  Lawton. 

Hell  Gate;  Channel  in  Hudson  River, 
opposite  Coeyman,  between  Upper 
and  Lower  Schodack  Island,  N.  Y. 
(Not  Hallegate  nor  Schodack.) 

Hell  Gate;  Narrow  Passage  in  East 
River,  N.  Y. 

Hell  Gate;  see  Clark  Fork. 

Hellam;  Borough  and  Township,  York 
County,  Pa.     (Not  Hallam.) 

Hells  Half  Acre;  Niagara  River,  N. 
Y.     (Not  Hell's  Half  Acre.) 

Helms;  see  William. 

Heloun:  see  Heluan. 



Heluan;  City,  Egypt.  (Not  Helouan 
nor  Helwan.) 

Helungkiang ;  He-lung-kiang ;  see 

Helvetic  Confederation;  see  Switzer- 

Helwan;  see  Heluan. 

Hemlock;  Creek,  Ts.  36  and  37  N.,  Rs. 
7  and  8  E.,  rising  near  Hemlock 
Butte,"^-,  tributary  to  Weitas  Creek 
from  the  southwest,  Clearwater  and 
Idaho  Counties,  Idaho.  (Not  Beaver, 
Hemlock  Butte  Beaver,  nor  Weitas- 
Beaver. ) 

Hemlock;  Pass  (elevation  about  4,800 
feet),  leading  from  head  of  Denny 
Creek  to  Melakwa  Lake,  King 
County,  Wash. 

Hemlock;  see  Heart. 

Hemlock  Butte  Beaver;  see  Hemlock. 

Hempun;  Island  (to),  lat.  34°  09'  N., 
long.  125°  56'  E.,  southwestern  coast 
of  Chosen  (Korea).     (Not  Lyra.) 

Henamu;  Bay,  lat.  35°  08'  N.,  long. 
128°  41'  E.,  southern  coast  of 
Chosen   (Korea).     (Not  Anguk.) 

Hen;  see  North  Fowl. 

Henderson;  Bay,  Lake  Ontario,  Jef- 
ferson County,  N.  Y.  (Not  Hender- 

Henderson;  Creek,  T.  18  N.,  Rs.  29 
and  30  W.,  tributary  to  St.  Regis 
River  from  the  south  near  Hender- 
son, Mineral  County,  Mont.  (Not 
Little  Twelve  Mile  nor  Little  Twelve- 
mile.  ) 

Henderson;  Precinct  and  Village, 
Adams  County,  Colo.  (Not  Island 

Hendley;  Railroad  Station,  Furnas 
County,  Nebr.     (Not  Hendly.) 

Hendricks;  Head  and  Light,  Sheeps- 
cot  River,  Lincoln  County,  Me.  (Not 

Hendricks;  Point  opposite  Jackson- 
ville, St.  .Johns  River,  Fla.  (Not 
Grassy. ) 

Hendrick's;  see  Kendrick. 

Hendricks  peak;  see  Green  Mountain. 

Hennercroix ;  see  Hannacrois. 

Henness;  Branch,  Mariposa  County, 
Calif.  (Not  Hennessy,  Hennessy's, 
Ward's,  nor  Wilsons.) 

Henrici  Landing;  Post  Light  on 
Sauvie  Island,  Columbia  River,  3 
miles  above  St.  Helens,  Oreg.  (Not 

Henry;  see  Winter. 

Henrys;  see  Fassett. 

Henrys  Fork;  River,  rising  in  Henrys 
Lake,  emptying  into  Snake  River,  in 
T.  5  N.,  R.  38  E.,  Fremont  and  Madi- 
son Counties,  Idaho.  (Not  Henry 
Fork  nor  North  Fork  of  Snake 

Henrys  Hunting  Ground;  see  Indian 
Henrys  Hunting  Grounds. 

Henrys  Lake;  Mountains,  extending 
from  Red  Rock  Pass,  Fremont 
County,  Idaho,  to  Madison  Plateau, 
Yellowstone  National  Park,  Wyo. 

Henry's  Lake;  see  Centennial. 

Henson;  Creek  and  Village,  Hinsdale 
County,  Colo.  (Not  Hansen,  Han- 
>on,  Hensen,  nor  Honsen.) 

Henton;  Henton's;  see  Folsom. 

Heramina;  see  Hramina. 

Herat;  City,  Afghanistan.  (Not  He- 
rath,  Heraut,  nor  Heri.) 

Herhosnjak;  see  Hrbosnjak. 

Heri^nan;  see  Herriman. 

Hering-ton;  City,  Dickinson  County, 
Kans.     (Not  Herrington.) 

Hermagos;  Islets,  within  less  than  3 
miles  of  the  Hermanos  Islets, 
Alaska.  (Not  Brothers  nor  Los 
Hermagos. ) 

Herman;  Creek,  tributary  to  Columbia 
River  above  Cascade  Locks,  Hood 
River  County,  Oreg.  (Not  Hermann.) 

Hermanos;  Islets,  in  the  middle  of  the 
eastern  end  of  San  Christoval  Chan- 
nel, Bucareli  Bay,  Alaska.  (Not  The 
Brothers. ) 

Hermit;  Basin  and  Creek,  Grand  Can- 
yon of  the  Colorado,  Coconino  Coun- 
ty, Ariz. 

Hermitage;  Point,  upstream  angle  at 
confluence  of  Cowpen  Creek  with 
Turtle  River,   Glynn  County,  Ga. 

Hermogenes ;  see  Chiniak. 

Hermosa;  Cliffs,  La  Plata  County, 

Herni;  see  Harnai. 

Hero;  Lake,  sec.  21,  T.  42  N.,  R.  7  E., 
Shoshone  County,  Idaho. 



Herod;  Point,  north  shore  of  Long 
Island,  Suffolk  County,  N.  Y.  (Not 

Herriman;  Village,  Salt  Lake  County, 
Utah.     (Not  Heriman.) 

Herring;  Point,  on  the  west  side  of 
Herring  Bay,  northwest  end  of 
Knight  Island,  Alaska. 

Herring,  Del. ;  see  Dirickson. 

Herring,  Md. ;    see  Honeygo. 

Herring,  Mass. ;  see  Edgartown  Great. 

Herring  Gut;  see  Port  Clyde. 

Herrington;  Run,  Garrett  County,  Md. 
(Not  Harrington's.) 

Herschel;  Island  in  Arctic  Ocean, 
north  coast  of  Canada,  near  Alaska 
boundary.     (Not  Hershel.) 

Herschell;  see  Backhouse. 

Hershey  Chute;  Post  Light,  Missis- 
sippi River,  near  Fairport,  Muscatine 
County,  Iowa.     (Not  Hershey 's.) 

Her  son;  see  Harsens. 

Herzegovina;  Province  of  Austria. 
(Not  Hersek,  Hertsek,  nor  Herzego- 

Herzog;  see  Hartsook. 

Hesperus;  Mountain,  between  La  Plata 
and  Montezuma  Counties,  southwest- 
ern Colorado.     (Not  Hesperis.) 

Hetch  Hetchy;  Valley,  Tuolumne 
County,  Calif.  (Not  Hetch-Hetchy, 
nor  Hetch  Hetchey.) 

Hewes;  Point  and  Ledge,  Islesboro 
Harbor,  Penobscot  Bay,  Me.  (Not 

Hewlett;  the  western  point  of  en- 
trance to  Manhasset  Bay,  Nassau 
County,  Long  Island,  N.  Y.  (Not 

Hewlett;  Point,  on  Columbia  River, 
about  6  miles  below  Vancouver, 
Clarke  County,  Wash.  (Not  Hew- 

Hewlett;  Village,  Hanover  County,  Va. 
(Not  Hewlett's.) 

Hey  burn;  Mountain  (altitude  10,880 
feet),  Sawtooth  Range,  near  Redfish 
Lake,  Custer  County,  Idaho.  (Not 
Fenns  Peak  nor  Tower  Rock.) 

Hiaqui;  see  Yaqui. 

Hiawassee;  see  Hiwassee. 

Hiawatha;  Lake,  Minnetrista  To^^^l- 
ship,  Hennepin  County,  Minn.  (Not 
Whale  Tail  nor  Whaletail.) 

Hibriten;  Mountain,  6  miles  from  Le- 
noir, Caldwell  County,  N.  C.  (Not 
High  Brighton  nor  Turkey  Cock.) 

Hicacos  Cay;  see  Icacos  Cay. 

Hicacos  Point;  see  Point  Icacos. 

Hicaholahala ;  HicaJialahia ;  see  Hick- 

Hickahala;  Creek,  tributary  to  Cold- 
water  River,  Tate  County,  Miss. 
(Not  Hicaholahala,  Hicaholahia, 
Hickahall,  nor  Hickahate.) 

Hickahalla;  see  Hickahala. 

Hickahate ;  see  Hickahala. 

Hickman;  Landing,  Mississippi  River, 
Mississippi  County,  Ark.  (Not  Hick- 

Hicks;  Island  at  entrance  to  Napeague 
Harbor,  Long  Island,  N.  Y.  (Not 

Hidden;  Bay,  eastern  coast  of  Culross 
Island,  Prince  William  Sound, 

Hidden;  Brook,  sees.  2,  3,  and  4,  T.  3 
N.,  R.  73  W.,  emptying  into  Cabin 
Creek,  4  miles  southeast  of  Longs 
Peak,  Boulder  County,  Colo. 

Hidden;  Cove,  opening  from  eastern 
end  of  Slocum  Arm,  indenting  south- 
western shore  of  Chichagof  Island, 

Higbee;  Canyon,  Otero  County,  Colo. 
(Not  Reilly's.) 

Higgon;  Cape,  Marthas  Vineyard, 
Mass.  (Not  Kiphiggon  nor  Tilton's.) 

High;  Hill  in  Huntington  town,  Suf- 
folk County,  N.  Y.  (Not  Jayne's 
nor  West.) 

High;  see  St.  Margarettes. 

High  Brighton;  see  Hibriten. 

Highland;  Lake,  Winchester  town, 
Litchfield  County,  Conn.  (Not  Long.) 

Highlands;  Village,  San  Bernardino 
County,  Calif.     (Not  Highland.) 

Highrock;  Mountain,  Douglas  County, 

Hight  of  Land;  see  Height  of  Land. 



Hightower;  see  Etowah. 

Hiko-Bukta;  see  Koyuktolik. 

Hilham;  Village,  Overton  County, 
Tenn.     (Not  Hillham.) 

Hill  City;  City,  Graham  County, 
"Kans.     (Not  Hill.) 

Hill  City;  Precinct  and  Town,  Penn- 
ington County,  S.  Dak.     (Not  Hill.) 

Hilland;  see  Holland. 

Eiller;  see  Hilliar. 

Hillerman;  Floating  Light  and  Rock, 
Ohio  River,  Massac  County,  111. 
(Not  Hillerman's.) 

Hillary;  Creek,  tributary  to  Turtle 
River  at  Blythe  Island,  1  mile  above 
Hermitage,  Glynn  County,  Ga. 

Hillery;  Village,  Vermilion  County,  111. 
(Not  Hillary  nor  Hilliary.) 

Hilliar;  Township,  Knox  County,  Ohio. 
(Not  Hiller,  Hilliard,  nor  Hillier.) 

Hilliard;  Village,  Franklin  County, 
Ohio.     (Not  Hilliards.) 

Hilliard;  see  Hilliar. 

Hilliard;  see  Hilliards. 

Hilliards;  Village,  Washington  Town- 
ship, Butler  County,  Pa.  (Not  Hil- 
liard nor  Hilliard's.) 

Hillier;  see  Hilliar. 

Hills;  Point,  Sturgeon  Bay,  Door 
County,  Wis.     (Not  Hill's.) 

Hillshoro;  see  Hillsborough. 

Hillsborough;  County,  Fla.  (Not 
Hillsboro. ) 

Hillsborougli;  County  and  Town,  N. 
H.     (Not  Hillsboro.) 

♦Hillsgrove;  Town  and  Township,  Sul- 
livan County,  Pa.    ( Not  Hills  Grove. ) 

Hilltonia;  Village,  Screven  County,  Ga. 
(Not  Hiltonia.) 

Hilo;  Peak  (altitude  5,760  feet),  sec. 
29,  T.  44  N.,  R.  6  E.,  Shoshone 
County,  Idaho. 

Hilung-chiang ;  see  Heilungkiang. 

Himalaya;  Mountains,  northern  India. 
(Not  Himmaleh.) 

Hinchinbrook;  Cape  and  Island, 
Prince  William  Sound,  Alaska.  (Not 

Hinchinbrook;  Lighthouse,  on  Cape 
Hinchinbrook,  Prince  William  Sound, 

Hinchinbrook;  principal  entrance  to 
Prince  William  Sound,  Alaska.  (Not 

Hinckley;  Bend,  Missouri  River, 
Franklin  County,  Mo.  (Not  Hinck- 
ley's nor  Hinkle.) 

Hinckley;  Lake,  Wilmurt  Town,  Her- 
kimer County,  N.  Y.     (Not  Butler.) 

Hinckley  Point;  spit,  Saint  Lawrence 
River,  N.  Y.     ( Not  Hinckley's  Point. ) 

Hindu  Amphitheater;  Basin,  Grand 
Canyon  of  the  Colorado,  Coconino 
County,  Ariz. 

Hindu  Kush;  Mountains,  Central  Asia. 
(Not  Hindoo-Coosh,  Hindoo  Koosh, 
Hindoo-Koosh,  nor  Hindo-Kush.) 

Hing-hwa;  Channel,  City,  and  Sound, 
Fukien  Province,  China.  (Not 
Hsinghwa  nor  Hunghwa.) 

Hinkle;  Village,  Upshur  County,  W. 
Va.  (Not  Hinkles  Mills  nor  Hinkle- 

Hinyan  Kaga;  see  Owl. 

Hirst;  see  Mine. 

Hitchcock;  Landing,  Ohio  River, 
Scioto  County,  Ohio.  (Not  Hitch- 

Hitchcock;  see  Mount  Hitchcock. 

Hive;  Island,  Resurrection  Bay, 
Alaska.  (Not  Guard  nor  Sugar 

Hiwassee;  Town,  Towns  County,  Ga. 
(Not  Hiawassee.) 

Hiwassee;  Island  in  Tennessee  River 
at  mouth  of  Hiwassee  River,  Meigs 
County,  Tenn.,  and  River  in  Eastern 
Tennessee,  Western  North  Carolina, 
and  Northern  Georgia.  (Not  Hia- 

Hiwassee;  Village,  Cherokee  County, 
N.  C.     (Not  Hiawassee.) 

H'Lassa;  see  Lassa. 

Hlohahle;  Hhohah  le;  see  Lohali. 

Hoa;  Island  (somu),  lat.  39°  45'  N., 
long.  127°  34'  E.,  eastern  coast  of 
Chosen  (Korea).     (Not  Khodo.) 

Hoang  Ho;  see  Hwang. 

*Hoback;  Canyon  and  River,  Lincoln 
County,  Wyo.     (Not  Fall.) 

Hohadijah;  see  Cohobadiah. 

Hohokenville ;  see  Lenox. 

Hoholo  Chitto;  see  Hobolochitto. 



Hobolochitto;  Stream,  tributary  to 
Pearl  River,  Pearl  River  County, 
Miss.  (Not  Abolo  Chitto,  Abolo- 
chitto,  Bola  Chitto ;  Bolla  Chico,  nor 
Hobolo  Chitto.) 

Hobomoc;  Pond  in  Plymoutli  County, 
Mass.     (Not  Hobomack.) 

Hocomonco;  Pond  in  Worcester  Coun- 
ty, Mass.     (Not  Hobomoco.) 

Hodgdon;  Ranch,  Tuolumne  County, 
Calif.  (Not  Hodgeson  nor  Hodge- 

Hodges^;  Rock  in  Centerville  Harbor, 
Mass.'     (Not  Hodge.) 

Hodzana;  River,  tributary  to  the  Yu- 
kon River,  on  right  bank,  between 
Chandalar  and  Dall  Rivers,  Alaska. 
(Not  Hosiana.) 

Hofiler;  Creek,  Nansemond  and  Nor- 
folk Counties,  Va.  (Not  Bullock  nor 

Hoffman;  Island,  Lower  Bay,  Rich- 
mond Borough,  N.  Y.  (Not  Hoff- 

Hoffman;  Landing,  Columbia  River, 
near  Kalama,  Cowlitz  County  Wash. 
(Not  Hoffman's.) 

Hoffman,  Ala. ;  see  Huffman. 

Hoffman,  Calif. ;  see  Snow. 

Hoffmann;  Peak,  in  Sierra  Nevada, 
Mariposa  County,  Calif.  (Not  Hoff- 

Hoffmann;  see  Hoffman. 

Hofstad;  Creek,  emptying  into  Vixen 
Inlet  from  east,  northwestern  coast 
Cleveland  Peninsula,  Southeastern 

Hog-;  Island,  San  Jacinto  Bay,  Harris 
County,  Tex. 

Hog;  Point,  at  mouth  of  Patuxent 
River,  St.  Marys  County,  Md.  (Not 
Hog  Island.) 

Hog,  Conn. ;  see  South  Branch. 

Hog,  Me. ;  see  Appledore. 

Hog,  N.  Y. ;  s^ee  Center. 

Hog,  Vt. ;  see  Queneska. 

Hog  Back;  see  Sunset. 

Hog  Island;  see  Chappaquoit;  West 

Hog  Neck;  see  North  Haven. 

Hog  Point;  Post  Light,  Ohio  River, 
Perry  County,  Ind.     (Not  Hog's.) 

Hog  Run;  Post  Light,  Ohio  River, 
Marshall  County,  W.  Va.  (Not 
Hog's. ) 

Hogan;  Bay,  on  east  side  of  Knight 
Island,  2i  miles  northward  of  Point 
Helen,  Alaska. 

Hogansaani;  Spring,  west  of  Carrizo 
Mountains,  in  valley  of  Walker 
Creek,  Apache  County,  Ariz. 

Hogan' s  Dome;  see  Wamelo  Rock. 

*Hogatza;  River,  branch  of  Koyukuk 
River,  Alaska.  (Not  Ho-gat-za-ka- 
kat  nor  Hokuchatna.) 

Hogback;  see  Hallback. 

Hoh;  River  and  Head,  Jefferson 
County,  Wash.     (Not  Hooch.) 

Ho-holiknuk;  see  Hoholitna. 

Hoholitna;  River,  east  branch  of  Ho- 
litna  River,  principal  tributary  to 
Kuskokwim  River  from  south.  West- 
ern Alaska.  (Not  Agalitnak,  Halik- 
nuk,  nor  Ho-holiknuk.) 

Hoifung;  City,  Kwangtung  Province, 
China.  (Not  Hai  fung,  Hai  ping, 
nor  Haifung.) 

Hoihow,  Treaty  Port  of  Kiungchow, 
Hainan  Island,  Kwangtung  Province, 
China.  (Not  Hoi-Hau,  nor  Kiung- 
chow. ) 

Hokkaido;  see  Hokushu. 

Hoko;  Falls  and  River,  Clallam  Coun- 
ty, Wash.     (Not  Okho.) 

Hokotena;  see  Wild. 

Hoktaheen;  Cove,  in  the  northwest 
part  of  the  coast  of  Yakobi  Island, 
seven-eighths  of  a  mile  southeast  of 
Yakobi  Rock,  Alaska.  (Not  Hock- 
taheen  nor  Kochtaheene.) 

Hoku;  see  Anamizu. 

Hokubu  Shoto;  see  Amami. 

Hokushu;  Island,  Japan,  between  lat. 
41"  24'  and  45"  30'  N.,  and  long. 
140°  and  146"  E.  (Not  Hokkaido, 
leso,  Jesso,  Yesso,  nor  Yezo.) 

Holbrook;  Ledge,  Linekin  Bay,  Lin- 
coln County,  Me.     (Not  Holland's.) 

Hoick;  see  Hallets. 

Holcomb;  Island  and  Town,  Dunklin 
County,  Mo.     (Not  Halcomb.) 

Holder;  see  Quebec. 

Holdrege;  City,  Phelps  County,  Nebr. 
(Not  Holdredge.) 



Hole  in  the  Rock;  Hill,  easternmost 
of  the  Papago  Buttes,  Maricopa 
County,  Ariz. 

Hole  in  the  Wall;  a  hole  in  the  rock 
on  the  east  .^ide  of  Great  Abaco 
Island,  Bahamas.  (Not  Hole  in  the 
Rock  nor  Hole  in  Wall.) 

Holgate;  Arm  of  Aialik  Bay,  into 
which  Holgate  Glacier  flows,  Kenai 
Peninsula,  Alaska. 

Holgate;  Glacier,  Aialik  Bay,  Kenai 
Peninsula,  Alaska. 

Holiknuk;  see  Holitna. 

*Holitna;  River,  principal  tributary 
to  Kuskokwim  River  from  south 
about  lat.  61°  35',  long.  156°  30', 
Western  Alaska.  (Not  Chulitna, 
Holiknuk,  Holitno,  Hoolitna,  Hul- 
itna,  Hulitnak,  Hulitno,  Khulitno, 
nor  Kulitnak.) 

Holland;  Township,  Khandiyohi  Coun- 
ty, Minn.     (Not  Hilland.) 

Holland;  see  Netherlands. 

Holland  Fork;  Stream,  Hamilton 
Township,  Jackson  County,  and 
Madison  Township,  Scioto  County, 
Ohio.     (Not  Little  Scioto  River.) 

Holland  Island;  Bar  and  Town,  Chesa- 
peake Bay,  Dorchester  County,  Md. 
(Not  Holland's  Island.) 

Holland  Station;  see  Kincaid. 

Holland's,  Me. ;  see  Holbrook. 

Hollands,  Md, ;  see  Hawlings. 

Hollenbeck;  River,  Litchfield  County, 
Conn.  (Not  Hallenback,  Hallenbech, 
nor  Hallenbeck.) 

TTrijrifi;  see  Hallets. 

Hollister;  Mountain  (altitude  4,320 
feet),  sees.  11  and  14,  T.  52  N.,  R.  3 
W.,  Kootenai  County,  Idaho. 

Hollow;  Bight,  southern  side  Passage 
Canal,  about  midway  between  De- 
cision Point  and  Neptune  Point,  and 
v(^st  of  Squirrel  Point,  northwestern 
part  Prince  William  Sound,  Alaska. 

Holmes;  Railroad  Station,  Dutchess 
County,  N.  Y.  (Not  Reynoldsville 
nor  Reynoldsville  Station.) 

Holt  Bar;  Post  Light,  Ohio  River,  3 
miles  below  Rome,  Perry  County, 
Ind.     (Not  Holt's  Bar.) 

Holton;  Town,'  Marathon  County, 
Wis.      (Not  Halton.) 

Holy  Grrail  Temple;  Peak,  on  the  west 
side  of  Shinumo  Creek,  Coconino 
County,  Ariz.     (Not  Bass's  Tomb.) 

Holy  Sea;  see  Lake  Baikal. 

Holy  Trail;  see  Troitsa. 

Holyoke;  Glacier,  western  shore  Col- 
lege Fiord,  south  of  Barnard  Gla- 
cier, Prince  William  Sound,  Alaska. 

Hombagu;  Point,  entrance  to  Daido 
Inlet,  western  coast  of  Chosen 
(Korea).  (Not  Hon  bagu  nor  Hum- 

Home;  see  Afton. 

Honmuku  Bana;  see  Treaty. 

Honan;  Point,  Vishnu  quadrangle,  Co- 
conino County,  Ariz. 

Honan;  Province,  China.  (Not  Ho- 

Hondo;  see  Honshu. 

Honeybrook;  Borough  and  Township, 
Chester  County,  Pa.  (Not  Honey 

Honeycomb;  Creek,  Marshall  County, 
Ala.      (Not   Honey.) 

Honeygo;  Stream,  branch  of  White- 
marsh  Run,  Baltimore  County,  Md. 
(Not  Herring  nor  Horning.) 

Hongkong;  City  and  Island,  China. 
(Not   Hong-Kong.) 

Honjima;  Honjiu;  see  Honshu. 

Honmuku  Bana;  see  Treaty. 

Honsen;  see  Hensen. 

Honshu;  largest  Island  of  Japan,  ex- 
tending from  the  Strait  of  Sangar 
(Tsugaru)  south  westward  for  900 
miles  to  the  narrow  channels  which 
separate  it  from  the  islands  of  Kiu- 
shu  and  Shikoku.  (Not  Hondo, 
Hondu,  Honjima,  Honjiu,  Niphon, 
Nipon,  nor  Nippon.) 

Hooch;  see  Hoh. 

Hoochinoo;  see  Kootznahoo. 

Hood;  Bay,  west  coast  of  Admiralty 
Island,  Alexander  Archipelago, 
Southeastern  Alaska.     (Not  Hootz.) 

Hood  Canal;  western  arm  of  Puget 
Sound,  extending  from  Tala  Point, 
Jefferson  County,  and  Foulweather 
Blufe,  Kitsap  County,  to  Clifton, 
Mason  County,  Wash.  (Not 

Hoodoo;  Basin,  Creek,  and  Peak, 
Park  County,  Wyo.     (Not  Goblin.) 



Hoodoo;  see  Evans. 

Hoodoo  Cascades;  Falls,  on  Cascade 

Creek,  Gallatin  County,  Mont. 
Hoolethlocco    Hoolethloces,    Hooteth- 

loco ;  see  Chatahospee ;  Little  Chata- 

Eoo-nan;   see  Hunan. 
Eooniah;  see  Tenakee. 
Eooniah  Hot  Springs;  see  White  Sul- 
phur Springs. 
♦Hoopa;    Village,    Humboldt   County, 

Calif.     (Not  Hupa.) 
♦Hoopa  Valley;  Indian  Reservation, 

Humboldt     County,     Calif.        (Not 

Hupa   Valley.) 
Hoopa;  Hoopah;  see  Hupa. 
Hoo-pe;  see  Hupeh. 
Hooper;    Creek,    tributary    from    the 

east   to    South    Fork    San    Joaquin 

River,  at  lat.  37°  28'  30",  Fresno 

County,  Calif. 
Hooper;  Island  and  Strait,  Chesapeake 

Bay,  Dorchester  County,  Md.     (Not 

Hooper;  Peak   (altitude  12,322  feet), 

Fresno  County,  Calif. 
Hoosatonic;  see  Housatonic. 
Hoosic;  River  in  Massachusetts,  New 

York,  and  Vermont,  tributary  to  the 

Hudson.      (Not    Hoosac,    Hoosack, 

nor  Hoosick.) 
Hoosnoff;   see   Kootznahoo. 
Hootalinqua;  see  Teslin. 
Hootethlocco ;  see  Chatahospee;  Little 

Hoove:'    Field;    Post    Light,    Illinois 

River,     Pike     County,     111.       (Not 

Hoover's. ) 
Hop;     Creek,     Musselshell     County, 

Hopah;  see  Hupa. 
Hopewell;  see  Spencers  Wharf. 
Hopi;  Biittes  and  Province,  Hopi  In- 
dian   Reservation,    Navajo    County, 

Ariz.     (Not  Rabbit  Ear  Mountain.) 
Hopi;    Point,    Grand    Canyon    of    the 

Colorado,     Coconino    County,    Ariz. 

(Not  Rowes.) 
Hopkins;     Creek,     branch     of     Mono 

Creek,  Fresno  County,  Calif. 
Hopkins;  Peak  (altitude  12,300  feet), 

Fresno  County,  Calif. 
Hopkins;  see  Berlin. 

Hoquiam;  River,  tributary  to  Grays 
Harbor,  Grays  Harbor  County, 
Wash.     (Not  Hoquiamts.) 

Horkan;  Creek,  T.  1  S.,  R.  48  B.,  trib- 
utary to  Little  Pumpkin  Creek  from 
southwest.  Powder  River  County, 
Mont.     (Not  Cottonwood.) 

Horlbach;  see  Hallback. 

Horn;  Creek,  Grand  Canyon  of  the 
Colorado,  Coconino  County,  Ariz. 

♦Homiblow;  Point,  Chowan  County, 
N.  C.  (Not  Hornblower,  Horni- 
blow's,  nor  Skinners.) 

Horning;  see  Honey  go. 

Horrell;  Precinct,  Frontier  County, 
Nebr.     (Not    Howell.) 

Horse;  Creek,  emptying  into  north  side 
North  St.  Vrain  Creek,  sec.  13,  T.  3 
N.,  R.  73  W.,  about  6  miles  southeast 
of  Longs  Peak,  Boulder  County,  Colo, 

Horse;  Creek,  Ts.  8  and  9  S.,  Rs.  10 
and  11  E.,  emptying  into  Hell  Roar- 
ing Creek  in  sec.  6,  T.  9  S.,  R.  11  E., 
Park  County,  Mont. 

Horse;  see  Horsefly;  Vaquero. 

Horse,  Alaska ;  see  Cheval. 

Horse,  Mass ;  see  Lieutenant. 

Horse;  see  Harbor. 

Horse;  see  Grassy  Glade. 

Horse  Island;  Creek,  Phillips  Island, 
Beaufort  County,  S.  C.    (Not  Moss.) 

Horse  Island;  see  Sebasco. 

Horse  Neck;  see  Field. 

Horsefly;  Creek,  Montrose  County, 
Colo.     (Not  Muache.) 

Horsefly;  Creek,  T.  3  N.,  R.  9  E.,  trib- 
utary to  Shields  River  from  the  east, 
west  of  Crazy  Mountains,  Park 
County,  Mont.  (Not  Fly  nor  Horse.) 

Horsehead;  Peak,  between  Harts 
Draw  Wash  and  North  Canyon,  San 
Juan  County,  Utah. 

Horseshoe;  Peak,  lat.  48°  04'  N.,  long. 
113°  25'  W.,  Flathead  County,  Mont 

Horseshoe;  Range  Lights,  mouth  of 
Schuylkill  River,  Philadelphia  Coun- 
ty, Pa.     (Not  Horse  Shoe.) 

Horseshoe;  Shoal,  Chesapeake  Bay, 
near  Hampton  Roads,  Va.  (Not 
Horse  Shoe.) 

Horseshoe  Mesa;  Plateau,  Vishnu 
quadrangle,  Coconino  County,  Ariz. 



Horsethief;  Trail,  Ouray  quadrangle, 
Ouray  County,  Colo. 

Horsetooth;  Peak  (altitude  10,400 
feet),  northwest  corner  sec.  15,  T.  3 
N.,  R.  73  W.,  about  3  miles  south- 
east of  Longs  Peak,  Boulder  County, 

Horton;  Lighthouse,  Neck,  and  Point, 
Southold  Town,  Suffolk  County,  N. 
Y.     (Not  Horton' s.) 

Horus  Temple;  Peak,  Grand  Canyon 
of  the  Colorado,  Coconino  County, 

Hosa;  Group  .of  Islands,  lat.  35 **  08' 
N.,  long.  125°  54'  E.,  southwestern 
coast  of  Chosen  (Korea).  (Not 

Hoseanna;  Creek,  tributary  to  Nenana 
,  River,  Central  Alaska.  (Not  Lig- 

Hosiana;  see  Hodzana. 

Hoskinnini;  Mesa,  20  miles  east  of 
Navajo  Mountain,  San  Juan  County, 

Eospitito;  see  Hasbidito. 

Hotaka;  Island  (jima),  Hiroshima 
Bay  Inland  Sea,  Japan.  (Not  Ho- 
take,   Otaka,  nor   Otake.) 

Hotaling;  Island,  Hudson  River,  Co- 
lumbia County,  N.  Y.  (Not  Hough- 

Hotalinga;  see  Teslin. 

Hotauta;  Canyon,  Coconino  County, 

Hotevila;  Settlement  and  Spring,  Hopi 
Indian  Reservation,  Ariz. 

Houchnou;  see  Kootznahoo. 

Houghs;  Neck,  south  side  Boston  Bay, 
Quincy,  Norfolk  County,  Mass.  (Not 
Hough  nor  Hough's.) 

Hound;  Island,  northern  part  of  Keku 
Strait,  Southeastern  Alaska.  (Not 

Hounsfield;  Town,  Jefferson  County, 
N.  Y.     (Not  East  Houndsfield.) 

Housatonic;  River,  Connecticut  and 
Massachusetts,  and  Village,  Berk- 
shire County,  Mass.  (Not  Hoosa- 
tonic  nor  Ousa tonic.) 

House;  see  Kings. 

House  of  the  Ghosts;  Cliff,  above 
Paso  del  Tesoro,  Maricopa  County, 

House  Springs;  Town,  Jefferson  Coun- 
ty, Mo.     (Not  House's  Spring.) 

Houston;  County,  Ga.  (Not  Hous- 

Houtenville;  see  Colonia. 

How;  Town,  Oconto  County,  Wis. 
(Not  Howe.) 

Howard;  Bend,  Missouri  River,  St. 
Charles  and  St.  Louis  Counties,  Mo. 

Howard;  Post  Light,  Mississippi 
River,  near  Canton,  Lewis  County, 
Mo.     (Nol  Howard's.) 

♦Howard  Lake;  Village,  Wright  Coun- 
ty, Minn.     (Not  Howard.) 

Howell;  Cove,  Delaware  River,  about 
1  mile  southeast  of  League  Island, 
Gloucester  County,  N.  J.  (Not 

Howell;  Island,  Missouri  River,  St. 
Charles  County,  Mo.  (Not  How- 

Howell;  Mesa,  Coconino  County,  Ariz. 

Howell;  Peak,  House  Range,  Millard 
County,   Utah. 

Howell;  see  Horrell. 

Howells;  see  Cosumne. 

Howes;  Cave,  CoblesklU  Town,  Scho- 
harie County,  N.  Y.  (Not  Otsgara- 
gee  Cavern.) 

Howes  Cave;  Village,  Cobleskill 
Town,  Schoharie  County,  N.  Y. 
(Not  Howe  Cave,  Howecave,  Howe's 
Cave,  nor  Hows  Cave.) 

Howkan;  Narrows,  Reef,  Strait,  and 
Village,  Dall  Island,  Southeastern 
Alaska.     (Not  Jackson.) 

Howki;  Island,  Miao  group,  Pechili 
Strait,  North  China.     (Not  Hauki.) 

Howlet;  Hill,  Onondaga  County,  N.  Y. 
(Not  Howlett  nor  Howlit.) 

Howlet  Hill;  Village,  Onondaga  Town, 
Onondaga  County,  N.  Y.  (Not  How- 
lett Hill  nor  Howlit  Hill.) 

Howlock;  Mountain,  just  north  Mount 
Thielsen,  Klamath  County,  Oreg. 
(Not  Walker.) 

Hoyt;  Mountain  (altitude  4,862  feet), 
sec.  26,  T.  45  N.,  R.  4  E.,  Shoshone 
County,   Idaho. 

Hoyt;  Peak,  east  of  Yellowstone  Lake, 
in  Yellowstone  National  Park.  (Not 



Hoytsville;  Village,  Wood  County, 
Ohio.     (Not  Hoytville.) 

Hramina;  Light  and  Village,  coast  of 
Austria,  Adriatic  Sea.  (Not  Hera- 

Hrbosnjak;  Ishmd,  lat.  43°  30'  N., 
long.  15°  44'  E.,  coast  of  Jugo- 
slavia, Adriatic  Sea.  (Not  Ger- 
bosnjak,  Herbosnjak,  nor  Hrbosjak.) 

H sin-Chiang ;  see  Sinkiang. 

Hualpai;  Indian  Reservation,  Coconi- 
no and  Mohave  Counties,  and  Moun- 
tain and  Village,  Mohave  County, 
Ariz.     (Not  Huaipai  nor  Hualapai.) 

Huang  Ho;  see  Hwang. 

Huaqui;  see  Yaqui. 

Huascdn;  see  Huascaran. 

Huascaran;  Mountain,  Peruvian  An- 
des, South  America.  (Not  Huascan 
nor   Huascan.) 

Hubbs;  Landing,  Ohio  River,  Marshall 
County,  W.  Va.     (Not  Hubbs's.) 

Huckleberry;  Basin,  head  of  Huckle- 
berry Creek,  Mount  Rainier  National 
Park,  Pierce  County,  Wash. 

Huckleberry;  Creek,  southeast  of 
Grand  Park,  tributary  to  White 
River,  Mount  Rainier  National  Park, 
Pierce  County,   Wash. 

Huckleberry;  Island,  Long  Island 
Sound,  Westchester  County,  N.  Y. 
(Not   Whortleberry.) 

Huckleberry ;  see  Sticker. 

Huddels;  Huddle;  Huddle's;  see  Ulm- 

Hudlow;  Creek,  T.  52  N.,  Rs.  1  and  2 
W.,  tributary  to  Little  North  Fork 
Coeur  d'Alene  River  from  west, 
Kootenai  County,  Idaho.  (Not 
South   Canyon.) 

Hudson;  Bay,  Canada.  (Not  Hud- 

Hudson;  Cape,  approximate  long.  150" 
E.,  Wilkes  Land,  Antarctic  Conti- 
nent. Discovered  and  named  by 
Capt.  Wilkes  in  1840. 

Hudson;  River,  New  York.  (Not 
North  River.) 

Hudson;  see  Little  Chop  tank. 

Hudsunoo;  see  Kootznahoo. 

Hue;  Capital  City  and  River,  Anam, 

Cochin  China.      (Not  Fu-thien,  Fu- 

thuan,  Hue-Fo,  Hue-fo,  Hue-fu,  nor 

Thua-Thien. ) 
Huerhuero;   Creek   and    Land    Grant, 

San    Luis     Obispo     County,     Calif. 

(Not  Huer-Huero,  Huer  Huero,  nor 

Huero  Huero.) 
Huerta    de    Romauldo;    Laud    Grant, 

San  Luis  Obispo  County,  Calif.     (Not 

Huerta  de  Romualdo.) 
Huerto;  Creek,  right-band  branch  of 

Piedra  River,  Hinsdale  County,  Colo. 

(Not  Middle  Fork  Piedra.) 
Huffman;  Town,  Jefferson  County,  Ala. 

(Not  Hoffman.) 
Hughes;     Railroad     Station,     Butler 

County,  Ohio.     (Not  Hughs.) 
Hughes,  Colo, ;  see  Brighton. 
Hughes,  Me. ;  see  Hewes. 
Hughes  Bar;  Post  Light,  Ohio  River, 

10  miles  below  Louisville,  Ky.     (Not 

Huguenot;  Island,  St.  Lawrence  River, 

Jefferson  County,  N.  Y.     (Not  Huge- 

not.  Pike,  nor  Proctor.) 
Huguenot   Head;   Mountain    spur    on 

northwest  face  Champlain  Mountain, 

National   Monument,   Mount  Desert 

Island,  Hancock  County,  Me. 
Hulberton;    Village,   Orleans  County, 

N.  Y.     (Not  Hulburton.) 
Hulitna;  see  Holitna. 
Hulti;  see  Le  Conte. 
Humacao;  see  Port  Humacao. 
Humboldt;     Township     and     Village, 

Coles  County,  111.     (Not  Humbolt.) 
Humbug;  see  Hombagu. 
Hump  Mountain;  see  Ouray  Peak. 
Humpback;  Creek,  eastern  shore  Orca 

Bay,  Prince  William  Sound,  Alaska. 

(Not  Hunchback.) 
Humpback;  Creek,  emptying  into  Mink 

Bay,  about  lat.  55°  1',  long.  130°  42', 

Southeastern  Alaska. 
Humpback;  Mountain    (altitude  4,839 

feet),    west    of    Humpback    Creek, 

King  County,  Wash. 
Humphreys  Peak;  see  San  Francisco 

Humphrey's  Pond;  see  Forest. 



Humptulips;  River  and  Village,  Grays 
Harbor  County,  Wash.  (Not  Hump- 
tolups,  Hum-tu-lups,  nor  Um-ta-lah.) 

Hunafloi;  Large  Bay,  northwestern 
coast  of  Iceland.  (Not  Huna  Floi, 
Hunefloin,  Skagastrand-Bugt,  Skage- 
strand,  nor  Skagestrands. ) 

Hunan;  Province,  China.  (Not  Hu- 
nan nor  Hoo-nan.) 

Hunchback;  see  Mount  Oso. 

Hunghwa;  see  Hinghwa. 

Hungry  Mother;  Creek,  near  Marion, 
Smyth  County,  Va.  (Not  Hunger's 
Mother,  Hungry  Hollow,  nor  Hun- 
grys  Mother.) 

Hunt;  Ledge,  Boston  Harbor,  Mass. 
(Not  Hunt's.) 

Hunt;  Mountain,  northeastern  one  of 
Elkhorn  Spur,  Blue  Mountains,  Baker 
County,  Oreg. 

Hunter;  Bar,  north  side  channel  of 
Columbia  River,  about  1  mile  south- 
east Sandy  Island,  and  Station,  Co- 
lumbia County,  Oreg.  (Not  Hun- 
ter's nor  Hunters.) 

Hunters;  Creek,  rising  south  of  Longs 
Peak,  and  emptying  into  north  side 
North  St.  Vrain  Creek,  sec  21,  T.  3 
N.,  R.  1,  about  2  miles  northwest  of 
Aliens  Park  Village,  Boulder  County, 
Colo.     (Not  Hunter's  Creek.) 

Hunters;  Point,  East  River,  Queens 
County,  N.  Y.     (Not  Hunter's.) 

Huntington;  Peak  (altitude  12,393 
feet),  Fresno  and  Mono  Counties, 

Huntley;  Village,  McHenry  County, 
1 11.     ( Not  Huntl  ey  Grove. ) 

Hunts;  Peak,  Sangre  de  Cristo  Range, 
on  the  boundary  between  Saguache 
and  Fremont  Counties,  Colo. 

Huntsville;  Village,  Randolph  County, 
Ind.     (Not  Untsville.) 

Hupa;  Indian  tribe  and  Mountain, 
Humboldt  County,  Calif.  (Not  Hoo- 
pa,  Hoopah,  Ho-pah,  Hupa,  Hupf), 
Noh-tin-oah,  nor  Up-pa.) 

Hupa;  see  Hoopa. 

Hnpa  Valley;  see  Hoopa  Valley. 

Hupeh;  Province,  China.  (Not  Hu- 
peh  nor  Hoo-pe.) 

Uurac :  see  Urga. 

Hurd;  Peak,  Sierra  Nevada,  near  lat. 
37°  08',  long.  118°  31' ;  southwest  of 
Long  Lake,  Inyo  County,  Calif. 

Hurd;  Railroad  Station,  Morris  Coun- 
ty, N.  J.     (Not  Hurdtown.) 

Hurd;  see  Weldon. 

Hurry  on;  Creek,  tributary  to  Rogue 
River  from  the  east,  Douglas  County, 

Hurst;  Creek,  Dorchester  County,  Md. 
(Not  Ferry.) 

Hussey  Rock;  see  The  Hussey. 

Hutli;  see  Le  Comte. 

Huxley;  Peak  (altitude  11,907  feet), 
8  miles  north,  73**  west,  from  sum- 
mit of  Mount  St.  Ellas,  Alaska. 

Huxley  Terrace;  Plateau,  on  the  south 
side  of  the  Grand  Canyon,  near  the 
lower  end  of  Granite  Gorge,  Coconino 
County,  Ariz.  (Not  Huxley  Plateau 
nor  Observation  Plateau.) 

Hwaianfu;  city,  Kiangsu  Province, 
China.     (Not  Hwaingan  Fu.) 

*  Hwang;  River  (ho),  China.  (Not 
Hoang  Ho,  Hoang-Ho,  Hoangho, 
Huang  Ho,  Hwang  Ho,  Hwang  ho, 
Hwang-Ho,  Hwang-ho,  nor  Hwang- 

Hyahary;  see  Yavari. 

Hyak;  Creek,  heading  in  Hyak  Lake, 
flowing  east  and  emptying  into  Coal 
Greek  at  Hyak  Station,  east  portal 
of  Chicago,  Milwaukee  &  St.  Paul 
Railroad  tunnel,  Kittitas  County, 

Hyak;  Lake,  small  one  at  3,700  feet 
elevation  near  divide  just  south  of 
Chicago,  Milwaukee  &  St.  Paul 
tunnel,  Kittitas  County,  Wash. 

Hyak;  see  Lodge. 

Hyalite;  Peak,  T.  5  S.,  R.  6  E.,  near 
Giants  Head  Mountain,  Gallatin 
County,  Mont. 

Hyapura;  see  Yapura. 

Hyattville;  Town,  Liberty  Tovm- 
siiip,  Delaware  County,  Ohio.  (Not 
Hyatt's,  Hyatts  Station,  Hyattsville, 
nor  Hytts.) 

Hyde;  Creek,  small  tributary  to  Two 
Medicine  River,  Glacier  County, 





*  Hyderabad;  Capital  City  and  Native 
State,  India.  (Not  Haidarabad  nor 
Haiderabad. ) 

Hyderabad;  City  and  District,  Prov- 
ince of  Sind,  India.  (Not  Haidara- 
bad, Haiderabad,  nor  Hydrabad.) 

Hyrum;  Town,  Cache  County,  Utah. 
(Not  Hyram.) 


/.  das  Frescas;  see  Flechas. 

lahloshnie;  see  Apple. 

lachnoi;  see  Ugalgan. 

lamonia;  Lake  and  Town,  Leon  Coun- 
ty, Fla.     (Not  Jamony.) 

lasi;  see  Jassy. 

Ibn  Hani;  Cape  (ras),  lat.  35°  35'  N., 
long.  35°  42'  E.,  coast  of  Syria. 
(Not  Ibn  Han.) 

lUsa;  Ihiza;  see  Iviza. 

Ibraila;  pee  Braila. 

Icacos;  see  Point  Icacos. 

Icacos  Cay;  Island,  eastern  coast  P. 
R.     (Not  Hicacos  nor  Leacos  Cay.) 

Icathluik;  set  Niukluk. 

Iceberg";  Lake,  one  of  Galena  Chain 
Lakes,  Whatcom  County,  Wash. 

Iceberg;  Point,  Lopez  Island,  San 
Juan  County,  Wash.     (Not  Jennis.) 

Ichang;  Subpostal  District,  Hankow, 

Icicle;  Creek,  rising  in  Josephine  Lake, 
eastern  slope  of  Cascade  Range,  2 
miles  southeast  of  Stevens  Pass, 
flowing  south  and  east  to  Wenatchee 
River,  Chelan  County,  Wash.  (Not 
Nacicle. ) 

Icicle;  see  Leland. 

Ida;  Pass,  immediately  west  of  Foggy 
Mountain,  T.  29  N.,  R.  11  E.,  Sno- 
homish County,  Wash. 

Idaho;  Creek,  joining  Stern  Gulch 
from  the  soutlnvest,  about  8  miles 
above  the  mouth  of  Bonanza  Creek, 

Idaho;  see  California. 

Idlewild;  Island,  St.  Lawrence  River, 
Jefferson  County,  N.  Y.  (Not  Ma- 

lekaterinhoiirg ;  see  Ekaterinburg. 

lefiisei;  see  Yenisei. 

Igagik;  Igiagik;  see  Egegik. 

Igalik;  Island,  low  and  sandy,  on 
Arctic  Coast  abreast  of  Dease  Inlet, 
Northern  Alaska.  (Not  Ikalu  nor 

Ighiak;  see  Eyak. 

Igitkin;  Island,  near  Great  Sitkin 
Island,  middle  Aleutians,  Alaska. 
(Not  Igitkhin.) 

Ignacio;  Lakes,  west  of  Animas  Can- 
yon, La  Plata  County,  Colo.  (Not 
Bishop,  Cascade  Reservoir ;  Colum- 
bine, Hamor,  Molar,  Pierce,  nor 
Rockwood  Lakes.) 

Igmilook;  see  Little  Diomede. 

Ignatief;  see  Mendenhall. 

Igushik;  Ridge  (prominent),  on  west- 
ern side  of  Igushik  River,  Nushagak 
Bay,  Alaska. 

lieso;  see  Hohushu. 

lion  Road;  Roadstead  and  Village,  lat. 
40°  17'  N.,  long.  128°  40'  E.,  eastern 
coast  of  Chosen  (Korea).  (Not 
I-uon  nor  Pallada  Roadstead.) 

Ijaku;  Island  (to),  lat.  37°  10'  N., 
long.  126°  15'  E.,  western  coast  of 
Chosen  (Korea).     (Not  Cheup  tau.) 

Ijoot;  see  Izhut. 

Ikalu;  see  Igalik. 

Ikhiak;  see  Eyak. 

Ikiut-pak;  see  Niukluk. 

Ik-ku-go-ak;  see  Ikugoak. 

Ikogmut;  Mission  and  Village,  Yukon 
River,  Alaska.     (Not  Ikogmute.) 

Ikolik;  Cape,  western  coast  of  Kodiak 
Island,  Alaska.     (Not  Ikalik.) 

Ikti;  Cape,  southern  coast  of  Alaska 
Peninsula,  Alaska.     (Not  Itkhi.) 

Ikugoak;  River,  tributary  to  Selawik 
River,  Northwestern  Alaska.  (Not 
Ik-ku-go-itk. ) 

Ilcki;  see  Khotan. 

lie  aux  Cochons;  see  Gravelly. 

He  Aux  Galets;  Island,  near  north 
end  of  Lake  Michigan.  (Not  Skil- 
ligallee. ) 

He  aux  Galops;  see  Galop. 

He  Isidore;  see  Island  No.  8. 

lie  Richard;  «ee  Coryell. 

lie  St.  Thdr^se;  lie  Ste.  Th^r^se;  see 
Isle  Ste.  Therese. 

lie  William;  He  William.^;  see  Gov- 

lies  Revilla  Gigedo;  see  Revillagigedo. 



Ilha  das  Flexas;  see  Plechas. 
Iliamna;  Bay,  Lake,  Towii,  and  Vol- 
cano, Cook  Inlet,  Alaska. 
IJitsi;  see  Khotan. 

*Iliuliuk;    Harbor,    an    arm    of   Una- 
laska  Bay,  Unalaska  Island,  Alaska. 
(Not  Unalaska  nor  Levaslief, ) 
Iliuliuk;  Village,  at  head  of  Iliulink 
Harbor,    Unalaska     Island,    eastern 
Aleutians,   Alaska.     (Not   Iliouliouk 
nor  Unalaska.) 
Illilouette;  Creek  and  Falls,  Yosemite 
National     Park,    Mariposa    County, 
Calif.     (Not    South    Canyon    Creek 
nor  Tu-lu-la-m-ak. ) 
Illilouette;  Ridge,  near  the  upper  end 
of    Yosemite    Valley,    Y'osemite    Na- 
tional Park,  Mariposa  County,  Calif. 
Illinois,  Colo. ;   see  West  Elk. 
Illinois,  S.  C. ;  see  Oolenoy. 
Immo;  see  Rima. 

Imniyon  Sea;  Bay  or  Gulf,  lat.  40°  41' 
N.,   long.   129"   15'   E.,   northeastern 
coast     of     Chosen     (Korea).     (Not 
Imperator;   Imperatorskaya ;   Impera- 
torski;  Imperatorskoi;  see  Imperial. 
Imperial;    Harbor    or    Port,    eastern 
coast    of   Siberia,    lat.    49**    02'    N., 
long.  140°  21'  E.     (Not  Barracouta, 
Imperator,  Imperatorskaya,  Impera- 
torski,  Imperatorskoi,  nor  Imperial.) 
Imrnn;  see  Omeira. 
Imuruk;  Lake,  east  of  Port  Clarence, 
Northwestern   Alaska.     (Not   Imou- 
rouk. ) 
Inchwag-h;  Lake,   Livingston  County, 
Mich.     (Not  Nitchwage  nor  Michu- 
Index;  Mountain,  1^  miles  from  Index 
Town,     Snohomish    County,    Wash. 
(Not  West  Index.) 
Indian;  Creek,  west  of  Stevenson  Is- 
land, connecting  Barnes  Lake  with 
Whale  Passage  at   the  junction  of 
the  latter  with  Kashevarof  Passage, 
northeastern     part     of     Prince     of 
Wales  Island,  Southeastern  Alaska. 
Indian;     Creek,     Moquawkie     Indian 
Reservation,  just  above  North  Fore- 
land, west  side  Cook  Inlet,  Alaska. 
(Not  Shorty,  Shorty s,  nor  Shorty's.) 

Indian;  Creek,  Mariposa  County,  Calif. 

(Not  Chinquapin.) 
Indian;  Creek,  tributary  to  Bear  Creek 
from    south.    Clear    Creek    County, 
Colo.     (Not    Bear,    Roeder,     South 
Fork,   nor   Yankee.) 
Indian;  Creek,  Chowan  County,  N.  C. 

(Not  Dillard  nor  Dillard  Mill.) 
Indian;    Creek,    Hardin    and    Wayne 
Counties,      Tenn.     (Not      Reinness, 
Reinse's,  nor  Reinses.) 
Indian;  Creek,  heading  west  of  Aba  jo 

Peak,   San  Juan  County,  Utah. 
*  Indian;    Lake,    Schoolcraft    County, 
Mich.      (Not  Manistique,  W.  Monis- 
tique,  nor  Monistique.) 
Indian;  see  Butte;  Chaplin;  Malay. 
Indian  Castle;  see  Nowadaga, 
Indian  Creek;  Rapids,  west  of  Steven- 
son Island,  northeastern  part  Prince 
of      Wales      Island,      Southeastern 
Indian    Grave;    Mountain,   prominent 
landmark  about  lat.  65°  30'  N.,  In- 
ternational      Boundary       (between 
Alaska  and  Canada). 
Indian  Guy  an;  Creek,  Gallia  and  Law- 
rence Counties,  Ohio.     (Not  Guyan- 
dotte  nor  Indian  Guyandotte.)   • 
♦Indian    Henrys    Hunting    Ground; 
Park  region  between  South  Tahoma 
Glacier    and    Kautz    Creek,    Mount 
Rainier  National  Park,  Pierce  Coun- 
ty,  Wash.      (Not   Henry's   Hunting 
Indian    Kentucky;    Creek,    rising    in 
Ripley    County,    tributary    to    Ohio 
River,    in    Jefferson    County,    Ind. 
(Not  Kentucky.) 
Indian  Oldtown;  see  Old  Town. 
Indian  Point;  see  Chaplin. 
Indian  Eidge;  Village,  Grainger  Coun- 
ty, Tenn.     (Not  Indianridge.) 
Indian  Spring;  Militia  District,  Butts 
County,  Ga.     (Not  Indian  Springs.) 
Indian     Springs;     Village,     Sullivan 
County,  Tenn.     (Not  Indian  Spring.) 
Indian  Wells;  Valley,  Kern,  Inyo,  and 
San     Bernardino     Counties,     Calif. 
(Not  Brown,   Inyo-Kern,   Inyokern, 
nor   Salt  Wells.) 
Indiana;  see    Sapinero. 



Indianola;  Precinct  and  Village,  San- 
pete County,  Utah.     (Not  Indiaola.) 

Ingersol;  see  Lachbuna. 

InglemarCs;  see  Engelmann. 

Ingot;  Island,  middle  one  of  the  three 
in  Prince  William  Sound,  Alaska. 

Ingra;  see  Jugra. 

Ingraham;  Glacier,  head  ranch  Cow- 
litz Glacier,  southeastern  slope 
Mount  Rainier,  Pierce  County, 
Wash.     (Not  Serviss.) 

Ingram  Bar;  Post  Light,  Tennessee 
River,  Trigg  County,  Ky.  (Not  In- 
gram's Bar.) 

Inhuca;  see  Inyak. 

Inigos;  see  St.  Inigoes. 

Iniskin;  Bay,  north  shore  Kamishak 
Bay,  west  shore  Cook  Inlet,  Alaska. 
(Not  Enochkln,  Inerskin,  Inischen, 
Initskin,    Innerskin,   nor   Inniskin.) 

Iniskin;  Island,  about  1  mile  off  east- 
ern side  mouth  of  Iniskin  Bay, 
northern  coast  Kamishak  Bay, 
southwestern  coast  Cook  Inlet, 

Iniskin;  River,  head  of  Iniskin  Bay, 
southwestern  coast  Cook  Inlet, 

Iniskin;  Rock,  about  1  mile  off  mouth 
Iniskin  Bay,  and  same  distance 
west  Iniskin  Island,  northern  coast 
Kamishak  Bay,  southwestern  coast 
Cook  Inlet,  Alaska. 

Iniskin;  Shoal,  about  li  miles  off 
mouth  Iniskin  Bay  and  IJ  miles 
south  75°  west  from  Iniskin  Island, 
northern  coast  Kamishak  Bay,  south- 
western coast  Cook  Inlet,  Alaska. 

Inn;  Brook,  tributary  to  Cow  Creek, 
from  the  west  at  Longs  Peak  Vil- 
lage, Larimer  County,  Colo. 

Inner;  Point,  southeastern  shore  of 
Kruzof  Island,  Sitka  Sound,  South- 
eastern Alaska.  (Not  Rocky  nor 

Inner  Manchas;  Coral  Reef  or  Bank, 
on  north  side  of  entrance  to  Maya- 
guez  Bay,  P.  R.  (Not  Inner  Ma- 
chos. ) 

Inskeep  Branch;  see  Great  Egg  Har- 

Inspiration;  Point,  on  Apache  Trail 
where  road  swerves  to  the  right  at 
Roosevelt  Dam,  Maricopa  County, 

Inter;  Glacier,  discharging  into  Inter 
Fork  Creek,  northeastern  slope 
Mount  Rainier,  Pierce  County, 

*  Inter  Fork;  Creek,  tributary  to  White 
River,  draining  Inter  Glacier,  Mount 
Rainier  National  Park,  Pierce  Coun- 
ty, Wash.     (Not  Inter.) 

Interbay;  Peninsula,  between  Hills- 
boro  and  Old  Tampa  Bays,  Fla. 

*Interlachen;  Town,  Putnam  County, 
Fla.  (Not  Inter  Lachen  nor  Inter- 
laken. ) 

Inuya;  Creek,  T.  36  N.,  R.  24  W.,  ris- 
ing near  Inuya  Pass  and  tributary  to 
Whale  Creek  from  northwest,  Flat- 
head  County,   Mont. 

Invergrove;  Township  and  Village, 
Dakota  County,  Minn.  (Not  Inver 
Grove. ) 

Inyak;  Cape,  Island,  and  Peninsula, 
Delagoa  Bay,  southeast  coast  of 
Africa.     (Not  Inhuca  nor  Unhaca.) 

♦Inyan  Kara;  Creek,  Mountain,  and 
Precinct,  Crook  County,  Wyo.  (Not 
Inyankara. ) 

Inyo-Kern  Valley;  Inyokem  Valley; 
see  Indian  Wells. 

Ionia;  Town  and  Township,  Jewell 
County,  Kans.     (Not  lona.) 

Ionia;  Village,  Dixon  County,  Nebr. 
(Not  loua.) 

Ionia;  Village,  Ontario  County,  N.  Y. 
(Not  Millers  Corners.) 

lotla;  Creek,  Macon  County,  N.  C. 
(Not  lola.) 

Iowa;  i-ee  North  Aowa. 

Iowa  Hill;  Village,  Placer  County, 
Calif.     (Not  Iowa  City.) 

loivay;  see  North  Aowa. 

Ipsut;  Creek,  tributary  to  Carbon 
River  from  southwest,  north  of 
Mother  Mountains,  Mount  Rainier 
National  Park,  Pierce  County,  Wash. 

Ipsut;  Saddle,  northwest  of  Castle 
Peak,  Mount  Rainier  National  Park, 
Pierce  County,  Wash. 



Iraioaddy;  Iratcadi;  Irawady;  see 

Ireland;  Mountain  (altitude  8,330 
feet),  T.  8  S.,  R.  36  B.,  on  dividing 
line  between  Baker  and  Grant 
Counties,  Greg.     (Not  Bald.) 

Ireland;  see  Island. 

Irgai:  see  Ningsiafu. 

Irikobari;  Island  (somu),  lat,  34*  47' 
N.,  long.  125°  47'  E.,  southwestern 
coast  of  Chosen  (Korea).  (Not  Pin 
nacle. ) 

Irish;  Cove,  .'outhern  shore  Port  Fl- 
dalgo.  Prince  William  Sound,  Alaska. 

Irish  Canyon;  Creek,  T.  31  N.,  R.  105 
W.,  tributary  to  East  Fork  River 
from  east,  Fremont  County,  Wyo. 
(Not  Winow.) 

Irkutsk;  City  and  Government,  Sibe- 
ria.    (Not  Irkootsk  nor  Irkoutsk.) 

Iron;  Lake,  west  of  Crooked  Lake, 
Rainy  River  District,  Ontario,  and 
St.  Louis  County,  Minn.,  Interna- 
tional Boundary  (between  Minne- 
sota and  Ontario). 

Iron;  see  Triple. 

Iron  Creek;  see  Miniatulik. 

Iron  Knoll;  Iron  Mountain;  see 
Trachyte  Knob. 

Ironwood;  see  McCoy. 

Ironwork;  Brook,  Sheffield  Town, 
Berkshire  County,  Mass.  (Not  Iron 

Irrawaddy;  River,  Burma,  British 
India.  (Not  Irawaddy,  Irawadi, 
Irawady,  nor  Irrawadi.) 

Irrawadi;  see  Irrawaddy. 

Irwin;  Township,  Venango  County, 
Pa.     (Not  Irvin.) 

Isaac;  Creek,  branch  of  St.  Jones 
Creek,  Kent  County,  Del.  (Not 
Isaacs. ) 

Isaacs  Point;  see  Bald  Head. 

Isabel;  Creek,  Mountain  and  Valley, 
Santa  Clara  County,  Calif.  (Not 
San  Isabel  nor  Santa  Ysabel.) 

Isabel;  Lake,  Flathead  County,  Mont. 

Isabel;  Point,  San  Francisco  Bay, 
Contra  Costa  County,  Calif.  (Not 
Izabel  nor  Potrero.) 

Isabella;  see  McCays. 

Isanotski;  see  Bechevin ;  Pogromni. 

Isfahan;  see  Ispahan. 

Ishawooa;    Creek    and    Mesa,     Park 

County,  Wyo.     (Not  Isha-wood.) 
I  shoot;  see  Izhut. 
Ishtula;  see  Vistula. 
Isis  Temple;  Peak,  Grand  Canyon  of 

the  Colorado,  Coconino  County,  Ariz. 
Iskagan;  see  Tkachen. 
Iskudar;  Iskuder;  see  Skutari. 
Iskut;  Mountain  and  River,  tributary 

to  the  Stikine,  Southeastern  Alaska. 

(Not  Iskoot  nor  Skoot.) 
Isla  de  la  Reunion;  see  Reunion. 
Isla   de   Pinos;   Island,   West   Indies, 

near  west  end  of  Cuba.     (Not  Isle 

of  Pines  nor  Pinos.) 
Isla  del  Puerco;  see  Puerca  Island. 
Islais;  Creek,   San  Francisco  County, 

Calif.     (Not  De  Vree's.) 
Island;    Cove,    opening   from    Slocum 

Arm,  indenting  southwestern  shore 

of  Chichagof  Island,  Alaska. 
Island;  Creek,  emptying  into  Fishing 

Bay,    about    4    miles    northeast    of 

Elliott,     Dorchester     County,     Md. 

(Not  Ireland.) 
Island  No.    8;  north   of  Government 

Island,     Mackinac     County,     Mich. 

(Not  He  Isidore.) 
Island  Portage;  see  Pine. 
Island  Station;  see  Henderson. 
Islas  de  Revillagigedo ;  see  Revillagl- 

Isle;  Point,  eastern  entrance  Burnett 

Inlet,  Etolin  Island,  Alaska. 
Isle  a  la  Crosse;  see  Lime. 
Isle  au  Breton;  see  Breton. 
Isle   au   Gallop;   Isle   au   Galop;   see 

Isle  aux  Chats;  see  Cat. 
Isle  Demiere;  Island,  Gulf  Coast,  Ter- 
rebonne Parish,  La.     (Not  Last.) 
Isle  of  France;  see  Mauritius. 
Isle  of  Springs;  see  Sweet. 
Isle  Mary;  see  Mary. 
Isle  Royal;  Island  in  Lake  Superior, 

Keewenaw  County,  Mich.     (Not  Isle 

Royale. ) 
Isle  Ste.  Therese;  Island,  St.  Lawrence 

River,     below     Montreal,     Canada. 

(Not    He     Ste.    Thgrese,     He     Ste. 

Therese,    He    St.    Thgr^se,    Isle    St. 

Therese,  nor  Isle  Ste.  Th§rgse.) 
Isle  Ste.  Th4r^se;  see  Isle  Ste.  Therese. 



Isleford;     Village,     Warren     County, 

Tenn.     (Not  Island  Ford.) 
Islesboro;  Town,  Waldo  County,  Me. 

(Not  Islesborough. ) 
Ismir ;  see  Smyrna. 
Ispahan;  Capital  City,  Persia.     (Not 

Isfahan  nor  Spahawn.) 
Issannakh;  see  Bechevin. 
Issaquah;    Creek    and    Town,    King 

County,  Wash.     (Not  Isquah  nor  Iss- 

quah. ) 
Istaccihuatl;  see  Iztaccihuatl. 
Isthmian  Canal;  see  Panama. 
Isumi;  see  Izumi. 
Itajahi;  see  Itajahy. 
Itajahy;    Harbor,    River,    and    Town, 

State    of    Santa    Catharina,    Brazil. 

(Not  Itajahi.) 
Itapacarohy;  Itapocoroya;   see  Itapo- 

Itapoan;    Point   and   Town,    State   of 

Baliia,  Brazil.     (Not  Itapuan.) 
Itapocoroy;    Bay,    Point,    and    Town, 

State  of  Santa  Catharina,  coast  of 

Brazil.     (Not  Itapacarohy,  Itapaca- 

roya,  nor  Itapocoroya.) 
Itapuan;  see  Itapoan. 
Itasca;  Lake,  Clearwater  County,  Minn. 
Itkhi;  see  Ikti. 
Itkillik;   River,   tributary   to   Colville 

River  from  east  at  head  of  the  Delta, 

Northern  Alaska. 
Itsami;    Ledge,    Puget    Sound,    near 

Olympia,    Thurston    County,    Wash. 

(Not  Itsania.) 
Ittindi  Rock;  ClifE,   westernmost  one 

of  three  rising  above  Mormon  Flat, 

Maricopa  County,  Ariz. 
Iturup;  see  Yetorofu. 
Ivan;   River,    north   side    of   head    of 

Cook  Inlet,    about    3    miles    below 

mouth   of  west   branch   of    Susitna 

River,  Alaska.     (Not  Lewis.) 
Ives;  Mesa,  outside  Reservation  lines, 

Navajo  County,  Ariz. 
Ives  Point;  a  western  promontory  of 

Powell    Plateau,    Coconino    County, 

Ivishak;  River,  Arctic  slope,  an  upper 

left    fork    of    Sagavanirktok    River, 

Northern  Alaska.     (Not  Evasha.) 

Iviza;    Island,    one    of    the    Balearic 

Islands,    Mediterranean    Sea.     (Not 

Ibisa,  Ibiza,  nor  Ivica.) 
I xtaccihuatl ;  see  Iztaccihuatl. 
Izabcl;  see  Isabel. 
Izhut;    Bay    and    Cape,    southeastern 

shore    of    Afognak    Island,    Alaska. 

(Not  Ijoot,  Ishoot,  Pentecost,  Sharie- 

pof,  nor  Whitsuntide.) 
Izhut;  Izhutskaia;  see  King. 
Iztaccihuatl;  Volcano,  near  the  City  of 

Mexico.     (Not   Istaccihuatl  nor   Ix- 

taccihuatl. ) 
Izumi;  Sea  (nada),  part  of  the  Inland 

Sea,  Japan.     (Not  Gulf  of  Ozaka  nor 


Jabary;  see  Yavari. 

Jablonoi;  see  Stanovoi. 

Jacalitos;  Creek,  western  Fresno 
County,  south  of  Jacalitos  Hills, 

Jacalitos;  Hills,  south  of  Coalinga,  be- 
tween Jacalitos  and  Waltham 
Creeks,  Fresno  County,  Calif. 

Jack;  Creek,  Lincoln  County,  branch 
of  Hoback  River  from  the  east,  T. 
38  N.,  Wyo.     (Not  Lynx.) 

Jack;  see  Atlantis;  Jacks;  Thacker. 

Jackknife;  Ledge,  1  mile  southwest 
Morse  Point,  Sagadahoc  County,  Me. 

Jacks;  Creek,  Dorchester  County,  Md. 
(Not  Jack  nor  Jack's.) 

Jacks  Point;  Post  Light,  Ohio  River, 
Hardin  County,   111.     (Not   Jack's.) 

Jackson;  Camp,  Aba  jo  Mountains,  near 
head  of  Recapture  Creek,  on  west 
side,  San  Juan  County,  Utah. 

Jackson;  Creek,  Ts.  1  and  2  S.,  Rs.  7 
and  8  E.,  tributary  to  East  Gallatin 
River  from  northeast  about  2  miles 
west  of  Bozeman  Pass,  Gallatin  and 
Park  Ck)unties,  Mont.  (Not  Mid- 

Jackson;  Hole  (Valley),  Lake,  and 
Village,  Lincoln  County,  Wyo.  (Not 

Jackson;  Ridge,  extending  from  Cooley 
Pass  on  the  east  to  Mount  Linnaeus 
on  the  west,  San  Juan  County,  Utah. 



Jackson;  see  Howkan. 

Jackson's  Cahin  Knoh;  see  Jacksons 

Jacksons  Knob;  Peak  (altitude  5,760 
feet),  east  of  Fishhook  Creek,  sec. 
21,  T.  44  N.,  R.  5  E.,  Shoshone 
County,  Idaho.  (Not  Jackson's 
Cabin  Knob.) 

Jacksonville;  see  Enders. 

Jackstraw;  Lake,  Flathead  County, 

Jacobs;  Creek,  Cumberland  County, 
N.  J.     (Not  Jacob  nor  Jacob's.) 

Jadito;  Canyon,  and  Spring,  Hopi 
Indian  Reservation,  Navajo  County, 
Ariz.      (Not  Jetty-to.) 

Jafa;  see  Jaffa. 

♦Jaffa;  Town  (seaport)  of  Palestine, 
on  the  Mediterranean.  (Not  Jafa, 
Joppa,  Joppe,  Yafa,  nor  Yaffa.) 

♦Jaffrey;  Point,  the  southern  point  of 
entrance  to  Portsmouth  Harbor,  N. 
H.     (Not  Jaffray  nor  Jerry's.) 

Jaik;  see  Ural. 

Jaitschoi;  see  Ugalgan. 

Jakoutsk;  Jakutat;  see  Yakutat. 

Jalapa;  City,  Vera  Cruz  State,  Mexico. 
(Not  Xalapa.) 

Jalapa;  Village,  Monroe  County,  Tenn. 
(Not  Jallappa.) 

Jalisco;  State,  Mexico.  (Not  Guada- 
lajara nor  Xalisco.) 

Jamacho;  Land  Grant  and  Village, 
San  Diego  County,  Calif.  (Not  Ja- 

James;  Creek,  Jamestown,  Boulder 
County,    Colo.     (Not    Jim.) 

James;  Island,  eastern  shore  of  Chesa- 
peake Bay,  at  south  point  of  en- 
trance to  Little  Choptank  River, 
Dorchester  County,  Md.  (Not  St. 
James'. ) 

James;  Lagoon,  west  of  McCarty  Gla- 
cier,   Kenai   Peninsula,   Alaska. 

James;  River,  tributary  to  Missouri 
River,  N.  Dak.  and  S.  Dak.  (Not 
Dakota. ) 

James,  Me. ;  see  Jims. 

Jamestovm;  see  Ponape. 

Jamez;  see  Pajarito. 

Jamony;  see  lamonia. 

Jan  May  en;  Island,  north  of  Iceland, 
Arctic  Ocean.  (Not  Jan-Mayen,  Jan 
Mayen's  Land,  nor  Jean-Mayen.)         | 

Janes;  Island  and  Lighthouse,  Tan- 
gier Sound,  Somerset  County,  Md. 
(Not  Jane's.) 

Janesville;  Mountain,  on  Annette  Is- 
land, northeast  from  Port  Chester, 
Southeastern  Alaska.  (Not  Jane- 

Japan;  Empire,  Asia.  (Not  Dai  Nip- 
pon, Nihon,  Niphon,  Nipon,  nor  Nip- 

Japura;  see  Yapura. 

Jaragua;  Village,  on  coast,  State  of 
Alagoas,  Brazil.  (Not  JaraguA,  nor 

Jaragiid;  see  Jaragua. 

Jardines;  Bank,  off  south  coast  of 
Cuba.     (Not  Jardinillos.) 

Jarelds;  Jariolds;  see  Jarrels. 

Jarosa;  Canyon  and  Creek,  Las  Ani- 
.mas  County,  Colo.     (Not  Jaroso.) 

Jaroslaw;  Town,  Poland.  (Not  Jaros- 

Jarosoma;  see  Harosoma. 

Jarre;  Creek,  Douglas  County,  Colo. 
(Not  Garber  nor  Jug.) 

♦Jarrells;  Creek,  tributary  to  West 
Fork  Coal  River  and  Ridge,  Boone 
County;  and  Village,  Raleigh  Coun- 
ty,  W.   Va.     (Not  Jarrolds.) 

JarrelVs;  Jarrel's  Valley;  see  Jarrolds. 

Jarrels;  Creek,  Muhlenberg  County, 
Ky.  (Not  Jarelds,  Jariolds,  Jar- 
rolds,  Jarylies,  nor  Jerreles.) 

Jarrolds;  see  Jarrels. 

Jarvis;  see  Clear. 

Jarylies;  see  .Jarrels. 

Jashak;  Jashk;  see  Jask. 

Jask;  Bay,  Cape,  and  Village,  Gulf  of 
Oman,  Persia.  (Not  Djask,  .Tashak, 
nor  Jashk.) 

Jassy;  City  of  Moldavia,  Roumania, 
(Not  lasi,  Jasch,  Jash,  nor  Yassy.) 

Javari;  Javary;  see  Yavari. 

Jawbone;  Creek,  Tuolumne  County, 
Calif.     (Not  Pile.) 

Jaybird;  Lake,  western  coast  Latouche 
Island,  near  lat.  60"*,  long.  147°  .58', 
Prince  William  Sound,  Alaska. 

Jayne's;  see  High. 

Jean-Mayen;  see  Jan  Mayen. 

Jebel-Moosa ;  see  Sinai. 

Jedda;  see  Jidda. 

Jeddo;  see  Tokyo. 



Jeffers;  Village,   Scott  County,  Tenn. 

(Not  Jeffries.) 
Jefferson;  Township,  Madison  County, 

Jefferson :  see  Germano. 

Jefferson  ;  see  West  Jefferson. 

Jefferson  Range;  see  Tobacco  Root. 

Jeffrey;  eastern  Point  of  entrance  to 
Branford  Harbor,  New  Haven  Coun- 
ty, Conn.     (Not  Jeffrey's.) 

Jeffrey's  Hook;  see  Fort  Washington. 

Jekaterinenhurg ;  see  Ekaterinburg. 

Jellison;  Cape,  Penobscot  Bay,  Waldo 
County,  Me.     (Not  Gellison.) 

J  ernes;  see  Jemez ;  Pajarito. 

J  ernes  Hot  Springs;  see  Jemez  Springs. 

Jemez;  Pueblo,  Sandoval  County,  N. 
Mex.     (Not  Jemes.) 

Jemez;  Stream,  branch  of  the  Rio 
Grande,  Sandoval  County,  N.  Mex. 
(Not  Jemes,  Rio  de  Jemes,  Rio 
Jamez,  Rio  Jemez,  nor  San  Diego.) 

Jemez;  see  Pajarito. 

Jemez  Hot  Springs;  see  Jemes  Springs. 

Jemez  Springs;  Precinct  and  Village, 
Sandoval  County,  N.  Mex.  (Not 
Archuleta,  Jemes  Hot  Springs,  nor 
Jemez  Hot  Springs.) 

Jenisei;  Jenisey;  see  Yenisei. 

Jenkins;  Lake  or  Pond,  Altamont 
Town,  Franklin  County,  N.  Y.  (Not 
Lake  Madeleine.) 

Jenkins;  Rock,  St.  Marys  River,  below 
St.  Mary  Falls,  Ontario.  (Not  Jen- 

Jenkins;  Town,  Burlington  County,  N. 
J.  (Not  Harrisville  nor  Jenkins 

Jennertown;  Borough,  Somerset  Coun- 
ty, Pa.     (Not  Jennerstown.) 

Jennie;  Jennie  M.;  see  Deadman. 

Jennings;  northwest  point  of  Shelter 
Island,  Suffolk  County,  N.  Y.  (Not 
Rocky  nor  Stearns.) 

Jenning's;  see  Spilmans. 

Jennis;  see  Iceberg. 

Jenny  Lind;  see  Big  Arroyo. 

♦Jerico  Springs;  City,  Cedar  County, 
Mo.     (Not  Jerico  nor  Jericho.) 

Jeromeville;  Village,  Ashland  County, 
Ohio.     (Not  Jeromesville.) 

Jerreles;  see  Jarrels. 

Jerrys;  Gulch,  opening  into  east  side 
Bitterroot    River,    T.    4   N.,    Rs.    20 
and   21   W.,   Ravalli   County,   Mont. 
(Not  Squaw  Creek.) 
Jerry's;  see  Jaffrey. 
Jesso;  see  Mokushu. 
Jesup;    Town,     Wayne    County,    Ga, 

(Not  Jessup.) 
Jesus  Maria  River ;  see  San  Antonio. 
Jetty-to;  see  Jadito. 
Jewett;    Hill,    Cayuga   County,   N.   Y. 

(Not  Jewitt.) 
Jewett;  see  Jouett. 
Jezirat-el-Maghreb  ;  see  Tunis. 
Jicalango;  see  Xicalango. 
Jicarilla  Point;  Headland,  on  the  south 
rim  of  the  Grand  Canyon  of  the  Colo- 
rado,   6    miles    southeast    of    Bass 
Camp,  Coconino  County,  Ariz. 
Jidda;  Seaport  Town  of  Arabia,  on  the 
Red  Sea.     (Not  Jedda  nor  Jiddah.) 
Jiddah;  see  Jidda. 
Jilioon;  see  Amu. 
Jim;  see  James. 

Jims;  the  eastern  head  of  Baileys  Mis- 
take   Harbor,    Washington    County, 
Me.     (Not  James.) 
Jinnampho;  see  Chinnampo. 
♦Jinsen;    Harbor     (Ko)     and    Town, 
western   coast   of   Chosen    (Korea), 
Japan,     (Not  Chemulpho,  Chemulpo, 
nor  Chemulpoo.) 
*Jo     Daviess;     Township,     Faribault 
County,  Minn.     (Not  Jo  Davies  nor 
Joe  Daviess.) 
Joanna;  see  Teyahalee. 
Joaquin;  Ridge,  Spur  of  Diablo  Range, 
between     Cantua    and    Los    Gatos 
Creeks,  Calif. 
Joaquin;  Rocks,  three  prominent  ones 
of  massive  sandstone,  crest  of  Joa- 
quin  Ridge,   Diablo  Range,   Fresno 
County,  Calif.     (Not  Tres  Piedras.) 
Jocko;  see  McLeod. 
Joe;  Island,  Sheepscot  River,  Lincoln 

County,  Me.     (Not  Jo.) 
Joe;      Stream,      Wawayanda     Town, 
Orange    County,    N.    Y.      (Not    Joe 
Joe  Baker's;  see  Baker. 
Joe  Brown  Spit;  see  Sandy. 
Joe  Daviess;  see  Jo  Daviess. 


Joe  Jee;  see  Joe. 

Joe  N"ey;  Slough,  off  South  Slough, 
Coos  Bay,  Coos  County,  Oreg.  (Not 
Joe   Neys.) 

Jogutscha;  see  Pogromni. 

John;  River,  tributary  to  Kayukuk 
River,  from  the  north  near  long. 
152°,  Northern  Alaska.  (Not  Al- 
chichna,  Ascheeshna,  Fickett,  nor 
Totsenbetna. ) 

John  Day;  John  Days;  John  Day's; 
see  Grays;  Greys. 

John  Grays;  see  Grays;  Greys. 

Jolins;  Bay  and  Island,  west  of  Pema- 
quid  Neck,  Lincoln  County,  Me. 
(Not  John's.) 

Johns;  Creek,  Moose  Pass  gold  dis- 
trict, Kenai  Peninsula,  Alaska. 

Johns  Hopkins;  see  Grand  Pacific. 

Johnson;  Cove,  western  side  Etolin 
Island,  Clarence  Strait,  to  the  north- 
eastward of  Screen  Island,  Alaska. 

Johnson;  Creek,  tributary  to  Logan 
Creek  in  sec.  26,  T.  31  N.,  R.  24  W., 
Flathead  County,  Mont.  (Not 
North  Fork  of  the  South  Fork  of 
Stillwater  River.) 

Johnson;  Creek,  Hanson  County,  S. 
Dak.  (Not  Chalkstone  nor  John- 

Johnson;  Island,  Sandusky  Bay,  Otta- 
wa County,  Ohio.     (Not  Johnson's.) 

Johnson;  Island  and  Landing,  Missis- 
sippi River,  Calhoun  County,  111. 
(Not  Johnson's.) 

Johnson;  Lake,  Madera  County,  Calif. 
(Not  Glacier  nor  Glasier.) 

Johnson;  Landing,  Mississippi  River, 
Lauderdale  County,  Tenn.  (Not 
Johnson's. ) 

Johnson;  Peak  (altitude  about  12,200 
feet),  east  of  Parker  Pass,  Mono 
County,  Calif.. 

Johnson;  Point,  Branford  Harbor, 
New  Haven  County,  Conn.  (Not 
Johnson's. ) 

Johnson;  see  South  Tenmile. 

Johnson  City;  see  Johnson  Creek. 

Johnson  Creek;  Village,  Jefferson 
County,  Wis.     (Not  Johnson  City.) 

Johnson  Shoal;  Post  Light,  Kanawha 
River,  Putnam  County,  W.  Va.  (Not 
Johnson's   Shoal.) 

Johnson  Stand;  see  Goodwill. 

Johnsons;  see  Broad  Marsh. 

Johnston;  Town,  Edgefield  County, 
S.  C.     (Not  Johnson.) 

Johnstone;  Bay,  east  of  Resurrection 
Bay,  in  long.  148°  45',  between  Fair- 
field and  Junken  Capes,  Kenai  Pe- 
ninsula, Alaska. 

Johnsville;  Village,  Bucks  County, 
Pa.     (Not  Johnsouville.) 

Joice;  Island,  Suisun  Bay,  Solano 
County,  Calif.  (Not  Joice's  nor 

Joliba;   see  Niger. 

Jonah;  Bay,  indenting  the  western 
shore  of  Unawik  Inlet,  near  lat.  61°, 
long.  147°  47',  northern  coast  of 
Prince  William  Sound,  Alaska. 

Jonas;  see   Squirrel. 

Jones;  Point,  Potomac  River,  Alexan- 
dria City,  Va.     (Not  Jones's.) 

Jones,  Alaska ;  see  Yahtse. 

Jones's  Del.;  see  St.  Jones. 

Jones,  Mont. ;  see  Agency. 

Jones  Island;  Beacons,  Savannah 
River,  Beaufort  County,  S.  C.  (Not 
Jones's   Island.) 

Jones  Mill;  Village,  Dekalb  County, 
Tenn.     (Not  Jones's  Mills.) 

Jones's  Point;  see  Cald wells. 

Jonesboro;  Town,  Washington  County, 
Tenn.    (Not  Jonesborough. ) 

Jonkier;  Jonkier  {Due);  Jonkier 
(skii) ;  Jonquiere;  Jonquidre;  see 

Jonquieres;  Cape,  western  side  of  Sak- 
halin Island,  eastern  Siberia.  (Not 
Due,  Dul,  Jonkier,  Jonkierskii,  Jon- 
quiere, Jonquiere,  Jonquieres,  Zhon- 
kier,  nor  Zhonkierskii.) 

Joppa;  Joppe;  see  Jaffa. 

Jordan;  Cove,  Long  Island  Sound, 
near  Waterford,  New  London  Coun- 
ty, Conn  .  (Not  Whitestone.) 

Jordan;  Creek,  T.  53  N.,  R.  3  E.,  Sho- 
shone County,  Idaho.     (Not  Elk.) 

Jordan;  Point,  Coos  Bay,  Coos  County, 
Oreg.     (Not  Jordans.) 

Jordan;  Point,  James  River,  Prince 
George  County,  Va.     (Not  Jordan's.) 

Jordan;  Village,  Waterford  Town,  New 
London  County,  Conn.  (Not  Water- 



Jordan;  see  Penobscot. 

Jordan  Run;  Village,  Grant  County, 
W.  Va.     (Not  Jordanrun.) 

Joshua;  Point,  near  Guilford,  New 
Haven  County,  Conn.  (Not  Josh- 

Joshua;  see  Yucca. 

Jouett;  Creek,  Clark  County,  Ky. 
(Not  Jewett  nor  Jouett's.) 

Joyce;  see  Joice. 

Joyner  Marsh;  Joyners;  see  Marsh. 

J.  Q.  Adams;  see  Adams. 

Juan  de  Fuca;  Strait,  between  Van- 
couver Island,  British  Columbia, 
Canada,  and  Washington.  (Not 
Fuca,  San  Juan  de  Fuca,  nor  Strait 
of  Fuca.) 

Jud;  see  Judd. 

Judd;  Creek,  T.  5  N.,  R.  21  W.,  tribu- 
tary to  Bitterroot  River  from  west, 
Ravalli  County,  Mont.  (Not  Baker 
nor  Jud.) 

Judea;  Country,  Palestine.  (Not  Ju- 

Jueyes;  see  Point  Carenero. 

Jug;  see  Jarre. 

Jug  Tavern;  see  Winder. 

Jugorsche;  see  Yugor. 

Jugra;  Light  and  River,  southeastern 
coast  of  Malay  Peninsula.  (Not 
Ingra,  Jugru,  nor  Yurrkra.) 

Jukchana;  see  Yukon. 

Julius;  Town,  Crittenden  County, 
Ark.     (Not  Julious.) 

Jiin  Ho;  see  Pei. 

Juna;  see  Yukon. 

Junco;  Lake,  NE.  i  of  sec.  34,  T.  3  N., 
R.  74  W.,  just  east  of  Continental 
Divide,  5i  miles  southwest  of  Longs 
Peak,  draining  into  Ouzel  Creek, 
Boulder  County,  Colo. 

Junction;  Canyon  and  Creek,  open- 
ing from  south  near  junction  of 
Colorado  and  San  Juan  Rivers,  San 
Juan  County,  Utah. 

♦Junction  City;  City,  Geary  County, 
Kans.     (Not  Junction.) 

Junction;  Island,  Lisianski  Inlet, 
Alaska.     (Not  Bill.) 

Junction;  Peak  (altitude  6,308  feet), 
i^ec.  1,  T.  43  N.,  R.  7  E.,  northwest 
of  Twin  Lakes,  Shoshone  County, 

Junction;  Village,  Boyle  County,  Ky. 
(Not  Junction  City.) 

Juneau;  Creek,  tributary  to  Mills 
Creek  from  the  east,  Kenai  Penin- 
sula, Alaska.     (Not  Junior.) 

.Jungcheng-;  Bay  and  City,  Chefoo  Dis- 
trict, Shantung  Province,  China. 
(Not  Jung  ch'eng  Hsien,  Yungch'eng 
hsien,  Yungching,  nor  Yungching 
Hsien. ) 

Jung-ch'eng  Hsien;  see  Jungcheng. 

Jung-le;  Creek,  tributary  to  Nation 
River,  International  Boundary  (be- 
tween Alaska  and  Canada). 

Jun-Jisiau;  see  Yunsiao. 

Junior;  see  Juneau. 

♦Juniper;  Point,  Woods  Hole  Harbor, 
Falmouth  Town,  Barnstable  County, 
Mass.  (Not  Butler's,  Parker's,  nor 
Parkers  Neck.) 

Juniper;  Ridge  of  Diablo  Range  (be- 
tween Los  Gates  and  Waltham 
Creeks),  Fresno  County,  Calif. 

Junipero  Serra;  Peak,  Coast  Range, 
T.  20  S.,  R.  5  E.,  sees.  33  and  34, 
Monterey  County,  Calif.  (Not  Santa 

Juno  Temple;  Peak,  Vishnu  quadran- 
gle, Coconino  County,  Ariz. 

Jupiter  Temple;  Peak,  Vishnu  quad- 
rangle, Coconino  County,  Ariz. 

Jura;  Knob,  San  Juan  County,  Colo. 

Jutland;  Railroad  Station,  Hunterdon 
County,  N.  J.     (Not  Midvale.) 

Juts;  see  Fairyland. 

Juvet;  see  Crossett. 


Kaaterskill;  Cove,  Creek,  and  Falls  in 
the  Catskills,  Greene  County,  N.  Y. 
(Not  Caterskill.) 

Kabetog-ama;  Lake,  St.  Louis  County, 
Minn.  (Not  Kabatogama,  Kabet- 
Togo-ma,  nor  Kabetogame.) 

Kabinda;  Seaport  of  Angoy,  West 
Africa.     (Not  Cabenda.) 

Kabul;  City  and  River,  Afghanistan. 
(Not  Cabool,  Caboul,  Cabul,  nor 

Kacha;  Island  (to),  lat.  34°  29'  N., 
long.  126"  03'  E.,  southwestern  coast 
of  Chosen  (Korea).     (Not  Kasa.) 



Kachauik;  River,  entering  Golofnin 
Sound,  Alaslia. 

Kachemak;  Bay,  Kenai  Peninsula, 
Cook  Inlet,  Alaska.  (Not  Chugachik 
nor  Kacliekmak.) 

Kachess;  Lake  and  River,  Kittitas 
County,  Wash.  (Not  Ka-clies,  Karl- 
zeez,  nor  Katchass.) 

Kachina;  Natural  Bridge  (little). 
White  Canyon,  San  Juan  County, 
Utah.  (Not  Edwin  nor  Little 

Kaclihi;  see  Cochin. 

Kadalar;  see  Cotta. 

Kacliak;  see  Kodiak. 

Kadischle;  Kadishle;  see  Norris. 

Kagoshima;  City  and  Gulf,  Southern 
Japan.  (Not  Cangozima,  Kagoshee- 
ma,    Kagosima,    nor   Kangozima.) 

Kaguyak;  Village,  Shelikof  Strait, 
Alaska  Peninsula,  Alaska.  (Not 
Kayayak. ) 

Kahiltna;  Glacier  and  River,  tributary 
to  Yentna  River,  Mount  McKinley 
region,  Alaska.  (Not  Carilt-nu,  Kahi- 
litna,  Kahlitna,  Kalidtna,  nor  Kar- 

Kahlitna;  see  Kahiltna. 

Kahtete;  see  Katete. 

Kahurnoi;  see  Kekurnoi. 

Kah-ioi-cM;  see  Cowiche. 

Kai  Garib;  see  Vaal. 

Kaianak;  see  Battery. 

Kaibab;  Plateau,  Coconino  County, 

Kaibito;  Plateau,  Province,  and 
Spring,  Navajo  Indian  Reservation, 
Coconino  County,  Ariz.  (Not  Kai 

Kaifeng-;  Subpostal  District  of  Pe- 
king, China. 

Kaiparowits;  Peak,  northwest  edge  of 
Kaiparowits  Plateau,  Garfield  Coun- 
ty, Utah.     (Not  Kaiparowitz. ) 

Kaiparowits;  Plateau,  a  broad  table- 
land west  of  the  Colorado  River,  be- 
tween Escalante  and  Paria  Rivers, 
Kane  and  Garfield  Counties,  Utah. 
(Not  Kaiparowitz.) 

Kairai;  Rock  (iwa),  lat.  34°  04'  N., 
long.  133°  07'  E.,  Inland  Sea,  Japan. 
(Not  Ajika.) 

Kaiukhpalik;  see  Kiukpalik. 

Kakayin;  see  Basket. 

*Kakhonak;  Bay,  Lake,  River,  and 
Village ;  Bay,  south  shore  of  Iliamna 
Lake;  River,  tributary  to  same; 
Lake,  drained  by  river;  Village, 
south  shore  of  Iliamna  Lake,  Alaska. 
(Not  Kakonak  nor  Kokonak.) 

Kaknu;  see  Kenai. 

Kakonak;  see  Kakhonak. 

Kakul;  Point,  western  entrance  to 
Peril  Strait,  Southeastern  Alaska. 
(Not  Kekul.) 

Kalaloch;  Creek,  emptying  into  Pa 
cific  Ocean  near  lat.  47°  36',  and 
group  of  shore  rocks  opposite  same, 
Jefferson  County,  Wash. 

Kalat;  see  Khelat. 

Kalavala;  Town,  Carlton  County,' 
Minn.     (Not  Kalevala.) 

Kaleetan;  Peak  (elevation  about  6,100 
feet),  lying  about  1  mile  north  and 
slightly  west  of  Chair  Peak,  King 
County,  Wash.     (Not  Ka-lee'-tan.) 

Ka-lee'-tan;  see  Kaleetan. 

Kal-e-gu-ri-che-ark ;  see  Kallarichuk. 

Kalevala;  see  Kalavala. 

Kalidtna;  see  Kahiltna. 

Kalifonsky;  Indian  Village,  eastern 
shore  Cook  Inlet,  about  2  miles  north 
of  mouth  of  Kasilof  River,  and  7^ 
miles  south  of  mouth  of  Kenai 
River,  Alaska. 

Kaligagan;  Island,  one  of  the  Kre- 
nitzin  group,  eastern  Aleutians, 
Alaska.     (Not  Sealion.) 

♦Kalinin;  Bay,  south  shore  of  Salis- 
bury Sound,  Southeastern  Alaska. 
(Not  Kalinina.) 

Kalinjar;  Hill  and  Town,  in  Bandasa, 
Banda  District,  Bundelkand,  British 
India.  (Not  Callinjer  nor  Kalleen- 
jur. ) 

KaUspel;  see  Kalispell. 

*Kalispell;  Town,  Flathead  County, 
Mont.     (Not  Calispel  nor  Kalispel.) 

Kallarichuk;  River,  first  large  tribu- 
tary to  Kobuk  River  from  the  north 
above  Squirrel  River,  in  long.  159° 
50'  W.,  Alaska.  (Not  Kal-e-gu-ri- 
che-ark  nor  Reed.) 

Kamakku;  Bay  (patan),  lat.  34°  39' 
N.,  long.  127°  40'  E.,  southern  coast 
of  Chos(m  (Korea).     (Not  Gamaku.) 



Kambir;  see  Gambir. 

Kamhodja;  see  Cambodia. 

Kamchatka;  Peninsula,  east  coast  of 
Siberia.     (Not  Kamtschatka.) 

Kamchatka;  see  Bering. 

Kamerun;  INIountains  and  River,  West 
Africa.     (Not  Cameroons.) 

Kampong;  Malay  prefix  to  names  of 
villages  in  Indo-China,  meaning  vil- 
lage or  inclosure,     (Not  Kompong.) 

Kamranh;  Bay,  coast  of  Anam,  French 
Indo-China.  (Not  Camraigne,  Cam- 
ranh,  nor  Kam  ranh.) 

Kan;  River  (Ko),  flowing  by  Keijo 
(Seoul)  into  the  Yellow  Sea,  west- 
ern part  Chosen  (Korea),  Japan. 
(Not  Han  Gan,  Han  Gang,  nor  Seoul.) 

Kana;  Point  (saki),  Ohama  Harbor, 
lat.  35°  30'  N.,  long.  135°  37'  E.,  Hon- 
shu Island,  Japan.     (Not  Kane.) 

Kanakti;  see  Konokti. 

Kana;wha;  River  in  West  Virginia. 
(Not  Great  Kanawha.) 

Kanchanjang-a;  Peak,  Himalaya  Moun- 
tains, Nepal,  India.  (Not  Kanchau- 
jinga,  Kanchinjunga,  Kinchin-Jinga, 
Kinchinjunga,  Kunchain-Junga,  Kun- 
chin-Ginga,  Kunchinjinga,  nor  Kun- 

Kandahar;  Capital  City  of  central  Af- 
ghanistan. (Not  Ahmed-Shahee  nor 
Candahar. ) 

Kane;  Group  of  Islets,  Neva  Strait, 
near  Sitka,  Alaska.     (Not  Kan.) 

Kane;  see  Keenes. 

Kaneville;  Town  and  Township,  Kane 
County,  111.     (Not  Kanesville.) 

Kangouza;  see  Sukhodol. 

Kangozima;  see  Kagoshima. 

Kang-tung ;  see  Kwangtung. 

Kanjari;  Cape  (kutsu),  lat.  85°  21'  N., 
long.  129°  21'  E.,  southeastern  coast 
of  Chosen  (Korea).     (Not  Izylnova.) 

Kannon;  Light  and  Point,  w^estern  en- 
trance to  Gulf  of  Tokyo,  Japan. 
(Not  Kwanon.) 

Kanokti;  see  Konokti. 

Kanomika;  Island,  Tisbury  Great 
Pond,  Marthas  Vineyard,  Mass.  (Not 
Canonicut  nor  Qua-nom-i-ca. ) 

Kansas;  River,  formed  by  Smoky  Hill 
and  Republican  Rivers,  Kansas. 
(Not  Kanzas  nor  Kaw.) 

Kansu;  Province,  China.  (NotKan-su, 
Kansuh,  nor  Kan-soo.) 

Kanyo;  Rock,  lat.  34°  18'  N.,  long.  127° 
51'  E.,  southern  coast  of  Chosen 
(Korea).     (Not  Encounter.) 

Kaomi;  City  (near  Kiaochow),  Shan- 
tung Province,  China.  (Not  Kao- 
mi-hsien,  Kaomih  hsien,  nor  Kaumi.) 

Kao-mi-hsien;  see  Kaomi. 

Kaori;  Islet,  lat.  36°  37'  N.,  long.  125** 
35'  E.,  western  coast  of  Chosen  (Ko- 
rea).    (Not  E.  Clifleord.) 

Kara  Amid;  see  Diarbekr. 

Kara  Dagh;  see  Montenegro. 

Karakoram;  Mountains  in  Tibet,  Cen- 
tral Asia.  (Not  Karakorum,  Mus- 
tag,  Mustagh  Range,  nor  Tsung- 

Karamin;  Karamip;  see  Curlew. 

Karankawa;  Bay,  north  side  Mata- 
gorda Bay,  Calhoun  and  Jackson 
Counties,  Tex.  (Not  Caranchahua 
nor  Carankaway.) 

♦Karankawa;  Bayou  or  Lake,  Galves- 
ton Bay,  Tex.  (Not  Calairns  nor 
Caronkaway. ) 

Karankawa;  Point  and  Reef,  near  Gal 
veston,  Tex.     (Not  Carankaway.) 

Kargilak;  Cape,  southern  shore  of  St. 
Lawrence  Bay,  lat.  65°  35'  N.,  long. 
171°  W.,  eastern  coast  of  Siberia. 
(Not  Chargilach  nor  Khargilakh.) 

Karheen;  Pass,  between  Sea  Otter 
Sound  and  Tonowek  Bay,  south- 
western shore  Tuxekan  Island, 
Southeastern  Alaska. 

Karikal;  French  Settlement,  coast  of 
Coromandel,  India.     (Not  Carrical.) 

Kartltna;  see  Kahiltna. 

Karlsruhe;  Capital  of  Baden,  Ger- 
many.    (Not  Carlsruhe.) 

Karlnk;  see  Kupreanof. 

Karlzeez;  see  Kachess. 

Karner;  Brook,  Egremont  Town, 
Berkshire  County,  Mass.  (Not  Ear- 

Karpa;  Island,  one  of  the  Shumagiii 
Group,  Alaska.  (Not  Boulder  nor 

Karpathian;  Mountains  of  Czecho- 
slovakia, Poland  and  Roumania. 
(Not  Carpathian.) 

Karquenas;  Karquines;  see  Carquinez. 


Karrsville;  Town,  Warren  County,  N. 

J.     (Not  Karrville.) 
Karthaus;     Township     and     Village, 

Clearfield   County,    Pa.      (Not   Ker- 

thaus. ) 

Karu;  Point  (kutchi),  lat.  41°  54'  N., 
long.  129°  57'  E.,  northeastern  coast 
of  Chosen  ( Korea ) .    ( Not  Enkvista. ) 

Karu;  Rock  (paui),  lat.  42°  04'  N., 
long.  130°  09'  E.,  northeastern  coast 
of  Chosen  (Korea).  (Not  Krug- 

Karumappo;  Light  and  Point,  Yung- 
hing  Bay,  eastern  coast  of  Chosen 
(Korea).  (Not  Karumappo,  Koru- 
mappo,  Kuru  Mappo,  Muravev,  nor 
Muraveva. ) 

Kasaan;  Bay,  Baranof  Island,  west 
side  of  Chatham  Strait,  Alexander 
Archipelago,  Alaska.  (Not  Casaan, 
Karta,  Kasa-an,  nor  Kazarn.) 

Kasamanze;  River  of  Senegambia, 
west  coast  of  Africa.  (Not  Casa- 
manze. ) 

Kaseiganah ;  see  Saganaga. 

Kashaioay;  see  Kawishiwi. 

Kasheg-a;  Bay  and  Cape,  Unalaska 
Island,  eastern  Aleutians,  Alaska. 
(Not  Kashuga.) 

Kashgaria;  see  Hsin  chiang;  Tinkiang. 

Kashmir;  native  State  of  India,  North- 
western Hindustan.  (Not  Cash- 
mere. ) 

Kasiana;  Group  of  Islets,  Sitka  Sound, 
Alaska.     (Not  Apple.) 

Kaskanak;  Village,  north  bank  of  Kvi- 
chak  River,  10  miles  below  outlet  of 
Iliamna  Lake,  Alaska.  (Not  Kaska- 
nakh,  Kaskinakh,  nor  Koskanok.) 

Kassel;  see  Kotelni. 

Kata;  see  Kataura. 

Katahdin;  Mountain,  Piscataquis 
County,  Me.     (Not  Ktaadn.) 

Kataka;  Mountain  (altitude  12,430 
feet),  sec.  22,  T.  6  S.,  R.  74  W., 
Park  County,  Colo. 

Katalla;  Bay,  River,  Slough,  and 
Town,  near  Controller  Bay,  Gulf  of 
Alaska,  Southeastern  Alaska.  (Not 
Catalla  nor  Catella.) 

Katama;  Bay  and  Point,  Marthas  Vine- 
yard, Mass.      (Not  Cotamy.) 

Kataura;  Bay  (wan)  and  Town,  lat. 
31°  25'  N.,  long.  130°  10'  E.,  Klushu 
Island,  Japan.  (Not  Kata  nor  Kata 

Katchamadragga ;  see  Ketchepedrakee. 

Katchass;  see  Kachess. 

Katchi;  see  Cochin. 
*  Kates  Needle;  Mountain,  near  Stikine 
River,  Alaska.    (Not  Kates  Needles.) 

Katete;  River,  tributary  to  Stikine 
River,  from  the  east,  Southeastern 
Alaska.  (Not  Kahtete  nor  Kwahtee- 
tah. ) 
*Katlian;  Bay,  Baranof  Island,  near 
Sitka,  Alaska.  (Not  Katliana,  Kat- 
lianofa,  nor  Kotleana.) 

Katoku;  Inlet  and  Island  (to),  lat. 
SS''  N.,  long.  128°  48'  E.,  southern 
coast  of  Chosen  (Korea).  (Not 
Douglas  nor  Yondaisan.) 

Katsbaan;  Village,  Ulster  County,  N. 
Y.     (Not  Caatsban.) 

Katschha;  see  Cochin. 

Katsura;  see  Hashira. 

Kattegat;  Arm  of  North  Sea,  between 
Jutland  and  Sweden.  (Not  Catte- 

Katzehin;  River,  tributary  to  Chilkoot 
Inlet,  from  the  east.  Southeastern 
Alaska.  (Not  Chkazhin  nor  Katse- 

Kautz;  Creek,  heading  in  Kautz  Gla- 
cier; tributary  to  Nisqually  River 
from  north,  Mount  Rainier  National 
Park,  Pierce  County,  Wash.  (Not 
East  Fork  of  Nisqually  River  nor 
Kautz  Fork.) 

Kautz;  Glacier,  discharging  into  Kautz 
Creek,  southern  slope  Mount  Rai- 
nier, Pierce  County,  Wash. 

Kavanaugh;  see  Cavanal. 

Kaic ;  see  Kansas. 

Kmoa;  see  Haneda. 

Kawara;  Shoal  (zu),  lat.  34°  21'  N., 
long.  133°  40'  E.,  Inland  Sea,  Japan. 
(Not  Kawaru  nor  North.) 

Kawichiark;  River,  tributary  to  Sela- 
wik  River,  Northwestern  Alaska. 
(Not  Ka-o-e-che-ark. ) 

Kawishiwi;  River,  Lake  County,  Minn. 
(Not   Cashaway   nor   Kashaway.) 

Kawumkan;  District,  Klamath  Indian 
Reservation,  Klamath  County,  Oreg. 
(Not  Kawumcan.) 



Kay;  Branch,  Cjimden  County,  N.  J, 

(Not  Key  nor  Key's.) 
Kayak;  Entrance,  between  Kayak  and 

Wingham  Islands,  Alaska. 
Kayak;  Island,  off  mouth  of  Copper 
River,  Alaska.     (Not  Kayes.) 

Kayai/ak;  see  Kaguyak. 

Kayenta;  see  Tyende. 
Kayhatin;    Creek,    tributary    to    Salt 
River  from  the  south  near  Mormon 
Flat,  Maricopa  County,  Ariz.     (Not 
Willow  Springs.) 

Kay-i-you;  see  Marias. 

Kaysville;  City  and  Precinct,  Davis 
County,  Utah.     (Not  Maysville.) 

Kazarn;  see  Kasaan. 

Keag ;  see  Weskeag. 

Keam;  Canyon  and  Settlement,  Navajo 
Indian  Reservation,  Coconino  Coun- 
ty,  Ariz.     (Not  Keams.) 

Kean;  Keane;  see  Keene. 

Keang-ning ;  see  Nanking. 

Kearny;  Town,  Hudson  County,  N.  J. 
(Not  Kearney.) 

Kearsarge;  Mountain,  Warner  Town, 
IVIerrimack  County,  N.  H.  (Not 
Kyar  Sarga  Mount.) 

Kearsarge;   see  Pequawket. 

Keaicemoe;  see  Alia. 

Kechceachy ;  Kecheachy;  see  Cocheco. 

Keclietatawnon ;  see  Cube. 

Ked;  Bay,  northern  part  of  Providence 
Bay,  lat.  64°  30'  N.,  long.  173°  15' 
W.,  coast  of  Siberia.  (Not  Cache 
nor  Khed.) 

*Kedges;  Straits,  connecting  Tangier 
Sound  with  Chesapeake  Bay,  be- 
tween South  Marsh  and  Smith  Is- 
land, Somerset  County,  Md.  (Not 
Cagis  nor  Kedge.) 

Keebler  Crossroads;  Village,  Wash- 
ington County,  Tenn.  (Not  Keeb- 
ler's  Cross  Roads.) 

Keechelus;  Lake,  head  of  Yakima 
River,  Kittitas  County,  Wash.  (Not 
Kitch-e-lus. ) 

Keeghik;  Keejik;  see  Nikhkak. 

Kcek'-icii-lee;  see  Keekwulee. 

Keekwulee;  Falls,  on  Denny  Creek, 
about  f  of  a  mile  from  South  Fork 
Snoqualmie  River,  King  County, 
Wash.     (Not   Keek'-wu-lee. ) 

Keeling;  see  Cocos  or  Keeling. 

Keen;  see  Keene. 

Keene;  Creek,  tributary  to  Jenny 
Creek  from  west,  southeastern  cor- 
ner Jackson  County,  Oreg.  (Not 
Kean,   Keane,  nor  Keen.) 

Keene;  Railroad  Station,  Kearney 
County,  Nebr.     (Not  Keen.) 

Keenes;  Point,  eastern  side  of  Honga 
River,  about  3  miles  northeast  of 
Fishing  Creek,  Dorchester  County, 
Md.  (Not  Kane,  Kane's,  nor 
Keene's. ) 

Ke-en-ta;   see   Tyende. 

Keet  Seel;  Cliff  Dwellings,  Navajo  Na- 
tional Monument,  Ariz.  (Not  Kit 

Keg;  Spring,  Juab  County,  Utah. 
(Not  Marmaduke.) 

Kegan;  Lake,  Crystal  Lake  Township, 
Hennepin  County,  Minn.  (Not  Kee- 
gan  nor  Mooney.) 

Kegan;  Lake,  Rosemount  Township, 
Dakota  County,  Minn.  (Not  Kee- 

♦Keijo;  Capital  of  Chosen  (Korea), 
Japan.  (Not  Han-Tching,  Han 
Yang,  King-Ki-Tao,  King-ki-too,  Se- 
oul, Seoul,  Se-Ul,  Seul,  Soul,  nor 

Kentucky;  see  Indian  Kentucky. 

Keith;  Brook,  Androscoggin  County, 
Me.  (Not  Dailey,  Daily,  Daley,  nor 

Keith;  see  Pontiac. 

Kekekabic;  Lake,  Lake  County,  Minn. 
(Not  Cacaquabic  nor  Hawk.) 

Kekul;  see  Kakul. 

Kekur;  Point,  Kizhuyak  Bay,  Alaska. 
(Not  Kekurnoi  nor  Pillar.) 

Kekumoi;  Cape,  near  Cold  Bay,  Sheli- 
kof  Strait,  Alaska.  (Not  Kahurnoi, 
Nelupaki,  nor  Nukakalkak.) 

Kekivakwan;  see  Lac  Lacroix. 

Kelantan;  State  and  River,  western 
side  of  the  Malay  Peninsula.  (Not 

Kelat;  see  Khelat. 

Kelley;   see   Elowah. 

Kelley;  see  Glenpark. 

Kelley,  Wis.;  see  Kelly. 

Kelley s;  Island,  Sandusky  Bay,  Lake 
Erie,  Erie  County,  Ohio.  (Not 



Kelleys  Island;  Reef  and  Town,  San- 
dusky Bay,  Lake  Erie,  Erie  County, 
Ohio.     (Not  Kelley's  Island.) 

Kelly;  Island,  Delaware  Bay,  Kent 
County,  Del.  (Not  Kelleys  nor 

Kelly;  Mountain,  northeast  of  Cor- 
dova, Alaska. 

Kelly;  Mountain,  between  Randolph 
and  Upshur  Counties,  W.  Va.  (Not 

Kelly;  Village,  Marathon  County,  Wis. 
(Not   Kelley.) 

Kelly;  see  McCord. 

Kelly  ville;  Township  and  Village, 
Creek  County,  Okla.  (Not  Kelley- 

Kelp;  Point,  one-half  mile  northeast- 
ward of  Claim  Point,  Alaska. 

Kelsall;  River,  draining  Kelsall  Lake 
into  Chilkat  River,  Southeastern 
Alaska  and  British  Columbia.  (Not 
Bear,  Glave,  Tschilket,  nor  West 
Fork  of  Chilkat.) 

Kelsey;  Town,  Watauga  County,  N.  C. 
(Not  Kelsy.) 

Kelung;  see  Kiirun. 

Kenai;  Fort  and  Peninsula,  Cook  Inlet, 
Alaska.     (Not  Kenay.) 

Kenai;  Stream,  Kenai  Peninsula, 
draining  Lakes  Skilak  and  Kenai 
into  Cook  Inlet,  Alaska.  (Not  Kak- 

Kenai;   see   Cook. 

Kendrick;  Creek,  Sullivan  County, 
Tenn.  (Not  Hendrick's  nor  Ken- 

Keneighton;  see  Conetoe. 

Kenesaw;  see  Kennesaw. 

Kenia;  Mountain,  near  the  Equator, 
East  Africa.  (Not  Kenya  nor  Kilin- 

Kennebec;  River  in  Maine.  (Not 
Kenebec. ) 

Kennedy  Branch;  see  Harris  Branch. 

♦Kennesaw;  Mountain  and  Town, 
Cobb  County,  Ga.     (Not  Kenesaw.) 

Kennett;  City,  Dunklin  County  Mo. 
(Not   Kennett's.) 

Kenney;  Village,  De  Witt  County,  111. 
(Not   Kenny.) 

*  Kenny  etto;  Creek,  Fulton  County, 
N.  Y.     (Not  Kenneto.) 

Kent;  Island  find  Point,  Chesapeake 
Bay,  opposite  Annapolis,  Queen 
Annes  County,  Md.     (Not  Kent's.) 

Kent;  Village,  Fluvanna  County,  Va. 
(Not  Kents  Store.) 

Kentucky;  see  Indian  Kentucky. 

Kenvil;  Railroad  Station,  Morris 
County,  N.  J.  (Not  Ferro  Mont,  Mc- 
Cainsville,  nor  Vannatta.) 

Kenwood;  Creek,  tributary  to  Koyuk 
River  from  the  south,  between  East 
Fork  and  Peace  River,  Alaska. 

Kenyan;  see  Harrisburg. 

Keokuk;  Dam,  across  Mississippi  River, 
between  Keokuk,  Iowa,  and  Hamil- 
ton, 111. 

Keokuk;  Lake,  formed  by  Keokuk  Dam 
across  Mississippi  River,  between 
Keokuk,  Iowa,  and  Hamilton,  111. 

Keramoi;  Cape  (said),  Light,  and 
Shoal,  lat.  43°  40'  N.,  long.  145°  32' 
E.,  Kuril  Islands,  Japan.  (Not 
Keramui. ) 

Kerby;  Village,  Josephine  County, 
Oreg.     (Not  Kerby  ville.) 

Kern;  see  Soda  Spring. 

Kerr;  Mountain,  sec.  24,  T.  26  N.,  R. 
22  W.,  Flathead  County,  Mont. 

Kerthaus;  see  Karthaus. 

Keshequa;  Creek,  Allegany  and  Liv- 
ingston Counties,  N.  Y.  (Not  Casha- 
qua,  Coshaqua,  Kishaqua,  nor  Kusha- 

Kessler;  Mountain  and  Triangulation 
Station  near  Fayetteville,  Washing- 
ton County,  Ark.     (Not  Kestler.) 

Ketch;  Brook,  tributary  to  Scantic 
River,  Hartford  and  Tolland  Coun- 
ties, Conn.     (Not  Catch.) 

Ketch  epedrakee;  Creek,  rising  on 
eastern  slope  Blue  Ridge  Mountains, 
Clay  and  Randolph  Counties,  flow- 
ing in  easterly  direction  across 
northern  part  of  county  and  empty- 
ing into  Tallapoosa  River  north  of 
Owen  Crossing,  Randolph  County, 
Ala.  (Not  Katchamadragga,  Ket- 
chebedokee,  Ketchepedakee,  Kitcha- 
badogga,  nor  Kitchepedrache. ) 

Ketchikan;  Creek,  flowing  into  Ton- 
gass  Narrows  at  Ketchikan,  Revil- 
laglgedo  Island,  Southeastern  Alaska. 
(Not  Fish.) 



Ketchikan;  Lake,  about  1^  miles 
northeast  by  north  from  Ketchikan 
Vihage,  source  of  Ketchikan  Creek, 
Revillagigedo  Island,  Southeastern 

*  Ketchikan;  Village,  Revillagigedo  Is- 

land,    Southeastern     Alaska.     (Not 

Kitchikan. ) 
Kctoy ;  see  Whale. 
Ketowke;  Mountain,  sec.  29,  T.  33  N., 

R.  24  W.,  east  of  Sunday  Creek  and 

South  of  Point  of  Rocks,  Flathead 

County,  Mont. 

*  Kettle  Falls;  Falls  and  Portage,  be- 

tween Nemakan  and  Rainy  Lakes, 
Rainy  River  District,  Ontario,  and 
St.  Louis  County,  Minn.,  Interna- 
tional Boundary  (between  Minne- 
sota and  Ontario).  (Not  Bare 
Portage  nor  Chaudiere.) 

Kettleman;  Plain  and  Hills,  between 
Kettleman  Plain  and  Tulare  Lake, 
Fresno  and  Kings  Counties,  Calif. 
(Not  Kittleman.) 

Kevuleeh;  Kevulik;  see  Kivalina. 

Key;  see  Kay. 

Key  Biscayne  Bay ;  see  Biscayne. 

Key  West;  City,  Monroe  County,  Fla. 
(Not  Key  west.) 

Keya  Paha;  see  Keyapaha. 

Keyapaha;  County  and  Precinct,  Keya- 
paha County,  Nebr.,  and  River,  Nebr. 
and  S.  Dak.     (Not  Keya  Paha.) 

Keyes;  see  Keys. 

Keygik;  see  Nikhkak. 

Keyhole;  Pass,  between  Longs  Peak 
and  Storm  Peak,  Boulder  and  Lari- 
mer Counties,  Colo. 

Keyport;  Town,  Monmouth  County, 
N.  J.     (Not  Key  Port.) 

Key's;  see  Kay. 

Keys;  Pond,  Sweden,  Oxford  County, 
Me.     (Not  Keyes.) 

Keysor;  Creek,  central  part  of  Butler 
County,  emptying  into  Big  Blue 
River,  in  southern  part  of  county, 
Nebr.  (Not  Blue  River,  Little  Blue 
River,  nor  North  Fork  of  Blue 

Keystone;  Bay  and  Point,  on  Kewee- 
naw Peninsula,  Keweenaw  County. 
Mich.     (Not  Union  Bay.) 

Keystone;  Creek,  Ts.  17  and  18  N., 
Rs.  26  and  27  W.,  tributary  to  Clark 
Fork  from  northeast.  Mineral 
County,  Mont.     (Not  Spring  Gulch.) 

Keystone;  see  Shenandoah. 

%halezof;  Klialezov;  Khalizof ;  see  Aru. 

Kharkof ;  Capital  City  and  District  in 
European  Russia.  (Not  Charkov, 
Charkow,  Kharkoif,  Kharkov,  Khar- 
kow,  nor  Ukraine.) 

Khartum;  Capital,  Egj^ptian-Sudan. 
(Not  Khartoum.) 

Khaz;  Bay,  indenting  southwestern 
shore  of  Chichagof  Island,  Alexander 
Archipelago,  near  lat.  57°  30',  long. 
136°,  Alaska. 

Khaz;  Breaker,  on  a  reef  bare  at  low 
water,  lying  3i  miles  west  by  south 
from  Khaz  Point,  Alaska.  (Not 
Breaker  N.  3.) 

Khaz;  Head,  southwestern  shore  of 
Chichagof  Island,  Bluff  headland 
about  1,400  feet  high,  between  Slo- 
cum  Arm  of  Khaz  Bay  and  the  sea, 

Khelat;  Capital  City  and  Province  of 
Baluchistan,  Asia.  (Not  Kalat  nor 

KMn  Gan;  Khin-Gan;  KMn-Gan-Oola  ; 
Khing-Gan  Quia;  see  Great  Khin- 

Khinghan;  see  Great  Khingan;  Little 

Khiva;  Capital  City  and  Country  of 
Asia,  south  of  Sea  of  Aral.  (Not 
Kharerm,  Kharesm,  Kheeva,  Khie- 
wa,  nor  Khwarerm.) 

Khorya  Morya;  Group  of  Islands, 
southeastern  coast  of  Arabia,  Indian 
Ocean.  (Not  Curia  Maria  nor  Kuria 
Maria. ) 

Khotan;  City  and  River,  Chinese  Tur- 
kestan. (Not  Eelchee,  Eelchi.  Ele- 
chee,  Ilchi,  Ilitsi,  Khoteh,  nor  Yu- 

Khutz-nliu;  see  Kootznahoo. 

Khioain;  see  Kwain. 

Khwostof;  Island,  western  Aleutians. 
Alaska.     (Not  Khvostoff.) 

Kiakhta;  Town,  east  Siberia,  on  the 
Chinese  frontier.     (Not  Kiachta.) 

Kialagvik;  Bay,  east  side  Alaska 
Peninsula,  near  Mount  Becharof, 
Alaska.     (Not  Kialagvlt.) 



Kiamichi;  Mountains,  Le  Flore  Coun- 
ty; River,  Choctaw,  Le  Flore,  and 
Pushmataha  Counties ;  and  Town- 
ship, Pushmataha  County,  Okla. 
(Not  Kiamitia  nor  Kimishi.) 

Kiang  Mai;   see  Chiengmai. 

Kiang-men;  see  Kongmoon. 

Kiang-ning ;  see  Nankin. 

Kiang'si;  Province,  China.  (Not  Kiang- 
si  nor  Kiang-se.) 

Kiang-su;  Province,  China.  (Not  Ki- 
ang-su. ) 

Kiaochow;  Bay  and  City,  Shantung 
Province,  China.  (Not  Chiao  Chou, 
Kiao  chau,  Kiao  Chow,  Kiau-Chau, 
Kiautschou,  nor  Kyau  chau.) 

Kiaochow;  Postal  District,  China. 

Kiarsarge;  see  Pequawket. 

Kichcnef;  Kichenev;  see  Kishenef. 

Kichick;  see  Nikhkak. 

Kickapoo;  Township  and  Village, 
Leavenworth  County,  Kans. 

Kidds  Humbug;  Point,  Hudson  River, 
Rockland  County,  N.  Y.  (Not  Kidd's 
Humbug. ) 

Kief;  Capital  City  and  District,  south- 
eastern Russia.  (Not  Kieff,  Kiev, 
nor  Kiew.) 

Kienstra;  Landing  and  Town,  Missis- 
sippi River,  Adams  County,  Miss. 
(Not  Kienstra's.) 

Kiirun;  City,  Harbor  (ko),  and  Island 
(to),  northern  coast  of  Taiwan  Is- 
land, China  Sea.  (Not  Ke  lung,  Ke- 
lung,  nor  Kilung.) 

Kikitak;  see  Kikitaruk. 

Kikitaruk;  Village,  Kotzebue  Sound, 
Alaska.  (Not  Kikitak,  Kikiktak, 
Kikiktaruk,  nor  Kigaktowruk. ) 

Kilboume;  Township  and  Village,  Ma- 
son County,  111.     (Not  Kilbourn.) 

Kilfoil;  Township,  Custer  County, 
Nebr.     (Not  Kilfail.) 

Kilimanjaro;  Mountain,  near  the 
Equator,  East  Africa.  (Not  Kilima 

Kilinyaga;  see  Kenia. 

Kilkenny;  Township  and  Village,  Le 
Sueur  County,  Minn.  (Not  Kil- 
keny. ) 

Kill    Van    Kull;    Channel,    north    of 

Staten  Island,  Hudson  County,  N.  J., 

and  Richmond  County,  N.  Y.     (Not 

Kill  von  Kull.) 
Killamacue;  Creek,  T.  8  S.,  R.  37  E., 

tributary  to  Rock  Creek  from  west, 

Baker  County,  Oreg.     (Not  Kilmer- 

Killdevil;  Hills,  Currituck  County,  N. 

C.      (Not  Kill  Devil.) 
Kilmer  que;  see  Killamacue. 
Kilung;  see  Kiirun. 
Kimana;  see  Tanganyika. 
Kimbal;  City,  Neosho  County,  Kans. 

(Not   Kimball.) 
Kimball;  see  Laurel. 
Kimballs;  see  Black. 
Kimberley;    Reef,    east    of    Falkner 

Island,   Long   Island   Sound,   Conn. 

(Not  Kimberley 's.) 
Kimishi;  see  Kiamichi. 
Kimmerly;  Creek,  T.  32  N.,  R.  21  W., 

tributary    to    Canyon    Creek    from 

northwest,    west    of   Depuy    Creek, 

Flathead  County,  Mont. 
Kimmundy;  see  Kinmundy. 
jKincaid;  Railroad  Station,  Chattooga 

County,  Ga.    (Not  Holland  Station.) 
Kinchafoonee;  River,  Lee  and  Sumter 

Counties,  Ga.     (Not  Kenchafoonee, 

Kinchatoonee,  nor  Klnchefoonee. ) 
Kinchin- Jinga;     Kinchin junga  ;     see 

Kinderhook;  see  Wyomanock. 
King;  Cove,  indenting  northern  part 

of  the  eastern  coast  of  Afognak  Is- 
land,   abreast    of    Marmot    Island, 

Alaska.       (Not    Izhut,    Izhutskaia, 

Ujut,  nor  Uyut.) 
King;  Island,  Bering  Strait,  Alaska. 

Not  Kings,  Ooghe-a-book,  nor  Uki- 

King;    Landing,    Ohio    River,    Clark 

County,  Ind.     (Not  King's) 
King  Arthur  Castle;  Peak,  on  the  east 

side   of    Shinumo    Creek,    Coconino 

County,  Ariz. 
King   Crest;   short   Ridge,   extending 

south  from  Powell  Plateau,  Coconino 

County,  Ariz. 

14842—21 ^12 



King-Gan-Oola ;  see  Khinghan. 

King-Ki-Tao ;  King-Ki-Too ;  see  Keijo. 

King-Ki-Tao;  King-ki-too;  see  Seoul. 

Kingegan;  Village,  Cape  Prince  of 
Wales,  Bering  Strait,  Alaska.  (Not 

Kingfisher;  see  Ogishkemuncie. 

Kings;  Glacier,  near  head  of  Pqft 
Nellie  Juan,  Prince  William  Sound, 

Kings;  Mountain,  east  bank  of  Mata- 
nuska  River,  40  miles  northeast  of 
Knik  Arm  of  Cook  Inlet,  Alaska. 
(Not  House.) 

Kings;  River,  head  of  Port  Nellie 
Juan,  Prince  William  Sound,  Alaska. 

♦Kings;  River,  Fresno  County,  Calif. 
(Not  King  nor  King's.) 

King's;  Kings,  Calif  and  Fla. ;  see 
Philips;  Ryer;  Teyahalee. 

Kingsland;  Point,  Hudson  River  near 
Tarrytown,  Westchester  County,  N. 
Y.      (Not  Kingsland's.) 

Kingsland;  Reach,  James  River,  Va. 
(Not  Graveyard.) 

Kingston;  Mountains,  California  and 
Nevada.  (Not  Chung  Up  nor  Rest- 
ing Spring.) 

Kinkasan;  Channel,  Island  ,and  Light, 
lat.  SS'*  17'  N.,  long.  141°  35'  E., 
eastern  coast  of  Honshu  Island, 
Japan.  (Not  Kingkasan,  Kinka 
San,  Kinkuwasan,  nor  Kinkwasan.) 

Kinmundy;  City  and  Township,  Ma- 
rion County,  111.  (Not  Kim- 

Kinnickinnic ;  Kinnickinnick ;  KinniM- 
nic;  see  Kinnikinnic. 

Kinnikinnic;  River,  St.  Croix  County, 
Wis.  (Not  Kinnickinnic,  Kinnickin- 
nick, nor  Kinnikinic.) 

Kinnikinnick;  Creek  and  Village, 
Ross  County,  Ohio.  (Not  Kinnickin- 
nick. ) 

Kinnimcut;  see  Conimicut. 

Kinnimiki;  Creek,  T.  32  N.,  R.  21  W., 
tributary  to  Skookoleel  Creek  from 
south,  Flathead  County,  Mont. 

Kinsale;  Village,  Westmoreland  Coun- 
ty, Va.     (Not  Kin  Sale.) 

Kintire;  Township,  Redwood  County, 
Minn.      (Not   Knitire.) 

Kiokee;  Creek,  Dougherty  County,  Ga. 
(Not  Kioka.) 

Bliolen;  Mountain  Range,  between  Swe- 
den and  Norway.  (Not  Kioel,. 
Kjolen,  nor  Koelen.) 

Kioto;  see   Kyoto. 

Kiowa;  Peak  (altitude,  13,101  feet), 
about  a  mile  east  of  Continental 
Divide,  14^  miles  south  of  Longs 
Peak,  Boulder  County,  Colo. 

Kip;  Creek,  small  tributary  to  North 
Badger  Creek,  Pondera  County,. 

Kip;  see  Maple. 

KipMggon;  see  Higgon. 

Kipniak;  Kipniuk;  see  Black. 

Kirby;  Creek,  western  channel  of 
Eagle  Creek,  west  of  Richland,  Baker 
County,  Oreg.     (Not  Little  Eagle.) 

Kirghiz;  Steppes,  northeast  of  Sea  of 
Aral,  Asia.  (Not  Kirgheez,  Kirguis,. 
nor  Kirguiz.) 

Kirin;  Province  of  Manchuria,  Asia. 
(Not  Girin  nor  Ula.) 

Kirker;  Landing,  Ohio  River,  Mason 
County,  Ky.     (Not  Kirker's.) 

Kirker;  Pass,  Contra  Costa  County,. 
Calif.  (Not  Kirkers,  Quercus,  nor 
Quereus. ) 

Kishaqna;  see  Keshequa. 

Kishenef;  Capital  of  Bessarabia,  in 
European  Russia.  (Not  Kichenef, 
Kichinev,  Kirschenew,  Kishenev, 
Kishineff,  Kishinev,  nor  Kishlanou.) 

Kiska;  Island,  one  of  the  western 
Aleutians,  Alaska.     (Not  Kyska.) 

Kiskiminitas;  River,  from  the  junc- 
tion of  the  Conemaugh  River  and 
Loyalhanna  Creek  to  the  Allegheny 
River,  Pa. 

Kiskimintas;  Township,  Armstrong 
County,  Pa.     (Not  Kiskiminetas. ) 

Kisselen;  Bay,  at  the  head  of  Beaver 
Bay,  Unalaska,  eastern  Aleutians, 
Alaska.  (Not  Kissialiak  nor  Wor- 

Kistna;  River  in  the  Dekkan,  South- 
ern India.  (Not  Kistnah  nor 

Kit  Carson;  Mountain,  highest  peak 
in  tlie  cross  range  south  of  Apache 
Trail,  38^  miles  from  Mesa,  Mari- 
copa County,  Ariz.  (Not  Lewis 



Kit  Carson;  Peak,  Sangre  de  Cristo 
Range,  Custer  and  Saguache  Coun- 
ties, Colo.     (Not  Frustum.) 

Kit  sil;  see  Keet  Seel. 

Kit  a  Nakane;  see  Kitanaka. 

Kitanaka;  Shoal  (ne),  lat.  35°  19'  N., 
long.  139°  40'  E.,  Gulf  of  Tokyo, 
Japan.  (Not  Kita  Nakane,  Kita- 
naka-ne,  nor  Naka  ne.) 

Kitchabadogga;  see  Ketchepedrakee. 

Kitch-e-lus  ;  see  Keechelus. 

Kitchen;  Brook,  Cheshire  Town,  Berk- 
shire County,  Mass.     (Not  West.) 

Kitchikan;  see  Ketchikan. 

Kits;  Peak,  T.  17  S.,  R.  7  E.,  Pima 
County,  Ariz.     (Not  Kitt.) 

Kitt;  see  Kits. 

Kittatinny;  Mountains,  New  Jersey 
and  Pennsylvania.     (Not  Kitatinny.) 

Kittiioake;  >ee  Whale. 

Kittleman;  see  Kettleman. 

Kittredge;  Lake,  western  side  Wil- 
lamette River,  below  Guild  Lake, 
and  2i  miles  below  Portland,  Mult- 
nomah County,  Oreg.  (Not  Kit- 
tredges. ) 

Kitts  Hummock;  sandy  Hillock,  shore 
of  Delaware  Bay,  Kent  County,  Del. 
(Not  Kitt's  Hammock  nor  Kittsham- 
mock. ) 

Kittyhawk;  Bay,  Albemarle  Sound, 
Currituck  County,  N.  C.  (Not  Kitty 

Kiukiang;  Postal  District,  China. 

Kiukpalik;  Island,  Shelikof  Strait, 
Alaska.     (Not  Kaiukhlipalik.) 

Kiuliing;  see  Kowloon. 

Kiung  Choio  foo;  see  Kiungchow. 

*Kiungchow;  City,  Hainan  Island, 
China.  (Not  Kien  Chow,  Kioung- 
tcheou,  Kiung  Chau,  Kiung  Chow 
foo,  Kiungchau,  Kiung  tscheu,  Kiung 
tschou,  Kiung  tschow,  nor  Ksingtsu. ) 

Kiungchow ;  see  Hoihow. 

Kiusliu;  see  Kyushu. 

Kivalina;  River,  Arctic  coast  of 
Alaska.  (Not  Kevuleek,  Kevulik, 
Kivalena,  Kivalinagmiut,  Kiv-a-lin- 
yah,  Kiveleena,  Kivelow,  Kivilenya, 
nor  Kuveleek.) 

Kiwanda;  Cape,  Tillamook  County, 
Oreg.     (Not  Sand  Cape.) 

Kiwassa;  Lake,  Franklin  County,  N.  Y. 

(Not  Lonesome  Pond.) 
Kjolen;  see  Kiolen. 

Klag;  Bay,  north  of  Khaz  Bay  and 
west  of  Anna  Lake,  southwestern 
shore  of  Chichagof  Island,  connected 
with  Khaz  Bay  by  Coleman  Passage 
and  The  Gate,  Alaska.     (Not  Klagh.) 

Klag;  Island,  south  of  Klag  Bay,  be- 
tween bay  and  Coleman  Passage, 
Chichagof  Island,  Alaska.  (Not  De 

Klaheela  ;  see  Klehini. 

Klahini;  River,  tributary  to  Burroughs 
Bay,  Behm  Canal,  Southeastern 
Alaska.  (Not  Clahona  nor  Kla- 
heena. ) 

Klahostah;  see  Sail. 

Klamath;  see  Link. 

Klaskain;  Klaskania;  Klaskonine;  see 

Klawak;  see  Dry  Pass. 

Kle-al-um;  see  Clealum. 

Kiehiate  Spring;  see  Cottaquilla. 

Klehe&na;  see  Klehini. 

Klehini;  River,  tributary  to  Chilkat 
River,  British  Columbia  and  South- 
eastern Alaska,  flowing  southeast 
across  the  International  Boundary 
Line,  near  lat.  59°  24'.  (Not  Kla- 
heela, Kleheena,  Kluheena,  Klu- 
heeny,  Kluhini,  nor  Tlehini.) 

Klein:  see  Kline. 

Klethla;  Valley,  Navajo  and  Hopi  In- 
dian Reservation,  Coconino  and  Nav- 
ajo Counties,  Ariz.     (Not  Kle-thla.) 

Kletomus;  Creek,  draining  Moose 
Lake,  T.  33  N.,  Rs.  21  and  22  W., 
Flathead  County,  Mont.  (Not  Cle- 

Kletsan;  Creek,  flowing  northward  to 
White  River,  about  long.  141°  W., 
Alaska,  near  International  Boundary 
(between  Alaska  and  Canada).  (Not 
Copper,  Klet-san-dek,  nor  Klutson.) 

Kletsan:  see  Natazhat. 

Klika  Killah;  see  Tlikakila. 

Kline;  Gap,  Grant  County,  W.  Va. 
(Not  Klein.) 

Kline;  Township,  Schuylkill  County, 
Pa.     (Not  Klein.) 

Klinefelter;  see  Piute. 

Klochefl'skaia ;  see  Kluchef. 



Klokachef;  Cape  and  Island,  entrance 
to  Salisbury  Sound,  Southeastern 
Alaska.  (Not  Fortuna,  Klokatcheff, 
nor  Vincent.) 

Klokachcff;  see  Salisbury. 

Klondike;  River,  tributary  to  Yukon 
River,  and  Village,  Yukon,  Canada, 
near  the  International  Boundary 
Line.  (Not  Chandik,  Chandike, 
Chandindu,  Deer,  Klondyke,  nor 
Reindeer. ) 

Klondike,  Village,  Jefferson  County, 
N.  Y.  (Not  Klondyke  nor  Worth- 

Klosterkamp ;  southern  Point  of  Cas- 
tries Bay,  lat.  50°  30'  N.,  eastern  Si- 
beria. (Not  Klester  Kamp,  Kles- 
ter  kamp,  Kloster  Camp,  Kloster 
Kamp,  nor  Quoin.) 

Kluchef ;  Volcano,  eastern  part  of  Kam- 
chatka, Siberia.  (Not  Kliuchef, 
Klocheffskaia,  Klotchevsky,  Kluchev- 
skaya,  Kluchevskaia,  Klutschew, 
Klyuchev,  Klyutchev,  nor  Klyutchev- 
skaya. ) 

Klukeena;  Kluheeny,  Kluheny,  Klu- 
hini;  see  Klehini. 

Klumma  Gutta;  Klumn  Gutta;  see 

Klutlan;  Glacier,  crosses  the  Interna- 
tional Boundary  (between  Alaska 
and   Yukon)    near  latitude  Gl°  27'. 

Klutson;  see  Kletsan ;  Natzhat. 

Knapp;  Landing,  Columbia  River, 
Clarke  County,  Wash.  ( Not  Knapp's. ) 

Knapp;  see  Manzanita. 

Knapp;  Point,  about  i  mile  below 
Knapp  Landing,  Columbia  River, 
Clarke  County,  Wash.  (Not  Half- 

Knife;  Lake,  between  Carp  and  Cy-i 
press  Lakes,  Rainy  River  District, 
Ontario,  International  Boundary  (be- 
ween  Minnesota  and  Ontario). 

Knitire;  see  Kintire. 

Knobly;  Mountain,  Grant  and  Mineral 
Counties,  W.  Va.     (Not  Knobley.) 

Knobnoster;  Town,  Johnson  County, 
Mo.     (Not  Knob  Noster.) 

Knoll;  Head.!,  prominent  one,  500  feet 
high,  on  western  side  entrance  to 
Iniskin  Bay,  northern  coast  Kami- 
shak  Bay,  southwestern  coast  Cook 
Inlet,  Alaska. 

Knox;  Post  Light,  Illinois  River, 
Scott  County,  111.     (Not  Knox's.) 

Knox  Bar;  Post  Light,  Ohio  River, 
Beaver  County,  Pa.  (Not  Knox's 

Knox  I^and;  Long.  103°  to  108°  E.,  lat. 
66°  30'  S.,  Antarctic  Continent.  Dis- 
covered and  named  by  Capt.  Wilkes 
in  1840. 

Knub;  Hill  (altitude  1,840  feet),  just 
west  of  Dry  Bay,  northern  shore 
Kamishak  Bay,  southwestern  coast 
Cook  Inlet,  Alaska. 

Knubble;  Bay,  Sagadahoc  County,  Me. 
(Not  Nubble.) 

Ko  hasan;  see  Konasami. 

Kobuk;  River,  tributary  to  Hotham 
Inlet,  Northwestern  Alaska.  (Not 
Kowak,  Putnam,  Kooak,  Kubuk,  nor 

Kochtaheene;  see  Hoktaheen. 

*Kodiak;  Island,  near  Cook  Inlet, 
Alaska.     (Not  Kadiak.) 

Kodorika;  Kodrika;  see  Annyon, 

Kodu;  Cape  (kutsu),  lat.  35°  04'  N., 
long.  129°  11'  E.,  southern  coast  of 
Chosen  (Korea).   (Not  Young.) 

Koelen;  see  Klolen. 

Ko&nigsberg ;  see  Konigsberg. 

Koggiung;  Village,  at  mouth  of 
Kvichak  River,  Alaska.  (Not  Ko- 

Koh  Hud;  see  Fukwok. 

Kohten;  see  Khotan. 

Koip;  Peak  and  Ridge,  on  Boundary 
between  Mono  and  Tuolumne  Coun- 
ties, Calif.     (Not  Ko-it.) 

Koje;  Island,  southern  coast  of  Cho- 
sen (Korea).  (Not  Cargodo  nor 

Kokko;  Point  (kutchi),  lat.  42°  04'  N., 
long.  180°  10'  E.,  northeastern  coast 
of  Chosen  (Korea).     (Not  Linden.) 

Eokonak;  see  Kakhonak. 



Kokosing;  River,  Coshocton  and  Knox 
Counties,  Ohio.  (Not  Kokoshing, 
Owl  Creek,  nor  Vernon.) 

Koksuktapaga;  see  Casadepaga. 

Kokumu;  Island  (to),  lat.  34"  27'  N., 
long.  127°  10'  E.,  southern  coast  of 
Chosen   (Korea).     (Not  Auckland.) 

Kokunsan;  Group  of  Islands,  lat.  35° 
49'  N.,  long.  126°  25'  E.,  western 
coast  of  Chosen  (Korea).  (Not  Ko- 
kuntau. ) 

Kolelemook;  Lake,  Springfield,  Sulli- 
van County,  N.  H.  (Not  Station 

Kol-Vrgru'a;  see  Meade. 

Komarusan;  Point  (kutchi),  lat.  41° 
46'  N.,  long.  129°  51'  E.,  northeast- 
ern coast  of  Chosen  (Korea).  (Not 
Kolokoltsef. ) 

Konibodja;  see  Cambodia. 

Kommo;  Islands  and  largest  Island, 
lat.  34°  30'  N.,  long.  127°  45'  E., 
southern  coast  of  Chosen  (Korea). 
(Not  North  nor  Seen.) 

Komo;  Point,  Grand  Canyon  of  the 
Colorado,  Coconino  County,  Ariz. 

Konasami;  Island  and  Light,  Hiro- 
shima Bay,  Inland  Sea,  Japan.  (Not 
Chikiri,  Ko  hasari,  Ko  nasami,  nor 
Ko  Nasami.) 

Kondo;  see  Notoro. 

Kongmoon;  Treaty  Port,  West  River, 
Kwangtung  Province,  China.  (Not 
Kiangm§n,  Kongmun,  nor  Kong 

Kongo;  River  and  State,  West  Africa. 
(Not  Congo.) 

Konigsberg;  Capital  City  and  District, 
Prussia.  (Not  Koenigsberg,  Konigs- 
berg,  nor   Krolewiecz.) 

Koniuji;  Island,  near  Atka  Island, 
middle  Aleutians,  Alaska.  (Not 
Koniougi. ) 

Konkapot;  River,  Berkshire  County, 
Mass.,  and^  Litchfield  County,  Conn. 
(Not  Mill.) 

Konochti;  see  Konokti. 

Konokti;  Mountain,  western  side  Clear 
Lake,  Lake  County,  Calif.  (Not 
Kanakti,  Kanokti,  Konochti,  nor 
Uncle  Sam.) 

Kontaku;  Island  (somu),  lat.  38°  44' 
N.,  long.  125°  28'  E.,  western  coast 
of  Choson  (Korea).    (Not  Gum  jug.) 

Kontrashibuna;  Lake,  east  of  Clark 
Lake,  drained  by  Tanalian  River, 
Alaska.  (Not  Brooks,  Contlechebna, 
Kontlalhevena,  Kontlechebna,  Kum- 
thrashibuna,  Kunthrashiboona,  nor 
Kunthrashibuna. ) 

Kontrashibuna;  see  Tanalian. 

Konwakiton;  Glacier,  Mount  Shasta, 
Siskiyou  County,  Calif.  (Not  Mc- 

Kooak;  see  Kobuk. 

Koochiching;  County,  Minn.  (Formed 
Demember,  1906,  from  part  of  Itasca 

Koochiching;  Falls,  Rainy  River,  near 
Fort  Frances,  Koochiching  County, 
Minn.,  and  Rainy  River  District,  On- 
tario, International  Boundary  (be- 
tween Minnesota  and  Ontario ) .  ( Not 
Chaudiere. ) 

Koogrock;  see  Kougarok. 

Koogrook;  see  Kugrupaga. 

Kook;  see  Basket. 

Kook-pow-rook ;  see  Kukpowruk. 

Koolkoon;  see  Kuenlun. 

Koonthtashiboona ;  see  Tanalian. 

Koopee;  Creek,  T.  36  N.,  Rs.  23  and  24 
W.,  tributary  to  Whale  Creek  from 
north  between  Inuya  and  Ninko 
Creeks,  Flathead  County,  Mont. 

Koopoura;  see  Kuparuk. 

Kooril;  see  Kuril. 

Koos;  see  Ck>os. 

Koosmus;  see  Goosmus. 

Kootenai;  Lake,  British  Columbia,  and 
River,  British  Columbia,  Idaho,  and 
Montana.  (Not  Kootanie,  Kootenie, 
Kootienay,  nor  Swan.) 

Kootenai;  Pass,  over  Continental  Di- 
vide, lat.  48°  51',  long.  113?  54',  Gla- 
cier National  Park,  Flathead  and 
Glacier  Counties,  Mont.  (Not 
Haines. ) 

Kootenai;  see  Mission. 

Koo-to-ark;  Kootoark;  see  Kutuk. 

Kootznahoo;  Inlet,  Admiralty  Island, 
Alaska.  (Not  Hoochinoo,  Hoosnoff, 
Houchnou,  Hudsunoo,  Khutz-n'hu, 
Kootsnoo,  Koutsnou,  nor  Kutznou.) 


Kopsi;  Creek,  T.  36  N.,  R.  24  W.,  trib- 
utary to  Bluesky  Creek  from  south, 
Lincoln  County,  Mont. 

Korea;  see  Cliosen.     (Not  Corea.) 

Korelock;  Village,  Ontonagon  County, 
Mich.  (Not  Ballentine  nor  Lake 
Gogebic. ) 

Kornilof ;  see  Najin. 

Korovin;  Bay,  Atka  Island,  middle 
Aleutians,  Alaska.  (Not  Korovin- 

Korsakov;  see   Otomari. 

Kosmina;  see  Kozmin. 

Kotelni;  Island,  one  of  the  New  Si- 
berian Islands,  Arctic  Ocean.  (Not 
Kassel,  Kotelnoi,  Kotelny,  nor  Ko- 
telnyi. ) 

Kotleana;  see  Katlian. 

Kotschin;  see  Cochin. 

Kotsu;  see  Okino. 

Kou;  see  Kuiu. 

Kouara;  see  Niger. 

Kouen  Lun;  see  Kuenlun. 

Kougarok;  River,  tributary  to  the  Ku- 
zitrin;  Mountain,  Mining  District, 
and  Mining  Town,  Seward  Penin- 
sula, Alaska.  (Not  Koogrock,  Koug- 
rok,  Kugrock,  Kugruk,  nor  Kugruk 

KouQMkuk;  see  Turner. 

Koujulik;  see  Kujulik. 

Koulkoun;  see  Kuenlun. 

Kouloulak;  see  Kulukak. 

Koumloun;  see  Kumliun. 

Koiiril;  see  Kuril. 

Kowak;  see  Kobuk. 

Kowara;  see  Niger. 

Kowloon;  Bay,  City,  Peak,  Peninsula, 
and  Point,  Kwangtung  Province, 
China.  (Not  Kaulun,  Kau  lung,  Kau- 
lung,  Kaulung,  Kiulung,  Kow-lung, 
nor  Kowlung.) 

Koyuktolik;  Bay,  about  3  miles  west- 
ward of  Port  Chatham,  Alaska. 
(Not  Dogfish  nor  Hiko-Bukta.) 

Koyukuk;  Mountain,  and  River,  tribu- 
tary  to   the   Yukon,   Alaska.     (Not 
Kozian;  see  Cozian. 
Kozmin;  Bay,  north  of  Kruilof  Point, 
Int.  42°  43'  N.,  long.  133°  E.,  Siberia. 
(Not  Kosmin  nor  Kosmina.) 
Krag-ness;    Township,    Clay    County, 
Minn.     (Not  Kragnes.) 

Krakow;  Ancient  Capital  of  Poland. 
(Not  Cracow  nor  Krakau.) 

Krcgugin;  see  Novo  ilski. 

Kreiser;  see  Choncho. 

Kresson;  Town,  Camden  County,  N.  J. 
(Not  Milford.) 

Krestof;  Island,  north  end  of  Sitka 
Sound,  Alaska.  (Not  Cross,  Kres- 
toft',  nor  Krestov.) 

Krestof;  Sound  or  Strait,  between 
Krestof  and  Kruzof  Islands,  South- 
eastern Alaka.  (Not  Cross,  Kres- 
tofC,  nor  Krestov.) 

Kreyenhagen;  Foothills,  west  side  of 
Kettleman  Plain,  western  Fresno 
and  Kings  Counties,  Calif. 

Krilon;  see  Notoro. 

Krishna;  see  Kistna. 

Krishna  Shrine;  Peak,  Coconino 
County,  Ariz. 

Kristiania;  see  Christiania. 

Krleougoune;  see  Novosilski. 

Krolciciecz;  see  Konigsberg. 

Kronstadt;  Town,  Kotlin  Island,  Gulf 
of  Finland,  Russia.  (Not  Cron- 

Krug-loi;  Point,  southernmost  one  of 
Ha  Heck  Island,  near  Sitka,  Alaska. 
(Not  Round.) 

Krung  Kao;  see  Ayuthia. 

Krusenstern;  Cape,  Kotzebue  Sound, 
Northern  Alas^ka.  (Not  Kruzen- 

Krusenstern ;  see  Ailuk. 

Kruzof;  Island,  west  of  Baranof  Is- 
land, Alexander  Archipelago,  South- 
ern Alaska.  (Not  Croose,  Edge- 
cumbp,  Pitt,  San  Jacinto,  St.  Laza- 
ria,  Sitka,  nor  Tleekh.) 

Ksingtsu;  see  Kiungchow. 

Kiaadn;  see  Katahdin. 

Kuang  Tsheou-Wan;  see  Kwangchow. 

Kuan  g si ;  see  Kwangsi. 

Kuangtung ;  see  Kwangtung. 

Kuhuk;  see  Kobuk. 

Kne-ga-rack;  see  Kugarak. 

Kueiehov;  see  Kweichow. 

Kuenlun;  Mounain  Range,  Central 
Asia.  (Not  Koolkoon,  Kouen  Lun, 
Koulkoun,  Kuen,  Lun.  Kwan  lun, 
Kwen  Lun,  nor  Kwun  lun.) 



Xug-arak;  River,  tributary  to  Selawik 
River,  northwestern  Alaska.  (Not 
Kiie-ga-rack. ) 

Kugidacli;  see  Pogromni. 

KugrocTc;  see  Kougarok. 

Kugruk;  River,  flowing  into  Kotzebue 
Sound,  just  eas^t  of  Cape  Deceit, 
Alaska.     (Not  Swan.) 

Kugruk;  Kugruk  City;  see  Kougarok. 

ICugrupag-a;  River,  flowing  into  the 
Arctic  Ocean  at  long.  166°  45', 
Seward  Peninsula,  Alaska.  (Not 
Koogrook  nor  Kugruk.) 

TCuiu;  Island,  west  of  Kupreanof  Is- 
land, Alexander  Archipelago,  South- 
eastern Alaska.    (Not  Kou.) 

ICuiutulik;  River,  entering  Norton 
Bay,  north  of  INIount  Kwiniuk, 
Alaska.     (Not  Koyuktulik.) 

"Kujulik;  Bay,  east  side  Alaska  Penin- 
sula, Alaska.     (Not  Koujulik.) 

Xukkan;  Bay,  western  Coast  of  Chi- 
chagof  Island,  Alaska. 

K.  U.  Junction;  see  Hedges. 

Kukpowruk;  River,  between  Cape 
Lisburne  and  Icy  Cape,  Northern 
Alaska.      (Not  Kook-pow-rook. ) 

Kuku;  Island  (to),  hit.  34°  33'  N., 
long.  128°  27'  E.,  southern  coast  of 
Chosen  (Korea).  (Not  False  Senti- 
nel nor  Kaku.) 

Kulichavak;  see  Kvichavak. 

Kulichkof;  Islet  and  Reefs,  Sitka 
Sound,  Alaska.  (Not  Kulich,  Ku- 
litch,  Kulitzkoff,  nor  Snipe.) 

*Kuliuk;  Cape,  west  side  Kodiak  Is- 
land, Alaska.     (Not  Kuliugmiut.) 

Kullichaha;  see  Kully  Chaha. 

KuUiinla;  Village,  McCurtain  County, 
Okla.      (Not  Kulli  Inla.) 

Kulluspelm;  see  Pend  Oreille. 

*  Kully  Chaha;  Township,  Le  Flore 
County,  Okla.     (Not  Kullichaha.) 

Kulukak;  Bay,  Bristol  Bay,  Bering 
Sea,   Alaska.      (Not  Kouloulak.) 

Kumchuk;  Town,  West  River,  Kwang- 
tung  Province,  China.  (Not  Kum 

Kumijon;  Rock  (yo),  lat.  38°  02'  N., 
long.  125°  01'  E.,  western  coast  of 
Chosen   (Korea).     (Not  Philips.) 

Kumirni :  see  Chigan. 

Kumliun;  Cape,  south  shore  of  Alaska 

Peninsula,  Alaska.     (Not  Konmloun 

nor  Kunitiak.) 
KMnclmin-Junga ;  Kunchin-Ginga  ;  Kun- 

chinjinga;  Kunchinjunga ;  see  Kan- 

Kunchin;  Bay,  northern  part  of  Chosen 

Bay,   northeastern   coast   of  Chosen 

( Korea ) .     ( Not  North  Bay. ) 
Kungnk;  see  Buckland. 
Kunjamuk;  Creek,  Hamilton  County, 

N.     Y,     (Not     Cogaminck,     Conga- 

munck,     Cungermuck,     nor     Kunja- 

Kunsan;   Harbor    (po)    and   Town,   a 

treaty  port,  western  coast  of  Chosen 

(Korea).     (Not  Kun-san   nor   Kun- 

Kunshi;  Island -(to),  lat.  36°  40'  N., 

long.  125°  51'  E.,  western  coast  of 

Chosen   (Korea).     (Not  Warren.) 
Kunthrashihoona  ;       Knnthrashihuna  ; 

see  Tanalian. 
Kuparuk;  River,  debouching  on  Arctic 

Coast  40  miles  east  of  Colville  River, 

near  long.  148°  50',  Northern  Alaska. 

(Not  Koopowra  nor  Kui)owra.) 
Kupoivra;  see  Kuparuk. 
Kupreanof;    Island    and    Point,    east 

side      Alaska      Peninsula,      Alaska. 

(Not  Kupreanolf.) 
Kupreanof;    Mountain,    southern   side 

of   Kupreanof   Strait,    westward    of 

Dry  Spruce  Bay,  Alaska. 
Kupreanof;    Strait,  between   Afognak 

and  Kodiak  Islands,  Alaska.     (Not 

Karluk,   North,    Northern,    nor    Sie- 

vernoi. ) 
Kuria  Maria;  see  Khorya  Morya. 
Kuril;    Islands,    between    Japan    and 

Kamchatka,    North    Pacific    Ocean. 

(Not  Chishima,  Kooril,  Kouril,  nor 

Kurokami;  see  Okurokami. 
Kuroshiwo;    Gulf    Stream    of    Japan. 

(Not  Kuro  Shiwo  nor  Kuro  Si  wo.) 
Kushaqua;  see  Keshequa. 
Kushi;  see  Tojin. 
KusJmn  Kotan;  see  Otomarl. 
Kusilvak;  Island,  Yukon  Delta,  Boring 

Sea,  Alaska.     (Not  Ku.salvak.) 



Kuskokwim;  Bay  and  River,  western 
Alaska.     (Not  Kuskoquim.) 

Kustendje;  see  Constantza. 

Kutanie;  see  Waterton. 

Kutchuma;  Group  of  Islets,  Sitka  Har- 
bor, Alaska.  (Not  Boidarkin  nor 

Kutloot;  see  South. 

Kutoark;  Kutuark;  see  Kutuk. 

Kutuk;  River,  tributary  to  Alatna 
River  from  the  north,  near  lat.  67° 
40'  N.,  long.  154°  15'  W.,  Alaska. 
(Not  Koo-to-ark,  Kootoark,  Kutoark, 
nor  Kutuark.) 

Kutuzof;  Cape,  west  coast  Alaska 
Peninsula,  Alaska.     (Not  Kutusoff.) 

Kutznou;  see  Kootznahoo. 

Kuveleek;  see  Kivalina. 

Kuvuk;  see  Kobuk.    • 

♦Kvichavak;  River,  between  Kus- 
kokwim and  Yukon  Rivers,  Western 
Alaska.     (Not  Kulichavak.) 

KvAklipak;  see  Yukon. 

Kwagunt;  Butte  and  Creek,  Coconino 
County,  Ariz. 

Kwahteetah;  see  Katete. 

Kwain;  Lake,  southeastern  part  An- 
nette Island,  about  1  mile  southwest 
of  Kwain  Bay,  Alexander  Archipel- 
ago, Southeastern  Alaska.  (Not 
Khwain. ) 

Ktvan  lun;  see  Kuenlun. 

Kwanchengtze;  Sub-postal  District  of 
Mukden,  China. 

Ktoang  Chau  Wan;  see  Kwangchow. 

Kioangan;  see  Note. 

Kwangchow;  Bay  and  French  Terri- 
tory, Kwangtung  Province,  China. 
(Not  Bale  de  Quang  Tcheou,  Kouang- 
Tcheou,  Kuang  Tsheou-Wan,  Kwang 
Chau  Wan,  Kwang  chau  wan,  Kwang 
chow,  Kwang-chow-wan,  nor  Terri- 
torie  de  Kouang-Tcheou. ) 

Kwang-chow ;  see  Canton. 

Kwangngai;  City,  Anam,  French  Indo- 
China.  (Not  Kwang-ngai,  Kwang 
Ngai,  Kwang-Ngai,  Quang  Ngai, 
Quang-Ngai,  Quang  ngai,  nor  Quang- 
ngai. ) 

♦Kwangsi;  Province,  China.  (Not 
Kuangsi,  Kwang-si,  nor  Quang-se.) 

Kwang-tchu-fu ;  see  Canton. 

Kwangtri;  City,  Anam,  French  Indo- 
China.  (Not  Kuang  tri,  Kwang-tri- 
Kwang  Tri,  Quangtri,  nor  Quang 

♦Kwangtung;  Province,  China.  (Not 
Kang-tung,  Kuangtung,  Kwang-tung, 
Kwantung,  nor  Quang-tung. ) 

*Kweichow;  Province,  China.  (Not 
Kueichou,  Kui-chau,  Kweichau, 
Kwei-chow,  nor  Quei-chow.) 

Kweiyang;  Postal  District,  China. 

Kwen  Lun;  see  Kuenlun. 

Kwichpack;  Kivichpak;  see  Yukon. 

Kwikpak;  Channel  or  Pass,  Yukon 
Delta,  Alaska.     (Not  Kwikhpak.) 

Kwikpuk;  River,  Kuskokwim  District, 
Alaska.  (Not  Big  River  nor  Kwik- 
pukna. ) 

Kwikpukna;  see  Kwikpuk. 

Kwinak;  Village,  eastern  shore  of 
Kuskokwin  Bay,  mouth  of  Kanektok 
River,  Alaska.  (Not  Kwinhagamut 
nor  Quinhagak.) 

Ktoinha gamut ;  see  Kwinak. 

Kwinhon;  City  and  Harbor,  Anam, 
French  Indo-China.  (Not  Kin  lion, 
Kin-hon,  Kwi  nhon.  Qui  nhon,  Qui 
Nhon,  Quinhon,  Quin-Houe,  Quin- 
hone,  nor  Thi-nai.) 

Kworra;  see  Niger. 

Kumn   lun;   see   Kuenlun. 

Ky  OaiHep;  see  Vaal. 

Kyar  Sarga  Motmt;  see  Kearsarge. 

Kyongusogu;  Bay  and  Town,  north- 
eastern coast  of  Chosen  (Korea). 
(Not  Kionsen,  Kjong-song,  nor 
Kyong-syong. ) 

Kyoto;  City,  Japan.  (Not  Kioto, 
Meaco,  Miako,  Miyako,  nor  Salkio.) 

Kyska;  see  Kiska. 

♦Kyushu;  Island  Japan.  (Not  Kiu 
Shu,  nor  Kyushu.) 

Kyushu;  see  Kyushu. 


La  Abra;  Plain  or  Valley,  T.  17  S.,  R. 
7  W.,  Pima  County,  Ariz. 

La  Barge;  Creek,  tributary  to  Salt 
River  east  of  Kayhatin  Creek,  near 
Mormon  Flat,  about  30  miles  from 
Mesa,  Maricopa  County,  Ariz. 



La  Boca;  see  Balboa. 
La  Carpe;  see  Lacarpe. 
La  Cholla;  see  Las  Choyas. 
La  Creole  River;  see  Rickreall. 
La  Crosse;  City  and  County,  Wiscon- 
sin.     (Not  Lacrosse.) 
La  Cygne;  see  Lacygne. 
La  Du;  Post  Liglit,  Columbia  River, 
and  Village,  Cowlitz  County,  Wash. 
(Not  La  Du's.) 
La  Due;  see  Ladue. 
La  Fayette;  see  Lafayette. 
La  Grange;  see  Lagrange. 
La  Grange;  District  and  Town,  Old- 
ham County,  Ky.     (Not  Lagrange.) 
La  Grasse;  see  Grass. 
La  Guaira;  Seaport,  Venezuela,  South 

America.     (Not  La  Guayra.) 
La  Harpe;  see  Laharpe. 
La  Judie  Shallow;  see  Basse  de  Judie. 
La  Mine;   see  Lamine. 
La  Monte;  see  Lamonte. 
La  Motte;  see  Lamotte. 
*La   Moure;   County,   Township,   and 
Village,  La  Moure  County,  N.  Dak. 
(Not  L'Moure  nor  Lamoure.) 
La  pasa  del  Medio  o  del  Falucho;  see 

La    Plata;    River,    tributary    to    San 
Juan  River,  southwestern  Colorado 
and     northwestern     New     Mexico. 
(Not  Plata  nor  Rio  la  Plata.) 
La  Plata;  see  Laplata;  Sucre. 
La  Platte;  River,   tributary  to  Lake 
Champlain  from  east,  at  Shelburne, 
Chittenden    County,   Vt.      (Not   La 
Piatt,  La  Plotte,  Laplatte,  Laplop, 
Laplot,    Laplotte,    Piatt,    nor    The 
La  Pointe-d-Pitre ;  see  Pointe  a  Pitre. 
La  Porte;  see  Laporte. 
*La    Porte    City;    Town,    Blackhawk 

County,  Iowa.     (Not  Laporte.) 
La   Pray;   see   Laprey. 
La  Piiebla;  see  Puebla. 
La  Purisima  Concepcion;  Land  Grant, 
Santa    Clara    County,    Calif.     (Not 
La  Purissima  Concepcion.) 
La  Roca;  Crag,  in  Salt  River  about  57 
miles  from  Mesa,  Maricopa  County, 
La  Rue;  see  Larue. 

*La  Salle;  City,  County,  and  Town- 
ship, La  Salle  County,  III.  (Not 
Lasalle. ) 

*La  Trappe;  Creek,  Talbot  County, 
M(l.     (Not    Dividing.) 

*La  Valle;  Town  and  Village,  Sauk 
County,    Wis.     (Not   Lavalle.) 

La  Verkin;  Creek,  Washington 
County,  Utah.     (Not  Le  Verken.) 

La  Veta;  Peak,  Sangre  de  Cristo 
Range,  Huerfano  County,  Colo. 
(Not  Veta.) 

La  Vista;  Point,  St.  Johns  River,  Du- 
val County,  Fla.  (Not  Philips  nor 

Labadie;  Creek  and  Railroad  Station, 
Franklin  County,  Mo.  (Not  Labad- 

*Laberge;  Lake,  Yukon  District,  Can- 
ada.    (Not  Labarge  nor  Lebarge.) 

Labouchere;  Island,  entrance  to  La- 
bouchere  Bay,  Sumner  Strait,  South- 
eastern  Alaska.     (Not    Ship.) 

Lac  des  Roches;  see  Rock. 

Lac  Du  Bois  Blanc;  see  Basswood. 

Lac  LaCroix;  Lake,  between  Iron  and 
Loon  Lakes,  Rainy  River  District, 
Ontario,  and  St.  Louis  County, 
Minn.,  International  Boundary  (be- 
tween Minnesota  and  Ontario). 
(Not  Cross,  Kekwakwan,  Lake  La- 
Croix, Nameukan,  Namoukan,  Ne- 
qua-kaun,  Nequaquon,  nor  Nequaw- 

Lac  la  Pline;  see  Rainy. 

Lac  Majeur;  see  Maggiore. 

Lac  qui  Parle;  Township  and  Village, 
Lac  qui  Parle  County,  Minn.  (Not 
Lac-qui-parle. ) 

Lac  Superieur;  see  Lake  Superior. 
Lacarpe;  Creek,  Ottawa  County,  Ohio. 

(Not  La  Carpe  nor  Lacarne.) 
Laccadive;     Islands,     Indian     Ocean, 
southwest  from  India.     (Not  Laka 
radeevh,  Lakkadiv,  nor  Lakkadiwa. ) 
Lacey  Lane;  Post  Light,  Ohio  River, 
Cabell    County,    W.    Va.    (Not    La- 
Lachbuna;  Lake,  west  side  of  Clark 
Lake   and    tributary    to   it,    Alaska. 
(Not  Ingersol  nor  Lawsbina.) 



Lackawaxen;  River,  Pike  County,  Pa. 
(Not   Lackawaxen   Creek.) 

Lacock;  Bar,  Oliio  River,  near  Free- 
dom, Beaver  County,  Pa.  (Not  La- 
cock's  Bar.) 

Lact~oix ;  see  Grays. 

Lacrosse;  see  La  Crosse. 

Lacygne;  City,  Linn  County,  Kans. 
(Not  La  Cygne.) 

Ladore;  see  Canyon  of  Lodore. 

Ladrone;  Ladrones;  see  Marianas. 

Ladue;  River,  tributary  to  WMte  River 
from  the  west,  about  long.  140**  W., 
near  International  Boundary  (be- 
tween Alaska  and  Canada).  (Not 
La  Due.) 

Lady;  Island,  Columbia  River,  abreast 
of  Camas  Town,  14  miles  above  Van- 
couver, Clarke  County,  Wash.  (Not 
Ladys. ) 

Lady  Washington;  see  Mount  Lady 

Lafayette;  Town,  Chambers  County, 
Ala.     (Not  La  Fayette.) 

Lafayette;  Town,  Chippewa  County, 
Wis.     (Not  La  Fayette.) 

Lafayette;  Township,  Bremer  County, 
Iowa.     (Not   La   Fayette.) 

Lafayette;  Village,  Christian  County, 
Ky.     (Not  La  Fayette.) 

Laferty;  Railroad  Station,  Belmont 
County,  Ohio.     (Not  Lafferty.) 

Lafiing-al;  Hamlet,  Cherokee  County, 
Ga.  (Not  Laffing  Gal  nor  Laughing 

Lago  Maggiore;  see  Maggiore. 

Lagoa;  see  Delagoa. 

Lagoa  dos  Patos;  Lagoon,  State  of 
Rio  Grande  do  Sul,  Brazil.  (Not 
Lago  de  los  Patos.) 

Lagrange;  Town,  Lagrange  County, 
Ind.     (Not  La  Grange.) 

Lagrange;  Town,  Penobscot  County, 
Me.     (Not  La  Grange.) 

Lagrange;  see  La  Grange. 

Laguna;  Stream,  Amador  and  Sacra- 
mento Counties,  Calif.  (Not  The 
Laguna  nor  Willow  Creek.) 

Laguna;     Village,      Orange     County, 

Calif.     (Not  Lagona.) 
Laguna  de  la  Merced;  see  Merced. 
Laguna  Madre;  Lugoon,  in  southern 
Texas.     (Not  Laguna  Del  Madre.) 

Laguna  Seca;  Greek,  Merced  County, 
Calif.,  heading  in  center  of  T.  12 
S.,  R.  10  E.,  draining  foothills  be- 
tween Ortigalito  and  Little  Panoche 
Creeks,  and  emptying  into  the  San 
Joaquin  Valley.  (Not  Salt  nor  Wild- 

Lagunitas;  Creek,  rising  on  north 
slope  Mount  Tamalpais  and  empty- 
ing into  head  Tomales  Bay,  Marin 
County,  Calif.     (Not  Paper  Mill.) 

Laharpe;  City,  Allen  County,  Kans. 
(Not  La  Harpe.) 

Laichow;  Bay  (wan)  and  City,  Shan- 
tung Province,  China.  (Not  Lai 
chau,  Laichau,  Laichau  Bight,  Lai- 
chou  Fu,  nor  Lai  chou  Wan.) 

Laird;  see  Bayou  Grand  Liard. 

Lairey;  see  Cedar. 

Laireys;  Island,  northern  one  of  White 
Islands  Group,  West  Penobscot  Bay, 
Me.     (Not  Pole  nor  Lairey's.) 

Lakaradeevh;  see  Laccadive. 

Lake;  Creek,  in  the  Mount  McKinley 
region,  tributary  to  Yentna  River 
from  the  north,  10  miles  below 
Skwentna  River,  Alaska.  (Not 

Lake;  Creek,  tributary  to  Los  Pinos 
River,  Hinsdale  and  La  Plata  Coun- 
ties, Colo.      (Not  Lake  Fork.) 

Lake;  Valley,  east  of  Schell  Creek 
and  Ely  Ranges,  extending  north- 
ward from  Pioche  to  Geyser,  Lin- 
coln County,  Nev.  (Not  Duck  nor 
Patterson  Wash.) 

Lake;  see  Lake  City;  Leake;  Middle 

Lake  Arthur;  see  Fair  view. 

Lake  Austin;  see  St.  Catherine. 

Lake  Baikal;  the  largest  lake  of  Asia, 
in  Siberia,  its  basin  being  inclosed 
by  the  Baikal  Mountains.  (Not 
Baikal  Lake  nor  Holy  Sea.) 

Lake  Bay;  Creek,  southeast  of  Steven- 
son Island,  connecting  Barnes  Lake 
with  Lake  Bay,  northeastern  part 
Prince  of  Wales  Island,  Southeast- 
ern Alaska. 

=^^=Lake  City;  Townjship  and  Village, 
Barber  County,  Kans.     (Not  Lake.) 



Lake  Clear;  Lake  or  Pond,  Harriets- 
town  Town,  Franklin  County,  N.  Y. 
(Not  Big  Clear  Pond  nor  Clear 
Pond. ) 

Lake  Gogebic;  see  Korelock. 

Lake  Juvet ;  see  Crosset. 

Lake  La  Croix;  see  Lac  La  Croix. 

Lake  Madeleine;  see  Jenkins. 

Lake  Mary;  Valley,  T.  20  N.,  R.  8  E., 
Coconino  County,  Ariz.  (Not  Lit- 

Lake  May;  see  Goose. 

Lake  of  the  Isles;  Lake,  Wells  Is- 
land, St.  Lawrence  River,  Jefferson 
County,  N.  Y.     (Not  Waterloo.) 

IjOke  of  the  Sun;  see  Ozette. 

Lake  of  the  Woods;  on  International 
Boundary  (between  Minnesota  and 
Ontario),  Kenora  and  Rainy  River 
Districts,  Ontario. 

Lake  Opechee;  see  Opechee. 

Lake  Park;  Village,  Pierce  County, 
Wash.     (Not  Lakepark.) 

I/fl/ce  Paugus;  see  Paugus. 

Lake  River;  see  Eleanor. 

Lake  St.  Marys;  artificial  Lake,  Au- 
glaize and  Mercei"  Counties,  Ohio. 
(Not  Celina  Grand  Reservoir,  Grand 
Reservoir,  Lake  Mercer,  Lake  St. 
Mary's,  Mercer  County  Reservoir, 
Mercer  Reservoir,  nor  St.  Marys 
Reservoir. ) 

Lake  Superior;  the  largest  body  of 
fresh  water  in  the  world  and  highest 
of  the  five  great  lakes  of  the  St. 
Lawrence  system.  (Not  Lac  Supe- 
rieur. ) 

Lake  Wilbert;  see  Little  Simon. 

Tjoke  Winnesquam,  Lake  Winnisquam; 
see  Winnisquam. 

Lakeport;  Town  and  Township,  Wood- 
bury County,  Iowa.  (Not  Lake 

Lakeside;  Roadhouse ;  north  of  Sew- 
ard, on  Alaska  Northern  Railroad, 

Laketown;  Township,  Carver  County, 
Minn.     (Not  Lake  Town.) 

Lakeview;  Village,  Covington  County, 
Ala.     (Not  Lake  View.) 

Lfikrview;  see  Black. 

Lakeville;  Township  and  Village,  Da- 
kota County,  Minn.  (Not  Lake 

Lakhnau;  see  Lucknow. 

Lakkadiv ;  Ijakkadiwa  ;  see  Laccadive. 

Lakolaho;  Creek,  T.  32  N.,  R.  21  W., 
tributary  to  Big  Creek  from  south, 
west  of  Kinnimiki  Creek,  Flathead 
County,  Mont. 

Lamar;  River,  Yellowstone  National 
Park  and  Park  County,  Wyo.  (Not 
East  Fork  of  the  Yellowstone.) 

Lamarck;  Creek,  a  headwater  of 
Bishop  Creek,  heading  in  Lamarck 
Mountain,  Inyo  County,  Calif. 

Lamarck;  ^Mountain,  Inyo  County, 

Lambert;  Point,  Elizabeth  River,  Nor- 
folk County,  Va.     (Not  Lambert's.) 

Lamiberts;  Cove,  Vineyard  Sound, 
Marthas  Vineyard,  Mass.  (Not  Lom- 
bards nor  Lumbards.) 

Lamine;  Township  and  Village,  Cooper 
County,  Mo.     (Not  La  Mine.) 

Laming-ton;  River  and  Town,  Somer- 
set County,  N.  J.  (Not  Lamming- 

Lamitar ;  Lamitas;  see  Lemitar. 

Lamonte;  Tow^n  and  Township,  Pettis 
County,  Mo.     (Not  La  Monte.) 

Lamott;  Coulee,  branch  of  Goulding 
Creek,  Musselshell  County,  Mont. 

Lamotte;  Town,  Jackson  Count,v. 
Iowa.     (Not  La  Motte.) 

Lampa;  Creek,  tributary  to  Coquille 
River  from  south,  T..28  S.,  R.  18  W. 
Coos  County,  Oreg. 

Lamphere  Dock;  Post  Light,  Hudson 
River,  Greene  County,  N.  Y.  (Not 
Lamphere's  Dock.) 

Lan  Ho;  see  Lwan. 

Lan-Tlisang-Kiang ;  Lan-tsan;  see  Me- 

I^ancaster ;  see  Winter. 

Lancelot  Point;  Headland,  near  the 
Lead  of  Shinumo  Creek,  Coconino 
County,  Ariz. 

Land  Mark;  see  Landmark. 

Landenberg;  Village,  Chester  County, 
Pa.     (Not  Landenburg.) 

Lander;  see  Cottonwood. 

Lauderdale ;  see  Lauderdale. 



Landmark;  Peak  (altitude  6,240  feet), 
sec.  10,  T.  43,  N.,  R.  6  E.,  Shoshone 
County,  Idaho.    (Not  Land  Mark.) 

Lane's;  see  Mosher. 

*Lanford  Station;  Town,  Laurens 
County,  S.  C.  (Not  Langford's  Sta- 

Langanaes ;  see  Langanes. 

Lang-anes;  northwestern  Point  of  Ice- 
land.    (Not  Langanaes.) 

Lang-don;  Glacier,  near  head  of  Port 
Nellie  Juan,  Prince  William  Sound, 

Lang-ell;  Valley,  Ts.  40  and  41  S.,  Rs. 

13  and  14  E.,  southern  part  Klamath 
County,  Greg.     (Not  Langells.) 

Langell  Valley;  Village,  T.  41  S.,  R. 

14  E.,  southern  part  Klamatli 
County,  Greg.  (Not  Langells  Val- 

Langells;  see  Langell. 

Langells  Y alley ;  see  Langell  Valley. 

Lang-ford;  Creek  and  Town,  Kent 
County,  Md.     (Not  Lankford's.) 

Langhery;  see  Laughery. 

Langlade;  see  Miquelon. 

Langlee;  Island,  Hingham  Harbor, 
Mass.  (Not  Chandler's  nor  Lang- 

Langley;  see  Miquelon. 

Langrells;  Creek,  4  miles  east  of  El- 
liott, tributary  to  Nanticoke  River, 
Dorchester  county,  Md.  (Not  Lang- 
rell's,  Lonj^rell,  nor  Longrells.) 

Langs  Pond;  see  Mirror. 

Lanham;  Railroad  Station,  Prince 
Georges  County,  Md.  (Not  Lan- 

Lansdowne;  Railroad  Station,  Hun- 
terdon County,  N.  J.  (Not  Lands- 
down  nor  Lansdown.) 

Laomou-Ho;  see  Lwan. 

Laotieh;  Mountain,  near  southern  end 
of  Kwangtung  Peninsula,  Cbina. 
(Not  Liau  ti.) 

Laotiehshan;  Channel  and  Promon- 
tory, northern  side  of  Pechili  Strait, 
China.  (Not  Lao  teai  shan,  Lao-ti- 
chan,  Lao-tie-shan,  Lao-tieh  Shan, 
Liao  tieh  shan,  Liao-tie-shan,  Liaoti- 
shan,  nor  Liau  ti  shan.) 

Lapham;  Hill,  Delafield  Town,  T.  7  N., 
R.  18  E.,  Waukesha  County,  Wis. 
(Not  Government.) 

Laplata;  Village,  Deaf  Smith  County, 
Tex.     (Not  La  Plata.) 

Laporte;  Borough  and  Township,  Sul- 
livan County,  Pa.,     (Not  La  Porte.) 

Laporte;  see  La  Porte  City. 

Lapray;  see  Laprey. 

Laprey;  Precinct,  Lincoln  County, 
Wash.  (Not  La  Pray,  Lapray,  Le 
Pray,   nor   Lepray.) 

Large;   see   Bolshoi. 

Large  Bridge;  see  Sipapu. 

Larkins;  Creek,  rising  in  Larkins 
Lake,  T.  42  N.,  R.  7  E.,  flowing 
northwesterly,  emptying  into  Little 
North  Fork  Clearwater  River,  sec. 
13,  T.  42  N.,  R.  6  E.,  Shoshone 
County,    Idaho. 

Larkins;  Lake,  T.  42  N.,  R.  7  E., 
south  of  Larkins  Creek;  Shoshone 
County,  Idaho. 

I*arkins  Ferry;  Post  Light,  Ohio 
River,  Owensboro,  Ky.  (Not  Lar- 
ken's  Ferry.) 

Larue;  Village,  Marion  County,  Ohio. 
(Not  La  Rue.) 

Larzatita;  Island,  westernmost  island 
in  San  Christoval  Channel,  Alaska. 

Las  Animas;  see  Animas;  Purgatoire. 

Las  Casetas;  Village,  Los  Angeles 
County,  Calif.  (Not  Las  Casitas  nor 
Los  Casitos.) 

Las  Choyas;  Valley,  near  San  Diego, 
San  Diego  County,  Calif.  (Not 
Chollas,  La  Cholla,  nor  Las  Choi- 

Las  Qarzas;  see  Garza. 

Las  Qatas;  see  Los  Gatos. 

Las  Neumtas  del  Principe,  see  Nue- 

Las  Penasquitas ;  see  Los  Penasquitos. 

Las  Pulgas;  see  Pulgas. 

Las  Rocas;  see  As  Rocas. 

Las  Tiendas;  see  Tent  Hills. 

Las  Trampas;  Creek,  Peak,  and  Ridge, 
Contra  Costa  County,  Calif.  (Not 
Las  Tampas  nor  Sugarloaf.) 

Lasiocarpa;  Ridge,  northern  slope 
Mount  Baker,  Whatcom  County, 


Lassa;  Capital  of  Tibet.  (Not 
H'Lassa,  Lhasa,  nor  Lhassa.) 

Lassen;  Peak,  southeastern  part  Shas- 
ta County,  Calif.     (Not  Mt.  Lassen.) 

Last;  see  Isle  Derniere. 

Last  Chance;  Creek,  tributary  to 
Yukon  River  from  the  east,  near 
Eagle,  Alaska  International  Bound- 
ary  (between  Alaska  and  Canada). 

Latah;  Creek  (tributary  to  Spokane 
River  from  southeast,  at  Spokane), 
Spokane  and  Whitman  Counties, 
Wash.,  and  Benewah  County,  Idaho. 
(Not  Camas  Prairie,  Hangman, 
Hangmans,  Hangman's,  nor  Lau- 
taw. ) 

Latakia;  Seaport,  Coast  of  Syria. 
(Not  Ladikiyeh,  Latakie,  Latakieh, 
Latakiya,  Latakiyah,  Latakiyeh, 
Lattaqui^,  nor  Lazkl^.) 

Latakieh;  Latakiya;  Latakiyah ;  Lata- 
kiyeh;  see  Latakia. 

Latimer;  Reef,  near  Fishers  Island, 
Long  Island  Sound,  N.  Y.  (Not 
Latimer's. ) 

Latintown;   see   Lattintown. 

Latir;  Peak  (altitude  12,467  feet), 
northeast  of  Venado  Peak,  Sangre 
de  Cristo  Range,  Taos  County,  N. 

Latia  Langua;  see  Terlingua. 

Latona;  Village,  King  County,  Wash. 
(Not  Loosna.) 

Latouche;  Island  and  Passage  between 
Elrington  and  Latouche  Islands, 
southwestern  part  of  Prince  William 
Sound,  Alaska.  (Not  Foot  Island, 
Klikaklik,  nor  Kilkalit.) 

Latouche;  Post  Office  and  Village, 
northwestern  shore  Latouche  Island, 
Prince  William  Sound,  Alaska. 

Latourell;  Falls  and  Prairie,  Multno- 
mah County,  Oreg.  (Not  Latou- 

Lattaqui^;  see  Latakia. 

Lattintown;  Village,  Marlboro  Town, 
Ulster  County,  N.  Y.  (Not  Latting- 
town  nor  Latintown.) 

Lauderdale;  Town,  St.  James  Parish, 
La.     (Not  Lauderdale.) 

Lauderick;  Creek,  Harford  County, 
Md.  (Not  Loderick,  Luckwick,  nor 

Lauderick;  see  Swaderick. 

Laughery;  Township,  Ripley  County, 
Ind.     (Not  Langhery.) 

Laughing  Fish;  see  Rock. 

Laughing  Gal;  see  Lafflngal. 

Laughton's  Bayou;  see  Callaway. 

Lau-mu-Ho ;  see  Lwan. 

Lauramie;  Township,  Tippecanoe 
County,  Ind.     (Not  Laurance.) 

Laurel;  Canyon,  Los  Angeles  County, 
Calif.     (Not  Kimball.) 

Laurel;  Run,  Garrett  County,  Md. 
(Not  Little  Laurel  Run.) 

Laurel  Gap;  see  Baileyton. 

Laurenco  Marques;  see  Lourenco  Mar- 

Laurentian;  Range  of  Mountains,  Can- 
ada, extending  from  Labrador  to  the 
Arctic  Ocean,  and  forming  the  water- 
shed which  separates  the  tributaries 
of  the  St.  Lawrence  River  from 
those  of  Hudson  Bay,  (Not  Lauren- 

Laurentides;  see  Laurentian. 

Lati-ting-hycn ;  see  Lotinghsien. 

Lava;  Butte  and  Canyon,  Coconino 
County,  Ariz. 

Cava;  Lake,  head  of  Cascade  Creek, 
Gallatin  County,  Mont. 

Lava  Divide;  Watershed,  between 
Park  and  Rainbow  Greeks,  south- 
eastern slope  Mount  Baker,  What- 
com  County,   Wash. 

Lavalle;  see  La  Valle. 

Lavandera;  Rocks  (two),  between  Ca- 
beza  de  Perro  and  Inner  Piraguas 
Rock,  P.  R. 

Lavisa;  see  Levisa. 

Lawrence;  Point,  north  shore  of  Long 
Island,  near  Astoria,  Queens  County, 
N.  Y.     (Not  Lawrence's.) 

Laid'ence ;  see  Crysler. 

Lawshina;  see  Lachbuna. 

Lawson;  Lake,  Coeymans  Town, 
Albany  Ck)unty,  N.  Y.  (Not  Lawton.) 

Lawsons  Run;  see  Lostmans. 

Lawton;  Canyon,  about  37  miles  from 
Mesa,  south  of  Apache  Trail,  Mari- 
copa County,  Ariz.  (Not  Devils 
Canyon,  Canyon  Diablo,  nor  Hell 
Canyon. ) 

Lazki6;  see  Latakia. 



Lazy  Lady;   Island,   St.   Albans  Bay, 
Lake   Champlain,   Vt     (Not  Ram.) 
*Le    Boeuf;    Township,    Erie    County, 
Pa.      (Not  Leboeuf.) 

Le  Conte;  Bay  and  Glacier,  east  of 
Mitkof  Island,  Frederick  Sound, 
Alaska.  (Not  Hulti,  Hutli,  nor 

Le  Conte  Plateau;  Point,  above  left 
wall  of  Granite  Gorge,  Coconino 
County,  Ariz. 

Le  May;  see  Lemay. 

Le  Pray;  see  Laprey. 

Le  Roux;  see  Leroux. 

Le  Roy,  N.  Y.  and  Mich. ;  see  Leroy. 

Le  Verken;  see  La  Verkin. 

Lea;  River,  chiefly  in  Hertfordshire 
and  Middlesex,  England.  (Not  Lee.) 

Leacos  Cay;  see  Icacos  Cay. 

Lead    (Creek);  see  Middle  Beaver. 

Leah;  see  Red  Buttes. 

Leak;  see  Thwartway. 

Leake;  Township,  Nevada  County, 
Ark.     (Not  Lake.) 

Learning-ton;  Precinct  and  Town,  Mil- 
lard County,  Utah.  (Not  Leming- 

Leantavitch ;  see  Leontovich. 

Leao-tong ;  see  Liaotung. 

L'Eau  qui  Court;  see  Niobrara. 

Lebanon,  Ga.;  see  Toonigh. 

Lebanon,  N.  Y. ;  see  Wyomanock. 

Lebarge;  see  Laberge. 

Leboeuf;  see  Le  Boeuf. 

Lecair ;  see  American. 

Lechner;  Glacier,  eastern  shore  Aialik 
Bay,   Kenai   Peninsula,   Alaska. 

Leconte;  Canyon,  on  upper  waters  of 
Middle  Fork,  Kings  River,  Fresno 
County,  Calif. 

Leconte;  Divide,  separating  upper  wa- 
ters of  San  .Joaquin  River  from 
Kings  River,  Fresno  County,  Calif. 

Lee;  Post  Light,  Mississippi  River, 
Lake  County,  Tenn.     (Not  Lee's.) 

Lee,  England ;  see  Lea. 

Lee;  see  Lees. 

♦Lee  Center;  Township  and  Village, 
Lee  County,  111.     (Not  Lee.) 

Leechville;  Village,  Beaufort  County, 
N.  C.     (Not  Leachville.) 

Leeds;  Creek,  Talbot  County,  Md. 
(Not  Leed.) 

Leedstown;  Village,  Westmoreland 
County,  Va.     (Not  Leeds  Town.) 

Leek;  see  Thacker. 

Leelanau;  County,  Michigan.  (Not 

Leelanau;  Lake,  Leelanau  County, 
Mich.     (Not  Carp.) 

Lees;  Ferry,  on  Colorado  River  above 
Marble  Canyon,  Coconino  County, 
Ariz.     (Not  Lee  nor  Lee's.) 

*Lees;  Village,  Bledsoe  County,  Tenn. 
(Not  Lee  nor  Let.) 

*Leesville;  Village,  Carroll  County, 
Ohio.     (Not  Leesburgh.) 

Leeuwin;  most  southwestern  point  of 
Australia,  lat.  34°  32'  S.,  long.  US'* 
06'  E.     (Not  Leu  win.) 

Leevining";  Canyon,  Creek,  and  Peak, 
]Mono  County,  Calif.  (Not  Levining 
nor  Vining.) 

Lef;  Cape,  lat.  42°  41'  N.,  long.  131" 
15'  E.,  coast  of  Siberia.  (Not  Leva 
nor  Lva.) 

Lehi;  Precinct,  Utah  County,  Utah. 

Lehi;  see  Lehi  City. 

Lehi  City;  Village,  Utah  County, 
Utah.     (Not  Lehi.) 

Leiberg;  see  Leiberg-Athol. 

Leiberg-Athol;  Trail,  T.  52  N.,  R.  2 
W.,  Kootenai  County,  Idaho.  (Not 
Leiberg. ) 

Leichau;  Lei-chau;  Leichow;  see 

Leipsic;  River,  Kent  County,  Del. 
(Not  Little  Duck  Creek.) 

Leipzig;  City  in  Saxony,  Germany. 
(Not  Leipsic.) 

Leitch;  Wharf,  Patuxent  River,  Cal- 
vert County,  Md.     (Not  Leitches.) 

L.  E.  Junction;  see  Hedges. 

Leland;  Creek,  rising  in  lake  on  north- 
ern slope  Granite  Mountain,  eastern 
sl()i)e  Cascade  Range,  flowing  north- 
east about  4  miles  to  Icicle  Creek, 
Chelan  County.  Wash.     (Not  Icicle.) 

Lemaster;  Railroad  Station,  Franklin 
County,  Pa.  (Not  Lehmasters  nor 

Lemay;  Lake,  Egan  Township,  Dakota 
County,  INIinn.     (Not  Le  May.) 



Lemhi    Range;    Mountains,    between 

Lemhi   and   Pahsimeroi   Rivers   and 

Birch  Creelv  and  little  Lost  River, 

Lemington ;  see  Leamington. 
Lemitar;  Precinct,  and  Town,  Socorro 

County,  N.  Mex.     (Not  Lamitar,  La- 

mitas,  nor  Limitar.) 
Lemly;     Rocks,     entrance     to     Union 

Bay,   Ernest   Sound,  Alaska.      (Not 

Lemley. ) 
Lemolo;  Falls,  North  Umpqua  River, 

Douglas  County,  Oreg. 
Lemon   Fair;   River,   Addison   County, 

Vt.       (Not    Lemonfair    nor    Lemon- 
Lena;  Lake,  Glacier  County,  Mont. 
Lenox;  Village,  Madison  County,  N.  Y. 

(Not  Hobokenville  nor  Lenox  Fur- 
nace. ) 
Leo;  Island,  Klag  Bay,  Chichagof  Is- 
land, Alaska. 
Leon:  see  Lyon. 
Leonardville;     City,     Riley     County, 

Kans.     (Not  Leonard.) 
Leonia;    Railroad    Station,    Boundary 

County.  Idaho.     (Not  Leonai.) 
Leontovich;  Cape,  north  side  of  Alaska 

Peninsula,    Alaska.       (Not    Leanta- 

Lepray:  see  La  prey. 
Leroux;     Spring,     Coconino     County, 

Ariz.     (Not  Le  Roux.) 
Leroux;   Wash,  Navajo  County,  Ariz. 

(Not  Le  Roux.) 
Leroy;    Town    and    Village,    Genesee 

County,  N.  Y.     (Not  Le  Roy.) 
Leroy;     Township,     Ingham     County, 

Mich.     (Not  Le  Roy.) 
Les  Basses;  Village,  northern  coast  of 

southwe  tern   part   of  Haiti.      (Not 

Au  Bas.) 
Lester;  Post  Light,  Mississippi  River, 

Fulton  County,  Ky.     (Not  Lester's.) 
Let;  see  Lees. 
*  Letts;   Town,  Louisa   County,   Iowa. 

(Not  Lettsville.) 
Leu  win;  see  Leeuwin. 
Leva;  see  Lef. 
Levashef;  see  Uiuliuk. 
Levininy;  see  Leevining. 
Levisa  Fork;  Stream,  west  fork  of  Big 

Sandy    River,    Ky.    and   Va.      (Not 

Lavisa  nor  Louisa.) 

Lew  Stone;  see  Lewstone. 

Lewelling;  Creek,  T.  52  N.,  Rs.  1  and 
2  W..  tributary  to  Little  North  Fork 
Coeur  d'Alene  River  from  west, 
Kootenai  County,  Idaho.  (Not  Mid- 
dle Canyon.) 

Lewes;  River,  one  of  the  tributaries 
of  the  upper  Yukon,  Canada.  (Not 
Lewis. ) 

Lewis;  Peak  (altitude  5,580  feet), 
about  2  miles  southwest  of  Barlow 
Pass,  T.  29  N.,  R.  10  E.,  Snohomish 
County,  Wash. 

Lewis;  River,  north  side  head  of  Cook 
Inlet,  about  5  miles  west  of  west 
branch  of  Susitna  River,  Alaska. 

Lewis;  River,  small  stream  rising  in 
Shoshone  Lake,  flowing  into  Snake 
River,  2  miles  north  of  southern 
boundary  of  the  Yellowstone  Na- 
tional Park,  Wyo.     (Not  Snake.) 

Lewis;  see  Ivan;  Kit  Carson;  Weden. 

Lewis  Fork;  see  Snake. 

*  Lewis  and  Clark;  County,  Mont. 
(Not  Lewis  and  Clarke.) 

Leuns  and  Pranty ;  see  Arroyo  Verde. 

Lewisburg;  Township,  Harlan  County, 
Nebr.     (Not  Eldorado.) 

Lewstone;  Creek.  T.  8  N.,  R.  70  W., 
Larimer  County,  Colo.  (Not  Lew 

Lhasa;  Lhassa;  see  Lassa. 

li'Hommedieu;  Shoal,  in  Vineyard 
Sound,  Mass.     (Not  Lhommedieu.) 

Liakhof;  Liakhov;  Liakov;  see  Great 
Liakof,  New  Siberian. 

Liao  tieh  shun;  Liao-tie-shan ;  Liaoti- 
shan;  see  Laotiehshan. 

Liaotung;  Gulf,  an  arm  of  the  Yellow 
Sea,  China.     (Not  Leao-tong.) 

Liaoyang;  City,  China.  (Not  Liaoyan, 
Liao-yang,  nor  Liau-yang.) 

Liau  ti;  see  Laotieh. 

Liau  ti  shan;  see  Laotiehshan. 

Lib  by;  Islands,  Machias  Bay,  Wash- 
ington County,  Me.     (Not  Libbey.) 

Liberty;  Bay,  northwestern  arm  Port 
Orchard,  Puget  Sound,  Kitsap  Coun- 
ty, Wash.     (Not  Dogfish.) 

Liberty;  Mountain  (altitude  5,678 
feet),  just  south  of  Windy  Pass, 
Snohomish  County,  Wash. 



Liberty  Cap;  sharp,  snow-covered 
eminence  (altitude  about  14,000  feet) 
on  nortliwestern  side  of  summit 
platform,  Mount  Rainier,  Pierce 
County,  AVash. 

Liberty  Cap;  Fee  Battery. 

Liberty  Hill;  Village,  Grainger 
County,  Tenn.     (Not  Libertyhill.) 

♦Libia;  Italian  colony  in  Northern 
Africa.     (Not  Libya  nor  Tripoli.) 

Libya;  ^ee  Libia. 

Lick;  see  Salt. 

Lickinghole;  Creek,  Hanover  County, 
Va.     (Not  Lickenhole.) 

Lidel;  see  Lytle. 

Liege;  City  and  Province,  Belgium. 
(Not  Luik  nor  Liittich.) 

Lieou  Khieou;  see  Nansei. 

LieukJiieu;  see  Nansei. 

Lieutenant;  Island,  Wellfleet  Harbor, 
Cape  Cod  Bay,  Mass.     (Not  Horse.) 

Light  House;  see  Pilot. 

Lignite;  see  Hoseanna. 

Likes;  Creek,  Thumb  Cove,  Resurrec- 
tion Bay,  Prince  William  Sound, 

Liliput;  Creek,  tributary  to  Cape  Fear 
River,  Brunswick  County,  N.  C. 
(Not  Lilyput.) 

*  Lille;  City,  capital  of  Department  of 
Nord,  France,  situated  on  the  Deule. 
(Not  Lisle,  L'Isle,  nor  Ryssel.) 

Lillie;  see  Twin  Sisters. 

Lilly;  Borough,  Cambria  County,  Pa. 

Lilly;  Pond,  Rockport  Town,  Knox 
County,  Me.     (Not  Fresh  nor  Lily.) 

Lilly;  Town,  in  Illinois,  Ohio,  Mis- 
souri.    (Not  Lily.) 

Lilly  dale;  Railroad  Station,  Chautau- 
qua County,  N.  Y.     (Not  Lily  Dale.) 

Lily;  Lake,  sec.  14  T.  4  N.,  R.  73  W., 
at  south  foot  of  Lily  Mountains,  5 
miles  northeast  of  Long  Peak,  Lari- 
mer County,  Colo. 

Lily;  Lakes,  between  Moose  and  Moun- 
tain Lakes,  Thunder  Bay  District, 
Ontario,  International  Boundary 
(between  Minnesota  and  Ontario.) 

Lily;  Mountain,  sees.  13  and  14,  T.  4 

N.,  R.  73  W.,  6  miles  northeast  of 

Longs  Peak,  Larimer  County,  Colo. 

Lima;  Reef,  i  mile  east  by  south  from 

Point  Lima,  P.  R. 

Lime;  Island,  St.  Marys  River,  Mich. 
(Not  Isle  a  la  Crosse.) 

Lim.e  Mountain;  Peak,  prominent 
landmark,  T.  20  N.,  R.  23  E.,  Navajo 
County,  Ariz. 

Limerock;  Mountain,  sec.  1,  T.  5  S., 
R.  41  E.,  Caribou  County,  Idaho. 

Limesprings;  Village,  Howard  County, 
Iowa.     (Not  Lime  Spring.) 

♦Limestone;  Creek,  east  of  Lonesome 
Creek,  tributary  to  Big  Badger 
Creek  from  south,  Pondera  County, 
Mont.     (Not  Dancing.) 

Limestone  Hill;  see  West  Seneca. 

Litnitar ;  see  Lemitar. 

Limon;  Bay,  Atlantic  end  of  Panama 
Canal.     (Not   Colon   Harbor.) 

Lincoln;  City,  Lincoln  County,  Kans. 
(Not  Lincoln  Center  City.) 

Lincoln;  Creek,  northern  part  of  Ham- 
ilton, Seward,  and  York  Counties, 
Nebr.  (Not  North  Fork  of  Big  Blue 
River,  West  Branch  of  Big  Blue 
River,  nor  West  Fork  of  Big  Blue 
River. ) 

Lincoln;  Peak,  one  of  Black  Buttes 
Group,  southwestern  slope  Mount 
Baker,  Whatcom  County,  Wash. 

Lincolnmlle;   see   Megunticook. 

Linda;  Creek,  Rancho  del  Paso,  Sacra- 
mento County,  Calif.     (Not  Dry.) 

Linda;  Island,  St.  Lawrence  River,  2i 
miles  northwest  of  St.  Lawrence 
Village,  Cape  Vincent  Township,  Jef- 
ferson County,  N.  Y.  (Not  Brit- 

Lindeman;  Lake,  near  the  headwaters 
of  the  Yukon,  Alaska.  (Not  Linde- 
mann  .nor  Linderman.) 

Lindon;  see  Lyndon. 

Lindsborg;  City,  McPherson  County, 
Kans.     (Not  Lindsburg  City.) 

Lingo;  see  Terlingua. 
♦Link;  River,   connecting  Upper  and 
Lower  Klamath  Lakes,  Oreg.     (Not 

Linn;  Railroad  Station,  Jefferson 
County,  Ala.  ('Not  Linns,  Linn's 
Crossing,  nor  Lynns.) 

Linnaeus;  see  Mount  Linnaeus. 
Linnton;  Precinct  and  Village,  west- 
ern side  Willamette  River,  about  7 
miles    below    Portland,    Multnomah 
County,   Oreg.     (Not  Linton.) 



Lmton;  see  Linnton. 

Lion;  Gulch,  sec.  27,  T.  4  N.,  R.  73  W., 
southeastern  slope  Estes  Cone,  Lari- 
mer County,  Colo. 

Lion;  Mountain,  about  2  miles  south- 
east of  Black  Butte,  T.  11  S.,  R.  2 
W.,  Madison  National  Forest,  Madi- 
son County,  Mont. 

Lione;  see  Lyon. 

Lions  Head;  Mountain,  Litchfield 
County,  Conn.     (Not  Lyons  Head.) 

Lipan;  Point,  Vishnu  quadrangle,  Co- 
conino County,  Ariz. 

Lisbon;  City,  Capital  of  Portugal. 
(Not  Lisabona,  Lisboa,  Lisbonne, 
nor  Lissabon.) 

Lisianski;  Inlet,  strait  arm  running 
21  miles  southeast,  one-half  mile 
east,  direction  from  Cross  Sound, 

L'Isle;  Town,  Vaucluse,  France,  14 
miles  east  of  Avignon,  situated  on  an 
island  formed  by  the  Sorgue.  (Not 
risle,  L'isle-sur-Sorgue,  nor  I'lsles 
Sorgue. ) 

L'isle-sur-Sorqiie;  VIsle;  V Isles  So-r- 
ffve;  see  L'Isle. 

Lithia  Springs;  Town,  Douglas  Coun- 
ty, Ga.     (Not  Salt  Springs.) 

♦Lithodendron;  Wash,  Apache,  andi 
Navajo  Counties,  Ariz.,  and  Station, 
T.  18  N.,  R.  23  B.,  Navajo  County, 
Ariz.     (Not  Carriso  nor  Carrizo.) 

Little;  Creek,  tributary  to  Glacier 
Creek,  Whatcom  County,  Wash. 

Little;  Spring,  Coconino  County,  Ariz. 
(Not   Stokes.) 

Little,  Conn. ;  see  Mattabesset ;  Park. 

Little,  Mass. ;  see  Chadwick. 

Little;  see  Lake  Mary. 

Little  Alps;  see  Tehua. 

Little  Amicalola;  Creek,  tributary  to 
Amicalola  Creek  about  a  mile  south- 
east of  Emma,  Dawson  County,  Ga. 
(Not  Little  Amicolola  nor  Little 

Little  Annemessex;  River,  Somerset 
County,  Md.  (Not  Little  Annemes- 

Little  Applegate;  River,  tributary  to 
Applegate  River,  Jackson  County, 
Oreg.     (Not  North  Fork  Applegate.) 

Little  Baht;  Harbor,  northern  shore 
Zarembo  Island,  between  Baht  Har- 
bor and  Point  Craig,  and  about  1 
mile  to  westward  of  the  latter, 
Southeastern   Alaska. 

Little  Barren;  River,  tributary  to 
Green  River,  Green  County,  Ky. 
(Not  Barren.) 

♦Little  Bay  de  Noc;  Bay,  Delta  Coun- 
ty, Mich.  (Not  Little  Bay  d'Enoc, 
Little  Bay  de  Noque,  Little  Bay  des 
Noquets,  Liitle  Bay  des  Noquet, 
Little  Bay  de  Noquette,  Little  Bay 
de  Nocquet,  nor  Little  Bay  d'Eno- 
quet. ) 

Little  Bear;  Creek,  tributary  to  the 
Inglutalik  from  the  east,  south  of 
Big  Bear  Creek,  Alaska. 

Little  Bear;  Creek,  Ts.  3  and  4  S.,  Rs. 
4  and  5  E.,  tributary  to  Bear  Creek 
from  the  south,  Gallatin  County, 

Little  Bear;  see  Bimerick;  Vance. 

Little  Beaver;  Creek,  Columbiana 
County,  Ohio,  and  Beaver  County, 

Little  Beaver,  S.  Dak. ;  see  South 

Little  Beaver,  Wyo. ;  see  Stockade 

Little  Big  Horn;  Little  Bighorfi;  see 
Little  Horn. 

Little  Blue  River;  see  Keysor. 

Little  Bridge;  see  Kachina. 

Little  Brown's;  see  Parkman. 

Little  Bumblebee;  Creek,  T.  50  N.,  R. 
1  E.,  east  of  Bumblebee  Creek,  tribu- 
tary to  Little  North  Fork  Coeur 
d'Alene  River  from  northwest,  Sho- 
shone County,  Idaho. 

Little  Bustins;  Island,  southwest  of 
Bustins  Island,  Casco  Bay,  Cumber- 
land County,  Me.     (Not  Bustings.) 

Little  Cacapon;  River,  Hampshire 
County,  W.  Va. 

Little  Cahaba;  Stream,  branch  of  Ca- 
haba  River,  Jefferson  and  Shelby 
Counties,  Ala.  (Not  East  Cahaba, 
East  Fork,  nor  Mill  Creek.) 

Little  Captain's  Island;  see  Captain. 

Little  Cascade;  Creek,  La  Plata  Coun- 
ty, Colo. 





Little  Catawba;  see  South  Fork. 

lattle  Champion;  Creek,  tributary  to 
Champion  Creek  from  the  east, 

Little  CJiandz;  see  Ma. 

Little  Chatahospee;  Creek,  tributary 
to  Chatahospee  Creek,  Chambers 
County,  Ala.  (Not  Little  Chattahos- 
pee,  Little  Hoolethlocco,  Little  Hoo- 
lethloces.  Little  Hoolethloco,  nor 
Little  Hootethlocco. ) 

Little  Chickies;  Creek,  north  branch 
Chickies  Creek,  Lancaster  County, 
Pa.  (Not  Little  Chickisalungo,  Lit- 
tle Chicques,  Little  Chiques,  Little 
Cliiquesalunga,  nor  Little  Chiquesa- 
tunga. ) 

Little  Chickisalungo ;  Little  Chicques; 
Little  Chiques;  Little  Chiquesa- 
lunga;  Little  Chiquesatunga ;  see 
Little  Chickies. 

Little  Choptank;  River,  Dorchester 
County,  M(l.     (Not  Hudson.) 

Little  Colorado;  River,  tributary  to 
the  Colorado  River,  Apache,  Coco- 
nino, and  Navajo  Counties,  Ariz. 
(Not  Colorada,  Chiquito,  nor  Flax.) 

Little  Crater;  Hill,  SE.  i  sec.  34,  T.  6 
S.,  R.  41  E.,  Caribou  County,  Idaho. 

Little  Cultus;  Lake,  southwestern  part 
of  ■^■rnol^  County,  Oreg. 

Little  Diamond;  Island,  Portland  Har- 
bor, Me.     (Not  Little  Hog.) 

Little  Diomede;  Island,  Bering  Strait, 
Alaska.  (Not  Ignalook  nor  Ratma- 

Little  Dog;  Mountain,  Flathead  Coun- 
ty, Mont. 

Little  Dragon;  Plateau,  Grand  Can- 
yon of  the  Colorado,  Coconino 
County,  Ariz. 

Little  Duck  Creek;  see  Leipsic. 

Little  Eagle;  Creek,  rising  in  south- 
eastern part  T.  6  S.,  R.  44  E.,  and 
flowing  south  to  Eagle  Creek  in  T. 
8  S.,  R.  45  E.,  Baker  County,  Oreg. 
(Not  Little  Fork.) 

Little  Eagle;  see  Kirby. 

Little  Egg;  Inlet,  Atlantic  and  Ocean 
Counties,  coast  of  New  Jersey. 
(Not  Little  Egg  Harbor,  New,  nor 
Tucker's  Cove.) 

Little  Elk;  Creek,  La  Plata  County, 

Little  Elk;  Creek,  heading  in  T.  6  N., 
R.  11  E.,  and  flowing  northeast  to 
Musselshell  River,  Meagher  and 
Wheatland  Counties,  Mont.  (Not 
Fawn  nor  North  Fork  Little  Elk. ) 

Little  Falls;  City  and  Town,  Herkimer 
County,  N.  Y.     (Not  Littlef alls. ) 

Little  Flattop;  Mountain,  T.  36  N.,  R. 
109  W.,  southeast  of  Flattop  Moun- 
tain, Fremont  County,  Wyo. 

Little  Fork;  see  Little  Eagle. 

Little  Gray;  Ridge,  T.  5  S.,  Rs.  42  and 
43  E.,  Caribou  County,  Idaho. 

Little  Grays;  see  Little  Grej^s. 

Little  Greys;  River,  Lincoln  County, 
Wyo.  (Not  Little  Grays  nor  Little 
John  Days.) 

Little  Gros  Ventre;  see  Flat. 

Little  Half  Moon;  Lake,  T.  34  N.,  R. 
108  W.,  near  Half  Moon  Lake,  Fre- 
mont County,  Wyo. 

Little  Hauken;  Branch,  Burlington 
County,  N.  J.  (Not  Head  of  Tran- 
quility nor  Tranquility.) 

Little  Hog;  see  Little  Diamtmd. 

Little  Hog  Neck;  see  Nassau. 

♦Little  Horn;  River,  tributary  to  Big 
Horn  River,  Montana  and  Wyoming. 
(Not  Little  Big  Horn  nor  Little  Big- 

Little  Jarrells;  Creek,  tributary  to 
Big  Jarrells  Creek,  Boone  Countj-, 
W.  Va.     (Not  Little  Jarrolds.) 

Little  Jarrolds;  see  Little  Jarrells. 

Little  Joe;  Creek,  Ts.  17  and  IS  N., 
R.  28  W.,  tributary  to  St.  Regis 
River  near  St.  Regis,  Mineral 
County,  Mont.     (Not  Little  St.  Joe.) 

Little  John  Days;  see  Little  Greys. 

Little  Khingan;  Mountain  chain,  Man- 
churia, Eastern  Asia.  (Not  Small 

Little  Knife;  Portage,  between  C3'- 
l)ross  and  Knife  Lakes,  Rainy  River 
District,  Ontario,  and  Lake  County, 
Minn.,  International  Boundnry  (be- 
tween Minnesota  and  Ontario). 

TAttle  Klamath;  see  Lower  Klam^\th. 

Little  Lakes;  Valley,  drained  ncn-th- 
ward  by  Rock  Creek,  Inyo  County, 



liittle  Liakof ;  Island,  one  of  the  New 
Siberian  Islands,  Arctic  Ocean.    (Not 

•  Mali    nor   Maloi.) 

Little  Laurel  Run;  see  Laurel. 

Little  Manitou;  see  Cockburn. 

Little  Mark;  see  Littlemark. 

Little  Menan;  see  Petit  Manan. 

Little  Mink;  see  Littlemark. 

Little  Minam;  River,  flowing  in  a 
northerly  direction  and  emptying 
into  Minam  River  in  T.  2  S.,  R.  41 
E.,  Union  County,  Oreg.  (Not 
Little  Minum.) 

Little  Minum;  see  Big  Canyon. 

Little  Naked;  see  Storey. 

Little  Nelchina;  River,  tributary  to 
Nelchina  River  from  north,  about 
lat.  62°,  long.  147°,  west  side  Copper 
River  Valley,  Alaska.  (Not  Bubb, 
Nelchina,  nor  Taiklano.) 

Little  Nesenkeag;  Brook,  tributary 
to  Merrimack  River  from  the  east, 
Hillsborough  County,  N.  H.  (Not 
Chase's,  Chases,  Massenteean,  Mos- 
senteean,  nor  Reed's.) 

Little  Noquashinski;  see  Nakwasina. 

Little  North  Fork;  see  Little  North 

Little  North  Santiam;  River,  rising 
in  T.  8  S.,  R.  5  E.,  tributary  to  North 
Santiam  River  (near  Mehama,  Mar- 
ion County,  Oreg).  (Not  Little 
North  Fork.) 

Little  Ocraulgee;  Stream,  Bleckley, 
Dodge,  Telfair,  and  Wheeler  Coun- 
ties, Ga.  (Not  Auchee  Hatchee  nor 
Gum  Swamp.) 

Little    Panoche;    Creek    and    Valley, 
draining   east   flank   Diablo   Range 
north  of  Panoche  Valley,  Fresno  and 
<San   Benito   Counties,   Calif.      (Not 
Little  Pine  Island;  see  Piney. 
Little  Platte;   Stream,  Clay,  Clinton, 
and    Platte    Counties,    Mo.       (Not 
Smiths,    Smith   Fork   Platte   River, 
nor  South  Fork  Platte  River.) 
Little    Rattle    Snake;    Little    Rattle- 
snake; see  Sleepers. 
♦Little   Redfish;   Lake,   northeast   of 
Heyburn  Mountain,  between  Redfish 
Lake   and    Salmon   River,   draining 
into  Salmon  River,  Custer  County, 
Idaho.     (Not  Squaw.) 

Little    Rock;    City,    Pulaski    County, 

Ark.     (Not  Littlerock.) 
Little  Rocky;  Creek,  tributary  to  Peo- 
ples Creek,  T.  28  N.,  R.  24  E.,  Blaine 
County,    Mont.      (Not    South    Fork 

Little  Sable;  Lake,  vLighthouse,  and 
Point,  Oceana  County,  Mich.  (Not 
Petite  Pointe  au  Sable.) 

Little  Salmon;  Stream,  Oswego  Coun- 
ty, N.  Y.     (Not  Salmon.) 

Little  Sandy;  Creek,  Fayette  County, 
Pa.,  and  Preston  County,  W.  Va. 
(Not  Gibbons  nor  Gibbons  Glade.) 

Little  Sandy;  Lake,  sec.  27,  T.  31  N., 
R.  103  W.,  Fremont  County,  Wyo. 
(Not  Sandy.) 

Little  Scioto;  River,  heading  in  Jack- 
son County  and  flowing  into  Ohio 
River,  Scioto  County,  Ohio.  (Not 
Brushy  Fork.) 

Little  Scioto;  see  Holland  Fork. 

Little  Ship  Rock;  see  Mitten  Rock. 

Livtle  Simon;  Pond  or  Lake,  Alta- 
mont  Town,  Franklin  County,  N.  Y. 
(Not  Lake  Willbert  nor  Little  Si- 

Little  Sodus;  Bay,  Lake  Ontario, 
Cayuga  County,  N.  Y.  (Not  Fair- 
haven.  ) 

Little  St.  Joe;  see  Little  Joe. 

Little  Summit;  Point  (altitude  3,700 
feet),  on  Apache  Trail,  25  miles 
from  Roosevelt  Dam,  Gila  County, 

Little  Sunapee;  Lake,  Merrimack 
County,  N.  H.     (Not  Twin  Lakes.) 

Little  Sweetwater;  River.  Ts.  29  and 
30  N.,  Rs.  101  and  102  W.,  tributary 
to  Sweetwater  River  from  east,  Fre- 
mont County,  Wyo.  (Not  East  Fork 
Sweetwater. ) 

Little  Tahoma;  high  castellated  peak 
separating  Emmons  and  Ingraham 
Glaciers,  eastern  flank  Mount  Rai- 
nier, Pierce  County.  Wash. 

Little  Tahunga;  Canyon,  northeastern 
part  San  Fernando  Valley,  Los  An- 
geles County,  Calif. 

Little  Tobehanna;  Creek,  Schuyler 
County,  N.  Y.  (Not  Little  Toby- 
hanna. ) 

Little  Twelve  Mile;  Little  Twelvemile ; 
see  Henderson. 



I/ittle  Valley;  Hills,  Ts.  3  and  4  S., 
Rs.  41  and  42  B.,  Bingham  and 
Bonneville  Counties,  Idaho. 

Little  Vermilion;  Lake,  between  Loon 
and  Sand  Point  T^akes,  Rainy  River 
District,  Ontario,  and,  St.  Louis 
County,  Minn.,  International  Bound- 
ary (between  Minnesota  and  On- 
tario).    (Not  Vermillion.) 

Little  Wenatchee;  River,  rising  in  T. 
29  N.,  R.  14  E.,  flowing  into  We- 
natchee Lake,  Chelan  County,  Wash, 
(Not  Wenatchee  nor  Wenatchee 

Little  Wilson;  Pond,  Auburn  and  Tur- 
ner Towns,  Androscoggin  County, 
Me.     (Not  French  nor  Rarasdell.) 

Uttle  Winnipeg;  see  Winnipegosis. 

Little  falls;  see  Little  Falls. 

lAtile field;  see  Beaverdam. 

Littlemark;  Island,  Winnepesaukee 
Lake,  entrance  to  Alton  Bay,  Bel- 
knap County,  N.  H.  (Not  Little 
Mark  nor  Little  Mink.) 

♦Littleton;  Railroad  Station,  Jefferson 
County,  Ala.     (Not  De  Berniere.) 

Little  Wind;  River,  a  branch  of  Popo 
Agie  River,  rising  'near  Mount 
Bonneville,  Wind  River  Range,  Fre- 
mont County,  Wyo.  (Not  South 

Liu  Kill;  Liiikiu;  see  Nansei;  Oki- 

Livingston;  Creek,  Columbia  County, 
N.  Y.  (Not  Livingston's  nor  Roeliff 
Jansen  Kill.) 

Livitis  Pond;  see  Mirror. 

Lizard;  Spring,  3  miles  west  of  Fort 
Defiance,  Apache  County,  Ariz. 

Ljachoff ;  see  Great  Liakof. 

Llano  Estacado;  Plateau  in  Texas 
and  N.  Mex.     (Not  Staked  Plain.) 

Llao;  Rock,  rim  of  Crater  Lake,  Kla- 
math County,  Oreg.  (Not  Mount 

Lloyd;  Harbor  and  Neck,  Huntington 
Bay,  Long  Island  Sound,  N.  Y. 
(Not    Lloyd's.) 

Lloyd;  Township  and  Village,  Ulster 
County,  N.  Y.     (Not  Loyd.) 

Loanda;  Seaport  Town,  west  coast  of 
Africa.     (Not  St.  Paul  de  Loanda.) 

Lobitos:  Creek,  San  Mateo  County, 
Calif.  (Not  Lobatos,  Lobitas,  nor 
Lobitus. ) 

Loblockee;"  Creek,  Lee  County,  Ala. 
(Not  Big  Loblockee.  White's,  nor 

Lobutcha;  Creek,  tributary  to  Pearl 
River,  Attala,  Choctaw,  Leake,  and 
Winston  Counties,  Miss.  (Not 
Butcha,  Lobutchy,  Yalabutch,  Yel- 
low, nor  Yellow  Butcha.) 

Lobutchy;  see  Lobutcha. 

Jjocarno;  see  Maggiore. 

Lochloy;  Village,  Snohomish  County, 
Wash.     (Not  Lochsloy.) 

Locke;  Mountain,  Bethel  Town,  Ox- 
ford County,  Me.     (Not  Besse.) 

Locke;  Lockes;  see  Locks. 

Lockhart;  Landing  and  Post  Light, 
Ohio  River,  Adams  County,  Ohio. 
(Not  Lockart's.) 

Lockhart;  Township,  Pike  County, 
Ind.     (Not  Loackhart.) 

Locks;  Island,  Winnepesaukee  Lake, 
one-half  mile  northwest  of  Belknap 
Point,  Belknap  County,  N.  H.  (Not 
Locke,  Lockes,  Lock's,  nor  Thomp- 
sons. ) 

Lock's;  see  Locks. 

♦Lockspring;  Village,  Daviess  County, 
Mo.     (Not  Lock  Springs.) 

Lockwood  Folly;  Inlet  and  River, 
Brunswick  County,  N.  C.  (Not 
Lockwood's  Folly.) 

Locus;  see  Mink. 

Locust;  see  Middle. 

Loderick;  see  Lauderick. 

Lodge;  Creek,  southern  Alberta  and 
Saskatchewan,  Canada,  and  Mon- 
tana, United  States,  flowing  into 
Milk  River  near  Chinook,  Mont. 
(Not  West  Fork  nor  West  Fork  INIilk 

*  Lodge;  Creek,  flowing  westerly  into 
South  Fork  of  Snoqualmie  River  be- 
low mouth  of  Denny  Creek,  King 
County,  Wash.     (Not  Hyak.) 

Lodgepole;  Creek,  tributary  to  Morri- 
son Creek,  Flathead  County,  Mont. 

Lodgepole;  Mountain,  between  Middle 
Fork  Flathead  River  and  Lodgepole 
Creek,  Flathead  County,  Mont. 



Lodgepole;  Precinct  and  Village,  Chey- 
enne County,  Nebr. ;  also  Creek, 
southwestern  Nebraska,  northeastern 
Colorado,  and  southeastern  Wyo- 
ming. (Not  Lodge  Pole.) 
Lodgepole;  Trail,   T.   3   S.,  R.   14  E., 

Sweet  Grass  County,  Mont. 
Lodore;  see  Canyon  of  Lodore. 
Lofka;     Indian    Hut,     Yukon     River, 
Alaska.     (Not  Lofka's.) 

Log;  Meadow,  Giant  Forest,  THilare 
County,  Calif.  (Not  Tharpe,  Tharpe's 
Log,  nor  Wolverton.) 

Logan;  Creek,  heading  in  Haystack 
Butte  and  Logan  Pass,  and  flowing 
west  to  McDonald  Creek,  at  its  bend, 
Glacier  National  Park,  Flathead 
County,  Mont. 

Logan;  Creek,  Ts.  29  and  30  N.,  R. 
24  W.,  tributary  to  Stillwater  River 
from  southwest,  Flathead  County, 
Mont.  (Not  South  Fork  of  Still- 
water River.) 

Logan;  Glacier,  heads  near  Mount 
Logan  and  crosses  the  International 
Boundary  (between  Alaska  and  Yu- 
kon) about  38  miles  north  of  Mount 
St.  Elias.) 

Logan;  Mountain,  lat.  48**  37'  N.,  long. 
113°  39'  W.,  2  miles  northeast  of 
Blackfeet  Mountain,  Glacier  National 
Park,  Flathead  and  Glacier  Coun- 
ties, Mont. 

Logan  Gap;  Post  Light,  Ohio  River, 
Brown  County,  Ohio.  (Not  Logan's 

Logan ville;  Borough,  York  County, 
Pa.     (Not  Logans  ville. ) 

Logging;  Ridge,  between  Quartz 
Creek  on  the  north  and  Logging 
Creek  and  Lake  on  the  south,  Flat- 
head County,  Mont. 

Logging  Camp;  Bay,  northern  side 
Passage  Canal  about  midway  be- 
tween Pigot  Point  and  Poe  Bay,  near 
lat.  60°  50',  long.  148°  25',  north- 
western part  Prince  William  Sound, 

Logie;  see  Logy. 

Logy;  Creek,  tributary  to  Satus  Creek 
from  the  north,  Yakima  County, 
Wash.     (Not  Logie.) 

Lohali;  Point,  on  mountain  15  miles 
southwest  of  Chinle,  Navajo  Indian 
Reservation,  Apache  CJounty,  Ariz. 
(Not  Hlohahle  nor  Hlohah  le.) 

LohVing  hsien;  see  Lotinghsien. 

Lokasakad;  Spring,  3  miles  west  of 
Indian  Wells,  Navajo  County,  Ariz. 
(Not  Lucacsaca.) 

Lokaskal;  Spring,  on  Black  Mesa,  18 
miles  north  of  Keams  Canyon,  Hopi 
Indian  Reservation,  Navajo  County, 
Ariz.  (Not  Lo  kasa  kad  nor  Lo  kas 
a  kal.) 

Lolo;  Creek,  between  Idaho  and  Clear- 
water Counties,  Idaho.  (Not  Lo-Lo 
nor  Nahwah.) 

Lolo;  Creek,  Pass,  Peak,  Town,  and 
Trail,  Missoula  County,  Mont.  (Not 
Lo  Lo,  Lou-lou,  nor  Lou  Lou.) 

Lolomai;  Point,  north  one  of  Black 
Mesa,  Navajo  County,  Ariz. 

Loma  Atravesada;  Crest  of  the  mas- 
sive sandstone  ridge  between  Arroyo 
Leona  and  Horsethief  Canyon,  Dia- 
blo Range,  Fresno  County,  Calif. 
(Not  Three  Sisters.) 

Lomand's;  see  Bancroft. 

Lombards;  see  Lamberts. 

Lompoc;  Terrace,  on  the  Lompoc 
Grant,  south  of  Surf,  Santa  Barbara 
County,  Calif. 

London;  see  Loudon.    . 

London  Grove;  Village  and  Township, 
Chester  County,  Pa.  (Not  London- 
grove.  ) 

Lone;  Island,  7^  miles  westward  from 
Naked  Island,  Prince  William  Sound, 
Alaska.     (Not  Long.) 

Lone;  Mountain,  on  and  near  north 
end  of  Admiralty  Island,  Southeast- 
ern Alaska.     (Not  Barlow.) 

Lone;  Rock,  near  Chiswell  Islands, 

Lone;  see  Phoca. 

Lone  Cabin;  Creek,  T.  51  N.,  Rs.  1 
r.nd  2  W.,  south  fork  Burnt  Cabin 
Creek,  Kootenai  County,  Idaho. 
(Not  South  Fork.) 

Lone  Cone;  Peak,  San  Juan  Moun- 
tains, Dolores  and  San  Miguel  Coun- 
ties, Colo.     (Not  West  Point.) 

Lone  Spruce;  Rock,  entrance  of  Suk- 
kwan  Strait,  Alaska.     (Not  Green.) 



Loneman;   Mountain,  Flathead  County, 

♦Lonesome;     Creek,     east     of     South 
Badger     Creek,     tribute  rj^     to     Big 
Badger  Creek  from  south,  Pondera 
County,  Mont.     (Not  Shelf.) 
Lonesome  Lake;  see  Kiwa^rsa  Lake. 
Long-;  Canyon  and  Creek,  Las  Animas 
County,  Colo.     (Not  Canon  de  Largo 
nor  Long's.) 
Long;  Canyon,  between  Bulldog  Can- 
yon and  Verdure  Creek,  southeast  of 
South    Peak,    draining    into    Monte- 
zuma Creek,  San  Juan  County,  Utah. 
Long;  Channel,  the  inside  passage  be- 
tween the  west  side  of  Knight  Island 
and  the  east  sides  of  Mummy  and 
Squire  Islands,  Alaska. 
Long";  Creek,  small  tributary  to  Toki- 
chitna    River    from    the    southwest, 
joining  it  about  1  mile  above  Home 
Lake,  Alaska.     (Not  Dog.) 
Long";     Creek,     west     branch     Souris 
River,    southeastern    Saskatchewan, 
Canada,  and  Divide  County,  North 
Long;  Point,  northern  shore  East  Bay, 
about  longitude  85°  36',  Bay  County, 
Fla.     (Not  Oyster.) 
Long;  Point,  northeast  point  of  Great 
Cranberry  Island,  Hancock  County, 
Me.     (Not  Manchester,  Manchesters, 
Mayo's,  nor  Stanley.) 
Long;   Point,   Chincoteague  Bay,   Ac- 

comac  County,  Va.     (Not  Bodkin.) 
Long;  Pond,  Franklin  County,  N.   Y. 

(Not  Heaven  nor  Heavens.) 
Long;  Portage,  between  Rose  and 
Watap  Lakes,  Thunder  Bay  District, 
Ontario,  International  Boundary 
(between  Minnesota  and  Ontario). 
(Not  Grand  Neuf  nor  Great  New.) 
Long,  Conn. ;  see  Highland ;  Wononpa- 

Long,  Mass. ;  see  Upper  Goose. 
Long,  Minn. ;  see  Bryant. 
Long,  Pa. ;  see  Neville. 
Long;  see  Contoocock;  Lone  Wolfe. 
Long  Bay;  see  Paugus. 
Long  Canyon;  Creek,  Ts.  63,  64,  and 
65  N.,  R.  2  W.,  tributary  to  Koote- 
nai   River    from    south.    Boundary 
County,  Idaho.     (Not  Canyon.) 

Long  Island  Head;  Lighthouse,  Bos- 
ton    Harbor,     Mass.        (Not     Long 
Island. ) 
Long  Jeff;  see  Coal. 
Long  Liz;  Creek,  T.  46  N.,  R.  6  E., 
tributary    to    North    Fork    St.    Joe 
River  from  east,  near  Bogles  Spur, 
Shoshone  County,  Idaho. 
Long  Point;  see  Ryer. 
Long  Pond;  see  Eagle. 
Long-  Reach;  see  Bivalve. 
Long   Sault;   Rapids,  below  Manitou 
Rapids,   Rainy  River,   Rainy  River 
District,    Ontario,    and   Kooeliiching 
County,  Minn.,  International  Bound- 
ary   (between    Minnesota    and    On- 
Longfellow;  Creek,  heading  in  Long- 
fellow Peak,  tributary  to  McDonald 
Creek,  Flathead  County,  Mont. 
Longmeadow;  Town,  Hampden  Coun- 
ty, Mass.     (Not  Long  Meadow.) 
Longpond;  see  Bearfort. 
Longrell;  Longrells;  see  Langrells. 
Longs;    Peak,    northwest    corner    of 
Boulder  County,  Colo.   (Not  Long's.) 
Longs    Landing;    Post    Light,    Ohio 
River,  Henderson  County,  Ky.     (Not 
Long's. ) 
♦Longswamp;  Township  and  Village, 
Berks     County,     Pa.       (Not     Long 
Loo    Choo;   Loo-choo;   Loochoo;   Loo 

Tshoo;  see  Nansei. 
Look-in;  Point,  St.  Marys  County,  Md. 

(Not  Look  In  nor  Lookin.) 
Lookingglass;  Creek,  Douglas  County, 

Looknooee;  see  Saigon. 
Lookout;  Creek,  T.  14  S.,  Rs.  351  and 
36  E.,  tributary  to  South  Fork  Burnt 
River  from  southwest,  Baker  Coun- 
ty, Oreg.     (Not  Sheep.) 
Lookout;  Creek  and  Mountain,  north- 
western slope  Mount  Baker,  What- 
com  County,   Wash. 
Lookout;    Mountain    (altitude    10,744 
feet),   sec.   16,   T.   3  N.,   R.   73  W., 
southeastern    extremity    of   Meeker 
Ridge,  31  miles  southeast  of  Longs 
Peak,  Boulder  County,  Colo.     (Not 
The  Lookout.) 
Lookout;  Point,  Arenac  County,  Mich. 
(Not  Gravelly.) 



liookout;  Point,  on  Apache  Trail 
about  41^  miles  from  Mesa,  Mari- 
copa County,  Ariz. 

Lookout;  see  Devil;   Watch. 

Iiookout  Ridge;  Headland,  point  of 
view  on  Navajo  Mountains,  south  of 
Colorado  River,  near  long.  110°  55', 
San  Juan  County,  Utah. 

Loomis;   see   Lunice. 

I*oon;  Island,  western  one  of  two  west 
of  Melvil  Village,  Carroll  County, 
N.  H.  (Not  Gordon,  Gun,  nor 

lioon;  Lake,  between  Lac  La  Croix 
and  Little  Vermilion  Lake,  Rainy 
River  District,  Ontario,  and  St. 
Louis  County,  Minn.,  International 
Boundary  (between  Minnesota  and 
Ontario. ) 

Loon;   see   Gun. 

Loon  Bay;  see  Paugus. 

I*oop;  Creek,  Fayette  County,  W.  Va. 
(Not  Big  Loop  nor  Lower  Loop.) 

Loop;  Creek,  T.  46  N.,  Rs.  6  and  7 
E.,  tributary  to  North  Fork  St.  Joe 
River  from  east,  Shoshone  County, 
Idaho.  (Not  East  Fork  of  North 
Fork  St.  Joe  River.) 

Ijoop;  Town,  Cherokee  County,  Ala. 
(Not  Pleasanton.) 

Loop  Loop;  Loop-Loop,  Looploop;  see 
Loup  Loup. 

Loosa  Hatchee;  Loosa  HatcMe;  see 

Loo>;a  Scliooria;  Loosa  Scoona;  see 

Loosahatchee ;  see  Loosahatchie. 

Loosahatchie;  River,  Fayette,  Harde- 
man, and  Shelby  Counties,  Tenn. 
(Not  Loosa  Hatchee,  Loosa  Hatchie, 
nor  Loosahatchee.) 

Loosna;  see  Latona. 

Loramie;  Township  and  Village,  Shel-i 
by  County,  Ohio.     (Not  Loramie's.) 

Lords;  Passage,  east  end  of  Fishers 
Island  Sound,  N.  Y.     (Not  Lord's.) 

Lordville  ;  see  Lowville. 

Lorencito;  Canyon,  Las  Animas  Coun- 
ty, Colo.  (Not  Canada  Larencita 
nor  Canyon  Lorenzo.) 

Lorenco  Marquez;  Lorenzo  Marques; 
Lorenzo  Marquez;  see  Lourenco 

Lorenzo  Marques  Bay;  see  Delagoa 

Lorraine;  District,  France.  (Not 
Lotharingia  nor  Lothoringen. ) 

Lorriston;  see  Louriston. 

Los  Alamos;  see  San  Antonio. 

Los  Ang-eles;  Harbor,  western  side 
San  Pedro  Bay,  Los  Angeles  County, 

Los  Casitos;  see  Las  Casetas. 

Los  Farallones;  Bare  Rocks,  about 
one-half  mile  northeast  of  Icacos 
Cay,  P.  R. 

Los  Gatos;  Creek,  Diablo  Range,  west- 
ern Fresno  County,  Calif.  (Not  Ar- 
royo las  Gatos,  Las  Gatas,  nor  Pol- 
vodero, ) 

Los  Gatos;  see  Gato. 

Los  Hermagos;  see  Hermagos. 

Los  Penasquitos;  Canyon  and  Land 
Grant,  San  Diego  County,  Calif. 
(Not  Las  Penasquitas,  Paguay, 
Penasquitos,  nor  Pinasquitos.) 

Los  Pinos;  River,  tributary  to  San 
Juan  River,  southwestern  Colorado 
and  northwestern  New  Mexico.  (Not 
Pinos  nor  Rio  de  los  Pinos. ) 

Los  Piramidos;  see  Pyramid  Hills. 

Los  Trancos;  Creek  between  San  Ma- 
teo and  Santa  Clara  Counties,  Calif. 
(Not  Los  Stancos  nor  Stancos.) 

Los  Yeguas;  see  Yeguas. 

Lossmans;  see  Lostmans. 

Lost;  Creek,  draining  into  Rogue 
River,  Douglas  County,  Oreg. 

Lost;  Lake,  north  of  K^nai  Lake,  Ke- 
nai  Peninsula,  Alaska. 

Lost;  see  Cacapon. 

Lost;  see  O'Neil ;  Portal ;  Sleeman. 

Lost  Basin;  Valley,  Flathead  County, 

Lost  Cannon;  Creek,  Mono  County, 
Calif.     (Not  Lost  Canyon.) 

Lost  Fork;  Stream,  T.  53  N.,  R.  3  E., 
branch  of  Jordan  Creek,  Shoshone 
County,  Idaho. 

Lost  Horse;  see  North  Lost  Horse. 

Lost  Mine;  Creek,  west  fork  Burnt 
Cabin  Creek,  T.  51  N.,  R  .2  W.,  Koo- 
tenai County,  Idaho.  (Not  West 



Lost  River  Range;  Mountains,  be- 
tween Pahsimeroi  and  Little  Lost 
Rivers  on  the  east  and  Big  Lost  and 
Salmon  Rivers  on  the  west,  Idaho. 

Lost  Valley;  see  Death  Valley. 

Lostine;  River,  tributary  to  Wallowa 
River  from  the  south  near  Lostine, 
Wallowa  County,  Oreg.  (Not  South 
Fork,  Wallowa.) 

Lostland;  Run,  Garrett  County,  Md. 
(Not  Lost  Land  nor  Lostzand.) 

Lostmans;  River,  Monroe  County,  Fla. 
(Not  Lawsons  Run  nor  Lossmans.) 

Lothair;  see  Faulkner. 

Loting-hsien;  City,  Chihli  Province, 
China.  (Not  Lau-ting-hyen  nor 
Loht'ing  hsien.) 

Lotus;  Island,  St.  Lawrence  River, 
Jefferson  County,  N.  Y.  (Not  Wal- 

LouLou;  Lou-lou;  see  Lolo. 

Louan  Ho;  see  Lwan. 

Loudon;  Township,  Carroll  County, 
Ohio.     (Not  London.) 

Lough  Neagh;  Lake  in  northern  Ire- 
land.    (Not  Neagh.) 

Louis;  Bay  at  the  north  end  of  Knight 
Island  and  the  south  end  of  Lower 
Pas.^^age,  Alaska. 

Louis;  see  St.  Louis. 

Louisa;  see  Levisa. 

Louknoui;  see  Saigon. 

Lounsberry;  Village,  Tioga  County, 
N.  Y.     (Not  Canfields  Corners.) 

Loup  Loup;  Creek,  tributary  to  Okan- 
ogan River  from  the  north,  near 
Malott,  Okanogan  County,  Wash. 
(Not  Loop  'Loop,  Loop-Loop,  nor 
Looploop. ) 

♦Lourenco  Marques;  District  and 
Town,  Portuguese  East  Africa.  (Not 
Laurenco  Marques,  Lorenco  Mar- 
quez,  Lorenzo  Marques,  Lorenzo 
Marquez,  Lourenco  Marquez,  nor 
Lourenzo  Marquez.) 

Lourenco  Marquez;  Lourenzo  Marquez; 
see  Lourenco  Marques. 

Louriston;  Township  and  Village, 
Chippewa  County,  Minn.  (Not  Lor- 
riston. ) 

Loveland;  Canyon  of  Thompson  River 
above  Little  Dam,  Larimer  County, 
Colo.     (Not  Loveland  Grand.) 

Loveland  Orand;  see  Loveland. 

Lovell;  Lovells;  LovelVs;  Lovewells; 
see  Lovewell. 

Lovelock;  Village,  Pershing  County, 
Nev.     (Not  Lovelocks.) 

Lovetts;  see  Mink. 

Lovewell;  Pond,  Fryeburg  Town,  Ox- 
ford County,  Me.  (Not  Lovell,  Lov- 
ells, Lovell's,  nor  Lovewells.) 

Loveyland;  see  Lubberland. 

Low;  Mountain  (altitude  5,357  feet), 
west  of  Denny  Creek,  between  Den- 
ny and  Granite  Mountains,  King 
County,  Wash. 

Low;  Alaska;  see  Shoals. 

Low;  see  Tuamotu;   Broken. 

Loiv  Countries;  see  Netherlands. 

Low  Gap;  Creek,  extreme  southeast- 
ern part  Josephine  County,  Oreg. 
(Not  Whisky.) 

Lowell;  Point,  Resurrection  Bay, 

Lowell;  see  Renard. 

Lowell ville;  Village,  Mahoning  Coun- 
ty, Ohio.     (Not  Lowell.) 

Lower;  Passage,  the  north  end  of 
Knight  Island,  Alaska.  (Not  Knight.) 

Lower  Alloways  Creek;  Township, 
Salem  County,  N.  J.  (Not  Lower 
Alloway  Creek.) 

Lower  Black;  see  Black. 

Lower  Cedar;  see  Goddard. 

Lower  Dowry;  Creek  and  Point,  north 
side  Pungo  River,  Beaufort  County, 
N.  C.     (Not  Lower  Dowery.) 

Lower  Toy;  Lake,  NW.  \  sec.  23,  T. 
28  N.,  R.  22  W.,  southwest  of  KalfS- 
pell  and  north  of  Fays  Lake,  Flat- 
head County,  Mont. 

Lower  Olacier;  see  Lower  Scenic. 

Lower  Herring;  Bay,  west  side  of 
Knight  Island,  7  miles  southward 
from  Herring  Point,  Alaska. 

Lower  Klamath;  Lake,  Klamath  Coun- 
ty, Oreg.,  and  Siskiyou  County, 
Calif.     (Not  Little  Klamath.) 

Lower  Loop;  see  Loop. 

Lower  Patroon;  Island,  Hudson  River, 
Albany  city,  N.  Y.  (Not  Patroon's 
Lower  Island.) 

Lower  Scenic;  Lake,  on  Surprise 
Creek  below  Upper  Scenic  Lake,  3 
miles  south  of  Scenic,  King  County, 
Wash.     (Not  Lower  Glacier.) 



Lower  Stillwater;  Lake,  sees.  18,  19, 
and  20,  T.  32  N.,  R.  23  W.,  between 
Olney  and  Lupfer,  Flathead  County, 
Mont.     (Not  Frank  Miles.) 

Lowery;  Point,  Rappaliannock  River, 
Essex  County,  Va.     (Not  Lowry's.) 

Lowrie  Bar;  Post  Light,  Ohio  River, 
Allegheny  County,  Pa.  (Not  Low- 

Lowryville;  Town,  Chester  County,  S. 
C.     (Not  Lowrysville. ) 

Lows;  see  Blackwalnut. 

Lowville;  Township  and  Village,  Mur- 
ray County,  Minn.     (Not  Lordville.) 

Loyd;   see   Lloyd. 

Lain  Ling;  see  Tsin. 

Lu  Chu;  Lu  Tschu;  see  Nansei. 

Lu  Verne;  see  Luverne. 

Luambezi;  see  Zambezi. 

Luan  Ho;  see  Lwan. 

Lubberland;  Creek,  northwest  side 
Great  Bay,  1  mile  east  of  Newmar- 
ket village,  Rockingham  County, 
N.  H.  (Not  Goddard's  nor  Lovey- 

Lucacsaca;  see  Lokasakad. 

Lucas;  Bend,  Mississippi  River,  16 
miles  below  Cairo,  III.  (Not  Lu- 
cas's. ) 

Luchu;  see  Nansei. 

Lucknow;  Capital  City  and  District, 
Northern  India.     (Not  Lakhnau.) 

Luckwick;  see  Lauderick. 

Lucon;   see   Luzon. 

Ludington;  Town,  Eau  Claire  County, 

•   Wis.     (Not  Luddington.) 

liudlam;  Bay,  Beach,  Light,  and  Thor- 
oughfare, Cape  May  County,  N.  J. 
(Not   Ludlam's.) 

Ludoivick;  see  Swaderick. 

Ludung;   see   Lauderick. 

Luichow;  City  and  Peninsula,  Kwang- 
tung  Province,  China.  (Not  Lei 
chau,  Leichau,  nor  Leichow.) 

Luik;  see  Liege. 

I/ukachukai;  Mountains,  and  Creek, 
Navajo  Indian  Reservation,  Apache 
County,  Ariz. 

Lulea;  Town,  on  Gulf  of  Bothnia, 
Sweden.     (Not  Luleo.) 

lium;  Post  Light,  Mississippi  River, 
Concordia  Parish,  La.    (Not  Lum's.) 

Lumbar ds;  see  Lamberts. 

Iium.mi;  Bay,  Island,  River,  and  Vil- 
lage,  Whatcom  County,  Wash. 

Lundys  Lane;  Village,  Erie  County, 
Pa.     (Not  Lundy's  Lane.) 

Lungchow;  Postal  district,  China. 

Lunice;  Creek,  Grant  County,  W.  Va. 
(Not  Loomis  nor  Lunay.) 

Luppatatong;  Creek,  in  Keyport,  Mon- 
mouth County,  N.  J.  (Not  Lupata- 
tong,   Lupatcong,  nor  Luppatcong.) 

Lusby;  Village,  Calvert  County,  Md. 
(Not  Lusbys.) 

Luthersville;  Town,  Meriwether  Coun- 
ty, Ga.     (Not  Lutherville.) 

Liittich;   see   Liege. 

Luverne;  City  and  Township,  Rock 
County,  Minn.     (Not  Lu  Verne.) 

Luverne;  Town  andl  Township,  Kos- 
suth County,  Iowa.  (Not  Lu 

Luxemburg;  Town  and  Village,  Ke- 
waunee County,  Wis.  (Not  Luxem- 
bourg. ) 

Lva;  see  Lef. 

Lwan;  River  (ho),  flowing  into  the 
Gulf  of  Liaotung,  China.  (Not  Lan 
Ho,  Laomou  Ho,  Lau-mu-Ho,  Louan 
Ho,  Luan  Ho,  nor  Lwan  Ho.) 

Lyakhov;  see  Great  Liakof. 

Lyell;  Butte,  Grand  Canyon  of  the 
Colorado,  Coconino  County,  Ariz. 

Lykens;  Town  and  Township,  Craw- 
ford County,  Ohio.     (Not  Lykins.) 

Lyndon;  Town,  Juneau  County,  Wis. 
(Not   Lindon.) 

Lyndon;  Town,  Sheboygan  County, 
Wis.     (Not  Lindon.) 

Lyne;  see   Chegutsugu. 

Lynn  Canal;  Fiord,  Southeastern 
Alaska,     (Not  Lynn  Channel.) 

Lynnhaven;  Bay,  Inlet,  and  Village, 
Princess   Anne   County,   Va.      (Not 
Lynn  Haven  nor  Lynhaven.) 

Lynns;   see  X<imi. 

Lynx;  see  Jack;  South  Horse. 

Lynx;  Creek,  T.  84  N.,  Rs.  5  and  6  E., 
tributary  to  South  Fork  Lolo  Creek, 
Idaho  County,  Idaho.     (Not  Deer.) 

Lyon;  City,  southeastern  France.  (Not 
Leon,  Lione,  nor  Lyons.) 

Lyon;  Creek,  Knox  County,  Tenn. 
Not   Lyons.) 



Lyons  Head;  see  Lions  Head. 

Lytle;  Creek,  Taylor  and  Callahan 
Counties,  and  Gap,  Callahan  Coun- 
ty, Tex.     (Not  Lidel.) 


McAdenville;   Town,    Gaston   County, 

N.  C.     (Not  McAden.sville.) 
McAdoo;   Creek,    Posey   County,   Ind. 

(Not  Macadoo.) 
McAfee;  Town,  Sussex  County,  N.  J. 

(Not  McAfee  Valley.) 
McAlester;    City,    Pittsburg    County, 
Okla.      (Not    MacAlister,   MacAllis- 
ter,  nor  South  McAlester.)  ' 
McAllester ;  McAllister ;  see  Hanson. 
McArdle;    Precinct,    Douglas   County, 

Nebr.     (Not  McCardle.) 
Mc  Arthur;  Creek,  tributary  to  La  due 
River,  Yukon,   Canada,   near  Inter- 
national Boundary  (between  Alaska 
and  Canada.) 
Mc Arthur;  River,  tributary  to  Trad- 
ing   Bay,    west    side    Cook    Inlet, 
Mc  Arthur  Pass;  Narrow  Channel,  be- 
tween  Pye   Islands   and   the   coast, 
McAuley;  see  McCauley. 
McBlair;   Shoal,  the  northernmost  of 
Nantucket  Shoals,  Mass.     (Not  Mc- 
McCainsville;  see  Kenvil. 
McCameron;     Town     and     Township, 
Martin     County,     Ind.       (Not    Mc- 
Cleameron. ) 
McCameron;  see  Big  Bear. 
McCarty;  Glacier,  head  of  northeast- 
ern arm  Nuka  Bay,  Kenai  Peninsula, 
McCarty;     Gulch,     branch     of     Bear 
Creek,  near  Bear  Creek  town.  Car- 
bon County,  Mont. 
McCarty;.  Lagoon,    southeast    of   Mc- 
Carty    Glacier,     Kenai     Peninsula, 
McCauley;  Mountain,  Columbia  Coun- 
ty, Pa.     (Not  McAuley.) 
McCauley;  Village,  Columbia  County, 

Pa.     (Not  McAuley.) 
McCays;  Village,  Polk  County,  Tenn. 
(Not  Isabella  nor  McKay.) 

McClellandville;    Town,    New    Castle 
County,     Del.        (Not     McClellands- 
ville. ) 
McClenmj ;  see  Macclenny. 
McClintock;    Peak,    adjacent   to    Cut- 
bank   Pass,   Glacier  National   Park, 
McCloud,  Calif. ;  see  Konwakiton. 
McCloud,  Mont. ;  see  McLeod. 
McCliings  Mill;  see  Clovercreek. 
McClure;     Bay,     Port     Nellie     Juan, 

Prince  William  Sound,  Alaska. 
McClure  Rock;  rocky  platform  over- 
looking    Paradise     Glacier,     Mount 
Rainier,  Pierce  County,  Wash. 
McClures;  see  McLure. 
McColl;   Town,   Marlboro   County,    S. 

C.     (Not  McCall.) 
McComher ;  see  Berlin. 
McConnelsville;       Village,       Morgan 
County,     Ohio.       (Not    McConnells- 
McCord;  Creek,  tributary  to  Columbia 
River    at    Warrendale,    Multnomah 
County,     Oreg.       (Not     Kelly     nor 
Pierce. ) 
McCosumne;  see  Cosumne. 
McCoy;    Creek,    Duval    County,    Fla. 

(Not  Three  Mile  Branch.) 
McCoy;    Mountain     range,    Riverside 

County,  Calif.     (Not  Ironwood.) 
McCullough  Bar;  Post  Light,  Tennes- 
see   River,    Stewart   County,   Tenn. 
(Not  McCullough's.) 
McCullum  Ripple;  Post  Lights,  Ohio 
River,  near  Cincinnati,  Ohio.     (Not^ 
McCune;    Town,    Pike    County,    Mo. 

(Not  McCune  Station.) 
McDonald;    Lake,    Flathead    County, 

Mont.     (Not  Terry's.) 
McDonald;  see  Yes. 
McDonough's ;  see  Camano. 
McDoiigls;  see  Sheep. 
McDowell;   Mountains,   Juab   County, 

Utah.  (Not  Keg.) 
McEldowney;  Bar  in  Ohio  River,  near 
New  Martinsville,  Wetzel  County, 
W.  Va.  (Not  McEldowney's.) 
McElfish;  Creek,  tributary  to  North 
Fork  of  Ladue  River,  Yukon,  Can- 
ada, International  boundary  (be- 
tween Alaska  and  Canada.) 



McFarland;  Village,  Dane  County, 
Wis.     (Not  Macf arland. ) 

McGees;  Island,  Illinois  River,  Mor- 
gan County,  111.     (Not  McGee's.) 

McGill;  Creek  and  Meadow,  Tuolumme 
County,  Calif.  (Not  McGill's  nor 
Miguel. ) 

McGill;  see  Pinos. 

McGinnes;  Town,  Queen  Annes  Coun- 
ty, Md.      (Not  McGinness.) 

McGinnis;  Creek,  rising  in  northwest- 
ern part  of  T.  32  N.,  R.  20  W.,  tribu- 
tary to  Canyon  Creek  from  north 
near  its  junction  with  Flathead 
River,  Flathead  County,  Mont. 

McGinnis;  Creek,  tributary  to  South 
Fork  of  Nooksack  River,  Skagit 
County,  Wash. 

McGovern  Gap;  Natural  Gateway  in 
the  hills,  Kern  County,  Calif. 

McGowan;  Landing,  Columbia  River, 
about  i  mile  east  of  Fort  Columbia, 
Pacific  County,  Wa^■h.  (Not  Mc- 
Gowans. ) 

McGowan;  Peak,  T.  10  N.,  R.  11  E., 
Custer  County,  Idaho. 

McGraw;  Village,  Cortland  County,  N. 
Y.     (Not  McGrawville.) 

McGulpin;  Point,  Mackinac  Strait, 
Emmet  County,  Mich.  (Not  McGul- 
pin's. ) 

McHenrys;  Peak,  on  Continental  Di- 
vide, sees.  34  and  35,  T.  4  N.,  R.  74 
W.,  2  miles  northwest  Longs  Peak, 
between  Grand  and  Larimer  Coun- 
.  ties,  Colo.     (Not  McHenry's.) 

McHenry's;  see  McHenrys. 

Mclntire;  see  Maclntyre. 

Mclnturf ;  see  Edinburg. 

Maclntyre;    Brook,    Mountains,    and 
Peak,    Essex    County,    N.    Y.     (Not 
Mclntire. ) 
Mclntyre;  Landing,  east  side  Sauvie 
Island,    Multnomah    County,    Oreg. 
(Not  Mclntyres.) 
McKay ;  see  McCays. 
McKenzie  Bridge;  Village,  northeast- 
ern part  Lane  County,  Oreg.     (Not 
McKinzie  Bridge.) 
McKenzie  Head;  Point,  near  Cape  Dis- 
appointment, Pacific  County,  Wash. 
(Not  McKenzie's  Head.) 

McKinzie  Bridge;  see  McKenzie  Bridge. 

McKittrick;  Valley,  extending  north- 
westerly through  T.  30  S.,  R.  22  E„ 
in  whicli  is  located  the  town  of  Mc- 
Kittrick, Kern  County,  Calif. 

McKittrick  Summit;  Point,  4,323  feet 
high,  in  north  half  of  sec.  30,  T.  30 
S.,  R.  21  E.,  Kern  County,  Calif. 

McKnight;  Post  Light,  Mississippi 
River,  Dubuque  County,  Iowa.  (Not 
McKnight's. ) 

McLaughlin;  see  McLoughlin. 

McLean;  see  Carneros. 

McLeod;  Bay,  Cheboygan  County, 
Mich.  (Not  Cheboygan  nor  Dun- 
can. ) 

McLeod;  Peak,  Missoula  County,  INIont. 
(Not  Arlee,  Jocko,  McCloud,  nor  Mc- 
Leoud. ) 

McLoughlin;  Peak,  Cascade  Range, 
lat.  42°  26'  N.,  Jackson,  Oreg.  (Not 
McLaughlin  nor  Pitt.) 

McLure;  Valley,  in  southwest  corner 
Kings  County,  Calif.  (Not  Mc- 
Clures,  McLures,  nor  .Sunflower. ) 

McLures;  see  McLure. 

McMahon;  Creek,  Belmont  County, 
Ohio.  (Not  McMahans,  McMahan's, 
McMahon's,  nor  M'Mahon's. ) 

McQiiellan ;  see  Chinook. 

McRee;  Light  Station,  Pensacola  Bay, 
Fla.     (Not  McRae.) 

Ma;  Island,  mouth  of  Yalu  River,  Ko- 
rea Bay,  Asia.     (Not  Little  Chandz.) 

Mans;  see  Meuse. 

Macadoo;  see  McAdoo. 

Macao;  Light  and  Town,  State  of  Rio 
Grande  do  Norte,  Brazil.  (Not  Ma- 
cao, Macau,  nor  Mac^u.) 

Macassar;  see  Makassar. 

Macdu;  see  Macao. 

Mncelenny ;  see  Maclenny. 

*Macclenny;  Precinct  and  Town, 
Baker  County,  Fla.  (Not  Maclenny 
nor  McClenny.) 

Maclenny;  see  Macclenny. 

Maces  Spring;  Village,  Scott  County, 
Va.     (Not  Mace  Springs.) 

Macf  arland;  see  McFarland. 

Machiasport;  Village,  Washington 
County,  Me.     (Not  Machias  Port.) 

Machir;  Landing,  Ohio  River,  Mason 
County,  W.  Va.     (Not  Machir's.) 

Machos  Chicos;  see  Manchas  Chicas. 



Machos;  see  Machos  Grandes. 

Machos  Grandes;  coral  reef  or  bank, 
on  south  side  of  entrance  to  Maya- 
giiez  Bay,  P.  R.  (Not  Allart,  Great 
Manchas,  nor  Machos.) 

Machump;  see  Mechumps. 

Mack;  Arch  and  Reef,  near  Rogue 
River,  Curry  County,  Oreg.  (Not 
Mack's. ) 

Mackay;  Creek,  Perry,  and  Island  at 
north  point  of  entrance  to  New  Land- 
ing River,  Currituck  Sound,  Wash- 
ington County,  N.  C.     ( Not  Mackeys. ) 

Mackay' s;  see  Mackworth. 

Mackenzie;  River,  rising  in  Great 
Slave  Lake  and  emptying  into  the 
Arctic  Ocean,  N.  W.  T.  (Mackenzie), 

Mackey;  Point,  Savannah  River,  Chat- 
ham County,  Ga.     (Not  Mackey 's.) 

Mackeys;  see  Mackworth. 

Mackikinock;  see  Muchakinock. 

Mackinac;  Bay,  east  of  Hessel,  between 
south  shore  of  Upper  Peninsula  and 
Marquette  Island,  Mackinac  County, 
Mich.     (Not  Duck  nor  Mackinaw.) 

Mackinac;  County  and  Island,  Michi- 
gan, and  Strait  connecting  Lakes  Hu- 
ron and  Michigan.  (Not  Mackinaw 
nor  Michilimackinac. ) 

MackUns;  see  Manklin. 

Mackey;  Landing  and  Town,  Ohio 
River,  Greenup  County,  Ky.  (Not 
Mackoy's. ) 

Macks,  Alaska ;  see  Tanaskan. 

Macks,  N.  Y. ;  see  Cat. 

Mackworth;  Island  and  Point,  Casco 
Bay,  Falmouth  Town,  Cumberland 
County,  Me.  (Not  Maackworths, 
Mackay's,  Mackey,  Mackeys,  nor 
Mackey's. ) 

Mackworth;  see  Halfway. 

Macnair;  Island,  St.  Lawrence  River, 
Canada,  near  Morristown,  St.  Law- 
rence County,  N.  Y.  (Not  Mac- 

Macomb;  see  South  River. 

Macopin;  see  Echo. 

Macsville;  Township,  Grant  County, 
Minn.     (Not   Maesville.) 

Macu;  see  Macao. 

Macum;  Creek,  Kent  Island,  Queen 
Annes  County,  Md.     (Not  Macums.) 

Mad  River;  Town  and  Township, 
Clark  County,  Ohio.  (Not  Mad- 
river.  ) 

Madcap;  Falls,  Paradise  River,  Mount 
Rainier  National  Park,  Lewis  Coun- 
ty, Wash. 

Maddaket;  Harbor,  Nantucket  Island, 
Mass.     (Not  Malacut.) 

Madeira;  River  of  western  Brazil, 
South  America.  (Not  Cayari  nor 
Madera. ) 

Madison,  Me. ;  see  Hayden. 

Madison,  W.  Va. ;  see  Wheeling. 

Madrid;  see  Tijeras. 

Madson;  Mountain,  western  bank  Trail 
Lakes,  Kenai  Peninsula,  Alaska. 

Maelar;  Maelaren;  see  Malar. 

Maese;  see  Meuse. 

Mag-dalen;  Island,  Hudson  River, 
Dutchess  County,  N.  Y.  (Not  Slippe 

Magdalena;  Bay,  Lower  California, 
(Not  Bahia  de  la  Magdalena.) 

Mag-ellan;  Strait,  Patagonia,  South 
America.     (Not  Magalhaens.) 

Mag-gie;  Islands  or  Hummocks,  In 
marsh  on  east  side  Turtle  River, 
three-fourths  mile  below  Cowmen 
Creek,  Glynn  County,  Ga.  (Not 
Maggie's. ) 

Maggie's;  see  Maggie. 

Maggiore;  Lake,  Northern  Italy.  (Not 
Lac  Majeur,  Lago  Maggiore,  nor 
Lake  of  Locarno.) 

Magloire  Dclande;  Magloire  Delonde; 
see  Delonde. 

Magnet;  Rock,  a  prominent  black  rock 
about  three-eighths  of  a  mile  from 
the  shore  near  Point  Bede,  and  li 
miles  south  by  east  from  Flat  Islets, 

Magnetic;  Lake,  west  of  Gunflint 
Lake,  Thunder  Bay  District,  Onta- 
rio, International  Boundary  (be- 
tween Minnesota  and  Ontario). 

Magnolia;  Railroad  Station,  Adams 
County,  Colo.  (Not  Duff  nor  Schuy- 

Magnusons;  Island,  in  sees.  23  and  24. 
T.  168  N.,  R.  34  W.,  Lake  of  the 
Woods,  Minn.  (Not  American  Point.) 

Magruder;  Railroad  Station,  Prince 
Georges  County,  Md.  (Not  Tuxedo.) 



Maguayo;  see  Mariquita. 

Mahan;  Post  Light,  Ohio  River,  Han- 
cock County,  W.  Va.  (Not  Mahan's.) 

Mahantongo ;  see  Upper  Mahantango. 

Mahaivk  Brook;  see  Morgan  River. 

Mahkeenac;  see  Stockbridge  Bowl. 

Mahon;  Port  and  River,  Delaware 
Bay,  Kent  County,  Del.  (Not  Ma- 
hon's. ) 

Mai;  see  Maito. 

Mai  hu;  see  Memura. 

*  Maiden  Creek;  Township  and  Vil- 
lage, Berks  County,  Pa.  (Not  Mai- 
dencreek. ) 

Mailand;  see  Milan. 

Main;  Bay,  about  3  miles  south  of  en- 
trance to  Port  Nellie  Juan,  lat.  60* 
33',  northeastern  coast  of  Kenal 
Peninsula,    Alaska. 

Main;  Township,  Columbia  County, 
Pa.     (Not  Maine.) 

Maineville;  Village,  Warren  County, 
Ohio.     (Not  Mainville.) 

Mainz;  City,  Germany.  (Not  Mayence.) 

Maito;  Spring,  Navajo  Indian  Reser- 
vation, 10  miles  northwest  of  Chinle, 
Apache  County,  Ariz.     (Not  Mai  to.) 

Major;  Run,  Salem  County,  N.  J 
(Not  Major's.) 

Majorca;  the  largest  of  the  Balearic 
Islands,  Mediterranean  Sea.  (Not 
Majorque  nor  Mallorca.) 

Majung-a;  Province,  Madagascar. 

Majunga;  Town,  northwestern  coast 
of  Madagascar.  (Not  Majunga  nor 
Mojanga. ) 

Makassar;  City  and  Native  State  of 
Celebes.  (Not  Macassar,  Mang- 
kasar,  Mankasser,  nor  Vlaardingen. ) 

Makassar;  Reefs,  western  coast  of  Su- 
matra, Malay  Archipelago.  (Not 
Macassar  nor  Makasser.) 

Makassar;  Strait,  between  Borneo 
and  Celebes.     (Not  Macassar.) 

Malasser;  see  Makassar. 

Makhnati;  Island  and  Group  of  Islets, 
Sitka  Harbor,  Alaska.  (Not  Mok- 
hnatoi.  Rough,  Rugged,  nor  Wooded.) 

Makran;   see   Mekran. 

Makushin;  Bay,  Cape,  Valley,  Village, 
and  Volcano,  Unalaska  Island,  east- 
ern Aleutians,  Alaska.  (Not  Ma- 

Malacca;  see  Malakka. 

Malacomas ;  see  Miyakma. 

*Malad;  Precinct  and  Village,  Oneida 
County,  Idaho.    (NotMalade.) 

Malad;  River,  rising  in  Oneida  Coun- 
ty, Idaho,  tributary  to  Bear  River  in 
Box  Elder  County,  Utah.  (Not 

Malade;  see  Big  Wood;  Camas; 

Maladetta;  Mountain  Peak,  Pyrenees. 
(Not  Monts  Maudits.) 

Malaga;  see  Malibu. 

Malaka;   see   Malakka. 

Malakka;  City,  Settlement,  and  Strait, 
Malay  Peninsula.  (Not  Malacca, 
Malaya,  nor  Naning.) 

Malakka;  Passage,  between  Sumatra 
and  small  island  at  northwestern 
end  of  Sumatra,  Malay  Archipelago. 
(Not  Malacca  nor  Malaka.) 

Malamute;  Creek,  rising  in  sees.  17 
and  20,  T.  44  N.,  R.  4  E.,  and  tribu- 
tary to  Boulder  Creek,  sec.  3,  T.  44 
N.,  R.  4  E.,  Shoshone  County,  Idaho. 
Malapai;   see   Maplaisi, 

Malar;  Lake,  Sweden.  (Not  Maelar, 
Maelaren,  Malar,  Malaren,  nor  Ma- 
larn. ) 

Malay;  Archipelago,  Indian  Ocean. 
(Not  Asiatic,  Eastern,  Indian,  Ma- 
laisia,  nor  Malaysia.) 

Malay;  Peninsula,  Asia.  (Not  Ma- 
lacca nor  Malaya.) 

Malco;  see   Marco. 

Malcolm;  River,  flowing  northeasterly 
into  Arctic  Ocean,  International 
Boundary  (between  Alaska  and 

Maldive;  Islands,  Indian  Ocean.  (Not 
Maldivh,  Malediva,  nor  Malediven.) 

Malgosa  Crest;  Peak,  Vishnu  quad- 
rangle, Coconino  County,  Ariz. 

Malheur;  River,  rising  in  Strawberry 
Mountains,  Grant  County,  and 
emptying  into  Snake  River,  Oreg. 
(Not  Middle  Fork  Malheur  River.) 

Mali;  see  Little  Liakof. 

Malibu;  Creek,  Land  Grant,  and  Point, 
Los  Angeles  County,  Calif.  (Not 
Malaga,  Malibo,  Maliba  Sequit,  nor 
Topanga  Malibu  Sequit.) 

Matin;  see  Fourche  Maline. 



Malina;  Bay,  indenting  northwestern 
shore      Afognak      Island,      Kodiak 
Group,  Alaska.     (Not  Alimvoak.) 
Malina;  Point,  southern  side  of  Rasp- 
berry  Island,  20  miles  southeast  of 
Raspberry  Cape,  Alaska. 
Mallorca;  see  Majorca. 
Malmo;  Seaport  Town,  Southern  Swe- 
den;    (Not  Malmo  nor  Malmoe.) 
Maloi;  see  Little  Liakof. 
Malpais;  Cliffs,  rising  directly  above 
Apache  Trail,  31i  miles  from  Mesa, 
Maricopa  County,  Ariz. 
Malpais;  Mesa,  Goldfield  quadrangle, 
Esmeralda     County,     Nev.        (Not 
Malapai. ) 
Mamacook;  Creek,  New  London  Coun- 
ty,     Conn.        (Not      Pattaguansett 
Mamajuda;    Island    and    Lighthouse, 
Detroit  River,  Mich.     (Not  Mammy 
Mamalos;  see  Memaloose. 
Mameweta;  see  Mattituck. 
Mamiruga;   Island    (shima)    or  rock, 
lat.   33°    52'   N.,  long.   136°   07'   E., 
southern    coast   of   Honshu    Island, 
Japan.     (Not  Marmuriga  nor  Mar- 
Man;   see   Mann. 

Manatick;  Manatuck;  see  Manitick. 
Manby;   Point,   entrance   to   Yakutat 
Bay,  Alaska.      (Not  Bolshoi,  Bous- 
sole,  nor  St.  Elias.) 
Manchas;  Coral  Reef  or  Bank,  north 
side  of  entrance  to  Mayaguez  Bay, 
P.  R.     (Not  Manchos  Grandes.) 
Manchas  Chicas;  Coral  Reef  or  Bank, 
on  north  side  of  entrance  to  Maya- 
guez Bay,  P.  R.     (Not  Machos  Chi- 
Manchas  Orandes;  see  Manchas. 
Manchester;  Manchesters;   see  Long. 
Manchos  Grandes;  see  Manchas. 
Manchuria;    grand    division     of    the 
Chinese  Empire.     (Not  Manchooria, 
Mandchouria,     Mantchooria,     Mant- 
churia,  Mandsliooria,  Shingking,  nor 
Mandalay;  former  capital  of  Burma. 

(Not  Mandele.) 
Mandata;  see  Bull  Run. 

Mang-as;  ^Mountain,  Gila  County,  Ariz. 
(Not  Three  Sisters.) 

MarKjkasar;  see  Maka.-sar. 

Manhasset;  Bay,  Neck,  and  Village, 
north  shore  of  Long  Island,  Nassau 
County,  N.  Y.  (Not  Cow  Neck  nor 
Sint  Sink.) 

Manipur;  see  Munjpur, 

Manistique;  River  and  Town,  School- 
craft County,  Mich,  (Not  Monis- 
tique. ) 

Ma7ustique ;  see  Indian. 

Manitick;  Mountain,  Granby  Town, 
Hartford  County,  Conn.  (Not  Mana- 
tick, Manatuck,  Manitake,  Mani- 
took,  Manituck,  Mannatuck,  nor 

Manitou;  Rapids,  Rainy  River,  Rainy 
River  District,  Ontario,  and  Koochi- 
ching County,  Minn.,  International 
Boundary  (between  Minnesota  and 

Manitou;  Lake,  Fulton  County,  Ind. 
(Not  Manitu.) 

Manitou;  Precinct  and  Tov/n,  El 
Paso  County,  Colo.  (Not  Manitou 

Manitou;  see  Manitowish. 

Manitoulin;  Island,  northern  part  of 
Ivuke  Huron,  Ontario,  Canada.  (Not 
Grand  Manitoulin.) 

Manitowish;  River,  headwater  branch 
of  Flambeau  River,  Iron  and  Vilas 
Crnmties,  Wis.  (Not  Manitou  nor 

Mankafiser ;  see  Makassar. 

Manklin;  Creek,  Worcester  County, 
Md.     (Not  Macklins  nor  Manklins.) 

Manly;  Village,  Moore  County,  N.  C. 

(Not  Manly  Station.) 
Mann;     Creek,     Washington     County, 

Idaho.     (Not  Man.) 
Mannford;     Township     and     Village, 
Creek    County,    Okla.       (Not    Man- 
Manning;  Sunken  Rock,  off  the  Bay 

of  Isles,  Alaska. 
Manomet;    Hill.    Point,    and    Village, 

Plymouth  County,  Mass. 
Manoru;   Islet,   lat.   36*   37'   N.,  long. 
125°  33'  E.,  western  coast  of  Chosen 
(Korea).     (Not  W.  Clifford.) 


Mansell;  Mountain,  eastern  one  of  two 
peaks,  Southwest  Harbor  Town, 
National  Monument,  Mount  Desert 
Island,  Hancock  County,  Me.  (Not 

Mansfield;  Cape,  northern  i^hore  of 
Blying  Sound,  immediately  east  of 
entrance  to  Day  Harbor,  lat.  59°* 
55',  long.  149°,  Kenai  Peninsula, 

Mansker;  Post  Light,  Mississippi 
River,  Randolph  County,  111.  (Not 

Mantua;  see  Geneva. 

Manua;  see  Tau. 

Manu  Temple;  Butte,  Grand  Canyon 
of  the  Colorado,  Coconino  County, 

Manuelito;  Spring,  and  Province,  N. 

Manuwish;  see  Manitowish. 

Manzanilla ;  ^ee  Manzanillo. 

Manzanillo;  Bay  and  City,  southwest- 
ern coast  of  Mexico.  (Not  Manza- 

Manzanita;  Island,  St.  Lawrence 
River,  St.  Lawrence  County,  N.  Y. 
(Not  Flat,  Knapp,  nor  Manzenita.) 

Man;:enita;  see  Manzanita. 

Maple;  Island,  St.  Lawrence  River, 
Jefferson  County,  N.  Y.     (Not  Kip.) 

Maple;  see  Idlewild ;  Maple  City. 

♦Maple  City;  Village,  Cowley  County, 
Kans.     (Not  Maple.) 

Maple  Valley;  Village,  King  County, 
Wash.     (Not  Maplevalley. ) 

Marahai;  see  Nyassa. 

Maracaibo;  City,  Gulf,  and  Lake, 
Venezuela.      (Not  Maracaybo.) 

Ma7'ais  dcs  Cygnes;  see  Osage. 

Marias  d'  Ogee;  see  Meredosia. 

IXLaracossic;  Creek,  tributary  to  Mat- 
taponi  River,  rising  in  Caroline 
County,  and  forming  part  of  the 
boundary  between  Caroline  and  King 
and  Queen  Counties,  Va.  (Not 
Marracossie,  Marracossick,  Marri- 
cossick,  Massacocia,  Massacoxi,  nor 

Maranhao;  Bay,  City,  Island,  and 
State,  north  coast  of  Brazil.  (Not 
Maranham. ) 

Mar  anon;  see  Amazon. 

j\  I  a  rat  00  Jeep;  see  Mattituck. 

Maravi;  see  Nyassa. 

Marble;  Canyon,  Vishnu  Quadrangle, 

Coconino  County,  Ariz. 
Marble;     Canyon,     Panamint     Range, 

Inyo  County,  Calif. 
Marble;     Island,     Sea     Otter     Sound, 

Southeastern  Alaska.     (Not  Fox.) 
Marble;  see  Burntbridge. 
Marble;    Point,  east    side    mouth    of 
Mosman  Inlet,  Etolin  Island,  Alex- 
ander     Archipelago,      Southeastern 
Marbury;  Landing  and  Point,  Prince 
Georges    County,    Md.     (Not    Mar- 
berry.  ) 
Marcella;  Town,  Morris  County,  N.  J. 

(Not  Greenville.) 
March;  River,  Austria.     (Not  Morava 

nor  Morawa.) 
Marchand;    Rock,    St.    Marys    River, 

Mich.     (Not  Marchand's.) 
Marco;  Town  and  Pass,  Lee  County, 

Fla.     (Not  Malco.) 
Marcos  Monument ;  see  Explorers  Mon- 
Marcos  Terrace;  a  spur  of  lower  alti- 
tude  extending   south   from   Powell 
Plateau,     Coconino     County,     Ariz. 
(Not  Coronado  Plateau.) 
Marcou;    Mesa,    between    Cottonwood 
and  Leroux  Washes,  Navajo  County, 
Marcus    Cook;    Peak     (altitude  5,806 
feet,  sec.  4,  T.  46  N.,  R.  5  E.,  one  of 
three  peaks  on  Cedar  Mountain,  Sho- 
shone  County,  Idaho.     (Named  for 
Marcus  Cook,  a  former  employee  of 
the    United    States    Forest    Service, 
who  lost  his  life  on  the  Tuscania  in 
Marcy;    Mountain    Peak,    the    highest 
point    in     the    Adirondacks,     Essex 
County,  N.  Y.     (Not  Tahawus.) 
Marganza;  see  Morganza. 
Margaret;  Lake,  near  head  of  Middle 
Fork  of  Belly  River,  Glacier  County, 
Marg-aretsville;  Village,  Northampton 
County,  N.  C.     ( Not  Margarettsville. ) 
Margarita;    Pass,    southern    coast,  2i 
miles  southwest  by  south  from  Par- 
guera,  P.  R. 



Maria  Langa;  Island,  sauthward  of 
Point  Guayanilla,  P.  R.  (Not  Maria 
Langiia  nor  Maria  Langura.) 

Maria  Langua;  Maria  Langura;  see 
Maria  Langa. 

♦Marianas;  Islands  in  tlie  Pacific 
Ocean  (Not  Ladrone,  Ladrones, 
Mariana,  nor  Marianne.) 

Marias;  River  in  Montana.  (Not 
Bear's,  Kay-i-you  nor  Maria's.) 

Maricopa;  Point,  Grand  Canyon  of  the 
Colorado,  Coconino  County,  Ariz. 
(Not  Sentinel.) 

Maricopa;  see  Sunset. 

Marie;  Lake,  Fresno  County,  Calif. 

Mariguana;  one  of  the  Bahama  Islands. 
(Not  Mayaguana.) 

Marinavo;  Creek,  north  coast  of  Cuba. 
(Not  Maria  Navo.) 

Marine;  Townshij)  and  Village,  Wash- 
ington County,  Minn.  (Not  Marine 
Mills. ) 

Marion;  Creek,  tributary  to  Canyon 
Creek  from  west  in  Fortymile  re- 
gion, lat.  64°  15',  long.  141°  10', 
Alaska.  (Not  Mariner  nor  Mer- 

Mariquita;  Hill  (302  meters),  6  miles 
northeast  by  one-half  mile  east  from 
Cape  Rojo  Lighthouse,  P.  R.  (Not 
Maquayo. ) 

Marjum;  Pass,  House  Range,  Millard 
County,  Utah. 

ilark;  see  Resolution. 

Marlboro;  Township,  Delaware  Coun- 
ty, Ohio.     (Not  Marlborough.) 

Marmot;  prominent  high  cape,  south- 
ern head  of  Marmot  Island,  Alaska. 

Marmot;  Ridge,  between  Grouse  Ridge 
and  Black  Buttes,  western  slope 
Mount  Baker,  Whatcom  County, 

Mnrmuriga ;  Marmurika;  see  Mami 

Maroc;  Marocco;  Marokko;  see  Mo- 

Mnrolles;  see  Sohoru. 

Marquam;  Lake,  2 J  miles  below  mouth 
of  Willamette  River,  Multnomah 
County,  Oreg.     (Not  Marquam's.) 

Marr  Field;  Bar,  Mississippi  River. 
Now  Madrid  County,  Mo.  (Not 
:Marr's  Field.) 

Marracossic;  Marracossick ;  MarricoS' 
sick;  see  Maracossic. 

Marratooka;  see  Mattituck. 

Marrs  Hill;  Township,  Washington 
County,  Ark.     (Not  Mars  Hill.) 

Marseille;     City,     Southern     France. 

(Not  Marseilles.) 
*  Marsh;   Butte,   Grand  Canj'on  of  the 
Colorado,   Coconino  County,  Ariz. 

Marsh;  Creek,  Klamath  County,  Oreg. 

Marsh;  Pond,  in  Egremont  Town, 
Berkshire  County,  Mass.  (Not  Joy- 
ners  nor  Joyner  Marsh. ) 

Marsh;  see  Cottonwood;  Vaill. 

Marsh  Pork;  Stream,  Raleigh  County, 
W.  Va.  (Not  Marsh  Fork  of  Coal 
River. ) 

Marsha;  Bay,  on  the  east  side  of 
Knight  Island,  5  miles  southward 
from  the  Bay  of  Isles,  Alaska. 

Marshall;  Point,  Potomac  River, 
Prince  Georges  County,  Md.  (Not 
Marshal. ) 

Marshall;  Point,  West  Penobscot  Bay, 
Me.     (Not   Marshall's.) 

Marshall;  Pond,  on  the  boundary  be- 
tween Hebron  and  Oxford  Towns, 
Oxford  County,  Me.  (Not  Mathews, 
Mathew's,  nor  Matthews.) 

*Marshalltown;  City  and  Township, 
Marshall  County, ' Iowa.  (Not  Mar- 

Marshapauge  ;  see  Tyler. 

Marshelder;  Channel  southwest  of 
Story  Island,  Burlington  County; 
and  Creek  and  Islands  in  Ocean 
County,  N.  J.     (Not  Marsh  Elder.) 

Marsh epaug;  River,  branch  of  She- 
paug  River  from  Tyler  I*ond,  Litch- 
field County,  Conn.  (Not  East 
Branch  Shepaug,  Marshapogge,  nor 
Mashepaug. ) 

Marshes;  see  Trap  Hill. 

Marshyhope;  Creek,  a  branch  of  the 
Nanitcoke  River,  Dorchester  and 
Caroline  Counties,  Md.,  and  Kent 
and  Sussex  Counties,  Del.  (Not 
Marshy  Hope,  Marsh  Hope,  West 
Branch  of  Nanticoke  River,  West  or 
Northwest  Fork  of  Nanticoke,  nor 
Northwest  Prong  of  Nanticoke.) 

Marsivan;  City,  Asia  Minor.  (Not 
Marsovan,  Mersifun,  Mersivan,  Mer- 
/ifonn,  nor  Merzifun.) 



Marsoin  Pen' a;  see  Marsouin. 

Marsouin;  Peninsula,  southwestern 
portion  of  Haiti.  (Not  Baraderes 
Pen'a,  Bee  k  Marsoin  Pen'a,  Bee 
a  Marsouin  (Presquile  du),  nor  Mar- 
soin Pen'a. 

Marsovan;  see  Marsiban. 

Martel;  Railroad  Station,  Lancaster 
County,  Nebr.     (Not  Martell.) 

Martell;  Town  and  Village,  Pierce 
County,  Wis.     (Not  Martel.) 

Martha;  Lake,  lat.  37°  06',  long.  118° 
44',   Fresno   County,  Calif. 

Martha;  Lake,  Snohomish  County, 
Wash.  (Not  Martha's  nor  Mar- 

Martha;  see  Santa  Marta. 

Marthas  Basin;  Valley,  Flathead 
County,  Mont. 

Marthas  Vineyard;  Island,  Massachu- 
setts.    (Not  Martha's   Vineyard.) 

*Martic;  Township,  Lancaster  County, 
Pa.     (Not  Marticville. ) 

Martin;  Bay,  Chiucoteague  Bay,  Wor- 
cester County,  Md.  (Not  Martin's 
nor  Selby's.) 

Martin;  Creek,  Ts.  2  and  3  N.,  Rs.  17 
and  18  W.,  tributary  to  East  Fork 
Bitterroot  River,  Ravalli  County, 
Mont.  (Not  North  Fork  of  East 
Fork  Bitterroot  River.) 

Martin;  Island,  low  and  sandy,  next 
east  of  Cooper  Island,  Arctic  Coast, 
near  long.  155°  20',  Northern  Alaska. 

Martin;  Island,  Columbia  River,  near 
Kalama,  Wash.     (Not  Martin's.) 

Martin;  Reef,  north  end  of  Lake  Hu- 
ron, Chippewa  County,  Mich.     (Not 
Martin;  see  Doctor. 

Martineau;     Hill     (181    meters),    2\ 
miles  southwest  by  west  from  Point 
Mulas  Lighthouse,  P.  R.   (Not  Point 
Martino. ) 
Martins;  see  St.  Martin. 
Martins  Industry;  Light  Vessel  and 
Shoal  off  Port  Royal  Sound,   S.  C. 
(Not  Martin's  Industry.) 
Marugami;    Island    (jima),    lat.    34° 
09'  N.,  long.  133°  27'  E.,  Inland  Sea, 
Japan.     (Not  Marugomi  nor  Mata.) 

Marugomi;  see  Marugami. 
Marvin;   Island,   Portsmouth  Harbor, 
Rockingham    County,    N.    H.     (Not 
Marvin's,  Shapely,  Shapleigh's,  Shap- 
ley,  nor  Shapleys.) 

Marvin's;  see  Marvin. 

Mary;  Island,  southwest  of  Excelsior 
Group,  2i  miles  northwest  of  Alex- 
andria Bay,  St.  Lawrence  River,  N. 
Y.     (Not  Isle  Mary.) 

Mary;  see  Shelikof. 

Mary  del;  Railroad  Station  on  bound- 
ary line  between  Delaware  and 
Maryland.     (Not  Marydell.) 

Marys  River;  Post  Light,  Mississippi 
River,  Randolph  County,  111.  (Not 
St.  Marys  nor  Wabash.) 

Maryville;  Town,  Blount  County, 
Tenn.     (Not  Marysville.) 

Masah;  see  Mesabi. 

Masampho;  see  Masampo. 

Masampo;  Treaty  Port,  southern  coast 
of  Chosen  (Korea).  (Not  Masam- 
pho, Masanpho,  Masan-pho,  Ma-san- 
p-ho,  nor  Masanpo.) 

Masanpho;  Ma-san-p-ho,  Masanpo;  see 

Mascarene;  Islands,  Indian  Ocean. 
(Not  Mascarenhas.) 

Mascat;  see  Maskat. 

Mascoma;  Lake  and  River,  Grafton 
County,  N.  H.  (Not  Mascomey,  Mas- 
commey,  nor  Mascomy.) 

Mascomey;  Mascommey;  Mascomy; 
see  Mascoma. 

Mashad;  Mashliad;  see  Meshed. 

Mashah;  see  Musha. 

Mashepaug;  see  Marshepaug. 

Mashomack;  southeast  point  of  Shel- 
ter Inland,  Suffolk  County,  N.  Y. 
(Not  Mashomuck,  Meshomac,  nor 
Meshomuck. ) 

Mashongnivi ;  see  Mishongnovi. 

Maskalonge;  see  Muskalonge. 

Maskat;  Seaport  of  Arabia,  Indian 
Ocean.     (Not  Mascat  nor  Muscat.) 

Mason;  Island  and  Point,  entrance  to 
Mystic  River,  Conn.     (Not  Mason's.) 

Mason;  Island,  junction  of  Illinois 
and  Mississippi  Rivers,  111.  (Not 





Masonic;  Creek,  emptying  into  Wall- 
kill  River,  Wallkill  Town,  Orange 
County,  N.  Y. 

Masonic  Temple;  Butte,  1  mile  south- 
east of  Dutton  Point,  Coconino 
County,  Ariz. 

Massacocia;  Massacoxi;  see  Mara- 

Massaua;  Island  and  Town  thereon, 
Red  Sea.  (Not  Massowah  nor  Mus- 
sawwa. ) 

Massenteean;  see  Little  Nesenkeag. 

Masan-pho ;  see  Masampo. 

Mastic;  see  Forge. 

Mastodon;  Mountain  (altitude  5,925 
feet),  sees.  4  and  5,  T.  46  N.,  R.  4 
E.,  near  head  West  Fork  Slate 
Creek,  Shoshone  County,  Idaho. 

Mata;  see  Marugami. 

Mata  Caballos;  Reef,  extends  one- 
fourth  mile  southwest  by  south  from 
Zancudo  Cay,  P.  R. 

Matacut;  see  Maddaket. 

Matadequin;  Creek,  Hanover  County, 
Va.     (Not  Matade  Queen.) 

Matagusu;  Rock,  entrance  to  Kago- 
shima  Gulf,  Kiushu  Island,  Japan. 
(Not  Arch,  Arched,  nor  Matahi- 
somu. ) 

Mafahisomu ;  see  Matagusu. 

Mafakessett ;  see  Mattakeset. 

Matamoras ;  see  New  Matamoras. 

Matamoros;  Town,  near  mouth  of  Rio 
Grande,  State  of  Tamaulipas,  Mex- 
ico.    (Not  Matamoras.) 

Matapan;  Cape,  southernmost  point  of 
Greece.  (Not  Taenarum  nor  Taina- 

Mata  Seca  Cay;  southwestern  side  of 
Matei  Island,  P.  R. 

Matanzas;  see  Estero. 

Matau;  see  Matsuwa. 

Matawan;  Creek,  Point,  and  Town, 
Monmouth  County,  N.  J.  (Not  Mat- 
tawan,  Matayan,  nor  Middletown.) 

Mathews;  Village,  Mathews  County, 
Va.     (Not  Matthews.) 

Mathews;   Point,    Columbia   River,    4 
miles     below     Vancouver,      Clarke 
County,  Wash.     (Not  Matthew's.) 
Mathews;  Township,  Kingsbury  Coun- 
ty, S.  Dak.     (Not  Matthews.) 
Mathews;  Mathew's;  see  Marshall. 

Mathias;  Creek,  Ts.  33  and  34  N.,  R, 

22  W\,  tributary  to  South  Fork  Coal 

Creek,     from    southwest,    Flathead 

County,  Mont. 
Matisnina ;  see  Rio  Matasnilla. 
Matochkin;    Strait,    separating    Nova 

Zembla  into  two  parts,  Arctic  Ocean. 

(Not  Matthew.) 
Matomkin;  see  Metomkin. 
Matsu   Shimn ;   Matsu    Sima;    Matsu- 

shrina  ;  see  Utsuryo, 
Matsuwa;      Island,      Kuril      Islands^ 

Japan.     (Not  Matau.) 
Mattabesset;     River,     Hartford     and 

Middlesex    Countie^^,     Conn.       (Not 

Little,      Mattabeset,      Mattabessett,. 

nor  Sebethe.) 
Mattakeset;   Bay,   Marthas   Vineyard, 

Mass.     (Not  Matakessett. ) 
Mattamuskeet;    Lake,    Hyde    County, 

N.    C.     (Not   Mattamuskett.) 
Mattamuskett ;  see  Mattamuskeet. 
Mattapoisett;     Harbor     and     Village^ 

Buzzards  Bay,  Mass.     (Not  Matta- 

Mattaponi;  River,  in  Eastern  Virginia. 

(Not  Mattapony.) 
Matthew;  see  Matochkin. 
Matthews;  Peak,  Tunitcha  Mountains,. 

Apache  County,  Ariz. 
Matthews;  see  Marshall. 
Mattituck;  Pond,  Southold  Town,  Suf- 
folk   County,    Long    Island,    N.    Y. 
(Not   Maratooker,   Marratooka,   nor 

Mameweta. ) 
Maugu;  see  Amur. 
Maupin;    Landing,    Kanawha    River, 

Mason  County,  W.  Va.     (Not  Mau- 

pin's. ) 
MaiirelVs;  see  Murrell. 
Mauritius;     Island,     Indian     Ocean. 

(Not  Isle  of  France.) 
Maury;    Island,    Puget    Sound,    King 

County,    Wash.     (Not   Maury's.) 
Mauvais  Coulee;  Creek,  Benson,  Town- 
er,  and  Ramsey  Counties,  N.  Dak. 
(Not  Big  Coolee  nor  Big  Coulee.) 
Maxey;  Pond,  Nantucket,  Mass.     (Not 

Maxfield;    Point,    Lake    Memphrema- 
gog,  Orleans  County,  Vt.    (Not  Max- 
Maxtoell;  see  Glacier. 



Mayacmis;  Mayacamus ;  see  Miyakma. 

Mayaguana;  see  Marigiiana. 

Mayan;  Island  (to),  lat.  40°  N.,  long. 
128°  12'  E.,  eastern  coast  of  Chosen 
(Korea),      (Not  Gontcharof  nor  Ma- 

.     yang  Do.) 

Mayday;  Township  and  Village,  Riley 
Ccunty,  Kans.     (Not  May  Day.) 

Maycnce;  see  Mainz. 

Mayesville;  Town  and  Township,  Sum- 
ter County,  S.  C.     (Not  Maysville.) 

Mayhew;  Village,  Lowndes  County, 
Miss.     (Not   Mayhew's   Station.) 

Maykiong;  see  Mekong. 

Maylor  Spit;  Post  Light,  Whidbey 
Island,  Island  County,  Wash.  (Not 
Maylor's. ) 

Mayo;  Beach,  Wellfleet  Harbor,  Cape 
God  Bay,  Mass.     (Not  Mayo's.) 

Mayo's;  see  Long. 

Mays;  Gap,  Grant  County,  W.  Va. 
(Not  Cosners.) 

Maysville;  nee  Kaysville. 

Mayweed;  Ridge,  about  3i  miles  long, 
west  of  Princeton,  Granite  County, 

Mazama;  Falls,  foot  of  Lasiocarpa 
Ridge,  northern  slope  Mount  Baker, 
Whatcom  County,  Wash. 

Mazama;  Glacier  (out  of  which  flows 
main  tributary  of  Wells  Creek), 
northern  slope  of  Mount  Baker, 
Whatcom    County,   Wash. 

Mazama;  Park,  southern  slope  Mount 
Baker,  Whatcom  County,  Wash. 

Mazama;  Ridge,  between  Paradise 
Valley  and  Stevens  Canyon,  Mount 
Rainier  National  Park,  Pierce  and 
Lewis  Counties,  Wash. 

Mazatzal;  Range,  west  of  Tonto 
Creek  and  Roosevelt  Reservoir,  and 
north  of  Salt  River  to  Deadmans 
Canyon,  Gila,  Maricopa,  and  Yava- 
pai Counties,  Ariz. 
Mazomanie;  Town  and  Village,  Dane 

County,  Wis.     (Not  Maze  Manie.) 
Me;  see  Bono. 
Me-Kong;  see  Mekong. 
Meoco;  see  Kyoto. 
Mead;  see  Hardy s. 
Meade;    City,    Meade    County,    Kans. 
(Not  Meade  Center.) 

Meade;  Peak,  Preuss  Range,  one-half 

mile  south  of  corner  of  Ts.  10  and 

11   S.,   Rs.  44   and   45   E.,   Caribou 

and    Bear    Lake    Counties,    Idaho. 

(Not     Mead's,     Mt.     Preuss,     nor 

Meade;  River,  Northern  Alaska.    (Not 

Cogtua  nor  Kol-u-gru'a.) 
Meadow;  Creek,  Ts.  63  and  64  N.,  Rs. 

1  and  2  E.,  tributary  to  Moyie  River 

from  west,  Boundary  County,  Idaho. 
Meadow;  Creek,  T.  15  N.,  Rs.  25  and 

26  W.,  tributary  to  Clark  Fork  from 

southwest,    Mineral    County,    Mont. 

(Not  Weaver.) 
Meadow;  Creek,  south  of  Rock  Creek, 

T.  29  S.,  R.  4  E.,  Douglas  County, 

Meadow;     Creek,     flowing    southwest 

from    Tolmie    Peak,    into    Mowich 

River,  Mount  Rainier  National  Park, 

Pierce  County,  Wash. 
Meadow;  Lake,  T.  34  N.,  R.,  108  W., 

Fremont  County,  Wyo. 
Meadow;    Mountain     (altitude    11,634 

feet),  sec.  33,  T.  3  N.,  R.  73  W.,  2i 

miles  southwest  Aliens  Park  Village 

and  6  miles  southeast  of  Longs  Peak, 

Boulder  County,  Colo. 
Meadow;    Mountain,    Warren    Town, 

Knox  County,  Me.     (Not  Congress.) 
Meadow;    Point,    southwestern    slope 

Mount  Baker,  near  Deming  Glacier, 

Whatcom  County,  Wash. 
Meadow,  Colo.;    see  Arena. 
Meadow,  Me.;  see  New  Meadow. 
Meadow;  see  Donivan;  Grass. 
Meadow  Creek;  Mountain,  sec.  33,  T. 

4    S.,    R.    41    E.,    Bingham    County, 

Meadows;  Town,  Prince  Georges  Coun- 
ty, Md.     (Not  Centerville.) 
Means;  see  Hardys. 
Meares;    Glacier,    terminating    in    the 
head  of  Unakwik  Inlet,  near  lat.  61" 
10',   long.   147°    30',   northern   coast 
Prince  William  Sound,  Alaska. 
Meares;  Island  (largest),  in  the  north- 
ern part  of  Meares  Passage,  and  on 
the    south    side    of   Ulloa    Channel, 



Mecan;  River,  entering  Fox  River  at 
eastern  boundary  Mecan  Town,  Mar- 
quette County,  Wis.     (Not  Mechan.) 

Mecca;  see  Mekka. 

Median;  see  Mecan, 

Mechanic  Valley;  Town,  Cecil  County, 
Md.     (Not  Mechanics  Valley.) 

♦Mechanicville;  Village,  Saratoga 
County,  N.  Y.  (Not  Mechanics- 

Mechescatauxin ;  see  Sleeper. 

Mechoacan;  see  Michoacan. 

Mechum;  Creek,  Albemarle  and  Flu- 
vanna Counties,  Va.  (Not  Mechunk 
nor  Merchant.) 

Mechumps;  Creek,  Hanover  County, 
Va.     (Not  Mechums  nor  Mechump.) 

Mecklenhurg ;  see  Taghanic. 

Meda;  Pass,  Goldfield  quadrangle,  Es- 
meralda County,  Nev. 

Media  Agua;  Creek,  flowing  approxi- 
mately north  through  central  part  of 
T.  28  S.,  R.  19  E.,  Kern  County, 

Media  Luna;  Reef,  entrance  to  Rincon 
Bay,  P.  R. 

Medicine;  Lake,  Ts.  31  and  32  N.,  Rs. 
56  and  57  E.,  Sheridan  County, 
Mont.     (Not  Creek.) 

Medicine;  see  Medicine  Lodge. 

Medicine  Lodge;  Creek,  rising  in  T. 
13  S.,  R.  11  W.,  and  tributary  to 
Prairie  Creek,  T.  10  S.,  R.  11  W., 
Beaverhead  County,  Mont.  (Not 

Medicine  Lodge ;  Peak,  sees.  21,  22,  27, 
and  28,  T.  12  S.,  R.  13  W.,  Beaver- 
head County,  Mont.     (Not  Medicine.); 

Medio  Mundo;  Passage,  between  Pine- 
ros  Island  and  the  shore,  from  Point 
Medio  Mundo  to  Point  Puerca,  P.  R. 
(Not  Pasaje  de  Medio  Mundo.) 

Meechuek;  see  Miniatulik. 

Meeker;  Ridge,  extending  2  miles 
southeast  from  Mount  Meeker  to 
Lookout  Mountain,  southeast  of 
Longs  Peak,  Boulder  County,  Colo. 

Meeker;  see  Mount  Meeker. 

Meekins;  Neck,  between  Tar  Bay  and 
Honga  River,  Dorchester  County,  Md, 
(Not  Meekin  nor  Meekin's.) 

Megi;  Island,  Inland  Sea,  Japan.  (Not 
Mogi  Sa,  Megi  Shima,  Meki  Sima, 
nor  Miki  Simi.) 

Megi  Jima;  Megi  Sa;  Megi  Shima;  see 

Megico;  see  Mexico. 

Megunticook;  Lake,  Camden  Town, 
Knox  County,  Me.  (Not  Canaan  nor 
Lincolnville. ) 

MeJiollan;  see  Mulholland. 

Meiaco-sima;  see  Sakishima. 

MeiklejoJm ;  see  Hinchinbrook. 

Mejico;  see  Mexico. 

MeJxi  Sima;  see  Megi. 

Mekinez;  Town  in  Morocco,  Africa. 
(Not  ISIequinez,  Mekines,  Meknas, 
Meknes,  nor  Mekne.) 

Mekka;  City,  Arabia.  (Not  Mecca  nor 

Mekong;  River  in  southeast  Asia. 
(Not  Cambodia,  Lan-Thsang-Kiang, 
Lantsan,  Maykiang,  Menara-Kong, 
Meikong,  nor  Mekhong.) 

Mekran;  Coast  and  Province,  Baluchis- 
tan.    (Not  Makran  nor  Mukran.) 

Mc-kv:aJi-mooks ;  see  Alki. 

MeV-a-kwa;  see  Melakwa. 

Melakwa;  Lake,  larger  of  two  small 
lakes  south  of  Chair  Peak  draining 
into  Tuscohatchie  Creek,  King 
County,     (Not  Mel'-a-kwa.) 

Melakwa;  Pass,  between  Chair  and 
Kaleetan  Peaks,  T.  23  N.,  R.  10  E., 
King  County,  Wash. 

Mellon;  see  MlUen. 

Melon;  Lake,  between  Knife  and  Carp 
Lakes,  Rainy  River  District,  On- 
tario, and  Lake  County,  Minn.,  In- 
tornational  Boundary  (between 
Minnesota  and  Ontario). 

Melozi;  Melozikakat ;  Melozikaket;  see 

Melozi tna;  River,  between  Tanana  and 
Koyukuk  Rivers,  tributary  to  the 
Yukon  River,  Alaska.  (Not  Melozi, 
Melozikakat,  nor  Melozikaket.) 

Melton;  Ledge,  New  London  Harbor, 
Conn.     (Not  Melton's.) 

Memaloose;  Island,  Pend  Oreille  Lake, 
T.  56,  R.  1  E.,  near  the  mouth  of 
Clark  Fork,  Bonner  County,  Idaho. 
(Not  Mamaloos,  Mamaloose,  Mama- 
los,  nor  Mamalose.) 



Memaloose;  Islands,  Columbia  River, 
Umatilla  and  Wasco  Counties,  and 
Lake,  Clackamas  County,  Oreg. 
(Not  Mamalos  nor  Mimaloose.) 

Memura;  Island  (somu),  lat.  34°  38' 
N.,  long.  128°  34  E.,  southern  coast 
of  Chosen  (Korea).  (Not  Mai  bu 
nor  Split.) 

Mencius  Temple;  Butte,  one  of  Twin 
Buttes,  Grand  Canyon  of  the  Colo- 
rado, Coconino  County,  Ariz. 

Mendenhall;  Cape,  the  southernmost 
point  of  Nunivak  Island,"  Bering  Sea, 
Alaska.     (Not  Ignatief,) 

Mendicant  Ridge;  see  Cathedral. 

Meneka;  Peak,  northern  end  Three 
Top  Mountain,  Shenandoah  County, 

Meng;  see  Muang. 

Mengtsz;  Subpostal  District  of  Yun- 
nanfu,  China. 

Menominee,  Wis. ;  see  Menomonie. 

Menominee;  City  and  County,  Michi- 
gan.    (Not  Menomonee.) 

*Menomonee;  River,  in  Milwaukee, 
Waukesha,  and  Washington  Coun- 
ties, and  Town,  Waukesha  County, 
Wis.     (Not  Menominee.) 

Menomonee,  Wis. ;  see  Menomonie. 

Menomonee  Falls;  Village,  Waukesha 
County,  Wis. 

♦Menomonie;  City  and  Town,  Dunn 
County,  Wis.  (Not  Menominee  nor 

Menorca;   see   Minorca. 

Mentalik;  see  Lake. 

Mequacumecum ;  Mequacum necum; 
Me-qua-cumte-cum;  see  Paint. 

Mer  De  L'Est;  see  Eastern. 

Merail;  Shoal,  Corona  Reef,  P.  R. 
(Not  Piedra  Almirall.) 

Merced;  Lake,  San  Francisco  County, 
Calif.     (Not  Laguna  de  la  Merced.) 

Mercer  Reservoir;  see  Lake  St. 

Merchant;  Peak  (altitude  5,827  feet), 
southwest  of  Townsend  Peak,  T.  27 
N.,  R.  11  E.,  Snohomish  County, 

Merchant;  see  Mechum;  Townsend. 

Meredosia;  Town,  Morgan  County,  111. 
(Not  Marais  d'Ogee  nor  Meredosha.) 

Merida;  see  Yucatan. 

Meridian;  City,  Lauderdale  County, 
Miss.    ( Not  Meridan. ) 

Meridian;  Township,  McPherson  Coun- 
ty, Kans.     (Not  Meriden.) 

Merlin  Abyss;  Canyon,  on  the  upper 
part  of  Shinumo  Creek,  Coconino 
County,  Ariz. 

Mermentau;  Lake,  Prairie,  River,  and 
Town,  Acadia  Parish,  La.  (Not 
Mermenteau. ) 

Merrellton;  Railroad  Station,  Cal- 
houn County,  Ala.     (Not  Merrelton.) 

Merriam;  Bay,  west  of  Bayley  Bay, 
Basswood  Lake,  Rainy  River  Dis- 
trict, Ontario,  near  International 
Boundary  (between  Minnesota  and 

Merrill;  Ledge,  near  east  bank  Sheep- 
scot  River,  2^  miles  above  Cross 
River,  Lincoln  County,  Me. 

Merrill  Shell  Bank;  Lighthouse,  Mis- 
sissippi Sound,  Miss.  (Not  Merrill's 
Shell  Bank.) 

Merrimac;  Town,  Jeff er;  on  County, 
Iowa.     (Not  Merrimack.) 

Merrimac;  Town,  Orange  County, 
Fla.     (Not  Merrimack.) 

Merrimac;  Town,  Taylor  County,  Ky. 
(Not  Merrimack.) 

Merrimac;  Town  and  Village,  Sauk 
County,  Wis.     (Not  Merrimack.) 

Merrimac;  Village,  Butte  County, 
Calif.     (Not  Merrimack.) 

Merrimac;  Village,  Essex  County, 
Mass.     (Not  Merrimack.) 

Merrimac;  see  Merrimack. 

Merrimack;  County  in  New  Hamp- 
shire.    (Not  Merrimac.) 

*  Merrimack;  River,  Massachusetts 
and  New  Hampshire.  (Not  Merri- 

Merriman;  Bars,  Ohio  River,  Alle- 
gheny County,  Pa.  (Not  Merri- 

Merritts  Landing;  see  Endeavor. 

Merrymeeting-;  Bay,  Sagadahoc  Coun- 
ty, Me.     (Not  Merry  Meeting.) 

Merrymceting ;  see  Alton. 

Mersa  Sheikh  Barud;  see  Port  Sudan. 

Mersifun;  see  Marsivan. 

Mersina;  City,  on  Mediterranean  Sea, 
Vilayet  of  Adana,  Asiatic  Turkey. 
(Not  Mersine.) 



Mersine;  see  Mersina. 

Mersivan;  Merzifoun;  Merzifun;  see 

Mertensia;  Falls,  sec.  23,  T.  3  N.,  R. 
74  W.,  3  miles  southwest  of  Longs 
Peak,  on  lake  outlet,  draining  into 
south  side  of  North  St.  Vrain  Creek, 
Boulder  County,  Colo. 

Mesa;  Mountain,  Saguache  County, 
Colo.     (Not  Del  Norte.) 

Mesa  Escarpada;  Wall,  rising  across 
the  canyon  of  Tortilla  Creek,  Mari- 
copa County,  Ariz. 

Mesabi;  Kange  of  Hills  in  Northern 
Minnesota.     (Not  Masab.) 

Mescalero  Point;  Headland,  on  the 
south  rim  of  the  Grand  Canyon  of 
the  Colorado,  7  miles  southeast  of 
Bass  Camp,  Coconino  County,  Ariz. 

Meshed;  City,  Persia.  (Not  Mashad, 
Mashhad,  Mesched,  Meschid,  Mesh- 
hed,  nor  Mushed.) 

Meshomac;  see  Mashomack. 

Meshomasic;  Mountain,  Portland  and 
Chatham  Towns,  Middlesex  County, 
Conn.  (Not  Meshamasic,  Mesha- 
masick,  Meshomasick,  Mesomersic, 
nor  Somasick. 

Ateshomuck;  see  Mashomack. 

Mesquite;  Bay,  Aransas  County,  Tex. 
(Not  Mezquit.) 

Mesquite;  Creek,  tributary  to  Tortilla 
Creek,  Maricopa  County,  Ariz. 

Mesquite;  Flat,  about  34  miles  from 
Mesa,  Maricopa  County,  Ariz. 

Mesquite;  Flat  in  Death  Valley,  Inyo 
County,  Calif.  (Not  Mesquite  Val- 
ley nor  Northwest  arm  Death  Val- 

♦Metcalf;  Village,  Thomas  County, 
Ga.     (Not  Metcalfe.) 

Met  calf;  see  Blackstone. 

Metelin;  see  Mitylene. 

Meteorite  Mountain;  see  Crater  Mound. 

Meter;  Bight,  eastern  coast  Zarembo 
Island,  opposite  western  end  Chi- 
chagof  Pas  •,  Alexander  Archipelago, 
Southeastern  Alaska. 

Methow;  see  Moyie, 

Metlako;  Falls,  Eagle  Creek,  near  east 
boundary  line  of  Multnomah  County, 

Metomkin;  Inlet  and  Point,  Potomac 
River,  King  George  County,  Va. 
(Not  Matomkin.) 

Mettawee;  River,  Washington  County, 
N.  Y.,  and  Rutland  and  Bennington 
Counties,  Vt.     (Not  Mettowee.) 

Metz;  see  Nowata. 

Meuse;  River,  Netherlands.  (Not 
Maas,  Maese,  Mosa,  nor  Mouse.) 

Mexican  Saddle;  Butte,  Gila  County, 

Mexico;  City,  Country,  and  State, 
North  America.  (Not  Megico,  Medi- 
co, nor   ''lii^Jco.) 

Meyer;  Meyers;  see  Myers. 

Mezquit;  see  Mesquite. 

Mhoon;  Landing  Mississippi  River,  Tu- 
nica County,  Miss.     (Not  Mhoon's.) 

Miaki;  see   Miyake. 

Miakka;  River,  rising  in  T.  22  E.,  R. 
35  S.,  Manatee  County,  flowing 
southwesterly  and  southeasterly, 
emptying  into  Charlotte  Harbor, 
western  coast  of  Florida.  (Not 
Myakka. ) 

Miako;  see  Kyoto. 

Miami;  Township  and  Village,  Hamil- 
ton County,  Ohio.  (Not  Miami- 
town.  ) 

Michelltree;  see  Mitcheltree. 

Michigamme;  see  Gabimichigami. 

Michigan;  see  Michigan  City. 

♦Michigan  City;  City  and  Township, 
Nelson  County,  N.  Dak.  (Not  Michi- 

MicMlimackinac ;  see  Mackinac. 

Michino77Li;  see  Nishinomi. 

Michipicoten;  Bay,  Island,  and  River, 
north  shore  of  Lake  Superior.  (Not 
Michipicoton. ) 

Michoacan;  State,  Mexico.  (Not  Me- 
choacan  norValladolid.) 

Michuaga;  see  Inchwagh. 
Middle;  Breaker,  on  a  rock  bare  at 
low  tide,  lying  2^  miles  west  one-half 
mile  south  from  Khaz  Point,  be- 
tween KLaz  Breaker  and  the  coast, 
Alaska.  (i:"^ot  Breaker  No.  2.) 
Middle;  Creek,  Huerfano  County,  Colo. 

(Not  Locust.) 
Middle;  see  Apple;  Jackson;  Seredni; 



Middle  Beaver;  Creek,  branch  of 
Green  River  from  the  west,  T.  35  N., 
Lincoln  County,  Wyo.     (Not  Lead.) 

Middle  Branch;  Stream,  tributary  to 
Bog  Brook  from  the  north,  Hebron 
Town,  Oxford  County,  Me.  (Not 
Cushman  Brook.) 

Middle  Bridge;  see  Owachomo. 

Middle  Canyon;  see  Lewelling. 

Middle  Cone;  Hill,  sees.  7  and  18,  T. 
7  S.,  R.  42  E.,  1  mile  northeast  of 
China  Hat,  Caribou  County,  Idaho. 

Middle  Cottonwood;  Creek,  Ts.  1  S. 
and  1  N.,  R.  6  E.,  tributary  to  East 
Gallatin  River  from  northeast,  Gal- 
latin County,  Mont.  (Not  Cotton- 

Middle  Chugach;  see  Pearl. 

Middle  Crah;  see  Rocky  Ford. 

Middle  Fork;  see  Middle  Santiam; 

Middle  Fork  Catherine;  Creek,  rising 
on  west  slope  of  China  Cap  in  Wallo- 
wa Mountains,  and  emptying  into 
North  Fork  Catherine  Creek,  about 
5  miles  west  of  China  Cap,  Union 
County,  Oreg. 

Middle  Fork  Catharine;  see  Squaw. 

Middle  Fork  Flathead  River;  Flat- 
head County,  Mont.  (Not  Big 

Middle  Fork  Piedra;  see  Huerto. 

Middle  Fork  Tuolumne;  see  Clavey 

Middle  Foy;  Lake,  sec.  23,  T.  28  N.. 
R.  22  W.,  south  of  Swaney  Lake 
and  north  of  Foy  Lake,  Flathead 
County,   Mont. 

Middle  G-lacier;  Creek,  flowing  into 
Cook  Inlet,  Alaska. 

Middle  Ground;  Shoals,  Quoddy 
Roads,  Passamaquoddy  Bay,  Me. 
(Not  Upper  Middle  Ground.) 

Middle  Passage;  see  Falucho. 

Middle  Piney;  Creek,  branch  of  Green 
River  from  the  west,  T.  29,  Lincoln 
County,  Wyo.     (Not  Lake.) 

Middle  St.  Vrain;  Creek,  Boulder 
Conntv.  Colo. 

Middle  Santiam;  1  liver,  eastern  part 
Linn  County,  rising  on  western  slope 
Cascade  Range,  and  flowing  westerly 
into  South  Santiam  River  just  east 
of  Foster,  Oreg.  (Not  Middle  Fork, 
South  Fork,  nor  Santiam  River.) 

Middlebranch;  Village,  Stark  County, 
Ohio.     (Not  Middle  Branch.) 

Middlecreek;  Township  and  Village, 
Snyder  County,  Pa.  (Not  Middle 
Creek. ) 

Middlecreek;  Township,  Somerset 
County,  Pa.     (Not  Middle  Creek.) 

Middlefield  ;  see  Bancroft. 

Middlepoint;  Village,  Van  Wert  Coun- 
ty, Ohio.     (Not  Middle  Point.) 

Middleton;  Township,  Wood  County, 
Ohio.     (Not  Middletown.) 

Middleton ;  see  Shores. 

Middletown;  Town,  Henry  County, 
Ind.     (Not  Middleton.) 

Middleto'wn ;  see  Matawan, 

Midget;  Creek,  T.  44  N.,  Rs.  8  and  9 
E.,  between  Simmons  and  Wahoo 
Creeks,  tributary  to  St.  Joe  River 
from  east,  Shoshone  County,  Idaho. 

Midgley ;  see  Migley. 

Midland  Junction;  see  Gilraore. 

Midvale;  see  Jutland. 

Midway;  Peak,  3,651  feet  high,  in  sec. 
4,  T.  32  S.,  R.  22  E.,  Kern  County, 

Midway;  Valley,  between  Buena  Vista 
Hills  and  the  main  Temblor  Range, 
extending  from  south  central  part  of 
T.  32  S.,  R.  24  E.,  northwesterly  into 
north  half  of  T.  31  S.,  R.  22  E.,  Kern 
County,  Calif. 

Midway;  see  Halfway. 

Migley;  Point,  Lummi  Island,  What- 
com County,  Washington  Sound, 
Wash.     (Not  Midgley.) 

Miguel;  see  McGill. 

Mikate;  see  Miyke. 

Miki  Simi;  see  Megi. 

Mikuni;  Harbor  (ko)  and  Town,  lat. 
36°  13'  N.,  long.  130"  07'  E.,  north- 
western coast  Honshu  Island,  Japan. 
(Not  Sakai.) 

Milan;  City,  Italy.  (Not  Mailand  nor 
Mi  la  no.) 



Milbank;  City,  Grant  County,  S.  Dak. 
(Not  Millbank.) 

Milt  urn;  Railroad  Station  and  Town* 
ship,  Essex  County,  N.  J.  (Not  Mill- 
burn.  ) 

Milburnton;  Village,  Greene  County, 
Tenn.     (Not  Graysburg.) 

Miles;  River,  Talbot  County,  Md.  (Not 
Millers  nor  St.  Michaels.) 

Milford;  see  Kresson. 

MilgTove;  Township,  Steuben  County, 
Ind.     (Not  Mill  Grove.) 

Milham;  see  Millham. 

Milheini;  see  Millheim. 

Milinoket;  Milinokett;  see  Millinocget. 

Milk;  see  Mill. 

Mill;  Creek,  T.  11  N.,  R.  21  W.,  tribu- 
tary to  Lolo  Creek  from  south,  Mis- 
soula County,  Mont.     (Not  Milk.) 

Mill;  Creek,  T.  3  S.,  Rs.  2  and  3  E., 
tributary  to  Cherry  Creek  from 
east,  Madison  County,  Mont. 

Mill;  Creek,  eastern  slope  of  Cascade 
Range  just  east  of  Cascade  Tunnel, 
tributary  to  Nason  Creek,  T.  26  N., 
Chelan  County,  Wash.  (Not  South 

Mill;  see  Cherry. 

Mill,  Mont. ;  see  Agency. 

Mill,  Utah ;  see  Millton. 

Mill;  see  Konkapot ;  Little  Cahaba. 

Mill  Creek;  see  Little  Cahaba  River; 
White  Point. 

Mill  Fork;  Stream,  T.  3  S.,  R.  11  E., 
tributary  to  Mission  Creek  from 
south,  Park  County,  Mont. 

Mill  Gap;  see  Millgap. 

Mill  Port;  see  Millport. 

Mill  Spring;  see  Millspring. 

Millard;  Precinct  and  Village,  Douglas 
County,  Nebr.     (Not  Milliard.) 

Millar's;  see  Bancroft. 

Millhrook;   see    Shawangunk. 

Millburn;  Creek  and  Village,  Nassau 
County,  N.  Y.     (Not  Milburn.) 

Millcreek;  Township,  Coshocton  Coun- 
ty, Ohio.     (Not  Mill  Creek.) 

Millcreek;  Township,  Clarion  County, 
Pa.     (Not  Mill  Creek.) 

Millcreek;  Township,  Lebanon  County, 
Pa.     (Not  Mill  Creek.) 

Milldam;  see  Streeter. 

Mille  Lacs;  County  and  Lake,  Minne- 
sota.    (Not  Millelacs.) 

Millen;  Bay,  St.  Lawrence  River,  Jef- 
ferson County,  N.  Y.  (Not  Mellen 
nor   Milieus. ) 

Miller;  Canyon,  Vaca  Mountains,  So- 
lano County,  Calif.   (Not  Pleasants.) 

Miller;  Creek,  heading  in  T.  6  N.,  R. 
11  E.,  and  tributary  to  Little  Elk 
Creek  from  east,  Wheatland  County, 

Miller;  Lake,  head  of  north  arm  of 
Moira  Sound,  Southeastern  Alaska. 
(Not  Mitten  nor  Mitter.) 

Miller;  River,  tributary  to  South  Fork 
Skykomish  River  from  south,  King 
County,  Wash. 

♦Miller;  Village,  Lawrence  County, 
Ohio.     (Not   Millersport. ) 

Miller  Flats;  Rolling  Uplands,  lying 
mostly  within  NE.  i  T.  27  S.,  R.  17 
E.,  San  Luis  Obispo  County,  Calif. 

Miller  Fond;  see  Oseetah. 

Millers;  see  Miles. 

Millers  Comers;  see  Ionia. 

Millersbnrg ;  see  Bethel. 

Millgap;  Village,  Highland  County, 
Va.     (Not  Mill  Gil  p.) 

Millham;  Brook,  Marlboro,  Middlesex 
County,  Mass.  (Not  Milham  nor 

Millheim;  Borough,  Center  County, 
Pa.     (Not  Milheim.) 

Millicoma;  River,  Coos  County,  Oreg. 
(Not  North  Fork  of  Coos  River.) 

Millikens  Bend;  Town,  on  Mississippi 
River,  Madison  Parish,  La.  (Not 
Milliken's  Bend.) 

Millinockett;  Millinoket;  Millinokett; 
see  Millinocket. 

*Millinocket;  Lake,  Stream,  and 
Town,  Penobscot  County,  Me.  (Not 
Milinoket  Milinokett,  Millinockett, 
Millinoket,  nor  Millinokett.) 

Millport;  Village,  Chemung  Ck)unty, 
N.  Y.     (Not  Mill  Port.) 

Mills;  Creek,  headwater  tributary  to 
Mono  Creek,  Fresno  County,  Calif. 

Mills;  Lake,  sees.  23  and  2G,  T.  4  N., 
R.  74  W.,  an  expansion  of  Glacier 
Creek,  in  the  lower  end  of  Glacier 
Gorge,  Larimer  County,  Colo. 



Mills;  Moraine,  from  Mt.  Lady  Wash- 
ington, about  2  miles  east,  extending 
along  nortli  side  Roaring  Fork,  Lar- 
imer  County,  Colo. 

Mills;  Mountain,  Kenai  Peninsula, 

Mills;  Peak  (altitude  13,352  feet), 
Fresno  County,  Calif. 

Millspring;  Village,  Jefferson  County, 
Tenn.     (Not  Mill  Spring.) 

Millton;  Village,  Tooele  County,  Utah. 
(Not  Mill  nor  Milton.) 

Milton;  Village,  Dorchester  County, 
Md.     (Not  Woolford.) 

Milton  vale;  City,  Cloud  County,  Ivans. 
(Not  Miltonville.) 

Milwaukie;  Town,  Clackamas  County, 
Greg.     (Not  Milwaukee.) 

Mimaloose ;  see  Memaloose. 

Mimbreno  Point;  Headland,  on  the 
south  rim  of  the  Grand  Canyon  of 
the  Colorado,  8  miles  southeast  of 
Bass  Camp,  Coconino  County,  Ariz. 

Mina;  see  Cortlandt. 

Minam;  River,  Union  and  Wallowa 
Counties,  and  Village,  Wallowa 
County,  Oreg.     (Not  Minum.) 

Minas  Basin;  Arm  of  the  Bay  of 
Fundy,  Nova  Scotia.  (Not  Basin  of 

Minatare;  Reservoir,  12  miles  north- 
east of  Scottsbluff,  Scotts  Blulf 
County,  Nebr.     (Not  Bryan.) 

Mine;  Cove,  eastern  arm  of  Ogden 
Passage,  Chichagof  Island,  Alaska. 
(Not  Hirst.) 

Mine  Lamotte;  Town,  Madison  County, 
Mo.     (Not  Mine  La  Motte.) 

Mine  La  Motte;  see  Mine  Lamotte. 

Miner;  Creek,  tributary  to  Lake  Creek, 
Flathead  County,  Mont. 

Miner;  Island,  near  the  junction  of 
Lisianski  Strait  and  Lisianski  Inlet, 

Miner  Creek;  see  American. 

Mineral;  Canyon,  Coconino  County, 

Mineral;  Natural  Park  at  main  forks 
of  Cascade  River,  T.  34  N.,  R.  18  E., 
Skngit  County,  Wash.  (Not  Forks 
of  Cascade.) 

Miners;  Lake  and  River,  northern 
^hore  Prince  William  Sound,  near 
head  of  Unakwik  Inlet,  eastern  side, 
and  draining  into  Miners  Bay,  near 
long.  147°  35',  Alaska.  (Not  Boot 

Miners;  Point,  western  coast  Kodiak 
Island,  4i  miles  northeast  of  Cape 
Ugat,  Alaska. 

Miner's;  see  Sawtooth. 

Miners  Creek;  i^ee  American. 

Miniatulik;  Stream,  entering  Norton 
Bay,  southwest  of  Kwiniuk  River, 
Alaska.  (Not  Iron  Creek  nor  Mee- 
chuek. ) 

Minister ;  see  Minster. 

Mink;  Creek,  Marshall  County,  Ala. 
(Not  Locus  nor  Lovetts.) 

Minnechaug;  Mountain,  Hartford 
County,  Conn.  (Not  Minnechug  nor 

Minneota;  Village,  Lyon  County, 
Minn.      (Not  Minnesota.) 

Minnesaka;  Creek,  T.  41  N.,  R.  6  E., 
Clearwater  County,  tributary  to 
Little  North  Fork  Clearwater  River 
in  sec.  4  from  i-outh  near  the  bound- 
ary line  of  Shoshone  County,  Idaho. 

Minorca;  one  of  the  Balearic  Islands, 
Mediterranean  Sea.    (Not  Menorca.) 

Minots  Ledge;  Lighthouse,  Boston 
Bay,  Mass.     (Not  Minot's  Ledge.) 

Minster;  Village,  Auglaize  County, 
Ohio.     (Not  Minister.) 

Minum;  see  Minam. 

Miquelon;  two  united  islands  off  the 
^outhern  coast  of  Newfoundland, 
forming  part  of  the  French  colony 
of  St.  Pierre  and  Miquelon. 

Mira;  Mountain,  Goldfield  quadran- 
gle, Esmeralda  County,  Nev. 

Miraflores;  Village,  Orange  County, 
Calif.     (Not  Mira  Flores.) 

Mirage;  see  Sarcobatus. 

Miramonte;  Mountain  (altitude  9,500 
feet),  3  miles  southwest  of  Mira- 
monte Station,  8  miles  northeast  of 
Blackhawk,  in  sec.  12,  T.  2  S.,  R.  72 
AV.,  at  the  west  line  of  Jefferson 
County,  Colo.     (Not  Brule.) 

Mirey;  Brook,  Cheshire  County,  N.  H. 
(Not  Muddy  nor  Valley.) 



Mirre;    Point,    ea>t   coast   of   Neebish 
Island,  St.  Marys  River,  Mich.     (Not 
Mirre's. ) 
]Mirror;  Lake,  Tuftonboro  Town,  Car- 
roll County,  N.  H.     (Not  Dishwater 
Pond,  Langs  Pond,  nor  Livlus  Pond. ) 
Mirror;    Lake,    Canaan    and    Orange 
Towns,  Grafton  County,  N.  H.    (Not 
IMiid  Pond.) 
Mishicott;  Town  and  Village,  Manito- 
woc County,  Wis.      (Not  Mishicot.) 
Mishongnovi;  Settlement,  Province  of 
Tusayan,  Hopi  Indian  Reservation. 
Navajo  County,  Ariz.    (Not  Mashong- 
nivi,    Mi-shong-i-nivi,    Mishonginivi, 
nor  Tseitsokit.) 
Misinohi;  see  Nishinomi. 
Missakiami;  see  Muchakinock. 
Mission;  Bay,  about  10  miles  north- 
west San  Diego,  San  Diego  County, 
Calif.     (Not  False.) 
Mission   Rang-e;   the   range  east   and 
southeast  of  Flathead  Lake,  Mont. 
(Not  Kootenai.) 
Mississagi;    Bay,    Island,    River,    and 
Strait,  northern  end  of  Lake  Huron, 
Ontario,  Canada.     (Not  Mississagua, 
Mississauga,  nor  Mississaugah. ) 
Mississagua;   Mississauga;  Mississau- 
gah; see  Mississagi. 
Mississinawa;  Township,  Darke  Coun- 
ty, Ohio.     (Not  Mississinewa.) 
Mississinawa;  see  Mississinewa. 
Mississinewa;  River,  rising  in  Darke 
County,   Ohio,   and  flowing  through 
Delaware,  Grant,  Miami,  Randolph, 
and  Wabash  Counties,  Ind.,  to  the 
Wabash    River,    near    Peru.     (Not 
Mississinawa  nor  Mississinnewa.) 
Mississinnewa ;   see   Mississinewa. 
Missoula;  see  Clark  Fork. 
Mitchakianack;  see  Muchakinock. 
Mitchell;  Landing  and  Point,  Missis- 
sippi   River,    Dyer    County,    Tenn. 
(Not  Mitchell's.) 
Mitchell;    Town,    Sheboygan    County, 

Wis.     (Not   Mitchel.) 
Mitchells;  see  Daniel. 
Mitchellville  ;  see  MuUikin. 
Mitcheltree;  Township,  Martin  Coun- 
ty,  Ind.     (Not  Michelltree.) 
Mitkof ;  Island,  east  of  Kupreanof  Is- 
land, Alexander  Archipelago,  South- 
eastern  Alaska.      (Not    ^Mitgoff.) 

Mitrofania;  Bay,  Harbor,  and  Island 
northeast       from      the       Shumagin 
Islands,  Alaska.     (Not  Mitrofa.) 
Mitten;  Mitter;  see  Miller. 
Mitten  Peak;  see  Pilot  Rock. 
Mitten  Rock;  Butte,  San  Juan  County, 

N.  Mex.     (Not  Little  Ship  Rock.) 
Mittineague;  Village,  West  Springfield 
Town,      Hampden      County,      Mass. 
(Not  Mittineaque.) 
Mitylene;    City    and    Island,    Turkey. 
(Not    Metelin,   Mytilene,    nor    Myti- 
Alix;  see  Weldon. 
Miyaka;  see  Kyoto. 
Miyake;   Island    (jima),   lat.   34°    06' 
N.,  long.  139°  29'  E.,  south  of  Hon- 
shu Island,  Japan,     (Not  Miaki  nor 
Miyakma;      Range      of      Mountains, 
county   boundary  between   southern 
Mendocino    and    northern    Sonoma 
Counties  on  west,  and  Lake  County 
on   east,   and   extending   from   Cold 
Creek   Canyon   south   to   Mount   St. 
Helena,  Calif.     (Not  Cobb  Mountain 
Range,      Malacomas,       Mayacamas, 
Mayacamus, .    Mayacmis,      nor      St. 
Helena  Range.) 
Miyako;    Group    and    Island    east   of 
Taiwan,  the  eastern  one  of  the  two 
groups      forming      the      Sakishiraa 
Group,     southern    part     of    Nansei 
Chain,     Japan.     (Not    Tai-pin     nor 
Miyako;  Miyakojima ;  see  Sakishima. 
Moa    Ave;    Settlement,    and    Spring, 
Navajo  Indian  Reservation,  Coconino 
County,  Ariz. 
Mobjack;   Bay,   near   mouth   of   York 
River,  Gloucester  County,  Va.     (Not 
Mob  Jack.) 
Moclips;  River,  Quinault  Reservation, 
Grays  Harbor  County,  Wash.     (Not 
Nemotolipse. ) 
Modred   Abyss;   Canyon,    opening   on 
the    east    l)ank   of    Shinumo   Creek, 
Coconino  County,  Ariz. 
Moela;  Island,  off  entrance  to  Santos, 
State   of   Sao   Paulo,   Brazil.     (Not 
Moclla;  see  Moela. 
Moencopie;  see  Moenkopi. 



Moenkopi;  Settlement,  and  Wash,  Nav- 
ajo Indian  Reservation,  Coconino 
County,   Ariz.     (Not    Moencopie.) 

Moffatt;  see  Moffett. 

Moffett;  Creek,  tributary  to  Columbia 
River  between  Bonneville  and  War- 
rendale,  Multnomah  County,  Oreg. 
(Not  Mofeatt.) 

Mogador;  Seaport  town,  Morocco, 
Africa.  (Not  Mogadore,  Mogodor, 
Suera,  Suira,  nor  Suirah.) 

Mogudeki;  Islet,  lat.  36°  56'  N.,  long. 
125°  48'  E.,  western  coast  of  Chosen 
(Korea).     (Not    Bundegi.) 

Mohave;  Desert,  San  Bernardino, 
Kern,  and  Los  Angeles  Counties; 
River,  San  Bernardino  County;  and 
Town,  Kern  County,  Calif.  (Not 
Mohave  City  nor  Mojave.) 

Mohave;  Mountains,  east  of  Colorado 
River,  Mohave  County,  Ariz.  (Not 
Chemehuevis  nor  Chimhuevis.) 

Mohave;  Point,  Grand  Canyon  of  the 
Colorado,  Coconino  County,  Ariz. 

Mohave  River;  see  Piute. 

Mohawk  Brook;  see  Morgan  River. 

Mohican;  Cape,  the  westernmost  point 
of  Nunivak  Island,  Bering  Sea, 
Alaska.     (Not  Boil.) 

Mojanga;  see  Majunga. 

Mokesumne;  Mokosmnne ;  see  Cosum- 

Mokhnatoi;  see  Makhnati. 

Molar;  see  Ignaeio. 

Molina;  Village,  Pike  County,  Ga. 
(Not  Molena.) 

Molitor;  Town,  Taylor  County,  Wis. 
(Not  Monitor.) 

Mollie's  Nipple;  see  Tatow. 

Mollusk;  Village,  Lancaster  County, 
Va.     (Not  Molusk.) 

Molly  Wheaton's;  see  Wheaton. 

Molonko;  see  Zambezi. 

Molucca;  Molucca  Archipelago,  Moluc- 
cas; see  Molukka. 

Molukka;  Islands,  between  Celebes  and 
New  Guinea,  and  Passage  between 
Gilolo  and  the  northern  peninsula  of 
Celebes,  Malay  Archipelago.  (Not 
Des  lies  Moluques,  Maluka,  Molucca, 
Molucca  Archipelago,  Moluccas,  Mo- 
lukkas,  Molukken,  Moluksche  Arclii- 
pel,  Moluksche  Zee,  nor  Spice.) 

Molukkas  ;  Mollukken ;  Moluksche ;  Mo- 
luksche Archipcl;  see  Molukka. 

Monadnock;  see  Dublin. 

Monadnock  Amphitheater;  Canyon, 
Shinumo  quadrangle,  Coconino  Coun- 
ty, Ariz. 

Monegaw  Springs;  Village,  St.  Clair 
County,  Mo.     (Not  Monegan.) 

Moneyhayi;  see  Mooneyhan. 

Mnng ;  see  Muang. 

Mongolia;  Postal  district,  China. 

Mo7iisti(jue;  see  Indian;  Manistique. 

Mono;  see  Morro. 

Monocline  Ridge;  Hills,  forming  east- 
ern front  of  higher  portion  Ciervo 
Hills,  Diablo  Range,  between  Arroyo 
Hondo  and  Tumey  Gulch,  Fresno 
County,  Calif. 

Monomoy;  Island,  Light,  and  Point, 
Cape  Cod,  Mass.     (Not  Mononomy.) 

Monong ;  see  Big  Monon. 

Monroe;  Borough  and  Township,  Brad- 
ford County,  Pa.     (Not  Monroeton.) 

Monroe;  Island,  southeast  of  Rock- 
land, Knox  County,  Me.  (Not  Mun- 
roe. ) 

Monroe;  Railroad  Station,  Sussex 
County,  N.  J.  (Not  Monroe  Corner 
nor  Monroe  Corners.) 

Monroeville;  Railroad  Station,  Salem 
County,  N.  .T.  (Not  Monroe  nor 
Monroeville  Station. ) 

Mont  Vernon;  see  Mount  Vernon. 

Montague;  Island,  entrance  to  Prince 
William  Sound,  Alaska.  (Not  Mon- 
tagu nor  Tsukli.) 

Montara;  Mountain  and  Point,  San 
Mateo  County,  Calif.  (Not  Mon- 
tora. ) 

Montbrook;  Precinct  and  Town,  Levy 
County,  Fla.  (Not  Ambler  nor 
Phoenix. ) 

Montclalr;  Town,  Essex  County,  N.  J. 
(Not  Mont  Clair.) 

]\[onte;  see  Elmonte. 

Monte  Cristl;  Bank,  Bay,  District,  and 
Town,  northern  coast  of  Santo  Do- 
mingo. (Not  Monte  Christi,  IVIonte- 
cristi,  Monte  Cristy,  nor  San  Fer- 
nando de  Montecristi. ) 

Monte  de  la  Espuma;  Peak  (altitude 
about  5,000  feet),  highest  one  of 
the  Superstition  Mountains,  Pinal 
County,  Ariz. 



Monte  Diablo;  see  Diablo. 

Montenegro;  Country  of  Europe.  (Not 
Cornogoi'u,  Crna  Gora,  Kara  Dagli, 
nor  Tzernogora.) 

Monterville;  Village,  Randolph  Goun- 
t3^  W.  Va.     (Not  Mouteville.) 

Montezuma  Point;  Headland,  on  the 
south  rim  of  the  Grand  Canyon  of 
the  Colorado;  3  miles  southwest  of 
Bass  Camp,  Coconino  County,  Ariz. 
(Not  Walapai  Point.) 

Montgomery;  Creek,  tributary  to 
Forty-mile  River  from  the  south, 
Yukon,  Canada,  near  International 
Boundary  (between  Alaska  and 

Monticello;  Town,  about  4  miles  north 
of  east  of  Abajo  Mountains,  San 
Juan  County,  Utah. 

Montier;  Township  and  Village,  Shan- 
non County,  Mo.     (Not  Monteer.) 

Montpelier;  Creek,  branch  of  Bear 
River  from  the  east,  heading  in  the 
Preuss  Range  and  passing  through 
Montpelier,  Bear  Lake  County, 
Idaho.  (Not  Davis  Creek,  Tullick's 
Fork,  nor  Tullocks  Fork.) 

Monts  MauUits;  see  Maladetta. 

Montsweag;  Bay,  River,  and  Village, 
Sagadahoc  County,  Me.  (Not  Mont- 
seag. ) 

Monty;  Bay  and  Point,  Lake  Cham- 
plain,  Clinton  County,  N.  Y.  (Not 
Monti. ) 

Monument;  Beach  and  River,  at  head 
of  Buzzards  Bay,  Mass.  (Not 
Monuraet. ) 

Monument;  Canyon  and  Pass,  Navajo 
County,  Ariz.,  and  Valley,  San  Juan 
County,   Utah. 

Monument;  Creek,  Grand  Canyon  of 
the  Colorado,  Coconino  County,  Ariz. 

Monument;  Mountain,  Ts.  50  and  51 
N.,  R.  1  W.,  between  Little  North 

'  Fork  Coeur  d'Alene  River  and  Skoo- 
kum  Creek,  Kootenai  County,  Idaho. 

Monument;  see  Brace. 

Moodna;  Creek,  Orange  County,  N.  Y. 
(Not  Murderers  nor  Murdern's.) 

Mookden;  see  Mukden. 

Mooney;  see  Kegan. 

Mooneyham;  Branch  of  French  Broad 
River,  Cocke  County,  Tenn.  (Not 
Money han  nor  Mooneyhan.) 

Moore;  Creek,  tributary  to  Madison 
River,  Madison  County,  Mont.  (Not 

Moore;  Point,  Lake  Erie,  on  Catawba 
Island,  Ottawa  County,  Ohio.  (Not 
Moore's. ) 

Moore,  Ala. ;  see  County  Line. 

Moore,  Mont. ;  see  Slade. 

Moore  Dock;  Post  Light,  Wells  Island, 
St.  Lawrence  River,  near  Fisher 
Landing,  Jefferson  County,  N.  Y. 
(Not  Moore's  Dock.) 

Moorefield;  River,  tributary  to  the 
South  Branch  of  the  Potomac  at 
Moorefield,  W.  Va.  (Not  South 
Fork  of  Potomac.) 

Moorefield;  Village,  Switzerland  Coun- 
ty, Ind.     (Not  Moorfield.) 

Moore's;  Moores;  see  County  Line. 

Moorzook;  see  Murzuk. 

Moosabec  Reach;  Lighthouse,  Wash- 
ington County,  Me.  (Not  Moose-a- 
bec   Reach.) 

*  Moose;  Creek,  tributary  to  the  Mata- 
nuska  from  north,  about  20  miles 
above  mouth  of  latter,  Alaska.  (Not 

Moose;  Creek,  Lincoln  County,  Wyo. 
(Not  Bear  Creek.) 

Moose;  Lake  and  Portage,  Thunder 
Bay  District,  Ontario,  International 
Boundary  (between  Minnesota  and 

Moose;  Lake,  southeast  of  Moose  Peak, 
sees.  11  and  14,  T.  33  N.,  R.  22  W., 
Flathead  County,  Mont. 

Moose;  Peak,  Flathead  County,  Mont. 
(Not  Whitefish  Mtn.) 

Moose;  Pond,  Somerset  County,  Me. 
(Not  Great  Moose  Lake.) 

Moose;  see  Rocky. 

Mooseelauke ;  see  Moosilauke. 

Moosehorn;  Mountain  (altitude  5,000 
feet),  lat.  63**  12'  04"  to  63°  12'  N., 
International  Boundary  (between 
Alaska  and  Canada). 

Mooselookmeguntic;  Lake  in  Maine. 
(Not  Mooselocmaguntic.) 

Mooses;  see  County  Line. 

Mooshelock;  see  Moosilauke. 



Moosilauke;  Mountain  and  River,  N, 
H.  (Not  Mooseelauke,  Moosehillock, 
nor  Mooshelock.) 

Mooya;  Mooyie;  see  Moyie. 

Moquawkie;  Indian  reservation  and 
Town,  west  side  Cook  Inlet  near  its 
head,  Alaska.     (Not  Tyonek  Town.) 

Moraine;  Park,  between  Carbon  Gla- 
cier and  Old  Desolate,  Mount  Rai- 
nier, Pierce  County,  Wash. 

Moraine  Dome;  Peak,  north  side  of 
Little  Yosemite  Valley,  Mariposa 
County,  Calif. 

Moran;  City,  Allen  County,  Kans. 
(Not  Morantown.) 

Moran;  Point,  Coconino  County,  Ariz. 

Morava;  see  March. 

Moray;  County  and  Firth,  Scotland. 
(Not  Elgin,  Elginshire,  Moray-Shire, 
Murray,  nor  Murrayshire.) 

More  Okhotskoe;  sec  Okhotsk. 

Morea;  Railroad  Station,  Schuylkill 
County,  Pa.     (Not  Morea  Colliery.) 

*Moreau;  River,  branch  of  Missouri 
River,  S.  Dak.     (Not  Owl.) 

Morena;  Ridge,  Esmeralda  County, 

Moretz;  Town,  Watauga  County,  N. 
C.     (Not  Moretz  Mill.) 

Morgan;  Point,  Fishers  Island  Sound, 
near  Noank,  New  London  County, 
Conn.     (Not  Morgan's.) 

Morgan;  Point,  Mississippi  River, 
Mississippi  County,  Ark.  (Not  Mor- 

Morg-an;  Point,  Reef,  and  Shoal,  Lake 
Michigan,  Cook  County,  111.  (Not 

Moi^an  River;  Stream,  Barkhamp- 
sted,  Litchfield  County,  Conn.  (Not 
Mohawk  Brook.) 

Morganza;  Crevasse,  Landing,  and 
Village  on  Mississippi  River,  Pointe 
Coupee  Parish,  La.  (Not  Marganza 
nor  Morganzia.) 

Mori;  Islets  (somu),  lat.  34''  41'  N., 
long.  128°  47'  E.,  southern  coast  of 
Chosen  (Korea).     (Not  Atalante.) 

Moritz;  Lake,  Coconino  County,  Ariz. 
(Not  Mortiz  nor  Mortz.) 

Morlan;  Township,  Graham  County, 
Kans.  (Not  Mori  and  nor  More- 

Mormon;  Flat,  at  junction  of  Salt 
River  and  La  Barge  Creek,  Mari- 
copa County,  Ariz. 

Mormon  Lake;  Valley,  T.  18  N.,  R.  9 
E.,  Coconino  County,  Ariz.  (Not 
Pleasant. ) 

Morningstar;  Mountain,  lat  48°  12' 
N.,  long.  113"  01'  W.,  Pondera 
County,  Mont. 

Morocco;  Capital  of  the  western 
Kingdom  of  Barbary,  Africa.  (Not 
Ma  roc,  Marocco,  nor  Marokko.) 

Morondava;  Province  Madagascar. 

Morozofskoi;  see  Cold. 

Morrillo  de  Arecibo;  see  Point  Mor- 

Morrill's;  see  Murrell. 

Morris;  Cove,  New  Haven  Harbor, 
Conn.     (Not  Morris's.) 

Morris  Mountain;  see  Bannock. 

Morrison;  Landing,  MissLs^^ippi  River, 
New  Madrid  County,  Mo.  (Not  Mor- 

Morrison;  Landing,  Ohio  River,  Liv- 
ingston County,  Ky.  (Not  Morri- 
son's. ) 

Morrison;  Slough,  tributary  to  Tur- 
tle River  at  Blythe  Island,  long.  81° 
32'  20",  Glynn  County,  Ga.  (Not 
Morrison  Drop.) 

Morrison  Drop;  see  Morrison. 

Morro;  Bay,  Creek,  Rock,  and  Village, 
San  Luis  Obispo  County,  Calif. 
(Not  Mono,  Moro,  nor  El  Morro.) 

Morro  Castle;  Fort,  entrance  to  San 
Juan  Harbor,  P.  R.  (Not  Castillo 
del  Morro.) 

Morro  de  Sao  Paulo;  the  northern  ex- 
tremity of  Tinhare  Island,  coast  of 
Brazil.  (Not  Morro  de  Santo 
Paulo. ) 

Morse;  see  Bendel. 

Morskoi;  see  Sea. 

Mortiz;  Mortz;  see  Moritz. 

Morzhovoi;  Bay  and  Village  at  west- 
ern end  of  Alaska  Peninsula,  Alaska. 
(Not  Morzovi.) 

Mosa;  see  Meuse. 

Mosamhique ;  see  Mozambique. 

Moshy;  see  Goodbys. 

Mosca;  Creek,  northeast  corner  Ala- 
mosa County,  Colo.     (Not  Sand.) 

Moscow;  City,  Russia.     (Not  Moskva.) 



Moses;  Point,  sand  spit  east  of  mouth 
of  Tubutiilik  River,  Alaska, 

Moses;  see  Sinai. 

Mosher;  Pond,  Kennebec  County,  Me. 
(Not  Lane's.) 

Moshier;  Ponds,  Adirondack  Moun- 
tains, Webb  Town,  Herkimer  Coun- 
ty, N.  Y.  (Not  Mosher,  Mosier,  nor 
Moshiers. ) 

Moskva;  River,  Russia.  (Not 
Moskwa. ) 

Mosman;  Point,  between  Mosman  In- 
let and  Rocky  Bay,  Etolin  Island, 
Alaska.      (Not  Reef  Point.) 

Mosquito;  Creek,  Ts.  43  and  44  N.,  R. 
8  E.,  heading  west  of  Peggy  Peak, 
draining  northern  one  Twin  Lakes, 
and  tributary  to  St.  Joe  River  from 
the  southwest,  Shoshone  County, 
Idaho.     (Not  West  Lake.) 

Mosquito;  Inlet,  Volusia  County,  east 
coast  of  Florida.      (Not  Musquito.) 

Moss;  Brook,  tributary  to  west  side 
Cow  Creek,  just  north  Longs  Peak 
Village,  Larimer  County,  Colo. 

Moss;  Creek.  Mariposa  County,  Calif. 
(Not  Moss  Canon.) 

Moss;  see  Horse  Island. 

Mossenteean:  see  Tiittle  Nesenkeag. 

Moth;  Bay,  southern  shore  Revilla- 
gigedo  Island,  near  mouth  of  Thorne 
Arm  of  Revillagigedo  Channel, 
Southeastern  Alaska. 

Mother;  Lake,  Richfield  Village,  near 
Minneapolis,  Hennepin  County, 
Minn.      (Not  Muther.) 

Mother;  Mountain,  northwest  of 
Mount  Rainier,  between  Carbon  and 
Mowich  Rivers,  Mount  Rainier  Na- 
tional Park,   Pierce  County,  Wash. 

Mott;  Point,  Manhasset  Neck,  Hemp- 
stead Harbor,  Nassau  County,  Long 
Island,  N.  Y.     (Not  Mott's.) 

Mott;  see  Harrisburg. 

Mouchez;  see  Aru. 

Mouchoir;  Bank  and  Passage,  north  of 
island  of  Haiti,  West  Indies.  (Not 
Mouchoir  Carre  nor  Mouchoir 

Mouchoir  Carre;  Bank,  Guadeloupe, 
West  Indies. 

Moukden;  see  Mukden. 

Mound  City;  City,  Linn  County, 
Kans.     (Not  Mound.) 

Mount  Albion;  Mountain  (altitude 
12,596  feet),  15  miles  south  of  Longs 
Peak,  near  Lake  Albion,  Boulder 
County,  Colo. 

Mount  Alice;  Peak  (altitude  13,310 
feet),  Continental  Divide,  in  sec.  10 
of  T.  3  N.,  R.  74  W.,  3  miles  south- 
west of  Longs  Peak,  Boulder,  and 
Grand  Counties,  Colo. 

Mount  Apatite;  Mount  Appetite;  see 

Mount  Carbon;  see  Carbon. 

Mount  Carrizo;  see  Carrizo. 

Mount  Davidson;  Peak,  San  Miguel 
Hills,  San  Francisco,  Calif. 

Mount  Diablo;  see  Devil;  Diablo. 

Mount  Elden;  see  Elden. 

Mount  Ellemeham;  see  Ellemeham. 

Mount  Emerson;  Peak,  Harriman 
Fiord,  Prince  William  Sound, 

Mount  Florence;  Mountain,  east  of 
Farewell  Gap,  Tulare  County,  Calif. 
(Not  Mount  Needham.) 

Mount  Freeman  tie;  Mountain,  near 
Freemantle  Point,  Prince  William 
Sound,  Alaska. 

Mount  Geneva;  see  Geneva. 

Mount  Gilbert;  Peak,  Harriman 
Fiord,  Prince  William  Sound, 

Mount  Goode;  see  Bonanza. 

Mount  Haley;  Township,  Midland 
County,  Mich.     (Not  Hayley.) 

Mount  Hendricks;  see  Green  Moun- 

Mount  Hermon;  Town,  Warren  Coun- 
ty, N.  J.     (Not  Mount  Herman.) 

Mount  Hitchcock;  Mountain,  2  miles 
southwest  of  Mount  Whitney,  Tulare 
County,  Calif. 

Mount  Holly  Springs;  Borough,  Cum- 
berland County,  Pa.  (Not  Mount 
Holly  Spring.) 

Mount  Hope;  City,  Sedgwick  County, 
Kans.     (Not  Mounthope.) 

Mount  Humphrey;  see  San  Francisco. 

Mount  Huxley;  see  Haydon. 

Mount  Jackson;  see  Llao. 

Mount  Junipero  Serra;  see  Junipero 



Mount  Kataka;  see  Kataka. 

Mount  Kearsarge  North;  see  Pequaw- 

Mount  Lady  Washington;  Peak,  sec. 
31,  T.  4  N.,  R.  73  W.,  about  a  mile 
northeast  of  Longs   Peak,   Larimer 
County,  Colo. 
Mount  Lassen;  see  Lassen. 
Mount  Lebanon;  see  Crafts. 
Mount  Lemond;  see  Ben  Lomond. 
Mount  Linnaeus;  Peak,  westernmost 
one  of  Abajo  Mountains,  San  Juan 
County,    Utah,      (Not   West   Moun- 
Mount  Marion;  Village,  Ulster  Coun- 
ty, N.  Y.     (Not  Cockburn.) 
Mount    Meeker;    Mountain    (altitude 
13,911  feet),  sec.  6,  T.  3  N.,  R.  73  W., 
three-fourths     mile     southeast     of 
Longs  Peak,  Boulder  County,  Colo. 
Mount  Muir;  Peak,  Harriman  Fiord, 

Prince  William  Sound,  Alaska. 
Mount  Munra;  see  Munra. 
Mount  Nesmith;  see  Nesmith. 
Mount  Newport;  see  Cadillac. 
Mount  Ohio;  see  Carbon. 
Mount   Orton;   Peak    (altitude   11,682 
.     feet),  at  south  end  of  North  Ridge, 
2  miles  south  of  Longs  Peak,  Boul- 
der County,  Colo. 
Mount    Oso;    Peak,    San   Juan   Moun- 
tains, La  Plata  County,  Colo.     (Not 
Hunchback. ) 
} fount  Ouray;  see  Ouray  Peak. 
Mount  Pierce;  Mountain,  Presidential 
Range    of    White    Mountains,    Coos 
County,  N.  H.     (Not  Mount  Clinton. ) 
Mount  Pleasant;  see  Blueberry. 
Mount  Powell;  see  Racetrack. 
Mount  Princeton;  Peak,  in  Sawatche 
Range,  Chaffee  County,  Ck)lo.     (Not 
Mount  Rainier;  Peak,  Cascade  Range, 
Pierce  County,  Wash.     (Not  Ranier 
nor  Takoma.) 
Mount  Riga;  see  Wachocastinook. 
Mount  Russell;  Peak,   in  the   Sierra 
Nevada,   between    Inyo   and   Tulare 
Counties,  Calif. 
Mount  St.  Elias;  Mountain    (altitude 
18,024    feet),    Southeastern   Alaska, 
on  the  International  Boundary   (be- 
tween Alaska  and  Yukon). 

Mount  Scott;  see  Scott. 
Mount  Shavano ;  see  Shavano  Peak. 
Mount   Snetfels;   Peak,   in    San   Juan 
Mountains,     Ouray     County,     Colo. 
(Not   Mount  Blaine.) 
Mount  Solomon;  see  Solomon  Hills. 
Mount   Spokane;   Mountain,    Spokane 
County,    Wash.     (Not    Bald    Peak, 
Baldy    Mount,     Carleton,    nor    Old 
Baldy. ) 
*Mount  Sutro;  Moimtain,  San  Miguel 
Hills,    San    Francisco,    Calif.     (Not 
Blue  Mountain  nor  Sutro  Crest.) 
Mount  Tahor;  see  Tabor. 
Mount    Theodore    Roosevelt;    Moun- 
tain, T.  5  N.,  R.  3  E.,  northwest  of 
Deadwood    City    and   east    of   Polo 
Gulch,    Lawrence    County,    S.    Dak. 
(Not  Sheep.) 
Mount  Trumbull;  see  Trumbull. 
Mount  Usher;  see  Shavano  Peak. 
Mount  Vaca;  Peak,  highest  point,  Vaca 
Mountains,  opposite  head  of  Gates 
Canyon,  Solano  County,  Calif.     (Not 
Blue  Mountain  nor  Vaca.) 
Mount    Vernon;    Town    and    Village, 
Hillslwro  County,  N.  H.     (Not  Mont 
Mount  Washington;  see  The  Helmet. 
Mount  Whitney  No.  1;  see  Corcoran. 
Mount  Wiessner;  Mountain,  Shoshone 
County,  Idaho.     (Not  Mount  Wies- 
ner,    Old    Baldy,    Wessner's    Peak, 
Wiesner's     Peak,      nor     Wiessners 
Peak. ) 
Mount  Wilson;  Peak  (altitude  14,250 
feet),    San   Miguel    Range,    Dolores 
County,  Colo.     (Not  Glacier  Moun- 
Mount    Wow;    Ridge,    southwest    of 
Mount  Rainier,  between  Tahoma  and 
Goat    Creeks,    Mount    Rainier    Na- 
tional Park,  Pierce  County,  Wash. 
Mount  Wrightson;  see  Old  Baldy. 
Mount  Young";  Mountain,  2  miles  west 
Oi!  Mount  Whitney,  Tulare  County, 
Mountain;  Lake,  between  Watap  Port- 
age and  Lily  Lakes,  Thunder  Bay 
District,       Ontario,       International 
Boundary    (between  Minnesota  and 



Mountain;  Point,  Anne  Arundel  Coun- 
ty, Md.     (Not  Stony.) 

Mountain;  see  Gori. 

Mountain  Mirror;  see  Averic. 

Mountain  View;  see  Mountainview. 

Mountaingrove;  Village,  Bath  County, 
Va.     (Not  Mountain  Grove.) 

Mountainview;  Lake,  Sunapee  Town, 
Sullivan  County,  N.  H.  (Not  Moun- 
tain View  nor  Spectacle  Pond.) 

Mount  joy;  Township,  Adams  County, 
Pa.     (Not  Mount  Joy.) 

Mourzouk;  see  Murzuk. 

Mouse;  see  Meuse;  Souris. 

Movers;  see  Mower. 

Moweaqua;  Township  and  Village, 
Shelby  County,  111.     (Not  Mowequa.) 

Mower;  Railroad  Station,  Salem  Coun- 
ty, N.  J.     (Not  Movers  nor  Mowers.) 

Mowich;  Creek  and  Park,  Douglas 
County,  Oreg. 

Mowich;  Lake,  in  cirque  west  of 
Mother  Mountains,  draining  into 
Crater  Creek,  a  tributary  to  North 
Mowich  River,  Mount  Rainier  Na- 
tional Park,  Wash.     (Not  Crater.) 

Mowich;  River,  below  junction  North 
Mowich  and  South  Mowich  Rivers, 
northwestern  slope  Mount  Rainier, 
emptying  into  Puyallup  River,  Pierce 
County,  Wash. 

Moyea;  see  Moyie, 

♦Moyie;  Falls,  Mine,  Precinct,  River, 
and  Village,  Boundary  County, 
Idaho,  and  British  Columbia.  (Not 
Methow,  Mooya,  Mooyie,  nor  Moyea 

Mozambique;  Channel,  City,  and  Ter- 
ritory, East  Africa.  (Not  Mosam- 
bique. ) 

Msaga;  see  Tanganyika. 

Mu;  see  Teibui. 

Muache;  see  Horsefly. 

Muang;  Siamese  prefix  to  names  of 
towns,  meaning  town  or  township. 
(Not  Meng,  Mong,  nor  Mong.) 

Muav  Saddle;  topographic  feature, 
Shlnumo  quadrangle,  Coconino  Coun- 
ty, Ariz. 

Muchackinoc;  Muchackinock ;  Muchak 
ianock;  see  Muchakinock. 

Muchakinock;  Creek,  Mahaska  County, 
Iowa.  (Not  Mackikinock,  Missa- 
kianu,  Mitchakianack,  Muchachi- 
nock,  Muchackinoc,  nor  Muchakia- 
nock. ) 

Muckamuck;  Mountain  (altitude  6,390 
feet),  v/estern  part  T.  24  E.,  R  36 
N. ;  Hill,  eastern  part  same  town- 
ship;  and  Pass,  south  of  Mucka- 
muck Hill,  Okanogan  County,  Wash. 
(Not  Mukamuk.) 

Muckilteo;  Muckleteo,  Muckiltoe;  see 

Muckinipattis;  Creek,  Delaware  Coun- 
ty, Pa.  (Not  Munckinipattus  nor 
Muskinipates. ) 

Mud;  Glacier,  west  bank  of  the  Stikine 
River,  Alaska,  near  the  International 
Boundary  line.     (Not  Dirt.) 

Mud;  Lake,  an  expansion  of  St.  Marys 
River,  Mich.     (Not  Muddy.) 

Mud;  Lake ;  T.  33  N.,  R.  20  W^,  Flat- 
head County,  Mont. 

Mud;  Lake,  Jefferson  County,  N.  Y. 
(Not  Edmonds  nor  Edmund.) 

Mud;  see  Conns;  Ganargua;  Harris- 
burg;  Mirror;  Rose. 

Mud  Lake;  see  Demers. 

Mudds;  Landing,  Mississippi  River, 
Randolph  County,  111.    ( Nc  t  Mudd's. ) 

Muddy;  see  Mirey. 

Muddy  Creek;  see  Paradise  Dry. 

Muddy  creek;  Township,  Butler  Coun- 
ty, Pa.     (Not  Muddy  Creek.) 

Muddy  Fork;  western  branch  Cowlitz 
River,  rising  on  eastern  slope  Mount 
Rainier  and  joining  Cowlitz  River  in 
T.  14  N.,  R.  10  E.,  Lewis  and  Pierce 
Counties,  Wash.     (Not  Cowlitz.) 

MuJilenfeldts ;  Muhlenfels;  see  Myh- 

Muir;  Creek,  draining  into  Rogue 
River,  from  the  northwest,  Douglas 
County,  Oreg. 

Muir;  Pass,  Fresno  County,  Calif. 

Muir;  see  Mount  Muir. 

Muir  Butte;  see  Cone. 

Mukamuk;  see  Muskamuck. 

Mukden;  City,  China.  (Not  Mookden 
nor  Moukden.) 



*Mukilteo;  Precinct  and  Village,  Sno- 
homish County,  Wash.  (Not  Muckil- 
teo,  Muckleteo,  nor  Muckiltoe.) 

Mukluktulik;  River,  entering  Norton 
Bay,  southwest  of  Koyuk  River, 

Mukran;  see  Mekran. 

MulcM;  see  Mutchi. 

Mule;  Mountains,  Cochise  County, 
Ariz.     (Not  Mule  Pass.) 

Mulhockaway;  Creek,  Union  Town- 
ship, Hunterdon  County,  N.  J.  (Not 
Big  Brook  nor  Mullackaway.) 

TCulholland;  Point,  Campobello  Island, 
New  Brunswick,  Canada.  (Not 
Mehollan. ) 

Mull  Dike;  Post  Lights,  Hudson  River, 
near  Coeymans,  Albany  County,  N. 
Y.     (Not  Mull's  Dike.) 

Mull  Plaat;  Island,  Hudson  River, 
Rensselaer  County,  N.  Y.  (Not 
Mull's  Plaat.) 

Mullally;  Township,  Harlan  County, 
Nebr.     (Not  Mullalley.) 

Mullica;  River  in  central  New  Jer- 
sey.    (Not  Atsion  nor  Mullicas.) 

Mulligan;  Creek,  T.  42  N.,  R.  7  E., 
tributary  from  the  south  in  sec.  18 
to  Sawtooth  Creek  near  its  junction 
with  Little  North  Fork  Clearwater 
River,  Shoshone  County,  Idaho. 
(Not  Squaw.) 

Mullikin;  Railroad  Station,  Prince 
Georges  County,  Md.  (Not  Mitchell- 

Mullin;  Creek  and  Village,  Mills  Coun- 
ty,  Tex.     (Not  Mullen.) 

Mullin  ville;  City,  Kiowa  County, 
Kans.      (Not  Mullenville. ) 

Multnomah  Channel;  that  portion  of 
Willamette  River  on  west  side 
Sauvie  Island,  Multnomah  County, 

Muncaster;  Mountain,  Ts.  24  andl  25 
N.,  R.  7  W.,  north  of  Quinault  River 
and  south  of  Rustler  River,  JeiTer- 
son  County,  Wash. 

Munckinipattus ;  see  Muckinipattls. 

Mundale;  see  West  Parish. 

Mundy;  Landing,  Mississippi  River, 
14  miles  below  Hannibal,  Mo.  (Not 

14842—21 15 

Munich;  City,  Bavaria.  (Not  Mun- 
chen  nor  Mtinchen.) 

Munin  Shima;  see  Ogasawara. 

Munjpur;  City  and  State,  British  In- 
dia.   (Not  Manipur  nor  Munnepoor.) 

Munnasca;  see  Munuscong. 

Munra;  Point,  south  cliffs  Columbia 
River  Gorge,  between  Moffett  and 
Tanner  Creeks,  Multnomah  County, 
Oreg.     (Not  Mount  Munra.) 

Munroe,  Calif.;  see  California. 

Munroe,  Me.;  see  Monroe. 

Munson;  Creek,  T.  21  N.,  R.  27  W., 
tributary  to  Clark  Fork  near  Eddy, 
Sanders  County,  Mont.  (Not 
Squaw. ) 

Munuscong;  Bay,  northwestern  exten- 
sion of  Mud  Lake,  St.  Marys  River, 
Chippewa  County,  Mich.  (Not  Mun- 
nasca. ) 

Muravev;  see  Karumappo. 

Murderers ;  Murdner's;  see  Moodna. 

Muriel;  Lake,  Fresno  County,  Calif. 

Murphrees;  Valley,  Blount  County, 
Ala.     (Not  Murphrey's.) 

Murphy;  Island,  Mississippi  River, 
near  Hannibal,  Mo.  (Not  Mur- 

Murphy;  Peak,  sec.  14,  T.  15  N.,  R.  19 
W.,  on  divide  between  former  Flat- 
head Indian  Reservation  and  Mis- 
soula Forest,  Missoula  County,  Mont. 

Murphy;  see  Stuart. 

Murphy  Island;  Post  Lights,  St. 
Johns  River,  above  Palatka,  Fla. 
(Not  Murphy's  Island.) 

Murray;  Village,  Orleans  County, 
N.  Y.     (Not  Sandy  Creek.) 

Murray;  see  Buffalo  Horn. 

Murray,  N.  Y. ;  see  Fancher. 

Murray;  Murray sMre,  Scotland;  see 

Murrell;  Inlet,  Horry  County,  S.  0. 
(Not  Maurell's  nor  Morrill's.) 

Murrieta;  Township  and  Village, 
Riverside  County,  Calif.  (Not  Mur- 

Muruchii;  Islet,  lat.  36**  38'  N.,  long. 
125*  34'  E.,  western  coast  of  Chosen 
(Korea).     (Not  N.  Clifford.) 



Murzuk;  City  in  Fezzan,  Northern 
Africa.  (Not  Moorzook  nor  Mour- 
zouk. ) 

Muscallonge;  Bay,  between  Conners 
and  Wisners  Points,  Mackinac  Coun- 
ty, Mich.     (Not  Big  Muscallonge. ) 

Muscallonge;  see  Duck. 

Muscat;  see  Maskat. 

Muscatatuck;  River,  tributary  to  East 
Fork  White  River,  Jackson,  Jeffer- 
son, Jennings,  and  Scott  Counties, 
Ind.     (Not  Muskakituk.) 

Muscle  Bed;  see  Mussel. 

Muscle  Fork;  see  Mussel  Fork. 

Muscle  Shoals;  series  of  Rapids  in 
Tennessee  River,  south  border  of 
Lauderdale  County,  Ala.  (Not  Mus- 
sel Shoals.) 

Muscogee;  see  Muskogee. 

Muscovalley;  Post  Light,  Mississippi 
River,  Hickman  County,  Ky.  (Not 
Muscavedder. ) 

Muscovy;  see  Russia. 

Musel-hed;  see  Mussel. 

Musha;  Islands,  Gulf  of  Aden,  French 
Somali  Coast,  Africa.  (Not  Mashah, 
Muschah,   nor  Mushah.) 

Mushed;  see  Meshed. 

Mushroom;  Islets,  five,  in  center  en- 
trance Iniskin  Bay,  northwest  of 
Scott  Island,  northern  shore  Kami- 
shak  Bay,  southwestern  coast  Cook 
Inlet,  Alaska. 

Music;  Pass,  Sangre  de  Cristo  Range, 
Custer,  Huerfano,  and  Saguache 
Counties,  Colo. 

Muskakituk;  see  Muscatatuck. 

Muskalonge;  Bay  and  Creek,  Jeffer- 
son County,  N.  Y.  (Not  Maska- 

Musketeers;  Pass,  breach  through 
Casey  and  Sarasota  Keys,  from 
Gulf  of  Mexico  into  Little  Sarasota 
Bay,  about  lat.  21"  13',  Manatee 
County,  Fla. 

Muskinipates ;   see   Muckinipattis. 

♦Muskogee;  District  and  Town,  Mus- 
kogee County,  Okla.  (Not  Muscogee.) 

Muskrat;  Creek,  small  branch  of  El- 
bow Creek,  Pondera  County,  Mont.) 

Muskrat;  Pass,  Continental  Divide, 
lat.  48"  08'  N.,  long.  113'  04'  W., 
Flathead  and  Pondera  Counties, 

Musquito;  see  Mosquito. 

Musquiz;  Canyon,  Brewster  and  Jeff" 
Davis  Counties,  Tex.  (NotMusquis.) 

Mussaunoa;  see  Massaua. 

Mussel;  Light  Station,  Narragansett 
Bay,  R.  I.  (Not  Muscle  Bed  nor 

Mussel;  Point,  Bolivar  Peninsula,  Gal- 
veston County,  Tex.     (Not  Muscle.) 

*Musselfork;  Township  and  Village, 
Chariton  County,  Mo.  (Not  Muscle- 

Mustag;  Mustagh  Range;  see  Karako- 

Muta;  Muta  Nzige;  see  Albert  Nyanza. 

Mutchi;  Island  (to),  near  Chemulpo,, 
w^estern  coast  of  Chosen  (Korea). 
(Not  Mulchi  nor  Mutshi.) 

Muther;  see  Mother. 

M'Wooten  N'zige;  M'wutan  Wzige^ 
Mwuta-Nzige;   see  Albert  Nyanza. 

Myangoru;  Channel,  Group,  and  Island 
(to),  lat.  34*^  13'  N.,  long.  125"  50' 
E.,  southwestern  coast  of  Chosen 
( Korea ) .     ( Not  Craig  Harriet. ) 

Myers;  Creek,  Okanogan  County, 
Wash.,  and  British  Columbia.  (Not 
Meyer  nor  Meyers.) 

Myers;  Village,  Greene  County,  Tenn. 
(Not  Rader.) 

Myers;  see  Fort  Myers. 

Myhlenfeldt;  Point,  eastern  side  of 
entrance  to  Harbor  of  St.  Thomas, 
Virgin  Islands,  West  Indies.  (Not 
Muhlenfeldts,  Muhlenfels,  nor  Myh- 

MyJilenfeldts ;  see  Myhlenfeldt. 

Myrtle  Point;  City  and  Precinct,  Coos 
County,  Oreg.     (Not  Myrtlepoint. ) 

Mystic;  see  Ram. 

Mystic  Spring  Plateau;  see  Spencer 

Mytilene;  Mytilini;  see  Mitylene. 


Naasan;  Bay  and  Village,  lat.  41"  57' 
N.,  long.  129"  59'  E.,  northeastern 
coast  of  Chosen  (Korea).  (Not 

Nachalni;  Point,  southern  end  of 
island  off  the  southeast  end  of  Rasp- 
berry Island,  Alaska.  (Not  En- 
trance. ) 


Nachamik;  see  Nakchamik. 

Naches;  Pass  and  River,  Yakima 
County,  and  forming  part  of  bound- 
ary between  Kittitas  and  Yakima 
Counties,  Wash.  (Not  Nah-ch§eze, 
Natchess,  Natchez,  nor  Nathess.) 

Nachikinski;  Cape,  lat.  58°  N.,  long. 
162°  35'  E.,  coast  of  Siberia.  (Not 
Nagikinski  nor  Natchikinki.) 

Nacicle;  see  Icicle. 

Nacimiento;  River,  Monterey  and 
San  Luis  Obispo  Counties,  Calif. 
(Not  Nacimento  nor  Sierra.) 

Nadejda;  Point,  lat.  49°  15'  N.,  long. 
142°  03'  E.,  western  coast,  Sakhalin 
Island  (Japanese  Karafuto).  (Not 
Nadejdi,  Nadejdui,  nor  Nadezhdi.) 

Nadezhdi;  see  Nadejda. 

Nadvodni;  see  Podvodni. 

Nag-ahut  Rocks;  three  large  rocks 
lying  1^  miles  southwest  from  the 
southwest  end  of  Pearl  Island, 

Nagai;  Island,  one  of  the  Shumagin 
Islands,  Alaska.     (Not  Nagay.) 

Nagasaki;  Seaport  Town,  Japan. 
(Not  Naugasaki.) 

Nagaura;  Harbor  (ko)  and  Town, 
Gulf  of  Tokyo,  Japan.  (Not  F'ka 
nor  Fuka.) 

Nagg;  Island,  Maumee  Bay,  Lake 
Erie,  near  Toledo,  Ohio.  (Not 

Wags  Head;  Town,  Dare  County,  N.  C. 
(Not  Nag's  Head.) 

Nahahum;  Canyon,  T.  24  N.,  R.  19  E., 
north  side  Wenatchee  River  at  Cash- 
mere, Chelan  County,  Wash.  (Not 
Nehockum. ) 

Nahtuk;  River,  tributary  to  Alatna 
River,  Alaska.  (Not  Nuhluk  nor 

Nahunta;  Falls,  i  mile  east  of  Chris- 
tine Falls,  Mount  Rainier  National 
Park,  Pierce  County,  Wash.  (Not 
Na  Hunta.) 

Nah-wah;  see  Lolo. 

Nail;    Creek,    Sawyer    County,    Wis. 

(Not  Neil.) 
Nails;   Creek,   Blount   County,   Tenn. 

(Not  Devil's  nor  Nale.) 
Naisnulho;  Na-is-nu-loh;  Nais-^mi-loh; 
Naisnuloh:  see  Ashnola. 

Naji;  Point,  Vishnu  quadrangle,  Coco- 
nino County,  Ariz. 

Najin;  Bay,  lat.  42°  10'  N.,  long.  130° 
18'  E.,  northeastern  coast  of  Chosen 
(Korea).  (Not  Kornilof  nor  Kor- 
nilov. ) 

Naka  ne;  see  Kitanaka. 

Nakat;  Bay,  opening  northward  be- 
tween Cape  Fox  and  Tongass  Is- 
land, Dixon  Entrance,  Alaska. 

Nakchamik;  Island,  one  of  the  Semidi 
Islands,  Alaska.    (Not  Nachamik.) 

Naknek;  Lake,  River,  and  Village, 
near  Bristol  Bay,  Alaska.  (Not 

Naknek;  £ee  Suworof. 

Nakusan;  Bay  and  Village,  lat.  42°  06' 
N.,  long.  130°  10'  E.,  northeastern 
coast  of  Chosen  (Korea).  (Not 

Nakwasina;  Passage,  separating  Hal- 
leck  Island  from  Baranof  Island, 
Southeastern  Alaska.  (Not  Little 
Noquashinski,  Nakvasina,  Nakwasin- 
skaia,  nor  Noquashinski.) 

Namakan;  Lake,  southeast  of  Rainy 
Lake,  Rainy  River  District,  Ontario, 
and  St.  Louis  County,  Minn.,  Inter- 
national Boundary  (between  Minne- 
sota and  Ontario).  (Not  Namecan 
nor  Nameukan.) 

Namecan;  see  Namakan.    . 

Nameukan;  see  Lac  La  Croix;  Nama- 

Namhai;  Island  (to),  lat.  34°  50'  N., 
long.  127°  55'  E.,  southern  coast  of 
Chosen  (Korea).     (Not  Nam  hainor 
Namoukan;  see  Lac  la  Croix. 
Namtow;   City,  eastern  bank  Canton 
River,  Kwangtung  Province,  China. 
(Not  Nam  tau  shing.) 
Nan;  Island  (to),  lat.  42°  14'  N.,  long. 
130°   31'   E.,  northwestern  coast  of 
Chosen      (Korea).       (Not      Belaya 
Skala,  Belaya  Skara,  nor  Bluiya.) 
Nan  How;  see  Santo. 
Nanao;  Bay    (wan),  lat.  37°  03'  N., 
long.  136°  E.,  Honshu  Island,  Japan. 
(Not  Nan.) 
Nanawaiya;    Nanaivayah;   Nanawya; 
see  Nanawaya. 



Nanawaya;  Creek,  tributary  to  Pearl 
River,  Winston  County,  Miss.  (Not 
Nanawaiya,  Nanawayah,  Nanawya, 
Nanih  Waiya,  Nanna  Waaya,  Nanna 
Warrior,  nor  Nanne  Warrior.) 

Nancook;  see  Beeslick. 

Nanih  Waiya;  see  Nanawaya. 

Naning;  see  Malalvka. 

Naniiva;  see  Osaka. 

♦Nanking;  Capital  City,  Kiangsu 
Province,  China.  (Not  Keang-ning, 
Kiang-ning,  Nang  King,  Nan  King, 
nor  Nankin.) 

Nanking;   see  Anking. 

Nanling;  Mountains,  China.  (Not 
Nan  Ling,  Nan-Ling,  nor  Nan-Shan. ) 

Nanna  Waaya;  Nanna  Warrior;  Nanne 
Warrior;  see  Nanawaya. 

Nansan;  see  Amma. 

♦Nansei;  Islands,  Japan,  between  Kiu- 
shu  and  Taiwan.  (Not  Gross-Riu- 
Kiu-Gruppe,  Lieou  Khieou,  Lieuk- 
hieu,  Liu  Kiu,  Liu-Kiu,  Liukiu,  Loo 
Choo,  Loo  Tshoo,  Loo-choo,  Loochoo, 
Lu  Chu,  Lu  Tschu,  Luchu,  Okinawa 
Group,  Okinawa  Gunto,  Riou  Kiou, 
Riu  Kiu,  Riukiu,  Ryu  Kyu,  Ryukyu, 
nor  South  Western  Islands.) 

Nantahala;  Mountain,  River,  and  Vil- 
lage, western  North  Carolina.  (Not 
Nantehalah. ) 

Nantasket;  Beach,  Gut,  Hill,  Roads, 
and  Village,  Norfolk  County,  Mass. 
(Not  Nantaskett.) 

Nantucket;  Sound,  southeastern  part 
of  Massachusetts,  separating  Nan- 
tucket Island  and  eastern  part  of 
Marthas  Vineyard  from  the  main- 
land and  extending  westward  to  the 
line  joining  Succonnesset  Point  and 
East  Chop.) 

Nantucket ;  see  Baker. 

Napa;  River,  rising  in  northern  part 
Napa  Valley,  Napa  County,  Calif., 
and  flowing  into  Carquinez  Strait. 
(Not  Napa  Creek.) 

INapean;  Point,  southeastern  shore  of 
Admiralty  Island,  Southeastern 
Alaska.  (Not  Nepean,  Nepen,  nor 
Nepken. ) 

Naples;  Bay  and  City,  Italy.  (Not 

Naples;  see  Sicilies,  The  Two. 

Narada;  Falls,  Paradise  River,  Mount 
Rainier  National  Park,  Lewis  Coun- 
ty, Wash.  (Not  Cushman.) 
Narrag-ansett;  Bay,  Beach,  Pier,  and 
Village,  Washington  County,  R.  I. 
(Not  Narraganset. ) 

Nasai;  see  Onasami. 

Nasal;  see  Nasel. 

Nasel;  River,  emptying  into  Willapa 
Bay,  from  south,  Pacific  County, 
Wash.     (Not  Nasal.) 

Nash;  Island,  Pleasant  Bay,  Washing- 
ton   County,    Me.     (Not    Nash's.) 

Nasja;  Creek,  south  bank  Colorado 
River,  near  long.  110°  55',  San  Juan 
County,   Utah.     (Not  Nas-ja.) 

Nasketucket;  Bay  and  River,  Buz- 
zards Bay,  Bristol  County,  Mass. 
(Not  Nasketuckett. ) 

NaskUni;  see  Nazlini. 

Nasqually;  see  Nisqually. 

Nassau;  Point,  Peconic  Bay,  Suffolk 
County,  Long  Island,  N.  Y.  (Not 
Little  Hog  Neck.) 

Nassau  Fiord;  Arm  of  Icy  Bay,  Prince 
William    Sound,   Alaska. 

Natal;  Town,  eastern  coast  of  Brazil, 
State  of  Rio  Grande  do  Norte,  South 
America.     (Not   Ciudad   dos   Reis.) 

Nat-azh-at;  see  Natazhat. 

Natazhat;  Glacier,  running  east  from 
Natazhat  Mountain,  International 
Boundary  (between  Alaska  and  Can- 
ada).    (Not  Kletsan  nor  Klutson.) 

Natazhat;  Peak,  Natazhat  Range,  at 
head  of  Natazhat  Glacier,  Alaska, 
about  15  miles  south  of  White  River 
and  3  miles  from  the  International 
Boundary  (between  Alaska  and  Yu- 
kon).    (Not  Nat-azh-at.) 

Natchess;  Natchez;  Nathess,  Wash. ; 
see  Naches. 

Natchez,  Tex.;  see  Neches. 

Natchi;  Point,  Grand  Canyon  of  the 
Colorado,  Coconino  County,  Ariz. 

Nation;  River,  tributary  to  Yukon 
River  from  the  north,  Alaska,  near 
International  Boundary  (between 
Alaska  and  Canada). 

♦National;  Village,  Logan  County, 
Ark.     (Not  National  Springs.) 

Nauset;  Beach  and  Beacons,  east  coast 
of  Cape  Cod,  Mass.     (Not  Nausett.) 



Navajo;  County;  Creek  and  Spring; 
Coconino  County;  Reservation,  San 
Juan  County,  Utah,  and  Apache, 
Coconino  and  Navajo  Counties, 
Ariz.,  and  Village,  Apache  County, 
Ariz.      (Not  Navaho  nor  Navajoe.) 

Navajo;  Peak  (altitude  13,406  feet), 
on  Continental  Divide,  13^  miles 
south  of  Longs  Peak,  in  NW.  i  sec. 
14,  T.  1  N.,  R.  74  W.,  Boulder  and 
Grand  Counties,  Colo. 

Navajo;  Point,  Vishnu  quadrangle,  Co- 
conino County,  Ariz. 

Navehill;  Village,  Union  County, 
Tenn.     (Not  Nave  Hill.) 

Navesink;  Beach,  Lights,  and  River, 
near  entrance  to  New  York  Harbor, 
Monmouth  County,  N.  J.  (Not 
Neversink. ) 

Navigators;  see  Samoa. 

Navy;  Point,  Sacketts  Harbor,  Jeffer- 
son County,  N.  Y.     (Not  Shiphouse.) 

Nazlini;  Canyon  and  Creek,  tributary 
to  Chinle  Creek,  Apache  County, 
Ariz.     (Not  Nasklini.) 

Ndar;  see  St.  Louis. 

Neabsco;  Creek,  Prince  William  Coun- 
ty, Va.     (Not  Neapsico.) 

Neagh;  see  Lough  Neagh. 

Neah;  Bay,  Makah  Indian  Reserva- 
tion, Clallam  County,  Wash.  (Not 

Neah;  see  Neah  Bay. 

*Neah  Bay;  Village,  in  Makah  Indian 
Reservation,  Clallam  County,  Wash. 
(Not  Neah  nor  Neeah.) 

Nea-kluk;  see  Niukluk. 

Neal  Island;  Post  Lights,  Ohio  River, 
near  Parkersburg,  W.  Va.  (Not 
Neal's  Island.) 

Neapsico;  see  Neabsco. 

Nebadeer;  see  Nobadeer. 

*Necanicum;  River  and  Village,  Clat- 
sop County,  Oreg.  (Not  Necanacum 
nor  Nekanakum.) 

Neches;  River  in  eastern  Texas.  (Not 

Necoxie;  Creek,  Clatsop  County,  Oreg. 
(Not  Ne-koxa.) 

Nectar;  Nector;  see  Tidmore. 

Ned;  Point,  Mattapoisett  Harbor,  Buz- 
zards Bay,  Mass.     (Not  Ned's.) 

Ned;  Point,  the  northwestern  point  of 
East  Neebish  Island,  St.  Marys 
River,  Canada.     (Not  Ned's.) 

Nederlanden;  see  Netherlands. 

Nedjed;  Elevated  District,  Central 
Arabia.  (Not  Negd,  Nejd,  nor  Ne- 

Neeah;  see  Neah;  Neah  Bay. 

Neebish;  Island  in  St.  Marys  River, 
Mich.     (Not  St.  Tammany.) 

Needle;  Rock,  projecting  above  North 
Mowich  Glacier,  Mount  Rainier, 
Pierce  County,  Wash. 

Needle;  see  Ship  Rock. 

Neekahueena;  Neekahweena;  see  Nik- 

Neel;  Landing,  Ohio  River,  Beaver 
County,  Pa.     (Not  Neel's.) 

Neely;  Landing  and  Post  Light,  Mis- 
sissippi River,  Cape  Girardeau  Coun- 
ty, Mo.     (Not  Neely 's.) 

Neepigon;  see  Nipigon. 

Negro;  Island,  WoodJ  Island  Harbor, 
Saco  Bay,  Me.     (Not  Tappan.) 

Negromoon;  Creek,  tributary  to  the 
Inglutalik  River  from  the  west, 

Nehalem;  Bay,  Tillamook  County,  and 
River,  Clatsop,  Columbia,  and  Wash- 
ington Counties,  Oreg. 

Nehalem;  Beach,  bare  sandspit  sepa- 
rating Nehalem  River,  right  shore, 
from  Pacific  Ocean,  Tillamook  Coun- 
ty, Oreg. 

Nehockum;  see  Nahahum. 

Neiho;  Village  on  Soho  Bay,  lat.  SO** 
50'  N.,  long.  127°  39'  E.,  eastern 
coast  of  Chosen  (Korea).  (Not 

Neil;  see  Nail. 

Nelly;  Militia  District  and  Town,  Tel- 
fair County,  Ga.     (Not  Nielly.) 

Neiva;  River  of  Russia,  rising  in  the 
eastern  slope  of  the  Ural  Mountains 
35  miles  northwest  of  Ekaterinburg 
and  flowing  east-southeast.  (Not 
Neva,  Nitsa,  nor  Nitza.) 
Nekanakum;  see  Necaicum. 
Nelagoney;  Creek  and  Village,  Osage 

County,  Okla.     (Not  Nelagony.) 
Nelagony;  see  Nelagoney. 



Nelchina;  Glacier,  20  miles  west  of 
Tazlina  Glacier,  and  River,  drain- 
ing same,  rising  in  vicinity  of  Tah- 
neta  Pass  and  emptying  into  south 
end  of  Tazlina  Lake,  about  lat.  62'', 
long.  146**  20',  west  side  Copper 
River  Valley,  Alaska.  (Not  Taz- 

Nellie  Juan;  Glacier  (chief  one  on 
Port  Nellie  Juan),  and  River,  Prince 
William  Sound,  Alaska. 

Nelson;  Island,  Narrow  Strait,  near 
southern  shore  of  Spruce  Island, 

Nelson;  Peak  (altitude  5,971  feet), 
sees.  4  and  5.  T.  45  N.,  R.  6  E., 
Shoshone  County,  Idaho. 

Nemote;  Creek,  tributary  to  Clark 
Fork  from  east  near  Quartz,  in  sec. 
16,  T.  15  N.,  R.  25  W.,  Mineral 
County,  Mont.     (Not  Fourteen  Mile.) 

Nemotolipse ;  see  Moclips. 

Nenana;  River,  tributary  to  the  Ta- 
nana  River,  from  the  south,  Alaska. 
(Not  Cantwell,  Nanana,  Neenana, 
nor  Tutlut.) 

Ne-NeScah;  see  Ninnescah. 

Neosho;  River,  Kansas  and  Oklahoma. 
(Not  Grand.) 

Neponset;  River,  Norfolk  and  Suffolk 
Counties,  and  Village,  Suffolk  Coun- 
ty, Mass.     (  Not  Neponsett. ) 

Neptune;  Point,  southern  side  Pas- 
sage Canal,  easern  side  at  entrance 
to  Passage  Bay,  northwestern  part 
Prince  William  Sound,  Alaska. 

Ne-qua-kaun;  see  Nequaquon. 

Nequasset;  Brook  and  Lake,  Sagada- 
hoc County,  Me.     (Not  Nequassett.) 

Ncqiiaiokaion;  see  Lac  La  Croix. 

Nesco;  Village,  Atlantic  County,  N.  J. 
(Not  New  Columbia.) 

Nesenkeag";  Brook,  tributary  to  Merri- 
mack River,  Hillsboro  County,  N.  H. 
(Not  Brickyard,  Chase,  nor  Great 

Nesmlth;  Point  (altitude  3,878  feet), 
nearly  2  miles  south  of  Warrendale, 
Multnomah  County,  Oreg.  (Not 
Mount  Nesmith.) 

Nesochaque;  Creek,  Atlantic  County, 
N.  .T.     (Not  West  Mill  Stream.) 

Nesqually;  see  Nisqually. 

Ness  City;  City,  Ness  County,  Kans. 

(Not  Ness.) 
Nesselroad;  Village,  Jackson  County, 

W.  Va.     (Not  Nesselrode.) 
Nessequoque;  see  Nissequogue. 
Nester;   Village,   Carroll   County,   Va. 

(Not  Nestor.) 
*Nestucca;  River,  Tillamook  County, 
Oreg.,  emptying  into  Nestucca  Bay. 
(Not  Nestugga  nor  Nestuggah.) 
Nestugga;  Nestuggah;  see  Nestucca. 
Net  Lake;  see  Nett  Lake. 
Netherlands;  Country,  Europe.     (Not 
Holland,   Low  Countries,  Nederlan- 
den,  Niederlande,  nor  Pays  Bas.) 
Nett  Lake;  Town,  Koochiching  and  St. 
Louis    Counties,    Minn.     (Not    Net 
Lake. ) 
Nettle     Creek;    Township,    Randolph 

County,  Ind.     (Not  Nettle.) 
Neu  Mecklenburg;   Island,  Bismarck 
Archipelago,    South    Pacific    Ocean. 
(Not  New  Ireland  nor  New  Mecklen- 
Neu     Pommern;     Island,     Bismarck 
Archipelago,    South    Pacific    Ocean. 
(Not  New  Britain  nor  New  Pome- 
rania. ) 
Neuces;  see  Nueces. 
Neuchatel;  Canton,  Lake,  and  Town, 
Switzerland.     (Not    Neuenburg    nor 
Neukeluk;  Neukluk;  see  Niukluk. 
Neusibirischen;  see  New  Siberian. 
Neuskahl;  see  Newskah. 
Neuwveld;  Neuwevelt;  see  Nieuwvelt 
Neva;  River,  connecting  Lake  Ladoga 

with  the  Gulf  of  Finland,  Russia. 
Nevada  Valley;  see  Avon  Valley. 
Nevada  de  Sahama;  see  Sahama. 
Never  sink;  see  Navesink. 
Neville;  Island,  Ohio  River,  Allegheny 
County,  Pa.     (Not  Long  nor  Seven 
Nevins;  Township,  Vigo  County,  Ind. 

(Not  Nevino.) 
New,  Mass. ;  see  Centerville. 
NeWy  N.  J. ;  see  Little  Egg. 
New;  see  Note. 
New  Archangel;  see  Sitka. 
Neio  Ark;  see  Newark. 



^New  Bern,  City,  Craven  Ci>unty,  N. 
C.     (Not  Newbern.) 

New  Bern,  Ala. ;  see  Newbern. 

New  Bore;  see  Bajo  Niievo. 

New  Britain;  see  Neu  Pommern. 

New  Brookyn;  see  South  Plainfield. 

New  Castle;  City  and  County,  Del. 
(Not  Newcastle.) 

New  Castle,  Me.,  Neb.,  and  Pa. ;  see 

New-Chwang;  see  Newchwang. 

Neiv  Columbia;  see  Nesco. 

New  Comerstown;  see  Newcomerstown. 

New  Cut  Off;  see  Cutoff. 

New  D  jig  it;  New  Dzhigit;  see  New 

New  Fane;  see  Newfane. 

New  Flat  Creek;  Village,  Union 
County,  Tenn.  (Not  New  Flat- 
creek.  ) 

NeiD  Germany;  see  Folsom. 

New  Glario;  see  New  Glarus. 

New  Glarus;  Town  and  Village,  Green 
County,  Wis.     (Not  New  Claris.) 

New  Guinea;  Island,  Malay  Archipel- 
ago.    (Not  Papua  nor  Papualand.) 

New  Ireland;  see  Neu  Mecklenburg. 

New  Jefferson;  see  Germane. 

^ew  Jigit;  Bay,  lat.  42°  57'  N.,  long. 
131°  51'  E.,  coast  of  Siberia.  (Not 
New  Djigit  nor  New  Dzhigit.) 

New  Kingstown;  Village,  Cumberland 
County,  Pa.     (Not  New  Kingston.) 

New  Leon;  see  Nuevo  Leon. 

New  London;  see  Shandon. 

New  Market;  see  East  New  Market; 

New  Matamoras;  Village,  Washington 
County,  Ohio.     (Not  Matamoras.) 

New  Meadows;  River,  between  Cum- 
berland and  Sagadahoc  Counties, 
Me.     (Not  Meadow  nor  Stevens.) 

New  Nantucket ;  see  Baker. 

Neiv  Peltz;  see  Newpaltz. 

:New  Philadelphia;  Railroad  Station, 
Schuylkill  County,  Pa.  (Not  Silver 

Neto  Philadelphia;  see  Philadelphia. 

New  Pomerania;  see  Neu  Pommern. 

New  Port;  see  Nevsrport. 

New  Prague;  Village,  Scott  County, 
Minn.     (Not  Prague.) 

New  Redding;  see  Redding. 

New  Riegel;  Village,  Seneca  County, 
Ohio.  (Not  New  Reigel  nor  New 
Riegle  "^, 

New  B^'^-er;  Village,  Scott  County, 
Tenn.''    (Not  Newriver.) 

NciD  Sanllander;  see  Tamaulipas. 

New  Siberia;  one  of  the  New  Siberian 
Islands,  Arctic  Ocean.  (Not  Nova 
Sibir  nor  Novaya  Sibir.) 

New  Siberia;  see  New  Siberian. 

New  Siberian;  Islands,  north  of  Sibe- 
ria, Arctic  Ocean.  (Not  Anjou, 
Liakhov,  Neusibirischen,  nor  New 

Neto  South;  see  Davis  South. 

New  Sweden;  Village,  Travis  County, 
Tex.     (Not  New  Sweeden.) 

New  Wiju;  see  Shingishu. 

New  Windsor;  see  Windsor. 

New  Year;  see  Ano  Nuevo. 

Newark;  Village,  Independence  Coun- 
ty, Ark.     (Not  New  Ark.) 

Newaukum;  Creek,  King  County, 
Wash.     (Not  Newauken.) 

Newbern;  Precinct  and  Village,  Hale 
County,  Ala.     (Not  New  Berne.) 

Newbern;  Township,  Dickinson  Coun- 
ty, Kans.     (Not  Newburn.) 

Neiohern;  see  New  Bern. 

Newberry;  Butte,  Vishnu  quadrangle, 
Coconino  County,  Ariz. 

Newberry;  Village,  Luce  County, 
Mich.     (Not  Newburg.) 

Newberry  Point;  Promontory,  north- 
west margin  of  Powell  Plateau,  Co- 
conino County,  Ariz. 

Newbold;  Island,  Delaware  River, 
Burlington  County,  N.  J.  (Not  New- 

Newburn;  see  Newbern. 

Newcastle;  Town  and  Village,  Lincoln 
County,  Me.     (Not  New  Castle.) 

Newcastle;  Township  and  Village, 
Dixon  County,  Nebr.  (Not  New 

Newcastle;  Township,  Schuylkill 
County,  Pa.    (Not  New  Castle.) 

Newcastle,  Del. ;  see  New  Castle. 

♦Newchwang;  Treaty  Port,  Llaotung 
Peninsula,  Province  of  Shengking, 
China.  (Not  New-Chwang,  Niew- 
chwang,  Niu-Chwang,  Niu-chuang, 
Niuchwang,  nor  Niutschuan.) 

Newcomers;  see  Newcomerstown. 



*Newconierstown;  Village,  Oxford 
Township,  Tuscarawas  County,  Ohio. 
(Not  Newcomers  nor  New/  Comers- 
town.)  r._  ' 

Newfane;  Village  and  Towd^ ''Niagara 
County,  N.  Y.     (Not  New  Fane.) 

Newhalen;  River  draining  Clark  Lake, 
and  Village,  near  mouth  of  same, 
Alaska.  (Not  New-railing,  New- 
whalin,  Newwhrallng,  Noghelin, 
Nogheling,  Nogholem,  nor  Nuwha- 

Newlan;  see  Newlin. 

Newland;  see  Newlin. 

Newlin;  Creek,  tributary  from  west 
to  Hardscrabble  Creek,  Fremont 
County,  Colo.  (Not  Newlan,  New- 
land,  Newton,  nor  Woodland.) 

Newman  Grove;  Village,  Madison 
County,  Nebr.     (Not  Newman's.) 

Newmarket;  Town  and  Village,  Rock- 
ingham County,  N.  H.  (Not  New 
Market. ) 

♦Newpaltz;  Town  and  Village,  Ulster 
County,  N.  Y.     (Not  New  Peltz.) 

Newport;  Beat  and  Village,  Attala 
County,  Miss.     (Not  New  Port.) 

Newport;  Township,  Johnson  County, 
Iowa.     (Not  New  Port.) 

Newport;  see  Champlain;  Sebasticook. 

Newrailing;  see  Newhalen. 

Neivriver;  see  New  River. 

♦Newskah;  Creek,  flowing  into  Grays 
Harbor  south  of  Aberdeen,  Grays 
Harbor  County,  Wash.  (Not  Neus- 

Newsom;  Landing,  Mississippi  River, 
New  Madrid  County,  Mo.  (Not 

Newton;  Butte,  Grand  Canyon  of  the 
Colorado.  Coconino  County,  Ariz. 

Neioton;  see  Newlin;   Pine. 

Newton  Hook;  see  Nutten  Hook. 

Netotoivn;  see  Whitehall. 

Neivwhalin;  New-whraling;  see  New- 

*Nez  Perce;  County  in  Idaho.  (Not 
Nez  Perces.) 

Nezinscot;  River,  tributary  to  Andros- 
coggin River,  from  the  west,  Andros- 
coggin and  Oxford  Counties,  Me. 
(Not  Nerinscot,  Twenty  Mile,  Twen- 
ty-Mile, Twenty-mile,  Twentymile, 
nor  Twenty  Miles.) 

Nezqually;   see  Nisqually. 

Ngan;  see  Singan  Fu. 

Ngan-ching;     Nganch'ing-fu;      Ngan- 

k'ing-fou;  Ngan-king-fu;  Ngan-king;^ 

Nganking;  see  Anking. 
Ngan-hoei;       Ngan-hui;      Nganhwei;^ 

Ngan-hwei;     Ngan-hiimy;     N  g  an- 
il icuy;  see  Anhwei. 
Niagara;     Village,     Marion     County^ 

Oreg.     (Not  Niagora.) 
Niassa;  see  Nyasa. 
Nicatous;  Lake  and  Stream,  Hancock 

County,  Me.     (Not  Nickatous.) 
Nice;  Shoal  between  Grand  Island  and 

Tonawanda   Island,   Niagara   River,. 

N.   Y.     (Not  Nice's.) 
Nichols;   Point   on   the   east   side  of 

Shelter  Island,  Suffolk  County,  N.  Y. 

(Not   Nicolls,   Nichol,    Nichol's,   nor 

Rocky. ) 
Nichols;    Village,    Muscatine    County, 

Iowa.     (Not  Nichol.) 
Nichols,  Me. ;  see  Blackman  ;  Chemo. 
Nichols;  see  Finn. 
Nickajack;    Creek    and    Town,    Cobb 

County,  Ga.     (Not  Nicojack.) 
Nickatous;  see  Nicatous. 
Nicks;  Creek,  McDowell  County,  N.  C. 

(Not  Nix.) 
Nicks  Mate;  see  Nixes  Mate. 
Nickwall;    Creek,    Richland    County, 

Mont.     (Not  Antelope.) 
Nicobar;  Islands,  northwest  from  Su- 
matra,   Indian    Ocean.     (Not  Niko- 

Nicol;  Railroad  Station,  Egan  Town- 
ship,  Dakota   County,   Minn.     (Not 

Nicola;  T.  32  N.,  R.  22  W.,  tributary 

to  Big  Creek  from   west,  Flathead 

County,  Mont. 
Nicolls;  see  Nichols. 
Nictheroy;  City,  Rio  de  Janeiro  Har- 
bor,  Brazil.     (Not   Nitheroy.) 
Niederlande;  see  Netherlands. 
Nielly;  see  Neily. 
Nieuwvelt;    Mountain    Range,     Cape 

Colony,  South  Africa.     (Not  Neuwe- 

velt  nor  Neuwveld.) 
Niew-chivang ;  see  Newchwang. 
Niga  To;  see  Yukon. 
Niger;  River,  Western  Africa.     (Not 

Joliba,    Kouara,    Kowara,    Kwara,. 

Kworra,  nor  Quorra.) 



Nigritia;  see  Sudan. 

Nilion;  see  Japan. 

Nijni;  Nijnii;  Nijniy;  see  Nizhni. 

Nijogan;  see  Opasnost. 

Nikabuna;  Lalie,  on  Holitna  River, 
about  30  miles  west  of  Claris;  Lake, 
near  lat.  60°  06',  long.  155°  30', 
Alaska.  (Not  Neekahueena,  Neek- 
ahweena,  nor  Nikawina.) 

Nikaioina;  see  Nikabuna. 

Nikehoshi;  Spring,  McKinley  County, 
N.  Mex. 

Nikhkak;  River,  tributary  to  Clark 
Lake,  Alaska.  (Not  Keegbik,  Keejik, 
Keygik,  Kichik,  Kijik,  nor  Kilchikh.) 

Nikisbki;  Bay,  northeast  of  East 
Foreland,  east  side  Cook  Inlet, 

Nikolaiefsk;  Town,  on  the  Amur 
River,  eastern  Siberia.  (Not  Nico- 

Nikolas;  see  Cozian. 

Nikolski;  Village,  Umnak  Island,  east- 
ern Aleutians,  Alaska.  (Not  Nikol- 

Nikolski;  see  Yo. 

Nine  Mile;  see  Ninemile;  Rabbit; 

♦Ninemile;  Creek,  rising  in  T.  17  N., 
R.  24  W.,  and  tributary  to  Clark 
Fork  at  Ninemile  Village,  sec.  28,  T. 
15  N.,  R.  22  W.,  Missoula  County, 
Mont.    (Not  Nine  Mile  nor  Skiotah.) 

Ninemile;  Point,  western  side  Sugar 
Island,  St.  Marys  River,  Mich.  (Not 
Nine  Mile.) 

Ninescah;  Ninescau;  Ninnescau;  see 

Ninghiafu;  see  Ningsiafu. 

Ninghiai;  Ning-hia;  Ning-hsia-fu;  see 

Ningpo;  Postal  district,  China. 

Ningsiafu;  City,  Kansu  Province, 
China.  (Not  Irgai,  Ninghiai,  Ning- 
hiafu, Ninghsia,  nor  Ning-hsia-fu.) 

Ningteh;  Town,  Santuao  District,  Fu- 
kien  Province,  China.    (Not  Nintai.) 

Ninko;  Creek,  T.  86  N.,  Rs.  23  and 
24  W.,  tributary  to  Whale  Creek 
from  north,  Flathead  County,  Mont. 

Ninnescah;  River,  Kansas,  and  Town- 
ships, Reno  and  Sedgwick  Counties, 
Kans.  (Not  Ne-Ne-Scah,  Ninescah, 
Ninescau,  nor  Ninnescau.) 

Nino;  Island  (shima),  Hiroshima  Bay, 
Inland  Sea,  Japan.     (Not  Ni.) 

Niobrara;  River,  Nebraska  and  Wyo- 
ming.    (Not  L'Eau  qui  Court.) 

Niphon;  see  Honshu;  Japan. 

Nipigon;  Bay,  Lake,  and  River,  north 
shore  of  Lake  Superior.  (Not  Nee- 

Nipomo;  Land  Grant,  Township,  and 
Village,  San  Luis  Obispo  County, 
Calif.     (Not  Nimpomo  nor  Nipoma.) 

Nipon,  Nippon;  see  Japan. 

Niquette;  Harbor,  northern  shore 
Duke  Island,  Felice  Strait,  Alex- 
ander Archipelago,  Southeastern 

Nischuii;  see  Nishni. 

Nishinomi;  northwestern  part  of 
island  (jima)  in  Hiroshima  Bay,  In- 
land Sea,  Japan.  (Not  Michinomi, 
Misinobi,  nor  Nishi  Nomi.) 

Nishnabotna;  River,  Missouri  and 
Iowa.  (Not  Nishnabotany,  Nishabo- 
tena,  Nishabotny,  nor  Nishabotony.) 

Nishnabotna;  Town  and  Township, 
Atchison  County,  Mo.  (Not  Nishna- 
botna. ) 

Niski  Notoro;  see  Notoro. 

Nisqually;  Glacier,  Pierce  County, 
Indian  Reservation,  Pierce  and 
Thurston  Counties;  and  River,  be- 
tween Pierce,  and  Thurston  and 
Lewis  Counties,  Wash.  (Not  Ask- 
walli,  Nasqually,  Nesqually,  Nez- 
qually,  Niskwali,  Niskwalli,  nor 
N'skwali. ) 

Nissequogue;  Neck  and  River,  Smith- 
town,  Suffolk  County,  N.  Y.  (Not 
Nessequoque,  Nissequague,  Nissa- 
quague,  Nissauog,  nor  Nissauaug.) 

Nitchtvage;  see  Inchwagh. 

Nitheroy;  see  Nictheroy. 

Nitsa;  see  Neva. 

NiVrChucmg;  NiAirChwang ;  Niuoh- 
wang;  Niutschuan;  see  Newchwang. 

Ninkluk;  River,  largest  branch  of 
Fish  River  from  the  west,  flowing 
into  it  about  20  miles  above  its 
mouth,  Seward  Peninsula,  Alaska. 
(Not  Eaton,  Fish,  Icathluik,  Ikiut- 
pak,  Neakluk,  Neukeluk,  nor  Neu- 

Ninkluk;  see  Fish. 

Nix;  see  Nicks. 



Nixes  Mate;  Shoal,  Boston  Bay,  Suf- 
folk County,  Mass.  (Not  Nicks 
Mate,  Nix  Mate,  Nix's  Mate,  nor 
Nixs  Mate.) 

Nizhni;  Russian  prefix.  (Not  Nijni, 
Nijnii,  Nijniy,  Nischnii,  nor  Nizli- 

Nizhni  Novgorod;  City,  Russia,  capi- 
tal of  the  Government  of  same  name 
on  right  bank  of  Volga  River,  Rus- 
sia, in  lat.  56°  20'  N.,  long.  44°  01'  E. 
(Not  Novgorod.) 

Nizmennaya;  see  Flat. 

No  Mans  Land;  wild  region  about  35 
to  39  miles  from  Mesa,  near  Apache 
Trail,  Maricopa  County,  Ariz. 

No  Man's  Land;  see  Diana  Temple. 

No  Name;  Glacier,  northern  slope 
Mount  Baker,  between  Bastile  and 
Mazama  Glaciers,  Whatcom  County, 

Nobadeer;  Pond,  Nantucket,  Mass. 
(Not  Nebadeer,  Nobadee,  nor  Nobo- 
deer. ) 

Nobscot;  Village,  Middlesex  County, 
Mass.     (Not  North  Framingham.) 

Nofat;  Mountain,  between  Buncombe 
and  Madison  Counties,  N.  C.  (Not 
No  Fat  nor  No-Fat.) 

Noghelin;  Nogheling;  Nogholen;  see 

Noh-tin-cah;  see  Huna. 

Noisy;  Creek,  tributary  to  Baker  Lake, 
Whatcom  County,  Wash. 

Nojima;  Light  and  Point,  southeast  of 
entrance  to  Gulf  of  Tokyo,  Japan. 
(Not  No  jima  nor  Noshima.) 

Nokai;  Canyon  and  Creek,  tributary  to 
San  Juan  River,  San  Juan  County, 

Nokio;  Creek,  rising  northeast  of 
Bald  Mountain,  T.  37  N.,  R.  24  W., 
tributary  to  Yakinikak  Creek  from 
northwest,  Flathead  County,  Mont. 

Nokwe;  Nokwehay;  see  Noque. 

Noland;  Creek,  Swain  County,  N.  0. 
(Not  Nolen.) 

Nolichuky;  River,  North  Carolina  and 
eastern  Tennessee.  (Not  Nolachucky 
nor  Nolechucky.) 

Nollesemic;  Lake,  Hopkins  Academy 
Grant,  and  Long  A  and  No.  3  Town- 
ships, Penobscot  County,  Me.  (Not 
Nolsemic. ) 

Nolsemic;  see  Nollesemic. 

Nombau;  see  Yongampo. 

Nomini  Grove;  Village,  Westmoreland 
County,  Va.     (Not  Nominy  Grove.) 

Nonamesset;  Island  and  Point,  Vine- 
yard Sound,  Mass.  (Not  Nonames- 

Nondalton;  Village,  on  Sixmile  Lake, 
Alaska.     (Not  Noondalty.) 

Nondalton;  see  Sixmile. 

Nooksachk;  Nooksacht ;  Nooksak;  see 

*Nooksack;  Precinct,  River,  and  Vil- 
lage, Whatcom  County,  Wash.  (Not 
Nooksachk,  Nooksacht,  Nooksak,  nor 
Nooksahk. ) 

Noo-nar-book ;  see  Big  Diomede. 

Noondalty;  see  Nondalton  ;  Sixmile. 

Noo-ivook;  see  Nuwuk. 

Noquashinski ;  see  Nakwasina. 

Noque;  Lake,  Marinette  County,  Wis. 
(Not  Nokwe  Bay  nor  Nokwebay.) 

Nord;  Island,  lies  li  miles  north-north- 
west from  the  east  end  of  Ushagat 
Island,  of  the  Barren  Island  Group, 

Nordyke;  Village,  Washington  County, 
Va.     (Not  Nordick  nor  Nordik.) 

Normahiggin;  Brook,  Union  County, 
N.  J.     (Not  Normahiggan. ) 

Norris;  Glacier,  west  side  of  Taku  In- 
let, Southeastern  Alaska.  (Not  Ka- 
dischle,  Kadishle,  nor  Windom. ) 

North;  Butte  (altitude  5.633  feet),  sec. 
26,  T.  43  N.,  R.  5  E.,  one  of  three 
peaks  on  Monumental  Buttes  Ridge, 
Shoshone  County,  Idaho. 

North;  Canyon,  head  of  North  Creek, 
and  directly  at  base  of  east  slope  of 
Horsehead  Peak,  San  Juan  County, 

North;  Channel,  Boqueron  Bay,  P.  R. 

North;  Creek,  heading  north  of  Aba  jo 
Peak  and  flowing  east  to  Montezuma 
Creek  at  Montlcello,  San  Juan  Coun- 
ty,  Utah.  (Not  North  Fork  of  Mon- 



"North;  Head,  northern  side  entrance 
Iliamna  Bay,  northern  shore  Kami- 
shak  Bay,  southwestern  coast  Cook 
Inlet,  Alaska. 

North;  Islands,  Chandeleur  Sound,  La. 
(Not  North  Keys.) 

"North;  Lake,  first  north  of  "Height  of 
Land,"  Thunder  Bay  District,  On- 
tario, International  Boundary  (be- 
tween Minnesota  and  Ontario.) 

Iforth;  Landing  and  Town,  Ohio  River, 
Ohio  County,  Ind.  (Not  North's 
Landing. ) 

North;  Pass,  western  end  of  Sukkwan 
Strait,  between  Goat  and  Prince  of 
Wales  Islands,  Alexander  Archipel- 
ago, Southeastern  Alaska. 

^orth;  Peak,  Aba  jo  Mountains,  east 
of  Harts  Draw  Wash  and  west  of 
Horsehead  Peak,  San  Juan  County, 

ITorth;  Point,  northeast  end  Fire  Is- 
land, at  junction  of  Turnagain  and 
Knik  Arms,  Cook  Inlet,  Alaska. 

Uorth;  Point,  Coos  Bay,  Coos  County, 
Oreg.     (Not  North  Bend.) 

North;  Ridge  in  sees.  12  and  13,  T.  3 
N.,  R.  74  W.,  extending  from  Chiefs 
Head  Peak  about  a  mile  to  Mount 
Orton,  2  miles  south  of  Longs  Peak, 
Boulder  County,  Colo. 

North;  see  Kawara;  Kommo;  Ku- 
preanof ;  North  Tenmile;  Quabog. 

North;  see  West. 

North  Aowa;  Creek,  north  branch  of 
Aowa  Creek,  Dixon  County,  Nebr. 
(Not  Agoway,  Aowa,  Ayowa,  Iowa, 
nor  loway.) 

North  Bald;  see  San  Antonio. 

N"orth  Bay;  Point,  between  West  and 
North  Bays,  northern  shore  St.  An- 
drews Bay,  Bay  County,  Fla.  (Not 
West  Bay.) 

North  Becket;  see  Becket. 

North  Belle  Isle;  see.  Belle  Isle. 

North  Branch;  City,  Jewell  County, 
Kans.     (Not  Northbranch. ) 

North  Branch;  River,  Hartford  Coun- 
ty, Conn.     (Not  Woods.) 

North  Branch;  see  Wilson. 

North  Branch  Pilehuck  River;  see 

North  Burnett;  Island,  eastern  part 
Burnett  Inlet,  Etolin  Island,  Alex- 
ander Archipelago,  Southeastern 

North  Canadian;  River,  rising  in 
Union  County,  N.  Mex.,  and  empty- 
ing into  Canadian  River  near  Eu- 
faula,  Mcintosh  County,  Okla.  (Not 
Beaver  Creek,  Beaver  River,  nor 
North  Fork  of  Canadian  River.) 

North  Caney;  Creek,  rising  in  south- 
western corner  of  Elk  Falls  Town- 
ship, Elk  County,  Kans.,  and  flowing 
a  general  southeasterly  course  into 
Washington  Township,  Chautauqua 
County,  Kans.,  where  it  unites  with 
Caney  Creek. 

North  Canyon;  see  Tom  Lavin. 

North  Chuctanunda;  Creek,  Fulton, 
Montgomery,  and  Saratoga  Counties, 
N.  Y.  (Not  North  Chaughtanoonda 
nor  North  Chuctenunda.) 

North  Cone;  Hill,  sees.  5  and  8,  T.  7 
S.,  R.  42  E.,  southern  end  Blackfoot 
River  Reservoir,  Caribou  County, 

North  Cottonwood;  Creek,  Ts.  1  and 
2  N.,  R.  5  E.,  tributary  to  Reese 
Creek,  Gallatin  County,  Mont.  (Not 
Cottonwood. ) 

*  North  East;  Borough  and  Township, 
Erie  County,  Pa.     (Not  Northeast.) 

North  East;  see  Northeast. 

North  Fork;  Branch  of  Ladue  River, 
Yukon,  Canada,  near  International 
Boundary  (between  Alaska  and  Can 

North  Pork;  River,  rising  in  Missouri 
and  emptying  into  White  River  in 
Baxter  County,  Ark.  (Not  North 
Fork  of  White  River. ) 

North  Fork;  see  Chewack;  French- 
man; Minam;  North  Santiam;  Popo 
Agie;  Roseau. 

North  Fork  Applegate;  see  Little  Ap- 

North  Fork  Big  Blue  River;  see  Key- 

North  Fork  Elk;  Creek,  T.  15  S.,  Rs. 
35  and  35^  E.,  tributary  to  North 
Fork  Malheur  River  from  west, 
Baker  and  Grant  Counties,  Oreg. 
(Not  Elk.) 



North  Fork  Fish;  Creek,  Ts.  13  and 
14  N.,  Rs.  24  and  25  W.,  heading 
near  Goose  Lake  and  tributary  to 
Fish  Creek  from  west,  Mineral 
County,  Mont.     (Not  French.) 

NonJi  Fork  Flathead;  see  Flathead. 

North  Fork  Little  Elk;  see  Little  Elk. 

North  Fork  Malheur;  River,  rising  in 
Baker  County,  and  entering  the  Mal- 
heur River  near  Juntara,  Malheur 
County,  Oreg.     (Not  Malheur.) 

North  Fork  of  Big  Blue  River;  see  Big 

North  Fork  of  Cheyenne;  see  Belle 

North  Fork  of  Clear;  see  Clear. 

North  Fork  of  Coos;  see  Millicoma. 

North  Fork  of  East  Fork  of  Bitter- 
root;  see  Martin. 

North  Fork  of  Lost  Horse;  see  North 
Lost  Horse. 

North  Fork  of  Minam;  see  North  Mi- 

North  Fork  of  Montezuma;  see  North. 

North  Fork  of  Popo  Agie;  see  Popo 

North  Fork  of  Skalkaho;  see  Daly. 

North  Fork  of  Snake  River;  see  Hen- 
rys Fork. 

North  Fork  of  the  Arkansas;  see 
Cache  la  Poudre. 

North  Fork  of  the  South  Fork  of  Still- 
water; see  Johnson. 

North  Fork  of  Tuolumne;  River, 
Tuolumne  County,  Calif.  (Not 
North  Fork  nor  Return  Creek.) 

North  Fork  of  White  River;  see  North 

North  Fork  Range;  Mountains,  be- 
tween Big  Creek  and  North  Fork 
Coeur  d'Alene  River,  Shoshone 
County,  Idaho.  (Not  Big  Creek- 
North  Fork  Divide.) 

North  Fork  Rogue;  see  Rogue. 

North  Fork  Roseau;  see  Sprague. 

North  Fork  Twelvemile;  see  Twelve- 

North  Fowl;  Lake,  first  north  of  South 
Fowl  Lake,  Thunder  Bay  District, 
Ontario,  International  Boundary 
(between  Minnesota  and  Ontario). 
(Not  Hen.) 

North  Framingham;  see  Nobscot. 

North  Gabouri;  Creek,  Ste.  Genevieve- 
County,  Mo.  (Not  North  Gabor  nor 
North  Gabori.) 

North  Haven;  Peninsula,  near  Sag 
Harbor,  Suffolk  County,  Long  Island, 
N.  Y.     (Not  Hog  Neck.) 

*  North  Head;  Cape,  Akutan  Island, 
eastern  Aleutians,  Alaska.  (Not 

North  Islesboro;  Village,  Islesboro 
Town,  Waldo  County,  Me.  (Not 
North  Isleborough. ) 

North  Keys;  see  North. 

North  Lakes;  Group  of  three  glacial 
Ponds,  drained  by  Boundary  Creeks 
Glacier  County,  Mont. 

North  Lost  Horse;  Creek,  Ts.  4  and  5- 
N.,  R.  22  W.,  tributary  to  Lost  Horse 
Creek  from  north,  Ravalli  County,, 
Mont.  (Not  Lost  Horse  nor  North 
Fork  of  Lost  Horse.) 

North  Minam;  River,  flowing  into 
Minam  River  in  sec.  26,  T.  3  S.,  R.  42 
E.,  Wallowa  County,  Oreg.  (Not 
North  Fork  of  Minam  nor  North 

North  Mountain;  see  Hedgehog. 

♦North  Mowich;  Glacier,  discharging 
into  North  Mowich  River,  northwest- 
ern slope  Mount  Rainier,  Pierce- 
County,  Wash.  (Not  North  Puyal- 
lup,  Tyler,  nor  Willis.) 

North  Mowich;  River,  heading  ii> 
North  Mowich  Glacier;  tributary  to 
Mowich  River,  Mount  Rainier  Na- 
tional Park,  Pierce  County,  Wash. 
(Not  North  Fork  of  Mowich  River.) 

North  Piney;  Creek,  branch  of  Green 
River  from  the  west,  T.  29,  Lincoln 
County,  Wyo.     (Not  Bitterroot.) 

North  Portland  Harbor;  Waterway, 
North  Portland,  Multnomah  County, 
Oreg.     (Not  Oregon  Slough.) 

North  Potcder;  see  Anthony. 

North  Red;  see  Otter  Tail. 

North  River;  see  Hudson. 

North  Satnish;  see  Edison. 

North  St.  Vrain;  Creek,  heading  near 
Continental  Divide  about  3  miles 
southwest  of  Longs  Peak,  Boulder 
County,  Colo. 


.IQ"orth  Santiam;  River,  rising  in  east- 
ern Linn  County  in  Big  Meadows 
on  western  slope  Cascade  Range, 
and  flowing  nortti,  then  west,  be- 
tween Marion  and  Linn  Counties,  to 
Santiam  River,  near  Jefferson,  Oreg. 
(Not  North  Fork  nor  Santiam 
River, ) 

North  Star  Mountain;  see  Bonanza 

North  Tenmile;  Lake,  Coos  and  Doug- 
las Counties,  Oreg.     (Not  North.) 

North  Toe;  River,  branch  of  the  Noli- 
chucky  River,  Avery,  Mitchell  and 
Yancey  Counties,  N.  C.  (Not  Toe 
nor  Tow.) 

North  Yakima;  see  Yakima. 

North  Yallo  Bally;  fee  North  YoUa 
Bolly,  South  Yolla  Bolly. 

♦North  Yolla  Bolly;  Mountains,  north- 
ern Coa^t  Ranges,  Trinity  County, 
Calif.  (Not  North  Yallo  Bally,  Yalla 
Bailey,  Yallo  Bally,  Yolla  Bally,  nor 
Yola  Bull.) 

Northbound;  Creek,  T.  42  N.,  R.  7  E., 
tributary  to  Sawtooth  Creek  from 
the  south  in  sec.  14,  Shoshone 
County,  Idaho. 

Northbound;  Lake,  head  of  North- 
bound Creek,  sec.  33,  T.  42  N.,  R.  7 
E.,  located  just  beneath  summit  of 
divide  between  North  Fork  Clear- 
water and  Little  North  Fork  Clear- 
water Rivers,  Shoshone  County, 
Idaho.     (Not  Sawtooth.) 

Northeast;  see  North  East. 

Northeast;  Town,  Dutchess  County, 
N.  Y.     (Not  North  East.) 

Northeast  Roseau  River;  see  Sprague 

Northern;  see  Kupreanof. 

Northmor eland;  Township,  Wyoming 
County,  Pa.     (Not  North  Moreland. ) 

Norths  Landing;  see  North. 

Northwest;  Harbor,  Easthampton 
Town,  Suffolk  County,  N.  Y.  (Not 

Northwest;  Township  and  Village, 
Williams  County,  Ohio.  (Not  North 

Northwest  Angle;  angle  of  Lake  of 
the  Woods  from  which  International 
Boundary  line  (between  Minne:-ota 
and  Ontario)  starts  south  to  49th 

Northwest  Angle;  Inlet,  at  Northwest 
Angle,  Lake  of  the  Woods,  Interna- 
tional Boundary  (between  Min- 
nesota and  Ontario). 

Northwest  Angle;  Stream,  Canadian 
side  Northwest  Angle  Inlet,  flowing 
in  southerly  direction  with  its  mouth 
at  western  boundary  of  Indian  Re- 
serve No.  33B,  Ontario,  Canada. 

Northwest  Arm  Death  Valley;  see  Mes- 

Northwest  Prong  of  Nanticoke;  see 
Marshy  hope. 

Northtoest  Yeocomico  River;  see  White 

Northwestern;  Glacier,  at  the  head  of 
Harris  Bay,  and  north  of  Two  Arm 
Bay,  Kenai  Peninsula,  Alaska. 

Norton;  Island,  about  5  miles  from 
South  Thomaston,  Knox  County,  Me. 
(Not  Norton's.) 

Norton;  Island,  Pleasant  Bay,  Wash- 
ington County,  Me.     (Not  Norton's.) 

Norton  Island;  Ledge,  near  Norton 
Island,  Penobscot  Bay,  Knox  County, 
Me.     (Not  Norton's  Island.) 

Norton  Island;  Ledge,  near  Norton 
Island,  Pleasant  Bay,  Washington 
County,  Me.     (Not  Norton's  Island.) 

Norumbega;  Mountain,  eastern  side  of 
Somes  Sound,  Mount  Desert  Island, 
Hancock  County,  Me.   ( Not  Brown's. ) 

Noseeum;  Lake,  sec.  36,  T.  43  N.,  R.  5 
E.,  Shoshone  County,  Idaho. 

Nosei;  Point  (kutchi),  lat.  42°  06'  N., 
long.  130°  11'  E.,  northeastern  coast 
of  Chosen  (Korea).     (Not  Geka.) 

Nosowskoj ;  see  Pogromni. 

Nossa  Senhora  de  Desterro;  see  Flo- 

Nossi  Burr  ah;  see  Ste.  Marie. 

Nossuk;  Bay,  western  coast  Prince  of 
Wales  Island,  lat.  55°  42',  long  133^ 
21',  near  eastern  end  Heceta  Island, 



Nossuk  Anchorage;  Bay,  eastern  side 
Nossiik  Bay,  Prince  of  Wales  Island, 
lat.  55°  41',  long.  133°  20',  Alaska. 
Notch;   Peak,   House   Range,   Millard 

County,  Utah. 
Note;   Group   of   Islands  and   largest 
Island,  lat.  34°  40'  N.,  long.  128°  15' 
E.,   southern  coast  of  Chosen    (Ko- 
rea).    (Not  Kwanzan  nor  New.) 
Notoro;  Cape   (misaki),  at  the  south- 
western  extremity   of   Sakhalin   Is- 
land   (Japanese,  Karafuto),    Japan. 
(Not  Crillon,  Kondo,  Krilon,  Nishi, 
nor  Notozo.) 
Nottahndelit;     Spring,     Hopi     Indian 
Reservation,    Navajo    County,    Ariz. 
Nottely;    River,    Union    County,    Ga., 
and  Cherokee  County,  N.  C.     (Not 
Notely,  Nottelley,  nor  Nottla.) 
Nouchagak;  see  Tikchik. 
Nounivak;  see  Nunivak. 
Nova  Sihir;  Novaya  Sibir;  see  New  Si- 
Nova  Zembla;  Group  of  Large  Islands, 
Arctic    Ocean.     (Not   Novaya    Zem- 
Novgorod;  City,  Russia;  capital  of  a 
Government  of  same  name  on  Vol- 
khow  river  near  point  where  it  issues 
from  Lake  Ilmen.     (Not  Novogorod.) 
Novosilski;  Cape,  northeastern  coast 
of  Siberia,  Bering  Strait.     (Not  Kre- 
gugiu,   Krl^ougoune,   Krleugun,   nor 
Novosilskago. ) 
Nowadaga;  Creek,  Herkimer  County, 
N.  Y.     (Not  Indian  Castle  nor  Noua- 
Nowat;  River,  tributary  to  Kuskokwim 
River  from  north,  near  long.  158°, 
Alaska.     (Not  Knowat  nor  Yukwo- 

Nowata;  City,  Nowata  County,  Okla. 
(Not  Noweta.) 

*Nowitna;  River,  between  Koyukuk 
and  Tanana  Rivers,  tributary  to  the 
Yukon  River,  Alaska.  (Not  Novi- 
kakat,  Nowi,  Nowikakat,  nor  Nowi- 

Noxubee;    River,    running    southeast- 
ward through  Noxubee  County,  Miss., 
into  Alabama,  and  emptjang  into  the 
Tombigbee   River   near   Gainesville- 
(Not  Oaknoxubee  nor  Okanoxubee.) 
Noyes;  Rock,  entrance  to  Stoningtou 
Harbor,  Fishers  Island  Sound,  Conn.. 
(Not  Noj^es's.) 
Nubble;  see  Knubble. 
Nueces;  River,  southern  Texas.     (NoL 

Neuces. ) 
Nuevitas;    Seaport    Town,    northeast 
coast  of  Cuba.     (Not  Las  Neuvitas 
del  Principe.) 
Nuevo  Leon;  State,  northern  Mexico.. 

(Not  New  Leon.) 
Nuh-luk;  see  Nahtuk. 
Nuitschuan;  see  Newchwang. 
Nuka;  Island,  near  southern  coast  of 
Kenai  Peninsula,  adjacent  to  Nuka 
Bay,  Alaska. 
Nuklukayet;   Village,   on   the   middle- 
Yukon,  near  the  mouth  of  Tanana 
River,    Alaska.     (Not  Nuklukaliyet, 
Nuklukyet,  nor  Tuklukyet.) 
Nulhiitno;  see  Tazimina. 
Nuluk;  see  Nahtuk. 
Number    Three;    lay,    on    east    side 
Cook  Inlet,  about  24  miles  below  en- 
trance to  Turnagain  Arm,  Alaska. 
Nunivak;  Island,  Bering  Sea,  Alaska. 

(Not  Nounivak.) 
Nunyagmo;    Cape,    shore    of    Bering 
Strait,    Siberia.      (Not    Nuniagmo, 
Nuniamo,  nor  Nunyamo.) 
Nuremberg;  City,  Br.varia,  Germany,. 

(Not  Nurnberg  nor  Nilrenberg.) 
Number g;  Nurnberg;  see  Nuremberg. 
Nushagak;    Point,   at   the   village   of 
Nushagak,  Alaska.     (Not  Cape  Nu- 
shagak. ) 
Nushagak;  see  Tikchik. 
Nutten     Hook;     Village,      Columbia 
County,     N.     Y.      (Not     Coxsackie, 
Newton  Hook,  nor  Nuttenhook.) 
Nutter;    Point,    western    side    Duck 
Cove,    Mount    Desert    Island,    Han- 
cock   County,    Me.      (Not    Clark's,. 
Clarks,  Dix,  Dix's,  nor  Nutter's.) 
Nutter;  Nutter's;  see  Dix. 



Nutter's;  see  Nutter. 

Nuwhalen;  see  Newhalen. 

Nuwuk;  Eskimo  Village  at  Point  Bar- 
row, Alaska.      (Not  Noo-wook.) 

*Nyasa;  Lake,  Southeastern  Africa. 
(Not  Marabai,  Msravi,  Neassa, 
Nyanja,  Nyanza,  Nyassa,  nor 

Wyasaland;  British  Protectorate,  Cen- 
tral Africa.  (Not  British  Central 
Africa  nor  Nyassaland.) 

Nye;  Sunken  Ledge,  Buzzards  Bay, 
Mass.     (Not  Nye's.) 

Nye's;  see  Connett. 

Nyudo;  Light  and  Point,  lat.  40°  N., 
long.  139''  41'  E.,  western  coast  of 
Honshu  Island,  Japan.  (Not  Hata- 
mura,   Niudo,  Nyudo,   nor  Nytido.) 

O  Kassa  War  a  Shima;  see  Ogasawara. 

Oajaca;  see  Oaxac. 

Oak;  Canyon  and  Creek,  south  bank 

Colorado  River,  near  long.  110°  55', 

San  Juan  County,  Utah. 
Oak;    Point,    Huron    County,    Mich. 

(Not  Oat.) 
Oak;  Point,  7  miles  southwest  of  Mor- 

ristown,  St.  Lawrence  County,  N.  Y. 
Oak  Bluffs;  Light  Station,  entrance  to 

Lake  Anthony,  Mass.     (Not  Cottage 

Oak  Point;  see  Oakpoint. 
Oakdale;  Town  and  Village,  Monroe 

County,  Wis.     (Not  Oak  Dale.) 
Oakes;  Landing,  Ohio  River,  Washing- 
ton County,   Ohio.      (Not  Oakes's.) 
Oakgrove;  see  Dillard. 
Oaknoxuhee;  see  Noxubee. 
Oakpoint;   Village,   on    St.   Lawrence 

River,   Hammond   Town,    St.    Law- 

ence    County,    N.    Y.       (Not    Oak 

Oakpoint;  see   Oak. 
Oaktazaza;  see  South  Sandy. 
Oakwood;   Railroad   Station,   Cayuga 

County,  N.  Y.     (Not  Springport.) 
Oat;  see  Oak. 
Oaxaca;     Capital     City     and     State, 

Southern    Mexico.      (Not    Guaxeca 

nor   Oajaca.) 

Ob;  Gulf  and  River,  Northern  Siberia. 
(Not  As,  Obe,  Obi,  Oby,  Omar,  nor 

Oban;  Creek,  Ouray  County,  Colo. 

Oberlin;  Peak,  northeast  of  Cannon 
Mountain,  Glacier  National  Park, 
Flathead  County,  Mon. 

Obey;  River,  northern  Tennessee, 
tributary  to  the  Cumberland.  (Not 

Obi;  Point,  Grand  Canyon  of  the  Colo- 
rado, Coconino  County,  Ariz. 

Obligation;  see  Butlers. 

Obok;  Town,  Gulf  of  Aden,  French 
Somali  Coast,  Africa.  (Not  Obock 
nor  Obokh.) 

Observation;  Rock,  on  ridge  separat- 
ing Russell  Glacier  from  North  Mo- 
wich  Glacier,  Mount  Rainier,  Pierce 
County,  Wash. 

Observation;  see  Ogden. 

Observation  Plateau;  see  Huxley  Ter- 

Observatory;  see  Ogden;  Pyramid; 

Obsidian;  Butte,  on  Pahute  Mesa,  Nye 
County,  Nev. 

Ocala;  City  and  Lake,  Marion  County, 
Fla.     (Not  Ocola.) 

OGapilco;  see  Okapilco. 

Occahanican;  see  Parks. 

Occohannock;  see  Okahanikan. 

Oceanic;  Village,  Monmouth  County, 
N.  J.  (Not  Oceania  nor  Port  Wash- 

Ochlochnee;  Ochlocknee;  see  Ochlock- 

Ochlockonee;  Bay,  Franklin  and  Wa- 
kulla Counties,  Fla. ;  River,  Fla.  and 
Ga. ;  and  Village,  Leon  County,  Fla. 
(Not  Ochlocknee,  Oklocknee,  nor 
Ocklockonee. ) 

Ochlockonee;  Militia  District  and  Vil- 
lage, Thomas  County,  Ga.  (Not 
Ochlochnee. ) 

Ochon;  Island  (to),  lat.  36°  07'  N., 
long.  126°  E.,  western  coast  of  Cho- 
sen (Korea).  (Not  Guerin  nor 

Ochonto;  Anchorage,  southern  side  of 
Ochon  Island,  western  coast  of  Cho- 
sen (Korea).  (Not  Ochon  To  nor 



Och-sa-Jci-een ;  see  Oksa. 

Ocilla;  see  Aucilla. 

Ockanagan;  see  Okanogan. 

Ocklocknee;  Ocklockonee;  see  Ocli- 

Ockmulgee;  see  Okmulgee. 

Ockoocanganset;  Hill,  Marlboro,  Mid- 
dlesex County,  Mass.  (Not  Ock- 
cooanganset. ) 

Oclatvaha;  see  Oklawaha. 

♦Ocoee;  River,  in  Tennessee.  The  part 
in  Georgia  is  called  Toccoa.  (Not 
Okoee. ) 

Ocoee;  see  Toccoa. 

Oconalufty;  River  and  Township, 
Swain  County,  N.  C.  (Not  Ocona 

Ocopilco;   see    Okapilco. 

Ocquionis;  Creek,  Otsego  and  Herki- 
mer Counties,  N.  Y.     (Not  Fish.) 

Odell;  Creek,  rising  in  OJell  Lake,  sec. 
31,  T.  23  S.,  R.  6  E.,  flowing  north- 
eastward about  8  miles  into  Davis 
Lake,   Klamath  County,  Oreg. 

Oder;  River,  Germany.     (Not  Vjodr.) 

Odessa;  Town,  New  Castle  County. 
Del.     (Not  Odessey.) 

Odomari;  see  Otomari. 

O'Donnel;  Landing,  Mississippi  River, 
Mississippi  County,  Ark.  (Not 

Oedjoeng;  see  Ujung. 

Oelrichs;  Precinct  and  Town,  Far- 
River  County,  S.  Dak.  (Not  Oehl- 
richs. ) 

Offutt;  Village,  Anderson  County, 
Tenn.     (Not  Cane  Creek.) 

Ogalalla;  Peak  (altitude  13,147  feet), 
on  the  Continental  Divide,  7  miles 
southwest  of  Longs  Peak,  in  sec.  3, 
T.  2  N.,  R.  74  W.,  west  of  Copeland 
Mountain,  Boulder  and  Grand  Coun- 
ties, Colo.  (NotOglalanor  Ogallala.) 

*  Ogalalla;  Village,  Keith  County, 
Nebr.     (Not  Ogallala.) 

Oganse;  see  Pipe. 

Ogasawara;  Islands,  Pacific  Ocean, 
southeast  of  Japan.  (Not  Arzobispo, 
Bonin,  Bonin  Shima,  Coffin's  Group, 
Munin  Shima,  nor  O  Kasa  Wara 

Ogden;  Landing  and  Town,  Ohio 
River,  Ballard  County,  Ky.  (Not 

Ogden;  Passage,  southwestern  coast  of 
Chichagof  Island,  leading  from 
Crook  Channel  to  Portlock  Harbor, 

*  Ogden;  Peak  (altitude  10,102  feet), 
southeast  of  Ogden,  Morgan  and 
Weber  Counties,  Utah.  (Not  Ob- 
servation nor  Observatory.) 

Ogden  Mine;  see  Edison. 

Ogeechee;  River,  tributary  to  Ossabaw 
Sound,  eastern  Georgia.  (Not  Big 
Ogeechee. ) 

Ogi;  island  (jima).  Inland  Sea,  Japan. 
(Not  Ogi  Shima,  Ogi  Sima,  nor  Oki 

Ogier;  Point,  Penobscot  Bay,  near 
Camden,  Knox  County,  Me.  (Not 

Ogishkemuncie;  Lake,  Lake  County, 
Minn.  (Not  Kingfisher  nor  Ogishkl 

Ogleton;  Lake,  Anne  Arundel  County, 
Md.  (Not  Cat  Fish  Hole  nor  Cat 
Hole  Creek.) 

Ogontz;  see  Pipe. 

Ogreeta;  Town,  Cherokee  County,  N.  C. 
(Not  Ogreta.) 

Ohanapecosh ;  River,  heading  in  Ohana- 
pecosh  River,  eastern  slope  Mount 
Rainier,  Pierce  County,  Wash. 

)hanapecosh;  River,  heading  in  Ohana- 
pecosh Glacier,  tributary  to  Cowlitz 
River,  Mount  Rainier  National  Park, 
Lewis  and  Pierce  Counties,  Wash. 

Ohatchee;  Creek,  District,  and  Village, 
Calhoun  County,  Ala.  (Not 

Ohio;  Peak,  Elk  Mountains,  Gunnison 
County,   Colo.     (Not  Anthracite.) 

OJijai:  see  Otay. 

Oil;  Bay,  Cook  Inlet,  Alaska. 

Oil;  Canyon,  leading  southerly  from 
Oil  City,  about  10  miles  due  north 
of  Coalinga,  Fresno  County,  Calif. 

Oil;  Reef,  about  i  mile  off  southwest- 
ern point  of  Oil  Bay,  northern  shore 
Kamishak  Bay,  southwestern  coast 
Cook  Inlet,  Alaska. 

Ojier;  see  Ogier. 

Okahanikan;  Cove,  Bloodsworth  Is- 
land, Dorchester  County,  Md.  (Not 
Hanikan,  Hannican,  Occahanican, 
Occohannoek,  nor  Onkanikan.) 


Okanogan;  County,  Precinct,  Town, 
and  River  tributary  to  the  Columbia, 
Wash.      (Not  Okinakane.) 

Okanogan;  Lake  and  Town,  British 
Columbia,  Canada.  (Not  Ockana- 

Okanoxubee;  see  Noxubee. 

Okapilco;  Creek,  Brooks  and  Colquitt 
Counties,  Ga.  (Not  Ocapilco  nor 
Ocopilco. ) 

Okatoma;  Creek,  tributary  to  Bowie 
Creek,  Covington  County,  Miss. 
(Not  Okatomy  nor  Sun.) 

Okatomy;  see  Okatoma. 

Okechohee;  see  Okeechobee. 

Okeechobee;  County,  southern  part 
Florida.     (Not  Okechobee.) 

♦Okeechobee;  Lake,  Palm  Beach  Coun- 
ty, Fla.     (Not  Okechobee.) 

Okeechobee;  Village,  Okeechobee  Coun- 
ty, Fla.  (Not  Okechobee  nor  Tan- 

Okefenokee;  Swamp,  Florida  and 
Georgia.  (Not  Akenfonogo,  E-cun 
fino-cau,  Ekanfinaka,  Eokenfonooka, 
Okeefenokee,  Okeefinokee,  Okefeno- 
ke,  Okefinocau,  Okefinoke,  Okefino- 
kee,  nor  Oquafanoka.) 
Okho;  see   Hoko. 

Okhotsk;  Sea,  an  inlet  of  the  Pacific 
Ocean,  having  on  the  east  Kamchat- 
ka, and  on  the  west  Sakhalin  Island 
and  eastern  Siberia.  (Not  More  Ok- 
hotskoe. ) 

Oki;  see  Uo. 

Oki  Sima;  see  Ogi. 

Okinawa;  Group  (gunto),  part  of  the 
Nansei  Chain  and  Island  (shima) 
off  the  Chinese  coast.  (Not  Liu  Kiu, 
Liukiu,  Riukiu,  nor  Tsubu  Shoto.) 

Okino;  Island  (shima),  in  Korea 
Strait,  lat.  34°  15'  N.,  long.  130*'  06' 
E.,  Japan.    (Not  Kotsu  nor  Oki  no.) 

Okino;  Shoal  (su),  lat.  34''  21'  N., 
long.  133"  45'  E.,  Inland  Sea,  Japan. 
(Not  Conqueror  nor  Oki  no.) 

Oklahoma  City;  City,  Oklahoma  Coun- 
ty, Okla. 

Oklashok;  see  Alatna. 

Oklawaha;  River,  Marion  and  Putnam 
Counties,  Fla.     (Not  Oclawaha.) 
14842—21 16 

*  Okmulgee;  City  and  Creek,  Okmul- 
gee County,  Okla.  (Not  Ockmulgee 
nor  Okmulkee.) 

Okoee;  see  Ocoee. 

*Oksa;  Creek,  tributary  to  the  Stikine 
River,  from  the  east,  Alaska,  near 
the  International  Boundary  line. 
(Not  Och-sa-ki-een,  Oksaklin,  nor 

Oktaha;  Town,  Muskogee  County, 

Okurokami;  Island  (shima),  Hiro- 
shima Bay,  Inland  Sea,  Japan.  (Not 
Daikukozin,  Kurokami,  nor  O  Kuro- 

Ola;  Rock,  Sucia  Bay,  P.  R. 
0' -la-lee;  Olalee;  see  Olallie. 
Olallie;    Butte,    summit    of    Cascade 
Range,  Marion  and  Wasco  Counties, 
Oreg.      (Not  Olay,   OUalie,  nor  01- 

Olallie;  Canyon,  T.  24  N.,  R.  18  E., 
Chelan  County,  Wash.    (NotOUala.) 

Olallie;  Creek,  flowing  northwesterly 
into  South  Fork  Snoqualmie  River, 
below  Rockdale  Creek,  King  County, 
Wash.     (Not  O'-la-lee  nor  Olalee.) 

Olallie;  Meadow,  lying  at  head  of 
Olallie  Creek,  at  an  elevation  of 
about  3,700  feet.  King  County,  Wash. 
(Not  O'-la-lee  nor  Olalee.) 

Olay;  see  Olallie. 

Old  Baldy;  Peak,  Santa  'Rita  Moun- 
tains, Santa  Cruz  County,  Ariz. 
(Not  Baldy,  Mount  Wrightson,  nor 
Santa  Rita.) 

Old  Baldy;  Peak,  Sangre  de  Cristo 
Range,  Costilla  County,  Colo.  (Not 

Old  Baldy,  Calif. ;  see  San  Antonio. 

Old  Baldy,  Idaho ;  see  Mount  Wiessner. 

Old  Baldy,  Wash. ;  see  Mount  Spokane. 

Old  Baldy;  see  Goat. 

Old  Duck;  see  Duck. 

Old  Fred's;  see  Freds. 

Old  Harbor;  Island,  Chandeleur 
Sound,  La.    (Not  Old  Harbor  Keys.) 

Old  Harbor;  see  Starrigavan. 

Old  Maid  Crossing;  Post  Light,  Ohio 
River,  Livingston  County,  Ky.  (Not 
Old  Maid's  Crossing.) 



Old  Maid  Place;  Lighthouse,  White- 
hall Narrows,  Lalje  Champlain,  Vt. 
(Not  Old  Maid's  Place.) 

Old  Man;  Old  Man's;  see  Profile. 

Old  Mount  Whitney;  see  Corcoran. 

Old  Town;  City  and  Town,  Penobscot 
County  Me.  (Not  Indian  Oldtown 
nor  Oldtown.) 

Old  Town;  Village,  near  Charleston, 
S.  C.  (Not  St.  Mary's  nor  Old  Town 
Landing. ) 

Old  Toivn;  see  St.  Francis. 

Old  Womans  Shoe;  Butte,  shoe  shaped, 
rising  above  Salt  River  Canyon,  50 
miles  from  Mesa,  Maricopa  County, 

Oldmans;  Creek,  Point,  and  Township, 
Salem  County,  N.  J.  (Not  Oldman, 
Oldman  Creek,  nor  Old  Man's 

Oldtown,  Me. ;  see  Old  Town. 

Ole  Olson;  see  Cascade. 

Olentangy;  River,  including  western 
branch,  Crawford,  Delaware,  Frank- 
lin, and  Marion  Counties,  Ohio. 
(Not  Whetstone  Creek.) 

Oliver;  Reef,  north  side  of  Hatteras 
Inlet,  N.  C.     (Not  Oliver's.) 

Oljeto;  Creek,  tributary  to  San  Juan 
River,  San  Juan  County,  Utah. 
(Not  Oljato  nor  Moonlight.) 

Oljeto;  Settlement,  and  Ranch  near 
Arizona  line,  San  Juan  County, 
Utah.  (Not  Oljato,  01  je  To,  nor 
Moonlight. ) 

Ollala;  Ollalie;  OllalUe;  see  Olallie. 

Ollie;  see  Pratt. 

Olsburg;  Village,  Pottawatomie  Coun- 
ty, Kans.     (Not  Olesburg.) 

Omalik;  see  Omilak. 

Omar;  see  Ob. 

Omeira;  Lagoon  (khor),  southern 
coast  of  Aden,  Gulf  of  Aden.  (Not 
Amran,  Imran,  nor  Umera.) 

*  Omilak;  Creek,  east  branch  of  Fish 
River,  Alaska.  (Not  Omalik  nor 

Omoi;  see  Omoe. 

On  shan  tin;  see  Gensan. 

Onaqui;  Mountain  range,  extending 
south  from  Johnsons  Pass  to  Cherry 
Creek  Valley,  Tooele  County,  Utah. 
(Not  Aqui.) 

Onasami;  Island  (shima),  Hiroshima 
Bay,  Inland  Sea,  Japan.  (Not  Nasai 
nor  O  Nasami.) 

Onawa;  Lake,  Elliottsville  Plantation, 
Piscataquis  County,  Me.  (Not  Ona- 
way  nor  Ship  Pond.) 

Onaway ;  see  Onawa. 

O'Neil;  Creek,  T.  29  N.,  R.  23  W., 
heading  near  Ashley  Lake,  Flathead 
County,  Mont.     (Not  Lost.) 

O'Neill;  Butte,  Grand  Canyon  of  the 
Colorado,  Coconino  County,  Ariz. 

One  Leg;  see  Conotton. 

Oneota;  see  Upper  Iowa. 

Ong;  Run,  Burlington  County,  N.  J. 
(Not  Ong's  nor  Oreg.) 

Ong;  Village,  Burlington  County,  N.  J. 
(Not  Ong  Hat  nor  Ong's  Hat.) 

Ongei;  Bay,  Mountain  (san),  and  Vil- 
lage, lat.  42°  19'  N.,  long.  130°  25'  E., 
northeastern  coast  of  Chosen  (Ko- 
rea). (Not  Audacious  Sound  nor 
West  Bay.) 

Onion;  Bay,  southern  side  of  Rasi>- 
berry  Island,  Alaska. 

Onion;  see  Winooski. 

Onkanikan;  see  Okahanikan. 

Onsan;  Island  (to),  lat.  36°  22'  N., 
western  coast  of  Chosen  (Korea). 
(Not  Wonsan.) 

Ontario;  Province,  Dominion  of  Can- 
ada. (Not  Canada  West  nor  Upper 

Onteora;  Mountain  and  Park,  Catskills,. 
Greene  County,  N.  Y.     ( Not  Ontiora. ) 

Oogahik;  see  Ugashik. 

Ooghe-a-hook;  see  King. 

Oolenoy;  Creek,  Pickens  County,  S.  C. 
(Not  Illinois  nor  Oolenoe.) 

Oologah;  Town,  Rogers  County,  Okla. 
(Not  Oolagah.) 

Oondogu;  Anchorage  and  Town,  south 
side  of  Daido  Inlet,  western  Chosen 
(Korea).  (Not  O  on  dogu,  0-on- 
dogu,  nor  Undong.) 

Oorga;  see  Urga. 

Oostanaula;  Creek,  McMinn  County^ 
Tenn.     (Not  Eastanaula.  ) 

Oothkalooga;  Creek,  Gordon  and  Bar- 
tow Counties,  Ga.  (Not  Oothca- 
looga. ) 

Ootkeavie;  see  Utklavi. 

Oozhekistan ;  see  Bokhara. 


Opasni;  Point,  eastern  coast  of  Whale 

Island,  Alaska.     (Not  Danger.) 
Opasnost;    Rock,   La   Perouse    Strait, 
lat.   45°   48'   N.,   long.   142°    13'   E., 
Japan.     (Not    Dangerous    nor    Nl- 
Opechee;  Bay,  Laconia,  Belknap  Coun- 
ty, N.  H.     (Not  Lake  Opechee  nor 
Round  Bay.) 
Opechee;  Peak,  on  Powells  Mountain, 
about    1    mile    north    of    Waonaze 
Peak,  Shenandoah  County,  Va. 
Opossum;  see  Possum. 
Opposite;  see  Shumi. 
Ora  Grande;  see  Orogrande. 
Oraibi;  Village,  Hopi  Indian  Reserva- 
tion,   Navajo    County,    Ariz.     (Not 
Orang>e;     Creek,    tributary    to    Black 
River  from  the  south,  Alaska,  Inter- 
national Boundary  (between  Alaska 
and  Canada).     (Not  Orange  Pork.) 
Orange  Mound;  see  Bear. 
Orangehome;  Railroad  Station,  Sumr 
ter     County,      Fla.     (Not     Orange 
Home. ) 
Oranoken;  Creek,  Cumberland  County, 

N.  J.     (Not  Oranoaken.) 
Ora  villa;  Village ;  Jackson  County,  111. 

(Not  Ora.) 
Orca;    Bay,    Prince    William    Sound, 

Alaska.     (Not  Cordova.) 
Orchard;  Peak,  in  sec.  22,  T.  25  S.,  R. 

17  E.,  Kern  County,  Calif. 
Or  eg;  see  Ong. 
Oregon   Slough;   see   North   Portland 

Orellana;  see  Amazon. 
Orensic;  see  Hadweenzic. 
Or  ford;  see  Blanco ;  Orfordville. 
Orfordville;     Village,     Rock     County, 

Wis.     (Not  Orford.) 
Orient;  Point,  Whale  Island,  Alaska. 

(Not  East  nor  Vostochni.) 
Orient;  Point,  Gardiners  Bay,  Suffolk 

County,  N.  Y.     (Not  Oyster.) 
Oriental;  see  Alder  Springs. 
Orieshik;  see  Ugalgan. 
Orinda;  Village,  Contra  Costa  County, 

Calif.     (Not  Orinda  Park.) 
Ormara;   Head   and  Village,  coast  of 
Baluchistan.     (Not  Ormdra  nor  Or- 

Oro  Fino;  see  Orofino. 

Orofino;  Creek;  T.  6  N.,  Rs.  8  and  9 
W.,  tributary  to  Deer  Lodge  River, 
Deer  Lodge  and  Powell  Counties, 
and  Mountain,  T.  6  N.,  R.  8  W.,  near 
head  of  creek.  Deer  Lodge  County, 
Mont.     (Not   Oro  Fino.) 

Orogrande;  Creek,  T.  38  N.,  Rs.  7  and 

8  E.,  tributary  to  North  Fork  Clear- 
water River  from  south,  Clear- 
water County,  Idaho.  (Not  Granite 
nor  Ora  Grande.) 

Orohai;  Mountains,  T.  2  N.,  Rs.  8  and 

9  E.,  south  of  Salt  River,  about  19 
miles  from  Mesa,  Maricopa  County, 
Ariz.     (Not  Goldfield.) 

Orowoc;  Cove  and  Creek,   Islip,   Suf- 
folk   County,    N.    Y.     (Not    Oriwic, 
Oriwoc,  nor  Tern's.) 
Orr;    Ridge,    House    Range,    Millard 

County,  Utah. 
Orrington  Great;  see  Brewer. 
Orton;  Point,  Cape  Fear  River,  Bruns- 
wick County,  N.  C.     (Not  Orton's.) 
Orton;  see  Mount  Orton. 
Oruba;  see  Aruba. 

Oruidei;  Point   (kutchi),  lat.  38°  46' 

N.,  long.  128°  16'  E.,  eastern  coast  of 

Chosen    (Korea).     (Not    Geshi    lai 

nor  Peschurova.) 

Orysa;    Village,    Lauderdale    County, 

Tenn.     (Not  Oryza.) 
Osage;  River  in  Kansas  and  Missouri. 

(Not  Marais  des  Cygnes.) 
Osage     City;     City,     Osage     County, 

Kans.  (Not  Osage.) 
Osahatchee;  Creek,  tributary  to  Mul- 
berry Creek,  Harris  County,  Ga. 
(Not  Osa  Hachi,  Osahatchi,  Ossa- 
hatchee,  Ossahatchie,  Sawhatchee, 
Sowachee,  nor  Sowahachee.) 
Osaka;  City,  Japan.    (Not  Naniwa  nor 

Osai')kie;  see  Ozawkie. 
Osborn;     Island,     Manasquan     River, 
Monmouth  County,  N.  J.     (Not  Os- 
borne. ) 
Osborn;  Railroad  Station,  Rock  Island 

County,   111.     (Not  Osborne.) 
Osborn;    Township,    Sumner    County, 
Kans.     (Not  Osborne.) 



Osborne;  Borough,  Allegheny  County, 
Pa.  (Not  Glenosborne,  Glen  Os- 
borne, Glenosburn,  Osborn,  Osburn, 
nor  Os-burn.) 

Osborne;  Township,  Pipestone  County, 
Minn.     (Not  Osborn.) 

Osborne;  see  Townshend. 

OshrooJc;  see  Pawcatuck. 

Osburn;  Precinct  and  Village,  Sho- 
shone County,  Idaho.   (Not  Osborne.) 

Osceola;  Borough,  Clearfield  County, 
Pa.     (Not  Osceola  Mills.) 

Osceola;  Town  and  Village,  Polk 
County,  Wis.     (Not  Osceola  Mills.) 

Oseetah;  Lake,  Franklin  County,  N.  Y. 
(Not  Miller  Pond.) 

Osett;  see  Ozette. 

Osiris  Temple;  Peak,  Grand  Canyon 
of  the  Colorado,  Coconino  County, 

Oso;  see  Mount  Oso. 

Ost-Chinesesches   Meer;   see   Eastern. 

Osterville  Grand;  Island,  Osterville 
Harbor,  Barnstable  County,  Mass. 
(Not  Osterville.) 

Ostolopof;  see  Chaho. 

Oswayo;  Creek,  Cattaraugus  County, 
N.  Y.  (Not  Oswaya,  Oswaye,  nor 

Oswego;  Lake,  Clackamas  Ounty, 
Oreg.     (Not  Sucker  nor  Tualatin.) 

Otaka;  see  Hotaka. 

Otapasso;  see  Topisaw. 

Otay;  Valley,  San  Diego  County,  Calif. 
(Not  Ohjai.) 

Otis;  Village,  Hawkins  County,  Tenn. 
(Not  Otes.) 

Otmeloi;  Point,  southern  shore  of  Nar- 
row Strait,  Alaska.     (Not  Shoal.) 

Otmeloi;  see  Shoals. 

Otomari;  Town,  at  head  of  Aniwa  Bay, 
southern  coast  Sakhalin  Island 
(Japanese,  Karafuto),  lat.  46"  40' 
N.,  long.  142°  45'  E.  (Not  Korsa- 
kov,  Korsakovsk,  Kushun,  Kotan, 
Kushunkotan,    nor    Odomari.) 

OtruMstoi;  see  Crag. 

Otsgaragee;  see  Howes. 

Otsquago;  Creek,  Herkimer  and  Mont- 
gomery Counties,  N.  Y.  (Not  Ots- 

Ottauquechee;  River,  Rutland  and 
Windsor  Counties,  Vt.  (Not  Otta- 
quechee,  Otta  Quechee  Ottaqueeche, 
Ottaqueechy,  Quechee,  Queechy, 
Waterchuichi,  Water  Quechee.  nor 
Waterqueechy. ) 

Ottawa;  City,  Capital  of  the  Dominion 
of  Canada.     (Not  By  town.) 

Ottawa;  see  Tawas. 

Otter;  Peak  (altitude  6,338  feet),  sec. 
12,  T.  42,  N.,  R.  8  E.,  between  Ruby 
and  Timber  Creeks,  Shoshone 
County,  Idaho. 

Otter;  Township,  Cowley  County, 
Kans.     (Not  Otto.) 

Otter  Creek;  Township,  Vigo  County, 
Ind.     (Not  Otter.) 

*  Otter  Tail;  River,  Otter  Tail  and 
Wilkin  Counties,  Minn.  (Not  Otter- 
tail,  Ottertail,  Red,  North  Red,  nor 
Red  River  of  the  North.) 

Otter  Track;  see  Cypress. 

Ottoman  Amphitheater;  Basin,  Grand 
Canyon  of  the  Colorado,  Coconino 
County,  Ariz. 

Ouachita;  County,  Ark. ;  River,  Ark. 
and  La. ;  and  Parish,  La.  (Not 

Ouachita  Mountains;  is  applied  to  the 
ridges  of  western  Arkansas  south  of 
Arkansas  River,  Okla. 

Ouallamet;  see  Willamette. 

Oudh;  ancient  Capital  and  State, 
British  India.     (Not  Oude.) 

Ougagouk;  see  Egegik. 

Oidsconsin;  see  Wisconsin. 

Oumakh;  see  Umak. 

Oumnakh;  see  Umnak. 

Ounalashka;  see  Unalaska. 

Ounimakh;  see  Unimak. 

Our  Lady  of  Arizona;  Figure,  out- 
lined on  cliff  in  Sanctuary  Ridge, 
about  35i  miles  from  Mesa,  Mari- 
copa County,  Ariz.  (Not  The  Virgin 
Mary. ) 

Oural;  see  Ural, 

Ouray  Peak;  Mountain,  Sawatch 
Range,  Chaffee  County,  Colo.  (Not 
Hump  Mountain,  Mount  Ouray,  nor 
Ouray  Mount.) 

Ourga;  see  Urga. 



Ouro  Preto;  City,  Brazil.  (Not  Villa 
Rica  nor  Villa  Rica  de  Ouro  Preto.) 

Ousatonic;  see  Housatonic. 

Oushouaia;  see  Ushuaia. 

Ousouri;  see  Usuri. 

Outer  Manchas;  Coral  Reef  or  Bank, 
on  northern  side  of  entrance  to 
Mayaguez  Bay,  P.  R.  (Not  Outer 
Machos. ) 

Outer  Point  of  Shoals;  see  Shoals. 

Outer  Rocks;  Islets,  southwest  of  Khaz 
Bay,  Alaska.     (Not  Outer  Rock.) 

Outerson;  Mountain,  SE.  i  sec.  4,  T. 
10  S.,  R.  7  E.,  10  miles  east  of  De- 
troit, Marion  County,  Oreg.  (Not 

Outlaw;  Creek,  T.  44  N.,  Rs.  4  and  5 
E.,  tributary  to  Fishhook  Creek  from 
west,  Shoshone  County,  Idaho.  (Not 
West  Fork  of  Fishhook.) 

Outlet;  Canyon  and  Spring,  Grand 
Canyon  of  the  Colorado,  Coconino 
County,  Ariz. 

Outlet;  Valley,  bordering  Grays  Lake 
Outlet,  Bonneville  County,  Idaho. 

Outlet;  see  Viekoda. 

Outlook;  see  Hoyt. 

Outward  Tump;  Island,  Chincoteague 
Bay,  Worcester  County,  Md.  (Not 
West  Clump.) 

Ouzel;  Creek,  tributary,  in  sec.  19,  T. 
3  N.,  R.  73  W.,  to  south  side  of 
North  St.  Vrain  Creek  and  Lake, 
Boulder  County,  Colo. 

Ouzel;  Peak  (altitude  12,600  feet),  on 
Continental  Divide,  at  head  of  Ouzel 
Creek,  sees.  28,  33,  and  34,  T.  3  N., 
R.  74  W.,  about  6  miles  southwest 
Longs  Peak,  Boulder  and  Grant 
Counties,  Colo. 

Oval;  Rock,  western  part  of  Khaz 
Bay,  Chichagof  Island,  Alaska. 
(Not  Egg.) 

Overisel;  Township  and  Village,  Alle- 
gan County,  Mich.     (Not  Overeisel.) 

Owachomo;  Middle  Natural  Bridge, 
White  Canyon,  San  Juan  County, 
Utah.  (Not  Caroline  Bridge  nor 
Middle  Bridge.) 

Owasco  Lake;  see  Wyckoff. 

Owens;  Lake,  River,  and  Valley,  Inyo 
County,  Calif.     (Not  Owen.) 

Owensville;  see  West  River. 

Owl;  see  Kokosing;  Moreau. 

Owl  Feather;  see  Red  Owl. 

Owlshead;  Lighthouse,  Rockland  Har- 
bor, Penobscot  Bay,  Me.;  also  Vil- 
lage, Knox  County,  Me.  (Not  Owl's 

Oxford;  Township  and  Village,  War- 
ren County,  N.  J.  (Not  Oxford  Fur- 

Oxon;  Creek,  Prince  Georges  County, 
Md.      (Not   Oxen.) 

Oxon;  Town,  Prince  Georges  County, 
Md.  (Not  Grimesville  nor  Oxon 

Oxus;  see  Amu. 

Oyster;  see  Long;  Orient. 

Oza;  Butte,  Grand  Canyon  of  the  Colo- 
rado, Coconino  County,  Ariz. 

Ozaka;   see   Osaka. 

Ozark  Plateau;  is  applied  to  the  pla- 
teau in  northwestern  Arkansas  and 
southern   Missouri. 

*Ozawkie;  Township  and  Village,  Jef- 
ferson County,  Kans.  (Not  Osaw- 

Ozette;  Island,  Lake,  River,  and  Vil- 
lage, Clallam  County,  Wash.  (Not 
Lake  of  the  Sun,  Osett,  nor  Swan.) 

Ozono;  Shoal  (se),  lat.  34°  26'  N., 
long.  133°  57'  E.,  Inland  Sea,  Japan. 
(Not  Galatea.) 


Pachaca;  see  Pachalka. 

Pachalka;    Spring,    San    Bernardino 

County,  Calif.     (Not  Pachaca,  Pa- 

chanca,   Pachapa,   Pachauca,    Pech- 

aca,  nor  Pechapa.) 
Pachanca,    Puchapa;    Pachauca;    see 

Pacific  Ranges;  the  Cascade  Range, 

the  Sierra  Nevada,  and  the  Coast 

Ranges  collectively. 
Packwood;  Creek,  in  T.  27  S.,  R.  18  E., 

Kern  County,  Calif. 
Padanaram;  see  South  Dartmouth. 
Paddy  Hen;  Post  Light,   Mississippi 

River,  Shelby  County,  Tenn.     (Not 

Paddy's   Hen.) 
Paddy's  Run;  see   Shandon. 
Padelford;  Creek  and  Village,  Canan- 

daigua  Town,  Ontario  County,  N.  Y. 

(Not  Paddlefords.) 



Padilla;  Mesa,  Coconino  and  Navajo 
Counties,  Ariz. 

Padres;  Mesa,  about  12  miles  north  of 
Rio   Puerco,   Apaclie   County,   Ariz. 

Pagoda;  Mountain  (altitude  13,491 
feet),  on  southwest  slope  of  Longs 
Peak,  three-fourths  mile  from  main 
summit,  in  sec.  1,  T.  3  N.,  R.  74  W., 
Boulder  County,  Colo.  (Not  Co- 

Pah  Vant;  see  Pavant. 

Pahreah;  see  Paira. 

Pahrump;  Valley,  Lincoln  and  Nye 
Counties,  Nev.     (Not  Pah-rimp.) 

Pahsimari;  Pahsimaroi;  Pahsimori; 
see  Pahsimeroi  Mountains. 

Pahsimeroi  Mountains;  that  portion 
of  the  Lost  River  Range  between  the 
headwaters  of  the  Pahsimeroi  and 
Big  Lost  Rivers,  Custer  County, 
Idaho.  (Not  Pahsimari,  Pahsima- 
roi, Pahsimori,  nor  Passamari.) 

Pahute;  Mesa,  Nye  County,  Nev. 

Pali-ute;  Pahute;  see  Piute. 

Pahute  Wash;  see  Piute. 

Pai  Ho;  Paiho;  see  Pei. 

Paines;  see  Paynes, 

Paint;  Mountain,  Fayette  and  Raleigh 
Counties,  W.  Va.     (Not  Coal  River.) 

Paint;  River,  Iron  County,  Mich. 
(Not  Mequacumecum,  Mequacumne- 
cum,  nor  Me-qua-cumte-cum. ) 

Painted;  Cliffs,  52  miles  from  Mesa, 
Maricopa  County,  Ariz. 
^/  Pointed  Desert;  Province  Navajo  In- 
dian Reservation,  Coconino  County, 

Painter,  Village,  Greene  County, 
Tenn.     (Not  Painter  Mill.) 

Paita;  Seaport  Town  of  Peru.  (Not 

Paitillo;  Point,  southern  coast  Canal 
Zone.     (Not  Petillo.) 

Paiute;  Peak  (altitude  13,082  feet), 
on  the  Continental  Divide,  11  miles 
southwest  of  Longs  Peak,  in  sec.  36, 
T.  2.  N.,  R.  74  W.,  Boulder  and  Grand 
Counties,  Colo     (Not  Ute.) 

Paiute;  Pai-ute;  see  Piute. 

Pajarita;  see  Pajarito. 

Pajarito;  Mountains,  about  T.  23  S., 
R.  12  E.,  Santa  Cruz  County,  Ariz. 
(Not  Pajarita.) 

Pajarito;  Peak,  Sandoval  County,  N. 
Mex.  (Not  Bird,  Jamez,  Jemes,  nor 
Jemez. ) 

Pakatakan;       Mountain,       Delaware 
County,  N.  Y.     (Not  Pakataghkan.) 
Pakhoi;  Subpostal  district  of  Canton, 

Palatka;  City,  Putnam  County,  Fla. 
(Not  Pilatka.) 

Palisade;  Bay,  eastern  side  of  Nuka 
Bay,  9i  miles  above  outer  Pye  Is- 
land, Alaska. 

Palisade;  Precinct  and  Town,  Mesa 
County,  Colo.     (Not  Palisades.) 

Palisades;  Township,  Bergen  County, 
N.  J.     (Not  Palisade.) 

Palisades,  Calif.;  see  Palisade. 

Palisades;  see  The  Palisades. 

Palisades  of  the  Desert;  Mountains, 
Vishnu  quadrangle,  Coconino  County, 

Palisades  Park;  Borough,  Bergen 
County,  N.  J.     (Not  Palisade  Park.) 

Palix;  River,  flowing  into  Willapa  Bay 
near  Bay  Center,  Pacific  County, 
Wash.     (Not  Palux.) 

Palux ;  see  Palix. 

Pallopels;  Island,  Hudson  River,  near 
Fishkill,  Dutchess  County,  N.  Y. 
(Not  Palopel.) 

Palmer;  Island,  Buzzards  Bay,  Mass. 
(Not  Palmer's.) 

Palmer;  Peak  (altitude  4,010  feet), 
3  miles  south  of  Warrendale,  Multno- 
mah County,  Oreg.     (Not  Cub.) 

Palmer  Archipelago;  lat.  63**  to  65' 
S.,  long,  about  62°  30'  W.,  Antarctic 
Ocean.  (Not  Belgica  Archipelago 
nor  Castiglio  Islands.) 

Palmer  Land;  from  long.  55**  to  61' 
W.,  part  of  Antarctic  Continent, 
south  of  South  Shetland!  Islands. 
Discovered  by  Capt.  N.  B.  Palmer 
in  1820-21.     (Not  Graham  Land.) 

Palmetto;  see  Smith. 

Palo;  Shoal,  southern  side,  Boqueron 
Bay,  south  of  Enmedio  Shoal,  P.  R. 

Palo  Prieto;  Pass,  extending  from  mid- 
dle of  T.  27  S.,  R.  17  E.,  northwest- 
erly into  T.  26  S.,  R.  16  E.,  Kern 
and  San  Luis  Obispo  Counties,  Calif. 

Palo  Prieto;  see  Bitterwater. 


Palomar;  Mountain,  northern  part  of 
San  Diego  County,  Calif.  (Not 

Palos;  see  Ochonto. 

Palusha;  Creek,  tributary  to  Big 
Sandy  Creek,  Carroll  and  Leflore 
Counties,  Miss.  (Not  Pelasia  nor 
Pelucia. ) 

Pamadumcook;  Pamademcook;  Pame- 
domcook;  see  Pemadumcook. 

Pamelia;  Creek  and  Lake,  west  of 
Mount  Jefferson,  Linn  County,  Oreg. 
(Not  Parmelia,  Pemelia,  nor  Per- 

Pamir;  Table-land  of  Central  Asia. 
(Not  Bam-i-duniah,  Pameer,  Pamere, 
nor   Pamirs.) 

Pamlico;  Sound,  eastern  North  Caro- 
lina.    (Not  Pamplico.) 

Pamunkey;  Creek  and  Town,  Charles 
County,  Md.     (Not  Pamunky.) 

Pamunkey;  River,  tributary  to  the 
York,  Virginia.     (Not  Pamunky.) 

Pamyat  Didimov;  see  Urusan. 

Panama;  Canal,  from  Colon  to  Pana- 
ma, Isthmus  of  Panama.  (Not 
Isthmian   Canal.) 

Pancoast;  Railroad  Station,  Atlantic 
County,  N.  J.  (Not  Pancoast's 

Panjab;  see  Punjab. 

Panoche;  Creek,  Fresno  and  San  Be- 
nito Counties,  Calif.,  draining  higher 
part  of  Diablo  Range  west  of  Llan- 
ada,  running  easterly  through  Pa- 
noche Valley,  and  emptying  into  San 
Joaquin  Valley  at  Hayes  Station. 
(Not  Silver.) 

Panoche;  Hills  northeast  of  Panoche 
Valley,  Diablo  Range,  Fresno  Coun- 
ty, Calif. 

Panoche;  Valley,  lying  east  of  Diablo 
Range,  chiefly  in  T.  15  S.,  Rs.  10  and 
11  E.,  San  Benito  County,  Calif. 

Panoche;  see  Silver. 

Panochita;  see  Little  Panoche. 

Panola;  Township  and  Village,  Wood- 
ford County,  111.  (Not  Panola  Sta- 

Panorama;  Hills,  low  range  extending 
from  northeast  corner  of  T.  32  S.,  R. 
21  E.,  northwesterly  to  sec.  8,  T.  31 
S.,  R.  21  E.,  San  Luis  Obispo  Coun- 
ty, Calif. 

Panorama  Point;  Hill,  sec.  34,  T.  31 
S.,  R.  21  E.,  San  Luis  Obispo  Coun- 
ty, Calif. 
Pansy;  Town,  Houston  County,  Ala. 

(Not  Pansey.) 
Panyansomu;  Point  (kutchi),  lat.  39** 
48'   N.,   long.   127*'   40'   E.,   eastern 
coast    of   Chosen    (Korea).      (Not 
Paoha;    Island,    Mono    Lake,    Mono 
County,    Calif.      (Not    Anna    Her- 
Papago;  Buttes,  small  range  isolated 
hills  rising  north  of  Apache  Trail 
6    miles   from    Phoenix,    Maricopa 
County,  Ariz.     (Not  Red.) 
Papago;    Point,    Vishnu    quadrangle, 

Coconino  County,  Ariz. 
Papago  Saguaro;  National  Monument, 
northeast     of     Phoenix,     Maricopa 
County,  Ariz. 
Papakating;  Railroad  Station,  Frank- 
ford  Township,  Sussex  Ck)unty,  N.  J. 
(Not  Pellett  nor  Pellettown.) 
Paper  Mill;  see  Lagunitas. 
Papoose;   Creek,    Park   County,    Wyo. 

(Not  Pappoose.) 
Papoose;    Mountain     (altitude    6,092 
feet),    sec.    25,    T.    43   N.,   R.    7   E., 
east     of     Buck     Creek,     Shoshone 
County,  Idaho. 
Papua;  Papualand;  see  New  Guinea. 
Paquatannock;  see  Poquetanuck. 
Paquette;  see  Quartzite. 
Paradise;  Creek,  Norfolk  County,  Va. 

(Not  Smith's.) 
Paradise;    Glacier,    discharging    into 
Paradise     River,      southern      slope 
Mount  Rainier,  Pierce  County,  Wash. 
Paradise;     Park,     between  Nisqually 
Glacier  and  Paradise  River,  on  south- 
eastern side  Mount  Rainier,  Lewis 
and  Pierce  Counties,  Wash. 
Paradise;  Point  of  entrance  to  South- 
old  Bay,   Suffolk  County,  Long  Is- 
land, N.  Y.     (N«,t  Hallocks.) 
Paradise;  River,  heading  in  Paradise 
Glacier;      tributary     to     Nisqually 
River,  Mount  Rainier  National  Park, 
Lewis  and  Pierce  Counties,  Wash. 
Paradise;   Valley,  of  Paradise  River, 
above  Narada  Falls,  Mount  Rainier 
National    Park,    Lewis    and    Pierce 
Counties,  Wash. 



Paradise  Creek;  Stream,  flowing  from 
south  into  Two  Medicine  Lake, 
Glacier  County,  Mont. 

Paradise  Dry;  Canyon,  east  of  Para- 
dise, in  Cache  Valley,  Cache  County, 
Utah.  (Not  East  Fork  nor  Muddy 
Creek. ) 

Paradise  Park;  Valley,  near  head  of 
Paradise  Creek,  Glacier  County, 

Paragon  Lake;  see  Eagle. 

Paraguay;  Republic  and  River,  South 
America.     (Not  Paraguaya.) 

Parahiba;  City,  Province,  and  River, 
Brazil.  (Not  Parahyba  nor  Pa- 
raiba. ) 

Paramore's;  see  Parramore. 

Parana;  River,  tributary  to  the  Plata, 
South  America.     (Not  Rio  Negro.) 

Parana;  see  Rio  Negro. 

Paranahiba;  River  of  Brazil,  joins  the 
Curumba  to  form  the  Parana.  (Not 
Paranahyba  nor  Parana  laba.) 

Parati;  see  Paraty. 

Paraty;  Bay  and  Village,  State  of  Rio 
de  Janeiro,  Brazil.     (Not  Parati.) 

Par  das;  Bay,  northeastern  side  of 
Point  Brea,  P.  R.  (Not  Ensenada  las 
Pardas. ) 

Pardee;  Bar,  part  of  West  Haven  Flats, 
extending  eastward  from  Sandy 
Point,  New  Haven  Harbor,  Long  Is- 
land Sound,  Conn.     (Not  Party.) 

Pardee;  Creek,  tributary  to  Clark 
Fork  from  northeast  in  sec.  19,  T. 
17  N.,  R.  26  W.,  Mineral  County, 
Mont.     (Not  Deep.) 

Pargon;  River,  Seward  Peninsula, 
tributary  of  Fish  River  from  the 
west,  about  20  miles  above  mouth 
of  Niukluk  River,  Alaska.  (Not 
Anaconda,  Papan,  Papin,  Paran,  Par- 
gan.  Paragon,  nor  Parantulik.) 

Parguera;  Cove,  southern  coast,  off 
Parguera,  P.  R. 

Paria;  Canyon,  Plateau,  and  River  in 
southern  Utah  and  northern  Ari- 
zona.    (Not  Pahreah.) 

Paris;  Island,  Port  Royal  Sound,  S.  C. 
(Not  Parry's.) 

Paris;  Landing,  Ohio  River,  Harrison 
County,  Ind.     (Not  Paris's.) 

Paris;  see  Parris. 

Parish;  see  Benton. 

Parish  Dock;  St.  Lawrence  River, 
N.  Y.     (Not  Parish's  Dock.) 

Parishville;  see  Parisville. 

Paris  ville;  Village,  Huron  County, 
Mich.     (Not  Parishville.) 

Park;  Butte,  Mazama  Park,  Mount 
Baker,  Whatcom  County,  Wash. 

Park;  Cliffs,  Park  Glacier,  eastern 
slope  Mount  Baker,  Whatcom  Coun- 
ty, Wash. 

Park;  Glacier,  between  Boulder  and 
Rainbow  Glaciers,  eastern  slope 
Mount  Baker,  Whatcom  County, 

Park;  River,  Hartford  County,  Conn. 
(Not  Little.) 

Park  Mesa;  Plateau,  Ouray  quadran- 
gle, Gunnison  County,  Colo. 

Parker;  Flats,  off  Juniper  Point, 
Woods  Hole,  Mass.     (Not  Parker's.) 

Parker;  Landing,  Mississippi  River, 
Mississippi  County,  Mo.  (Not  Park- 

Parker;  Town,  Morris  County,  N.  J. 
(Not  Unionville.  ) 

Parker;  see  Parks. 

Parker's;  see  Purnell. 

♦Parkers  Landing;  Borough,  Arm- 
strong County,  Pa.  (Not  Parker  nor 
Parker  City.) 

Parkers  Neck;  see  Juniper. 

Parkers  Neck;  Peninsula,  Yarmouth, 
Barnstable  County,  Mass.  (Not 
Parker's  Neck.) 

Parkerville;  City,  Morris  County, 
Kans.     (Not  Parkersville. ) 

Parkinson;  Landing,  Ohio  River, 
Pope  County,  111.  (Not  Parkinson's 

Parkman;  Mountain,  between  Norum- 
bega  and  Penobscot  Mountains, 
Mount  Desert  Town,  Mount  Desert 
Island,  Me.     (Not  Little  Brown's.) 

Parks;  Neck,  Honga  River,  near  Crapo, 
Dorchester  County,  Md.  (Not 
Parker,  Park's,  nor  Parks's.) 

Parks;  Peak  (altitude  10,200  feet), 
sec.  5,  T.  7  N.,  R.  13  E.,  Blaine  and 
Custer  Counties,  Idaho. 

Parks;  see  Baker. 

Parmelia;  see  Pamelia. 



Parnell;  Knob,  south  end  of  North 
Mountain,  Franklin  County,  Pa. 
(Not  Parnel.) 

Paro;  see  Ucayali. 

Parramore;  Beach  and  Island,  Acco- 
mac  County,  Va.     (Not  Paramore's. ) 

Parris;  Island,  between  Broad  and 
Beaufort  Rivers,  just  to  the  north- 
ward Port  Royal  Sound,  Beaufort 
County,  S.  C.     (Not  Paris.) 

Parrot;  Islet,  eastern  side  entrance  to 
Danger  Bay,  southeastern  coast 
Afognak  Island,  Alaska. 

Parrsboro;  Seaport,  Bay  of  Fundy, 
Nova  Scotia.     (Not  Parsboro.) 

Parry;  Lake,  about  lat.  56 **  38',  long. 
134°  43',  eastern  side  Baranof  la- 
land,  about  3  miles  from  shore  of 
Chatham  Strait,  2  miles  west  Cecil 
Mountain,  and  about  1  mile  north- 
northwest  of  head  of  Patterson  Bay, 
to  which  it  is  a  tributary,  Alaska. 

Parry's;  see  Paris. 

Parshas;  Settlement  (Indian  and  half- 
breed),  northern  side  of  Port  Gra- 
vina,  Alaska.     (Not  Parsha's.) 

Parsons  Bar;  Post  Light,  Mississippi 
River,  Dubuque  County,  Iowa.  (Not 
Parson's  Bar.) 

Partofshikof;  Island,  near  Sitka, 
Southeastern  Alaska.  (Not  Part- 

Partridge;  Falls  and  Portage,  Pigeon 
River,  near  Grand  Portage,  Thunder 
Bay  District,  Ontario,  International 
Boundary  (between  Minnesota  and 

Pasa  Caballos;  Entrance,  Cienfuegos 
Bay,  Locality  and  Point,  Santa 
Clara  Province,  Cuba.  (Not  Paso 

Pasadena;  see  Wheatland. 

Pasadera;  Hill,  Gila  County,  Ariz. 

Pasaje  de  Medio  Mundo;  see  Medio 

Pascack;  Creek  and  Village,  Bergen 
County,  N.  J.     (Not  Pascock.) 

Paskus;  see  Puscus. 

Paso  del  Tesoro;  Pass,  at  the  northern 
end  of  the  Supersition  Mountains, 
leading  eastward,  Pinal  County, 

Paso  Robles;  City,  San  Luis  Obispo 
County,  Calif.  (Not  Paso  de  Ro- 

Pass;  Creek,  rising  near  Cady  Pass 
and  flowing  west  into  Skykomish 
River  north  of  Cady  Creek,  T.  28  N., 
R.  12  E..  Snohomish  County.  Wash. 

Pass  a  Loutre;  Pass,  Delta  of  the  Mis- 
sissippi, La.     (Not  Pass  a  I'Outre.) 

Pass  Cavallo;  Entrance,  Matagorda 
Bay,  Tex.     (Not  Passo  Cabello.) 

Passage;  Bay,  southern  side  Passage 
Canal,  about  midway  between  head 
of  Canal  and  Decision  Point,  lat.  60" 
48',  long  148°  35',  northwestern  part 
Prince  William  Sound,  Alaska. 

Passage;  see  Prokoda. 

Passage;  Canal  or  Arm,  northwestern 
part  Prince  William  Sound,  extend- 
ing within  a  few  miles  of  (to  which 
there  is  a  portage)  Turn-again  Arm 
of  Cook  Inlet,  Alaska. 

Passamari;  see   Pahsimeroi;   Ruby. 

Passamari-Ruby ;  see  Ruby. 

Pasture  Wash;  Water  Course,  on  Co- 
conino Plateau,  Coconino  County, 

Pat  O'Hara;  Creek,  Park  County, 
Wyo.  (Not  Pat  O'Hare,  Pat  O'Harra, 
nor  Pat  Ollarra.) 

Pat  Ollara;  see  Pat  O'Hara. 

Patch;  see  Sam  Patch. 

Patras;  Gulf  and  Seaport  Town  of 
Southern  Greece.  (Not  Baliabarda, 
Patrae,  Patrai,  nor  Patrasso.) 

Patrol;  Ridge,  between  Granite  and 
Twentyfivemile  Creeks,  Flathead 
County,  Mont. 

Patroon's  Lower  Island;  see  Lower 

Pattaguansett ;  see  Mamacock. 

Patterson;  Creek,  Grant  and  Mineral 
Counties,  W.  Va.     (Not  Patersons.) 

Patterson;  Town,  St.  Mary  Parish,  La. 
(Not  Pattersonville.) 

Patterson  Wash;  see  Lake. 

Pattersons  Branch;  see  Harris  Branch. 

Pattersquash;  Island,  western  end 
Moriches  Bay,  Long  Island,  N.  Y. 
(Not  Paddy  Squash  nor  Pata- 

Paucatoes;  see  Pucketa. 



Paugus;  Bay,  an  extension  of  Winne- 
pesaukee  Lake,  Laconia,  Belknap 
County,  N.  H.  (Not  Lake  Paugus, 
Long  Bay,  nor  Loon  Bay.) 
Paulina;  Creek  and  Lake,  Deschutes 
County;  Village,  Deschutes  County, 
and  Marsh,  Lake  County,  Oreg. 
(Not  Pauline.) 

Paulina;  Mountains,  southern  part  of 
Deschutes  County,  Oreg.  (Not  Pau- 

Paulina;  Town,  St.  James  Parish,  La. 
(Not  Pauline.) 

Paulina;  see  Deschutes. 

Paulins;  Kill,  Sussex  County,  N.  J. 
(Not  Paulin  nor  Pawlins.) 

Paumota;  Paumotu;  see  Tuamotu. 

Pavant;  Mountain  Range,  Millard  and 
Sevier  Counties,  Utah.  (Not  Pah 

Pawcatuck;  Point,  mouth  of  Pawca- 
tuck  River,  New  London  County, 
Connecticut.     (Not  Osbrook.) 

Pawnee;  Peak  (altitude  about  12,900 
feet),  on  the  Continental  Divide,  12 
miles  south  of  Longs  Peak,  in  sec.  1, 
T.  1  N.,  R.  74  W.,  Boulder  and 
Grand  Counties,  Colo. 

*  Pawnee  City;  City,  Pawnee  County, 
Nebr.     (Not  Pawnee.) 

Pawpaw;  River,  Charleston  and  Col- 
leton Counties,  S.  C.     (Not  Ponpon.) 

Pawticfaw;  Creek,  tributary  to  Sucar- 
noochee  Creek,  Kemper  County,  Miss. 
(Not  Petickfaw,  Pitticfaw,  nor  Pit- 
tiefaw. ) 

Pawtucket;  see  Seekonk. 

Paxtang;  Village,  Dauphin  County, 
Pa.     (Not  Paxton  nor  Paxtaug.) 

Payne;  Village,  Fluvanna  County,  Va. 
(Not  Paynes.) 

Paynes;  Point,  in  Potomac  River, 
north  side  entrance  to  Mattax  Creek, 
Westmoreland  County,  Va.  (Not 

Pays  Bas;  see  Netherlands. 

Payta;  see  Paita. 

Pe;  see  Pyo. 

Pe  chili;  see  Pechili. 

Pe  ling;  see  Peling. 

Peace;  Creek,  tributary  to  Charlotte 
Harbor,  Southwestern  Florida. 
(Not  Pease.) 

Peace;     River,     tributary    of    Koyuk 

River  from  the  north,  Alaska. 
Peachahala;   Creek,   tributary   to   Big 
Black  River,  Carroll  County,  Miss. 
(Not     Peachahallow,     Peachuhaley, 
nor  Pitchahala.) 

Peachahallow;  Peachuhaley;  see 

Peak;  Village,  Anderson  County, 
Tenn.     (Not  Peaks.) 

Peak;  see  Plan. 

Pear;  Reservoir,  sec.  36,  T.  30  N.,  R. 
74  W.,  5  miles  south  Longs  Peak, 
draining  through  Cony  Creek  into 
the  south  side  North  St.  Vrain  Creek. 
Boulder  County,  Colo. 

Pearce;  Creek  and  Neck,  Cecil  County, 
Md.     (Not  Pierce's.) 

Pearl;  Creek,  heading  in  Pyramid  Gla- 
cier, and  making  Pearl  Falls  at  Ba- 
salt Cliff;  tributary  to  Kautz  Creek, 
Mount  Rainier  National  Park,  Pierce 
County,  Wash. 

Pearl;  Falls,  on  Pearl  Creek,  south- 
western slope  Mount  Rainier,  Pierce 
County,  Wash. 

Pearl,  Island,  middle  one  of  Chugach 
Islands,  extreme  end  of  Kenai  Penin- 
sula, Alaska.  (Not  Middle  Chu- 

Pearson's;  see  Pierson. 

Peaiix  (VOreilles;  see  Pend  Oreille. 

Pechaco;  Pechajja;  see  Pachalka. 

Pe-Chee-Lee;  Pe-chee-lee;  Pe-chili;  Pe- 
chi-li;  see  Pechili. 

Pechili;  Gulf  and  Strait,  North  China. 
(Not  Chee-Lee,  Chih-li,  Chi-Li,  Chi-li, 
Pe-Chee-Lee,  Pe-chee-lee,  Pe  chili,  Pe- 
chili, Pe-chi-li,  Petchlli,  nor  Tschi-li.) 

Pe-chi-li;  Pe-chili;  Pechili;  see  Chihli 

Pechora;  River,  European  Russia. 
(Not  Petchora  nor  Petschora.) 

Peck;  Lake,  Indian  River,  southeast- 
ern Florida.      (Not  Peck's.) 

Peck;  Ledge,  Long  Island  Sound,  ofC 
Cockenoe  Island,  Fairfield  County, 
Conn.     (Not  Peck's.) 

Pecumsaugan;  Creek,  Lasalle  County, 
111.  (Not  Pecumsaugum,  Pequam- 
soggin,  nor  Pequansoggin.) 

Pecumsaugum;  see  Pecumsaugan. 


Peddocks;    Island,    Boston    Bay,    Ply- 
mouth   County,    Mass.     (Not    Ped- 
dock,  Pethick's,  Pettick's,  nor  Put- 
tock. ) 
Pedee;  Pee  Dee;  see  Peedee. 
Pederson;  Glacier,  northwestern  shore 
Aialik  Bay,  lat,  59°  53',  long.  149° 
45',  Kenai  Peninsula,  Alaska. 
Pedro;  Glacier,  northern  coast  Prince 
William  Sound,  eastern  shore  Unak- 
wik  Inlet,  at  head  of  Miners  River, 
near    lat.    61°    07',    long.    147°    30', 
Peedee;    River,    tributary    to    Winy  ah 
Bay,    and   Village,    Marion   County, 
S.  C.     (Not  Pedee  nor  Pee  Dee.) 

Peekamoose;  Mountain,  Denning 
Town,  Ulster  County,  N.  Y.  (Not 
Peak  o'  Moose,  Peakamoose,  nor 
Peek  o'  Moose.) 

Peepee;  Township,  Pike  County,  Ohio. 
(Not  Pee-Pee.) 

Pegleg";  Mountain  (altitude  5,910 
feet),  sec.  22,  T.  44  N.,  R.  9  E., 
Shoshone  County,  Idaho. 

Pegmatite  Points;  Ridge,  consisting 
of  three  points,  in  T.  6  S.,  R.  73  W., 
and  running  between  Rosalie  Peak 
and  Meridian  Hill,  Park  County, 

Pei;  River.  Chihli  Province,  China. 
(Not  Hai  Ho,  Hai-ho,  Jun  Ho,  Pai 
Ho,  Paiho,  Pei  Ho,  Pei-ho,  Peiho,  nor 

Pei  Ho;  Pei-ho;  Peiho;  see  Pei. 

Peirce;  Cape,  west  of  Hagemeister 
Island,  Bering  Sea,  Alaska.  (Not 
Pierce. ) 

Peirce;  Township,  Lawrence  County, 
Mo.     (Not  Pierce.) 

Peirce  City;  City,  Peirce  Township, 
Lawrence  County,  Mo.     (Not  Pierce. 

Peisar;  Island,  Sitka  Sound,  Alaska. 
(Not  Peiser,  nor  Preisar.) 

*  Peking;  Capital  City,  Northern  China 
(Not  Pekin.) 

Pelahatchee;  Beat,  Creek,  and  Town, 
Rankin  County,  Miss.  (Not  Pela- 
hatchie  nor  Pelahatches. ) 

Pelahatches;  Pelahatchie;  see  Pela- 

Pelasia  ;  Pelucia ;  see  Palusha. 

Pelican;    Ridge,   extending   northwest 
from  Pelican  Slough,  T.  5  S.,  Rs.  41 
and  42  E.,  Caribou  County,  Idaho. 
Pelican;  see  Goleta. 
Peling;  Range  of  Mountains  in  west- 
ern China  and  eastern  Tibet.     (Not 
Pe  Ling  nor  Pe-ling.) 
Pellett;  Pellettoim;  see  Papakating. 
Pemadumcook;      Lake,      Piscataquis 
County,    Me.      (Not    Paraadumcook. 
Pamedemcook,     Pamedumcook,     nor 
Pemedumcook. ) 
Pemaquan;  see  Pennamaquan. 
Pembrook;     Township,     Edmunds 

County,  S.  Dak.     (Not  Pembroke.) 
Pemebonwon;      River,      Marinette 
County,   Wis.      (Not   Pembinbemon, 
Pembine,  Pembinebemon,  Peme  Bon 
Won,  Penne  Bon  Won,  nor  Pike.) 
Pemmaquan;  see  Pennamaquan. 
Pena  Blanca;  Pena  Blanca;  see  Penon 

Penang;  Island,  Malakka  Strait,  East 
Indies.        (Not     Pinang,     Pinnang, 
Prince  of  Wales,  nor  Pulo-Penang. ) 
Pend   Oreille;   Lake,   northern   Idaho. 
(Not  Kulluspelm,  Peaux  d'Oreilles, 
Pend  'Oreille,  Pend'  D'Oreille,  Pend 
d'Oreille,      Pend      O'Reille,      Pends 
Oreilles,     Pondera,     Ponderay,     nor 
Pend  d'Oreille;  see  Flathead. 
Pendergrass;  Town,  Jackson  County, 

Ga.     (Not  Pendergrast. ) 
Pendergrass;  Town,  Marshall  County, 

Ala.     (Not  Pendergrast.) 
Peniield;    Reef,    Long    Island    Sound, 
near     Fairfield,     Fairfield     County, 
Conn.     (Not  Penfield's.) 
Penfield;  see  Pennfield. 
Penholoway;    Creek,    Wayne   County, 
Ga.     (Not  Finholloway,  Finholoway, 
Pen  HoUoway,  Phin  Holloway,  nor 
Pexin;   Creek   and   Township,    Snyder 
County,  Pa.     (Not  Penns  nor  Penn- 
sylvania. ) 
Penn  Manor;  Post  Light  and  Wharf, 
Delaware  River,  Bucks  County,  Pa. 
(Not  Penn's  Manor.) 



Pennamaquan;  Lake  and  River, 
Charlotte  and  Pembroke  Towns, 
Washington  County,  Me.  (Not 
Pemaquan,  Pemmaquan,  nor  Pin- 
maquan. ) 

Pennell;  see  Pen  well. 

Pennfield;  Township  and  Village,  Cal- 
houn County,  Mich.     (Not  Penfield.) 

*Pennsgrove;  Borough,  Salem  County, 
N.  J.  (Not  Penn  Grove,  Penngrove, 
nor  Penn's  Grove.) 

Penobscot;  Mountain,  at  head  of  Jor- 
dan Pond,  Mount  Desert  Town, 
Mount  Desert  Island,  Me.  (Not  Jor- 

Petiole;  see  Pinole. 

Penon     Blanco;     Point     (peak)     and 

,  Ridge,  Mariposa  and  Tuolumne 
Counties,  Calif.  (Not  Pena  Blanca, 
Pena  Blanca,  nor  Penon  Blanco.) 

Pentecost;  see  Izhut. 

Pentwater;  Township  and  Village, 
Oceana  County,  Mi^h.  (Not  Pent 

Penwell;  Village,  Warren  County,  N. 
J.  (Not  Pennell,  Pennwell,  nor  Pen- 

Penyusok;  Penyusuh;  Penyusuhi;  see 

Peoples;  Township,  Boone  County, 
Iowa.     (Not  People's.) 

Peotone;  see  Viola. 

Pequaket;  see  Pequawket. 

Pequamsoggin ;  Pequansoggin;  see  Pe- 

♦Pequannock;  River,  Morris,  Passaic, 
and  Sussex  Counties,  and  Township 
and  Village,  Morris  County,  N.  J. 
(Not  Pequanac,  Pequannac,  nor 
Pequannoc. ) 

Pequannock;  see  Poquonock. 

Pequawket;  Mountain,  Carroll  County, 
N.  H.  (Not  Kearsarge,  Kiarsarge, 
Mount  Kearsarge  North,  Pequaket, 
nor  Pigwacket. 

Pequest;  Railroad  Station,  Warren 
County,  N.  J.  (Not  Pequest  Fur- 

Pequonnoc;  Pequownock;  see  Poquo- 

Perch;  Light  Station,  Thames  River, 
Conn.  (Not  Perch  Rock  nor  Perche 

Percy  Reach;  Post  Light,  Hudson- 
River,  Greene  County,  N.  Y.  (Not 
Percy's  Reach.) 

Perea;  Canyon,  Navajo  Indian  Reser- 
vation, Coconino  County,  Ariz. 

Pereleshin;  Mountain,  east  of  the  Sti- 
kine  River,  Alaska,  near  the  Inter- 
national Boundary  (between  Alaska 
and  Canada).     (Not  Pereleshini.) 

Peril;  Cape,  western  point  entrance 
Izhut  Bay,  and  2^  miles  northeast  of 
Izhut  Cape,  southeastern  coast  Afog- 
nak  Island;  Alaska. 

Peril;  Creek,  small  branch  of  Nortlk 
Fork  of  Coal  Creek,  Flathead  County,. 

Peril;  Peak,  Flathead  County,  Mont. 

Peril;   see   Pogibshi. 

Perilla;  Mountains,  between  Sulphur 
Springs  and  San  Bernardino  Valleys, 
southeastern  part  of  Cochise  County, 
Ariz.     (Not  Peria  nor  Perrilla.) 

Perkintown;  Hamlet,  Salem  County, 
N.J.     (Not  Perlantown.) 

Pemambuco;  Capital  City  and  Prov- 
ince, eastern  Brazil.  (Not  Arrecife 
nor   Recife.) 

Perquimans;  River,  Perquimana 
County,  N.  C.     (Not  Perquimon*s.) 

Perrier;   see   Taiya. 

Perry;  Passage,  between  Perry  Island 
and  Culross  Island,  leading  to  Port 
Wells,  Prince  William  Sound, 

Perry;  Point,  northernmost  point  of 
Perry  Island,  Prince  William  Sound, 

Perry;  Towhead,  Mississippi  River,. 
Monroe  County,  111.     (Not  Perry's.) 

Perry  Peak;  see  Bancroft 

*  Perry  sville;  Village,  Ashland  County, 
Ohio.     (Not  Perry ville.) 

Peru;  Republic;  South  America.  (Not 
Biru,  Perou,  nor  Piru.) 

Peschanaya;    see    Peschani. 

Peschani;  Bay,  Peninsula,  and  Polnt,^ 
lat.  43°  11'  N.,  long.  131"  45'  E. 
Amur  Bay,  Siberia.  (Not  Pescha- 
naya, Peschanui,  nor  Sandy.) 

Peschani;  Islands  and  Light,  Sea  of 
Azof.  (Not  Peschanui,  Pestchany,. 
nor  Sandy.) 


Peschani;  see  Galankin. 
Peschanui;  Pestchany;  see  Peschani. 
Pestchani;  see  Pyramid. 
Pet;   see   Yugor. 
PetcMli;  see  Pechili. 
Petchora;  see  Pechora. 
Meters;  Island,  Landing,  and  Towhead, 
Mississippi  River,  Lee  County,  Ark. 
(Not  Peter's.) 
Peters;  Landing,   Ohio  River,  Meade 

County,  Ky.     (Not  Peter's.) 
Peters;  see  Hanna. 
Peter's   Valley;  see  Bevans. 
Peterson;  see  Chehalis. 
Pethick's;  see  Peddocks. 
Petickfaw;  see  Particfaw. 
Petillo;  see  Paitillo. 
Petit  Manan;  Island,  Lighthouse,  and 
Point,  Washington  County,  Me.  (Not 
Little  Menar.) 
Petite    Pointe    au    SaUe;    see    Little 

Pet-meg-e'a;  see  Pitmegea. 
Petri;     Railroad     Station,     Hancock 
County,  Ky.    (Not  Petri  Station  nor 
Petrograd;    Capital    City    of    Russia. 

(Not  St.  Petersburg.) 
Petropavlovsk;  Capital  of  Kamchat- 
ka, Russia.     (Not  Petropaulski. ) 
Petros;    Railroad    Station,    Le   Flore 
County,  Okla.     (Not  Petross  Mill.) 
Petschora;  see  Pechora. 
Pettick's;  see  Peddocks. 
Pettit;    Creek,    Bartow    County,    6a. 

(Not  Pettis  nor  Petty's.) 
Pettit;     Island,     Manahawken     Bay, 
Ocean  County,  N.  J.     (Not  Petit.) 
Petty;   Island,   opposite  Philadelphia, 
Delaware    River,    Camden    County, 
N.  J.     (Not  Petty's.) 
Petunk;  see  Potunk. 
Peyton;  Landing,   Ohio  River,  Meigs 

County,  Ohio.     (Not  Peyton's.) 
Pfeifer,   Village,   Ellis  County,  Kans. 

(Not   Pfeiffer.) 
Phalen;    Lake,    New    Canada    Town- 
ship, Ramsey  County,  Minn.     (Not 
Phaline  nor  Phelans.) 
Phan-Thiet ;     Phan-Thit ;     Phanrthit ; 
Phan-Tiet:  see  Fantiet. 

Phanton;  Creek,  Grand  Canyon  of  the 
Colorado,  Coconino  County,  Ariz. 
(Not   West   Fork.) J 

Phelps;  Ledge,  east  of  Montauk  Point, 
Suffolk  County,  Long  Island,  N.  Y. 
(Not  Phelps'.) 

Phenix;  see  Phoenix. 

Phenix  City;  City,  Lee  County,  Ala. 
(Not  Phoenix  City.) 

Philadelphia;  Village,  Loudon  County, 
Tenn.     (Not   New    Philadelphia.) 

Philamon  Hays;  Philimon  Hays;  see 

Philips;  Point  and  Town,  St.  Johns 
River,  Duval  County,  Fla.  (Not 
Kings. ) 

Philips;  see  La  Vista. 

Philipsburg;  Valley,  Granite  County, 
Mont.     (Not  Phillipsburg. ) 

Philipstown;  Town,  Putnam  County. 
N.  Y.     (Not  PhiUipstown.) 

Phillips;  Creek,  Dorchester  County, 
Md.     (Not    Philip's.) 

Phillips;  Island,  Port  Royal  Entrance, 
S.   C.     (Not   St.   Phillip's.) 

Phillips;  Lake,  Dedham  Town,  Han- 
cock County,  Me.  (Not  Filtz,  Fitts, 
nor  Fitz.) 

Phillip's;  see  La  Vista. 

Phillips  Bar;  Post  Light,  Mississippi 
River,  New  Madrid  County,  Mo. 
(Not  Phillip's.) 

Phillipsburg;  see  Philipsburg. 

Phillipston;  Village,  Clarion  County, 
Pa.  (Not  Philipston.) 

PhiUipstown;  see  Philipstown. 

Phillis;  Island,  Ohio  River,  Beaver 
County,  Pa.     (Not  Phillis's.) 

Philomel;  Creek,  Jefferson  County,  N. 
Y.     (Not  Phileman  nor  Philemon.) 

Phippsburg;  Town  and  Village,  Saga- 
dahoc County,  Me.,  (Not  Phipsburg.) 

Phoca;  Rock,  T.  1  N.,  R.  5  E.,  in  Co- 
lumbia River  between  Multnomah 
County,  Oreg.,  and  Skamania  Coun- 
ty, Wash.     (Not  Lone.) 

Phoehe;  see  Baker. 

*  Phoenix;  Capital  of  Arizona.  (Not 

Phoenix;  see  Montbrook. 

Phoenix  City;  see  Phenix  City. 

Phoenix ville;  Borough,  Chester  Coun- 
ty, Pa.     (Not  Phenixville.) 




Phosphoria;  Gulch,  joining  George- 
town Canyon  at  a  distance  of  5.3 
miles  S.  48°  E.  of  Harrington  tri- 
angiilation  station,  and  2.5  miles  N. 
16°  W.  of  Meade  Peak,  Idaho. 

Phu  Kwak;  Phu  Quoc;  Phukok;  Phu- 
quoc;  see  Fukwok, 

Phu  Ly;  Phu-li;  Phuly ;  see  Full. 

Phu  Yen;  Phu-Yen;  Phu-yen;  Phuyen; 
see  Fuyen. 

Phu  yen;  see  Xuandai. 

Phyongyang ;  see  Heijo. 

Pi;  Island  (to),  lat.  42°  08'  N.,  long. 
130°  12'  E.,  northeastern  coast  of 
Chosen    (Korea).     (Not  Subumie.) 

Plan;  Island  (to),  lat.  35°  44'  N.,  long. 
126°  27'  E.,  western  coast  of  Chosen 
(Korea).  (Not  Changhwa,  Chang 
hwa,  nor  Peak.) 

Piankatank;  River,  tributary  to  Ches- 
apeake Bay,  Va.     (Not  Piankitank.) 

Picacho;  Peak,  about  4  miles  north  of 
Yuma,  Ariz.,  Imperial  County,  Calif. 
(Not  Chimney.) 

Picatinny ;  Peak,  •  Green  Pond  Moun- 
tain, 5  miles  north  of  Dover,  Morris 
County,  N.  J.  (Not  Piccatinny,  nor 
Pickatinny  Beak.) 

Picatinny;  Railroad  Station,  Morris 
County,  N.  J.  (Not  Piccatinny  nor 
Pickatinny   Beak.) 

Piccatinny;  Pickatinny  Beak;  see  Pic- 

Pickeral;  Creek,  sec.  19,  T.  167  N., 
R.  33  W.,  emptying  into  Lake  of  the 
Woods,  Beltrami  0)unty,  Minn. 

Picket-wire;  Picketioire;  see  Purga- 

Pickwacket;  Pond,  Long  Lake  Town, 
Hamilton  County,  N.  Y.  (Not  Pick- 
wocket,  nor  Pigwaket.) 

Picnic;  Island,  entrance  to  Goose  Bay, 
St.  Lawrence  River,  4  miles  north- 
east of  Alexandria  Bay  Village,  N.  Y. 

Picnic;  see  Douglas. 

Pico  Derecho;  Mountain,  to  the  north 
of  Roosevelt  Dam,  Gila  County,  Ariz. 

Pico  Izquierdo;  Mountain,  to  the  south 
of  Roosevelt  Dam,  Maricopa  County, 

Picton;  Island,  St.  Lawrence  River, 
Jefferson  County,  N.  Y.  (Not  Rob- 

Piedmont;  see  Rocksprings. 

Piedmont  Springs;  see  Cottaquilla. 

Piedra;  River,  Archuleta,  Hinsdale, 
and  Mineral  Counties,  Colo.  (Not 
Rio  Pedra  nor  Rio  Piedra.) 

Piedra  Almirall;  see  Merail. 

Piedras;  Island,  one-fourth  mile  east 
of  Cruz  Island  and  five-eighths  mile 
northwest  of  Catalina  Island, 
Alaska.  (Not  Rocky  nor  Ysla  de 

Piegan;  Pass,  east  of  Cataract  Moun- 
tain, Glacier  County,  Mont. 

Pierce;  see  McCord;  Mount  Pierce. 

Pierce,  Colo. ;  see  Ignacio. 

Pierce,  Mo.;  see  Peirce;  Peirce  City.  , 

Pierce's;  see  Pearce. 

Pierceton;  Town,  Kosciusko  County, 
Ind.     (Not  Pierceton  Junction.) 

Pierpont;  Village,  Day  County,  S.  Dak. 
(Not  Pierpoint.) 

Pierpoint;  see  Pierpont. 

Pierre;  Creek,  rising  in  McKenzie 
County,  N.  Dak.,  tributary  to  Yel- 
lowstone River,  T.  23  N.,  R.  59  E., 
Richland  County,  Mont.  '  (Not  Ben- 
ny Pierre.) 

Pierre;  Pierre's  Hole;  see  Teton. 

Pierson;  Cove,  Kent  County,  Del. 
(Not    Pearson's.) 

Pieto;  see  Pleito. 

Pig  Eye;  Dike,  Lake,  and  Post  Light, 
near  St.  Paul,  Ramsey  County,  Minn. 
(Not  Pig's  Eye.) 

Pigeon;  Bay,  north  shore  Lake  Su- 
perior, and  Falls,  also  River  flow- 
ing into  the  bay  and  forming  part  of 
International  Boundary  (between 
Minnesota  and  Ontario),  Thunder 
Bay   District,   Ontario. 

Pigeon;  Point,  on  coast  of  Lake  Su- 
perior, Minn.  (Not  Pointe  au  Tour- 

Pigot;  Bay  and  Glacier,  near  Pigot 
Point,  Prince  William  Sound,  Alaska. 
(Not  Piqot.) 

Pigwacket;  see  Pequawket. 

Pii-in;  see  Piin. 

Piin;  Bay,  lat.  36°  09'  N.,  long.  126' 
31'  E.,  western  coast  of  Chosen  (Ko- 
rea). (Not  Basil,  Chinying,  nor 


Pike;  Island,  St.  Lawrence  River,  Jef- 
ferson County,  N.  Y.     (Not  Hugue- 
not, nor  Proctor.) 
Pike,  Ohio ;  see  Pipe. 
Pike,  Wis. ;  see  Pemebonwon. 
Pike;  see  Hugenot. 
Pilarcitos;  Canyon,  Creek,  and  Lake, 
San     Mateo     County,     Calif.     (Not 
Pillarcitos. ) 

Pilatka;  see  Palatka. 

Pilcher  Point;  Landing  and  Town, 
Mississippi  River,  East  Carroll  Par- 
ish,   La.     (Not    Pilcher's    Point.) 

Pilcomayo;  River,  tributary  to  the  Pa- 
rana, in  South  America.  (Not  Ara- 

Pile;  Bay,  northeast  end  of  Iliamna 
Lake,  and  River,  tributary  to  it, 
Alaska.    (Not  Spile  nor  Syooknook.) 

Pile;  see  Jawbone. 

Pilgrim;  Lake,  separated  from  Cape 
Cod  Bay  by  Pilgrim  Beach,  Barn- 
stable County,  Mass.  (Not  East 
Harbor. ) 

Pilgrim  Beach;  Strip  of  land  separat- 
ing Cape  Cod  Bay  from  Pilgrim 
Lake,  Barnstable  County,  Mass. 

Pillar;  Spring,  foot  of  Quartzite  Moun- 
tain, Nye  County,  Nev. 

Pillar;  see  Kekur;  Sail;  Stripe. 

Pilot;  Rock,  Resurrection  Bay,  Alaska. 
(Not  Light  House.) 

Pilot  Harbor;  Anchorage,  on  the  east 
side  near  the  head  of  the  northwest 
arm  of  Nuka  Bay,  Alaska. 

Pilot  Island;  Light,  island  at  entrance 
of  Porte  des  Morts  Passage  into 
Green  Bay  from  Lake  Michigan, 
Wis.     (Not  Porte  des  Morts.) 

Pilot  Knob;  see  Granite. 

Pilot  Rock;  Peak,  prominent  landmark, 
T.  21  N.,  R.  23  E.,  Navajo  County, 
Ariz.     (Not  Mitten  Peak.) 

Pima;  Point,  Grand  Canyon  of  the 
Colorado,  Coconino  County,  Ariz. 

Pimental;  Valley,  small  one,  forming 
westward  continuation  of  the  Valle- 
citos ;  and  Creek,  draining  Pimental 
Valley,  flowing  southeasterly,  joining 
Griswold  Creek,  San  Benito  County, 
Calif.     (Not  The  Pimental.) 

Pimnys;  Point,  Nantucket  Harbor, 
Mass.     (Not  Pimney's.) 

Pinal;  Creek,  rising  east  of  Pinal  Peak, 
flowing  northerly  through  Globe  to 
Salt  River,  Gila  County,  Ariz. 
Pinal;  Mountain  range,  southern  part 
Gila  County,  between  Gila  and  Salt 
Rivers,  and  east  of  Pinto  and  Min- 
eral Creeks,  Ariz. 
Pinal;  Point  Vishnu  quadrangle,  CJoco- 

nino  County,  Ariz. 
Pinang;  see  Penang. 
Pinchan;  Point    (kutsu),  lat.  36°   47' 
N.,  long.   129°   28'   E.,   southeastern 
coast     of    Chosen     (Korea).     (Not 
Krudner. ) 
Pine;    Creek,    Douglas    County,    Colo. 

(Not  Piney.) 
Pine;   Creek,   Atlantic   County,   N.   J. 

(Not  Newton.) 
Pine;  Creek,  T.  4  S.,  Rs.  7  and  8  E., 
tributary  to  Trail  Creek  from  west, 
Park     County,     Mont.     (Not     Coal 
Pine;   Knob,    South   Union   Township, 
Fayette  County,  Pa.     (Not  Piney.) 
Pine;    Lake,    northwest    of    Gunflint 
Lake,  Thunder  Bay  District,  Ontario, 
International     Boundary     (between 
Minnesota  and  Ontario).     (Not  Is- 
land Portage.) 
Pine;    Ridge,    extending    from    Battle 
Mountain   southeast   about   2   miles 
between    Inn    and    Alpine    Brooks, 
Larimer  County,  Colo. 
Pine;  see  Pinyon;  Wyanoke. 
*Pine  Grove;  Borough  and  Township, 
Schuylkill  County,  Pa.     (Not  Pine- 
grove.  ) 
Pinecreek;  Township,  Jefferson  Coun- 
ty, Pa.     (Not  Pine  Creek.) 
Pines;    River,    forming   boundary   be- 
tween Essex  and  Suffolk  Counties, 
Mass.     (Not  Bear  nor  Chelsea.) 
Piney;     Creek,     right-hand     branch 
Cherry     Creek,     Arapahoe    County, 
Colo.     (Not  Pine.) 
Piney;    Point,    near    mouth    Caloosa- 
hatchee  River,  north  side,  Lee  Coun- 
ty, Fla.     (Not  Little  Pine  Island.) 
Piney;  see  Dry  Pine ;  South  Piney. 
Piney     Island;     Cove,     Bloods  worth 
Island,  Dorchester  County,  Md.    (Not 
Piney  Swamp;  Run,  Mineral  County, 
W.  Va.     (Not  Pine  Swamp.) 



Ping  Yang;  see  Heijo. 

Pingaluk;  River,  tributary  to  head- 
waters of  Alatna  River  from  the 
north,  near  lat.  67°  30'  N.,  long.  154° 
W.,  Alaska.  (Not  Ping-lng-a-look, 
Pingingalook,  Pingingaluk,  nor  Ring- 
ingalook. ) 

Ping-ing-a-look ;  Pingingalook;  Ping- 
ingaluk; see  Pingaluk. 

Pingyang;  see  Daido ;  Heijo. 

Pinik;  see  Punuk. 

Pinmaquan;  see  Pennamaquan. 

Pinnacle;  Mountain,  South  Carolina. 
(Not  Bald  Knob.) 

Pinnacle;  Peak,  middle  and  highest  of 
Tatoosh  Range,  Mount  Rainier  Na- 
tional Park,  Lewis  County,  Wash. 

Pinnacle;  Ridge,  Ouray  Quadrangle, 
Gunnison  and  Hinsdale  Counties, 

Pinnacles;  three  sharp  Peaks,  one-half 
mile  southwest  of  Clouds  Rest  near 
the  head  of  the  Yosemite  Valley, 
Mariposa  County,  Calif. 

Pinnang;  see  Penang. 

Pinole;  Land  Grant,  Point  and  Town, 
Contra  Costa  County,  Calif.  (Not 
El  Pinole  nor  Penole. ) 

Pinos;  Mountain,  Ventura  County, 
Calif.     (Not  McGill.) 

Pinos,  Colo.;  see  Los  Pinos. 

Pinos,  Cuba;  see  Isla  de  Pinos. 

Pintada;  see  Del  Norte  Peak. 

Pinto;  Creek,  tributary  to  Roosevelt 
Reservoir  from  south,  Gila  County, 

Pinto  Gallo;  see  Galle. 

Piny  on;  Creek,  tributary  to  Salt  River 
from  east,  between  Burnt  Corral  and 
Brush  Corral  Creeks,  6  miles  south 
of  Roosevelt  Dam,  Maricopa  County, 
Ariz.     (Not  Pine.) 

Piny  on;  Creek  and  Village,  Pueblo 
County,  Colo.     (Not  Pifion.) 

Pinyon;  Flat,  Riverside  County,  Calif. 
(Not  Pinon  nor  Pifion.) 

Pio;  see  Pyo. 

Pioneer  Basin;  Valley,  on  headwaters 
of  Mono  Creek,  Fresno  County, 

Pipe;  Creek,  Erie  County,  Ohio.  (Not 
Oganse,  Ogontz,  nor  Pike.) 

Pipit;  Lake,  sec.  27,  T.  3  N.,  R.  74  W., 
just  east  of  Continental  Divide,  5 
miles  southwest  of  Longs  Peak, 
draining  oast  through  Bluebird  Lake 
and  Oi.zel  Creek  to  south  side 
North  St.  Vrain  Creek,  Boulder 
County,  Colo. 

Piru;  see  Peru. 

Pisht;  see  Pysht 

Pishtaka;  Lake,  McHenry  County,  111. 
(Not  Fox,  Pishaqua,  Pishtaqua,  Pis- 
takee,  nor  Pistaqua.) 

Pit;  River,  Modoc,  Lassen,  and  Shasta 
Counties,  Calif.     (Not  Pitt.) 

Pitchahala;  see  Peachahala. 

PitcM;  Islands  (to),  lat.  35°  14'  N., 
long.  125"  55'  E.,  southwestern  coast 
of  Chosen  (Korea).     (Not  Double.) 

Pitman;  Railroad  Station,  Gloucester 
County,  N.  J.     (Not  Pitman  Grove.) 

Pitmegea;  River,  east  of  Cape  Lis- 
burne.  Northern  Alaska.  (Not  Pet- 
meg-e'a  nor  Pitmigea.) 

Pitsehytso ;  see  Bitsihuitsos. 

Pitt;  see  Kruzof. 

Pitticfaio;  Pittiefodo;  see  Pawticfaw. 

Pittsburg;  see  Pittsburgh. 

♦Pittsburgh;  City  in  Pennsylvania. 
(Not  Pittsburg.) 

Pittsgrove;  Town  and  Township,  Sa- 
lem County,  N.  J.  (Not  Pitt's 
Grove. ) 

Piute;  Canyon,  Navajo  County,  Ariz., 
and  San  Juan  County,  Utah.  (Not 
Pah  Ute.) 

Piute;  Peak  and  Village,  Kern  Coun- 
ty, Calif.  (Not  Pah-ute,  Pahute,  nor 

Piute;  Valley  and  Wash,  San  Bernar- 
dino County,  Calif.,  and  Clark 
County,  Nev.,  draining  to  Colorado 
River  5  miles  north  of  Needles,  Calif. 
(Not  Great  Piute  Wash,  Klinefelter 
Wash,  Mohave  River,  Pah-ute  Creek, 
Pahute  Wash,  Pai-ute  Creek,  nor 
Sacramento  Wash.) 

Piute  J»oint;  Headland,  on  south  rim 
of  the  Grand  Canyon  of  the  Colo- 
rado, 5  miles  southeast  of  Bass 
Camp,  Coconino  County,  Ariz. 

Plaat  Clove;  Village,  Greene  County, 
N.  Y.     (Not  Piatt  Clove.) 


riaaterkill;  Plaaterskill ;  see  Platte- 

Placer;  Creek,  T.  63  N.,  R.  2  E.,  tribu- 
tary to  Moyie  River  near  Meadow 
Creek  Village  from  east,  Boundary 
County,  Idalio.      (Not  Ranger.) 

Placer;  Peak  (altitude  5,255  feet), 
sees.  13,  14,  23,  and  24,  T.  47  N.,  R. 
4  E.,  on  St.  Joe-Coeur  d'Alene  Di- 
vide, near  head  of  Placer  Creek, 
Shoshone  County,  Idaho. 

Placer;  Rjver,  tributary  to  head  of 
Turnagain  Arm,  Cook  Inlet,  Alaska. 
(Not  Glacier.) 

♦Plain  Grove;  Township  and  Village, 
Lawrence  County,  Pa.  (Not  Plain- 
grove.  ) 

Plainfield;  see  Plainville. 

Plain ville;  Village,  Adams  County, 
Wis.     (Not  Plainfield.) 

Plains;  City,  Meade  County,  Kans. 
(Not  West  Plains.) 

Plantain;  Mountain  and  Pond,  Mount 
Washington  Town,  Berkshire  Coun- 
ty, Mass.     (Not  Plantin.) 

Plata;  River,  South  America.  (Not 
Plate  nor  Rio  de  la  Plata.) 

Plata;  see  La  Plata. 

Plateau  of  Arizona;  area  bounded  on 
the  north  by  the  Grand  Canyon  of 
the  Colorado,  on  the  east  by  the 
desert  of  the  Little  Colorado,  on  the 
south  by  the  Mogollon  Escarpment, 
and  on  the  west  by  Aubrey  Cliffs, 
and  includes  several  minor  plateaus, 
whose  names  have  become  fixed  by 
local  usage,  as  follows:  Coconino 
Plateau,  in  the  northeastern  corner 
immediately  south  of  the  Grand 
Canyon;  San  Francisco  Mountain 
Plateau,  in  the  center  of  the  area; 
and  the  Mogollon  Mesa,  which  ex- 
tends along  the  southern  edge  of 
the  plateau  rim  from  northwest  to 
southeast  as  far  as  the  Arizona- 
New  Mexico  boundary. 

Plateau  Region;  the  plateaus  of  the 
'  Colorado  River  and  its  branches, 
limited  on  the  east  by  the  Rocky 
Mountains,  on  the  west  by  the  Wa- 
satch Range,  and  extending  from  the 
south  end  of  the  Wasatch  southwest- 
14842—21 ^17 

ward  to  Virgin  River  and  down  that 
river  to  its  mouth  ;  thence  southeast- 
ward and  eastward  to  the  east 
boundary  of  Arizona,  following  the 
escapement  of  the  Colorado  Pla- 
teau, and  including  on  the  north  the 
Green  River  Basin. 

Plato;  see  Pori. 

Piatt;  see  La  Platte. 

Piatt  Clove;  see  Plaat  Clove. 

Platte;  Mountain,  lat  39"  15'  N.,  long. 
105''  07'  W.,  Douglas  County,  Colo. 
(Not  Camel's  Back,  Devil's  Head, 
nor  Warrens  Crag.) 

Platte  Junction;  see  Wolhurst. 

Plattekill;  Clove  and  Creek,  Ulster 
and  Greene  Counties,  N.  Y.  (Not 

Plattekill;  Town,  Ulster  County,  N. 
Y.     (Not  Plaaterskill.) 

Plattford;  Precinct,  Sarpy  County, 
Nebr.     (Not  Platford.) 

Plattville;  Township,  Mills  County, 
Iowa.     (Not  Plattsville.) 

Pleasant;  Valley,  western  Fresno 
County,  Calif.  (The  valley  or  basin 
in  which  Coalinga  is  situated.) 

Pleasant;  see  Morman  Lake. 

Pleasant  Mound;  Township,  Blue 
Earth  County,  Minn.  (Not  Pleasant 
Mounds. ) 

Pleasant  Valley;  see  Pleasants. 

Pleasant  dale;  Railroad  Station,  Sew- 
ard County,  Nebr.  (Not  Pleasant 

Pleasanton;  see  Loop. 

Pleasants;  Creek,  flowing  through 
Pleasants  Valley,  Solano  County, 
Calif.     (Not  Pleasant  Valley.) 

Pleasants;  Valley,  west  of  Putnam 
Peak,  Solano  County,  Calif. 

Pleasants;  see  Miller. 

Pleiades;  Group  of  Islands  in  Knight 
Island  Passage,  off  the  southwest 
end  of  Knight  Island,  Alaska.  (Not 
Seven  Sisters  nor  Sisters.) 

Pleito;  Creek,  Kern  County,  Calif. 
(Not  Plata,  Plato,  nor  Pieto.) 

Pluckemin;  Town,  Somerset  County, 
N.  J.     (Not  Pluckamin.) 

Plum;  Creek,  Fall  River  County,  S. 
Dak.     (Not  Plumb.) 



Plum;  Township  and  Village,  Venan- 
go County,  Pa.     (Not  Plummer.) 

Plumb;  see  Prairie. 

Plummer;  Peak,  sec.  9,  T.  7  N.,  R.  12 
E.,  Boise  and  Elmore  Counties, 

Plummer;  Peak,  Tatoosh  Range  near 
southern  boundary  Mount  Rainier 
National  Park,  immediately  west  of 
Pinnacle  Peak,  Lewis  County,  Wash. 

Plumstead;  see  Plumsted. 

Plumsted;  Township,  Ocean  County, 
N.  J.     (Not  Plumstead.) 

Pnaougoune;  see  Pnaugun. 

Pnaug-un;  Cape,  St.  Lawrence  Bay,  lat. 
65°  38'  N.,  long.  170°  38'  W.,  eastern 
coast  of  Siberia.     (Not  Pnaougoune.) 

♦Pnompenh;  Capital  of  Cambodia, 
French  Indo-China.  (Not  Pnom 
Penh,  Pnom-peigne,  Pnompeng,  nor 
Pnum  Penh.) 

Pnom  penh;  Pnom-peign;  Pnompeng; 
see  Pnompenh. 

Pnum  Penh;  see  Pnompenh. 

Poadpis;  sea  Polpis. 

Poca;  see  Pocatalico. 

Pocasset;  Harbor,  Buzzards  Bay, 
Mass.     (Not  Pocassett.) 

Pocassett;  Lake,  Kennebec  County, 
Me.     (Not  Wings.) 

Pocatalico;  River,  Kanawha,  Putnam, 
and  Roane  Counties,  W.  Va.  (Not 
Poca,  Pocotalico,  nor  Pocotaligo.) 

Pocatoes;  Poccatoes ;  see  Pucketa. 

Pocket;  Lake,  in  niche  on  cliff  near 
Park  Butte,  southern  slope  Mount 
Baker,  Whatcom  County,  Wash. 

Pocket;  Lake,  lat.  48=  57',  long.  114° 
06',  Flathead  County,  Mont. 

Pocomoke;  River,  Sound,  and  Town, 
Worcester  County,  Md.  (Not  Poko- 
moke. ) 

Pocosin;  Pocoson;  see  Poquoson. 

Pocotalico ;  Pocotaligo ;  see  Pocatalico. 

Pocotopaug;  Creek  and  Lake,  Chat- 
ham, Middlesex  County,  Conn.  (Not 
Pokatapaug. ) 

Pocumcus;  Lake,  Washington  County, 
Me.     (Not  Pocumpus.) 

Pocumpns;  see  Pocuntcus. 

Podpis;  see  Polpis. 

Podunk;  see  Quaboag;  Quacumquasit. 

Podvodni;  Rock,  northern  side  of 
Bering  Island,  Komandorski  Islands, 
off  the  eastern  coast  of  Kamchatka, 
Russia.  (Not  Emilianovski  nor  Nad- 

Poe;  Bay,  northern  side  Passage  Canal 
midway  between  its  head  and  Pigot 
Point,  about  lat.  60°  50',  long.  148° 
30',  northwestern  part  Prince  Wil- 
liam Sound,  Alaska. 

Poe;  Glacier  about  1^  miles  northwest 
of  head  of  Poe  Bay,  northern  side 
Passage  Canal,  Prince  William 
Sound,  Alaska. 

Poe;  Reef,  Mackinac  Strait,  Mich. 
(Not  Poe's.) 

Pogibshi;  Point,  Baranof  Island,  Peril 
Strait,  Alaska.  (Not  Danger  nor 
Peril. ) 

Pogromni;  Volcano,  Unimak  Island, 
Aleutian  Islands,  Alaska.  (Not  Da- 
vastation,  Isanotski,  Jogutscha,  Ku- 
gidach,  Nosowskoj,  Pogromnoi,  nor 
Pogromnoj. ) 

Pohick;  Bay  and  Creek,  Potomac 
River,  Fairfax  County,  Va.  (Not 
Poheick. ) 

Point;  see  Sorrento. 

Point  Adam;  Point,  6i  miles  north- 
west from  Cape  Elizabeth,  Alaska. 

Point  Alg-odones;  Point,  3  miles  east- 
northeast  from  Point  Lima,  P.  R. 
(Not  Algodon  nor  Algodonos.) 

Point  Arena;  City,  Mendocino  County, 
Calif.     (Not  Puntas  Arenas.) 

Point  Arenas;  see  Arenas. 

Point  au  Boche;  Village,  Clinton 
County,  N.  Y.     (Not  Point  au  Rock.) 

Point  au  Sable;  see  Au  Sable. 

Point  aux  Frenes;  Point,  American 
shore  St.  Marys  River,  Little  Mud 
Lake,  Chippewa  County,  Mich.  (Not 
Point  au  Frene  nor  Pointe  aux 

Point  Bateria;  Point,  on  eastern  coast, 
near  Fajardo,  P.  R.  (Not  Punta  de 
la  Bateria.) 

Point  Carenero;  eastern  point,  en- 
trance to  Ponce  Harbor,  P.  R.  (Not 

Point  Carenero;  northern  point,  at  en- 
trance to  Port  Real   ^  ^ 



Point  Centeotl;  Headland,  tlie  south 
rim  of  the  Grand  Canyon  of  the 
Colorado,  on  the  south  side  of  Aztec 
Amphitheater,  Coconino  County, 

Point  Comfort;  Beacon,  New  York 
Lower  Bay,  N.  J.     (Not  Bay  side.) 

Point  de  Galle;  see  Galle. 

Point  Ennis;  see  Bald  Head. 

Point  Fajardo;  Point,  on  eastern  coast 
off  Fajardo,  P.  R.  (Not  Punta  de 

Pt.  Feliciana;  see  Point  Icacos. 

Point  Fraile;  Point,  five-eighths  of  a 
mile  north  of  Point  Icacos,  P.  R. 
(Not  El  Fraile.) 

Point  Gorda;  Point,  on  eastern  coast, 
P.  R.     (Not  Punta  Gorda.) 

Point  Guilarte;  Point,  Port  Patillas, 
nearly  1  mile  northeast  of  Point 
Fiffuras.  P.  R. 

Point  Huitzil;  Headland,  south  rim  of 
the  Grand  Canyon  of  the  Colorado, 
southeastern  side  of  Aztec  Amphi- 
theater, Coconino  County,  Ariz. 

Point  Icacos;  Point,  1  mile  north  of 
Point  Guayanes,  P.  R.  (Not  Hicacos 
Point  nor  Pt.  Feliciana.) 

Point  Inglestat;  see  Bald  Head. 

Point  Martino;  see  Martineau. 

Point  May;  Point,  Brant  Island,  Buz 
zards  Bay,  Plymoutli  County,  Mass. 

Point  Morrillos;  eastern  point  of  Port 
Arecibo,  P.  R.  (Not  Morrillo  de  Are- 
cibo,  Morrillos  de  Arecibo,  Punta  de 
los  Morrillos,  nor  Punta  Morrillo. ) 

Point  Naskowhak;  western  point,  at 
the  entrance  to  Seldovia  Harbor, 

Point  No  Point;  Point,  Puget  Sound, 
Kitsap  County,  Wash.  (Not  Point- 
no-point.  ) 

Point  of  Rocks;  end  of  a  reef,  extend- 
ing three-eighths  of  a  mile  westward 
from  the  two  islands  close  to  the 
west  side  of  Squire  Island  in  Knight 
Island  Passage,  Alaska. 

Point  Ola  Grande;  Point,  5^  miles 
west  of  Arroyo,  P.  R.  (Not  Punta 
de  Olas  Grandes.) 

Point  Penoncillo;  Point,  eastern  side 
Ponce  Harbor,  P.  R. 

Point  Pepillo;  Point,  northeast  side  of 
Guayanilla  Harbor,  P.  R. 

Point  Potrero;  see  Shoal. 

Point  C'uebrada  Honda;  southern 
point  Port  Yabucoa,  P.  R.  (Not 
Point  Quebrada-honda.) 

Point  Quebrada-honda ;  see  Point  Que- 
brada  Honda. 

Point  Quetzal;  Headland,  the  south 
rim  of  the  Grand  Canyon  of  the 
Colorado,  on  the  west  side  of  Aztec 
Amphitheater,  Coconino  County. 

Point  Resuella;  see  Resuello. 

Point  Sal  Ridge;  see  Casmalia. 

Point  Sauk;  see  Sauk. 

Point  Success;  sharp  snow-covered 
crest  (altitude  14,182  feet),  on  south- 
western side  of  summit  platform. 
Mount  Rainier,  Pierce  County,  Wash. 

Point  William;  see  William. 

Pointe  a  Pitre;  principal  town  in 
Grande  Terre,  Guadeloupe  Island, 
West  Indies.  (Not  La  Pointe-a- 

Pointe  au  Tonnere;  see  Thunder. 

Pointe  au  Tourtre;  see  Pigeon. 

Pointe  de  Galle;  see  Galle. 

Pojac;  Point,  East  Greenwich,  R.  I. 
(Not  Pojack.) 

Pokamoonshine;  Peak,  Adirondack 
Mountains,  Essex  County,  N.  Y. 
(Not  Poke-a-moon-shine. ) 

Poketo;  see  Pucketa. 

Pokomoke;  see  Pocomoke. 

Pokusa;  Reef  (yo),  lat.  34**  06'  N., 
long.  126°  10'  E.,  southern  coast  of 
Chosen  (Korea).     (Not  Leven.) 

Poland;  Ledges,  Muscongus  Sound, 
Lincoln  County,  Me.  (Not  Po- 

Pole;  Creek,  northeast  of  Aba  jo  Peak, 
flowing  east  into  South  Creek,  San 
Juan  County,  Utah. 

Pole;  see  Laireys. 

Pole  Gulch;  Drain,  northern  part  T.  13 
S.,  R.  36  E.,  tributary  from  the  west 
to  South  Fork  Burnt  River,  Baker 
County,  Oreg.  (Not  Sawmill  Creek.) 

Polecat  Ridge;  see  Coldwater. 

Polins;  Ledge,  entrance  to  Medomak 
River,  Lincoln  County,  Me.  (Not 



Polite;  see  Frenchman. 

Polk;  Landing,  Mississippi  River,  Tu- 
nica County,  Miss.     (Not  Polli's.)- 

Polk;   see   Polls   City. 

♦Polk  City;  Town,  Madison  Townstiip, 
Polk  County,  Iowa.     (Not  Polk.) 

Polloksville;  Village,  Jones  County, 
N.  C.     (Not  Pollocksville.) 

Pollys;  Creek,  tributary  to  Tuscumbia 
River,  Prentiss  County,  Miss.  (Not 
Baker,  Baker's,  nor  Polly's.) 

Polly's;  see  Pollys. 

Polonio;  Pass,  head  of  Antelope  Val- 
ley, lying  mostly  within  T.  25  S.,  R. 
17  E.,  Kern  County,  Calif. 

Polpis;  Harbor  and  Village,  Nantucket, 
Mass.     (Not  Poadpis  nor  Podpis.) 

Polvadero;  Gap,  between  Guijarral 
Hills  and  Kettleman  Hills,  southwest 
Fresno  County,  Calif. 

Polvodero;  see  Los  Gatos. 

Pomeroy;  Island,  i  mile  off  shore,  mid- 
way between  Oil  Bay  and  Iniskin 
Bay,  northern  shore  Kamishak  Bay, 
southwestern  coast  Cook  Inlet, 

Pomotu;  see  Tuamotu. 

Ponape;  Harbor,  Island  and  Village, 
Caroline  Islands.  (Not  Ascension, 
Bonebey,  Jamestown,  Ponap6,  Pona- 
pi,  Pouynepet,  Puynepet,  nor  Santi- 

Ponap6;  Ponapi;  see  Ponape. 

Ponca;  Creek,  Boyd  County,  Nebr., 
and  Gregory  County,  S.  Dak.  (Not 
Ponka. ) 

*  Ponca  City;  City,  Kay  County,  Okla. 
(Not  Ponca  nor  Ponka.) 

Ponce  de  Leon;  Bay,  from  northwest 
Cape  Sable  to  Cape  Romano,  includ- 
ing Gallivans  Bay,  Lee  and  Monroe 
Counties,  Fla.     (Not  Gallivans.) 

Poncha  Springs;  Village,  Chaffee 
County,       Colo.  (Not       Poncho 


Pond;  Meadow,  northerly  part  of  Se- 
quoias National  Park,  Tulare  Coun- 
ty, Calif.     (Not  Tamarack.) 

Pond;  Peak  (altitude  6,150  feet), 
North  Fork  Range,  sec.  22  T.  52 
N.,  R.  3  E.,  Shoshone  County,  Idaho. 

PoTid  OrriUes;  see  Pend  Oreille. 

Pone;  Island;,  southwestern  corner  of 
Bloodsworth  Island,  Dorchester 
County,  Md.  (Not  Billy,  Billy's,  nor 
The  Pone.) 

Pongoteague;  see  Pungoteague. 

Ponpon;  see  Pawpaw, 

Ponta  Delgada;  Town,  island  of  San 
Miguel,  Azores.  (Not  Ponta  Del- 

Pontiac;  Village,  King  County,  Wash. 
(Not  Keith.) 

Pontoosuc;  Lake,  River,  and  Village, 
Berkshire  County,  Mass.  (Not  Pon- 
toosic  nor  Pontoosuck.) 

Pony;  Creek,  Hanover  County,  Va. 
(Not  Poney.) 

Pookookapog ;  see  Alum. 

Pool;  Creek,  tributary  to  North 
Badger  Creek,  Pondera  County, 

Pooles;  Island,  near  head  of  Chesa- 
peake Bay,  Harford  County,  Md. 
(Not  Pools.) 

Poopenaut;  Valley,  Tuolumne  County, 
Calif.  (Not  Poo  Poo  nor  Poopen- 

Pop;  Mountain,  central  part  of  An- 
nette Island!,  Southeastern  Alaska. 
(Not  Top.) 

Popasquash;  Neck  and  Point,  Bristol 
County,  R.  I.     (Not  Poppasquash. ) 

Pope;  Bay,  Chincoteague  Bay,  Worces- 
ter County,  Md.,  and  Accomac  Coun- 
ty Va.  (Not  Pope's,  Popes,  nor 
Popes   Island. ) 

Pope;  Village,  Panola  County,  Miss. 
(Not  Pope's  Depot.) 

Poperechni;  see  Broad. 

Poplar;  Creek,  sees.  23,  24,  25,  26,  27, 
34,  and  35,  T.  168  N.,  R.  35  W.,  Min- 
nesota, lying  east  of  Bear  Creek,  and 
flowing  into  Lake  of  the  Woods  at 
the  Northwest  Angle  Inlet. 

Poplar;  River,  branch  of  Black  River, 
Clark  County,  Wis.     (Not  Popple.) 

Poplar;  see  Black. 

Popo  Agie;  River,  rises  north  of  Wind 
River  Peak,  Wind  River  Range,  and 
flowing  northeasterly  unites  with 
Wind  River  to  form  Big  Horn  River, 
Fremont  County,  Wyo.  (Not  North 
Fork  nor  North  Fork  of  Popo  Agle.) 



Popocatepetl;  Volcano,  Mexico.  (Not 
Volcan  Grande.) 

Popof;  Island,  Shumagin  Islands, 
Alaska.     (Not  Popoff.) 

Poponesset;  Bay,  Beach,  and  Island, 
Nantucket  Sound,  Mass.  (Not  Pop- 
ponessett. ) 

Poppasquash;  see  Popasquash. 

Popple;  see  Poplar. 

Poquetanuck;  Cove  ana  Village, 
Thames  River,  New  London  County, 
Conn.     (Not  Paquatannock. ) 

Poquonock;  Lake,  Plains,  and  River, 
New  London  County,  Conn.;  River, 
Fairfield  County,  Conn.;  Village, 
Hartford  County,  Conn.  (Not  Pe- 
quannock,  Pequonnoc,  Pequonnock, 
Poquannoc,  Poquonnock,  nor  Poquo- 

Poquonock  Bridge;  Village,  New  Lon- 
don  County,   Conn. 

Poquoson;  River,  emptying  into 
Chesapeake  Bay,  Va.  (Not  Pocosin, 
Pocoson,  nor  Poquosin.) 

Porcupine;  Bay,  near  Ilin  Bay, 

Porcupine;  Glacier,  east  of  Thumb 
Cove,  Resurrection  Bay,  Alaska. 

Porcupine;  Islands,  in  the  bight  of  the 
coast  southeastward  of  Point  Urey, 
Alaska.     (Not  Groundhog.) 

Porcupine;  Ridge,  between  Valentine 
and  Olson  Creeks,  Glacier  County, 

Porcupine;  Rock,  near  Porcupine  Is- 
lands, Alaska. 

Pori;  Village,  Houghton  County,  Mich. 
(Not  Plato.) 

Porii;  Island  (somu),  lat.  37"  13'  N., 
long.  126°  11'  E.,  western  coast  of 
Chosen  (Korea).     (Not  Pirie.) 

Porima;  Island  (to),  lat.  34°  14'  N., 
long.  126°  03'  E.,  southwestern  coast 
of  Chosen  (Korea).     (Not  Nimrod.) 

Poropotank;  Creek,  between  Kin»  and 
Queen  County  and  Gloucester 
County,  Va.     (Not  Potopotank.) 

Porras;  Dikes,  east  of  Kayenta,  Nav- 
ajo County,  Ariz. 

Port;  Island,  Ogden  Passage,  at  mouth 
of  entrance  to  Portlock  Harbor, 
Chichagof  Island,  Alaska. 

Port  Apra;  Harbor,  island  of  Guam. 
(Not  Harbor  of  Apra,  Harbor  of  San 
Luis  d'Apra,  Port  of  Apra,  Port  San 
Luis  d'Apra,  P.  San  Luis  d'Apra, 
Pto.  de  San  Luis  de  Api*a,  nor  San 
Luis  d'Apra  Harbor.) 

Port  Arecibo;  Port,  northern  coast, 
P.  R. 

Port  au  Prince;  Capital  of  the  Repub- 
lic of  Haiti.     (Not  Port-au-Prince.) 

Port  aux  Basques;  Port,  southwestern 
part  of  Newfoundland.  (Not  Port- 
aux-Basques  nor  Port  Basque.) 

Port  Bainbridge;  at  extreme  south- 
west corner  of  Prince  William 
Sound,  Alaska. 

Port  Basque;  see  Port  aux  Basques. 

Port  Blakeley;  see  Port  Blakely. 

Port  Blakely;  Village,  on  Bainbridge 
Island,  Puget  Sound,  8  miles  west 
from  Seattle,  Kitsap  County,  Wash. 
(Not  Port  Blakeley.) 

Port  Chester;  Harbor,  mouth  of 
Byram  River,  Long  Island  Sound, 
(Not  Byram.) 

Port  Clyde;  Harbor,  Knox  County, 
Me.     (Not  Herring  Gut.) 

Port  Dick;  Creek,  entering  Port  Dick, 
Kenai  Peninsula,  Alaska. 

Port  Douglass;  Railroad  Station, 
Chesterfield,  Essex  County,  N.  Y. 
(Not  Port  Douglas.) 

Port  Hamilton;  see  Tonai. 

Port  Hartford;  see  Port  San  Luis. 

Port  Humacao;  Port,  southeast  coast, 
inside  Santiago  Cay,  P.  R.  (Not 
Fond,  de  Humacao.) 

Port  Levashef ;  Port,  at  head  of  Una- 
laska  Bay.  Alaska.  (Not  Captains 
Harbor  nor  St.  Paul. ) 

Port  Murray;  Railroad  Station,  War- 
ren County,  N.  J.    (Not  Port  Murry.) 

Port  Natal;  see  Durban. 

Port  of  Apra;  see  Port  Apra. 

Port  of  Spain;  Town  and  Seaport, 
Trinidad,  West  Indies.  (Not  Port- 

Port  Phillip  District;  see  Victoria. 

Port  Quijano;  Port,  north  of  Emmedlo 
and  Romero  Reefs,  P.  R. 

Port  San  Luis;  Village,  12  miles  from 
San  Luis  Obispo,  San  Luis  Obispo 
County,  Calif.     (Not  Port  Harford.) 



P.  San  Luis  d'Apra;  nee  Port  Apra. 

Port  San  Luis  d'Apra;  see  Port  Apra. 

Port  Sudan;  Seaport  Town,  Egyptian 
Sudan,  on  the  Red  Sea.  (Not  Barud, 
Mersa  Sheikh  Barud,  nor  Sheikh  el 
Barghut. ) 

Port  Townsend;  City  and  Precinct, 
Jefferson  County,  Wash.  (Not  Port 

Port  Valdez;  Body  of  water  lying  be- 
tween Yaldez  Narrows  and  head  of 
bay  at  Valdez  Town,  Alaska. 

Port  Washington;  see  Oceanic. 

Port  William;  Village,  Clinton  County, 
Ohio.     (Not  Port  Williams.) 

Port  Woodrow ;  see  Woodrow. 

Port  Yabucoa;  Port,  southeast  coast 
Porto  Rico.  (Not  Puerto  de  Yabu- 
coa   nor   Yabucoa   Harbor.) 

Portage;  Creek,  tributary  to  Clark 
Lake  from  the  west,  Alaska.  (Not 
Achteedeedung  nor  Akhtidung.) 

Portag-e;  Lake,  west  of  Knife  Lake, 
Rainy  River  District,  Ontario,  and 
Lake  County,  Minn.,  International 
Boundary  (between  Minnesota  and 
Ontario. ) 

Portage;  see  Balboa;  Double. 

Portage  Bay;  that  portion  of  Lake 
Union  in  city  of  Seattle  lying  east- 
ward' of  the  Latona  Bridge,  King 
County,  Wash. 

Portage  des  Flacons;  see  Bottle. 

♦Portage  des  Sioux;  Township  and 
Village,  St.  Charles  County,  Mo. 
(Not  Portage.) 

Portal;  Creek,  Ts.  6  and  7  S.,  Rs.  4 
and  5  E.,  tributary  to  Gallatin  River 
from  southeast,  Gallatin  County, 
Mont.     (Not  Lost.) 

Port-aux-Basques ;  see  Port  Aux 

Porte  des  Morts;  Strait,  between 
Green  Bay  and  Lake  Michigan,  Door 
County,  Wis.  (Not  Porte  des  Mor- 

Portersville;  Gap,  Precinct,  and  Rail- 
road Station,  Dekalb  CJounty,  Ala. 
(Not  Porterville. ) 

Portlock;  Glacier,  western  slope  Kenai 
Mountains,  Kenai  Peninsula,  Alaska. 

Porto  Cabello;  see  Puerto  Cabello. 

Porto  Bico;  Island,  in  West  Indies, 
acquired  by  the  United  States  in 
1898.     (Not  Puerto  Rico.) 

Posiet;  Bay  or  Gulf,  near  Cho-Seu 
boundary,  southeastern  coast  of  Si- 
beria. (Not  Posieta,  Posiette,  Pos- 
siet,  nor  Possjet.) 

Posieta;  Posiette;   see   Posiet. 

Poso  Ortega;  Pond,  center  of  sec.  1, 
T.  28  S.,  R.  17  E.,  San  Luis  Obispo 
County,  Calif. 

Possession;  Village,  on  Point  Posses- 
sion, east  side  Cook  Inlet,  at  en- 
trance to  Turnagain  Arm,  Alaska. 

Possiet;  Possjet;  see  Posiet. 

Possum;  Creek,  Hanover  County,  Va. 
(Not  Opossum.) 

Post  Mills;  Village,  Orange  County, 
Vt.     (Not  Post  Mill.) 

Post  of  Arkansas;  see  Arkansas  Post. 

Potagannissing;  Bay,  Chippewa 
County,  Mich.  (Not  Potogannis- 
sing. ) 

Potato;  Lake,  Rusk  County.  Wis.  (Not 
Potatoe. ) 

Potatoe;  see  Potato. 

Potlach;  River,  Latah  and  Nez  Perce 
Counties,  Idaho.  (Not  Potlach  nor 
Potlache. ) 

Potogannissing ;  see  Potagannissing. 

Potrero;  see  Isabel;  Shoal. 

Pottawatomie;  County,  Kansas. 

Pottawattamie;   County,   Iowa. 

Pottersville;  Falls,  Lamington  River. 
Morris  County,  N.  J.  (Not  Allama- 
tona,  Allimatona  nor  Potters.) 

Potunk;  Life-Saving  Station,  Locality, 
and  Point,  Southampton,  Suffolk 
County,   N.   Y.     (Not   Petunk.) 

Pouynepet;  see  Ponape. 

Poverty;  Point,  Dorchester  County, 
Md.  (Not  Brockman,  Brokman,  nor 

♦Povorotni;  Island,  Peril  Strait,  South- 
eastern Alaska.  (Not  Canoe,  Po- 
vero,  Poverotni,  Return,  nor  Turn- 

Povorotni;  Point,  southeast  of  America 
Bay,  lat.  42"  40'  N.,  long.  133"  E., 
Siberia.  (Not  Povorotnui  nor  Po- 
vorotny. ) 

Povorotnui;  Povorotny;  see  Povorotni. 



Powatka;  see  Powwatka 

Powder;  Point,  nortli western  side  La- 
touche  Island,  Prince  William  Sound, 

Powder;  see  Cache  la  Poudre. 

Powder  River  Mountains  ;  see  Wallowa. 

Powell;  Mountain  (altitude  13,361 
feet),  Fresno  and  Inyo  Counties, 

Powell;  Point,  Lake  Superior,  Alger 
County,  Mich.     (Not  Powell's.) 

Powell;  Village,  Knox  County,  Tenn. 
(Not  Powell  Station.) 

Powell;  Village,  Jefferson  County, 
Nebr.     (Not  Powel.) 

Powell  Valley;  Village,  Dauphin 
County,  Pa.     (Not  Powl  Valley.) 

Powells;  Village,  Marion  County,  W^ 
Va.     (Not  Powell.) 

Power;  see  Rowan. 

Powhatan;  City  and  Township,  Brown 
County,  Kans.     (Not  Powhattan.) 

Powwatka;  Precinct  and  Village,  Wal- 
lowa County,  Oreg.     (Not  Powatka.) 

Poysippi;  Town  and  Village,  Waushara 
County,  Wis.     (Not  Poy  Sippi.) 

Pozo;  Canyon,  Goldfield  quadrangle, 
Esmeralda  County,  Nev. 

Pra  ga  zo ;  Pragaatzo ;  see  Bekihatso, 

Prague;  Capital  of  Bohemia,  Czecho- 
slovakia (Ceskoslovenska  Republic). 
(Not  Prag,  Praga,  nor  Praha.) 

Prague;  see  New  Prague. 

Prairie;  Creek,  Prairie  Creek  Town- 
ship, Dubuque  County,  Iowa.  (Not 

Prairie  Wash;  Water  Course,  Coco- 
nino Plateau,  Coconino  County,  Ariz. 

Prairieview;  Township,  Wilkin  Coun- 
ty, Minn.     (Not  Prairie  View.) 

Pratt  City;  Town,  Jefferson  County, 
Ala.     (Not  Pratt  Mines.) 

Preisar;  see  Peisar. 

Preobrajenia;  Preobrasihenya ;  see 

Pratt;  Lake,  T.  23  N.,  R.  10  E.,  at  head 
of  Pratt  River,  King  County,  Wash. 
(Not  Ollie.) 

Pratt;  Mountain  (altitude  5,105  feet), 
Ts.  22  and  23  N.,  R.  10  E.,  northeast 
of  Bandera  Mountain  at  head  of 
Pratt  River,  King  County,  Wash. 

Preobrajenya;    Bay,    lat.    42°    53'    N., 

long.  133°  50'  E.,  southeastern  coast 

of  Siberia.     (Not  Preobrajenia,  Preo- 

brazhenya,  St.  Preobrajeniya,  Siau- 

Wuhu,  Siau  wu-hu,  Siauwuhu ;  nor 

Siau  wu  hu. 
President;  Channel,  between  Orcas  and 

Waldron  Islands,  Washington  Sound, 

San     Juan     County,     Wash.     (Not 

Douglas  nor  Presidents.) 
Presidents  Island;  Post  Light,  Missis- 
sippi River,  Crittenden  County,  Ark. 

(Not  President's  Island.) 
Presque    Isle;    Bay,    liighthouse,    and 

Peninsula,   Erie   County,   Pa.     (Not 

Presque  He  nor  Presqu'ile.) 
*  Presque   Isle;    County   in   Michigan, 

Island  and  Lighthouses,  Lake  Erie, 

Mich.     (Not  Presqu'  Isle.) 
Prestonsburg;  Magisterial  District  and 

Town,     Floyd     County,     Ky.     (Not 

Prestonburg. ) 
Preuss  Creek;  Stream,  about  15  miles 

long,  flowing  southeasterly  to  Thomas 

Fork,    Bear    Lake    County,    Idaho. 

(Not  Muddy  nor  West  Fork.) 
Preussen;  see  Prussia. 
Pribilof;  Islands,  Bering  Sea,  Alaska. 

(Not  Fur  Seal  nor  Prybiloff.) 
Price;  Creek,  Cape  Fear  River,  near 

Southport,  Brunswick  County,  N.  C. 

(Not  Price's.) 
Price;   Creek,   Yancey   County,   N.   C. 

(Not  Prices.) 
Price;  Island,  east  side  Columbia  River, 
■    at    mouth    of    Skamakowa    Creek, 

Wahkiakum    County,    Wash.     (Not 

Prices. ) 
Price;    Post    light,    Mississippi    River, 

Randolph  County,  111.     (Not  Price's. ) 
Price;  Railroad  Station,  Queen  Annes 

County,  Md.     (Not  Prices  nor  Price's 

Price;  see  Chuppo. 
Price    Creek;    Town    and    Township, 

Yancey  County,  N.  C.     (Not  Price's 

Creek. ) 
Prickly;  see  East  Helena. 
Prides;    Town,    Colbert    County,    Ala. 

(Not  Pride's  Station.) 
Priests;  Point,   St.   Marys  Creek,   St. 

Marys  County,  Md.    (Not  Priest's.) 



Prince;  Peak  (altitude  5,333  feet), 
sec.  30,  T.  46  N.,  R.  4  E.,  near  head 
of  Black  Prince  Creek,  Shoshone 
County,  Idaho. 

Prince;  see  Chuppo. 

Prince      Frederick;      Town,      Calvert 

County,    Md.     (Not    Prince    Freder- 

icktown. ) 

*  Prince  Georges;  County,  Md.     (Not 

Prince  George  nor  Prince  George's.) 

Prince  of  Wales;  Archipelago,  between 
Dixon  Entrance  and  Sumner  Strait, 
part  of  Alexander  Archipelago, 
Southeastern  Alaska. 

Prince  of  Wales;  Passage,  between 
Evans  and  Bainbridge  Islands, 
Prince  William  Sound,  Alaska. 
(Not  Flemming. ) 

Prince  of  Wales;  see  Penang. 

Prince  William;  Sound,  southern  coast 
of  Alaska.  (Not  Chugatch  nor 
Prince  William's.) 

Princess;  Bay,  south  coast  of  Staten 
Island,  Richmond  County,  N.  ^ 
(Not  Prince's.) 

Princeton;  Glacier,  north  of  Tiger  Gla 
cier,  Icy  Bay,  Prince  William  Sound, 

Princeton;  see  Mount  Princeton. 

Prior;  Island,  Ohio  River,  Pope  Count>. 
111.     (Not  Prior's.) 

Priors;  Railroad  Station,  Polk  County, 
Ga.      (Not  Prior.) 

Probasco;  Landing,  Skipton  Creek, 
Talbot  County,  Md.  (Not  Probas- 

Proctor;  Landing,  Ohio  River,  at  west 
end  of  Mason  and  Dixon's  line,  be- 
tween Marshall  and  Taylor  Counties, 
W.  Va.     (Not  Procter's.) 

Proctor;  see  Hugenot. 

Profile;  Mountain,  southeast  of  Profile 
Notch,  Franconia  Range,  Grafton 
County,  N.  H.  (Not  Cannon,  Frank, 
Old  Man,  nor  Old  Man's.) 

Prokoda;  Island,  between  Spruce  and 
Kodiak  Islands,  Alaska.  (Not  Pas- 

Prospect;  Creek,  rising  in  Square  Lake 
eastern  slope  Cascade  Range,  tribu- 
tary to  Leland  Creek  from  west, 
Chelan  County,  Wash. 

Prospect;  Glacier,  east  of  Thumb 
Cove,  Resurrection  Bay,  Alaska. 

Prospect;  Lake,  Egremont  Town, 
Berkshire  County,  Mass.  (Not  Win 
chel  nor  Winchell.) 

Provens;  Hill,  Westfield  Town,  Hamp- 
den County,  Mass.     (Not  Proven's.) 

Provo;  City  and  Precinct,  Utah  Coun- 
ty, Utah.     (Not  Provo  City.) 

Provo;  River,  Utah.  (Not  Timpano- 

Prussia;  State  of  Germany.  Not 
Preussen. ) 

PryUloff;  see   Pribilof.  "^^ 

Ptarmigan;  Creek,  tributary  to